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Pricing for 50' by 14' bifold seaplane base door with remote openers. Must be wind rated for Florida.


I plan on building 2x8 stud 48ft side walls with a ceiling and an attic with insulation. Will it work to put a 16ft high door on an 18ft end wall? If so I would like quotes for both 16ft and 18ft high doors


Interested in pricing for 2 bi-fold doors on a hangar for our seaplane base hangar, one towards the water and one towards the land.


Building 52' by 60' pole barn on seaplane base. Will have (1) 48' by 17'H door and two 28' by 16' doors. Probably interested in a bi-fold strap door for 16' wide with windows and possibly for 12' by 12's, but maybe something else for these smaller doors that I want windows in. Building will be ready for doors by late July. Would probably want install, but might consider doing it myself? Thanks - Sam


Can you pleas provide me a quote for two Bi Fold Doors for a seaplane base? One is 130' wide by 35' high and the other is 105 wide x 35' tall. These would be delivered to Oregon and it will be a choice between these two options. The us is an Aircraft Hangar on the lake, the loads are 120 wind and 25lb snow with engineering required to the 2015 Oregon Building code. The clear height of the door is 27' this is a lift strap door with bottom drive and electrical weather seal kit and side latches. I will need the loads for design of the building header and uprights on each option. Liner flashing and freight to site.


Looking at your extensive Schweiss Doors website I became highly interested in your bi-fold and hydraulic operated specialty doors for use at my East Coast Canadian seaplane base. I'll be needing three such doors, galvanized door frames about 40' x 20' to replace old wooden doors.


I am the technician installing two liftstrap Schweiss  seaplane base doors. They are 70'x22'. It has been very easy and straightforward due to your very detailed Schweiss manuals. These are the first of your doors I have installed although I have done s number of other type bifolds. Your door looks and feels superior and I prefer your strap method instead of cables. I hope I get the chance to work with you guys more in the future. Jaydors main strength is the skill of our installers and the drive to be the best. Family owned and operated all our lead techs have years of experience in the door and dock industry. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Nate Salotti


You previously quoted a Seaplane Base bifold door for me. At that time we were trying to get county approval for an attached hangar that proved too difficult. We have now awarded a contract for a detached waterfront pole building 44' wide by 40' deep with 14' sidewalls. The door will go on the 44' gable end. Construction should start in May or June depending upon weather. The builder wants me to wait until the posts are set to order the door. Would you please re-quote the Schweiss seaplane base door and advise me the best way to proceed given the builder wants me to hold off on ordering until he has the opening framed. 


Hi, I am looking at building a Lakes airpark hangar at Burnett Landing in WA state. A friend of mine just installed one of your bifold strap doors. I think my other neighbor is using yours also. I am looking at a 50'wide by 40' deep building. I was wondering if you have any plans. Another friend (has a Schweiss bifold with cable, he might just want a liftstrap conversion) he has plans for that size but I was curious. I am interested in either a loft or a second floor bifold door. How does that affect the door area.  The width door you advised on your airplane size chart for a 36' wingspan was right on the mark. I had heard that there is a jump in price above a certain size. I just bought a house that is too expensive so will need to keep the cost down as much as I can on a seaplane hangar, while trying not to regret going to small. 


I need to retrofit a bifold liftstrap door to an existing cinder block seaplane base hangar with a 36 ft wide by 12 ft tall opening. There is currently a steel roll up door there now that doesn't give me the headroom a Schweiss bifold door will. I would want some windows in the door. 


I have your self latching bifold door and would like to have remote opener installed. I am located at  in SC. Schweiss doors are ideal for my seaplane hangar use. Thank You look forward talking to you.


Looking for a pricing estimate on a global seaplane base hangar bifold strap door. Approx 60'x18' clearance. Thank You,


Hello, I am looking for pricing information on a Schweiss bi-fold man cave door for my seaplane base hangar. I don't have exact measurements at the moment but it is roughly 11'8" x 16'. I would want Schweiss liftstraps and auto latching system.  


We are looking at a 38x18 and a 36x18 seaplane base door in an existing pre-engineered metal hangar building. I have questions.