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Hi, we would like a catalogue of your hydraulic doors and some prices. We need a door 50 x 16 for a building. Thank you.


I'm looking to have a 70' x 16' hydraulic Shwiess door installed on Mackinaw Island Mi. Do you have an installer that could do this?


I am a builder located in central north dakota. I worked with you guys some years ago on a couple bifold projects. I would like to explore you Hydralic Lift door for a project I am working on. I would need a 36'-0" x 20'-0" Door. It is going in a steel building located in Dunn County North Dakota. I will insulate and sheet the door. Need an installed price with operator. I believe that we could have 220 power available.


Hello, I looking for a hydraulic door 7'x 33'. Please give me a quote for the full package including painted door and installation.


Id like a quote on a 16x30 schweiss hydraulic swing door, not a bifold door please. Also do you guys do installation?


We are looking for a one-piece hydraulic door for a farm building. Okay to call after the holiday.


I need a price quote for a complete schweiss hydraulic door system for a grant application no later than 1/6/23. The quote needs to include shipping the door and frame materials to Cortland County Airport. The door is planned to be installed on the end wall of a new steel framed aircraft hangar building that will be 80 feet wide. The project is planned for construction in 2024.


I would like to get a cost estimate for a standalone superstructure hydraulic hangar door. 17' high x 56' wide.


I have an existing "other" brand hydraulic door that I'm wanting to replace the power unit and cylinders. Would you price me a 240 volt 1ph floor mount power unit and (2) cylinders. Cylinders currently on door are 8ft.


Interested in Schweiss doors hydraulic one-piece door. 15’ wide / 12’ tall Installation in existing post-beam barn.


I have a shop that i am building for a customer that we would like to have overhead hydraulic doors on it. We will be putting wood over it to blend in with the siding. The opening RO is 14' x 16' Can i get a quote on your doors for these openings?


Currently building a 50’x50’ hangar. Hangar door rough opening is 14’ tall x 46’ wide. Am interested in a hydraulic single piece door in frame. Please provide a quote and an estimated build time. This order is identical to a door you made for me in 2011. Delivery is Dillon Montana Thank you, Paul


I am looking for a quote on 2 overhead doors single swing hydraulic power lifted doors 7' wide x 4.5' tall. These will be glazed by us as well.


I was on the website and saw some of the designer doors Schweiss has done and I would like to incorporate your Hydraulic speciality glass door into my current project. I can send you more information but looking at preliminary specs for the door.


hi we are a general contractor in the usvi we need a powerlifting hydraulic gate operator for a tilt up security grill 11'4" wide and 9'2" hi it is fabricated out of marine grade aluminum The security grill must be approved by historic com. gate weights aprox 5-600 lbs for a car parking area we can send picture of grill we are fabricating. Wondering is schweiss hydraulic doors can help us with this.


I am looking to build a hanger and need a hydraulic door. The size of the hanger is 40x40x14 with a 10x33 door. Can I get a quote or have a call to discuss this with a rep from schweiss hydraulic doors? Thank you


Hello, We are looking for a schweiss hydraulic door. New wood construction building. Door will mount on steel beams. We are also wanting to put insulation on the back of the hydraulic door. Thank you!


Looking for a price FOB Seattle, WA for a One-Piece Hydraulic Hangar Door Opening is 70'-0" wide x 22'-8.5" tall. Door to be clad with 26 gauge metal siding and have Scrim-faced R-19 fiberglass insulation. Wind Rating to be 115 MPH 3 second gust. Material to be delivered to the Seattle waterfront for shipping to Alaska by contractor. Thank you


I saw your schweiss doors booth at Oshkosh but didn't stop in. I have a building project in mind that would require two hydraulic doors but it is far off. I haven't started any design plans but after seeing your product I wanted to find out more about your company. Thank you KB


I need a price for furnish and installation of a hydraulic bi-fold door measuring 25' x 6'. Existing building. Looking to upgrade my hangar door.


Hello, I am inquiring about cost of your hydraulic one piece designer doors, may be interested in two if pricing allows. Please include door kit pricing. Also include cold weather kit price. 


Can you kindly let me know if you have a rep that we can contact in the Los Angeles, CA area? We are  designing a one piece hydraulic door (Approximate size 31'-0" wide X 9'-0" height) and just came across your product. The more I read about it on your Schweiss website, the more I'm convinced you make the best doors in the industry.  


I have taken down an old hud. hanger door that doesn't work and whose company that made it went out of business.  Do you know anyone who wants to by it? Would it have any trade-in value on a new Schweiss hydraulic door. It is in TN.  


1 - 30'x 16' Hydraulic Door 1 - 26'x 16' Hydraulic Door Each Door to have the following: Grey primer, 2- 4030 windows openings, prepped for interior liner panel & a 4' color transition, truss on bottom, & clear 16' opening. Option: Remote for each door going to VA.


I have a 54' wide hydraulic door from your company. It was installed a couple of years ago on my hangar in MD. I'm concerned with the door maintenance procedures to keep it running smooth for the years to come. Sure like the door.


Have one of your Schweiss Bifold doors now, and it works terrific. I am wondering about a hydraulic door for other end of same building, opening approx, 18h-40w and am intrigued by your new Red Power Hydraulic Pumps.


Please send quote on 18 foot wide & 14 foot high Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power door. With backup system, remote opener, installation fee and delivery to Illinois. Thank you


Is it possible to install a schweiss hydraulic door on a side wall? Or must it be install on an end wall? I didn't see any photos on your website where it was installed on a side wall. Thanks


Need price on a "50-0 x 16-0 Hydraulic Lift Door 'Schweiss' Brand Red Power Hydraulic Door or Equal w/ Built in Service Door" - Would like to compare installed vs. uninstalled price. What other information do you need me to provide?


Building size is 60' wide x 120' long with a 20' eave height. the clear opening is 40' wide by 17'6 - interested in a hydraulic system with safety options. Looking for quote and specs. 


Bidding a K Building in Michigan. We need a 46' wide x 12' high hydraulic door in the endwall of a 50'w w/14'eave building. We will set a steel web truss main frame for mounting door. what other info do you need at this time. Have quoted with you before.


Called Friday evening asked for price of Schweiss Hydraulic door, we need price on door with 18' x 42' opening. Steel building is 100' wide with 20' eve. Should accadomate that much door.


We have an existing building we need to put an 26'x12' one piece hydraulic door on. Please email me a quote and call me once you have sent it. This is a hot item, what is your lead time?


we need 2 hydraulic doors. Each opening is 50' wide by 16'11 1/2 inches tall. Please give us a quote for delivery in Crawford, CO. thanks


We have a project that has a Schweiss Hydrualic Door, 70' wide x 20' high. Can you supply approved supplier/installers that would service the Orange County, VA. area. Thank you.


Hi as I build an aircraft's hangar I'll need a qoute for a Schweiss Hydrualic door. I would like to know what you can offer The door Will be 4m height and 15m width So coule tell me which model do you suggest and please give me the prices. In waitting to read you.


hi, i have called a couple of times for some broad strokes information and am working on moving forward. the latest and best information is as follows : 1) looking for a schweiss single piece hydraulic door 2) the building front overall dimensions are 8'4" high x 46' long . the opening is 7feet high x 43 wide. there is a 1 foot column on one side of the opening and a 2 foot column on the other making up the 46 total... so... what are the attachment details like and how much is this door going to be? also... re: the panels i need to cover it... what sizes would they need to be ? i.e are there dedicated " frames" for the panels ? that's florida BUT the door isn't staying there. it is for export so there are no county etc standards to meet. please advise as soon as possible... i am getting ready to pull the trigger on this . thank you Sam J.


Looking for a price on a 38' x 32' hydraulic door for farm equiptment shed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss. Thank you! Tammy G.


Please quote a hydraulic power system for a One-Piece 40x11 door including shipping and any other costs to the above address. This is a replacement for an existing traditional overhead door.


You gave me a quote earlier this year. The building is complete except for insulation. The header beam is at the top of the opening and is 11.5 inches tall. We may have to put another header beam on top of the existing one. Steelmaster designed it for a Schweiss swinging door so I'm hoping it is right.


Need a quote on a 30' X 8' single hydraulic garage door for my steel hog barn. Thanks Manny


We are undecided about building a new shop building, I'm having trouble deciding over the 2 options: Hydraulic or bi-fold. but one piece hydraulic doors are what I would lean towards should we decide to build a shop. I would like a price on 2 - 50' wide x 20' tall doors, and 2 - 24' wide x 20' tall doors. My intentions are to build these into the end walls of a 80' x 80' building for drive through access to the shop. Thank you for your time and I will add that we go to church with a man who has one of your hydraulic doors on his airplane hangar and he really loves it!


Hi I am looking for a quote on a 24' X 15' hydraulic door. Is there a certain size pump that goes with it or do I need to select it? please call me if you have any questions. thanks, Deter


Need prices on the following: customer will buy only one swing door, but want to give some options.. 30x18 prepped for inside skin, will use 1/2 thermax between frame and outside steel 36x18 as above 40x18 as above Thanks for your help, Donald


I need a schweiss bifold or hydraulic door for a new hangar. The building is in the desing phase and we need to make a design decision on the type of door to finalize building configuration. My clear opening needs to be 68' wide x 20' tall for a Twin Otter which has a span of 65' and is 19.5' to top of tail. (Does the clear opening really need to be that much wider than the span if there is about 12' of extra width in the hangar?) Can you give me some ideas of prices and configurations that would work? Thanks, Sherman


Hi, we are working on a building that is requiring a Schweiss Hydro-Power doors and were wondering if you had any information you could send us on how your door is attaching to our building. We are using I-Beam stub columns and were wondering how your hinges attach, we have the specs for the hole location but it also looks like that is where the stub columns are suppose to be or do the stub columns need to be set to work with the hole locations. Thank You


Dear Sir, Building a hanger, need the Hydraulic door and I have heard fabulous things about your doors. Need a price for the door and shipping to location. Regards Alexander M.


I have a customer that is very interested in a schweiss swing door 16' wide x 14' high. Do you have an installer that could meet me at the job site in Visalia, CA. I have received an estimate on this project. Please contact me by email or cell phone above


I have a 17 year old Varco-Pruden all steel, 80' wide clear span building with 18' high side walls and 30' O.C. bays that had a 30' wide x 17' high sliding door until last Wednesday when a tornado took out the door. I don't want another slider, I wanted something thats a little more heavy duty and not fall apart, I am considering a hydraulic 1 piece door. I want to hang the door off the massive building frames. What kind of money are we talking and what is involved assembling and installing the door?


wanting to save a little money on a toy shed for my rv and boat. need a 14 foot opening, the pole building I am looking at requires 16 foot tall building can i go 14 foot tall. i think a schweiss hydro door would work perfectly.


I am looking for a quote for a hydraulic one-piece door that is 8 foot by 8 foot. I want it to be insulated. I will install it myself. Please include freight.


Have installed other hydraulic doors and I'm curious if this size will be economically comparable to a traditional overhead door.


Project is in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Two exterior 16' x 16' doors. Looking at using a schweiss hydraulic door. Building is concrete block wall with wood truss system. Glazing will be Duo-Gard transluscent panels. Need help understanding system.


I need cost for a 15' tall x 30' wide hydraulic door to be delivered and installed in Amarillo, TX. Or just deliver and I will install it. Building will be 40' wide, 16' sidewalls with 1/12 pitch. Can a 15' tall door clear?


I would Like a quote on a complete door system for a hydraulic one piece door 14' high x 16' wide outside mount. I would like 1 36"x34" window. And one 36" entry door in the left side. this will go int an existing building that we will insulate for a shop. The columns on the sides of the door are hardwood 8"x8". This was built back in the early 50's. It is a leen-to type shed with a pitched roof and concreet foundation. No peeked roof like a typical pole barn


We are going to build a 72'x160'x18' steel pole barn. We would like to put a 30'x18' schweiss swinging door in the sidewall. We would also like to open the opposite end wall completely with two hydraulic doors side by side.


Interested in a 20X14 schweiss hydraulic door, or possibly just the hydraulic parts (proper pump and rams) to build my own door. New construction metal Building is currently finished with the exception of this wall.


We have a steel building we use as a hangar. It is 48' x 60', built in the mid-eighties. We would like to put a Schweiss Hydraulic Door on it, about 42' x 14'. Does this sound like a viable idea? Unfortunately, we are one of the apparent victims of one of your former competitors who have recently went out of business. We have lost that deposit, and will be looking for a new door in the near future. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated.


Hi, we are making a hangar project here in hermosillo mexico, and we are interested in a Schweiss hidro door so if you could meke us a quotation. it is 112ft long and 26.25 ft tall. 


I'm a past customer (happy) and need a price on a 45'x18' hyd door for a pole barn. Option a price on 45'x16' door. Need #'s asap, please. Shipped to Gilman.


I am designing a hanger now to be built over a two year period. I want to get a cost estimate delivered to Delta Jct. AK. or if less cost to Fairbanks, AK. Also to insure the design is correct to have a clear opening height of 14 feet with the door open. My header is an 8 3/4" x 32" GLMB. Door is in bearing wall of shed-roof type construction. Please bid Hydraulic door that will be 60x14. Thanks


We are a construction company in eastern colorado, we build custom homes as well as large farm buildings and hangers. We have used several hydraulic doors from another supplier, however having trouble with getting last order. We have had 2 doors for 2 different projects on order for several months. Possibly looking to do something different. I've heard excellent things about your product. I need someone who is more efficient. Very interested in visiting with you!!           


Is there a savings on shipping if I order two pivotting hydraulic doors at the same time. The other door would be 32feet x 16feet.


I'd like to price (3) custom sized hydraulic doors for existing openings that are roughly 30' wide and 35' high. The doors are for a precast concrete plant in IA. Please let me know if you can help.


I have an machine shed with four big doors that need replacing. I need a budgetary price for your hydraulic door(15 ft. x 30 ft.). Also, need an installation estimate as well.


I am a Structural Engineer. One of my clients has asked for help developing a plan to enclose the area under and existing concrete folded plate roof structure. The structure is used to load rail cars. One approach is to install a pair (entry & exit) of hydraulic doors in new steel walls. Looks is not a big issue, we want durability. The doors would need to cycle multiple times (10-15) a day, 7 days a week. Typically, how fast would the door cycle from fully closed to fully open? I also need a ballpark cost estimate.


Thinking of building yet this year 2010. So I need to nail down which door I'm going to use. The door I'm sure would be delivered after the 1st of Jan. The size of building 50' x 56' may change, the height is 12' now, but may change to 14'. As of now I'm planing for a 40' wide by 12' high hydraulic door.


Please communicate via e-mail and feel free to contact me with any questions. These doors arrive as 'frames' and are to be sheeted/insulated on-site?


Looking for a hydraulic door 40'x14' with no walk in door are window's please give a quote Ship to LA


I have a square post hanger with three sides. I would like to mount the hydraulic door on the outside of the front posts in order to maximize my cleareance. The front of the hanger is not finished.


We have a project in progress in the florida panhandle. I would like to know if your doors will meet the Florida requirements for wind loads and if you make a hydraulic door that will provide us with 21 feet clear height and 120 feet long with two man doors. Please have a sales person contact me about this inquirey and pricing.


Hello, I am looking a price for (2 Ea) 50 foot wide and 20 foot height. I am establishing a budget figure for these hydraulic doors. To be furnished and install. I can provide structural steel support if I know what you need The project will be located in Texas Can you help me out?


I'm bidding a hangar add-on that will require a 10' (clear)tall x 60' wide hydralic door. 110 mph wind rating will be located in Texas


You have quoted me a larger door in the past. I would like to look a smaller hydraulic door without a walk in door but some of the other options in my first quote.


We are specifically interested in the hydraulic doors. We would also like to know if there are local vendors and/or reps.


We have an existing shop with 18 x 18 hydraulic doors . We have 4 inch pipe gaurds in front of all door frames inset about 3-4 inches ,4 feet tall .Will this prohibit us from being able to install hydraulic doors . If not I would like a quoate please . I have a total of 6 doors this size.


Building new steel bldg, bldg manufacturer familiar and use your hydraulic doors. Need price as alternate to install.


Can you provide me with an estimate of a bifold door assembly that will work in an opening 24' wide, and 16' high. This will be a door on an implement shop, building will be heated. Not sure what other information you require, please contact me at your earliest, fyi, this size is not carved in stone if it would make a difference, thank you for your time,,


I would like to grt a quote for a hydraulic door. I have a costomer who is building a small hanger. We had at a door maybe 2 doors from you guys in the past.I have never been involved. Please have a sales person call. Thank you


Require a price and delviery time frame on the following: 2 only -- Hydraulic Single Panel Swing Door, 32' wide x 24' high c/w hydraulic power pak, cylinder assemblies all standard itmes and pull cord. Also, we must quote a price to complete the installations; would be able to e-mail a copy of the installation manuals. Please reply ASAP.


Please send quote for a 20' w x 16' hydraulic door. Need the sytle that does not lower the headroom. Need respponse asap. Thank You


I got the quote on the 32X14 hydraulic Door. Thank you I made a mistake, I would like a quote on a 32 X 16 Insulated Door. Thank you




I would like a price on a hydraulic door to fit a 50W x 12H opening in a new building. Cost is important


I am looking for a hydraulic door to replace the door in a Cleary building. It actually has 2 30' wide by about 17 foot doors in it now. I would like to replace at least one of them.. One is in the end and the other in a side wall.


The opening is about 16ft high by 45ft wide, this is close. I want to get a price for Bifold and hydrolift. If you could email me I would appreciat it. Thank You


New construction next spring. Front wall (gable end) will be 20' wide with a 12' door positioned to one side. Want minimum 7' opening with door up. Inside ceiling expected to be 8'8" but may be able to go higher if needed to fit door that satisfies the 7' minimum. Hydraulic  preferred. Please provide necessary information for architect/builder to optimize the opening to accept door quoted.


cost of 35 ft wide by 16 ft hydraulic door also folding door same size, If possible give cosy of 30ft and 45 ft also


I'm looking for a 18' wide x 14' high hydraulic door. What do you think the approximate cycle time would be on this size door?


I am shopping for a 80'w x 21h' hydraulic door. We started construction yesterday on the hangar site. The hangar will be 100x70x22. Please forward a quote.


we are interested in getting a cost estimate for a 22m (72ft) x 4m high hydraulic door


I would like to know the pricing on an 8'x8' hydraulic metal door that can support the weight of 140lbs of wood slats added onto the face of the door.


35 X 16 hydralic door dellivered to Iowa Please quote price as door delivered and/or door delivered and installed.


We would like a quote for a 60 x 18 hydraulic proposed for a project in WV.


I will need a overall door height of 14'-0". The clear height can be whatever the bifold door kicks out.


Intrested in hydraulic door for accessory building 10' wide door with a 12 foot ceiling concrete walls


We are bidding on a new hangar and we need the estimated cost for 70'W x 20'H hydraulic door with shipping


Need rough price estimate on two doors for 16 wide, 11 high. Currently rough opening (pole building). Will consider traditional door, hydraulic swing, etc.


We are looking for a quote on a 70x16 hydraulic door.


high i need a price for each door 56 wide by 14 ft clear clear hydraulic door and 48 wide by 14 ft clear hydraulic door


Require pricing on a hydraulic door: Size 29 ft x 7 ft 9 inch Metal building with steel beams Call with any questions


Sirs: I want to install remote controlled hydraulic opener/closers on the inside of a 40' Shipping container to control the end doors. How would I start this process? I want the doors to go from closed to as much as 180 degrees open. I'm currently working in China so email is best method for response. Also my sons will be doing the installation. This is going to be for an office space next to my machine shop. I may also want to install openers on my Shop doors also they are two doors 20' wide x 16' high on the front and two 10' wide x 16' high on the side. I would only need to open them to 90 degrees.


We have 6 electric hydraulic doors (4@45ft wide and 2@50ft wide) on our hangar. Please provide provide list of several qualified individuals that we could use for general inspection and preventative maintenance. How often should this be done? Can you provide us with a maintenance inspection chk list including recommended supplies?


I will need an over all hydraulic door height of 14 ft. Clear opening can be whatever it turns out to be.


two doors 40' x 20' clear opening hydraulic single one door 58' x 20' clear opening hydraulic single


im building a 40 wide 50 deep hanger i need a price on a hydraulic... i need your best price to no hassle...this hanger will only have single engine planes in itl


I need a price of 3 Hydraulic Schweiss Hangar doors with Internal Truss, 3 walk doors (each for one door)


I am quoting a hanger project in NC. It will require a 15 X 30 (approx.) Front Main Access Hydraulic Door Frame. Are you able to assist with a door quote?




Need a 12 wide X 14 high hydraulic door for shop,siding is 8" OC T-111. Must air tight seal to save energy. Project is CA How much? Picture available, we have in house carpenters.


Greetings, I am building a 50' by 50' hangar and will need a 40' wide 12' tall hydraulic door.  Will it be economical to use the hydraulic door or go to 14' walls and use a bifold? Can I use a bifold on 12' walls and not loose too much overhead? Do you have an aux power (honda gen) feature available?




Need a quote please. I have never priced a hydraulic door before but have a contractor requesting some information.


I'm quoting on an airplane hanger in West Virginia. The hydraulic door has to have a clear width of 80' and a clear height of 28' The door has to be centered in the endwall of the building that is 100' wide.


Please provide specs for hydraulic door my opening is 36 x 20 - my eave height is 24 - I am thinking that the door will have to be 19' high to still have the clearance that my building will be required


We are working on a project where we are considering using a hydraulic one piece metal panel door. We have reviewed your website and were wondering if you have any cut sheets that we could see. We are interested in jamb/head conditions as well as a cut sheet for the hydraulic equipment for this type of hydraulic door.


I need a price on a 70 x 14 hydraulic automatic hangar door for a project in Salt Lake City


Need Prices on 2 different products Building type has not been chosen Skin to be provided by building products Option for installation # 1 60 X 20 Both in a bi-Fold and in a Single Panel Hydraulic # 2 42 X 16 Both in a bi-Fold and in a Single Panel hydraulic Anticipated time until construction 0 to 4 months


We are building a hanger 64'x66' we need pricing on a hydraulic door that is 16'clear hgt.x 60'clear width with one 3070 door


Could I get a qoute on a hydraulic door that is 13 feet 2 inches high by 23 feet wide, actual opening size?


We have a building that we need to put a 19'w x 12'h hydraulic door onto. Please provide a cost estimate for that size opening.


i NEED TO GET SOME PRICING AND DETAILS ON A 30' X 18' SINGLE HYDRO DOOR. The building is in Missouri. The customer (seems) ready to go and I think this can be a great option vs. OH door or slide doors. Thanks. The sooner the better.


I need a hydraulic door to fit a hole that is 13'x41'and the open dimension is 12'x41'. I hope that makes sense. I took the open dimension from where the stops were located from the previous door.


2-45x20 Hydraulic Doors 4-26x16 Hydraulic Doors Doors and Labor All 6 doors on same building. Thanks for your help.


i am looking for pricing on this hydraulic unit and or local rep to complete my bid Thank you


We are planning a bifold door hanger expansion and need a quote and mounting requirements for a hydraulic door. We need the loading on the building so we can have the vendors quote sufficient support in the building structure. Thanks


Just for info would like to get a quote on two styles of the same size...one w/o windows and one with 4 windows 4 x 2. Looking for a insulated hydraulic door.


Looking for a hydraulic door that is 40 feet wide and 20 feet high. Will be installed on a medal building that is 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep with 20 foot walls. Looking for price and shipping to Wasilla at my address.


Please quote the hydraulic door specified for this project. I believe you will need to see the plans and specifications, so I can send it via email if you respond.


Can you please bid me a 30x16 hydraulic door for an airplane hanger?


I need a quote for a 50' x 15'0 clear hydraulic door..


I would like for you to give me a price quote for a hydraulic door that is 35'wide x 14'tall clear in side dimensions w/ electric opener and also do you deliver? if you do please include freight seperate thanks


hydraulic door: 42'x 14' what comes standard / and base price? what options are their and price for each options? shipping cost to my address? also price out a 24'x 14'door (outside mounting on older building opening)with price,options,and shipping? shipping cost for both doors if purchased at same time?


I have a opening of 19ft 10in wide by 16ft to truss no header I need a 14ft bifold door opening is their enough room? my corner posts are 6x6


I am a general contractor and am interested in a price for two 30'x16' hydraulic doors Please call How much head room is required?


I am being asked to price a building with a Schweiss hydraulic door. The door is 120' wide x 24' tall. Can you tell me what the minimum size for the columns at either end of the door are. The building is 28' tall, so the columns will need to be roughly 28'-2" tall. I need to know something today if that is possible.


Looking for details and pricing on hydraulic Doors suitable for a 60' x 60' New Hangar to be build north of Toronto.


Need a quote for a 40' x 10' Hydraulic Door to go on a steel building delivered to CA


I am quoting a bldg that the customer is adding (3) 30x18 hydro doors in the endwall. I was needing to see if you have quoted this customer and to get the specs on the door. Two options: self supported and the other is our bldg taking the full load.


Iam working on a qoute for a new hanger. The new hanger will have a hydraulic Schweiss  What is the cost of this door? Thanks


I'd like a quote on a 80' x 16' hydraulic door for Carson City, NV I'd also like to get some brochures to distribute to our clients.


I just want a quotes emailed 1 door - 46x14 hydraulic one pc or 1 door - 56x14 hydraulic one pc Are you offering any EAA show specials ???


Looking for some cost estimates for hydraulic door for a Hangar 50' wide and the walls are 14'. Cost for doors 42 1/2' 45' 48' Include shipping


Need quote for one 50' wide by 20' tall and one 30' wide by 20' tall hydraulic door with freight to Texas. Please include all options available as alternates.


Door must meet IBC, International Building Code for Maine. Door to be installed on existing building with door opening of 98' wide x 32' high. Please provide a price on hydraulic door only. Door will be installed by a local door company or dealer of Schweiss. Thank you


Need price/proposal for Doors delivered to FL ......this is for a design/build project we are working on that won't need to be delivered until Spring of 2011, but they need budget estimates at today's prices......I have told them that we will hold price for 30 days from our (your) quote. The end use is for a Vocational School, so we need to recommend and include all the "safety" items regarding wind loads, bells, alarms and whistles, along with remote operators, electric eyes, etc. Door size (1) 14' x 14' Bi Fold; (1) 12' x 14' Bi Fold If you have Aluminum framing (vs. steel) for the required loadings, that's what we should propose. We will be attaching ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels to the exterior with insulation and 26 gage steel liner panels applied at the interior. The 14x14 will have SIX 2' x 2' fixed windows inserted, and the 12x14 will have FOUR 2' x 2' fixed windows....I think Schweiss should provide the framed opening for those (10) windows.


We are looking at a project that would require either a 25' or 30' width and 16' tall hydraulic door. It is for a Building facing east. I'm interested in pricing as this seems to dictate whether the building can be built at this time.


Gentlemen, I need a hydraulic door to be installed in MT. 40' wide with a head clearance of 10' Any questions please feel free to give me a call, please fax me the quote as soon as possible. Thanks


I Am an Installing door dealer and I have a customer who has an application that could use a hydraulic door approxiamately 56' wide and 14' high. Door size may vary based on headroom and sideroom requirements of your product. the current opening is in the gable end of a pole frame building. Please send installation information and a door quote to me as soon as possible.


Dear Sir, madam, Currently we are on a project that includes an aircraft hangar that requires a hydraulic hanger door with the following major features.  Opening Size is 58WX18 m height  The hanger size is 72m clear width X 100 m clear length @ 18mclear height at Eave.  Door configuration is six motorized leafs 9.33m wide each X 18 meter height( three leafs open at each side). Kindly provide the following.  your best and Economical technical proposal from your range that falls within the listed above requirements  financial cost for the proposed system C&F Aqaba port-Jordan.  Any optional accessories you think will be a plus if installed. The financial offer needs to include 1. Delivery lead time 2. Direst cost of proposed system 3. Accessories Cost 4. Installation and commissioning of the system here in Jordan 5. Any warranty you offer on such system and for how long If you need any more details please do not hesitate to contact us at the listed below contact details Thank you for your prompt action in advance and look forward for future cooperation with your esteemed company Sincerely


I need to speak to someone in sales. We have 2 of your hydraulic doors specified on a project. Please call me ASAP, so I can send your sales department information on this project.


I wonder if you could give me a budget price on 2 14ft x 40ft hanger hydraulic doors? We are just pricing out hanger materials to see if it is a viable option for us. As far as side columns being metal, wood or? what would your recommendation be?


We need a hydraulic door that is 50' wide and 15'-6" clear. What is the opening height requirement for a 15'-6" clear height door. Thank you.


Need 2 hydraulic door quotes...one is listed in the area below. The other is as follows: Width 58' Height 17' Wood frame building, new construction in the end wall Qty. of 1 Shipped to MO


Looking for a budjet price on a 40' x 14' hydraulic door c/w frame to be installed on metal building. Thanks


I need to get a price for six - 40' x 14'(hinge height) hydraulic doors. Please include walk doors. Ship to NM. Thanks!


Dear Sirs, please send me brochures of your hydraulic doors. Thanks Best regards


I am building a work shed in my back yard and I am interested in your door systems. The shed will measure 8' by 14'. Back wall will be 8' by 14' and the front wall will be 10' by 14'. I am looking for a door system that would measure about 4' wide and 8' high. I was looking at a bifold versus single door. Different options for the door would be great, glass, wood, metal.. Had some friends see your door systems at the Arlington air show in Washington this past weekend. Thanks for your time..


I have a customer that want's to build a 72 x 104 building with a 20' eve, and want's tow 24' wide OHD. I am working for a customer that you supplied a hydraulic door for which is very impressive. The both have the same problem big combines. What kind of support do we need for this type door. I would like to talk to someone. Thanks


I've a shed with a 40 foot open end 16' high, I'd like a big hydraulic door on this end.


I am going to start building a 62wide 40 ft Deep Hangar at an Airport. I am flexible on width of the hydraulic door and woulod like multiple prices starting at 46 ft wide up to 56 ft wide. I need to have a clearance height of 12 feet.


Please provide me with details and loading information for a 40'0X16'0 hydraulic door. Please use 2006 IBC, a Basic wind speed of 90 mph, and an exposure category of D. If you require any farther information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.


Please provide a quote for the following hydraulic doors. The doors will be installed on a steel Building. I need a price for 2 doors as noted in the quote request and one aqdditional door 42 wide by 16 clear. The other two will be 44 wide by 12 clear.


Is there a place in Northern California where I can see your hydraulic door product? I am thinking of using it for residential application and supports will be properly engineered by my structural engineer. Regards


I have (2) buildings requiring hydraulic hanger doors. One building will require (2) Doors @ 90'wide x 34'high. (1) building will require 100'wide x 34'high. The building use will be a center for Great Lakes tug, barge and small vessal repairs and modifications. This facility will located just off Lake Michigan. This center will serve as a base for off shore wind generation construction.


We are currently making glazing decisions for two large walls, both 60 W x 25 H. My hope is that I can find a supplier that has a clearance hydraulic door system that we can incorporate into our design. We are flexible on size, style, clear or translucent. We do require insulated glass. Please let me know if your company could meet my needs


We are bidding a job that require (2) 13' 5" x 12' one piece hydraulic doors. Who is my local rep, can someone contact me so I can send the specifications. Thank You


I need budget pricing for (4) 45'-0"x 14' min clear opening height hydraulic doors asap. Thanks.


please send the information our builder will need to reinforce the door frame with this bid as well as an estimate on delivery timeframe also, the dimensions listed below are for the size of hydraulic door we'd like, not the opening.


Looking for a quote on four hydraulic doors. 3 - 12' X 12' 1 - 16' X 12' Please call me so we can talk about options.


I'm pricing a hanger in Alberta and need a price on a 40 X 12 hydraulic door. Electric. I've installed a few of your doors now.


I have a contractor that needs a quote from schweiss doors for a 20 x 14.4 hydraulic. Pole Barn Bld. Wood Jambs and Header. Bldg is use for Farm Equipment. Thanks Steve


Need pricing for a one piece hydraulic door for three options. 40' x 14', 40' x 15' & 60' x 16'.


1 hanger hydraulic door and 2 rv doors (hangar door listed below) other 2 doors are the same size, 12'w x 13'h.


15 feet clear hieght please comfirm the opening that will be required for the 48x15 hydraulic door


considering attaching hydraulic to the front of cantilever racks. Need dry storage outside, need something cheap,but also need big opening. I didn't know if this might be an option. I plan to have 70ft wide space of racking, 8ft deep, and want a door of somekind on the front. we are a metal roofing manufacturer and need to store finished panels outside due to small space, but need protection from weather. thanks


Also need a price for a hydraulic 48'x16' it would be in addition to the 54' hydraulic door. It will depend on the clients final decision on the building layout.


I need pricing on (3) 14 x 14 doors. Hydraulic with operators/sensor beams. I have a drawing scanned,.


Could I get a hydraulic door quote with the shipping and installation included. Would be installed in Southern Illinois. Thanks




I talk with you all at the air show and i would get the show price for a hydraulic door it needs to be 31' w x 10' h FOB to NC please email me the show price for this door Thanks


Need a budgetary price for a 70' long by 16' high hydraulic overhead hangar door, Steel, Insulated, and Power operated.


I would like a price and door information for a 70' wide x 16'-0 clear hydraulic door. The project is in California with an 85 mph wind load, exposure C, I=1.0.


We are looking for two 50 ft by 20 ft. hydraulic doors for a project located in WA


I need a price on a 40 x 12 Hydraulic Door. Hydraulic with remotes.


I am needing a quote on (1) hydraulic door. the frame opening will be 40' wide and 12' tall.


please provide $ for hydraulic doors as listed below....also provide information regarding required framing supports, hydraulic doors will be attaching to a new metal building.


Gentlemen, I am designing a building with 40' by 16' clear and 30' by 16' clear Hydraulic Doors. Can you help me with the weight of these doors. 90MPH Exposure 'C' Windloaded


I need a quote for (2) 40'wide x 20' tall hydraulic doors. Please, call me to discuss options.


Customer with 40' x 17' hydraulic door is wondering what it might cost to add remotes. This door is in the process of being re-sheeted and the building renovated. It would be a good time to make any needed modifications.


I would be flexible on side column type. I didn't research the differences. Building width is 30' with 50# psf roof load. Door-open clear height should be 9' minimum. Trusses would bear above the door, so I imagine there would have to be a considerable header built into the hydraulic door. Ballpark estimate would be fine, I'm just kicking tires at this point.


I need more info, do you have a representative in my area. I need prices fore a 14' tall, and 20' wide hydraulic door. I would also like to have info on instalation.