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We are currently working on an Indoor Pool facility and have a moving curtain wall on the north and south elevation where we want to include 3 specialty bifold doors on each side, (6 total, each with an opening of 20' wide by 16' high) we want more information on the structural requirements for these doors and if the bifold doors need to have the visible straps. if we could receive specs and if you have any other cad details or Revit family files for the doors that will be great. looking forward to hearing from you. All best


Hi, I have a project that is currently under construction in Toronto, and it is in need of an invisible garage door (a door that we can apply the siding overtop). The garage door is to be approximately 10' - 6" x 10' - 6".


Im looking for a 15x10 hydraulic door for our inside pool. We are thinking of going all glass.


Hello, I am a designer specifying a specialty garage door for a single family residence. We have very low clearance in the garage and need a non-standard garage door to work. We also would like to clad the garage door with building cladding. I'm hoping to communicate with someone to understand the details of this and get a quote for the door.


I am in the process of designing a house and workshop I would like to have a large door on the side of the shop that would allow me to pull my RV in to do repairs / servicing as required but not use it all the time So was looking at your bi fold door clad to blend into the side wall I was hoping to get a rough price on 16ft tall 12ft wide door that is insulated and clad - or do I insulate and clad it once it’s delivered I would also like a rough cost on 12ftx12ft insulated and clad door.


I would like to email some drawings for a "garage door" that we would like to get a price on for a residential addition. We would like it to be a tilt up door or similar. It will be part of the conditioned area of the house.


Do you have recommendations on residential 8x8 and 10x8 openings for a patio/outdoor bar?


We are considering using foldable doors for a one car garage in one of our residential projects and wanted to take your products into consideration. We wanted to ask whether you can do foldable door in zinc or any similar looking metal as our entire building elevation is made in zinc cladding material so we want to make it look continuous. The door would be approx. 8 feet high and 10 feet wide so wanted to also get a price quote for the same. Also, we wanted to ask what kind of sealant do you use as we want the garage space to be an air conditioned one. Let us know.


i am looking for a door with a personnel door built in. actually six of them. The door width is 23' x 13'-6". something more along the lines of a residential door. No overhead company makes a sectional or rolling steel with a pass door for that wide of an opening


We have an outdoor bar that We're looking to enclose. With 6 counter top doors of some sort.


I need hydraulic lifts for a bottom swing gate door. I mean it access a ramp in folds up as a door so it’s not a overhead it’s coming from the ground at a 90° angle folding up.


I am consulting on a project that will need 8 horizontal bifold doors. The door opening will be 10' wide by 12' high. They need to be made of aluminum and have no steel (except stainless steel) in the chamber. The doors need to be insulated to about R30. The interior will reach temperatures as high as 210F when operating and will be very humid from wood drying. I started an ran a company for many years that occasionally used horizontal bifold doors for lumber kilns. These are for heat treating and drying pallets. I am acting as a consultant on this project and it is in the Southeast USA. It is funded and will proceed. It is a batch process and the doors will only operate once of twice a day. Opening speed is not critical.


Hello, my firm is currently working on the historic rehabilitation of a home originally built for the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. Now located in the Indiana Dunes National Park, the home features a tilt-up hanger door approx. 35' wide by 7' tall. Our goal is to recreate this door, assuming that it may need to be segmented into smaller components. Your products appear to match our intent, we would greatly appreciate a call and any drawings/details you can provide. Thank you


We are the nation's largest mobile kitchen manufacturer. We are currently working on a project that is a 16' trailer with glass cooler doors down both sides and a cooler inside. We are looking to do a bifold door or one of you container style doors on both sides of the trailer. Currently, the awning is 73.45: wide and 67.25" tall. We could either do two awnings as we are doing now or one of yours that would be slighly more than double the width shown above. Please let me know availability and pricing. We would need enough to do 7 units at this time with the potential to do far more for this customer.


Hi I love your doors and clever design ideas. I am building upscale homes and need garage doors that blend into the facade... sort of. Similar to one of your doors that tha facade opens with the door for a Motorhome :) I would love to have windows protection to close an bend in with the external design. bifold. My question is, how can we install those bifold window shutters to prevent break in or if the owner is absent for a while to protect the windows where entry can be made easier. I am ok if you can just design a simple operating mechanism and I may be able to construct it myself.,.. since you may not wish to manufacture it. I am willing to pay for a design and allow us to make custom window shutters for each windows. The shutter should be manual with gas-assist cylinders off-the-shelf items... perhaps automobile use ... if it's strong enough to hold up a certain weight. Mainly aluminum frame and covering. I am thinking of something like holds open the automobile hood? I am also interested in our garage doors as well. I'd like your company make it for us. If we're successful to install and looks perfect, we may also be interested to sell those to other builders... representing your products :) BTW, I got your door designs and company from PINTEREST ! Great website and stories... :) Cheers


Hello, I'm interested in building my own garage doors that open vertically from a top pivot. It's only 18' wide by 8' tall, so not a huge door compared to what I see on your website. Can someone reach out to discuss what options I have? Thanks!


I have a customer with an older by-fold door that needs the limit switch replaced. Do you have the parts or do I need a new opener? Please call me.


Hi, I'm Pete at the U of MN West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris. We are working on a portable solar panel trailer to be used in a pasture setting to provide shade for dairy cattle and generate electricity. The panels will need to fold to move the trailer from pasture to pasture. From our concept designs the structures to support the panels resemble a door frame for a bi-fold door. Would Schweiss be interested in looking at out our project and possibly designing and building these panel support structures? Thanks.


Good Afternoon, I am a project manager at SBA and I am working on a steel pavilion project for a park in Lewisburg, PA. We are interested in utilizing a bi-fold door on the back side of the pavilion to work as a backdrop that is able to be raised should the pavilion need to be used in a 360 degree setting. Are you able to provide me some information/direction on if the “Standard slanted top drive” door would be something that could work in an application like this? The roof is sloped at 2:12 and I’ve attached some of our early design plans for reference. A few of our concerns are that the system will need to be keyed and able to locked when not in use by the city, and they are concerned with ease of tampering by the public while not in use. I was looking at the security bifold doors, since they may offer a more solid protection when in the closed position. But since we would be using it in a setting where people can access both sides I’m not sure the security door would benefit us. Let me know if there is any further information you need at the moment. And if it’s easier to discuss our options over the phone, feel free to give me a call.


Hi. I'm interested in making a very lightweight, overhead bi-fold door with a simple plywood finish for an interior application. The door would be 8' tall and 6' wide, so much smaller than most of the examples I see on your website. Do you have any hardware that could work for a small door like this? Cheers and thanks.


We're working on a project with our local Zoo for a new Giraffe Building. I think that your doors would be a good fit for this project and would like to discuss options for these doors that would best suite my client's needs.


Want to protect a hot tub. Do you do anything small as in a 96" x 96" Or any recommenditions. Like to have a small window, almost like a mini garage door. Thanks


Hi there, Do you design doors for enclosures smaller than a building or RV? I am looking for a bi-fold door that spans 8 ft tall x 5 ft wide when closed. Thanks.


I have (3) steel roll up doors on my warehouse. Is it possible to add bi-fold door for extra security. I was thinking of concreate columns but then found your website and like the doors if I can use with existing roll ups. Goal - purely anti-theft doors. Thank you,


Good morning, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I’m working on a development project in San Diego, CA that is exploring the possibility of using OH doors at three amenity buildings. I’ve put together the quantities and sizes in the table below. I wanted to reach out to get a furnish and install quote based on the SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Fold System and the Hydraulic Single Swing System. The design team wants to evaluate both options. It would also be very helpful to understand what’s provided in your system and what’s to be provided by others as well as any limitations in regards to size. I’ve also submitted an inquiry on your website. Description SA1: OH Bi-Fold Door (9' H x15' W, 3 EA) SA1: OH Bi-Fold Door (9' H x20' W, 2 EA) SA2: OH Bi-Fold Door (9' H x20' W, 3 EA) SA2: OH Bi-Fold Door (9' H x25' W, 2 EA) SA3: OH Bi-Fold Door (11' H x15' W, 1 EA) SA3: OH Bi-Fold Door (9' H x20' W, 2 EA) SA3: OH Bi-Fold Door Operable Window (5’ H x15’ W, 1 EA) Thanks, DA


I'm building a pavilion and I'm looking for something I can close during cool weather and open in good weather. I came across Schweiss Doors online and would like to get a quote. It will be a 28X20.


I am looking for a hatch door to put over my exterior basement stairs. It is a 5ft x 10ft opening. Im wondering if this is something schweiss doors could do? I would also be interested in the schweiss build your own door kit. If you could send me any info that would be great. Thanks Best way to contact is through email


Have a project to lift a 50' x 10' 20,000 pound platform with 4 suspension points, supported by a steel "rack" from the ground to up to 80" high. Schweiss strap system looks like a great application. Need 2 first and 4 total. Send me a email an I'll send you some renders. Also have smaller 16' x 10' systems under design. Maybe dozens in this size.


I’m an architect in SAn Francisco working on a distillery and tasting room. We’re interested in doing glass bifolding doors for the shipping/receiving, but we cannot overhang the sidewalk. Does Schweiss manufacture any in-folding doors? Fundamentally it seems in conflict with how they operate, but hopeful as you all are the experts! Thanks, Sam


We are looking for a bifold hangar door for a residential project in Heber UT. We are wanting to match glassSchweiss


Hi My company is busy designing a custom bi-fold door for my client and i was wondering if you guys have a hydraulic solution for this, I would love for you to make the complete door or i could purchase the Hydraulics from you. Kind regards, AK


Mini bifold door. Mini overhead door. Best to contact via email since I work remotely. Is is possible to make a "mini" version of your bi-fold style door. The door in question would be 3'wx4'tall with limited head ream at the interior. Our client wants a different waterproof option than swinging doors to access the inside of a mansard roof at the perimeter of a roof top deck. I can send pictures.


We have a potential customer who has contacted us and would like a 21'x11' all glass door, she would like the top half to not be able to open and only the top half to open/close. I have a few pictures that she has sent that I would like to also send to you and see if we can figure this or something more feasible out for her. Please feel free to email me at anytime.


Hello, We are working on a project and evaluating options for a 40' wide x13' high garage door for (3) ambulance parking garage in NY. I looked at your website and I think the STANDARD BIFOLD DOOR HORIZONTAL TOP DRIVE would be good in our case, but I would like to have an idea of the price to discuss with the client. Personally I would like the door to have at least a part of it glass, but would also want the options to be entirely closed especially if it affects the price. I am available to answer to your questions to prepare a preliminary quote. Regards, A




I am looking to get pricing on a 20-24 foot X 7-8’ tall glass , lift strap bifold door. We are remodeling a small building we have just purchased. We are opening a small restaurant and a small juice bar in CAVE CREEK, AZ. We want a specialty overhead door to customize the look of our building.


We are working with a client that would like a specialty door on their exercise room and are interested in pricing a Schweiss Door. The door is E7 on the floorplan - sheet A3 and window/door scheduled sheet A4.3. Inspiration photo can be seen in the design book on page 5. Plans and design book can be found on the dropbox link below. Do you have a local installer that is versed in your systems? Could you provide pricing for this? Feel free to call with questions.


We are designing a custom overhead specialty bifold door between 2 interior spaces. We have conceptual drawings of the door that could be sent. It would be folding overhead door, the door is to be clad in translucent polycarbonate panels and we'd like to have a motorized operation. We'd like to know if this is something that you'd be able to supply and work with a general contractor to help figure out hardware and operation. I would like to have a call after I've been able to send some drawings to talk through.


Hello, I'm writing to express interest in your Bifold Liftstrap Door systems for a retail project that my office is working on. From what I am seeing it would definitely be a bifold door, and I believe that would use the lift-strap system. We have a main entrance to this mall which is intended to be very grand, glass, and we would like a large portion of the glass wall at this entrance to open completely when weather is nice. I also note that your system seems to work with a variety of glass sizes, finishes, and mullions. Ideally we would like to use structural glass, or a cable net to support the glass which would fold with the bifold. We would do this for greater transparency, but if neither of these systems could work with your bifold door system then we would simply wish to have a glass wall that folds up, and would like to know the maximum spacing we could use for the mullions in the bifold, and the spacing of the straps. It certainly should be a bifold system with glass that would be pretty large, so I would like to start considering very initial feasibility and the cost of your typical glass all glass bifold doors. The dimensions I've given now attached would be current maximums. They seem close to the dimensions given for the Kings Stadium in Sacramento, CA, a very nice precedent for us, so depending on cost and structural needs we could make them somewhat smaller. I'd like to talk over some specifics with a representative so that what we're looking to do is clear regarding your bifold Liftstrap designer stadium doors. Thank you so much in advance, and I look forward to working with you on this.


I would like the cost of 1 specialty glass bifold designer door that is 10ft wide and 8 ft tall. What other door information will you need.


Hello, We want to create a custom Bi-fold wall for a residential project in Redington Beach, Florida. I'd like to speak with someone about the options for your equipment, as our openings are much smaller than the examples you show. Please wind rate door in accordance with Florida regs.


MLB Construction is Bidding the ORDA North Creek Ski Bowl Lodge and this project is specifying (3) Schweiss Bifold glass Designer Doors.


Building soon and will need bifold doors for an indoor dog agility arena. Want to get quote for 8 bi-fold glass doors about 10’w x 5’ tall. It will be opening windows sitting on top of 4.5’ high wall. Also do the same for hydraulic. Thank you


We need a bi-fold specialty bifold door type configuration in reverse for multiple Projection Screens joined seamlessly side by side that has the door panels lowered to ground level the Screens are not in use. We have cable stayed Vierendeel Structural Steel Masts at 8 metre centres (26'3" apart), with 16 metre high (52'6" high) bi-fold panels that will have a Projection screen material over the panel framework. There are no structural members between the tops of the Masts. The Screen Panels are to have tracks that run down the face of one of the Truss (vertical top chord). We would prefer to have all mechanical equipment at ground level at the base of the Masts. Can you please respond thank you. Barry Swayn


Hi. We are looking to replace a roll up door with a glass door to allow guests a sneak peak into one of our museum galleries. The current door is 20 foot by 20 foot. Can you put me in touch with someone to discuss this project? Your museum bifold doors are the best in the business.


hello. I'm looking to replace 4 hinges for two large custom windows that I have in Asbury Park that I want converted from cables to lift straps. I can't add an attachment in this email. If someone can contact me so I can send a picture that would be great.


I am a luxury custom home builder in Florida. I have a very unique project I am trying to complete for a homeowner right now. I honestly have no idea if this is a project you can help me with but I wanted to ask anyways because of the unique work you have done for others as posted on your Must See Photo Schweiss website. I am trying to design and build a bifold door frame that will retract horizontally to uncover a hot tub that will be below the surface of the walking deck on the porch of this new construction house. I understand it is not a “garage door” but after doing quite a bit of research, the mechanics of a bifold garage door is very similar to what I need. Obviously the main challenge is, gravity will not be my friend for the “closing” stage of this process since this will be sliding horizontally. (Which is where I thought maybe your electronic hydraulic arms or maybe even your lift straps could assist with pushing and pulling?) I have no idea how in depth your mechanical division might get in a small but custom project like this, but I figured I’d ask to see if you’re able to provide me with at-least a frame for my design or anything to help. Please let me know if this is a project your company could or would be willing to take on. Thank you!


I'm looking for a door that can be used on a concrete arch building, not a quonset hut. Preferably 9-12 feet tall by 10-12 feet wide. Hopefully you have something in standard sizes that will fit. I would like to find a door that is manual operated and capable of being insulated. This is my desire but it is not an absolute. Until I find a solution, all types of doors are viable to me, roll up, lift, bi-fold, barn, or swing to close. Kindly let me know if this will require a freestanding header and what is available to mount a bifold strap door and their approximate cost not including shipping or installation. Thank you for your time, Kerry


Is it possible to have a very tall Liftstrap bifold door with the dimensions of 20'W X 40'T? This will be going in a steel building. The building will have 55' eaves.


Hello, We are building a modern custom home with clerestory windows above the garage and are looking for a garage door solution which does not show the any of the garage door opener equipment (motor/tracks) when viewed from the driveway. So probably a top drive bifold strap door with black straps


we are interested to know if you can provide a countertop bi-fold glass door to be used in an office interior " Genius Bar" that can be pulled down and locked at night? overall ceiling height = 9'-0" counterop is at 34" High Glass Garage door = 74" H X 60" Wide Please contact me and I can send a drawing. Please let me know if there is a local rep that I can contact in the area.


Hello, I am currently working on a project in Santa Ana, Ca. We are building an emergency homeless shelter that will need some Schweiss specialty bifold doors and hope to have it occupied by January 15th. For the project we are using a tilt up warehouse. In the rear of the building there is a rollup door opening where we would like to use commercial glass bifold or hydraulic door. The preference is the bifold door, however we are working on a very tight budget. Also we are on a very tight timeline. Would it be possible to have someone contact me in the morning to discuss options. Thank you, I look forward to speaking with someone. Geoffrey Ogulnick;nick


I am designing a custom hillside residence in Malibu, CA. We have very little head clearance in our garage due to height regulations and neighboring view impacts. I need a 7ft high door for a three car garage (approx. 28-29ft wide). I am wondering about the minimum required headroom clearance for your hydraulic and/or bi fold doors. I suppose it could be integrated on the outside of the structure with a flat roof overhang. Kind of like the hidden RV doors you do. The home is modern/contemporary aesthetic. Structure may be concrete or steel beam opening. Can you provide any technical details? Thank you.


I live at Workman's Airpark and already have an existing wood hangar on the community airstrip. Unfortunately, the door width is 38', a hair short of what I need (wingspan is 38' 4"). Looking for a 42' door to use with either a modification on the existing hangar or a new metal hangar. Is there any way I can extend the width of my door by about 6 inches?


looking for a vertical bifold designer glass doors that are not manually operated. it goes in a reception hall. 8'x6' opening and needing 9 of them.


I need to build a large box that can be opened hydraulically ideally a rectangle standing upright with the cylinders opening the box downward creating a work space. If this isn't possible would you have a bifold specialty door of this ilk?


Good Afternoon. I have a 24 story office building being built in Texas. The Owner wants to put a pair of hydraulic glass doors up on Level 15. Can your product be installed this high? I see by your Schweiss Doors Must See Photo story on the Bobby Hotel story in Nashville you can at least go 10 stories up, have you ever gone higher than that?


building a 50x55 shop with living area above the shop all bifold Liftstrap doors on the end wall 2 doors 14x14 and 2 doors 8x10. building in the design phase so we looking onto the best sealing doors(most energy efficient for heated and conditioned shop area with access to living area)


I am actually looking for a much smaller version of your glass bi-fold doors. I am just looking for something about 48" wide x 60" tall. (or around that, im flexible). After scouring you informative website I assume this is something you do make, and thought maybe you could possibly point me in the right direction? Thank you for your time, Chris Kearns


Hello! Looking for advice, best option, quotes for a bifold pull up window I picture and envision for a 1960s vintage camper that I completely gutted and rebuilt from its original state when I found it labeled scrap for free on facebook marketplace. I own a venue/restaurant bar downtown so we have our alcohol liquor license to provide off-site events and catering, but more important we bring the bar and thats what the camper is. A mobile bar! This would be for the large concession window in the front...probably because of the weight distribution and weight on camper itself, plus the concession window we have cut out, we actually did frame it for hardware at some point with 2 by 4s so whatever we use would have space and strength to attach(in order to withstand pulling up a bifold door)...mobilecitybev has another camper on there, which will give you an example for thw front cut out window size and area needed to be filled with some type of window lol...I dont want to go ordinary but set the tone for mobile bars with this unique 1960s restored piece of automotive and the travelers history!...looking for any ideas!! Can send/email photos detailing the open window space for this request, and what frame we have put in, in the case we have to change ot or add/remove whatever!! Thank you!- Nina!! Ps. Looking for possibly wood and whatever glass or glass like material window that is good for a moving vehicle..or pulled by truck I should say! P.s.s... measurements provided are not exact!! But close.. I cant recall exact size but this is the last I rembered heari g before 2x4s for frame around cutout was added...I can measure again in the morning amd provide accurate h x w


I have a 1975 Airstream trailer that have a lifting door where the whole rear of the trailer lifts up to allow full access to the trailer. The "Door" weighs about 300lbs. I have been looking for a better way to lift the door and came across your site while searching on Google for a lifting solution. Not sure if a bifold door will work, if not I open to a hydraulic door. I'll send photos. I was looking at the hydraulic rams but not sure if your solution would be "overkill" I am happy to send pictures and measurements to provide you with a better idea of what I am looking at. Thank you for your time


I am building a outdoor cooking space onto my house. My wife discovered this idea on Pinterest where she first came across Schweiss Doors. I have limited space for my outdoor kitchen but the bifold style door is the perfect solution. My door opening will be 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide.


Hi, I am working on providing an schematic budget estimate for a project in Memphis, TN. May you provide rough budget pricing on fully glazed overhead bifolding Liftstrap style doors? They will be 19'w X 15'h. They will likely have a mid to higher end finish for an artistic metal works area for this project. Also, what type of framing would be required for doors like these? And would that pricing be included? Thank you!


I have a special designer door request, using your bifold Liftstrap doors. All these doors would have metal siding on them. glass in a section would be an option. thank you. David A. Koch Koch Construction Co. Inc. 1550 Airport Blvd. 104 Santa Rosa, Ca. 95403 707-575-5608


Probably way to small fry for you guys but your doors look sweet and your website says you build door to any size. Wondering if this small bifold door would be cost effective. Just trying to add a pull up or lifting door to a bike shed.


Hi, I'm working on an enclosed pavilion speciality bifold designer door project and I'm interested to possibly use your product. Please send me technical specification information, sizing, and structural requirements. A baseline pricing document would be helpful as well. Thanks!


Hello I'm buying a hangar with a 10-foot clearance, 24" wedge (12-foot door total height) 40-foot wide bottom strap lift. I want to extend the front of the hangar 10 feet and then remount the door outside, so I have a 12-foot clearance inside. But that would leave a 2-foot gap. Do you sell or can you make a 2 foot insert for the missing bottom? I'm thinking something on a hinge the might fold backwards and be secured. Or perhaps "extensions" for each door panel to make it longer?


I have a display garage project that will need three outward opening specially designed all-glass doors. A single panel top hinged door is looking like the best solution for this project.


We are looking to change our current 18'0'' X 85'4" Roll up hangar door to accommodate a larger tail height of approx. 20'. Is this something that can be done with a bifold or hydraulic door?




I am looking for pistons or a bifold liftstrap solution for smaller rooftop door solution. A single 10 by 6 glass door is very common in Washington DC residential rooftops but without motorized supper they tend to be very hard to use. Too heavy for people to close or open.


The door will be attached to existing wall of the hangar and create roof as a pergola bifold liftstrap designer door.


I am interested in a vertical bifold black strap door for an outdoor kitchen application. The door would only be able to be opened from the outside.


we are doing a home renovation including an addition over existing garage. i want to replace the garage door with a bifold specialty door. we are considering the possibility of applying matching house veneer to the garage door for a flush look when closed. veneer would be lightweight (acrylic stucco or something like dryvit newbrick). can small windows be place on the upper section in this size? thanks!


Hello We have a requirement for an hydraulic mechanism to cover BMU railing of an apartment building. Basically the BMU railing has to be covered with a WPC decking which were made as door on a stainless steel structure and when BMU wants to move, those doors should be able open using the hydraulic system. If this doesn't pan out, perhaps we would consider a bifold strap lift system. Will you be able to produce a proposal for this. Also I would like to see some of your catalogues to get an idea.


Good night, I have 4 steel trap doors, each 700lb. The dimension is 16' x 16'and opens and open in 2 halves. Presently this is done manually which is very difficult and unsafe. The doors are required to be lifted 90 deg. to allow items to be lifted through the opening. Do you have and cylinders or bifold Liftstraps that can be utilized. There are 4 levels each with similar trap doors. What solution can you provide? I look forward to your recommendation. Thank you.


We are a residential builder that is looking to do a bifold liftstrap remote controlled door to appease our local developer that doesn't like tall garage doors. We have a handicap homeowner that needs an 11' or 12' tall garage door that is 16' wide. Is that something that you can provide? Thanks


My father would like to buy a door for our basement. He needs a system which allows the door to be part of the floor when closed while, when opened, it gives the opportunity to downstairs to the basement. The size of the door would be 1,25 m wide and 4 m high and would you recommend a bifold door or hydraulic Schweiss door. Would it be possible to build? If so, how much it would cost? Would it be possible to have it delivered in Chile? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regard Macarena Maza PD: I live in Switzerland and my Dad in Chile


Hello, I am looking to get a quote on your new Schweiss Superstructure Tripod Bifold or Hydraulic door for a slider door replacement on my hangar.


Hi, as you can see from middle of Europe. I was looking for bifold designer hidden door solution that could make my garage doors nearly invisible as they might be in Prague city quarter where strong heritage care is demanded so new construction is possible but less invasive is always better and easily accepted. Because of that - exterior bifold door frame covered with stone tiling is nice option. Dimensions are not so impressive - approx. 2.5 meters tall and width approx. 5 - 7.5 meters. The only "tricky" part is that left and right will be different - how much depends on width as there is street elevation down the hill. Question's: - Any B.Y.O.D kit resellers in EU? - Weight and dimension of kit. - Approx. price? - Voltage, wire connection, certification for EU?


I have a quote for another type of bifold specialty door, I want a quote on the Superstructure Hydraulic and Bifold Superstructure Door. Regards, Everly P.S. Hopefully funding will be shortly, the Dems don't want it to happen.


Would like to know what adder is for wood siding, what type of wood is used, and how the wood is finished. Would like windows in door if possible. Would like to know adder for an insulated door. Need 14’ high clear opening when door is open all the way. I think endwall is correct, will be installing door on the ‘ triangular’ end of the building looking at the profile of the trusses. Will need information required for Worldwide Steel Buildings to design the building/hangar to accommodate your bifold designer door. Most of the time, the bifold RV/Hangar door will be opened 8’ for airplane and occasionally opened to 14’ for RV. Call with any questions.


This is most likely the smallest bifold design door/window you may have had. I am working on a shower bifold door enclosure for a walk in tub. I am wanting to design my upper screen wall with a tempered glass that the frame would lift up and over the tub/shower area. The glass and frame would be approximately 46” tall by 60” long ( so much much smaller than your usual units ) I have done a couple of mock up and have it working somewhat then found your information doing hing research so I figured send you an email and review with your company, maybe you have a model for a project that may have been made up for a large project. Would like to get some more ideas and feedback.


Hello, I would like to buy hydraulic or bifold strap doors 25x 3.5 meters for my new winery We would have them for blinds so we would install only the vertical shutters inside and they would not act as doors but mainly for sunshade.


I have a project that I am looking for some specification assistance on. Please email me and I will send you some current plans and elevations. its a rooftop bar in Ohio that would connect our regular bar with a bifold door or two to open up a new area and expanded seating.


I rarely answer my phone so it would be best to email me. I am looking to put a bifold or hydraulic glass door on my photo studio. We have not started construction yet so the building can be designed around this door. The Schweiss door needs to be able to seal air and light tight. It would be anywhere from 15'-20' wide and 9' - 15' tall. I am not sure what sizes they come in. Thanks in advance for the help!


I’m looking to price a 25’ x 10’ overhead door 1x6 square groove designer bifold strap door for a project in Menlo Park CA.


Please email only for now. I'm building a 75' wide x 70' deep x 21' side walls aircraft hanger at X04 airport in Apopka, FL Because there is hangers on both side of me, I'm thinking of a hanger door and a garage type door so I can easily drive into/out of the hanger without opening the large hanger door. I just want to make sure I don't hinder myself in the long run for aircraft wingspan requirements. Since you are a "name brand" door company, would you have a list or information helpful on aircraft wingspans/dimensions? Thanks and I look forward to hopefully work with you guys on getting me a bifold strap door that doesn't take away any headroom. Any recommendations on a good company to start shopping for the metal hanger?


Rush project. We have 6 openings roughed at 12'x12'. Looking for a horizontal bi-fold outdoor pavilion door product. This is a multisided outdoor Pavillon we are enclosing. Can send pictures and rendering, if needed. Thank you, John


I need a price on 3 bifold glass designer doors that enclose an outdoor kitchen About 7' wide by 6' tall as they come down on to a counter top Please respond and I will send plans


I am bidding the Big Shots Golf project in St. George, Ut. and need some specially designed bifold doors for golf cart storage and maintenance building. You guys are the comapny that is specd. I need 3, lift strap bi-fold doors quote. 248" x 78", and 2 - 104" x 86". I can send you the plans and the specs. I also don't know if you are selling directly to them. I have asked the GC but have not got a response. Please email, I will be in and out of service all day today. Thank you,


Hello! May I please get pricing for (1) 12X12 Bifold Specialty Door with Polycarbonate Glazing and Metallic Powdercoat finishing if possible? If these options aren't available please just quote the standard. Thank you!


We are looking to infill an existing opening with a bifold liftstrap door. This door will be a security door for an elevator. Is it possible to put the bifold door on a timer so that it opens and closes before and after business hours?


I am looking to replace a bifold door roller door system on an old hangar. the existing doors are beyond repair. The hangar has a 68x18 opening, with a 10x 8 "dog house" door to allow taller aircraft tails access. I can see we would not be able to use this extra door with a bifold system, but there is a gap in the cross beam at midpoint. That gives me some concern about the structural requirements... what would be a generally acceptable size of the header beam to which your door attaches? Thanks for taking a look...! Bob Maddox Saratoga Jet Center 307-326-8344


Hello, I am looking for a quote for a hanger type lift door for a pool. The application is for a sidewall of either a pre-engineered metal building or conventional steel for a 50 x 80 building. The door needs to be 60 x 12, the end use will be for a personal pool. They would like glass finished. Please let me know what you can do. Building location is Kennewick Wa.


We are building a home in Whitefish,Mt with a 2 car garage. We’re putting a lift on one side of the garage to lift a fishing boat above a car underneath. A traditional garage door would obstruct the lift. We are thinking bifold opening garage doors might work best. What do you think?


Looking for a price on two small bifold black strap doors for a residential project - one for a pass through bar/window and the other for a cookery shed. Rough sizes are 6’w x 6’h and 10’w x 5’H. Unsure of some of the details requested in the table below.


Prices for multi fold glass garage door size 22 feet width and 9 feet high total free garage doors. Please include pricing for remote opener and photo eye sensors.


Good afternoon, I would like to introduce myself, our company and a project I'm working on in London UK. We are Size Group London, a new luxury residential construction company, please see link. We have a project at 73-75 Avenue Road. It is a beautiful house, around 30,000 sq foot internally. Within the house we have a car lift that takes cars from ground level down two floors to the subbasement car park. We would like to explore the possibility of you designing, supplying and installing a ‘Bifold Designer Door using your patented lift straps and auto latch design.


need assistance for project with large bifold specialty doors or bifold operating panels and bifold door operable ceiling areas


Wondering if it is possible for you to build the frame for a standard hydraulic swing door and your bi-fold strap door where the column between the two can be temporarily removable (once a year or so).


I'm looking to see if you have any Revit models for the bifold doors. We are looking to use this on a concession style building with a glass serving window behind the bifold door, with a perforated metal cladding on the outside of the bifold door. Other than a size needed, what other information would you require?


We are looking at using multiple indoor outdoor living solution bifold doors in a project in Hoboken, NJ. We have a few ideas about how these doors could also be integrated into the project as a floodproofing measure. Our location in Hoboken requires us to provide dry-floodproofing, essentially making the exterior facade resistant to hydro-static pressure from flood waters. This would be a custom use of the bifold door line but one we are very excited about potentially utilizing. I see that your doors weather seal very well but we have a few ideas on how a flexible flood membrane could be incorporated behind the door to act as the flood proofing measures if the door itself could not be designed to met the criteria. I look forward to hearing from you.


Am interested in a (roughly) 50' wide, 20' tall bifold canopy door. Your bifold liftstrap doors look interesting. The catch is that this door is on a movable building (the building itself is on wheels and moves on a track). Have you ever dealt with this situation before? Is a bifold door suitable for this application? Note: I prefer contact by email. I'm almost never in my office.


Looking for a carriage style, wood look bifold door for a garage/rv storage. I have renderings of what we'd like it to look like, if I could send those to you. We're having a hard time getting a conventional door to have the appearance that the owner wants. If you could send information on these bifold carriage doors, I'd appreciate it.


I have a opening 8' high that will be approximately 25' on one side I haven't decided how big I want The sides and the others 2 sides will be approximately 14' so the pergola is three sides I was wondering how the super needs to be lvl header or side post supports ? Prices will affect the overall size of the bifold or hydraulic doors this is on a patio at a coffee shop so they will need to be glasses or see through


I want a custom designed bifold door for our museum in Park City, Utah. I need it to look like the front of a house What info and ideas do you need from me to create and provide a cost estimate. Thank you


I have a Newmar Canyon Star 3920 toyhauler motorhome. The rear door is the garage door and makes up the entire rear of the motorhome. The door hinges downwards and turns into the ramp of the garage to load motorcycles, golf carts, etc. Presently, the door is manual up and down and would like to explore either an electric bifold or hydraulic RV door  opening and closing option. I've recently undergone open heart surgery and the door is just too much for me to lift to close.


Hello, We are looking for a custom solution for an access point to a rooftop through a clerestory window. The opening size would be 3' x 7' and there would be (14) of them in the project. We want to create a tilt up door that is weather sealed, manually operated and most importantly, it has to match the adjacent glass. The adjacent glazing system we are using in the clerestory is a CCF (close cavity facade) with integrated vertical fins for sunshade. What this means is basically two panes of glass with a 10" cavity in between them where the vertical fins sit. The custom door would need to match that. Let me know if that's doable. Thanks! -Victoria


We have a deck built over a basement access. It is the only way to move furnaces, furniture, hot water heaters into the space. Currently, the only way to access is to unscrew two sections of decking about 4x4 or 5x5 square, pry them out, decend 5 steps, open the bulkhead and descend 5 concrete steps. The steps are bad enough, but there must be an easier way to get through the deck. It would be best if a bifold specialty door could open on the narrow edge(4 1/2 ft) straight up 90 degrees to the house wall. (Because the longer side obstructs the deck opening on one side). I suppose if the hinges were on the other side, it would be ok as long as they are hidden. But would make longer pieces awkward to move without falling in the hole. We would also like some bifold electric motor power assist because they are heavy. Although lift straps sound helpful. Can you recommend anything helpful and affordable? You did say no job too small. Thank you for your consideration.


Hello, I'm looking for a quote for a 7'x7' Slanted Top Drive bifold door with Manual Latches. Also, do you have any related products which are hand driven? I work for an architecture firm in Austin, Texas and we are interested in specifying some bifold overhead doors in the near future so I'm in the process of gathering information. Best, Jake


Have a customer with an unusual opening which would require a "backwards" folding bi-fold specialty door measuring 18 wide x 6-11 high..is that possible? I can email his drawing if that would be helpful Thanks, Steve


I am interested in fabricating a trap door/floor that will rest over a hot tub. The hot tub is 7' x 8', rests 8" below the surrounding floor on a concrete pad and there is at least 6" on all sides (basically you stand on the floor and step down into the hot tub). The door/floor will need to move from 0 deg to 95 deg as it pivots on a single edge. I wish to use hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the door/floor to "open" the floor. In the closed position, the door/floor will need to be supported on the perimeter edges as this surface will be level with the surrounding floor. It is my desire to incorporate 16- 21" x 24" architectural glass panels as the door/floor surface such that when walking on the door/floor, you will be able to look into the hot tub. I am currently working with another vendor on the design that could incorporate your bifold door liftstrap system and mounting approach for the glass.


Hi - I am considering a bifold door for a new construction hotel. We currently have a covered, outdoor gym area that is wood-framed with wood columns and wood trusses. We'd like to understand the cost of enclosing the side with a kinetic architectural type Schweiss bifold door with transparent panels, so people can still see outside when they are closed. In addition to the 15'x 8'2" door in the form submission, we'd also need a second one that is 7'6"x8'2". Thanks.


I think your hydraulic door system will work beautifully for my business, my company is a semi-mobile cafe. I need the whole side to lift up to serve customers. I love the concept you have on your website. I was wondering if I could get a quote of your technology. I'm not sure i'd need the whole door system or just the hydraulic mechanism.


I want to know if you can install bifolding doors on the side of an Airstream Trailer, the whole long side of the trailer would need to hinge and lift up in the air with hydraulic door gas shocks or bi-fold straps ? Please let me know


In a 14 ft. high bifold liftstrap door is it possible to have a legal swinging ADA compliant bifold door in your door? Thanks


I'm interested in details for your horizontal drive bi-fold liftstrap door. I'm looking to use this on a Library that I'm designing and would like windows with a perforated metal panel cladding over them. I'm hoping that your horizontal drive solution with the bi-fold door will work. Please contact me asap


Good Morning. We are in the planning stages of remodeling a large defunct shopping mall in to a sports complex. I ran across some pictures of your doors and have been looking at your website for most of the morning. Very impressive stuff. We have one area that we had planned to put 3 standard double garage doors in a wall to open up to a large sports bar. I dont really want to get my architects revved up about this if its something we know up front that we cant afford. Can you give me an idea of what a bi-fold type specialty door similar to the one in your photo gallery that looks like pegboard would cost? Just a magnitude of cost, i dont need anything closer than that. The bifold door could be half glass or solid, I dont think we're that far yet. 


Hello, We are building a large laser safe room. This would be in another building but the specialty door would need to be at least 25'x16' (WxH) Ideally 35'x20' The issue is this will need to be a laser safe door and thus include our aluminum panels that are 0.5" thick and weigh about 2 lbs/sf. Please let me know if this is something you can do. Thanks,Nate


I am interested in a 30 foot door for a 40 foot container looking to get a price if possible.


Looking for an RV Garage door - that doesn't look overwhelming. I like the look of the "Korthuis RV Garage". Currently in the planning stages for an Rv and Boat storage shop, current plan has double garage doors, 14'x12' and 12'x10' on a 30'x40' garage. Would like to know what these doors cost. Thanks. Jack


Looking for a hydraulic door solution for a container much like the Budweiser example. 8 X 20 container.


Looking For Quotes On Single Door Hydraulic Systems for 20FT Over Seas Shipping Containers.


we are interested in installing some doors like the Korthuis home for RVs in British Columbia. are they approved for use here?


we would like to cut the 20 feet containers into 2 parts so we can make 2 box shape storage bin. and we would like to make the bottom of the box bin into 2 half ( 2 doors) which can be open with hydraulic piston with remote control from a distance of 20 meter. the load inside the bin is around 20 tone can you advice design / cost of your supply pistons


Hi I'm a metal fabricator in los angeles tasked with building an exterior staircase that is hinged at the top, and the bottom is lifted up. Hoping to us a hydraulic mechanism- wondering if you can supply just the hydraulics and control.


Hi Looking for a quotation for an One Piece Schweiss Specialty  Hydraulic or Bifold Door. Looking to install underground at our mine for Ventilation control purpose. Ope size is 5 metres wide by 4 metres high Best Terry


I'm looking to do a one-piece hydraulic side door on a 20' steel container that I'm in the process of purchasing. I don't have the container just yet, so the measurements could be subject to change. I was just trying to get a rough quote to see what my options were. Thanks


I need a quote for a bifold door, 25'x10'. The door has to be motor powered, with the capability of working with loop detectors, a guard shack, card swipe, key pad and from a control room. The door is to mount to concrete


I am building a home with an RV garage and I need information on the Korthuis RV Garage. I would like a quote on a similar door. Thanks


I'm designing a RV building. I like the bifold strap door. But I need to know how high the door header needs to be for hinges. The inside height I want is 14' clearances. Also a price on the door. Please thanks Jon


We are a shipping container depot in Houston Tx. We also modify these containers for various applications and are looking for heavy duty openers that we can attached to the sides of containers in order to swing an entire side up for shade and various applications. Please let me know if this is something you can assist me with. Best


I am looking for the hydraulic door lift system for a food truck I am building. Approx 8' wide x 4' tall steel doors. Please call me when convenient. Thank you! -Daryl


we are looking for a container that you have a picture of with hydraulic lifts; 20 ft. with storage space area at one of the end. what will be the price with shipping to our address in Phoenix, AZ? Thank you kindly


We are looking to put in 2 bifold or hydraulic (or chain operated) windows into the front of our restaurant. The building is currently under construction. I would like to get a quote and a referral for installation. (2) Windows 6'10"W x 10'H This is the first restaurant for us with a plan for 20 more restaurant spaces to follow. I am happy to jump on a call to discuss asap. 


I am designing a designer quality bi-fold door for a special project using your product as a basis of design and I am contacting you to inquire if you have a horizontal bi-folding door family for the Revit software or for autocad software? thanks,


Please call my cell. I would like to discuss options for projects, so that I might specify the correct container door/mechanisms for the projects. Pricing will be needed as well. I am looking to place container doors on one side and both ends of my 40' containers.


I have a project I need help with. It is a A1M1 TANK testing chamber located in Hanover, NH. I need to see if you folks could design and install a bi-folding specialty door for us for a 20' x 20' opening. Conditions - -40C TO 50C and located outside. The specialty door will have to be able to withstand these conditions. Please give me a call to discuss if interested. I will be available after 3pm Central today or anytime after that.


I'm very interested in the container with the hydraulic door! I would also like a price it. The Schweiss hydraulic doors on one side and both ends will make my container much more useful. I understand I won't lose any headroom with a hydraulic door.


Will need 3) 8 x 8 powder coated Schweiss hydraulic specialty doors with black grey tempered glass will send spec as soon as i get a reply.


Hello, we build container homes and offices. We are looking at hydraulically actuated doors as a part of our offering. these will be sourced, and fitted into our containers and sold off as turnkey solutions to customers in India. Thank You


Please communicate via email. We are looking at building an RV garage. How much was the 16 ft. x 12 ft. bifold liftstrap door that you featured from your customer in Washington on the homepage? What's the range in pricing on a door this size? Thanks -Sid


I am building an RV garage in Carson City, NV. The door should measure 12' by 14'. The door needs to not look like a large RV garage door, I have seen some of your designs that make the door disappear or look like a regular car garage door. What are the weight limitations with your strap lifting system? Best time to call is AM Pacific. This home is currently in the design stage.


Looking for a couple of doors for a customer that built a building out of shipping containers. Openings are 42'w x 18'6"h. Not sure whether a bifold or hydraulic door would work best, but I can send a few pictures to your email when you respond, thanks.


I'm building a climbing wall and have previously used a winch to change the angle but am considering moving to hydraulics. My use is effectively an upside down version of one of your doors. The face of the climbing wall will be 3/4" plywood.


I am interested in soliciting a budget quote for the type of system you use for the hydraulic container doors. We are a provider of noise control equipment and we have a customer who is considering this type of system for an acoustic enclosure. Our Enclosure is approximately 35 ft long x 10 ftg high, with a door opening of 22 ft wide x 9 ft high. Is this something you can support? Many thanks in advance.


Please see questions below: Based on 40 shipping containers what would your estimate be for the 10 lift-strap bi-fold doors? Does your price include packing for sea freight? What would you normally allow for labour for installation, mechanical and electrical? Motors will be 415V 50hz. Please let me know if this will change the price. What would be the lead time?


We have a project in NYC where we are required to have a Hydraulic door 25' wide by 5' high. It is on the roof of a Tower. This door would actually be a part of a wall. we would skin the door with a Composite wall panel. The only exception is that this door would swing down instead of up. It has to swing down to give clearance for the BMU boom to swing out. We would purchase the door frame and all accessories, install it with ACM panels on the exterior side of the door. This way from the outside it would like the adjacent wall. The door would swing down only for the use of the BMU.


Working with a builder and an architect to design a house that has a "hidden" RV garage like the one featured on your website's photo of the day story in Washington. The builder is a traditional home builder and thinks I am NUTS, the architect wants to hear more. So I am reaching out to you guys to see how much guidance/assistance you offer in the door selection and design process. The garage door opening needs to be 12' wide clear and 14' high clear, the exact same dimensions as your feature story. The actual exterior cladding is still to be determined, we may be able to do a hidden wall and not attach a fake car garage door. The next question is about cost of the bifold door system, looking for some budget guidance/allowance to give my builder for his budgeting. Thanks


Hi, This is a long shot in more ways than one but we are a fit out company in Ireland and I want a bi fold mechanism for some wall storage. Is your technology total overkill for this ? Do you do small versions and do you think it could be used inside the home to reveal a wall system?


I wanted to know if it's possible to have the lift-strap bi-fold door swing towards the inside of the building. I'm working on a loading dock door where the conditions are very irregular and wanted to know if there's any precedent to having the door swing inside. The current dimensions for the door in question is 24' wide x 15' high. I understand that your lift-strap bi-fold doors use straps to lift the door and in this inverse condition the straps would be exposed to the outside of the building. It is an unorthodox condition, but I'm curious if you can design a custom bi-fold door for us.


We have a specialty project that resulted in a very heavy pool equipment access panel at our deck floor.  Can one of your red power hydraulic cylinders work to lift our door from horizontal (closed position) to open up to a vertical position? It is approximately 4'x8' and several hundred pounds.


I need a specialty garage door for a subterranean garage built into a slope. The slope's rise is 15', run 24', width 14'. I'd like to explore one of your one-piece hydraulic doors installed on the slope to act as the roadway for light vehicle traffic to pass over. I know that Schweiss Doors is up to the challenge.


I would like a quote on a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door for the sides of both a 20' and a 40' shipping container and does it matter if it's for a regular or high cube? Also, how much if I ordered a build your own door kit and did it myself vs you doing the installation? Thanks!


We wish to park an Airstream travel trailer in our garage. The Airstream we currently own is 8.5 feet high by 7 feet wide and our current garage door is 8 feet high by 9 feet wide. So a specialty bi-fold or hydraulic door, like the one I saw in your Washington Rv Garage Door story, to accommodate our Airstream seems to make sense but we need to match a new garage door to our existing garage door and facade per subdivision architectural rules.


I would be looking for a metal and glass bifold door. Also have you ever integrated made a specialty door that can automatically open in an emergency situation, i.e. required exit? Thanks


We are in need of a specialty bifold garage door like the Korthuis residential RV door advertised on you web site. We are also in an area that does not allow large RV doors, but will allow a door that looks like it is only an 8 foot door but actually opens to a clear space of 12x14, with the rest of the door matching the house as a facade on the actual door. We have an architect giving us an estimate on a door that he can design and build, but we also want other estimates on alternatives as well.


We do shipping container modification work in Australia. We saw an article and photos of your work of attaching a door that opens a side of a shipping container. We would like to inquire about what you can do for us if we are interested in atttaching a similar door on one full side of a 20 foot shipping container(high cube for extra height at 9.5 ft) we are working on. Rough weight of such door would be 450 to 500kg. Do you supply the actuators and the switch/control system? I presume the actuators of your choice are capable of lifting the cut out container skin adequate frame. Thank you for your kind attention to this enquirer. Stan


Hello. I'm a consulting engineer working on a residential RV garage similar to the Herb Korthuis project in Washington. We are planning on a 6" concrete poured in place structure. I'm requesting a copy of the Schweiss Design Handbook. Thank you, Dixon


Do you have a standard price and dimension sheet? Considering lift-strap bifold garage door install to be used on a modified shipping container. This would be a mobile container via land so door would need to be able to withstand road travel vibration and highway speed winds. Something simple and durable is preferred.


Dear Schweiss team, Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand. My name is Dylan and I'm a builder of 20 years and my wife Mary is an architectural designer. I discovered your website and instantly fell in love with the systems that you are clearly specialists in. Mary and I along with our two sons have decided to relocate to the Pot Vila, a Pacific island country of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is an amazing island paradise with some of the happiest wonderful people in the world. Amazing as it is it has challenges a couple of which are 'cyclones' and 'theft'. It's for these two reasons why we want to use remote operated hydraulic steel shutters with cyclone hooks over every opening in our home. The idea is that all of the aluminum windows have sliding openings and all of the steel shutters (possibly painted Coreten) have a pattern on 30mm squares cut into the front lower half of the faces to all for air movement. When the family leaves the home for work and school each day we will hit the 'close home' button on our remote and the house will be secure. We are looking for a price for all of the components, painted frames and shutters required for a complete system delivered to Vanuatu so I can install myself. We are currently designing the home which will be entirely concrete from walls to ceiling / roof and the plans are currently with our structural engineer being detailed. I thought I better get in touch with you guys as I'm sure the system will need to be incorporated into the window details etc. I want the shutters to finish flush with the cladding ideally 10mm back from the front face of the concrete. The walls will most likely be 200mm thick with the aluminum being around 50mm - 60mm in depth leaving us around 140mm to work with on the small windows and possibly less for the two front sliding doors. The back entry door will not require any shutter as this will be a steel door in itself. I have attached some basic plans indicating the window sizes for you to start the process and to also allow you to help us and the engineers with the design process. Following the success of the system we would like to discuss the options around becoming a Pacific distributor of the schweiss products. I truly believe that the schweiss systems would sell well across the Pacific countries given the two main reasons we wish to use them for. Mary and I own a construction and design company in Vanuatu and work with the government on cyclone rebuild projects. I believe we are in a great position to be able to promote the use of the system Pacific wide in the future. Email me with any further questions. I sincerely look forward to working and learning more with your team. Kind regards, Dylan, Director, North Canterbury, New Zealand


Hi, I'm working on a project in St. Louis for an equestrian indoor riding arena. We're planning on having hydraulic doors all the way around the perimeter. We are currently planning paired doors every 24' or so, but in doing research it appears it may be cheaper to do one large opening as opposed to two smaller paired openings. In that respect we would have 19 - 20'x10' doors as opposed to 38 - 10'x10' doors. I can send you a plan and elevation for reference to better understand the project. I'm interested in how your company works and what our options are based on what you can provide. They would be glass infill steel doors, similar to your restaurant project on your gallery pages. Feel free to give me a call or email at your earliest convenience. Best, Catherine




Hi, We would like a quote for a "hidden" custom door to be installed on a high quality design old barn reconstitution project in southern Quebec, near the US borders. After contacting you directly on your site, I would like to email you with a pdf plan showing the project and the concealed hydraulic door needed. We would like to install the wood finish on the door ourselves, using the same wood board as on the exteriors walls. Hopefully this is a type of door you can provide, we are not satisfied with the providers we found around here for now. Please contact Ethan for any questions. Thanks, have a nice day,


We are looking for by-fold glass designer doors like the ones that you used for the Restaurant Federales Mexican in Chicago. I have seen their Schweiss doors in operation and they are fantastic. Three of these Schweiss doors will make me money with increased seating and sales. 


Hi, I live in Baltimore City and have a very shallow residential garage. I came across your specialty bifold door product when searching for garage doors that would not intrude/take up space inside the garage. I have looked through your materials and I noticed that the door does takes up some space inside the garage when closed. How deep does the door protrude into the garage when closed? I assume this is dependent on the size of the door. This is a small residential door that is about 7' high. Thanks, Christian


Do you manufacture Vertical Bi-Fold door sets or Bi-Fold doors that have openings for catenary wires for bus or rail facilities? If so, please forward any product cut sheets for your products, specifications, etc. Also, if you have any photos from rail or bus industry projects or lists of end-users and architect/designers/builders for these applications, that would be terrific. Also, do you have any size limitations? any limitations on custom color coatings? Many thanks.


We are working with a nationwide bank on a specialty door project that could become the prototype nationwide. We are looking for a door that would be glass/glazing to allow transparency. It would go between the ATM vestibule and the main lobby space allowing the bank to open up the vestibule to the lobby during business hours and close it down after hours. Either the bifold or the hydraulic specialty doors seem like options on initial review. We would like to have a quote for both options, if possible, to pass on to the client for review.


Hello Schweiss Doors Is it possible to have a small door? I'm looking to replace my garage door in order to install a Schweiss hoist door because the door rails will be in the way & I have a 4X8 shelf directly above this garage door. I'm interested, if you make them for my size. My current side garage door is 6' X 7" tall, Can you help? Cost to Canada? Thanks Dennis


I'm looking for a bifold, sanded glass specialty bifold, garage door for one my one-car garage. Especially looking for a bifold garage that won't take up much space inside of the garage, as I want to possibly transform the garage for other purposes 


Hello! BKs is an audio and video studio. We need a acoustic bifold strap specialty door STC 66 for an warehouse door. do you have offices in Miami FL and can visit us for check our needs? Daniella Piquet - BKS


Looking for a Schweiss bi or tri fold door all glass about 12'x12'for our brewery. This steel building  bifold brewery door should have photo eye sensors. Please contact me for options. Thanks


Need price for 5 bifold doors 7 ft wide x 8 ft tall. Need to be shipped to Houston, Texas. We will install these doors in 8x40 ft container conversions.


I'm working on a high end Porsche dealership here in Kansas. Need to know if an aluminum and glass bi-fold can be made to look fabulous from the inside of the building similar to the way you at Schweiss built custom bifold doors for the Mercedes dealership pictured on your website.. Thinking about the idea of using bi-fold at the New Vehicle Delivery space. This client is very particular, and would want to see top drive Schweiss motors and black lift  straps. Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Thanks.


Hi I am working on specifying a very custom kinetic architectural accordion style door/gate to close off a restaurant patio when the restaurant isn't open. It's in San Francisco and for a rapidly expanding restaurant chain. Please get in touch so that we can discuss possibilities available with your products for this application.


Hello, I would like to install a folding specialty floor door similar as what you may see in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGYq15raxw This is to cover a 20' by 10' swimming pool. This floor will be part of a two cars garage (mid-size sedan and a SUV) when swimming pool is covered. I am located in Mexico, city, and I already have who to build this structure. I am interested in your automatic specialty door opener for this folding floor. Can you please send me a quote for this? Regards, Adrian


Our office is looking for a 9'x9' Schweiss kinetic trackless overhead door to be installed on a classroom/workshop. The door would have about 25% glass. What price range are we looking at? Thanks for your help.


Hi- I'm working on a remodel of a theater in Phoenix, AZ and we're looking for [4] Schweiss bifold theater doors. The existing opening size is about 10' wide and 9' tall. The doors would have to be made to accept custom zinc panels. I have photos of the existing condition and renderings of the type of doors we are looking for, so please let me know where I may send them if that's helpful. Give me a call if you have questions. I'd like to get pricing by Thursday, if possible. Thanks.


we are building a "portable" hangar in Northern Ontario using shipping containers. we are stacking containers and placing them sixty five feet apart with a truss roof. The containers will be outfitted with a heating system, shop, etc before assembly. We are considering having a Schweiss tip up or bi-fold door at either end of the structure. We would like to get a quote for these doors by January.


Hello. I am looking at installing three Schweiss bifold restaurant doors, with custom finish [similar to the Schweiss designer door project at Wykoff Exchange, Brooklyn, NY] for a project in San Antonio, TX. Each designer door measures roughly 20' wide x 12'6" tall. What would the price, per door be? What would installation cost? I will price the finish separately. Thank you.




I'm an Architect in Abilene. Tx. and interested in your opinion and budget about the use of your bi-fold door system for enclosing an existing manacle. Basic drawings are attached. The head hght can be dropped if needed. The drawings indicate two options; 1) where the full width of the opening is used and the 2) indicating how we could narrow the opening to an even 10' wide. The concept would be to get the doors in a simple frame and apply a "board and batten" siding to the door frame that matches the existing residence. We will be getting in touch with you again soon on another possible large installation for a custom pool house project for a new residence. Let me know what you think and contact me at he number below if you have questions. Thanks


I have a project that I'm working on in Napa and I need a overhead one piece hydraulic electric actuator cylinder door as shown on your hydraulic container door. This door would be mounted on top of a tasting bar counter to. The opening is 13' wide x 4'-6" tall. The finish is to be Mill finish aluminum. Can you provide a installed budget for this opening?


I'm from the Phoenix area Please contact me for a quote on a hydraulic stucco door. As always, in a rush for a quote.


hello, i live in Puerto Rico, USA and would like to know if you have any dealer here in PR. i need a Schweiss custom-made hydraulic door, about 12'w X 14'h, that looks like a concrete wall with a front entrance door. could be a small porch structure to be use as a garage and entrance door. please let me know if you can take care of this in PR. if possible let mi know the price of the hydraulic system in case i have to buy it and make the door here with one of your Schweiss Build Your Own Door kits. 


We're looking for a Northern CA large loading dock door (38'x14') to screen off that function from a casino ballroom/spa drop off area. We were initially looking for a two section sliding gate, but no one is really set up for the two section concept. We don't have the site space for a cantilever gate, and this is too wide for a roll-up. That's why we are looking to Schweiss to answer our door needs with a hydraulic or maybe a bifold liftstrap door solution.


I have a customer wanting 2 Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap type airport hanger doors to go in the sidewall of their MO Gym. The door size will be 16'x12' framed opening (1 each on sidewall and endwall). Can you provide us with a price of all the door framework and operator we would need for this. I will have my contractor provide the wall panels and insulation needed for the skin. Thanks 


I am bidding the Mosquito Control Hanger Schweiss specialty door, which call out a Quote # 13015-KA. Are you familiar with that job? We are located in lake charles, LA. Please let me know. It bids Wednesday thanks


We are doing a renovation project for a upscale TX   restaurant and are interested in installing "clamshell window doors" on the restaurant frontage. Having browsed through your website we are interested in your bi-fold liftstrap designer doors, as the restaurant will have a patio bar. The project would be similar to a couple of your projects - 1) Doc B's Kitchen, 2) and more similarly to the TGIF custom bi-fold door. If you could please give me a call so I can provide you with a bit more information regarding the project, as we will require specifications and a quote. Thank you, Amanda


Hi, I guess a strange question. I am thinking of using a garage door installed horizontally as a retractable floor above an endless pool in HI. Overall building size is going o be about 16x24. If a bifold is installed with the fold on the long side what will be the usable open space? Could your hydraulic one piece garage door be used for this?


Please, do you have a Louvered Bifold Liftstrap Door, 32 x 78 inches, in white? Where can I find it? I'm in NV. Thank you. 


Hello, I am looking to see if you would be able to make and install a Schweiss bi-fold gate, wood and metal in Baltimore, MD? I am looking for something with the horizontal wood slats (I have photos of what I am looking for exactly pictured). Please contact via email and I can forward the pictures. Specifics desired: 68" overall width 6' height Wood: treated cedar Metal: aluminum, steel or iron is ok. Looking to keep some costs down Frameless (as the bi-fold one pictured) Bi-fold (folding into the yard) Removal of the old gate not needed as the location of the new gate will be set back a few feet further into the yard.


We have a new construction where we want to use the hydraulic door for concession fronts, very similar to the Schweiss Container door pictured on the Schweiss Must See Photo website. The doors would be clad in the same metal panel as the concession buildings so the opening 'disappears' in the elevation. The main structure is steel and we can have steel posts at the door jambs and were looking at mounting the tops of the doors through CMU bond beams at the head condition. Could you provide some information on the hydraulic door loads I can provide the NY structural engineer to help with the design, also any drawings would be helpful too. Doors are 19' wide and 7' high. 


I saw your Schweiss liftstrap room divider at The Paw Animal Resort in MN on your website and also went to look at it in person. I was wondering if I could get more info or a quote on a similar project. I need a divider about 50' across installed in VA. Thank you.


We are doing a renovation on a historic building in downtown Phoenix, AZ. and would like to get a price for a one piece hydraulic designer door. The opening is 18'1" wide by 15'-1/4" high. We would like to have all insulated glass with black framework. Just looking for general pricing. Not interested in the strap lift system.


Please contact via email to DE. Would like to know if you have experience with your hydraulic doors being used as a human capacity deck when in the open/horizontal position. I'm looking for a residential solution. Thanks


Some years ago I used your bifold product on Prince George Airport in BXC Canada. I am trying to solve a little different problem and have a "roof door" so to speak, to cover a pool (In Malta - Europe). The dimensions of the opening are approximately 5.5m x 8m. The door in the closed position would need to support a minimum 40 PSF. It could be clad with an composite wood decking locally Ideally, it would be a bi-fold solution, so that in the open position, the storage area and height are minimal. Is this something that is even feasible? Would a hydraulic specialty door be better?  Is there a contact in the UK or Europe that may be able to assist? I can send a plan of the area for further information. 


Hello. We are working on a project for Arizona State University where we see the potential for using Schweiss one piece hydraulic powered glass doors at a large event space in the building. We have the following questions that I would like to speak to someone about. 1. Viability of scale: We are proposing 3 opening each 30' wide by 20' tall. Is this a reasonably accomplished size for the hydraulic glass doors? 2. Can insulated glass be utilized in the doors? 3. How well do the doors seal against air infiltration along the jambs and sill? 4. How close does the hydraulic pump need to be to the doors? Could the pump be in a space overhead for instance? 5. Approximate installed cost per hydraulic door of size noted above? 


We are building a new garage/workshop in TN and had resigned to the fact that we could not build the door tall enough to get our wheelchair bus inside (10'6") due to bylaw restrictions. I came across your Schweiss "Crazy Cool Washington RV Door" Must See Photo gallery article which seems like a great solution and am now curious as to the cost of a door like that (12ft H X 16' W) that looks like a standard 7 foot X 16 ft door. Would this work with a hydraulic door?


We are seeking an exterior hydraulic or bifold door solution that will be mounted on a custom built portable container. We do not want this application to be motorized. Needs to be opened manually. The opening would be 6'w X 6'-9" h. Steel construction would be ideal. However, we would be open to aluminum as it is lighter weight if it is affordable. Is this something that you could or have done? Tim


Hello I'm looking into door options for an indoor/outdoor track & field facility. I'm impressed by your Schweiss custom hangar door bifold and hydraulic door applications and am hoping you can give me some good news. We're still at a pretty schematic point in the design process, but are look at options for hangar doors for a throwing practice area. We'll have athletes doing javelin and hammer throw from the interior of the facility outwards and are thinking we'll need a clear height of twenty feet. Where it really gets interesting though is that we may need the doors to swing INWARDS rather than out to minimize risk of throwing implements striking the door. Is this something you've done? ________________________________________ 475 Lincoln Street Suite 100 Denver, CO 80203 Tel 303.308.0200 x6129 TF 866.535.5653 Fax 303.308.0222 Web sinkcombs.com


Working in a hotel lobby bar and would like to use your bi-fold doors and liftstrap system as part of liquor security gates but I need to confirm or get an idea of the needs to run you hardware both for support and power.


We are building an outdoor chapel near Lawton, Michigan. We are examining the use of the following types of door that will open the interior of the Chapel to people located outside of the building: a) Hydraulic b) Bi-fold Total opening size is approx: 50 ft wide x 20 ft Hi Structural beam will be provided on top of opening. The exterior walls will be split-faced concrete colored block. The roof will be of the colored metal roof panel type. The door must be vandal resistant. We would like to consider installing artwork on the door panels so am thinking more about a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. 


We're designing a large aircraft gallery and would love to talk about the logistics of installing a 145'w x 42'h hangar door, probably a hydraulic one piece Schweiss door, unless you convince us a bifold strap door might be better. This door may be hung in plane with a wall that is about 15 degrees from vertical. It would be great to talk to someone who could help us understand the possibilities and requirements for such an installation. Thank you!


(4) 16'-6" x 8'6" openings for bifold lifting garage or hanger style doors. Prefer 2" corrugated Fiberglass over galvanized frame and manual operation. Salt air environment. Windrated to 125 mph.


I was reviewing your website and I was interested in your hydraulic doors that you attach to a 20 foot shipping container. How much is the hydraulic system to do that? Also. I saw that you can also provide the container and do the work at your facility. The container will be used client entertainment / food service. I was thinking the doors folding down to form a platform for to put tables and chairs on. 


 I just sent a message about 2 min ago and realized that the phone number was the wrong one (autofill on the browser trying to outsmart me). What I'm looking for is a bifold liftstrap door for my pool entrance. Lots of glass on an aluminum frame. 18 ft. x 9 ft.


I need an 8'x8 hydraulic door or bi-fold door. I want it to  be insulated and to look like a wooden deck. It is to cover a hot tub.


Existing trade school has large room where they teach home construction indoors, Existing opening does not have a door, but instead has panels that must be removed and reinstalled to move finished building out for sale. Considering adding a door as a major upgrade. Highest possible clear height is critical, as is performance in high winds. Bi-fold door would be less effective, than hydraulic, but would be good to know all options. Location is Mitchell, SD. Looking for preliminary pricing ASAP


I could use a 40 wide x 18 tall bifold commercial hospital X-Ray door with door lift straps and auto lock and auto opener with remotes. Quote lead lined door installation.


We are looking to replace a standard overhead sandblast door with a Schweiss manufacturing door. Facility calls for a large steel bi-fold plant door. Door needs to be dust resistant door with door backup systems and remote door opener.


Need a quote for a Bi-Fold Door with Lift Straps to replace an aging standard garage door. Our current overhead door is 10' wide by 7' tall, but we would like to increase the opening height to 8' with the new door. This installation is for a boat house door   in Antarctica. Due to extreme climate, we would like some special door features: -140 mph wind rating. Insulation min R 4 -Windows in Door -Galvanized fasteners We want to be sure there aren't any restrictions to existing wood structures that might inhibit installing this overhead bifold door. 


We are looking for a special winery door for our winery building. We are wanting it to look like a designer cottage barn door. We are liking the ones that come up to almost a "covered patio door look."






I'd like you to do custom fold-up doors for me? I like the Old Navy Store fold up bifold strap doors, but would like to do a modern take by using louvered tube steel frame doors, using 2"x2" with 2" gaps. It'll be used as a security door for an enclosed patio. I have a concept 3d door drawing should you need to see it. 


Looking for a quote on a 65 X 17 parachute jump shop hanger door in CA. Will want your bifold liftstrap / automatic latching door with top half or more in glass. One handheld remote door  opener, walk doors at each side and warning horn, photo eye sensors & door base safety edge.


Support. This is one of the two hydraulic doors sold in Florida onto which we will need a lifting porch door. You wouldn't believe how many compliments we get on it. I have a friend who is considering doing this too, he is wondering if it can be accomplished and lift door as fast with the use of your Schweiss bifold straplift systems instead of hydraulic door cylinders.  


I am bidding a project in California, and need a price for 2-12'x9' hanger doors. The owner has given me no specs for this, just a link to your Schweiss website. He is asking for custom aluminum and glass doors. Can you give me an idea of what these aluminum framed bifold strap doors cost so I can put an allowance in for these residential use Schweiss doors? 


These designer style doors are for the first floor of a new university dorm building. Our client is interested in seeing one of your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic glass doors in person. Are there any Schweiss glass doors installed in Oregon that they could take a look at?


I'm looking for a one piece non-insulated hydraulic operated chemical plant door. Door size is 36'-9" wide x 18' high and I'll want a fast operating electric pump that provides a tight door seal. There is only 5 inches of door clearance. Can chemical plant door truss go on the outside of the building? 


I need container doors at my Montana mine. In need of some 10'x15' one piece Schweiss hydraulic operated sidewall steel container doors. Three containers, 6 container doors total have to be blast proof doors, with 3 remotes.  Please call soon to discuss details? 


I am building containers, it's a proto-type and will need moving display container doors for product my company will sell. Would like to integrate your hydraulic cylinder one piece doors into this design. A two-door purchase for now, with more future door purchases. I would like the face of the doors to be wood they can be painted on like a billboard door. I need a quote and info to modify my design to work with your container doors. 


My RV needs 10 foot 4 inches to fit under a RV garage door. Local resident building regulations stop me at 9 ft. I saw on your web site what a guy did in Washington to blend his garage door in and would like to use the same Schweiss custom door solution using a bifold strap garage door. I'd like opening 12 ft. clear x 8 ft. wide.


Emergency Service Provider hangar doors. Need  two reliable liftstrap / autolatching Schweiss bifold doors 20 ft. x 16 ft. emergency rescue and fire station doors. Would like enclosed glass doors from top 12 feet up. Need fast operating electric door motors and information on backup door systems in case of power outage.


Impressed with your Schweiss designer doors. We are building a concrete Octagon Castle that needs custom made bifold strap doors. It must look like it belongs; can you place faux brick door styling or faux cast iron door hinges to achieve a castle door look? I can send a jpeg.


I am bidding a architectural specialized X-Ray  door project. Need to get a price on a Schweiss straplift Bi-fold motorized radiation shielded hospital service door. Gloss black power coat frame door. 16 panel, Low-E double pane stainless steel cladding, 15/16" liner over lead core door. X-Ray lab door size is 12'x12'.


Smoke Evacuation Door: We are interested in 12' wide x 23' tall all glass bi-fold Schweiss emergency exit door to be located in a central atrium in a class 'A', LEED certified office building. This smoke evacuation door will be part of our alert door system and needs to fully open in 90 seconds. 


Want to use a two sizes of Schweiss quiet operating liftstrap bi-fold church doors. The door   are 16' width x10' height and 19' width x 18' height. Do you recommend hydraulic or lift strap doors? The desired door material is frosted glass or just a regular glass door: Can we make it a dual pane insulated glass door? Is it possible to seal at the jambs, head, and door sill? How do we go about getting cut sheets for custom made bifold door?


Looking for a price on a bifold pre engineered door to close up a 52 x 10 opening in the back wall of a concrete building. This a firing range door for the parolympic team so it needs to open easy. It can be a pair of Schweiss hydraulic swing doors or a large bifold liftstrap door.


We are a remodeling company in the Dutch Antilles. One of our costumers want to replace all their window doors on their ocean front home with Schweiss Bifolding windows (total of 22 doors/windows) using single glass top and bottom in non fading solid color plastic or aluminum door cladding to be used as sun blocking devise when bifolding door/window is open. Non-insulated, they want to use this in combination with a door security screen. 3. Can you give me price for 7' x 22' bifolding straplift window door? Price for 4' x 4' bifolding window door. 4. Is it possible to have a security door screen fixed to your bifold doors, so if you open the doors automatically the door security screen will be pulled up and be in place? 


I'm interested in having your door engineers draw up a Schweiss bifold straplifting door setup for here at the Convention & Exhibition Center. The convention doors we now have were built in place and are the wrong doors for the type of operations. Included should be 4 pedestrian doors due to fire code egress. Too many safety features are never too many. I saw Schweiss doors in Paris Island when I was vacationing. They seem to be more efficient doors than what we have. List all safety add ons?


I called yesterday and have received approval to buy  three Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap glass doors at an exclusive hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel doors conceal buffet equipment. The glass doors are  20' long x 6' high. I need custom made door details for this application. CADD files would be great!


I am bidding a Houston office building doors with some unique ideas. One idea is for two Schweiss bifolding acoustical doors. One @ 52' long and one @40' long. Both are 12' tall. Could you provide the door frame and door operator and I could clad door  with acoustical panels?


Looking for a bifold strap door similar to the Schweiss website Scripps Ranch door application for a "party barn door" in NY. Door opening is  8'x8'. Need to understand what options are available (and structural door requirements for framing).


Looking for a simple clam shell bi-fold door for the end of an enclosed motorcycle container trailer. We need two remote operated container doors.


Remodel of 1970 hangar home residence door at  historic Florida airfield. Working with a architect  for best possible clean looking bifold or hydraulic door for the money.


I am looking for an alternative to an RV garage door like the "partially hidden" bifold liftstrap RV door you did for a fellow in Washington, as seen on your Must See Photo Schweiss Door web site. I've seen your photos and need door cost data.


I'm working on a museum copper clad louvered door project. It calls for your bifold loading platform doors. Schweiss Doors has already issued internal door shop drawings. Please send AutoCAD drawings so we can move this specialty designer door process forward. 


Looking for bifold glass garage style designer brewery door that lifts up into 2 pieces with rectangular windows. Door has to have stainless steel frame. My architect highly endorsed your high quality and dependable door systems.


Looking for pricing for 3-Each 15' wide by 40' tall correctional facility doors. These are to be steel thermal insulated industrial strength bifold strap doors.  These are Sally Port doors that need fast opening electric door operators. 


Looking to get door specs and quotes on two different stage doors. First will be a hydraulic one piece canopy stage door 48x18'. The other stage door is on the opposite endwall and is a 34x18' liftstrap bifold loading dock door. Provide a remote opener for the smaller door and backup system for the large hydraulic canopy stage door. 


I contacted you this fall (contract12610-ds). We're  now ready to move on ordering the four specialty designed winery louvered doors 14 height 20 wide. Bifold doors with liftstraps. 


I have a container door project in Palo Alto, CA. Two one-piece container doors with an opening of 16'x7', hydraulically operated doors using a single hydraulic pump system. 


I have an l-shaped balcony that I am looking to enclose with two doors. Interested in the bifold strap system. Is door applicable for residential use. The balcony is ~ 5' w x 13' l x 5' h. Space would be used as indoor outdoor space. Manhattan high-rise glass balcony doors with manual door locks.


Need a price quote for 6 Schweiss specialty doors. Would like doors with an all aluminum frame with a black anodized or a black powder-coated paint finish, with 1/4" "Clear" laminated glass for panels. 2-or-4 panels going across and 4-sections going up. Or whatever bifold door panel layouts will work.


Slide up lift gate system similar to the one shown at the PAW dog training resort in Minn. For a classic and import sports car dealership in SF. This would be a main entrance door for clients and cars to drive thru, 13'6" w and 8' h. Interested in learning more about Moving gate system using liftstraps and quiet running electric door motors. Schweiss Moving Gate is a great room divider idea.


The dangerous working environment door to be quoted is a 24x16 mining shaft door. Also quote a 20x16 bifold door for the same metal building (opposite endwall door) Please quote doors to be installed. Also let me know door headroom requirements and approx. door delivery date.


We want three designer glass Schweiss moving gates to divide large interior spaces in a office remodel project. The dimensions of the Schweiss gates are 41'-6" wide by 8' high, ceiling height is 24 ft. The door needs a high level of finish and motorized operation. Concealment of the door side tracks and electric door motor in adjacent walls is also a concern. I have plans and door elevations.


This quote is for a 45 x 14 with a 45 x 12 clear door opening on sound reducing doors. We will need this bifold liftstrap shop door installed for our customer as they want us to do a turnkey door project for them. Estimate door delivery date. 




I am looking for a security folding shutter door (see through, to go outside entry doors) to be installed in an existing opening 96 inches high by 72 inches wide. Opening is wood frame inside a cinder block wall. When closed it would offer some degree of security and when open it would appear to be an awning door.


We design a wind tunnel laboratory to the University of Saudi Arabia and we have the doors of the dimensions of 12.4 x 12.00 almost important that you have these Schweiss doors dimensional models with noticeable that Henaq high pressure in the case of running fans of the plant will affect in the case of Doors models which will be part outside the building please send us the model


I have a 8'6"x 4'6" Window Opening for a Bar window that the customer wants a fold up window (door) can you at Schweiss Doors make this, it must hang from the top and fold up, must look like a window. Alum Bronze Anodize, dual pane low E Glass. thanks for your help 


I'm looking for hydraulic cylinders that I can use to help open the doors on the front of our signs. Can probably get by with the smallest Schweiss cylinders and pump you have in stock.


We have a customer that is requesting a 36" x 48" x 7' Pneumatic Liftstrap Bifold Door for a paint booth they would like to order from us. Would you please quote as soon as you can? Where is Schweiss Doors located? We are in Wisconsin.


I am on vacation for part of the winter.  I purchased a travel trailer less than 10' tall and less than 8' wide, and want to store in my garage by adding a door on the side. The door needs to be hidden, so needs to be clad with vinyl siding, same as the house. We are replacing the vinyl siding on the house. Along the back 11'-3" of the garage the ceiling height is approx 12'-6". There is presently both a 3'x3' window up high and a service door in the area to be replaced with the large garage door. Goals, prioritized: 1)Hidden and clad with matching vinyl 2)Anderson territone color window(s) that can open up high for ventilation and security. 3) Use existing window having 3'x3' rough opening. 4) Service door.


Dear Sir, Project- Lexus Car Show Room -Doha- Qatar. Please provide RED POWER SCHWEISS MORTORIZED MECHANISM for, Swing up glass doors; 3750 x 4200mm overall; complete; including opening mechanism, factory installed and supplied electromechanical devices and wiring, reinforced framework, supports, hardware, sealants, and the like, modification to framework to suit opening section; reference drawings. Approx. weight -1275 Kg. We will provide cargo ship for container pickup on east coast of USA.


Hello, Im looking for a quote on a set of outward folding liftstrap/autolatch Schweiss doors for out media blasting room. Rough dimensions of 16' wide by 14' tall. Id like a quote for filtered doors as well as solid doors.


Is it possible to get your hydraulic door with a fire rating so it can go in a 1-hour wall? The door would need to be rated at 45-minutes. Thanks.


We are considering the idea of using your bi-fold lift strap commercial airplane hanger doors between the main frames on this pool enclosure in lieu of the garage doors drawn. Is it possible to have clear fluted polycarbonate sheets attached to your doors. Please call me to discuss if you are interested.


Mr. Mike, How are you? Thanks for giving me this lead. This is quite a big project here in China on one of the Island's Hotel. The Architech is from Singapore. They may need 8 sets of Bifold Doors for their project. They emailed to me the 2 attachements of Bifold doors from your web site and ask me what is the cost. By the way, how do you quote your client on this door. Is it by the number of motors needed or the number of Nylon lift straps applied? Or by the Sq. ft. What is the basic cost, 1) Claculation Fees, 2)??? 3)??? 4) Acssassories??? Could you fill me in on how to Quote them from your Costing that is if you don't mind me asking. Because when I meet them ... this is the first thing they ask me. I understand that in this project, There will be a Glass louvre at full height and width same as the doors. The Bifold doors must be fully automatic from Opening to Closing and lock. So that when the door is in open position the sun light and air will flow through the Glass Louvre Blade minus the rain water. It means that they can't access the door from the inside of the building to lock it. Do you remember showing me your door while I was there in your factory? And you have design a rotor to pull back in the door in order to lock it instead by using our hand to pull it? I have a rough idea of laying a wire rope inside of the door frame (hollow section) with small pully and a small motor to reel in and guide the top and bottom door frame into a straight line so that the door can lock by it self.


Dear Sir/Madam, We are currently working on a development in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a luxury apartment building and interested in your fold-up lift strap style doors. Can you please provide us with more information regarding what your offer is. (Especially maximum door spans). We are planning on using these doors in a number of locations that range from roof gardens to master water closets. Hence there is a fair attention to detail required. If you are able to provide us with typical CAD sections that include head and jamb connection details. Look forward to hearing from you soon as we are under a bit of pressure. Kind Regards,


Hello, I want to screen in a large outdoor room with a pool that is attached to a house. The home is still in the design stage -- please see the attached drawing. QUESTIONS: Is it possible to have a bi-fold liftstrap door that measures approximately: 52\' wide x 20\' high -- with all screen panels? A section of the door would rest over the pool. The main function is to provide protection from insects when closed. Can a flap of some sort, along the bottom of the door, extend slightly into the water? I assume a bi-fold door of this size is more practical than a hydraulic door. Where is the motor (or motors) located? Please advise. An operable door is preferable to a fixed screened wall, but the budget may preclude this expense. Even a ballpark figure would help.


I am working on a project where there is a need to have some kind of retractable attractive partition in auditorium. Bifold Doors with lift straps seem like a good option because we have a limited space above the 9\' ceiling and we don\'t want to use horizontal folding doors to avoid pockets in the walls. Have you done any projects with similar interior applications and what is your advice on the best solution? Please see attached drawings


We are working on a job in Manhattan, Kansas USA; Kansas State University Indoor Basketball Training Facility and the contractor has asked us to get a quote for the Automatic Vertically Bi-Folding Acoustical Wall. I have included the drawings and specs.


I%u2019m working with your Schweiss tech on the Excellence project and thank you for the last response with very detailed information. We%u2019re waiting for the information from the client regarding the necessity of vehicle accessibility to the atrium space where we%u2019re considering to put a bi-fold liftstrap type door. While we%u2019re waiting, could you also give me some answers to questions below? 1. Is there any rule of thumb in deciding height ratio of door and wedge? If the door height increases, how much will the wedge height do? 2. I noticed a swing door is integrated with your door system in Shigeru Ban%u2019s NYC shutter house. We%u2019d like to take that same idea in our project, but I have a concern that ours is for the commercial use, not for the residential. Do you think that integration of commercial grade doors in the bi-fold door system is feasible and durable? 3. Have you had any situations that swing doors integrated with the bi-fold door don%u2019t have any projection (like door frame) from floor finishes? It%u2019s necessary these swing doors don%u2019t have any projection from the floor finish when they%u2019re opened. Details shown in the previously provided documents seem to imply that the bottom frame of the bi-fold door will remain when integrated swing doors are opened.


I%u2019m a designer in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and we are currently working on a restaurant in Libertyville. The client found you online and we are interested in getting some additional information. I did a quick once over on your website, but would like to know lead time. The restaurant is schedule to open at the beginning of December. We have a conference room we%u2019d like to use the glass bi-fold liftstrap doors on. The approximate opening size is 16'W X 9'H. Are we able to design the doors ourselves and send over a drawing for you to replicate or is there a standard design options we have to choose from. I get the impression you can pretty much design anything we come up with, just want to verify before we start the process with our client.  I also noticed the pricing was quite reasonable for what you offer. Since we have contractors onsite, we'd have them install, what does that bring the cost a linear foot down too.


Dear Whom It May Concern, We are currently designing a new science building at Saddleback College in California, and we are interested in Double Glass Bi-fold Designer Doors with liftstraps and autolatches. The building is 3 story with Eccentric Brace Frame system. Please find an attached PDF for your review and advise following items. 1.0 Is Double Glass Bi-fold Designer Doors motorized? 2.0 What is the maximum height and width of glass doors? 3.0 Can we match finish and size of glass frames with curtain wall above? Please also provide cost of the systems and standard details, if available, in CAD, REVIT or PDF for us to develop details. Thank you, Best regards,


We have been given an interesting problem by a client. We are building a concrete tilt up building in the Sacramento area and the customer wants to lower equipment through a hatch we build in the roof after he moves in and is operating for a few months and this equipment arrives. This equipment will be lowered by a crane through a 40%u2019 x 40%u2019 hole that we have to have weather tight, remove the roof, and make it weather tight again after the equipment is in. The entire building will have fire sprinklers and we can put some kind of quick couplers on the pipe and have it lift up with the roof. One of the biggest problems is how we make this removable roof section strong enough to be clear span so the equipment can be lowered through the 40%u2019 x 40%u2019 hole and yet light enough to be lifted. I have cruised your website and you have hydraulically single piece doors that are large but is 40%u2019 x 40%u2019 a possibility? It would have to behave like a conventional roof so a man can walk across it, etc. We just got the requirement yesterday so we are in the brainstorm stage now. To make the span maybe we install removable trusses under the single piece door to be removed and replaced after the equipment has been lowered. This piece of the roof will have to be water tight and durable enough to last the life of the building. This opening will be in the corner of the building so we can get a crane along side the building and load the equipment %u2013 and remove the roof hatch in one piece and set it on the ground if that is the solution. The tilt up walls will be about 30%u2019 high but this section of roof is a special %u201Cpop up%u201D area that could be 20%u2019 higher. Interesting %u2013 any ideas? Would your strong Red Power pumps come into play or do you think the lift straps would do the trick.


I would like two quotes for two sizes of doors please. I would like quotes for each style: - Bifold with liftstraps and Hydraulic. Our client's request is for 2 x doors of different sizes: - 1 x 50'W x 20'H (clearance) - 1 x 24'W x 20'H (clearance). These doors are to go onto an existing Fabric covered Structure in Saskatchewan, Canada. The End Walls are of Fabric, so the Door Frames would have to have some type of attachment strip to fix the end wall to the door frame. (Photos of the structure can be provided on request.) I would also like to know: - Lead Time. - Freight costs to Saskatchewan Canada. (per Quote) - Wind (& Snow) Loading. - Are they fully engineered to Canadian standards? - Do they come complete with Assembly and Install instructions? Note: Our client is wishing to finish off the shelter asap before Winter sets in.


Would like quote for a 10ft wide 8ft tall bifold liftstrap/autolatch door with 3/0 walk door in center glass panels, except for bottom row would like metal panels. Want appearance of a garage door but with walk door in center. Would be going in a red iron frame building used for Parts store/machine shop that works with race cars/tractors/cars/trucks etc. Like the man cave look. Customer like to appear as if walking in to a garage.


 I am looking to build a hydraulic or bifold "door like" structure to a 20 or 40' long metal container.It should work when I press the button or remote opener , the small simi structure comes out from inside the container i.e: matchbox tray like. (Get the picture?) Can you please guide me which hydraulic part I will have to buy? I can also send you pic on request.Please do send the details. Thanks, David


Need quote for 60'x20' clear bifold lift strap door installed in sidewall of building. Please include labor for installation. Need design spec's to send to builder. Please fax today. Also, we would like to spray foam the door with closed cell insulation. Are there any issues with that? Thanks


I have a door patent that I believe you would be interested in for either your bifold or hydraulic doors. Please have someone from your company that deals with this contact me. Thanks, Mark A.


Do you build systems for a common residential structure for garage door operation? I am seeking aircraft hangar style bifold doors that operate to the left or right to open or close in either direction. A response by e-mail is appreciable. Thanks; Mr. Newsman


Dear Sirs, I'm a Brazilian doors manufacturer mainly working with rolling shutters. Once I have a commercial and technical partnership with  (Taiwan), they have showed to me your website as an indication for this special need. Could you please send me a quotation for these Schweiss bifold and Red Power doors for our reference? And also, could be very interesting for us to establish a partnership also with your company. Very bets regards, Karl R.


Hi, We are a New York based contractor and we are looking to buy and install a set of bi-fold glass Schweiss Doors in the City of New York. The lead time for installation is around October this year. Can you see if it possible work on a price for us? We would like to have a separate proposal for installation as well. We have a set of drawings that we would like to send it to you. Please let us know how to contact with your sales rep or engineer. Thank you, Germaine


We are working on some camp structures on the Neuse River in eastern North Carolina. This door would be operating in a high salt environment. Can you make your doors with galvanized steel frames? We also need some cost information. The doors will roughly be 30' wide and 10' tall with a 8" or more (if possible) clear opening. They will most likely be clad in a corrugated polycarb panels. Glass is also a possibility. Give quote on your bifold door with lift straps and any and all safety options available.


I want to install a 40 foot wide Schweiss bifold door but want a 40 foot building width. Will this be a problem? Can you send a drawing along with the quote. We are ready to build as soon as we can get some of the final details worked out.


Hi, I am looking for a quote and some prelimiary reactions for a bifold door we are looking to install in a project at Cornell University. The top half of the bifold door will be clad in polycarbonate (1.5 - 2 lbs/sqft) while the bottom half will be clad in double glazed curtain wall. Thanks




I have a builder who wants a price for a aluminum and glass bi-fold door. The opening will be 22'11" x 8' or 9'. They want 8' clear. Remote motor operated with lift straps and a top drive. They also want opaque glass, light in but unable to see in. The garage will have concrete walls.


I am a general contractor and I have a special application for one of your products. I have a customer that wants me to install a retractable trash dumpster cover. The dumpster sits outside, next to his building where he drives up to it with a forklift and dumps their trash. The dumpster is approximately 30 ft in length, and is removed with a large truck pickup. The customer previously had a fixed roof over the dumpster, that was ripped off when the truck came to pickup the trash. The EPA is pressing this issue, so the customer is serious about finding a permanent solution. Do you think you have product that could fit this application?


I need a bifold or hydraulic door about 21' wide by 14' high in a 'Party Barn' I am building for a customer. It will need to have a walk door with a small roof and deck attached to it, as well as a fake decorative barn door applied to the front of the door. It must be very high quality and more quiet than some that I have been around. Please contact me soon to make needed adjustments to the building to support the door. This is new construction and is under construction right now. Thank you, Robby 


We are looking at using an overhead bi-fold door with a cladding to match the adjacent curtainwall areas. This is for a plant building. door is about 16'-7", with a clear desired opening of 14'. hinge is to be off center vertically. Send me contact info for a local rep or technical person who can provide details, spec information so that we can coordinate how to detail around and clad this door with a matching curtainwall system.


I am working on my own home in the town of Jackson, WY. I am considering a bifold overhead door 8' h x 16' wide for the back side of my detached garage which faces the house creating a courtyard. The front is accessed by car from the alley and has a solid garage door. The idea is that the doors have glass in them and when folded create a canopy in concept. We can then have workshop or party space open to the yard during the many cool days. It does not need an electrical opener. What do you recommend as the most economical way of achieving this? Thanks for your help.


We are building a shipping container restaurant and have a wall full of windows at 42" sill height (about 4'-10"x13' ). We also have 3 9'x8' garage doors. This opens the restaurant to connect to the surrounding environment. Traditional garage doors do not work because we are working with a limited ceiling height. I am looking for information on basic pricing on your Schweiss Bifold Door and if a 4'10 window can be done. We are looking to pick out windows by next week. Thank You


I have a residential basement entrance that needs a door. It is approx. 11ft long and 6 ft wide. it needs to pitch like a roof and I would like it to look like a standing seam roof in hunter green. I would like it to raise like your 1 piece hydraulic doors however this (bifold) door does not stand vertical when closed it is on a 40 degree angle. Can you help me?


We are interested in learning more about your bifold overhead doors for a large community center in Boise ID. Very interested in integrating your doors in a glass wall system for a large lobby and demo-kitchen space. Can you send me any pertinent info. thanks Aimmie.


Do you offer a side opening door at Schweiss Doors  for boat storage buildings? I am looking for a supplier for a 2 piece swing out bifold door 20'W x 22'H door for storing a yacht.


I have recently built a Monolthic Dome with a drive through garage (one door on each side of the building). A number of years ago I installed a 22' by 15' Schweiss bifold on my machine shop and have loved it ever since. Havn't decided if a bifold or one piece hydraulic is best suited for this application. I actually live in Canada just north of the border so my phone number is Canadian. We usually have things shipped and import them ourselves. We would be doing the install ourselves. Thanks


Please include Schweiss door Specs. with the quote. Customer is requesting eight (8)widows spaced evenly across the door. Window are to be 7`-8`` wide and 3`-8`` tall. Top height of the windows is to be at 7`-2``. Please provide framed opening only for the windows.


Please price out two of the following. Thanks Phillip 2 each 80X25 bi-fold doors with straps. I will need extra girt on the top and bottom section for a 7' carbonate panel. With the extra wieght do I need a bigger motor too. Thanks


I have 4 openings on my porch at my restaurant. Would like to do some bifold door/window like in the picture of Sidneys on your site. The openings are 72" high and 80" wide and there are 4 of them.Can you give me an idea of the cost for something like you did at Sidneys....ASAP


We would like a quote on a schweiss aluminum framed bifold door with full glazing. This is for an oceanfront home, so corrosion is a concern, so I am leaning toward a lift strap system, but I would like to know the difference between that and the cable lift. We must also satisfy wind load requirements of DP 32 or higher. Please let me know if you have any questions.


We were contacted by a homeowner looking for a bifold window. The opening is in a residential building. They have a pass through window that goes to the exterior of their home. They would like to have a window that can raise and lower in this opening. I noticed in your pictures of jobs that you have done that you did something similar in a mall resturaunt. They would also like to be able to open this with some kind of a mechanical or hydrolic opener. Thank you


Dear Sir/Madam, Where can I find more information on your New York Metal Shutter House Bi Fold Doors? I am currently specifying doors for a current project (construction stage). The doors are to be 10'H X 18'W Could you give me details / cad drawings for such a Bi fold Door. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Tracy Adams


We are building a barn-style garage with a 2nd floor shop. The bifold door will be in the end wall of the bottom floor. Most of the engineering plans you show have the door attached to the rafters. What do we need to do to support the door in the end wall of a two story building? We would like the door to look like a double barn door with the "X" design,similar to one showed in your agricultural building photos. We would need the cold weather kit also. Can the door be opened when the power goes out?


I need a quote for a schweiss bifold door to fill a 35' wide by 55' tall opening in a yet to be designed steel building. This building will be used as a paint booth for very large tanks. The door needs to be blast proof. (2-layers of 26 gauge steel on interior side). The building will be located in Billings, MT Thanks, call or email with any questions. Dan


Looking into a custom glass door for garage opening. Use cycle for bifold door is open in the am closed in the pm. We want door to appear as part of facade when closed. We may not cross the property line. Is there anyway to open inward not outward? I look forward to your response.


I am currently working on a design/build team in San Diego, CA for a middle school. The architect would like to incorporate bifold doors into each classroom. The aesthetic the architect is looking for is alluminum frame with integral windows/curtain wall. Thank you for your time. The quote is appreciated.


Howdy! I'm currently working out several different elevation options for a regional events center. I currently have a "dead corner" of a lean-too on my building that I would like to make into a concessions area with outdoor seating. I would like to use two one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors to open up that corner and shade the seating. I can provide a screenshot of a sketchup model to depict the corner if that would be helpful. The sidewall elevation is 20' and the front elevation is 20' at the corner and increases on a 2/12 slope to 24' before terminating into into the main building. Still thinking about materials, could be glass, ltp, etc, or could be some kind of metal panel. The building will not be conditioned initially, but the hvac package is priced as an alternate and will be executed against in the near future, so these doors will need to seal against the building as closely as possible. Thanks for y'all's time. Randy


You have already sent me a quote for a bifold door for this new Home that will break ground and start construction next week. The home owner is interested in a bi-fold door for his Motorhome Garage. I have plans I can email you to see about designing a door to fit his 16 ft wide X 13ft high masonry opening. The Schweiss bi-fold will then have an Overhead paneled residencial garage door fasade installed on the exterior with a stucco fasade header above to match the 3 other residencial garage doors on the front of the house. Please contact me at your earlist convenience to see if we can get this moving forward. Thank You, Cory Winkler


I am building an indoor basketball court for a customer. He's looking for a garage-type door without any hardware inside the building when it's closed. (No glass in the door.)  We would really like your automatic open and close feature.  I hear you offer a 1.5 HP motor and we'll be able to stop the door at any height. Because of our varying climate, this would be a great feature because we could adjust the door height based on the weather.  Looking forward to working with Schweiss Doors!


I am working on new construction residential home with a standard 18'Wx14'H panel garage door for motor home access. I would like to install a 18'W x 5'H hydraulic door panel at the top of the standard garage door so when the garage door is down and the hydraulic panel is down it has the appearance of a 9' tall garage door. The 5' hydraulic panel at the top would be finished to look like the house. The home will probably have a concrete header. Feel free to call me and discuss further. Thanks, George


We are specifiying a designer series bi-fold door in a local new project in Massachusettes and I need some specication info along with its thermal U and SHGC values


I am an architect interested in CAD details for a schweiss bi-fold application in the "designer door" category. The specific application is an 80 year old brick masonry garage. The masonry openings (2) have concrete lintels. The wall is reinforced with a masonry pier and a 12" deep steel beam supports the single story roof construction. thanks for providing additional information.


Hello, I am doing a residential project outside of Austin Texas. I am with the architecture firm that is designing and building the home. I really love the Bifold door design of the Funcky Store Fronts in New York City. I want to see if I could do something similar for our project but instead of using steel could we use wood slats?


i need a quote on an automatic Schweiss Bi-fold Door clear anodized finish with insulated clear low-e tempered glass like the one at ING CAFE AT NEW YORK. 1-98"1/2 X 85"1/2 QUOTE#BEVERLY HILLS


We are an A&E firm specialized in industrial projects, based in San Jose, Costa Rica. At this moment, we're designing an office/warehouse compound for a company specialized in fire protection design and construction where, due to the kind of materials they handle, we were requested to install a schweiss bifold doors. We'll appreciate if you could contact us to provide you with additional info on the project characteristics so you can help us with the detailing and quoting. Best regards


We are looking for a restaurant pick up counter window and we are considering a unit that folds like a schweiss unit. The opening is 62" w x 52" h/anodized alum. We understand glass is not included. Could you give me an estimate if available and lead time. Thank you.


We are bidding a job that is asking for a multi-leaf door. The job name is Caterpillar Vistor Ctr. the building is steel, Vertical Folding Bi-Fold door let me know where to send the spec's. the size is 18'6 x 24. mill finish aluminum framing.


I need a door 24' x 4' to cover the roof of a interior room that is used to refurbish aircraft engines and generators. Equipment to be worked on is lowered over the top and then the door would be closed to maintain climate control. I see something similiar was installed and this is from your website as follows Schweiss to the Rescue What looked like a near impossible situation without some totally new engineering design instead turned out to be a remarkable solution to an extreme challenge. The challenge? How to fit a "roof door" over a 20' by 30' sand blasting chamber. This firm specializes in refurbishing component parts for various Pennsylvania steel mills. I know this is a bit of a rush but if you could call me Monday I would really appreciate it. The deadline for submittal is Tuesday. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


we are designing our next building for Guardian Flight in Alaska. the building will be done in steel. the hydraulic door will need to be 98' x 28'. Can we do that? Any special conditions? Please advise thanks


I have a customer looking for 1 - 18 x 8 horizontal bi-fold, electrically operated, radio receiver, 3 transmitters, photo-eye safety, wall mounted push button station (either single momentary contact or open-close-stop). What form of bottom safety edge do you use for these doors as we will need to have one installed? Door is going to be faced with cedar and probably insulated. I am looking for pricing but also require some form of drawings showing required clearances, backing, electrical requirements.


I am bidding a stage door opening for the Challis Comunity Stage. A hydraulic door would be ideal for this. The opening is 32 feet long by 12 feet high Looking for product & advise. Thanks


Our building is 60' wide with a single slope roof with 2:12 pitch. The high side wall is approximately 38' high and the low sidewall is approximately 28' high. We anticipate extending our overhead bridge crane rails through one end wall of our building. Therefore, we will need some sort of bifold or hydraulic Schweiss door system to allow overhead crane access and also to completely close off the outside weather. The door system would need to be insulated as much as possible. The door would be on the North wall of the building and would encounter severe winds up to 70 mph and temperatures of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you help me? Any idea of cost? Thank you.


I am interested in specifying bifold doors for a new truck dealership we are designing. The doors will need to be glazed, ideally with polycarbonate panels. I am looking for some pricing information for these doors (for budgeting purposes) and also some specific technical detailing about their configuration (e.g. how much additional headroom would be required to provide a 15' clear opening; what would the depth of framing be on the backside of the doors; if lift straps were used, would these be visible from the exterior of the building or could they be hidden by the door frame; etc.).


I am considering construction a shipping container into the same concept of a shipping restaurant container that I have seen on the net. I am interested in the what appears to be hydraulic hinges that drop and lift the sides of the container panels. Do you manufacture something that will work? pls see container restaurant. Thanks,


I am looking at a price on custome made crossbuck bifold steel man doors. Is something you can quote if I provide a drawing and some specs?


Need to discuss geting information on 6 bi-fold doors that would be on an Emergency Operations Center in the apparatus bays. the sizes are 14 ft. wide by 14 ft. tall and will be covered with a skin that will withstand FEMA 361 requirments for a large missile and wind pressures up to 250 miles per hour. We will need the Fast lift Straps and Auto-Latches. With all the safety guards as well. We are looking at the bi-fold doors because of the concern of debris damage and obstructions to any type of coiling doors. Please call with questions on criteria.


Please reply to this email so that I can forward some specifications and drawings for a custom bi-fold for a residential project we are bidding on. Thank you


Seeking Detailed Information, availability, material spec, motorized operator, Architectural residential application - 2 openings 12'w x 9'h light bronze anodized aluminum frame, /-90% insulated 4'vertical module sightline glazing, along the lines of Schweiss web site photo - Palm Springs resort Bifold and/or New York metal Shutter House Photos.. Motorized operation - Santa Fe, NM project location. 


I am looking for a solution to my hangar door troubles, I have a 58 by 16 door that hinges on the bottom and is controlled by cables and motor from the top via pulles and such. I am worried about the cables breaking as they have in the past prior to my purchasing the building. The door hinges on the bottom over 90 degrees and drops into the water to allow float planes to ramp up door to the floor of the shop. I then raise the door to a level position and pull the plane in on a small cart. I seen the hydraulic cylinders work on an overhead door and thought they my work for my situation as well, thanks for your help.


I recently built a greenhouse with an open-able roof. it has a pitched roof opening like a clamshell, (the roof panels are hinged at the joint of the wall and roof, the two "doors" meet at the peak) i used a hydraulic door system set up almost exactly like yours, only my "doors" open from the roof pitch(30degrees)to straight up vertical (90degrees)! and my system is human powered. i was wondering if your system would be able to be mounted in a position like mine. also if it can be modified to be human powered.


This is for a project but if project goes really well it could mean a bifold or hydraulic door to be implemented in our college. (I do not represent the college...I'm just a student). Can you send me brochures on all your doors, especially the designer Schweiss Door and all accessories available. I won't need a sales commission, but offer me a job when I get out of school.


I am an Authorized Builder for metal buildings. I would like a quote for the resale of a 36' wide x 14' high bifold door to be installed on a metal building. FOB Chico, CA. Thanks, CK  Bluebird Contracting


Hey, I work for The University of Texas at Austin and need a new garage door for the sculpture studio. I have a door opening that's 10' hight X 9'4" wide. I need some pricing for your bi-fold door, I'd like it to have a normal size door and maybe a window installed into it as well. thanks for your time


I need Price and availability for a double door system. The opening is 11-ft x 11-ft. 2 each single panel or bifold panel 'exterior doors' are required. It must be a 'swing out' type door system.


Looking for specialty doors for our condo project in Puerto Vallarta and our building next to the airport. Some will be bifold while others will be one piece hydraulic. We're looking at a total of 22 doors.  _thanks


Can either a bifold or hydraulic door be designed so the side jambs, sill & head are skewed sideways 4 degrees on a vertical wall face? (I can send a PDF showing the design appearance.) Please advise. Thanks


Good morning, I am an architect in Phoenix, Arizona developing a LEED Platinum rated home locally. Primary wall construction is cast-in-place concrete. Nearly every other architectural element is rusted steel.The home stacks over its garage. The garage opening is 23'-8" wide by 9'-0" high. The primary window of the children's playroom is directly over the garage opening and measures the same dimensions.I intend to utilize a bifold door across the garage opening, and a second, identical door over the glass of the playroom above. Both doors would be clad in a perforated rusted steel screen, effectively ventilating the garage, and providing a solar screen with limited view-thru for the playroom. Of course, when the playroom door is fully open an unobstructred view through the glass is obtained and the door acts as a horizontal shade above the window. While searching the web for an appropriate product I found your company and photos of a home in San Rafael, CA that stylistically matches my intent. I need to detail these doors and have my structural engineer plan appropriately for their inclusion in the project. There are many unknowns logistically, and dimenionally. I presume someone at your company will work with me to design and specify appropriate designer style bifold doors for the intent noted above.Please contact me at your earliest availability to discuss my options further.Thanks


I am doing a 'designer bifold' and have a number of questions. The door is relatively small -about 7'x7', cladding in siding/timber which has maximum depth of about 6' in front of glazed doors. This small beachut is for use by disabled people and has a little solar but no power. Can I likely accomodate the door in 6' depth? I plan to use the canopy when open. Is there any problem with leaving in the 'up' position for several days? To make this usable for disabled either it must be very easy by hand, or probably re-chargeable battery operated. Have you ever done this,what kind of power would be needed? What are likely rough costs for 4 such doors, installed? Can you look this over, and let me know? Regards


Hi, I am currently working on a retail project and the client would like to utilize your system. Elevations of the store front are attached for your review. The areas highlighted in yellow are the bi-fold door locations. The areas in blue are fixed with the exception of a man door and awning windows in one and just awning windows in the other. I haven't had a chance to double check but it appears as though our client used your system or a similar one for a converse store that opened last Wednesday at the Irvine Spectrum. If so can you give me the contact information for the person that worked on it and the specs on the system that was used there? otherwise if you could just brief me on the options for your system? For example:1. Do you have standard style's for the bi-fold door? 2. What materials can you make the door out of? Aluminum, steel, etc. Would you be interested in making the other doors/windows highlighted in blue? (we would want the frames and style to match with the bi-fold doors) 4. How much equipment do these doors require? How far from the door can it be located? 5. Do you provided locking mechanisms for the bi-fold door? As stated before this is for a retail application so security is of high importance.


Hello, I am a Maintenance Supervisor in Aurora NC and would like to see if you have ever installed any of your bifold or hydraulic doors on draglines or would be interested in doing so.. If you would like, I can get you some pics and measurements on our current set up to give you a better understanding.


We would like to install a bifold door as a gate to our backyard. We live in a townhouse and park our car in the back yard. We do not have a covered garage structure and would like to put wooden posts in the ground to support the weight of a bifold garage door. Is this possible? We cannot install a standard swinging gate because the alley that connects to our backyard is very narrow. We need an overhead door system and the bifold door looks like it will work best. Also - is it possible to have an automatic door opened for this door?


For the attention of the Sales Manager Dear Sir or Madam My name is Katrina. I am a sales manager of Russian company. We have an intention to buy a bifolding gate for a milk farm made of PVC with next characteristics: 1) The dimensions of doorway: height 3,6 m; width 2,6 m; 2) Electric drive with the possibility of manual emergency raising; 3) Electric motor type is asynchronous; 4) Protection IP 44-55; 5) The material of the gate is PVC or similar; 6) It is used for assembly in the buildings used for cattle housing. Please would you send us your commercial offer. We are also particularly interested in the general information regarding terms and time of delivery, packing type etc. Thanks in advance Waiting for your reply BEST REGARDS Katrina K. Sales manager 


Please see our interest below regarding your bifold designer doors - these doors are for a restaurant in New York - please also tell us time/schedule for production and delivery. Thank you - Marvin


Dear Sir/madam, I have your catalogues sent some time back. I have had mails from your office. Currently i have a enquiry to Mr. Jeremy, concerning some bifold doors that need to open inwards. I expect you will get back to me on this enquiry. The qty for openings are 24 nos of which 14 are 7 mtr, 10 of 10mtr


Would like to add an electric motor to my existing, old, bi-fold hangar door. Have a manual chain system now. Do you sell electric conversion kits? What specific info. do you need on my existing door? Thanks, Hans


Looking at a Bi-part door for a school to use at an gym location. Please send cost and have Kansas City Metro Architectural Rep contact me. Thanks


Could I get a quote on the designer doors shown on images labeled "Pair of Glass Covered Designer Bi-Fold Doors/Doors on brick wall." They will be going on a restaurant facade and the openings are approximately 10'4"x14' and 7'4"x14'. I need a quote for both sizes of doors and the delivery fee. Thanks!


I'm interested in the approximate cost of the glass bi-fold door with size of 12 ft. wide x 7 ft height. This would be installed as an exterior door for residential use like the Designer door pictures on your website.


Brent, here is my email. Hope to be able to work with you on designing a bifold door for me. Your doors look very interesting. 


Intended door is positioned at end of 2 storey Atrium, located in the most prominent area of the campus. When the need arises, this door to be lifted to obtain exterior ambiance within (the Atrium). We'd like to frame CW within your typical frame and be able to lift the entire hydraulic door panel, maintaining weatherstripping at the side guides.


I am looking for a window that can be be hydraulically raised. the concept that I have is to take an oversize double hung window and raise the bottom 1/2 up into a cavity in the wall. the width is approx 5' and the opening would be 6'-7" the overall track can easily be 13'2" in height. We would need a minimum of 3 job ref: Goiden


good morning i'm a previous schweiss customer - was wondering if you've ever done a building with bifolds or one piece hydraulic doors on all 4 sides ? thanks barry


I need a bi-fold garage door for an opening 10' wide and 8' high. Two simple plain panels for a contemporary design garage/shop. I am estimating the cost of the project and am wondering what roughly such a door would cost. Job site is in VA 23163.


Hi, We are planning our new home which will include a second building, a large shop and storage area. We would appreciate "ball park" prices for two standard bifold doors 18 feet wide x 14.5 high and four standard bifold doors 9 feet wide x 8 feet high (all clear span numbers). Please include freight estimates and all related hardware. Building engineering requirements and recommendations would be appreciated too. As a pilot, I have used your bifold doors for years but never your products for myself. As things develop, we may add some designer features. Thank you kindly and have a great Thanks Giving, Cory


Please Price ASAP: Enclosed Amphiheatre Stage will have Bi-Fold in the back to be ale to open in the summer months Project in Pittsburgh, PA Bifold is 50' Wide x 30' Tall Please supply all Specs, as we need to load the framed openings for the Bi-Fold. This is a fast track project - will need Door in March, 2010 Thx, Kevin


I have a 16' wide opening and a 10' high ceiling. I would like to get as much space as possible and the traditional garage door manufacturers are expensive for custom doors. Do you have a side sliding bi-fold design instead of an overhead design? Is there an installer in the Richmond or Norfolk areas of Virginia? Can I obtain a price for a 16'x10' door with opener? (Again, prefer a side slide to an overhead if it's an option. I prefer email if you dont mind. take care. Brad


I would like a bifold door quote on two openings of our building. Please provide pricing for aluminum door framing and include a steel frame option.




i have need of your vertical lift bifold designer style doors. developing a budget for a glass vertical folding lift doors for a resturant in irvine. door size approx 108 wide x 168 tall - total of five openings.each door will have 8 lights of glass. i would like to see the jamb conditions your systems produce . Thank you Russ W. Design Residential 


We are looking for an indoor retrofit opening treatment to open a wall up between rooms. The doors do not have to be weather proof or too heavy weight but we are looking for some sound resistance. Ideally we'd like to have 2 8-foot openings or 2 9-foot wide openings 8 or 9 feet tall. We will custom the opening size to fit the one piece door dimensions.


How much weight can we apply to the bifold door. Shingled siding with windows will be too heavy I assume. How about 1/2" T&G Cedar siding with a row of windows across the top.


Could you please provide a quote for the following application: I am converting a 20'x 8' shipping container into a retail kiosk. the long side walls of the container will be cut out and used as doors that will lower down to ground level. basically, it's the inverse of the garage door that lifts, with a Red Power piston at each end as shown in your photo. Rather than lifting, it will be lowered to stop blocks for support, creating a floor.


Do you make a bifold door that does not use an upper guide rail with the bottom rail being able to be sub set in the concrete. The opening would be 12' and used in a wash bay.


We have looked into your product before and I was wondering if you can do custom windows. I found this great picture on your Schweiss web page and we were curious if this is something you could make or a style similar? The larger bi-fold garage doors are great, but we are looking at a smaller patio application and thought something more sized to a window style would be better. Thanks! Nicole


Hi, We are working on the design of a kiosk that will be located in a park in downtown Houston. We would like to have some kind of bifold or hydraulic door on three sides starting at the counter height. We would appreciate any information you could send us on these door types. Here are a couple of concerns that have come up so far: 1. We are unsure of how the doors will meet at the corners of the structure, but would like to limit the size of the columns in the corners as much as possible. Right now they are 6" x 6". 3. The height of the kiosk is fairly limited so we will need doors that don't restrict the height much when open. (The counter is at 4'-0" AFF and the ceiling is at 8'-6" AFF.) 4. On one elevation there is a change in counter height. Will that be a problem for the door? 5. Do you have a ballpark of what it might cost? Please let me know if the drawings are unclear or if you have any questions. Is there anyone located in the Houston area that would be able to meet with us? Thanks, Anne


I'm looking for a closure solution for openings on our high school stadium ticket booth. The openings are 3'-0" X 7'-6" . Could you suggest a good and economical one piece hydraulic door solution with a ballpark price. Thanks


Looking to do a flush mount, garage door that can be clad in Ipe wood for a residential application. The side columns could be steel if required, whatever is most economic yet functional. Want to assure the door can accomodate the horizontal 3/4 thick x 3 1/2" Ipe cladding, seems as if the product can do so without any issues??