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Hi, we have a FULFAB SF42 8-bay hangar with sliders. We are looking at replacing those sliding doors with schweiss bifold doors. I was wanting to get a price on replacement of all doors and installation if you offer that. Thank You


I am interested in bifold doors for my hangar and just want a quote on how much it will cost to remove and replace existing sliding doors with a bifold door.


We are working with a customer who is interested in removing 2 sliding doors off the gable end of a pole barn and replacing them with 1-16'0" x 16'0" Schweiss Door. I have installed several Schweiss Bifold doors in the past. I am now a project manager with Security Door and the quality and innovations at Schweiss door surpass other bifold I have installed. I would welcome a phone call to discuss this project or we can trade emails. Thank-You


I am looking to speak with someone about a couple of bi-fold doors. I own an overhead door installation company and have a customer with an existing pole barn with sliders and they are interested in replacing the sliders with a bi-fold door to maximize the opening height. I have little to no experience with bifold doors but would like to be in contact with someone to steer me in the right direction. Thank you for your time.


Interested in a bifold door for my workshop. Door opening is 24' wide, 15' high. Currently have sliding doors. What is the 'R' value of your doors? Do you have installation crews available? I would like an installed price for the above mentioned door size. Thanks.


Hi, Looking to get a rough estimate for a bifold door. Detached garage with flat roof. Looking to maximize interior ceiling and wall storage. If possible, wicket door is desired, exterior to be clad with wood paneling (vertical grooved Eichler style to match neighborhood aesthetic). Insulation desired. Current doors are barn style circa 1971 and showing lots of wear.


Have a machine shed that currently has a sliding door. Door is 14 high by 20 wide. Machine shed is stick built with 2x6 walls. Wondering what all would have to be done to prep for a bifold and what price would be. Thanks


I'm looking to replace two sliding doors on my hangars with new doors. 46'wide x 18'tall on a concrete building.


Looking to replace old sliding doors. Building is a miracle span round roof 44 ft wide by 84 long with sliding doors. current sliding doors are in good shape but are very hard to open. most of the time I have to leave them partly open because it takes my skid steer to push or pull them open.


Building is a miracle span round roof 44 ft wide by 84 long with sliding doors. current sliding doors are in good shape but are very hard to open. most of the time I have to leave them partly open because it takes my skid steer to push or pull them open.


Still in the planning phases of the barn. I just want a rough idea of the cost of bi-fold compared to sliding steel.


Hello, I am putting together a quote for a local farmer to remodel one of his post frame buildings into a more useful structure. It is 45' wide, and concrete floor to bottom of the roof trusses is 13'6". Roof pitch is 4:12. The clear height of 13'6" will need to be maintained. It currently has 20' wide sliding doors on the end. I would like to look at a hydraulic door for the end wall instead of the sliders. The building will be insulated and finished on the inside. I would like to go with at wide of a door as we can get in that 45' end wall. Do you have any advice and pricing/ installation details that I can look at? I have never installed a hydraulic door, but I did install a large Schweiss bifold door on a building in Milbank, SD once.


I’m looking to replace sliding doors on existing building. Door is 16’x30’.


I have a 16x12 opening that currently has sliding barn doors in front of it. The 12' opening matches the ceiling height for the ground floor. I'm interested in pricing for a bifold door with lift straps.


I'm trying to help an existing hangar owner increase his hangar door opening width from a Bi-Parting Pair of Norco Doors that provide a current 80' opening to a 95' clear opening. The clear door opening height is currently 27'. They would like to remain at that opening height if possible. What options do you offer with your Hydraulic Door? If you have some standard details that you could share that would be helpful. The bottom of the end wall frame is just above the 27' door head height. The end wall rafter has 12" flange width and is approximately 36" in depth. Would it be possible to add the new door at the exterior side of the existing end wall frame?


I am looking to replace the sliding barn doors with bifold doors. Can you give me your most cost – effective option for an approximate 9 ft tall by 20 ft wide door?


Looking to replace sliding doors in a storage shed in the next year or two. Looking at current prices for planning.




My parents and I farm just SE of Willmar. We have a concrete block shop 60’x100’ with a large door 22’ wide x 13’ 8” tall. Right now we have sliding doors but we are looking at different door options and would be most interested in a bifold door. We would like an insulated door with some windows. Just looking for some more information and ballpark pricing. -Thanks


I have a wood framed hangar with sliding doors, the columns and truss will need to be replaced. 1. do your doors come with truss and columns? 2. Do you have a ballpark cost for a 60' door installation in California? Thank you


I have a damaged building with sliding doors and would like to replace those doors. Sliding doors: 16.2’ tall, 27’ wide. Interested in quote for bi fold.


I am looking to replace sliding doors on a post frame building. Looking for 32' wide x 16 ft tall door. Could I get pricing on bi-fold as well as hydraulic. And do you have installer near zip code 46171. Reelsville, Indiana


I’d like to get a quote for a 30x16 door to replace sliding doors on a farm shop


Wondering about the cost on a 14x30 bifold door with straps to replace an existing 30' sliding door. (2) 15' doors


Wondering about the cost on a 14x30 bifold door to replace an existing 30' sliding door. (2) 15' doors


Replacement of sliding hanger doors72 feet wide x 17-10 h Received a schweiss door quote a year ago not sure if vertical bifold or power hydraulic lift door would be better I can dig out some pictures and forward.. Thank you


Hi i have an existing storage shed that has old sliding doors on both end walls- i would like to replace these with schweiss doors. would like pricing on bifold door. thanks, chuck


I have a 40 x 40 hangar with a 36 foot sliding door. Have simple pole barn style slider doors. Looking for price on a 36 foot strap door.


Hello, I'm in need a three schweiss doors. I have a small construction company in Florida and we are building a new shop that we will need a hydraulic door for. We also would like to replace the sliding doors on our existing shop. This shop could have either the bifold door or the hydraulic door. After 30 years of sliders we are ready for better doors on our shop.


Hello, I have an older machine shop that has both sliding doors and roll up doors. both are a pain in the ass. The sliding door opening is about twice the size as the roll up door which is what I entered below. I was wondering if schweiss doors can mount to existing buildings, secondly, since this building is older and not in the best shape- if my building can't support a schweiss door is there some sort of mounting system or header that you could provide, and lastly is there someone who could come assess my building to see if mounting directly to the building with a bifold door is possible? Thanks, Gary


We want info on price and installation. We have looked at several of the bifold doors and are looking to get rid of our push open slider doors. We want cost effective results. Thank You!


We are in the process of getting estimates to replace the sliding doors on our exhibit hangar with bifold glass lift strap hangar doors. We currently have 4 20x15 doors and would like to replace them with either one or two partial glass folding doors.


Hangar located at 156 Flood Point Road, Heathsville, Virginia 22473. Older wooden hangar currently has by-pass sliding doors that are a real hassle to open, especially when there's snow and ice present. Most interested in your bifold strap hangar doors that are wind rated


I’m looking to replace sliding doors with a bi-fold door with lift straps and strap auto latches. Hangar is 50’ wide.Hanger is steel with metal siding. Looking for a rough estimate range at this time.


I own a Morton building with sliding track door it's 17'6" wide and 13'9" tall it's on the gable end. Is there a door you could install that I can maintain my full height? I'd be interested in both styles of bifold and hydraulic doors Schweiss Manufactures. I need the height to get combines in. Thanks


I'm looking for a quote on a bifold door for my barn to replace the 2 sliding doors that a storm blew in. We are in a high wind area, can your bifold doors be windrated? The best way to contact me would be via email, but if you call my house please leave a message.


Currently looking to replace staged sliding doors on a hangar preferably with lift straps,


Looking for a general idea what a replacement bifold door would cost to take the place of a sliding door. This is a retrofit on a Morton machine shed built in 1982. Would also like to have a walk door included.


I would like a price on a bifold door to replace a sliding door for a Morton machine shed with an end door that measures 17'6" wide inside door frame and 13'9" high from inside floor. It will need insulation, inside steel liner and 2 windows. I would want you to install it and premeasure before building the door so there are no problems. Thank you, Chuck


I am hoping to replace sliding airplane hanger doors that currently consist of 3 door sections that roll on 2 tracks manually. I prefer bifold with straps.


Hi, My wife and I are planning a renovation for our house, and we are looking at options to replace a sliding glass wall/opening wall for the back porch area, as well as a garage door for a new shop/studio area. We will be investing heavily in air sealing and insulation for the house, and I was curious if you had any information regarding sealing and air tightness for your bifold and hydraulic doors and door systems? Thank you, -Ryan


I would like to get a quote on replacing a sliding door with your bifold door, installed with the dimensions I provided. This would go on a Morton building that has a wood frame. The door would have the Morton metal siding on it.


Hello, We are looking to price a bi-fold Liftstrap door for an opening approximately 38' wide by 15' high. We're finding sliding doors of this scale to be difficult to come by and open, especially when the snow and ice accumulate, and one manufacturer suggested we try Schweiss as an alternate.


I would like a quote on a bi-fold door. The current bugger of a sliding door is 17' wide x 12.5' tall that we want to replace in order for me to keep my sanity.. Also let me know if changing the door dimensions would help for the price. Thank you


I am looking for a full replacement door for my current hanger that has a dilapidated sliding door. New bifold will need to be 118" tall x 40'11" across. Id like a strap door.


We have a customer who is in need of a bi fold door to replace a sliding door for a Morton Building with wood frame construction. We need to see what the best way to proceed would be and what kind of information we would need to supply to you. The rough opening size is 32.5' wide X 15' high.


I have an older Morton building with nasty old sliding doors that don't slide. I am looking to put a couple new doors in one being most likely a hydraulic and the other a bi-fold. If I figured out the dimensions can I get a quote?


I have a 40w x 10h hangar. Ceiling is 10'h. What are my door options with budgetary bifold strap door


Currently have a steel frame building with 4 slider doors on one side. I am looking to upgrade that door to a bifold strap door before winter comes and freezes my sliders shut. Feel free to call or e-mail. Would also like know of any installers you may recommend. Thanks!


I have a butler steel machine shed with sliding steel doors. Getting harder to open during the winter, would like to see what it would cost to retrofit a bifold strap door or hydraulic swing door in place of them. Opening is 15'4" tall by 24' wide.


I’m just trying to get an idea for a cost to replace my hangar door. The existing doors are sliders, and they are terrible. I’m not ready to buy right now, but possibly in a few months. I just need to know how much money to get together. The hangar door opening is 40X9.5, but I figure I’ll lose a foot on the width by installing posts to mount the door. Am I right about that, or does the bifold get mounted above my clear opening. I hope so.


Interested in updating my sliding hangar door to a bifold Liftstrap one. This door will be replacing an existing sliding metal door on a hangar.


Looking for a bifold replacement for a sliding 48x14 foot door opening that has an existing sliding door. I need a price ASAP for a home inspection and will then follow up with purchase.


Morton building 50'L? Guessing Height 20'? Again another guess. Would like to close the open side with bi-fold door to replace a hard to open sliding door.


Looking for a quote to replace sliding doors on a Quonset type building with bifold strap doors using a freestanding header. And the opening is 20’4”w x 13’0”h


I'm wondering if I could get a quote to fully replace my ugly hard to handle sliding doors with your bifold strap doors. I have two hangar doors, one on each side. They are each approximately 9' tall and 42' wide. My KANE(the airport in Anoka/Blaine, MN) address is 2231 Georgia Avenue. Thank you


I am in need of a quote to replace a bifold sliding hangar door. The dimensions are 44' - 4" R panel (colored) and insulated. I have pictures as well since there is an existing hangar sliding door that needs a better bifold strap door. We would need to match the existing color. We need to have this quoted by COB or first thing in the morning. I'm sorry to rush, just getting last minute information regarding the hangar door. Please call me.


I have a potential client with two existing hangar slide doors. the openings are 70' wide by 20' high. I would like a price on two bifold liftstrap doors. How do i determine if the structure and beam will hold your door? Could you give me an estimated bifold door weight that I could pass on to the building contractor. I'll send you a couple of photos inside the building.


Replacing sliding door in existing building with bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. No concrete at this time but will be pouring floor in near future.


We have a sliding door on our sandblasting building. We are having trouble with it holding up. A roll up door won't hold up very well either. BUT, I'm thinking that a hydraulic door or a bifold top drive door could possibly hold up since we could have the power pack away from or even outside the blast area. So I'm interested in some components to possibly try.


This door would go on a metal Butler building built in the 70s. It currently has sliding doors needing replacement with Schweiss Bifold strap doors. The columns around the clear opening are approx. 6” red iron c channel. I’d like a quote for a complete door, and also for the build your own kit, as I’m a welder.


Considering a purchase of a large hangar in Coeur d'alene Id. It has a 60' wide by 17' tall main door that is currently closed by 4 sliding doors. Looking for a rough estimate to replace with a bifold liftstrap wind rated door. We have the engineered drawings of the structure. Door header is a Massive 12x aprox. 24" heavy I beam Door jams are 12x12 I beams. The door is in the sidewall but the building is gabled over the door.


Looking at upgrading defunct sliding doors to a overhead bifold strap door. Please call or direct me to a local dealer.


Looking to replace a 12x12 old wooden sliding door with a strap bifold door (at least that is what I am thinking now)


Hello, I need to replace overweight, outdated sliding doors on one of our boat storage sheds with a one Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap/autolatch door. I can send detailed photos.


Considering renovation on existing Morton pole barn sliding door with a bifold strap door. Building,replacing end wall with door I think a complete door frame with header would be option .


I am looking to replace some very old sliding doors on my quonset with two of your superior bifold strap doors. I like the bifold doors with windows. Give me a ring anytime.


I am interested in replacing my existing sliding aircraft hangar door with a bi-fold door. My aircraft hangar is 72' wide by 96' deep with two large 30' x 17'9" sliding doors. Prefer only straps and a backup system in case of power outage.


I am one of three hangers that share sliding doors. My doors have to slide in front of the middle hanger to get out and vice versa for the end hanger. the middle hangers door split each way. All Three of us would like to install new bifold strap doors so we aren't blocking each other when we are working in our hangars.


We have an aircraft hangar with existing sliding doors. I am interested in finding out what it would take to convert these to automatic bifold doors with lift straps.


I have a older Morton building with cumbersome sliding doors that needs to be replaced with your bifold strap door or hydraulic door. the opening is 23.5' wide by 13.5' tall.




Looking to replace sliding doors on a Wick machine shed with your bifold strap door. It is 27' wide by 16' tall. Would like a quote for this.


Looking to build a hydraulic or bifold strap door to replace some sliders in an older pole shed. I stumbled across your "BYOD" section on your website, and I am interested in pricing that option. I already have a motor/pump/reservoir and I have the ability to make hydraulic lines. Your hinge design is very nice as well as the hydraulic cylinder mounts. I am not sure if you sell those parts outside of a complete kit. Please respond at your convenience. Thank you


Looking to insulate a Schweiss 40 foot door installed on a Morton Building in Troy Ohio. Sliding door was replaced in 2019 and now i am looking for your recommendation for insulation type and what it would cost. Thanks Jason


We have a building that is 65' wide with (4) doors that slide. The current opening measures 28' tall. The issue is that all of the weight is on the tracks and they tend to be problematic to move, the only way I can see this being fixed is with a Schweiss Bifold or hydraulic door. The building is insulated / heated and is used for indoor boat storage. We want to maintain maximum head room and would want to go with a bi-fold door. The question comes down to if it could be a re-fit with the current structure as well as estimated cost. The building was supplied from A


I'm looking for replace the sliding doors in my wooden pole building with either a hydraulic or a bi-fold liftstrap doors. I would like a quote on both options and include shipping to North Dakota. Can I pick up this door at your Schweiss Door factory? The door is 18ft high x 30ft wide.


In the market to replace a 50'x18' sliding door. Looking for options, pricing and lead time. One side of the door frame is 8" concrete the other is wood but can be shethed with an 6" steel beam.


Have a 24x15'10" opening at end of shed Used to have a rotten old sliding door but is damaged by wind storm Looking to replace with a bifold liftstrap door that is competitively priced.


I have two sliding doors on a 3 door hangar. I have one Schweiss door installed and would like to replace the other two now with bi-fold strap doors with walk doors and windows, and remotes also. Please quote two doors. Do you have a estimate to install doors also? If you have a installer you recommend, i would appreciate their contact also. Thanks MIKE IWD


I have an existing barn with Sliders on the endwall. The current opening is 24' x 15'. This is a barn built in the 60's. I was thinking I could outset your bifold strap door about 4 ft, this would allow me to frame in bracing outside the existing building without adding undo strain.


Looking for replacement of my barn door style sliding hanger doors with bi-fold strap door or hydraulic approximately 40’ wide X 10’ high. It has a large I beam as a header. Approximately 20” tall 8” wide


Looking to replace old heavy sliding doors that dont work. Trying to minimize loss of ceiling height. Building is an older shop. Would like a couple shop windows in the door and automatic latching systems, and a remote bifold door opener. Wood frame with steel siding.


The building is a 1970's era steel Butler. The current sliding door is in one end and roughly 15' high and 30' wide. We need all the clearance we can get, so could you also quote me a price on a bifold liftstrap door and a hydraulic door as well. I have difficulty hearing on the phone sometimes so email may be the best method for communications. Thank you.


I am buying a new home and was looking into installing a hydraulic or bifold Liftstrap


I have a butler building that was built in 74. It has a 25 ft. Wide by 15.5 ft. High opening with sliding doors. Id like to replace with your much superior bifold steel door. I would like a quote with freight and installation included. Thank you Ryan Groholske


I am in the process of remodeling my hangar for retirement located at Bucyrus, Ohio. I have a 40' by 12' clear opening for my door. There are 6" x 6" columns on each side of the opening with a 24" I-beam across the top. My old doors are 20' wide sliding doors that I want to replace. My contractor has started working on the hangar upgrade and I need to order a Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap/autolatch hangar door that will open fast and with very little maintenance. What do you suggest and can you give me a rough quote that can be fine tuned later. I need a man door opening and 2-3 windows. Thank you.


I have a hangar in Montgomery field in San Diego. I would like improvements made to it especially add a bifold operated door to replace the hard opening sliding doors on it now. We would like to have five windows, a walk door and emergency backup system, and of course faster opening lift straps.


Wanting price idea range. Have a small hangar 35' wide 10' tall door. Current door has 4 sliding doors. I want to replace these cumbersome sliding doors with one large bifold Liftstrap door with a remote controlled door opener.


Have existing sliding doors hanging from header that latch to 6x4 wood post so the doors are effectively the wall and only two can be opened at any one time. I would be fine with two 24 wide bifold doors or four 12 wide bifold doors. Im guessing two long ones are cheaper. Prefer the hydraulic for the shade but am also guessing bifold is cheaper. Can call if you have questions, but mostly trying to figure out if this is within reach of my budget.


I would like a quote on a Schweiss quality bifold or hydraulic door. I do not know which model is best for my application so any help or direction is appreciated. It is a steel building that currently has the slide apart doors 24 ft wide opening. There is a track on top and bottom. 288 inches wide to frame 165 inches tall. If you email me I can respond with some pictures. I will need to know how to install and whether i can do it around existing door or whether old door has to be removed first...thanks


We are a Chief buildings dealer and the local airport asked me to replace their old sliding doors with  bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors. How long does it take to get a door quote and do I have to be a dealer to get a door from you? Thanks for your consideration.


We have a butler grain bin that has sliding doors. It is no longer used for flat grain storage and only for Semi trucks etc. We would like one or both sets of doors replaced with a wider configuration bifold strap door. I don't know if you have local installers, but we are looking


Need a replacement hangar door for the slider that is now on it. The hangar is located at Falmouth Airpark - 5B6, East Falmouth, Ma. The hangar is sized to fit a Beech Bonanza and we want a bifold strap door with remotes and auto latches.




looking to replacing sliding door on wood post pole shed with bi fold door. I think your freestanding header frame might be a good fit. I'm only interested in your strap door design - no cables please.


Have a customer wanting to replace slider doors to hydraulic door. I was wondering what options you have for hydraulic door to fit his existing opening. Prefer not to loose headroom. door RO is 23'5" wide x 14'6" h and the framing/bracing required for install. He is thinking of pouring a cement approach just a few feet wide to aid sealing up from birds. You can call or email me info and preliminary quote. I just have some install/ preinstall questions and am considering a freestanding header, but not sure if I need one because you hyd. door has a self-supporting header.. Thank you for your time and consideration 


Have a hangar at KTAN (Taunton Ma.) that I would like to replace the sliding door with a liftstrap hangar door with automatic latches. Dimensions are 44'w x 14'h.


We have a barn with sliding doors and wish to replace these doors. We need to maintain our height clearance, the door openings are 142 1/4 inches wide and 125 1/2 inches high. I have no idea if you design a door this size. We would be interested in hydraulic or bifold strap replacement barn doors. Thank You Tim


I have a machine shed with 24' wide x 14' tall with sliding doors. I would like to have a bifold door put in there because I don't want to loose clearance and I can never get doors open in winter. If I could get pricing that would be great. Thank you


Had wind damage to existing slider doors on shop and getting quotes to replace them and don't want to loose height. I believe I would prefer a bifold strap door because we get a lot of snow in the winter.


We're bidding a renovation project requiring (1) 40' x 16' (clear) bifold door to replace a clunky sliding door. It will be clad in translucent fiberglass (vertical grain) for an aircraft maintenance training facility. Our area is typically at a 30 PSF windload. The opening will be framed in steel to suit. Usage is average one cycle per day. Would you offer us a proposal to fabricate and ship? 


I have a 16'x16' door and 14'h x 12'w door in design for my insulated metal panel barn. You guys were recommended by my local Morton Building contractor because I didn't want a pesky sliding door.


I am working on a project in Oxford, CT that requires retrofitting a hanger with liftstrap bifold doors. The hanger is 370' x 127' and has 2 wide openings with 6 sliding doors at each opening (for a total of 12 sliding doors). This is a concept budget and I am looking for a range if pricing furnished and installed including operation. This is a private airport. Thank you for the help. Ken Woodward 860-748-0718


I have an existing shed {shop) with one hard to move sliding door 9 ft. 11 in. high 13 ft 6 in wide. I have thinking about changing it to a bi fold door. It is on the end of the building on the right side with a small 8 x 9 overhead on the left. It is cemented and heated. If it takes too much modification it would not be worth it for me. I am 81 yrs. old and my years of use are getting shorter. I do think it would be handy


I'm interested in finding out if you can get a bifold door with a service walk door built-in to it? I have a 16'wide by 12' high slider right now that I would like to replace with your better quality Schweiss bifold liftstrap utility shed door.


Interested in replacing manual sliding doors on a detached garage with powered bifold automatic latching strap door. Also interested in installation cost.


I have 42'x 60'Morton pole building.Thinking of one piece hydro.door or bifold door 14'x 18' I have one piece sliding door now that needs to be replaced. Can you retrofit your Schweiss bifold to help me out?.


I have a Morton building that measures 54'X 75' I have a large sliding doors on the gable in facing south and would like someone to come and measure that opening, that is your local Rep/area dealer for you and give me an estimate of cost on everything including installation of one of your bifold or hydraulic metal building doors.  I am crippled up and this building has sliding doors that either freeze down or get built up with snow. I have lived here for 35 yrs. I now own the building site, including this building from my wifes mothers estate settlement. Can you give us an estimate of aprox 23'6" ft wide by 15 ft high, bifold with strap lift, with push button remote controlled activation, like those used where one could control using your cars remote garage door and your new stap latch system using straps as all part of the estimate on white sheathing matching morton Blding's white color. I can't do work.


Looking at replacing a door on our fairgrounds, we have a double sliding door on a galvanized building. I am interested in a large bifold fairground door so that when open it provides shade for the fair goers.


We have a hangar at Westport airport near Tulsa, OK and was wondering if you guys installed there. We would want someone to measure beforehand so we knew it was the correct measurements were submitted as we don't know what parts of the existing sliding door will remain for you to use in installation of the new hydraulic  door to replace it. Thank you!


Hawaii time is minus 5 hours. Anytime after 1pm HI time is good to call (Cell Phone) if a salesperson needs to talk to me. We have an existing sliding  door that we would like to replace and need to get a pricing on a new one piece hydro-powered door.


Building originally built in 1933, building has held up well, (it should it is way over built) But the current door is a sliding mess that probably worked ok 80 years ago but is a complete mess now. I am leaning towards the premier Schweiss Hydraulic door because the opening is only 10' and I want to maximize entry height. Would like to have a quote for the door installed. Thanks! I also need a pedestrian door added to the new hydraulic door.


I have a customer that wants to replace a sliding door. Do you have those bifold liftstrap doors? Door will be 70' x 16' in steel hangar


Need estimate for bifold liftstrap door to fit 10' by 40 hole in a pole barn style hanger. Has a sturdy multi layered truss rafter and sliding doors. Would like pricing broken down as 1. insulated (no doors/windows) 2.uninsulated 3. delivered 4. delivered and installed. I'm looking at mid summer but no set schedule. Too close to taxiway to go with a one piece door. Thanks KT


Door opening is 23 foot 6 inches wide by 15 foot 3 inches high. Looking to replace the sliding doors on an old shed with an insulated bi-fold straplift door. Need a quote with installation.


Have a customer looking at replacing a sliding door. Interested in a price on a hydraulic and bi fold door with liftstraps and autolatches. Which is more popular for a wood building door? Also approx. hrs to put door together and install? Thanks


Do you have a door installer in Edmonton, Alberta? We need corporate hanger doors at the airport and  need to replace the existing sliding door with a Schweiss bi-fold hangar door. I would like to get this done in early spring 2014. What is your lead time to supply a hangar doors as indicated below? 


Looking to have a 56 X 16 overhead bifold strap/autolatch hangar door installed on my 60 X 60 hanger located on the county airport in Texas. Presently it has three sliding doors. Want turn-key quote for this one door to replace 3 sliders.


Provide an estimate for a 20x40 and a 20x60 Schweiss bifold straplift doors? I'm interested in replacing my sliding hangar aircraft doors and am trying to figure out what it's going to take. The sliding doors are just too hard to open.


I need a W18' by H10' bifold strap pole building door. I need door cost, required door framing, etc. Will replace a sliding door. I need the extra clearance for a RV door into the building. 


New 44' wide x 14' clear byfold door for hanger replacing a sliding door. Will have 3" insulated door panels as a skin. How high does the door opening need to be? Needs a walk-in door.


Have a steel commercial building with side sliding doors. App. 24 x 14. Interested in a retrofit to a Schweiss bifold strap door. How soon can you get me this door and have the door installed?


I have a hanger that was built back in 1973. I believe it was an agway building that measures roughtly 42'x 32' The opening is roughly 40'x 12'and is on an end wall. What is a ballpark price for a door to fit this opening and do you have a list of Contractors/Dealers in the Buffalo NY area that can measure for and install your doors? I would be looking at your Bi-fold door with lift straps and latch straps. It currently has sliding wood doors on it. They are a real hassle, especially in the winter.


I would like a ballpark price on 1 and possibly 2 doors to upgrade my hangar. 40' wide by 11' tall. I currently have sliding doors on it and they are just too much work to open, especially in the winter when they freeze shut.


Please call. Concreting existing building with slider doors and may want to remove apron. Need 30 x18 foot door. These sliding doors we have are a big pain in the butt. A Schweiss Bifold should fix that. Thanks, Carey


I am looking to remodel my 30'x48' pole building just 8 miles NE of Cambridge MN. I currently have a 15' sliding door on the endwall which is not wide enough to put my machinery through. I was thinking of putting in a 20' overhead door, but, am interested in the cost of your bi-fold door. The truss height is around 11'. Thanks, Stanley 


We are a building company, working now on a commercial aviation hangar, size 42x24x9m. We are now looking for a solution for motorized hangar doors. The opening is 36x7.4m.  It is desirable, that the load on the upper rail be minimal (so, Schweiss Doors sliding doors look more reasonable to us). The building will be isolated by a 100mm mineral wool layer. Can you offer us a solution?


I'm looking for a replacement for a set of sliding doors. This is for the side wall on a Morton brand building. I'm considering either a Schweiss hydraulic one piece or a bifold door. I'd like a recommendation which would work best for this application. The building has solid wood posts and a metal I beam header. I have digital pictures of the doorway I can send. please feel free to call or Email for more information if neccessary.


Sent you a request for a price installed for a hanger bifold door to fit 40 x14 on a hanger sidewall. Sliding doors now on them and have been nothing but trouble. Looking forward to getting one of your great doors.


I have a existing pole barn with sliding doors 20x14 high (aprox) I'd like to convert to bi-fold. I want to keep my height. What is my best choice and price? I'm convinced to go with your lift strap system.  thanks, Rich


I saw your ad in a magazine and want an approximate estimate only. I have a city owned hanger and don't know if they would let me buy my own door. The existing side ways slider doors totally such and are wore out. They don't have money in their budget to fix them (typical Government bureaucracy). so about how much for a 45 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall ? If I have to pay for it myself I will -- I want a Schweiss door.


I am looking at replacing my sliding door on my shop I need a 34 foot wide by 16 foot tall door but I dont want to lose any head room please send me a quote for both bifold and hydraulic doors I am very interested.  thank you


I need to replace sliding doors. Would more than likely need a header. but can build one also. price cable and strap lift bifold. (2) remotes auto latch and electric eye, walk door. insulated. galv clading out side. two windows. frt to AB Also price out a 20' wide x 14'6" high opening. as I may make the opening smaller


Please give me an estimate: 1) Price of a "T" hangar door, to replace a sliding door. 2) Time involved from placing order to completion of job. The existing sliding door is heaved by frost such that it can rarely be opened during winter months. 3) Price options: Lift Straps, Remote Controls (2), Photo-eye sensors.


have a customer with a large machine shed one door blew off in recent winds would like to upgrade them to better bifold option than sliding doors ruff opening sizes are 26'6" wide by 11'5" tall and 17'5" wid by 11'5" tall. I would also like the door to handle upto 90 MPH winds.


Do you sale horizontal sliding doors? if not could you recommend someone? thank you very much.




Looking to retrofit a 28x16 door have sliders and they are a pain. Looking to go bi-fold with latches and also looking to add 20x 12 bi-fold in new construction. thanks need prices


Have 2 buildings that have large sliding doors. And they never worked right. Arrggghh. I would like quote on  Bifolds, 24x16, while other would like quote on 28x16. would need to know what would be the better alternative as neither has a double truss now.


I am looking to replace a sliding door of my pole barn. I really like the schwiess hydro powered door and think it wold be perfect for what I need. The door would need to fit an opening for 14ft high and 18ft wide. Please provide me with an estimate for doors you have to fit the above requirements. Please add a walk through door and insulation.Thnak you


Looking for the lease cost soultion for a 36 foot schweiss bifold door on a rural property. Old sliding doors aren't working any more. Will be in Sheridan, Wyoming, so door needs to be insulated. Thanks for help. Brian G


I am looking for a bifold door that will mount on the outside of my pole building. The building was built with a poor header over the sliding door.If mounting it won't help, another option I should look at is a free standing header. 


My dad is interested in putting a bi-fold door on his Morton Building to replace his sliding doors. The opening is 13'high x 18'w. He would like some information and prices on these doors. He will sheet and insulate the door himself but please add Straps to the quote pretty much looking for a bare bones door. Thank You.


looking to upgrade a 30' slidding door to a bi-fold or a hydraulic door on our shop. please send any info. on this application.thank you Curt Jade


Estimated one piece door opening is 14' high x 24' wide. In the beginning stages of replacing sliding doors.


I have a question about a single sliding door, The Co. director wants to replace the single sliding door for a existing building with one of your far superior bifold doors, the opening is W=51'8" H=16'2" Is this possible?


Hello, I am interested in getting a price for a bi-folding door to replace an existing sliding door. The inside finished dimensions are 15' high and 59' 1/2" wide. Thanks, Perry


would like a price on a bifold door there are rolling sliding doors on the the building now opening is 14 by 30


Hi I'm looking for a hanger door opener for a large hanger with bifold doors. Do you have anything of the sort? Thanks Bryan


We are needing to replace our shop door on our building, presently the door is the original 2 piece sliding door. We have serious head room issues already in the shed and cannot afford to loose one inch of space that way. I was wondering if a free standing header on a sidwall will work if it goes above the roofline, and how you address water and snow coming off the roof if the header and bifold door go above the roofline. Thank you.


I have a client who wants a pocket door for hangar in Hobbs New mexico 76'x18. Do you have pocket doors?


I have an old cheif steel building that has slider doors on it know it needs to keep its headroom height the opening is a 30x15. We would be up for either a bifold or a hydraulic whichever would accomodate us the best. I would like to know the price installe by your installation crew.


I have sliding track doors that face the south. I would like information about wind load and also price on your bi-fold doors.


Julie This door is the one that you quoted for Ian F. I require a price for a fore frame to add to the front of the building as the existing building does not have enough headroom on the ends. There is also a 24" high concrete foundation wall that we could fasten to on the bottom as well as opening up the middle of the front wall and attaching to the existing rafters. They have an existing sliding door now.


Hi,I have an existing 50ft x 60ft hangar with a 45ft wide opening for the door. I currently have 4 sliding doors that don't work all that well. Is is possible to add one your doors to an existing building? If so, how do I go about it? Thank you.Ian F.


We have a wood frame metal building, with a 26'w x 13'h opening, currently with double sliding doors.Interested in replacing them with a bi-fold door. Do you have an installer in the Oklahoma City area?


I need to change a sliding door on an older T-hanger to a bifold or hydraulic door. The opening is 11'H x 42' W. Please supply costs for both. I need a innexpensive solution. Thank you, Michael


I got a pole barn with a slider on the side and I'm going to put heat in my building so i want a better door.


Are you able to automate already existing doors? We ahve just erected six aircraft hangar doors. They are sliding doors. Dimensions are: Height: 7m width: 5m weight: 1500kg per door. Thanks Knoble


I need a quote to replace slide doors, endwall application, opening is 23'7"x15'8". Building site is Monmouth Il, 61462. Can you quote it installed or is it only delivered to job site? Do we lose any height clearance with your system?


Looking for a door to replace the sliding doors on the end of my shop, without losing any headroom. Must seal well and be well insulated. Side door columns are 6X6 wood.


I recently purchased a 90 foot wide hangar with two 42 foot sliding doors. It is designed to be able to accept bifold doors. I am estimating the doors are 15 feet high. Roughly, what should I expect to pay for 42X15 foot doors if I decide to upgrade to either hydraulic or bifold doors. Jon F.




I am renting a existing older building it has the old sliding barn doors that split in the center and slide each way. These doors would be alright for a barn but not a truck shop. They are drafty and don't seal the elements out. They have a problem with snow build up and are hard to open. Can I put one of your doors over the existing opening with out losing any head room. THS. Gene G. G F. O. Services Inc.


Mike- I found your website interesting. I was looking for a sliding door for my basement project and your site popped up. I enjoyed reading about the history of your company. Maybe we can get together for a beer again sometime. Merry Christmas to you, your wife and family. Doug S.


I am looking to replace a slider door. Building was built by our local lumberyard in 1981. It is a North door opening and the doors can be very hard to dig open in winter months. The building is a 6"x6" wood pole building on 8' centers 40'x80' The dimensions are close approximations as to the door opeing. I have checked into overhead doors but they would like to frame the door in and lose about a foot of headroom.


building 10 years old concrete floor fully insolated need doors on 1 end and 1 side side door has I beam across top end does not we are using for shop sliding doors have tomuch heat loss


I have a metal hangar with 4 sliding doors, about 40 feet wide. It has an I-beam supporting the existing door tracks. It's about 20 years old with some rust. Can you give me a range of what it would cost to replace? I'll get exact measurements if the range doesn't scare me too much! thanks, Mark




I need to speak w/ a representative ASAP about a possible long term business relationship. First and foremost, I have a customer actively searching for door. Our sliders for that particular model are not big enough to accomodate her airplane. She has solid, corrugated steel endwalls and she would like at least a 10'HX40'W door system. What are our options? It is a quonset, 54'WX15'H in the center. We may consider somethin possible automatic as she wants something easy to open as she continues to age. Please email me or call me as I would love to discuss options and, of course, pricing.


I have a 50 x 100 metal building with a framed opening of 24 ft. I need to install a door in this opening, although it will be operated only occasionally. I have been told that sliders will not work. Could you tell me if a bifold would work here and if so the price. I do not have electricity at this site.


I have four openings on a farm equipment building that we want to replace the hanging sliding doors. Two openings are 38 feet wide x 12 feet tall or option for five additonal feet to the bottom of the joist. The other two openings are 18 feet wide same height. We need an option to have at least one man door in each opening and an option for an opening wide and tall enough for a pick up track to drive through. Thank you.


I have a 11'3" high by 36' wide opening with 9' post spacings. I originally planned for 4 sliding doors but wonder about your bi-folds. It could be 1,2 or 4 seperate doors.


I am bidding repairs on a 50 year old hanger with sliding corrugated doors that are in horrible shape. I just received an astronomical bid for making the existing doors work, and began to think that maybe installing new doors would be comparable. currently we have two openings that are approximately 70' x 20'. the job is in Southern California. thanks, Les


Existing Hangar. Replacing Quad sliding doors. V35B Bonanza hangar sizing. I will have to get exact measurements. Who can install in this area of Southern Illinois?


We are looking to remodel an existing building that is about 25 years old it is 55x100 with 14 ft side wall it has an existing sliding door 25x14 What additional modifications would we nwwd to consider?


I have a hanger with sliding doors now. I need a quote on a door wirh a 45ft opening and 10ft height.


Do you manufacture a sliding door for a light aircraft box hangar? A group of pilots in Missoula Montana are looking at hangar structure options, and plan to build 6-8 units this summer (2008).


residential use. replacing heavy sliding door or wood (cedar) and metal construction. Prefer remote/electronic opening mechanism


I own a 50'x100'x18'6" WedgCor Modified U Arch building on a 2' stem wall. The shop currently has 27'x14' sliding doors. I want to enlarge the door to 27'x16' or 31'x16'.


I would like information and prices on replacing the sliding doors on my shed. The current door is 24' wide by about 14' high. I may retrofit and put a wider door in if I replace what is there. The shed is 48' wide. I might go to a 30 or 34 wide door.


we currently have a 30' x 16' double sliding door. The doors are very heavy to operate manually. We are looking into the possibility of installing a one-piece hydraulic door to limit the loss of headroom. We can only afford to lose 12-14" of headroom.


I am looking for a door to replace sliding doors on a Roundtop building. The door opening is 14' 6 1/4" high and 20' 2 1/2 wide.


Looking for a door to replace muliple wooden sliding doors in a garage operation opening is 39" wide x 15'5" high.


Oak Forrest Condominium has 17 door openings of approx. 11'-10" wide x 5'- 2" high that need replacement doors. They are for electrical panel rooms that are not deep enough for a kick-up/roller dr./sectional, etc. The top sliding doors there now have disintegrated over time. Perhaps you would have the answer?


Do you have a hydraulic closer for a sliding door for domestic building to satisfy swimming pool safety requirements?


We are looking a high quality sliding folding door ,electrically operated by remote system ,made of wood or steel ,powder coated finish for a multipurpose hall. clear opening width is 16.80 mtr and opening height is 7.00 mtr. We would prefer to have quote with techncial details,bochures etc.


I have a 14'tall x 17 wide' opening in a wood barn that I roll a R44 helicopter on a landing pad in. Total height of the r44 on the pad is 13'2". Currently I have a sliding door (wood) installed. How much space at the top would I lose with a bi-fold door? I would like an estimate on both a bi and a one piece, white, metal, insulated.


Just getting thoughts. we re roofed the barn this year and the back sliding doors need work, hard to catch me home so a cataloge with prices would be nice.


We need to repace a sliding door on a old post and beam warehouse with metal siding. Do you have an installer in this area?


Looking to replace sliding doors on a goodon pole building about 5 years old. opening is 35 or 36 feet wide and 16 feet high. 18 foot sidewalls. need a price installed please. Daryn


Have a concrete block building with sliding "Barn" type doors that are failing. Need them replaced with something better.


this hanger has two doors, one is 90' 16' high and has 5 sections. the other is 76 feet and 4 sections. these are sliding doors looking for electric openers


We have a customer that has two hangers that need door replacements. These hanger were built in 1945 and existing doors are multiple sliding doors, that don't work. The two openings are 16' tall and 60' wide. What are our options in replacing these doors? The structure will not support overhead supported doors. We would like to stay with 16' clearance if possible. Once we decide on door type we will need pricing.




I am looking for an old metal fire door on a sliding rail system to install in my loft space. Any idea where I might locate one of these? Thanks


I want to replace sliding doors with bifold on existing hanger in Roanoke TX (door about 50' X 18'.) Also am building another hanger in Rhinelander, WI in the fall. This door would be about 45' x 16'. Would like est'd pricing on both doors as well as info on installation. Do you do installation? etc. Thanks, bob


I have an 11 foot 8 inch tall by 18 foot wide opening on my machine shed that has old sliding doors on it that I want replaced. I would like an estimated cost for replacing them with either a bifold or hydraulic one piece door.


I have an old Barn with sliding doors and wanting to replace with garage doors but do not want to lose head space.


Door opening size is 20 feet wide and 13 feet high, on steel building. Has side sliding doors now. Want insulated door to replace existing.


We need to replace our sliding doors with an insulated door. Our opening is 24'1" X 14'8". Please email a quote on the one-piece door. We don't want to lose any height of our opening. Thanks.


I have a storage shed with a 16' tall x 45' opening. I am wondering what the price would be to enclose this with a large door. (door only I won't need to reinforce the building) I am open to suggestions. My friends have told me to put sliding doors but I can see the advantages of folding doors. Thank you, Chester S.