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I am interested in either a bi-fold door or hydraulic door because of the canopy it provides and the absence of tracks in the ceiling. We are building a small modern cabin and would like two doors that are 8 to 10’ wide and 8-10’ tall. One for the bedroom and one for the living room. Is one option better than the other in this situation and/or is there another option that I have not considered? All glass doors. I like the strap idea but fear they will interfere with the view when the doors are down. Thank you!


We are an aviation company looking to construct 2 large hangers. We are looking for doors 50’x 20’. Would like a bid on the hydraulic door and the strap bifold door. What are some pros and cons of each door?


Looking at pricing a 50ftx14 bifold or hydralic door. Whats the advantages and disadvantages between the two styles. Installed in a pole building or stick built building


I would like a quote for a hangar door and installation if you do that. If not, can you please put us in touch with a local installer? This is a budget quote at this time as we would like to compare a bi-fold door vs a hydraulic door. The door opening is 70' wide by 22' clear opening. So, in the case of the bi-fold the door opening will be taller to achieve a 22' opening. Wind speed is 115 mph, Wind Exp C, IBC 2018. Project location is Carthage, NC. The door will go into a Butler PEMB. I would appreciate a call or email confirming receipt of my request and the approximate timing for receipt of the quote. Please call/email with questions. Thank you


We are currently constructing a Ceco steel building that was engineered for a hyd door after a building that was previously erected. We chose not not use the same supplier and are undecided whether or not to go with a hyd door or a bifold. The door opening is currently 40' wide x 20' high but the building isn't sheeted yet so that possible could be altered if necessary. If a bifold door was to be installed what would be the maximum open distance? I know the hyd door will put more stress on the building than a bifold but I would need help to determine which would best fit the structure itself. What information would you need to provide us with a quote? Thank You


Building will be a new 40x40x14 building with 4/12 pitch. Steel web roof trusses will be utilized throughout, support posts may be steel or wood depending on selected supplier. I will fabricate the required door support structure from locally sourced square tubing. Door needs to be ~35ft span and 12ft clear height. It will be insulated with foam board or spray foam. 29ga metal siding will be used to match building siding.


We need to get a new hanger door. We are curious what our otions are, and we would like it to be installed as well. Please let me know if you have anyone in our area who does bids and installation. We are interested in a bi-fold as well as the pivot one piece hydraulic door. My measurements on the door size are not exact. I believe the opening is actually 39 feet and 9 inches and the height is 11 feet 5 inches. I assume it will be measured before we order it?


I am planning to build a storage building for boats and possibly an airplane. I would like pricing on the most economical option you offer between the one piece door and the folding door. the building would be 40 X 60 and the door would be on the 40' side. please email with any questions or clarifications you may need.


24x16 Flexible on door sizing, new construction, seeing how much schweiss doors cost compared to regular commercial doors. Thanks


Schweiss door- 15' x 14' 9.5" bifold 19' 3.5" x 8' 4.5" hydraulic door customer gave me order # 26897 bid # 51321-AC also if you need I can send the whole specs sheets that they provided from you guys.


I've had an airport inquire about a cable to strap conversion. What comes in a conversion kit, typically? Door, which is by another manufacture is perhaps 40' x 16' Mike Bayou OHD


I am interested in placing a hydraulic one-piece or bifold liftstrap door on my rolling food service truck. Could you tell me which door would be better for this application. I do like the extended Schweiss door canopy on both doors.


Hi there, We are currently working on a large operations facility in Edmonton and are exploring different types of overhead doors: rolling, bifold, single panel hydraulic, etc. We were wondering your thoughts on the different types of doors, specifically in relation to their open/closing speeds. Is there a significant difference between the types? Do you have any recommendations? We are specifically interested in the bifold doors. Thank you


I'm looking for a 42 by 12 hanger door. I'm wondering what the prices are for the hydraulic and the strap door. I am in Wasilla Alaska and I'm curious at approximately what the freight would be as well.


Hi. With a bifold door how much clear height will be available opening is 11'-6" high. Need 9'. Please quote for hydraulic door too with the red power hydraulic unit and 2 hydraulic cylinders as well. Thank You.


I am looking for two doors for a hangar I am building. I am considering two lift-strap bi-fold or two one-piece hydraulic doors, sizes are 12'x40' and 14'x50'. My final decision will depend on the total cost of the building and a few other factors. I am interested in comparing costs and benefits of Schweiss' lift-strap bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic doors. If you could send me a quote for the two door sizes and types that would be great. Thanks


Hello, I need a price and availability/timing to convert a 5 cable door to your Schweiss Doors strap system. The door is on an aircraft hangar at  City Hospital in  OK. I can send photos.


I wish to obtain a price quote to supply a 45'x12' Schweiss strap drive bi-fold door, shipped to Helena, Montana, for installation in a new hangar project. Project is intended to be ready for the door in late-spring of 2012. Also, does a 12' high Schweiss door provide 12' actual clearance? Thank you for your reply. Austin V.


Schweiss Bi-fold Strap Lift Door with Wind Load - 120 MPH, 240 Volt Single Phase Electricity, 12" Top Rubber Cover, Building - Big Top Fabric Covered Structure. Please confirm Wedge needed for 42' clear opening?


I'd like pricing on a Schweiss 40' wide door x 12' with a 10' clear opening. Also all the options such as straps, auto close,weatherstripping, etc. If you prefer you can call to get more info, etc Thanks Lloyd


can you please send me a quote for a 16x14 Cable v.s. strap with a operator 115v for my steel pole shed. Thanks Donavon Newly


Hi, I have a bid for a 50x63 Hangar. 50 being the side for a door. I would like a quote on a bifold door, auto latch, remotes, no entry door, straps etc. I believe 45' is the widest and I will have 16' sidewalls so as tall of a door as possible. Thank You


what would it cost to convert our schweiss door from cable to strap. 7 8 years ago


please price bifold with straps, flush mounted (inside opening). The face may require a decorative layer.