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I'm interested in discussing some very custom Schweiss hydraulic door solutions for two residential projects I am working on in LA and Australia. Please contact me as soon as possible.


Could you please confirm your interest to price for the hydraulic Red Power pump hangar door?  Subject: Design & Build - Temporary Hanger at Bahrain Int\'l Aiport Gentleman / Madam We are tendering the subject project and require 1 no hanger door of width 81.47m x height 14 m with 2 nos 2.2 m ht wicket gates Please find attached elevation drawing for details We invite you to submit your most competetive price for supply, deliver, fix and maintain for 1 year defect liability period for the same. Appreciate your quote at the earliest Please confirm receipt of this invitation and intrest of participation by return mail.


I thank you for having passed on to us the quote 2110-MG for a bi-fold lift strap door. I would like to have another quote with the same dimensions except for a hydraulic door with all necessaire constituent and the specifications including delivery to Canada. Thank you. Projets - Estimateur


Dear Sir/Madam, We are a manufacturing company from Malta (Europe) and we interested in introducing your products in Malta. Our first order will be for a Red Power hydraulic hangar door in our country until now only one has been built which was imported from America but there are 20 more to be built. Our client was going to import the doors himself as well from America but he contacted us first to supply him these doors. We are able to manufacture the steel sturcture and panelling ourselves. However we would require the accessories such as hinges/motorization/straps/cable etc from your company. At first we will try out one so our first order will be small only for the one already built and it will serve as a sample for our client. The reason for not buying the whole door other that we are able to manufacture it is to reduce the transport costs as these doors will be 50ft wide. Will you be able to give us a quote for these parts. Attached please find a drawing of the opening. Thanks for your co-operation.


This mail is to make inquiry on the below question. 1- Do you carry overseas? (though I already know of a freight forwarder that will pick my packages from you, since they ship lesser than any other courier and they are so effective in shipping my goods to me here in Queensland, Australia is estimated to be 3-4 days) I have used their services in the past and it was splendid. 2- Do you accept credit card for payment (my U.S.A Master and Visa card to be precise)? Kindly let me know your comments on these, before I send the items I am interested in purchasing a Schweiss hydraulic door  from you. 3-Give me your website so I can choose what I need Or send me your Catalog.


Can you please quote me for a Schweiss Doors bi-fold and/or hydraulic door plus transport to Belgium/Europe. Include pricing for strap lift system and/or Red Power hydraulic Electrical System. Size of the opening 10x4 meters. 220VAC. Structure: Steel. Kind regards, Ing. W.


Grettings We are searching for a Schweiss Bi-fold doors system in order to incorporate them in a project here in Bogota, Colombia. We really appreciate to make contact with your company because we realize that your Schweiss system (lift straps)is usefull for us and it seems to be absolutely safe for users. Kind regards.


Hi. I am very interested in gettig one of your Schweiss bi fold doors. My garage opening is 5400mm wide x 2300mm high. There is only one small problem... I am in Australia! But I am sure we can overcome this small hurdle. I have made numerous enquiries here im Australia and no one makes these bi fold garage doors so I hope we can work together so that my new house can have a great Schweiss bi fold door. I guess there are two options: either you make the whole door ready for assmbly and ship it to me in Brisbane, Austalia; or you send me basic drawings to enable my steel manufacturer to weld up the frames and door panels and I buy from you the lifting mechanism, hinges etc which you can ship to me. Please advise of your email adress so that I can send to you a photo of my construction. Please advise on how you can help me to get a Schweiss bi fold garage door. Thank you for your assistance. Regards, Aussie Joe


I have reviewed your Schweiss doors and liked them. I am very excited about the chance to build in France with your products. Do you have any people I can meet in France, and in the city on Nantes ? Thanks for your answer. 


I am interested in replacing my four sliding hangar doors with your outstanding bifold models. I am in Guatemala, so the freight could either be to here or Miami for transhipment. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Im looking for a Schweiss BI Fold door automated size is approx 15mx2.7m.I live in south Africa.Please can you give me a quote and shipping prices.


Hi We are about to build a steel framed garage/workshop approximately 30 feet wide by 20 feet deep x 12 feet high and are contemplating installing a schweiss one piece door. The door will be approximately 17 feet wide x 10 feet high and be offset to one side of the 30 foot width. Can we have a door manufactured in Australia to your specificaions and then fit your opening system or would your company supply the door and the opening system. Please give me an idea of cost & time for either.


Dear Madams or Sirs, We are a Mechanical and electrical equipment Co. in China. We have an experienced sales team. Our company has very strong economic forces. we are interested in the Schweiss products very much. please contact with us. We will pay off before the delivery. Once confirmed, our company will pay the earnest money, and will settle accounts with Euro or US dollars. We also want to know whether your company owns any branch offices or agents in China. Please give us the contact method and address about them, we could communicate and negotiate in time. We are looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much. Hoping we have a good cooperation. Yours faithfully,  


Bi fold or hydraulic 70x17.5 would need to be shipped by container Please send door structure requirements and price.


Please also include delivery/shipment cost to Norway, I belive Trondheim would be the closest harbour. Start with 4 hydraulic doors, possible 8 total. Best regards.


Hello, The building is in Germany. Please include insulation, window and one Hydraulic door. Pls. include optional installation in Germany, north of Berlin. Thanks in advance.


We are the Project Manager for a aircraft Hangar development here in Singapore. Was wondering if you have an agent in Singapore to initially provide a quotation for a bi-fold door. And if successful to supply and install the proposed Hangar door.


Please be informed that we are working with an Architect firm here in Hong Kong for supply and install a few units of 3 meters by 3 meters external advertising panels at Kowloon Hotel with hinged bifold glass doors, whcih shall require your hydraulic system for opening the doors for future maintenance and replacement of dsiplays. Would it be possible for you to provide us some information similar to what we are doing for our submission to the Architect for evaluation. Besides, we are going to submit your web site to our client for their assessment and we would be very pleased, as our client may get in touch with yoru company directly. Please also be advised that we are unable to provide you more details at present as the captioned project is under design stage for renovation. Should you find any query, please feel free to contact me at the abovesaid emails of mobile number. Thank you for your kind attention and look forward to your prompt reply. Regards.


Hi , I have an hangar in South America Venezuela and I woul like to have an idea of the cost of one of a Schweiss hydraulic door. Could you please let me know the information you need so you can quote me the right hydraulic door for my hangar. Thanks and Regards, Jose Alverez


Please quote Bifold and Hydraulic door min 34ft x 10ft We would take delivery in FL then container to UK. UK power supply is generally 240V 100A single phase. Can you support this ofr would we need to get a conversion locally?


Please give me your dealer in India to know more about your products. From what I see on the internet is that your Schweiss doors are heavy duty and look very versatile. thanks.


hello, we are panamenian company of industrial concrete flat slabs. We dont have experience in doors but I think is a good alternative to offer in our projects. What do you need for quote?


Door dimensions are 6 meters width and 4.5 meters height. Hello, we thinking about buying hydraulic bifold doors, so could you calculate cost of 3 pcs with shipment to Italy. thank you for your prompt response


We want to specify 4 no. 6 foot wide x 8 foot high glass doors which are lifted on either a hydaulic or bi-fold system. Do you have a UK dealer/supplier for your products, or can you supply to the UK?


Please quote on the following hydraulic door request along with a freight quote if possible to ship direct to our customer in Greece. If not possible for shippng, please let me know how many containers will be required to ship the requested 2 units. each unit is 25m w x 8m H (82'w x 26'-3"h) - with Cladding on front - with Electric Openers - Self supporting Frames - Units are in a HIGH HUMAN occupancy structure Lead time requred for these units - Warrenty for units leaving continetal US


Like to get offer for boat hangar door. Bifold 9.8meters wide, 6,5 meters high. We need electrical parts to be Europian version. As here we need to consider thermal characteristics here and shipping , can we consider to buy a semimanufactured article. To be finished here. Thanks.


Morning, This is a general inquiry from Australia.. Bi fold doors are just making an impact here, but have never seen any hydraulic versions. Just as an example could you price a Bi fold and hydraulic doors to suit a 18 x 4.5 meter door opening. Impressed with what I read on your web site about your new Red Power pump.  Many thanks


Provide prices on both liftstraps and hydraulic. Can you deliver in South Africa. The door opening is complete re-inforced concrete. No need for a frame for the bydraulic door. Can this be accommodated? Door needs to be flush with building.


I am interested in a one piece hydralic door with remote operation. The motor for the door needs to operate on 240V 50 Hrtz. No exterior sheeting is required. Your door materials will need to be delivered to Southern California to be fit into a 20 foot container for Australia. The size of my opening is as follows: Width of opening is 8.980 M (8Mtrs 980mm) Height of opening is 3.375 M (3Mtrs 375 mm) Please give me a price for the above door and a time schedule for production. Thank you


We are a professional door installer based in Hong Kong with business in Hong Kong and South China. For a VIP project, we are interest to try your hydraulic door. Please give us a quote including crate and sea freight to Hong Kong.


Please send me the catalog for the All Glass Hangar Door, Our requirement is 63m wd x 19.4m hg hanger door, please propose a suitable type of hydraulic or bifold Schweiss doors - if possible transparent type. Order would be coming from Singapore.


Hi, We going to build 4 hangars in Norway and need hydraulic doors. They need to be fitted into a 40 feet container for shipping.


i'm interested in your products: dimensions needed for doors is 2 doors width 10m height 5m one with remote control, another only motorised, and next is 10x10m only motorised what are the terms, prices and how much time would it take to get those doors. i'm interested in hydraulic and bifold doors in comparison. thank you


Dear sirs, we are planning to build a new aircraft hangar in (Europe-Slovenija) dimension 24X25 Meters, and i just saw jour hydraulic doors. Can jou plese just tell me an approximate price for such doors in dimesion 16X4Meters or 20X4 meters. The upper half should be made from clear-transparent material, and the lover from isolated pannels. Is it possible to buy such doors in Europe from your partner company in Czech?


Hi, I will be needing a 14 metre x 4 metre hydraulic door for a hangar soon. Can you advise who your agent is in Australia?


 I talked with one of your company reps at Oshkosh Air Venture and also I left him my business card. I will send you the detailed drawings of my new hangar. I expect an offer for the two hydraulic doors sets one 14 m. wide ond one 17 m. wide. opening to 4.8 m. high. Shipment adress is as above. delivery expected na later than the end of October. Send we your email adress to transmit the drawings.


Please tell me if you have a middle east distributer? i need to price some items as fast as you can


Hi, We have an enquiry for aircraft hanger doors, our client is looking for a budget price at this stage. They are proposing over 100 hydraulic hanger doors in 2 sizes; 18 x 4.5 meters & 15 x 3.5 meters. Three questions; 1) could you provide us with a budget price for these sizes 2) would you consider supplying us with your mechanisims and allow our factory to manufacture the frames? (to avoid heavy transport to South Africa) 3) how many days would you allow for the installation of one of these doors?


  Kindly inform if you can quote for us the following doors for the middle east region, and inform if you have any type of representation in the area. 3Nos 43ft W x 20 ft H hydraulic doors.


Please can you send me catologue for commercial hydraulic doors include costs, insurance and frieght to - Uganda.


we are a leading interior contracting company. we would be interested in knowing ways of importing your products for use in our housing projects. please give us an indicative cost for a hydraulic for an opening size of 14'x 12'. we would also be ken to know if you can provide us an non-motorised option for the conscious customers.


I am resident in South Africa and would like to fit a hydraulic door to my hangar. Question : do you sell detailed drawing of how to construct a hydraulic Door ?


Hello , We have a new build hangar that is engineered to take a hydraulic door being built here. The hangar is 30 metres clear span and the eave height 4.5 metres. Are you able to quote and ship one of your doors ?? Thank you


We intend to build a hangar in Mexico on a private air strip just south of MMCZ. It will be a 100% concrete structure with a 17meter (55'9") wide by 3.5 - 4 meter (13') high hydraulic door. Please be so kind as to send me information and prices ASAP


Hi there. We're building a new hangar and would like to install a hydraulic one piece door. Do you sell only the hydraulic pump/system, without the door structure? Do you sell to Brazil? How much is it? Regards


We are based in South Africa and manufacture aluminium and glass garage doors. We are very interested in your hydraulic doors............Do you have agents in South Africa?


We are looking for a glass hydraulic double garage door for a very contemporary new house design. Do you have any contactable representative in South Africa? Regards


it is obviously not practical to ship the door to australia but could you supply all the parts required to '' move '' the hydraulic door. motor would need to be 240v 60cycles. i will be in MN next month.


This door is going overseas and I need to know if its possible to break down the bifold doors far enough to fit in a shipping container or two.


We'd like to know if your company has distributors/representatives for hydraulic door purchases in Brazil. If so, please, send me the contact. Thankyou for the attention.


Even though I'm in Puerto Rico, I would gladly appreciate if you could quote: Hydraulic Door for Hangar, space 16' x 16', Cost & estimated time. Thank you.


I have the need for a hydraulic door of width 4500mm wide x 3000 mm high. i am considering mounting a water feature on the face of the door. Please supply details and any advice. Have a nice day


Please supply quote for 2 automated 8500mm X 5200mm  hydraulic acuated single doors. Items to be shipped to Australia.


We are looking to buy for export 1 Hydraulic  automatic aircraft hangar door with this dimensions: Width =22,999.95 mm height =6999.99 mm


We need to obtain quote for project, please advise if you have a hydraulic door distributor in Singapore and China? Thanks


We are assembling Company, who assemble Doors. We recieved Recomendation on your company from airport Roudnice nad Labem (czech republic), who bought Schweiss hydraulic door for size 19,5m widht and 5m height. We have offer from our customer, who wants hydraulic doors size 13meter width and 3,7meter height. I send you technical specification of building.