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Please send design information for schweiss bi-fold door to give to Butler steel building for pricing. We are going to insulate the door and line it on the interior. You must have 16' clear.


Putting up an RandM steel building. I need a strap bifold door 48x15 with auto lock, insulation and 3 horizontal windows. the building is in Kendrick, ID


Need price and specs for a 18 ft. x 52 ft. Bi-fold door installed in a red-iron steel I-beam building, end wall mount, C-Channel,/Hot Rolled. Building Dimensions are 60ft x 60ft x 21ft tall. Contact at Maverick Steel Buildings


I am looking to put a bifold door on my steel building. The dimensions are 8x10.


Need a price and availability on a 70' x 17' clear open bifold. Auto lock w/remote capability. Straps are good over cables. Project is in Pomona, MO at UNO airport. We have bought doors from you in past but been awhile since we have done one with a bi-fold. We are an Alliance Pre-engineered Steel building dealer/contractor.


I am looking for a rough price on a bifold door for an aircraft that has a tail height of 19'-6" and a wingspan of 72'. This would go in an existing steel hanger. I need to estimate how much the total project would cost but I am not familiar with door pricing.


I getting ready to build a hanger 50' x 50' x 20' steel building. The hanger will be at Platte Valley Airpark based on your web site I think a bi-fold door is what I want. Can you recommend a steel building supplier. Please provide quote for a door? You have a great deal of options, what do you recommend.


I’m building an airplane hangar. Building will be steel and is 50feet x 40feet. The opening for the door is 40feet wide by 11 feet high. The opening dimensions can be adjusted for a door if necessary as we are in the design phase.


Looking for a quote on a hanger door. Opening is 10' x 38'. Steel building with 12' eaves.


Hi I am currently looking at a metal building from a metal builder and I would like to have a hanger door priced out I would say roughly 38 by 12 feet .


We're a steel building system manufacturer located in southwest Missouri and I'm very interested in learning as much as I can about your doors. I have a job coming up using a 60' bifold soon and I have not yet detailed or sold a building using your doors until now. I would like to see one of your doors thats been installed in a steel building system somewhere in Missouri preferably or I'd be willing to travel 8 or 10 hours for the right situation. Can you put me in connection with an erector or someone that may be able to help me out? Thank you.


Initial door quote for 60ft W x 18 ft H clearance for an aviation metal building. Mueller Inc steel building kit is our preferred steel building kit. 75418 zip code. Additional door quotes for a 50ft W x 16ft H clearance (x2). All three doors shipped together to the address provided. Quote with both bi-fold and hydraulic options. Include standard walk-through door framing on all options. Metal siding specs for Mueller to prepare metal siding quote. Y'all are always awesome. A general estimate of time to site if engineering is cleared and first payments are disbursed by June.


Need to get a price on a 40' Wide X 16' High door. Would like to see numbers on both a bifold and a hydraulic 1 piece. This will go on a steel building new construction along with several sectional doors.


Hello, I'm in the process of providing an estimate to our builder. It's still the early stages and looking at putting the hydraulic door on the steel building.


I bought land for a hangar in Afton, WY. I currently own a Cirrus SR22 but I want a door large enough to support a Cirrus SF50. We are looking at a steel building that is 60'x60'


Need the door to be between 40-50’ wide. Wondering how wide I can go with a 50’ wide building?


Hello, We have a network of Cold-formed steel building distributors throughout the US and soon in Canada. We are interested in discussing the possibility of utilizing your doors with our system. We would like to set up a zoom call with our ownership group to discuss. Please give me a call at the number above to possibly set this up.


My two buildings (Salix, IA 51054) are Butler 40'W x 120'L x 13'6"H (sidewall) built in the 1950's. Current openings are 16'W x 14'H, with vertical I-beams on each side. These buildings were originally built to store grain, so are constructed with extra steel for strength. These are regular, straight wall buildings, I think the roofs are 3:12, maybe 4:12 pitch. One or both buildings will be having new insulated sandwich panel siding installed in place of the current uninsulated original galvanized siding. Maybe this same insulated sandwich panel siding can be used on the doors? It'll likely be Hardsteel Brand, possibly Butler. Door openings currently have no header, the original doors were sliding. Contractors Need estimates of price and timeline for delivery, and hopefully, installation of four, 16'W x 14'H insulated bifold doors, installed. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks. Tim


we need quote on schweiss's bifold doors and I need the weight so I can get my jack beams and framing designed. I am glad to send you the door spec and drawings


Interested in having a 38 ft bifold door built for a steel building. Intended use is for 3 auto repair bays that require clear opening for accessibility. We need to use an alley to access so drive in access is not straight. Can send scaled sketch. Thank you - Rick


Let me know if Schweiss has a standard size door close to 20x13 bifold, building is not built yet. I would like auto latching with remotes. I want to be able to insulate it, steel sheeting on the outside.


I need a price for a bifold strap door to deliver to Georgetown TX. Size 14' x 45' New steel building, I beam mount.


Are bifold doors available in standard sizes or increments in sizes? Planning to install on new steel construction in the end of a building having a width of 75ft. Is a 40ft door normal or is there recommended dimensions? Intended use will be for helicopters. Thanks, Matt


I will have 50x90x18. I'm not sure how big or what size would be best, the building will be a weld up building. Looking to add your door on the endwall. Can I get specs and pricing?


Looking into an Olympian steel building. 60’ x 80’. With 2 50’ bifold lifts tap operated doors, one on each 80’ wall. Need clearance for 18’ height through the door. Need a man door and 2 windows within the bifold if possible. Can you spec out approximate cost, and requirements for building design?


Door opening is 41' 7" height of opening is 11' 8" sides appear to be 4x6 steel I beams top of Schweiss steel frame door opening looks to be steel truss would guess that door would need its own frame there is 240v electrical service for a door


Hello, I am a salesman at Cowell Steel Structures and we have worked with you in the past on bifold and hydraulic door projects. I have a customer that wants us to handle the bifold Liftstrap hangar door as well as the building we are fabricating. I need to get a quote on a hangar door. Bi-fold strap. Needs to be 45' W x 14' T Going to Clinton, AR (KCCA)


Structural steel I beam building. 22'wide by 18' tall door. door is currently built, weighs 3-4K. Steel I beam frame with 3x3 tube steel verticles (infill), 1/2"plywood sheeted, Hindge's are 1-1/2" pins threw 2"plate's mag drilled. I have equipment to fabricate. Looking for price on -2 Schweiss top quality hydraulic cylinders -2 velocity fuses -1 electric compact pump. May consider red or green pump with backup cordless drill option. Thank you for your time!


I am interested in getting a quote for a 14’X14’ bi-fold door for a steal building. I do have some questions on your bifold Liftstrap design and if windows can be included, so if someone can call me it is appreciated. Thank you- Gary Geuss 505-270-3172


We are building a new 50x75 steel building and are considering bifold Liftstrap doors, most likely 3 of them. We are wanting to check pricing on steel bifold doors at around 12x14ft Thanks


I need a quote on 2 sets of bifold lift strap and auto latch Schweiss heavy-duty doors that are 12 ft high by 20 ft wide. Steel building.


Need a quotes for Air plane hanger bifold lift strap doors sizes, total of threes doors. Rough Openings to be 54x16 and 40x16, 2 of the larger, 1 of the smaller. We are the general contractor who will be erecting the steel buildings, we intend to install the bifold doors as well, We have installed two of your doors in the past with no trouble. I need some numbers to work with to complete my proposal for the owner, also ETA for delivery of the doors. Also any design data the building manufacturer will need to complete their building design/quotation.


Need a quote for a 60' x 20' bi-fold hangar door to be installed on a Nucor steel building package mid summer of 2022. Nucor will provide sheeting and edge trims for exterior of your bifold Liftstrap industrial grade door. Quote needs to include frame materials, seal materials, and installation. Project to be located in Bloomington, IN


Aircraft bifold Liftstrap and auto latch hangar door for a steel building. Can you estimate the Lead Time please. Many thanks Spencer Hogg


Looking to purchase two bifold doors for a new building, door 40' wide by 20' tall


Looking for a quote to add a bi fold strap steel door to our existing General steel shop. Feel free to call or email, either is fine. Thank You Roger


I have an existing steel building with an opening that is 10' wide by 8' tall. I am looking for either a glass bifold with pedestrian door, or a single hydraulic with pedestrian door. If I go bifold, price it with lift straps.


Need pricing and shop drawings of a similar 24'x14' strap bifold door. I need two doors for installation in a steel building. Each door will require a walk door and remote openers


I have just completed the erection of a 30X50 Future Building Steel Building. I have two 14HX12W openings for bifold lift strap garage doors. I am looking for 2 strong insulated steel doors to complete the project. The building will store farm equipment and is capable of being heated as a work area to compliment our forestry operations. Please call me to discuss the project.


We are needing to quote a 20 x 20, stand alone, hydraulic or bifold strap door for installation in a steel building. Door will install on a sidewall and therefor will need its own framing and support outside of the building itself. Please quote along with cost of remote opener and auto latches


Hello, I'm looking for 2 bifold strap doors for a steel building each being 16'wide by 14' tall. Need to have remote openers and automatic latching system


We are looking for bifold doors for a new Morton building in Orleans, MA. 16'wide x 20' high and 14'wide x 20' high. We much prefer your bifold strap doors over sliding doors that Morton offers.


Building is to be 50' wide by 20' eave height. Quote is needed ASAP on bifold steel frame Liftstrap door due to pricing increase next week for steel building. Thanks!


I am in the preliminary planning stages for a hangar to be built either out of steel or CBS construction. I note that, in your literature, you include steel and wood construction for bifold door installation, but there is no mention of masonry construction. I trust your product will work on a CBS building. I am looking for pricing information to help us refine our plans. Thank you for your assistance.


I am a general contractor for steel buildings. Building first Hanger...in need of Hydraulic Door here in Montana. Can I arrange a call with a rep? --Dennis


I am building a steel building and require a Schweiss bi-fold strap door with the manual door locks. I am looking for a quote on 40' wide and 11.5' high opening. Would I be able to install the bifold strap door?


I need to get a quote to purchase and install a 30' wide x 18' drive through clearance bifold door with straps and automatic latches. This will be going in a sentinel steel building that is 40'x 50'. Let me know what other information you need from me.


Good day. I am working with Rhino Steel Buildings and require a quote for hangar door. Opening would be 40' X 15' (I need 14' minimum clearance) building height would be 16'. I'd like the door to be insulated and it must have a good wind rating plus battery or generator backup system. Thanks for your help.


Looking for a price on a 36' x 17' by-fold with automatic opener and latch system location Grove City frame only. The building is getting a facelift and can install steel on door at same time.


I'm looking for a 20' wide by 15' high garage door for a new steel building. I'm interested in the hydraulic or bifold liftstrap models. I live near Kansas city , KS. Our building will likely be built over the summer of 2021. Love both styles of your well-built, over-built Schweiss Doors.


Looking to see what the cost of a bifold strap/autolatch door would be for an Act Building System Cold Formed Steel building. I am comparing cost as well as benifet between one bifold door and two roll up doors. Also, would it be better pricing if I did two 10' x 10' bifold doors vs one 23' x 10' bifold door? Thanks, billy


i design, install and sell Cold Formed Steel buildings. i have two customers I'm looking to sell large Bifold Automatic liftstrap doors. i am looking for pricing and contractor availability in my area. I'm in Northern California, Kelseyville, 95451. i could send a cut out of the building i'm doing. anyway, would like to figure this out and help my customers out. if we can buy the bifold doors direct i could have someone most likely put them up. Feel free to reach out , my name is Mark. or email works great.


Building a 51' x54' with steel frame and structural insulated panels. I'm looking for one 12'x12' and two 10'x10' strap lift bifold doors with auto latches on the side wall and one 10'x10' on the end wall. Thank you for your time. Remote openers needed.


Looking for a36’ x18’h bifold insulated for a steel building with my building for a farm shop . One hour northwest of Calgary Ab would like a quote please on your strap design door . Is there a dealer close to me ? Thank you Robbin Keim


I am going to order a steel building in a few days. What can I do for a bi-fold door, with straps, not cables, 24' wide x 14' high? Is that hard to do? What is cost? What is involved?


Top line steel buildings got a quote on a hydro door, bid number 81920-TL. I now need to order bifold strap door with the same dimensions and with four windows. Please price this out for me.


I’m looking for a welding shop bifold steel door rough opening size is 16’ high by 20’ wide Thanks Mike


We are looking for a quote for one Bifold Liftstrap or Cable Lift Schweiss Door, Approx 18’ High X 30’ Length. Fitted and installed to a commercial steel building.


I'm building a new steel building. Overall size and wall height not set yet. Exploring options. Please provide top hinge height for a 10' 6" clear height. Also, please quote bifold door upgrade options separately to help me decide.


Need a quote on a bi-fold 40'x20' strap door to install on a engineered steel building. Thanks!!


We build steel buildings and want to offer bifold and hydraulic Schweiss door options to our farm and airplane customers....


i have a job in south Louisiana with large Schweiss doors specified on a steel industrial building. can you provide quote?


I'm looking for a quote on (2) 16'x16' Bi-fold doors each with two windows, straps, openers and all necessary hardware for installation with delivery and installation included. The site location will be a new steel building fertilizer storage facility in Oklahoma.


I have a galvanized steel building with an 27.5 ft  x 16.9 ft. opening on each end. I have rolling doors on one end, and as of yet I have no door on the other end.I would like to inquire about either an hydraulic or a bifold door both ends.


building a 100'w x 60'l x 18'h steel building need a quote for a 70' x 15' bifold door


Looking for a metal building and I know you told me at one time you deal with a guy in Idaho that would give me a great price. Thanks, Rick


I am assisting in the design of a pavilion and we are exploring the use of bifold doors in our project. It will be a steel structure, and I'm wondering what maximum width for a glass bifold and a wood slat bifold door is. Thank you for your time.


I have a steel building that measure 12 feet high and Appx: 50-55 feet wide. Same on both ends and I an seeking a quote as to what it will cost to install rise-up doors on both ends.


Looking for two bi-fold doors but with individual quotes. 1st door is 50'x17' located in endwall of new steel building 2nd door is 40'x17' located in sidewall of new steel building I beam construction Please include remote control opener Please provide install estimate for each Shipping to Emmett, ID


What would the cost be for a 45' wide bifold door that is 16' tall? Installed on an existing steel building.


I am looking for a quote for a one-piece hydraulic door that hinges at the head and opens to a full 90 deg. The door opening size: 36'x12'. Steel frame with 1" Vision Glass. Please email for more information and documentation.


I was needing a quote for a bifold strap door for a new steel barn. The front of the barn is 45' wide by 17' high. I would like the bifold door to be at least 40' wide and has open to a height of at least 15 1/2' to 16'.


I am still pricing buildings so may go with a steel building yet so would like a price on that if different. It would have steel opening then thanks Tanner


I'm not in the market to purchase today, I'm just trying to look into some options for a couple months away when we expand. What would a 45' wide by 20' high lift strap bi-fold door cost? I am at a steel shop, I'm not needing anything fancy, R-panel siding will work just fine. If price is right I would be looking at 3 to 4 doors. Two in end walls, and two in side walls. Thanks, Rick


Looking to replace a 60x100 pole barn with a 60x100 steel barn and am looking for door options other than traditional roll up or sliding suspended doors. Would be interested in options for both end wall and side wall doors.


Can you provide quotes for both a hydraulic 1 piece and a strap lift bifold hanger door. I need an opening of approximately 38 ft min to 40 ft max wide by no less than 11 feet and no more than 13 feet tall. Hanger will have 14' side walls and 1 foot min will be required to provide the top structure around the door. Please advise the finished opening required for each of the 2 types. Flexibility in dimensions is to permit you to quote a standard dimension model. The door will go into a steel framed hanger. Provide the door with no covering or insulation as the steel siding to match the building will be applied in the field when the building is sided. I desire to have a very tight, air leak free door. Please advise your recommendation at to which door best for the application and why. Please estimate shipping and basic installation cost (if you provide installation). Building this year. Thanks Stan


I'm pricing a new hangar in California and need help on cost and design specs for my steel building manufacturer.


I have a 20' x 13' machine shed opening I would like to know the price for one of your doors. The building just has the normal white metal siding on a pole barn constructed building. This is to replace a previous door. ThanksDan .. Hutchinson


I am looking to build steel frame, steel sided, 60 by60ft  steel building hangar, in Three Rivers,Michigan with a 55by 16ft bifold door. Would like to get a general price of door and would like to know if your Co. needs additional info for a specific price quote. With above mentioned dimensions of door, what kind of clearance could I expect(for aircraft). I have seen your door in operation at several local hangars and have come to the conclusion that Schweiss builds the best hangar doors in the country. Please let me know if you require additional info. Jerry


We have a customer that will be using a Schweiss Door in a Behlen Steel Building. We need the weight and information for 54'-0 x 18'-0 clear opening bifold steel building door.


I have purchased a new steel hangar building. It will be designed for a 46'X 14' Bi fold door. The building is a 52'X75'X 18'. I am looking for the best bifold strap steel door option, cost is a consideration. I will need steel to cover the door. I would like a man door and would like auto locking and a remote system dependent on cost. Thanks


We are looking for options for Schweiss folding doors on a ship storage building. There are 6 units in the building 70 W x 180 L x 33 ft. eave height. This is a steel building with concrete floors. We would need to know the weight of each door (including all accessories) and what are the accessory size requirements for the accessories (head room, opening motor, chains lift straps ect). I would like to have a detailed drawing (dwg or PDF) of the door if possible. The door size is to be 25%u2019w x 30%u2019L. When working on a price please include shipping as a separate line item. Thank you


need a price on a 40 x 20 bifold liftstrap door with Schweiss automatic latching system delivered to Texas to be installed in new steel building with fo to your specs. need a price asap.


We need a quote on 2 104' x 27'-10" Bi fold doors solid for a hanger building we are quoting. these will ship to Naples, FL for a Pre engineered steel building with Prevailing loads FBC Exposure C. Any questions please call. Thanks Carl


Greeting from WV. I need a price on the hydraulic door and details for the dimensions of the header condition and the jam condition. I will be using 18" old I beams not w beams for the headers and the jams. Please call if you have questions. The wall is steel siding with 8" perlins


I am wanting more information about your schweiss strap lift door. I am designing a restaurant and they want a couple of the windows to be able to be opened to the outside. What would you estimate a base price is for an 8'W x 9'H. With white frame and clear glass. I noticed many of your images are very industrial looking, we are going to something a little more clean and streamline. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mike


Building will have 1-40' x 18 1-24' x 18 1-26' x 18 Bi-Fold, premier liftstrap bifold door. I would like to get a quote plus specifications our building MFG will need for building design. Steel framed clearspan building


I have a steel building built in 1991. It has scissor joists and the sliding door opening it has is 27'x 16'6". I have 2 openings that I would like hydraulic doors installed in. Could you give me a time frame on receiving the hydraulic door and cost please. 


Would like pricing information for a 30' wide bifold liftstrap hangar door along with information on how we might use it with our light gauge (14g US) steel buildings. We are a manufacturer of metal buildings and are looking for a company to help with the door solution to hangars.


I am quoting a steel building door in CA. I need: (1) 70' wide x 28' clear height (6' headroom) (3) 58' wide x 28' clear height (6' headroom) (1) 58' wide x 26' clear height (4'-6" headroom) These bifold strap doors will be insulated doors sheeted with metal door panels. Remote door openers needed.


I am putting up a 72 x 150 steel building and am needing a 36 foot steel door opening on each end of the building. I would like pricing on a 36 x 18 Schweiss bifold strap door. Also what do I need for door framing in the opening. What would be the cost difference on a 40 ft door, and a 42 ft door. 


I need red steel building doors with a opening of 70' wide by 28' tall, the face of the building is 75' wide. I am looking for a door solution to put a Schweiss bifolding liftstrap door on this opening.


I need quote on (8) 55'wide 17' high bifold warehouse doors with man door in each one with Auto latches. Can steel warehouse doors be delivered and factory doors installed by spring?


I need 2 bi-folding fireproof doors with lift straps. Doors are for a double unit wood frame building. A clear height of 16 feet, 60 feet, and an overall height of 20 feet. Steel clad doors with automatic latching system.


60'x 28' Bifold liftstrap door to be mounted to steel structure. Please advise if you have a contract with GSA. Will require a keyless entry door, windows across at eye level and Schweiss autolatches.


We're a steel building manufacturer. We are looking for a quote for a Schweiss bi-fold strap door with autolatches where the door size is 50' wide and the opening is 16 ft high. We will also need the specifications of this door sent with the quote please.


Door to be installed in an all steel building. Need a 24 x 18 clear open bi fold door with straps and autolatches. Can you get me a price soon. Also would you be able to give me an optional price on the Schweiss hydraulic swing door for the same size. Thank you... could use prices by Tuesday.


I require a quote and the specifications for the bi fold liftstrap door for a customer I am selling a building to. 40'W x 20'H. Steel door to be prepped for interior liner and include remote with 2 handhelds.


We are a steel building dealership and we have a customer interested in a 42'x18' door. I am interested in both styles--Schweiss Bifold with liftstraps and hydraulic with Red Power pump and cylinders. I will also need to let my manufacturer know of any special concerns for the doors. Which exerts less stress on a building, bi-fold strap?


This door is to be installed in a conventional steel not pre-engineered building. Thank you for the previous quote on a 50' bifold strap door.


Do you sell direct? I have a client looking for a 40' x 12' clear opening Schwiess hydraulic door and electric Red Power opener. I am looking to get the Building from steel building systems in Oklahoma. do you sell to them? If so they may have already contacted you on our behalf.


I have a steel building 35 years old and am thinking of doing something different about the doors on the end that go into the shop to replace two sliding doors, total opening is 13 ft by 24 ft but I haven't got a exact measurement. Seen your ad in the farm industry mag.I was wondering how long it would take to open and close on both style of doors also an estimate of the doors, with liftstraps and Red Power.


Please quote a 54\' wide X 18\' Hydraulic insulated door in a framed opening in a steel building to be built in Moorhead MN. I would prefer you put your most powerful Red Power motor on it for faster lifting and closing times.


Please review your quote on the building and on the bi-folding lift strap doors all primary steel shall be hot dipped galvanized and secondary steel shall be cold form galvanized. I want to be sure that you have it in the building quote and you have it covered in the doors.


I have a new all steel building 40 x 50 with 17' eave hgt. My door framed opening is 16'tall x 24' wide. What would be an installed price for a door this size and what other additional costs would I have if I were to have autolatches put on the door? Thanks


Good morning I am in need of a quote for a 45'W x 25'H bi-fold door Complete with all operating compnonets and all saftey devices Door is being mounted to steel framing.Your Schweiss website answered all my questions.   Thanks


My steel building is in the design stage at this point, so there can be changes made to dimensions still. The door when open needs to provide a full 14' of clearance, not an inch less. You can tell me how much taller you need the opening for this. Please include a price for the remote control option for the bifold door and also any safety additions available.


I just learned about bi-fold doors, and am interested in them. I need 3 for the custom endwall to an arch-steel building. I am interested in weights, pricing, deliver schedule, etc. I plan to purchase these doors by October if they are the right choice. 1- 12w x 8h 1- 12w x 16h (with standard walk-in door frame) 1- 9w x 8h Do you have any information stating wall structural requirements (reactions) than I can give to the engineer designing my endwall?


I am thinking about an all steel building with one end door. It may be 100 foot wide by 125 foot long. If I installed a 16 tall by 40 wide door would I need to go with a bi-fold door. I was thinking a hydraulic door with your new Red Power motor/pump. Would that be too big for that style? What size of an opening would I need to install the door? Thanks Allen


We will need a sturctural frame for this bifold door, it is going on the endwall of a red iron steel building & the top of the door will be higher than the roof of the building at the sides of the door. Have you done this before and does it work OK to do this?


Interested in a quote for a lift strap type bifold 50W x 20H. Building will likely be a Q-type steel building. Doors should be highly insulated and wind rated.


I am months away from doing anything, generally ... not a firm quote, about what does a 12 high by 40' Schweiss bifold steel door run? Include pricing on straps vs. cables. How does your strap tightener system work? 


Have an existing metal frame building, with 14 X 14 overhead doors, the door casing is C-channel. We  are considering changing to a Schweiss hydraulic door, due to simplicity, and the ability to have the top half sheeted with polycarbonate. Safety is a concern, so would like price on your new Red Power Hydraulic pumps. Give me a guesstimate on cost for the hydraulic door, and installation. The casing C-channel measures 8in X 2 1/2in.


Just a quick note to praise the quality work performed for us by your Schweiss Hydraulic door installers. They took pride in their work, met all specs and your hydraulic doors are the best in the business. I recommend Schweiss bifold/hydraulic doors to all my friends.


  I will be installing the door around mid May as my shop won't be completed until then. My shop is a Steel building that is 17'5"H X 30'W X 44.5'L. The front will be framed in 2X6. It has a concrete floor. I am not presently hooked to a power gris and am using alternate sources energy, both solar and diesel generator. Am interested in the Schweiss Bifold Door as well as Schweiss Hydraulic doors.


i am retrofitting a 42x80 steel building with a door on the 41 side i need a price for a Schweiss door at least 30' wide and 12' tall. the building has a scissor trusses with a 2 12 lower pitch.


I am looking for a quote on a bi-fold door to be installed in a steel frame building. my prospective is seeking a door 24' wide and 12' high. I have tried to get quotes on roll-up doors to no avail. I had seen a Schweiss Doors ad in the metal construction magazine and figured you would be a better choice. The project is currently in the design and bugeting phrase with projected start date sometime in thr first or second quarter of 2012 if they can budget for it. the building is projected to be 57' wide and 97' deep with a single slope on the 57' width. Wall height is to be 19' on the high side and 14' on the low. the quote will need to be for 2 doors installed at jobsite. If you have questions please call. also I will need some opening frame details so the building fabricator can include the necessary framing materials in his quote. Again thank you. Rick


I have a steel frame building and need to add a bifold  door 14'x14' and not enough room for overhead type garage door do not have side columns in yet as not sure what type of door we will be getting at this point it is between a hydraulic door or a bi-fold price is the biggest factor of course


I need a price for a Schweiss bi-fold system 18' clearance and 70' wide delivered to Whaoo Ne. I am going to insulate this door. This will be a new steel building and I woulike to have the eve height 22' Your comments please.


I am looking for ideas and prices to fit a 48' X 16' door requirement. Bi fold with straps is preferred and second choice is a one piece hydro powered door. The building will be steel and have a 16' high opening. The door I am thinking about is angled at the top to put the hinge above the 16' mark.


you sent a quote earlier for this door, but as a one piece hydraulic I believe, I need a quote for a bifold also. I am a contractor working for a customer and pricing 2 of these doors for one steel building and will be requesting pricing for and additional one piece hydraulic door. Please quote pricing with this in mind since all doors would be ordered at once. Thanks.


I need a price on a 32x14 bi-fold/high fold asap Its going on an existing newer steel construction. 


I am requesting info on a bi-fold door for a steel hangar. Wanting a quote on a 70 ft wide door and the height should be 20ft. I have found a building company in Little Rock Arkansas. Would you forward the quote to me and them with all the blueprints so I can get a quote from them as well. You can send the info to me soon. Thanks


I need to price a Bi-Fold door that is 100' wide clear and 28' tall clear that will be installed on a new Steel hangar near Atlanta Ga.


Dear Sir, I am building a new hanger on my farm. I am planning a 60x60. I am thinking about a 16' ceiling and openings on both ends. I'm not sure what the best way to go is? I am thinking about a 44' on one end and a 54' on the other end. Maybe 2 54' bi-fold doors instead? Please quote this package for me asap. What is your delivery time now? I am an EAA member, I talked to someone from your company at Oshkosh this year, he told me you could give a real nice discount for a 2 door EAA member special. Thanks, Larry Horwitz


I need a quote on a schweiss door for an opening 37' wide, 8'high on my truck shed. The wall that this will be attached to is 40'wide, 16' wide. What is your most economical door, the Hydraulic or the bifold? Please quote shipping to Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Thanks Fred


Looking for a quote on a 40x12 Bi-fold door with a remote control, New Construction, steel mount. Job name: Davis County Quote ASAP, bid due in tomorrow 8/24 Thank you!


I am needing a quote for 5 doors all will be mounted on Steel buildings, both bi fold and hydraulic systems. 2 doors will be 60x14 2 doors 45x12 and 1 door 40x12


I am building a new steel building and want to install a 50 W X 14 H bifold door in the end of the building. I need 14 feet of clearance. I assume I need a 16 foot ceiling? Is that correct. After reading your web page, I'm thinking I want a bi-fold door with the straps to lift it and with auto lock. I have 240 volt single phase AC available. How many amps will I need? Also I'd like a price on the door and instructions on how to design the new building to accommodate the door. By the way, I appreciate your web page. It is very well thought out and informative. it is a good reflection on your company. Thank You. Michael Bozer


Please contact me asap for price on 30' by14' 40'by14' bifold with man door in them no windows i need prices and i need specs for olympia steel buildings we are looking at getteing 8 doors total


Good Morning, I need a 44 X 12 door for my farm steel building. I have a header and columns for bifold or hyd. Please quote.


I have a steel structure with a 13'6" h 16' w opening. I would like a quote on a bifold with strap and auot-latches. Also do they seal well?


I have a cold storage steel building that store our RV and need doors on the front and back. The opening is 15ft height and 12 ft wide. What is the price difference between a verticle lift and a swing door.


Looking for 2 of one size hydraulic doors. Either 30'x18' or 60'x18'. Needs remote control and insulated. Going in a steel building. Also nee pricing and delivery estimates. Thanks, Tom


Need a quote for a schweiss bi-fold door with auto latches to go in the endwall of an 80' wide x 20' eave height, 2/12 slope, gabled, steel Butler building. The bi-fold door opening will be centered in the endwall, I need 40' wide x 16' clear height. Butler will provide a framed / flashed opening, however we need to know what kind of weights and loads your door will impose on the structure.


I need a spec on a schweiss bi-fold door that will fit on a steel constructed storage shed. Allow an 18'-0" free opening, once the door is in the open position? Will a 20 foot door do it?


I have a 60'x30' steel shop with an 18'w x 13'h door and I'd like a price on a BI-Fold door for it. In the quote please put Lift Straps and auto-latches on it for me.


Hello, I am building an airplane hangar and would like a quote and an opinion on what door would be sufficient for me. My building is a 48' x 52' x 12' steel building. Their suggestion is a 44' x 11'6" door to allow for the 4 inch concrete floor. We made the end wall stronger specifically for a Schweiss door. I would like your opinion on bifold vs. hydraulic. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


I have a Schweiss 70' door installed in 1997 - using the old cable system with the motor mounted on top of the door. We have had several times where power was lost in the area and we have been unable to close the door. Can I get one of your Red Power backup systems. Is there any retro-fit that will allow us to manually close the door?


I'm about to put up a 25x30x16 Steel arch style building and the door area punch out is 12 x 12 ft, could I get an estimate on a byfold door with a walk door and auto-latches for this building?


We are working on either one or two (identical) steel buildings. Please price a 16'x40' schweiss bi-fold hangar door. Price for one. Price for two. Thanks.


I will be building a new steel aircraft hangar this spring large enough to hold 3 planes. I like the looks of your bifold door. Please send me some information on price and specs so that we can be ready to go when the snow is gone! can I also get information on the lift straps?


need door for 17ft hight, 50 long arch steel bldg. Door width Min 13 h x 12 wide. could go 14 tall. price both models, bifold and hydraulic. email info


I have a customer in TX that is interested in your doors. He either wants a bi-fold door with straps, or he wants a hydraulic powered door. The door dimentions are 45 wide by 16 tall. How much support do I need on a steel frame building, and how much clearance do we need above the door?


I am bidding on the construction of a steel frame building and have been asked to price a bi-fold door. The door would be approx 18 feet high x 60 feet wide. I am familiar with your product, I have seen it around airports, as I am a pilot. We built the hanger on Manitoulin Island here in Ontario about 4 years ago. I think it was 60 feet wide by 20 feet high. Could you please send me some pricing so that I may complete my quote to my customer. Please also show installation.


I want my ceiling low for heat cost. a 12 ft high door opening would be good. my hanger will be 52 by 52 and I need at least a 48 foot door. The hanger will be steel so what is the lowest side wall I can use. It will have a single slope roof with the door under the angle. 5 feet higher on the left than on the right. also aprox. cost of door and install kit. I will install my self. I will need at least 4 window openings in lower section. Or would a one piece hyd door be better. Thank you Tony


We have a new hangar (steel building) with a 12.5' x 40' opening for a one-piece hydraulic door. There are steel I-beams either side of the door opening and stub columns above. We want a flush style door, with an insulated walk door and a battery back-up ssytem, as well as remote control operation. We had a quote from you in August 2008 but were not able to purchase at that time. Now we are getting close and want to see what the current steel prices are (since steel was about at its all time high in August 2008)


I am looking for a bifold door approximately 20 ft wide with a clearance of 8 ft. Since this is new construction we can build the steel building accordingly to your specs. I would like the face to be plywood so we can attach the covering we want for appearance.


We live in Mankato, MN and we would like to know where the closest door dealer is from us. We are remodeling a steel building and are interested in finding out more about the hydraulic doors and estimates. Thank you


Have a job I'm bidding Door opening 45'x12' that is the clearance needed for the plane metal building has 14' eves. Owner does not want to go higher with the eves. Do you have a door that will work for this clearance. (Note owner is asking about a sliding door ? ) Thanks .Chad


I would like a quote on a 40x10 door for a new steel hangar.The best priced hydraulic lift door installed. Iam on a private airport and need it as soon as possible.Thanks Jim I will be out of town till Saturday to check on my airplanes repairs.


We need to replace sliding doors on our community hangar with a new and better system, not sure if we should go with bifold or hydraulic. The building was built in 1975 and is of all steel I beam construction. We need some general pricing info.


Please quote the following material.. 2) 12' x 13' bi-fold doors, one centered in each endwall of a 30 x 50 x 12 3:12 steel building going to Austin, Tx 78705 Thanks- Terry


Hello, I need a price for a 40x14 clear span bi-fold door for a steel building. It will need to be shipped to redbluff, ca. Thanks, Richard


I am planning on buying the materials to build a 40 x 60 steel building this summer. I would like to know if you have discount sales at any time through out the year. Also, I am curious if you have any thing like "slightly damaged sales" or bifold or hydraulic doors of any size that have been ordered but not purchased. Regardless, I would to price your door plus shipping. Thank you, Murray P.


I need some information and price, if possible, on a bifold lift strap door. - Needs to clear a height of 18' 6" -65' min to 70' max width -What are the thickness of the jambs. The Airplane hanger this will be installed on is 80'. can I put a 70' door in that? -How high do the side walls need to be to accommodate a 18'6" cleared door. - How do you insulate the doors? -What is your lead time to have it to me. - Do you install them? - Who puts on the exterior finish? - This is all on a metal/steal building - Please call me ASAP Thanks Jerry


interested on pricing for a bi fold door 50ft wide 25ft high. The Steel Structure has open bay used for sorting onions.


Please provide me pricing and data for (2) Bi-Fold or hydraulic door units, sizes will be (1) 70' wide with 18' clear & (1) 50' wide with 18' clear, both will be going at one endwall. spacing will be from left; 5', 70', 10', 50', 5'. Steel Building size will be 140' wide X 80' length X 24' eave height, gable symmetric with 1:12 roof pitch.


Please give me a quote on a 60x96x18 steel building with a 40X16.5 bifold in one end, a 14X18 overhead on one side, and a steel walkdoor on the other side. To be built in Wahpeton, ND. Thanks. Rory


I self-designed and built a 36x70 steel building. I am looking to install a bifold door in the side-wall of said building. The door frame and header are already installed. At the time of install I planned on using a roll-up door, not realizing the amount of headroom needed. The door frame is constructed of 12 ga material bent into what I call a "Box-C shape"(a sheet of material 18" wide formed at 1" and 4" from each side.) I don't know what any load specs may be on this entire building, let alone the door frame itself.


Hello Julie I have put in a couple of request for Schweiss hydraulic doors, and wish to thank you for your co-operation, I do wish pricing of one more size should as my plans may change. Sleepy Hollow I need 15 feet of open height and 60 feet wide. Thanks Brent B.


please provide quote for bi-fold door to fit into overall opening of 24' high - door to be 50'w x 20'h - eave height of steel buildind is 27'


Looking for a quote on a 58 x 17 foot hydraulic door going into a rigid frame steel building with a full framed end wall. We will supply sheeting but need framed openings for 3 3' x 4' windows and 1 3' x 7' walk door delivered to kansas city for march 2010. Please figure installation. Kerry


Do you have an Australian Agent. we are fabricators of cold formed and structural steel structures. We are interested in your products and depending on the range would be interested in becoming your bifold door representative. I await your response and further information. Have a nice day. From Terry


The building is a Gulf Stream Steal building. Would like turn key price. Options- Lift straps,Manual latches. opening dimensions W-40'6" X h-18'


Bifold door will be installed in a new steel frame building clear opening size needs to be 40' x 12'


Can you please provide the specs for a hydraulic door that will fit in a 70 x 23 clear opening. THE OVERALL OPENING SIZE FOR THIS DOOR NEEDS TO BE 23' NOT 27'. My eave height for this steel building is 29'.


We have your competitors doors now and we're in the process of trying to come up with a modification for the one piece hydraulic door. Sales person on previous quotes was Julie.


I am consturcting a prefab shop building. It is 40 feet wide by 43 feet long made of a series of 21 steel arches. Wondering if your hydraulic door would be best suited for this.


Need quote on 20x15 BiFold Door to be installed in a steel-frame structure. Bldg will be insulated. Door to be installed in gable - Bldg height is 18' beneath the truss


We're going to Build a steel framed steel equipment storage building about 50 - feet long * 40 feet wide. floor would be crushed stone. We planned to put 4 doors 12 foot wide * 14 foot high along one long wall (50' -). After seeing your bifold and hydraulic doors we think that we might be better of with 2 of them say 20 feet wide and 14 feet high. Questions Do you sell into Canada ? Do you sell complete doors or assemblies or parts? Please give us a budget estimate of the cost of the doors complete and the cost of the components if you sell them that way also. Deano We're located near Windsor Ontario and directly across the Detroit River from Detroit Michigan


Dear Schweiss, I need to know what to tell the building company what loading structures/framing to design into the steel building I am about to purchase. The building I am ordering is a 45 wide X 88 foot deep, with a 2:12 pitch and 16 foot eves. The structure with red metal I beam frame. I was thinking of a 40X12 Hydraulic Door... but if the bi fold door is more economical I would use it instead. Two things, I need some sort of loading requirements to send to the company putting together a building package, and a price quote for the most economical 40X12'opening. if it does not curtail a major cost maybe a 40X14' I would also be insulating the building, thank you for your time and expertise Sincerely Tom


I'm still waiting on bldg completion and will have to have the concrete slab completed before we can have exact dimensions for the opening. It is approx. 40'x16'. One concern we have is what might have to be done to strengthen the 40' span on top of opening. This is a 48' wide clear span building with the 40' opening, however the top span is not specifically stressed for hanging any big loads on it so would have to check modifications necessary to accommodate a bi-fold of that size. The side columns are 6" "I" beam 1/4" thick. Do you have any thoughts on this matter??


Overall SPACE steel bldg size = 60' wide x 60' long x 20' tall. Center bi-fold on endwall. Sincerely, 


I have a project that need to get a quote on (1)40'x16' and (1)24'x16' one piece hydraulic doors. We will erect the doors. I need loading for the Steel building design.


Looking for pricing on 45' x 18' clear bi-fold door for all steel building near Taylorville, IL. At this point in the pricing would like all standard features included. If you could let me know the design information to get with the steel building fabricator. Thank you, Rick


I have a 40'x30' steel building I would like to put a door in. Here are some of the specs: -The front (30ft. wide) has two regular overhead garage doors. -The side walls are 9ft tall. -All steel building, bolted to all concrete floor. I am wondering if you can put a door in the side (40ft) to fit a Champion Citabria (34ft wide, 7'6" tall). If you could quote both 35' and 36' wide door,and both 8' and 9' high. Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot. Andrew S.


I am in the planning stages of building/purchasing a 60ft wide X 100ft long X 12ft eave steel building from my local dealer called KLH. I am interested in a rough price quote on a flush mount hydraulic door and what I would have to do extra to accomidate the additional forces and also some info on what I need to consider on header construction. I plan on having a contractor errect the building but I would install the door and header myself. Thanks, Bob


I need a quote on a door. We have installed your bi-folds before and are familiar with them. The building is steel with an opening of 35' 9" x 16'high. The door would be covered in T-111 plywood and is located in the Park City Utah area. The hydraulic door looks like a good choice too.


Can you quote me a price on a one piece hydraulic operated door for an opening 39' 8" wide and 10' 6" high. I will need a beam for across the top of this door for the hinge's to attach. What size beam would be required? My building has 4" x 8" verticle steel girders for the end walls. Can you quote me the price with and without the beam for across the top? Thank you, Carl


this is a steel bldg 32'w x 20' just built, except for front wall. front wall design is not designed yet


I need a quote for a customer who is purchasing one of our steel buildings. I need a quote on a 44x12 door and a 44x13 door. Can you please email me the quotes? Thanks for your help


I need offer for large aircraft door W. 14 meters x 3 metes. This door is for new steel buldings we are think to build for one of our cliant.


I need a quote on a 16x24 door and I need to know how much space the folded door takes up because I need 15ft6in of clearance. I have not ordered my steel structured building yet so I can change my eve height.


I am interested in purchasing a bi-fold or one piece hyd. door for my existing steel building. Please have a salesperson call, so I can explain my needs in more detail. Thank you, Jim E.


just starting to maybe build steel building. Looking at maybe 100 x 100 x 20. Half will be used for a shop, wanting a 40' door on shop not sure about the storage side door? Getting prices now to get started. Any prices and advise would be great. We are not in a hurry on building this but if we can pull this off with in our budget maybe get started on building in early or mid summer.Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon. BRUCE


i have a 40x60 steel framed building i want to install a bi-fold door in one of the 40' openings to accomadate a j-3 cub is tat possible---- any idea of cost thanks tracy


We are looking at erecting a steel building(90'-320') with the door clear openings being 36'w by 28 and 30'h. I would like some information and pricing if possible. Thanks Rod W.


I have an all steel building and was wondering what it would cost for a bifold or a hydraulic door for a 24ft. wide by 14ft. tall opening. I would install it. Thank you, Steve


I have a customer who is purchasing one of our steel buildings to be used as a hanger and he needs a 40ft. wide x 12ft tall door. What can you provide to us to resell to him? Cost? Delivery, etc. Thanks,


I am a Company who build steel constructions. I made a offer for the consctruction of an hangar. The customer asked me to complete this offer with the supply and installations of 11 doors. He show me your offer. I would like to know what this price include (automation latches, door frame, steel carpenty, door panels)the freight charges to Italy (Venice) and if there is a discount. I would like to know also if it's possible to make the steel carpenty ourself to can economize the freight charges. I have to meet the custemer next monday, and so I ask you if it's possible to answer me within tomorrow. Best regards. Riccardo F.


We will build a (minimum) steel building of approximately 40' by 80' to house two small aircraft (hanger). We would like you to provide pricing on both bi-fold and one piece hydraulic doors. It appears we will need about a 60' door to accommodate two aircraft.


Need information, including pricing, on an aircraft door for an existing steel building. Will be taking out two overhead doors and will need the most efficienct and cost effective aircraft door installed.


Clear Height to Doubled (Stacked) 16" X 26 lb beam header attached to 16" X 26 lb colums at 50'-0" c-c spacing. Door will be cased in 6" on both sides (49'-0" door)to provide wall space for down spouts. The building is framed and beginning installation of insulation & sheet metal.


Kindly send a quotation for the following: 100 ft x 40 ft Steel Frame building Floor to beam - minimum 15 ft. Wall from bottom up - 5ft Require specification for steel for columns and rafters The plan has to be approved by the Ministry of Planning as a result would require floor plan as follows: 2 side elevation plus back and front. Thanks. Best regards, William G. Managing Director


I wish to get a quote for a bi-fold door for an existing building. The building was built by Floyd Construction Co. Berryville, AR. it has steel truses welded up from angle iron, It will require a framework for the door that can be adapted to the building. I am leaning toward a bottom drive with straps.


I have a U.S. Steel structure, oval in shape I think, that could use a bi-fold door. It's approx. 18-20 foot high and 20 foot wide. Do you have one this size and could you send me some pricing and installation information?


Would like some info on one piece hydraulic door for a steel building. Door would be approx. 40 X 16. Would like to have someone to visit for a price quote and and the design of the door. Also to see if the design we want is possible for the building we are putting this on. Brent Call the numbers for cell or shop. Thanks


hey i have a steel building and a need two doors i would like to have as many windows as possible and a man door in each one that would be great if you could give me a price


I am having a weld up steel shop building erected. Am wanting to install one of your 14x20 hydraulic doors. I am worried that the builder is not making the frame strong enough for the door. He only used 8" I beam for the truss instead of 12" like the others and 11 guage 4" square tube for the door frame which he says is plenty. I am not so sure. I am thinking of insisting on removing the 4" and replacing it with 10 or 12" I beam and adding a reinforcement of 4" square to the inner side of the truss. what would you recommend? If we can make this mess work, I will place the order tomorrow. I have a quote which might not be accurate in these crazy times of prices. I would also like to add some options like the remote control and maybe paint and drill powered emergency pump. Please call me. Thank You Robert




I am considdering building a new hangar and would like an estimate on a new door. The size is approximate because the hangar is still in consideration. The hangar would be a 75x75x16 all steel construction building.


"G'day". Need a quote please for a Bi-fold door on a new steel building ? Building will be 42 X 50 X 14 ....In talking with "many" steel building companies I get different sidewall height requirements for your 12' vertical clearance bi-fold door , so please advise whether I need 16 ' side walls or not? Door to be shipped to Greers Ferry , AR.


I'm using 4" square tubing for my side post and 4" x 8" rectangular tubing for header braced to truss.


Sir I would like a quote that includes shipping on a 40 ft.X 12 ft. hydraulic door for a new steel building


I am interested in a Bi fold door. roughly 25'by 14'for a steel building. Please contact me.


I have a customer that is interested in an airplane hanger. He needs a door that is 35-40 foot wide. Has a 3 small single engine planes. We sell steel buildings. Looking to setup long term relations with your company. Jason


Please compare cost for 2 bi-fold doors vs. 1 large door, I can create the bay openings for the lowest cost alternative. This is not an aircraft hanger. It is a steel building that I want to make secure. For various reasons I do not want a roll-up or tilt-up door. Version A: 2 doors, each 12'x12' Version B: 1 door, 24'x 12' Thanks-


I need a quote on 2 bi fold doors 45' wide x 12' tall. They will mount to a new steel building 100' x 48'. We manufacture commercial greenhouses. One of my customers wants us to build him an airplane hanger.


Looking for a 40'W by 18'Tall hydraulic one-piece door. Will be installed on a Steel building with a steel support structure.


Steel Building size is 60'-0 Wide x 18'-0 Eave, will have main frame endwall with largest door possible. 54'-0 x 14'-0 ? please advise


We are building a 60x80x20 all steel heated shop with a 4 foot high concrete wall all the way around with in floor heat. I would like to put a 40 foot door on the east end. Could get by with 35 or 37 foot if available. What is the price difference? Thank You.. Kurt P.S. needs to have remote and windows


I would greatly appreciate pricing on 2 sizes of doors. First is a 14ft high by 50 foot wide bi-fold door. Second a 16 ft high by 50 food wide bi-fold door. It is an older building (1988) and I am strongly considering adding on to the end of the building and would put in a bi-fold door. Steel structured building with a concrete base.


Can I get a rough bid on a Bi-fold Door for a 90'x25' opening on a steel hangar? Just need to start with and idea if it will be better to go new door or repair existing door.


I need a price on a 35x16 door, installed. Location is Argenta, IL. It will be on an 18' tall steel building, on the sidewall. I also need to know weights, for design purposes. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeremy P.


Am dealing with a contractor for construction of a site built weld up steel building in late winter.


I'm looking for a 100' x 30' door for an all steel aircraft hanger we are proposing to build here. If you could email me some budget figures for your doors and mail some data, I would appriciate it .


We are looking at adding a door to an existing 80' X 180' steel frame building. The size we are looking at is 18' wide X 16' high. Please provide a quoted price installed. Thank you!


I'd like to explore adding a free standing frame and door to an existing steel hangar. The opening we need is 16 feet high by 60 feet wide. I'm required by city code to provide a Kansas stamped drawing to get the permit for installation. Would that be available?


We are putting together a price quote for a steel building to be erected at the Winnemucca Airport.


I have customer that is wanting a 40' wide x 20' tall door. Looks to me like the only way to do that is with your "bi-fold". Please forward me information package and pricing for this unit. Do you install? Project is in South Point, Ohio. Installation will be in a new Steel Building. Thanks for your help, ed d. edc


I am needing price quotes for a 45' by 14' (clear opening) bi-fold door. Additionally I am looking for turn-key deal, with you guys installing it. I have a steel frame building with rigid endwalls. The door opening on the endwall is not presently framed out, so that work needs to be part of the quote.


We are a uk supplier of steel frame buildings, we are at present priceing up a new building which our client is looking to have Bi-Folding doors . The opening size is 15m wide x 6m high and there would be 10 no all with one Personel door . At this stage we only need a guide cost for this doors del U K . Please can you e mail me asap a cost so we can give our client an overhaul budget cost,


I am planning on building a steel constructed hanger this fall and am thinking 50X80 with the opening about 50X14. I will currently store my 170 in there but am thinking of resale value if I ever decide to sell the hanger or renting it someone with a small twin. Do I need to consider a bigger opening? Also, can you give an idea what an insulated bi-fold door would cost me. Please keep in mind that we are just at the beginning stages of this project and we are still trying draw up some plans. Thanks, Paul


I have listed the larger of the door sizes needed for my current project, but I need to have the complete quote for (2) 16'W x 20'H and the (1) 30'W x 20'H (listed below in click boxes). They will be put into a steel framed structure (i-beams and wide flange col.), but to avoid possible additional structural requirements I'd like to look at the option of a stand alone frame for the doors as well and what bracing may be required. I would also like to know lead time for the listed doors as well to ensure I can stay on schedule. I have check the Catalog request box but would like to request a copy of the catolog via this message just in case that did not register.


I need to purchase a 40' X 18' bi-fold door for a client. this door will be included in a steel building purchase. Please send me prices. Thanks, Kathy


I am building a new hanger 100long x 120deep with 25" side walls Need door price range to setup financing. I would be looking to start construction within 3 months What is the largest door you can put in the 100 X 25 opening. types and price range please PS Can you recommend a Steel building supplier for this size Hanger.


I am constructing a 50 x 60 steel hanger. I am interested in a "one piece door of the deminsion 40 x 14. Please give me a call or forward a quote to my e-mail address. I expet delivery of my building within the next three weeks. Mark R.


To whom it may concern, We are planning to build a steel frame hangar(50x50). Could you please send info and pricing for a 45x14(planned opening dimensions) bi-fold, and hydraulic door system. If needed, please provide dimensions for a door that will allow a 45x14 opening when open. Thank you! Brad


We are put a bid on a steel building going to Okemos, MI. We will need door spec's on these doors. there will be (2) 70Wx18H Doors the . The building is 80w x 160L x 22h with a partition wall down the center will 70' door fit?




I would like a quote for two bi-fold doors in a steel building. I am looking at a 25'x12' and a 25'x20'. Please give me a quote to ship to northern california dock. Thanks! Jennifer


I previously sent for a quote in mid December, 2006 Please provide as well design loading for steel frame to accomodate the bifold door. Door to be insulated with R 20 and 3'0" X 7'0" Man door. Thanks Lloyd G M. P.Eng. Project Monitor


My name is Brian I have a general contracting business in Show Low, AZ. I have a client that needs a quote for a 60%u2019x60%u2019 hangar. As part of that structure, he wants a bi-fold door that is 55' wide & gives 16' of clearance. I need a price & the specs on the requirements for engineering, installation, etc. I need to tell the steel building manufacturer what the overall height that the building will need to be, Thank you for your assistance. Brian S.


I plan on building a 50' Steel hanger. I have not picked a supplier. I plan to go with a bi-fold or one piece hydraulic door. The one piece hydraulic door was recommended to me by an owner. I am interested in price comparisons between your bifold and one piece door. I have been asking for a quote on a 50'X14' door for comparisons, but I know the door cannot be the same width as the hanger.


The "K" Building is a steel Frame building with wood purlins and girts. our endwall frame will be steel with wood nailers please provide options for remote controls. Thanks Dan E.


I'm looking for design loads for one of your Bi-fold doors to fit in the end wall of a 62 ft wide Pre-Engineered Steel Building. We are looking for a 58 ft wide x 16 ft tall Bi-Fold door 1. Weight of door 2. Vert. defection requirments.




I am pricing a hangar door for a 60 x 60 x 20 steel building. Door dimensions would be 16' high x 44' wide Thanks Jim H.


I have a steel 40x30 airplane hanger at our lake house. I messed up and should have built it 42 or 44 wide as I only have about 18" on each side for the plane to go in. I would like to add a bifold door but am concerned about loosing any more width to the door. Can you help with a solution. I also need to know an approximate price so I can figure if I can afford to do it. I will try to answer your questions as best I can from this location. Your earliest convenience. Thanks Mike J.


I have an aircraft maintenance shop with steel structure & steel side panels with a wood roof. The door opening is 10 ft 8 inchs high(clear) by 48 ft 7.5 inches wide(clear).This is the steel support structure dimensions. The floor is concrete. I cannot lose any headroom or width clearance. Can you supply such a door? I am located at the camden county airport (19n) in N.J. John K.