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We are an overhead garage door dealer based in north Idaho. I am interested in expanding into the bi-fold and hydraulic door market.


We are looking at building to allow us to prefab houses indoors. They would be building 6 buildings at a time. They would like to install (6) 50'x 50' Overhead doors to move the houses out once completed. Can you let me know if Schweiss has door options that will allow that. Could we also get some rough budget numbers as well. Do you supply and install in Canada.


I am looking for pricing options for a door or doors. We are looking at either (2) 14'x14' doors or (1) 14'H x 30'W hydraulic or bifold doors. Can you please send me pricing and or options? Please let me know any questions or comments. Thank You


I need a 20x13 door wanting something other than roll up or overhead. Can you give me some ideas of cost on your systems to see if this woukd be a viable solution.


need a price to install and supply motor operated hanger door system for an opening of approximately 120'w x 28' h. Need a price by 12-8-22


I am a manufacture and have worked with Schweiss before, and I have a customer that is wanting a 40x20 bifold door. Could I get the price for type of door, and lead times? Thank you


Can you provide a supply and install cost for the following overhead door to Loading dock 20 wide 14 Foot high


Looking for a quote for an overhead bi-fold door. 16’-6” wide x 10’-6” tall. The outside will be a customer installed corrugated metal panel.


Need pricing for an overhead bifold door 10 ft. wide x 13 ft. high opening. Customer wants to mount custom siding panels on the door. Thank you, M


Hello, I am looking to replace two roll up doors on one of my sheds with a schweiss door. I have older bifold doors on my other sheds and would like to get a quote for two more bifold doors. Thank you, Tim


I have plans and specs I would like to share with schweiss doors to get a quote please. My email is tac@hhdoor.com I will send them over. (8) 20x12 full vision bi-fold hydraulic doors


Need a schweiss quote for (2) 65' x 18' bottom operated electric Bi-Fold Door, Cable lift, manual latch. Quote to include installation. Also, need the door reaction for the PEMB to design the door jamb to support the door.


Talked with the schweiss doors team at oshkosh. Need 2 48x20 still haven't decided between the bifold door or the hydraulic door. Could you send me an estimate for both doors with windows and other necessary door parts.


Hello I was inquiring about authorized dealers for schweiss doors and schweiss door parts. I maintenance hanger doors and buildings and would like to establish contact with you and any dealers in my area. Thank you, kh


Taking down an old dairy barn and another old cold storage shed on my yard and replacing it with a large agricultural shed that I need a overhead door for. New shed will be 200x80.I'm looking at a 60' door. Could you send me pricing for both the schweiss hydraulic and bifold door? Thank you SW


Hello we are looking for bifold Schweiss overhead bifolding lift strap garage door hardware and kits , do you have the catalog or some information about it ? thank you for your reply


Hi there, I am looking to replace a Hydroswing door with one of you better quality doors: spec sheet for these specifications Door width= 110'-0" Door Height= 28'-0" Building Code= IBC 2012 Wind Speed = 115mph Wind Exposure = B Building Height = 32'-0" Roof Slope = 0.5:12 Please reach out if there's anything I can do to help sharpen up this spec sheet request. Thank you very much for your help, hope you all are safe and healthy during this difficult time. - Brandon


Hello, I'm looking for pricing for (2) Overhead Bi-Fold Doors as specified for the UMass Dartmouth Dining Facility project. The two doors are 20' wide x 15' high and 22' wide x 15' high.I can send drawings and specifications if needed. Thank you in advance for your help!


I have two roll-up garage doors that are 7ft tall x 8ft wide. I would like to replace them with new Schweiss bifolding overhead garage doors that take up little to no ceiling space and have good insulation / weather protection. Ideally we would replace them with glass doors that have bronze metal.


I'm refurbishing an old building and intended to put overhead doors on both ends but like the looks of your bi-fold strap doors better. Measurements are approximate.


We are receiving more requests for bifold and one-piece hydraulic doors that sit flush with openings. Something that we can not accomplish with a traditional sliding or rollup door. Saw your website and see a lot of potential for this type of door in our market. Can you send Schweiss designer door literature we can show to our clients.


Looking for small window (made for your fold up  door) for a service walk up window for a museum. Museum overhead bifold door has a walk-in door.


Need bid on 3 each 44' x 16' Overhead Bi-fold doors / Schweiss auto strap latch lift 1 each 38' x 16' Bi-fold door / auto strap latch  lift. Shipping to RI.


Hello, I am an VT architect working on a hotel project in Manhattan and are looking to utilize your overhead/hydraulic one piece door. I have drawings and images i can send you which give the overall sizes and design intent. Please let me know how best to start this process. By the way, we are looking for performance results that meet ASTM e330 and e331 (water infiltration). Is this achievable with your hydraulic door system? Thanks,


Need a quote for a Schweiss overhead hydraulic powered or liftstrap bifold door to replace a beat up rollup door on the front of my repair shop. Leaning more towards the bifold door because  we have lots of snow here in northern Wyoming.


We have a customer that we do maintenence for and he has a Schweiss overhead bifold door. We would like to have a door installation manual for model #205, operators manual #705 and bottom jackshaft manual #115. The owner that installed the door said these documents are lost. The serial number on the door is #9577.


Not sure where u r located but i live near Pocahontas Iowa. Had tornado come through last April and no one has had time to replace my Roll up door, guess I will never buy another roll-up, anyway was looking into bi fold doors, let me know price and if u can get here before winter is here. Thanks


We need pricing on 4 24x16 schweiss bi-folds for a new wood and steel pole barn. I think the customer will consider your option over overheads. We have installed your doors in the past and the installation went real smooth. Thanks Phil


I am curious about your doors. I believe I want one or the other of them rather than an overhead door but I would like to know all the advantages of hydraulic over bifold.


I presently have a 20x20 overhead door on my equipment shop. I'd like to replace it with a bifold or hydraulic door. I do not want to lose any clearance however. Additionally, we often need to leave this door partially open in the winter months but we get ~320" of snow annually. Can you recommend the best product and please provide pricing, including shipping and installation. regards jeremy


I am looking for a bifold configuration to replace an older overhead door setup. I have two independent doors, standard residential garage size.


I have had several inquires about bifold doors. Being we are a overhead door and glass co. I think I could sell some of your doors. If you don't mind I need a quote on a 26' x 14' and a 22' x 14' doors. Thanks so much, Jeff


I am renovating a restaurant. My client wants to do a facade improvement using an overhead window on a bifold door. There are actually 4 windows i would like a quote on all are 5'-6" tall (2)7'-0" long (1)10'-0" long and (1)4'-0" long. Thank you for your assistance.


1 sidewall door and 1 end wall door Can I have a 30' wide door in sidewall if my bays are only 10' apart? This is to enclose a lean to on my shop. I'm trying to get ideas yet and was considering standard overhead doors. I had a bi-fold door on a different property about 15 years ago, I think it came from your company. And yes I did like it.


I am in the market for 3 doors. 1 16', 1 14', and 1 12' all by 14' tall. To replace overhead doors. Looking for windows and well insulated doors.


We are looking for an overhead door for a hanger. the opening is 48 feet wide and 14 feet 6 inches high. When the door is open we need an open clearance of 13 feet 6 inches.


Need someone to contact me regarding overhead bi-folding doors for a project I am bidding on here in Raleigh. 10ea-10'x 12'. Basically the working door frame work you would provide and I would provide a specialty exterior finish.


Looking to upgrade an older building. Two overhead doors are the first to be replaced. Not that familar with your doors ie; costs, advantages, space. Please contact me. Randy M.


Four Bi-fold overhead doors. 13'-9" tall 27'-0" wide Glazed bottom half w/ single swing door incorporated. Opaque materials in top half.


I'm looking at putting a door in a existing building between parts and replacing a overhead door as well. The overhead measures 12' W x 11' H. The new door to separate different parts of the building needs to fit in a 11' 6" W x 9' H opening and needs to be insulated. I would like to put a walk door in it but that depends on additional cost


I want to replace a 20ft.by 14ft overhead door. I already have a by-fold door on the other end of the building and it work better then the overhead, because of the high humity.


Our client requests that two large (28' tall by 50' wide) overhead doors are used instead of five smaller rolling doors that we have in our original design. I was looking at your bi-fold doors and thought they might work. I have some drawings that I would like to send you to give a visual representation with dimensions and I would also like to know if it would be possible to do this without significantly changing the dimensions of our design. Thank you


Need qoute for 5 Over head doors 18'x 25' I will appriciate if you can expedite this inquire for me as we need to buy by next week. Thanks Carlos C.


We are looking to replace two or maybe possibly four of our overhead doors with a different type. The size of the doors are 14'2" x 18'. Can you please send me information and estimates for this size of doors. Please call or e-mail me if you need any other information. Thank you. Kandis K. M.


I am looking for two overhead doors 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. I would prefer galvinized steel doors if it's within my budget. I would consider


I have a 55' x 200' steel building with overhead doors at each end. On one end (East) I have a 12' x 12' overhead door. I am going to increase this opening this coming spring to 14'or 15' wide x 14' high. I lease out space in this building for RV's thru the winters, the 12x12 door is getting too small for the newer RV's. The door on the West end of the building is 14' x 14' but the access is not as good as our home front yard is just accross from the building drive. The East end I have a acre of room to enter the building. Approximately what would one of your doors (with straps) cost if the door size was 14' wide x 14' high? Would you please send literature to: Dean A. Also, is there a dealer within say 100 miles of Omaha, Nebraska? Thanks


I'm looking for an overhead door for a residential balcony application. The doors we've used in the past have had water intrusion issues and I thought a bi-fold door might deal with moisture more effectively. Can you tell me a little more about how you deal with water at the seams of the door and at the edges (we don't have any problem with water at the bottom of the door). I'd also like to get some pricing info if possible - we'll be using 8'x8' fully glazed doors.


Could you send us some ideas on replacing our overhead door. It is getting older and requiring more maintenance. The door opening is approximately 60 ft wide and 22'8" high


I would like to replace 2 overhead doors that measure 9'6" wide by 12' high with 1 solid troublefree door. There is a 3' walk-in door between them so the opening will be right at 24'X12'.


My garage is 40' wide. I need a door that slides b/c I don't have room in my rafters to accommodate an overhead door. I moved the door from center to one side to have enough room to slide it. The opening is 9' x 16'. Can you help me? I also have another garage opening on the same building that is 16' x 8'. I'm guessing a standard overhead will work there. If you sell standard overheads in addition to sliders I would get them both from you. Sami G.


Looking to replace existing 14'x16' overhead door(s) with something wider. Minimum width 18' wondering how width affects price of the door. Currently looking at a door that woulb be primarily self supporting, but we a capable of adding additional framing into the building if required. One of the doors is currently broken, so I would like information as soon as possible to see if there is a possibility of saving some money on repairing a door I intend to replace.


Please provide a quote for this door by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, March 13th, 2006. I will need an automatic door opener included with the door pricing. Please call me if you have any questions. Eric H