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Hello. I had been in contact with Jeremy regarding a schweiss strap bifold door. A few things have changed and I have a few new questions. 1. Have had to change the height of my side walls so we will have to address that. 2. Is it possible to have an overhead door within either a bifold or a hydraulic door? Thanks much. Framing has begun and trusses will go up next week. Floor should be in before July. So I'm hoping to get the ball rolling on door here shortly for the shop door.


Plan to replace the doors on my shop with a bifold door with walk through door. My opening is 11feet 7 inches wide by 14 feet 9 inches high. Thanks


I am looking to get a quote on a 15x12 bifold for my shop. looking to get a quote for three of them.


We are looking to open up our shop and add a hydraulic door for the summer time. I am in need of a quote, the opening size is around 12x15


Hello. I am interested in obtaining more information and a quote for a single door for an equipment garage. Rough opening of the equipment garage is 8' (H) x 10'(W). What would be the clear opening? Hope to hear from you soon.


I am looking at bifold or one-piece door for a shop and storage building. The front opening is 23.5 feet wide by 12 ft 1 inch tall. It is a wood structure with the framework made out of pressure treated 6x6 with steel reinforced joints to look like post and beam


Hello. I'm looking for a door for my workshop, which has a 9' wide by 7' tall opening. Do you make doors this small?


Looking at buying a door to put on my equipment shop. Having some questions on pricing and installation. Thanks


I am looking into building a shop and looking at installing one of you bifold strap lifting doors. I live in southern Ontario about 2 hours from detroit michigan. I am looking at the 40 foot door by 14 foot high. I would like something to let the sun in in more than just a window maybe a fabric. I am trying the figure out the most cost effective way but if steel is quite a bit cheaper would go with just steel.


Building a shop in my backyard. My current opening is 22'2" wide X 14'7" Tall. Trying to get a price as soon as possible. Just finished wood framing.


I'm building a shop at my house and I plan to have two 10'W X 12'H doors. The shop will be a 40' X 40' building. I'm interested in your bifold doors as a possible solution in lieu of a roll up door. Do you have a catalogue or rough estimate of cost for such doors? Current plan is to utilize wood or metal stud framing with wood truss roof structure.


Hi I teach and Pomona College. We ordered a couple of doors from you for the art building. we ran into an issue a couple of years ago and I was impressed with your 9pm pick up to help me sort out getting the door closed. anyway. We bought these doors because years ago I had installed a hydroswing on a barn of mine. looks like that company is under water. I am about to build another barn/studio for myself in Massachusetts and want to use one of your doors. about 10 ft high and 12 wide. sometime this summer if I am lucky. Can you tell me about price and process.


I am looking for a simple work / hobby shop door. 9 x 12 or 9 x 10. I would like the door insulated and fit airtight in the frame of the building. A person door, 3 x 7, installed in the hanger door. I would like to construct on site or assemble your mfg door on site with lift kit. Can you provide me with a reasonable estimate of costs, shipping, delivery time? If i make the door on sight i will probably sandwitch two exterior 4 x 8 plywood together using west epoxy system. I have made a door like this before and it has been in service foe 15 yrs to date with no problems.


I'm planning on putting up a 60x80 shed this fall. For a year or two it's just going to be cold storage with plans to finish it into a shop later. I want to put a 40' door in one gable end. I might not put the door in right away but I'll need to know my ruff openings. Pretty sure I'm going to build shed on 2' concrete knee wall with 18' side walls, 20' total height. Just getting ideas together for later this year.


I need a price on two doors, openings are 23.5 X 13.5 south end and 26.5 X 13.5 east side, this in on an existing Morton building, one opening is under the south end under the trust, the other opening is on the east side under a steel beam.


I'm interested in the option of installing an insulated bifold door instead of 3 separate garage doors on a new barn-look workshop garage build.


Adding on to existing shop looking at a bifold strap door that is 14’ tall and either 22or 24’ wide.


We are in the beginning stages of building a 40' x 80' shop. I was looking to get an idea of price for a bifold door, approximate size: 16' height x 27' width. I can send a 3D rendering of our shop as we're open to any suggestions or ideas. We're leaning toward a steel building, but may end up with a pole barn style so if we could get a quote for both that'd be great.


Good Morning, I am building an addition on my shop and would like a quote on a bi-fold door. The door would be insulated with automatic opener and remote opener. Dimensions are 18' wide by 12' tall. White in color. Not sure about windows as I know little about your doors. Lets talk.


I am interested in a shop bifold door, approx 30-36 ft wide. I am wondering if you have any dealers in our area?


Strap bifold door. 20x13. Putting together budgetary numbers to build a shop.


We are based out of Sorento Illinois. We farm 2000 acres and run and operate a custom truck shop called Plowboy diesel. We are looking for some bifold doors for our shop. Right now we have sliders. Back to our businesses. We are sponsored by permatex, air cat tools, wd40, dandj precision machine, steed speed and many more high end companies and would like to know if you would sponsor us. We are very interested in working with you guys. Feel free to email or call us to talk more business. I appreciate it! Look forward to hearing from you.


I have a customer looking to build a new shop I'm looking for cost of a hydraulic door. Clear for height in shop would be 18 feet and the door would go on gable end of building. We are thinking door to be 32 feet wide or close to that and I was wondering how tall can the door be. Would it able to be full height?


Considering a Bi Fold door for out new shop. Please send a price and estimated delivery timeframe for Northern MI


Looking to quote a door for 50x14 clear opening. This will be for new construction so building will be designed around the door.


Looking for an estimate on a door that would be 25’ wide and 16’ tall Shop will be located in the Austin Texas area.


I’m building an 80x120 steel frame shop. Could I get an quote for a 40 ft wide x 18ft tall bifold door? Insulated and installed


Looking at building a new shop sometime next year. Looking for some info and pricing a couple different size bifold doors but one below would be the biggest. Unsure if building will be wood or steel at this point.


Michigan shop door- Needs to have self contained posts and header as I will need to extend above the roof line to get desired height


Looking at replacing an overhead door in existing building. Building is currently cold storage that we are converting to another shop.


We're building a residential shop, 30x50. The current plan is for two vehicle-sized doors: 1. 12x12 or 12wx10h 2. 12wx14h I like the idea of bifold. If straps are more economical, we'd go that way. Price is a factor for this non-commercial building. thanks! Please send a quote for both the hydraulic and bifold door.


Looking for installed quote from schweiss doors for 18 ft tall 30 ft wide bifold door for storage shed


I have a shop that i am building for a customer that we would like to have hydraulic doors on it. We will be putting wood over it to blend in with the siding. The opening RO is 14' x 16' Can i get a quote on your doors for these openings?


We are converting an auto repair shop into a retail store and would love a glass horizontal bi-fold door in place of the metal overhead door that is there. It is a concrete block building (built in the late 40s) and the opening is about 119" tall x 143" wide. I am looking for an idea of the cost and lead time involved.


One schweiss door quote for a fully insulated bifold door. shed door. Another schweiss door quote my neighbor wanted a quote on a 6 year old machine shed wood poles steel siding, non insulated door, 30' X 17' bifold door with lift straps. neighbors shed door quote.


Need to see about getting a bi fold door for my shop its a pole building the posts are 12ft on center, the opening that I want the door to cover is 60 foot total. I will get specific measurements just looking for ball park price. Thank you


Converting an old grainery into a small shop, only 28 x 32 ft. Would like a quote for a schweiss door- please send one for the bifold and one for the hydraulic. I would like to see if it's feasible to get a door ordered versus making our own. Thanks


Requesting a Price on a Vertical Bi-Fold Door for a shop expansion we are budgeting for. Building will be a pre-engineered building. Door will be 30' wide x 16' tall. Insulated, with no windows or walk through door. Thanks RM


I have a 40x80 storage shed/shop with a aprox 13x20 door opening. I'm a farmer and fairly good at with tools. Do you recommend that I could handle the install myself? Do you have any distributer in Canada. Canadian door installer. Or I guess north dakota?


Looking to switch out my shop's roll up overhead doors. I would like some more info and pricing on schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors.


Building shop in need of a shop building door. Thinking of going with bifold. but open to ideas. Building 60x60x18 and looking for clear opening of 40x16. Draftsman is inquiring as to any additional requirements. I would like to discuss insulation, windows, etc cost. Thanks EM


Hi there. I'm getting ready to build a metal building shop and am interested in a bi-fold hangar door for it but need to figure out pricing and if it would be more economical to do 2 narrower doors or 1 full span door. The opening would be 60ft wide for a single door, or split that in half however we would need to for 2 doors. Building wall height will be 20ft. Can someone please let me know what we're looking at to do this? Thanks in advance!


I have a building that is 90 ft wide and 20 ft high. We do not have a roof currently, but getting prices now. There are two bays of the building. I was thinking of a an overhead bay bifold door for at least one side- 42ft wide by 20 ft, but I’m also curious if the cost of a 60ft wide bifold door.


Interested in your doors. Strap


We are putting up a new shop and are interested in information on your bi-fold doors. One door is 22'wide by 15' tall the other is 19'5"wide x 15' tall. This is a steel frame building that we custom build.


Hello, I'm interested in either the hydraulic powered door or the strap bi fold door for my farm shop. Can you get me some pricing? I would like the door on the side wall and would like a majority of the overhead door to be the wall but I would like to see the price differences between sizes. Maybe I could go two smaller doors rather than one large door. Thanks, Mandy


Hi, I am looking for three doors for my shop, 12' wide by 14' high. Insulated with high R-value. What do you have? Would folding door or one-piece be more energy efficient?


Hello, looking to build shop this summer. Want bifold strap door for 16' wide X 14' high opening. One walk-in door within the bi-fold door. One window within the bi-fold door. Sheeted with steel inside and out. Fully insulated. Building will be ICF, so some of the boxes below are not checked. Thank you, Terry Reimann


we are building a shop. I amd going to do concrete standup. i wanted to put 4-40 x 15 bifold strap doors in. do you have a price per size? Or are all Schweiss Doors custom made?


Please email 1st time. Looking for a 27' wide 16' talk strap bifold shop door. Insulated for shop door. Going on wood frame building. Checking on price for now.


I am hoping to build a shop this year. I am looking for 2 insulated bifold shop doors. 18x36 one in each end. What is the price / price difference on a bifold /hydraulic doors.


I have a 12' wide by 12' tall barn/workshop door with a failed LiftMaster gate opening system. Please quote me on a 12 x 12 replacement lift strap ag door that electrically bifolds upwards. Thanks.


Looking for a quote on a bifold lift strap and automatic latching door quote for a 12’x12” opening near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - door is in a partition wall in the middle of a 40’x120’ shop - opening is 12’x12’ with a header 2’ above the opening - columns and header made with 2”x6” tubing


Investigating different bifold garage doors for our shop. Maybe a 10h x 12w and a 14h x 12w and wanted to know possible price ranges for bifold doors with Liftstraps, that could be an interesting option. Thanks Liz


I am putting up a shop/equipment shed. I need 2 bifold strap doors without windows or walk door. Do you offer an insulated door? Please quote both ways. Thank you. Richard Wise


I would very much like to speak to someone about adapting a Schweiss Bi-Fold door to my existing shop building. It's an older building that has combined building materials, which makes me wonder if a freestanding header will be needed. I can send photos. The existing roll-up door is an older style with wood framing, masonite filler panels and 2 rows of glass. The existing opening is 12' high by 12' wide. My "Dream Door" would maintain that full opening and have a similar amount of glass and possibly have a walkout door. I intend to cover the exterior of the door with vinyl siding of a board and batten style that will match the existing exterior finish.


Going to build an new shop. looking for what kind of door to use, bifold or hydraulic. Opening in build 30' wide x 20' high, 2nd Door 12" wide x 18' high in side wall. Building 50" x 100' x 24' walls, metal. I need all the headroom I can get.


Looking for lead time and pricing on a bi-fold Liftstrap hanger style door for a shop addition. 55'w x 20'h Julian Aveiro from Aveiro Constructors recommended I contact you for this. Jason Bear


I am building a garage/workshop and am interested in a bifold Liftstrap Schweiss door for a single extra-tall bay so that a normal overhead garage door will not obstruct interior space.


We are thinking of putting one of your bifold lift strap doors for our shop. How much would a 24.5ft wide by 14.5ft tall door cost?


Could I get a price on a 14 wide by 12 high shop door, bifold with straps or single hydraulic. Walk in door in door. Thank you.


Im looking toput another bifold strap door in my shop. After finding and using my first bifold door, your product i feel it is a very good product and thought i would see what it would take to sell them as well since i dont know of anyone in this area that sells these doors. if you could get back to me that would be great thanks tyler


Looking at building a Garage Shop (40 x 60) within an HOA. Can't have a "Garage Door" facing the street, but thought about getting an all glass bifold designer door or is it possible to fascade the opening with stucco and stone with some windows?


I am looking for a quote on a 14ft tall by 20 ft wide door. I am looking to start budgeting for my shop and trying to understand costs entailed with ordering a bifold lift strap door with remotes and auto latches. What do you have for a bifold backup system in case of loss of power?


We are looking for a bifold lift strap garage door for northern Minnesota shop that is 10-11 feet high by 12 feet wide. It can be basic finish but wondering which door and what your prices are. Thank you, Tim Anderson


Client looking to put 42x16'8" door in end of a shop addition Would like a quote on hyd or strap lift. Project will not commence untill next year thanks for you time Orlan Inniger Inniger Building


Installing a single swing or bifold strap door in an existing shop building between main frames. 47 ft 4 inches opening should allow a 46 ft door.


I'm building a timber frame shop with two, large bifold garage doors. I'd like to get an estimate on installing a bifold insulated door. One measuring 12'w x 14' tall and the other 12' wide and 10' tall. Thank you!


Phone call not necessary unless you feel it is... I have a residential 16’ by 8’ garage door that I am considering changing for a roll-up or bi-fold liftstrap door to better make space for my wood shop. What are your options (price and equipment) for such a project? Is it feasible?


Need 18’ wide by 12’ tall bifold strap door for a retail shop. Do you have installer near Landrum SC? Or can I install it myself?


I'm interested in building my own 18 wide 14 high putting in a farm shop replacing a 14 wide 12 high in gable end of building with a 14 ft ceiling. Do you have bifold door kits or a listing of parts (motors, straps, remotes, etc.) that I can order for my home-built doorframe.


Looking to get a quote on a 40' wide x 12' tall bifold strap door for my new shop. I am looking for whatever is cheapest whether that's hydraulic or bi-fold, I prefer bifold. Please let me know an estimate on what this is going to cost. Thank you.


I am looking at a 9’6” clearance 38-40’ wide opening in my shed with sliding doors but am considering cost of a bi fold liftstrap door with your automatic latching and remote opening systems.


I am putting up a new building (undecided on wood framed or steel) for storage/workshop and am looking to do a couple bifold or hyd doors on it. I would like to get some ballpark pricing for them as well as a DIY frame/door solution as you have outlined on your website. Other than door dimensions, is there anything else you will need to provide estimates for these bifold liftstrap and hydraulic storage/workshop doors?


I am going to be building a new shop, with 20' sidewalls, so I'd like to get a 40' wide door, with at least 17', preferably 18' overhead clearance. How do I get a rough price estimate on that? I believe I'd like the bi-fold shop door more, but if the hydraulic shop door is significantly cheaper, I could do that also. Thanks! Phil


Nothing fancy, bifold strap shop door for a storage shed not insulated Light brown tin and can you put a door in it and will it work in 0 degree weather thanks price quote too


The end walls on my large shop will have 18' walls with 24' peaks. We need the bifold shop door bottoms to clear at least 14' to facilitate a fifth-wheel trailer. I am not sure if we can make this work with a 16' X 30' clear opening or will we need an 18" X 30' opening. I need your recommendation. Thank you


Can you give me a rough estimate for a strap lift bifold door for a workshop with a 10'0" wide by 9'9" high opening? If doors have standard heights, I really can't afford to lose any headroom, that is why I am considering a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold liftstrap workshop door.


I recently had a house fire and have decided to build a shouse (shop/house combo) and I need to get it built fast in hopes to be enclosed by winter. That being said, I am trying to get pricing and lead time figured out for a 24' wide x 16' tall one piece hydraulic shouse door to go in the end wall of an EPS pole building. I am looking for a standard door with no doors or windows in it. Also, if there is some sort of remote transmitter option available I would like that quoted as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Hello, I am about to have a 40x60 shop built that is wood framed and metal siding. I am in need of a 36' wide by 12' tall bifold shop door with straps. I am looking for a quote for this door. Thank you!


I would like to know the speed, insulation thickness, and aproximate price of a 14' wide by 14' high bifold strap door, as well as for a 23' wide by 14' high bifold strap door. this is for a fleet management shop where the Schweiss bifold doors will open at each end for quick drive through.


Hi, I'm near Green Isle, Mn. I'm interested in a bi fold door for my existing shop. Do you have any suggested contractors to fit a door on for me?


I am looking at different door options on a shop that is still in the planning stages, to be built next spring. I am considering all options on a 30' X 18' foot door. I do like the look and simplicity of your lift strap bi-fold door and would like to talk to you about my project.


I am looking to build a new home and shop. I am interested in obtaining information about shop door options to meet my needs. Also, budgetary pricing for these options. I would like information about bi-fold and non-bi-fold doors. I plan to install (2) 14x14 doors in the shop I plan to build (40x60) . Please have someone contact me to learn more.


We are looking to build a shop approximately 60x120 and are looking for folding doors on the gable ends 45 feet wide 16 feet tall.


Building a new shop and wanting a price on a hydraulic swing door. We are building it with 18 foot side walls.


I have a shop with a opening of 16'x 58'.I would like an estimate on a bifold strap door for it. We would also might look at buying the plans for it. This is a all steel shop that we are building ourselves.


Looking for delivered and installed quote for 24 x 12 hydraulic shop door and a 16x12 hydraulic door Installed in Ky.  Building is wood frame.


Hi, I have a project with a workshop space that has the opportunity for four (4) bi-fold shop doors. The openings are 12'6" wide by 10' high, can you provide a budgetary quote for four (4) glazed type bi-fold shop doors? Thank you,


I'm interested in converting my cable bifold door to lift straps and also interested in changing out my ceramics shop roll up metal door with a glass bifold or similar design Schweiss bifold. Interested in prices. Thanks


Looking for quote on furnish and install for hydraulic door in Alpine, AL. 40'wide x 10'tall installed in pre-engineered metal building. Jacorsells seals and does it better


We would like to arrange a visit by a Schweiss door representative regarding a storage shop building we are currently designing in the Minneapolis, MN  area. We would like to review structural and standard detailing, and inquire as to the possibility of custom detailing of bifold straplift doors and hydraulic shop door installations. Contact via email preferred to schedule a date. 


I would like to know a little more about your doors. I am interested in putting a bi fold door on the shop that I am currently building for myself. It is a 12' wide 14' tall door. I like the idea of the bi fold liftstraps but might be interested in the 1 piece hydraulic too. If it is cost effective I would like to put one on the smaller bay that is 9' wide 8' tall. 


I have shed customer who would like a price on a bifold liftstrap door. Problem being we have the frame work up and this just got decided. So i need a price and hinge height etc. for a 18' x 14' high bifold. asap we don't have wall steel on yet, it's a wood frame pole building.


I am looking for a qoute on a bifold storage building door with straps and shipping to Wasilla Alaska. The door hinge location should be 12' 8" and 42' wide. What would be the clear opening of this door? Also what is your shipping schedule to Alaska?


Need a price on a bifold strap lifting door 14 foot high and 24 foot wide for my auto repair shop.


Looking to put in a bifold liftstrap door for my shop and I have no over head clearance the wall height is 14'4" tall rafter height is 14'6" and the opening I have in 14' tall 12 ' wide can you help ??  P.S. - It's a wood building with steel siding.


Looking for a price on a bifold opening industrial strength door! The door size is app. 47 feet wide by 14 feet tall! Steel door mounted on the outside of an existing steel I-beam constructed shed! Price with liftstraps and automatic door locking device. Also add a walk door and windows.


I would like an estimate on a Schweiss bifold shop door with straps and autolatches, 40' wide and 14' 11" tall. This is the opening size. It will also have 1 walk in door with window and 4- 3x3 window openings. Give me the height we would need above the shop door header.


Looking for a quote on a bifold storage shed door that would need to be 32' wide and open up to a height of at least 14'. County salt and gravel storage shed door.  Price with galvanized door frames and liftstraps.


Looking for 18x35 foot bifold louvered shed door. It's a tobacco pole barn door and has 2x6 wood side and 2x8 roof with steel siding. Need a price for bifold door installation. Price free standing door header and Schweiss door autolatches separately.


Looking for new overhead shop door. 10' wide 9' high metal door. Bifold strap design. I hear door cost is similar to traditional overhead door?




Need 25' clear in doorway for Schweiss bifold liftstrap biodiesel shop door. Please let me know the height where I'll need to place our header for the Schweiss door.




Home sawmill shop door ...2x6 walls on 24" high concrete stem walls ... door end wall is 32' wide with 28' door opening, roof trusses are 2x4 spaced 2' apart ...will want row of door windows and man door in lower section of a bifold liftstrap Schweiss door. Can it be a insulated sound door?


I'm inquiring about bi fold liftstrap shop doors for  a new shop. Door opening is 28' wide by 17' high. I have looked at my neighbors Schweiss shop door  and really like it. I would like to know availability of a door that size and what type of options such as windows in the door and remote door openers. 


We need information for a bifold liftstrap shop door for our metal shop building and need pricing, door frame information, and availability. We need a  20 ft wide door, ceiling height will be 16 ft.. 


I need a family farm shop door. The inside of the building will be 20 ft. tall. Bifold shop doors need to be 18 ft. tall. One door is 36 ft. wide. The other door is 25 ft. wide. I get a lot of wind, so require a windrated door. The 36 ft. shop door will open on the east side of the shop. The 25 ft. shop door is on west side of the shop and will need better windrating. Both a thermal insulated doors.


Combination heavy equipment repair shop door and fab shop steel door. Note: Will be insulating the doors with closed cell spray insulation and cladding the doors inside with 10 Ga. sheet steel. You may want to factor this into the hydraulic door specs.


I am Building a garage/shop. looking at your bi fold strap doors, one apx 10'H x 10'W, the second 15'H x 12'W. I've seen your doors in action on a hangar and was most impressed with the workmanship and detail to quality.


Looking for insulated (r-20) Schweiss bi-fold strap door to install on existing shop end wall. Probably needs self support painted white with sheeting on both sides unless sprayed insulation.


Interested in the cost of these Schweiss doors vs a regular roll up door. They will be for an agricultural shop 50 x 120 with 16 foot eves. I am not set on a bi-fold, hydraulic, or roll up door, everything we have now is roll up and tends to give us troubles at times. No one in our area has these doors as our equipment is not typically as large as that of the mid west but I thought I would look into them. Another question I have is that can one power unit run multiple doors to lower the cost? If you could email me any information in particular a rough cost it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris


I am in process of building a shop and are planning on an overhead door but thought i would check into the Schweiss bi-fold door. It is a 14 tall by either 16 or 18 wide. Looking for insulated door with a bronze color. This is a wood frame structure and could you include installation and would like a keypad plus a remote opener. Thanks


12 x 6'9" small bifold aluminum/glass retail shop door opening in Bandera Texas. Can you give us information on what it would cost for one of your doors? And do you know someone in the Texas area that could install it?


I am building a 100 ft X 300 ft work shop, storage shed. One door is 30 X 18 the other 3 are 26 X 18. Would you be interested in giving me a quote on these bifold strap doors?


I need a price on a 42ft wide x 14ft high Schweiss Liftstrap Bi Fold door on a PEMB 60 x 50 x 20 Shed in CA. Electric or Hydraulic operation and Window Line


Bifold strap door is for an existing farm shop that is being renovated opening is 20x16 ft door would be required in 2-3 weeks. Looking for a door with 3 or 4 windows must be insulated total ceiling height is 18ft 6in.


Hi, I am building a hanger maintenance shop and interested in your bi-fold straplift door. I require a 13mx5 door with shipping to Australia. Could you supply a price for this. Thanks Richard


I have known about Schweiss doors for a while, but what I'm looking for is the same door for my home hobby shop that has standard verticle lift doors 10 high and 12 wide, this type will work with my car lift, I want liftstrap doors like yours so the door does not go up inside to where the car is do you supply this small of your version of door with a remote lift? any suggestions thanks


Have a roll up door on our equipment shop. 22'wide by 14'high. would like to change it out to a Schweiss liftstrap bi fold door as the strong wind pressure bows the door in. It is a heated shop with electricity. Wish I'd have ordered a Schweiss door from the very start. Oh well, live and learn.


Thinking about adding on to a existing shop and was wondering $$ on the Liftstrap Bi-fold and Red Power Hydrolic doors in 30 ft wide by 18 high, insulated with lockable entry door.


I have a shop at home with an overhead door, and would like to replace it with a hydraulic one piece Red power door. The opening dimentions are 13.6 high 15ft 11.5 in wide. Please give me a quote on a door. I have two of your bifold doors on two other shops already, and really enjoy them. The reason for going hyd. this time is head room. Thanks Joe.


Hi. We are replacing a door on our ranch shop. The measurements are 14 feet wide by 16 feet tall. We do not want it insulated nor do we need windows. This is to be a hydraulic one piece Red Power door with a walk door.  We would like to ship to a location in Montana. Can you tell me what the estimated quote would be? Thank you.


I am building a garage/workshop with a 10H x16W door. It is a panelized building. A drawing of the front showing the rough-in opening is attached. I want to install either a hydraulic lift door or a bi-fold door with liftstraps. I would like a cost estimate (a range will be fine) for each type if you sell products into Kansas or the Kansas City area in Missouri. My farm is in Paola, KS a small community south of Kansas City. If you do ship products into this area, do you have a dealer or an arrangement with a business that handles installations? If you need to speak with me, please use my cell number. Thanks in advance for the information.


We just purchased an acreage and are looking to update a shop door. Currently there is a sliding door that we would like to replace with your bifold door. Could I get some infomation about your bifold doors. I do not have a lot of clearance between the door opening and the ceiling. I am not for sure on the size of the opening since we have not taken position yet. Thanks


Looking for a insulated Schweiss bi-fold door for our shop [ 24 ft. wide X 16 ft. high. I'm tired of chipping ice away to get my sagging sliding doors open. Let's get it done before winter. Both a picked up price & delivered price Aluminum color


I have a 50x100x16 steel building, right now I have a wall in the middle of the building making 50x50 shop and 50x50 storage. What I would like to do is put a door in the middle of the building so I can open it when I do not need a heated shop. A Schweiss bifold door seems to fit what I am wanting to do. The bldg I have has slanted walls so the roof is 42' wide so that is the width door I will need. What kind of cost would this be? Insulated with a large walk through door on one side. Thank You Darvin


I am interested in getting a quote on a Schweiss hydrolic doors , I've heard nothing but good things about your company, your door prices are a real buy , we know  we have been checking the others boys on the block, no quality no service , you guys are doing a great job,but want to first review the catalogue for standard sizes etc to assist with design and pricing. I look forward to receiving the information. I found your company listed as a vendor in Architectural Record. Pat S  


I need a door for a small shop. I would like to have at least 8' clearance with the door fully open. I can go with a overhead door but because of the small space to the rafters when the door is open the most overhead clearence I can get is maybe a 7'9" opening. I'm thinking a bi-fold might work better. My opening is 9'4" wide. What size of door would I need and what would it cost for one that is insulated.


Looking for a quote on a Schweiss by fold door with straps for my shop. It has 16' walls. Looking for 15-16' high by 30-40 foot wide.


We have west facing door that is 22'wx14'h, and we can't loose any height or width, I think the schweiss style bi-fold is the way to go because of the wind it is exposed to and we open it every day in the winter because it is our heated shop for tractor and snow removal equip.If you have any other ideas please share,I like the hyd. doors too. can you please send me a quote on them too.


We have an existing shop door we need widened and possibly the height raised. We would like to consider a schweiss bifold likely but maybe a hydraulic door to replace the current roll-up door. We are also planning some new pre-engineered shops and might consider the same type doors for them as well. What I would like pricing on now is the existing shop door to widen to roughly 18-20'.


Would like to have some very basic pricing for an opening that must maintain it's 10 foot high, 16 foot wide opening. could mount to exterior to allow all of door to be larger to maintain clearance of ten feet. would love to have a general idea of costs for just frame, we would side and finish. would like both the bi-fold and hydraulic. Farm shop that must mathc surrounding buildings. Thanks! Frank


We're custom home builders, looking for a hanger style door that looks similar to your bifold door. 9' x 8' high It's going into a Car Barn with a car lift. I need approximate costs for 1 unit, opener and installation, as soon as possible. Thanks, Nathan


to whom it may concern looking for a Bi fold strap door price for my Work shop clear opening 16' wide 13' high could you give me price and delivery thanks


For my auto maintenance shop I have one other door that is 15 wide and 11 high. I may frame to 12 wide and 11 high , so please quote both for one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors.


Here are the shop drawings for this project. Please email reply to let me know you've received. Doors will be hydraulic and bifold doors. Thanks


I visited with a sales rep on the phone on Tuesday about getting a price estimate on a bi fold shop door. She said that I would have the estimate later that same day. It is a 24' insulated bi fold with  straps on the end wall of a 16' high building, I want to maintain a 16' clearance if possible.Thank You,


looking for a 30' or 40' wide door for a new agricultural shop building. 16' tall. what is the best option? Bifold or Hydraulic? Costs?


Wondering about a door for a round roof barn. Looking for a 14 ft tall, 20 wide. Just give me a ballpark, doing some looking wondering a comparison to a overhead style insulated hydraulic door. thanks chett w.


I need a price on a top door seal. The one over my door is split. I bought the hanger 15 years ago. The door is 40 ft wide so I'll need aprox 42 ft. The door is not a Schweiss door, and I can't seem to locate the original manufacturer, I think he went out to lunch.


This door is replacing an existing Door. The trusses and header on the building is already built for a bifold. The current door is going to be moved to the other end of the building and we want a new modern hydraulic door on the opening that we use daily.


Have 40 by 60 shop with 14'x24' opening need insulated one piece door with max. height clearance need info on how to measure for a order and ruff price


This bifold door request is for a temporary facility while ourshop is renovated, we want to go as cheaply as possible.


Hello - my hangar door is approximately 13 years old and I don't have the original bifold door manual. Can you send me one. Thank you, Rick        




I’m designing a hangar/shop and need to know how high the eaves must be for one both your bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic doors. I must have an opening height of 16’ in order to provide the necessary clearance. Can you provide me with that information along with a basic quotation for each door type? The opening will need to be 45'x16'. Thanks.


We have a 63x14 opening on a red iron hangar, we have stack doors now and were wanting to be able to put Air Tractor 802A inside. We want to replace with your hydraulic door with Red Power pump.


I am remodeling my shop and have limited head room. I am looking for an insulated door to give me the most head room available. my door way is roughly 18'6" wide and 11' 7" high.


We are planning on building a bigger shop. We will probably need a door about 32 ft wide by 15 ft high. We are just looking for a ballpark quote right now We are actually going to be walling in an old equipment shed 132 x 60


I have an old barn that I am converting into a workshop. I am installing a new overhead door. The size is 15ft high and 24ft wide.


I'm building a new shop , please quote a 30x18 door. If you could give me hydraulic door prices, and bi-fold price.What framing requirements do I need?I hope to start construction this month.Thank you Paul


I am remodeling my shop and would like a new door. One of the reasins I'm condidering a bifold is the option of having a walkout door in the overhead door. When you give me a price I want a walkout door and windows. Thanks Bruce R.


I am going to build a shop. I am intersting in knowing the height of the door opening left after the bi fold door is in the open position. The side walls of the building will be 20 ft. and the door with will be 45 ft. wide. I also want the door insulated, and to be a strap style with remote door opener. The bottom truss (if any) would be put on the inside. How much time do you need to make the door? I live near Jamestowwn North Dakota. Thanks


I am looking at different door options on a shop that is still in the planning stages, to be built this spring. i am considering all options on a 30 X 16 foot door and a 18X16 foot door. I do like the look and simplicity of your strap bi-fold door and would like to talk to you about my project.


Looking for a door to put on a shop that we have slinding doors on now. The width is 20 feet and the height is 12 feet. Need to know if you install them to how much that would be. Thanks Steve


Looking for interior door 10ft wide x 8.5 ft high to separate heated shop area from un-heated garage area. Finish can be plywood or similar. Is a integral passage door possible mounted into the bi-fold? Would like approximate price & delivery. Thanks,


I am building a shop at my house and I am exploring different options for the main door. Head room inside is of concern to me so I would like to see how your bi-fold doors compare to roll-up doors. Thanks, Steve


I am in the process of designing new shop. Haven't decided on material, am looking into ICF. Also looking into solar panels, would it be possible to mount panels on the door. TIA


Looking for a no head room door to put on my work shop. i would also like a quote for a couple differnt widths for 20 up to 30 feet wide


I currently have a 63' x 90' shed that is half shop and half cold storage for equipment. My plan is to make entire building shop and build additional cold storage. The problem with this building is that it has only 13'6" inside ceiling height. When we start revamping this building, I am very interested in replacing the main entrance door (currently 27') with a bi-fold or hydraulic door. I CANNOT afford to lose any head space!!! Do I have any options with your doors?


Hi- I need a 12'w x 14'h bi-fold door for my blacksmithing shop. The shop is heated and winters here are cold, so I need an insulated door with good perimeter weather seal. Thanks, Marc


I'd like to understand the cost and applicability of a bifold door for a shop I've constructed. The door would be approxiamately 9' wide by 9' high. The buliding is frame construction with rough 2x6 studs, approx 15' ceilings spanned by 14" trus-joists. The opening for the door is framed with a 10' header composed of 1 12" paralam (1 1/4 ") and 2 pieces of rough 2x12. The header is at the top of the wall just below the top plate. I need to lower the opening height to finished door size so I need to understand the installation and framing requirements as well as finish detail.


I spoke with someone a few weeks ago regarding the hydraulic door installed on our shop the latter part of June or first part of July. We requested a letter explaining the work that was done to reinforce the construction before the door was installed. It was not strong enough to support the door as constructed. In fact David reinforced it even more. We have not received a response/letter regarding this request. I am sorry to say I do not recall the name of the person with whom I spoke. We would still like to receive this letter. Thank you for your response. Rose H.


I'm building a new shop. The building is 60x100x20 all steel construction. Will have (2) 20x17 doors. Would like price on bi-fold with lift straps along with the auto latch and remotes. Thanks, Doug


I am constructing a new shop and would like a quote on a bi-fold door: 20' high x 24 -26' wide. Please have a sales rep call: Marie B.


I'm intrested in a set of 3 x Bifold Doors for my garage/motorcycle shop. The opening are 8' x 8'. I'm interested in your ability to build these with windows (like an old service station door). I look forward to speaking with you. Thanks, Cliff


Looking for door for shop. 14ft wide-11ft high-please send info and prices-I will install it myself. thank you-CW Seaman


I am converting a pole building into a heated shop and want a price on doors for a [ 13ft.h] [15ft.w] opening.


I was looking for a price on a door for a new shop that I'm going to build this summer. Would also like a list of dealers in my area or do i buy direct .


Hi I am looking for 2 Up/Down/Stop Switches for 220 current. I have the rest of the materials, although your doors look great. Next shop I build I will definitely look you up. Jay


I am cosidering a bi fold door for my shop. The measurements are 14' 18'. I am curious about price. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. thanks Russ


I am converting an exsisting shed into a shop, I would like to get an estimate on a bifold in order to save some clearance. The door opening is 14 x 20, would like to have it insulated, two windows, and a remote opener. Call if questions Thanks, Doug


would like to know the price of a 40 ft hydraulic door for a shop, and if it is insulated or not. If there is a more economical size, would like to know that also. Thanks, Steve


looking to change door on shop would like to know if your door would work for us and be afordable


1. I'm looking into building a 30'x50'x14' shop. What would be the tallest and widest bifold/hydraulic door I could install in the 30' side. 2. Can you give me a quote also? 3. Are these doors completely water proof?


i would like to get some information on the bifold doors what i have in mind is 20 to 30 foot doors for the shop and some 14 to 18 foot doors to my shop is a big nice shop thanks for your time on this matter


Interested in a replacement door for my shop. I would like some info on the new hydraulic door.


I contacted your company by phone on Friday,December 21, 2007 and requested a quote on a bifold door for my timberframe shop. I believe I spoke with Jeremy but I could be mistaken on the name. I am following up with the specifications that we talked about. Door size - 12' high x 12' wide Wood frame building with 8 x 8 side posts 4 x 6 header Steel angle or C-channel will be applied to back of header and posts for additional support 3/4" pine tongue and groove boards will be applied to outside and inside of door with 2" of foam in between. This will require "flanges" on inside for nailers for some of the boards I think. Request a sealing kit to make the door weather tight.


Planning to build a shop, would like an estimate on a door. The building is planning to be 48'by 50'.The door size would like to be 15' to 16' high and 22' to 24' wide.


I am looking to put a door in my shop. I believe the opening is 24'w X 14'h just trying to get some ideas on what to do. I am trying to estimate the cost and would like a rough estimate on a hyd door and a bifold. Thanks, Ryan


I have been looking at your web sight and I like your bi-fold door with a walk in door in it, and the strap lift. I want to replace the old sliding doors on my work shop. The door is on the south end of my building and we have no wind break so I want a door that can stand up to our strong Ks. winds. My building is wood framed and is covered with coragated galvanized tin. The door is approximately 21 foot wide and 13'6" tall. I would like for you to tell me approximately what it would cost to replace my door.


I am in the planning stages of building a shop starting next spring/summer looking at 20-22'X40' door. You can just email a rough quote at this time. Thanks


I have a shop 72'x36' with 14' eaves. It has three doors on a side wall. Pole construction with a concrete floor. Two doors are 12x 14 on each end of the sidewall and a center door is 24x 14. each of the doors are framed with 6x6 poles. The center door has a laminated header.


I am considering replacing the door on my shop. The door measures 17'3" wide x 13'4" high. Please E-mail me an estimate on a hydraulic door. I do have limited headroom in this application. Thanks. Tom M.


I am thinking of replacing the door on my shop - it measures 12'high and 24'wide. Roughly what is the cost for your bifold doors? Thanks - David R.


I am looking for a door for my shop and was wondering what the price would be. It is 12' high by 16' wide with windows. I would also like an opener. Please email me back as I am at work during the week. Thanks


to julie i talked to you yesterday about a 24 foot bifold door for a shop. you where going to fax me some info my fax machine is down go ahead and email me the specks also how are the doors insolated? 24 x 18 door concrete building with styrfoam forms


building shop with 4-14'x14' and 1-20'w x 14' h doors. One of the reasons for bi-fold is, I would like a clean interior ( no tracks ). I would like to face the door with wood to match blg. Operable dual pane windows. Can the operating motor ect. be at the top of the door for a clean appearance inside at eye level?


I have a 25' x 30' shop, with a 19' (inside) vaulted ceiling that I want to keep clear/open. The door opening is 18' wide x 8' tall and I'm interested in a price for a "one piece" as well as a bi-fold door from you. Please include a price for turn key job as I may not want to do the installation myself. I live 20 miles north of Dallas. Thank you. Ed D.




Sirs: I am building a shop/studio with a 10'w x 8'h garage door. Do you manufacture a bi-fold, sliding (2 five foot sections), or single opening door in this demension? The shop will be on a slab. I do not want an overhead door because it will conflict with my 1 ton lift mounted on an I beam crossing the ceiling. Thank you. Sincerely, Charles W. B.


I have a customer that needs a garage door (18'x8'). We cannot install a regular door due to a car-lift inside the garage. Our options are a one piece hydraulic system. We can manufacture the door itself, just need everything else. Can you give a rough quote provided what little info I do have right now? Thanx, David


would like a quote for a 90 ft by approx. 25 ft H your basic door and a 55 ft by 16 ft h with installation also You put the door on our shop in Casey Il and we really like it. Getting quote for robinson IL thanks howe


Iwould like prices of the doors I don't know the size off hand call me.I seen te doors a place of business and i like to see about putting the doors in my shop.so i don't loose any height in the shop.


I am renovating an existing building into a small shop and were wondering about one of your doors. The opening would be appr. 8ft. high by 12ft. wide. If you could quote me a price, I'd appreciate it. Thanks


I am designing a shop/garage for a client who would like to have the ability to build and work on planes. The preferred dimensions are 60'x 40' with the large door on the 40' side. Is a door approx 36' x 10' large enough for small planes? I would like to talk to a Rep from your Co to discuss some of the design issues etc. Also I am requesting some product lit. Many thanks, Pat R.


I am remodling a barn into a shop. 36w x 60l. On the end wall the opening will be 24w x 15h.


Am designing shop (120x70) will need three large doors, 14',24',36' x 16' or 18' height. Interested in pricing. Gary


We are looking for a door for a new shop that is almost complete. The other contact is Mark B. He is the one that has final call on the buying of the door.