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I have 3 hangers with bi fold /cable winch type doors I want to replace with hydraulic doors. and considering options. Can you give me a hydraulic door price quote on the 3? 1. opening is 48' 7' by about 13 high. wood frame 2. 58' 10" wide by 25' tall. steel frame 3. 54' wide 17' tall. wood frame.


Buying a house with a large carport. I think a bi fold or a one piece hydraulic door would work perfectly. Ideally the door would be mostly glass.  Mid century looking house.


I am looking for a price on 2 Hydraulic Schweiss doors, 34'x16'and to include it's own frame. This goes on an existing old steel building with a full frame expandable endwall, which we can tie back to. The building is 40' wide with 14' sidewalls and a 3:12 roof pitch, with outset 6 1/2" zee girts. The farmer wants to take the whole endwall off, but we want to leave 3' of framing on each side of the new door. We will frame this out with 8" jambs as necessary. We also want Schweiss to do the install and we will sheet the doors. Please share a Schweiss Doors materials list for the sheeting. Also, please include a walk door in each door. Thank you, Bruce Kleint. These doors would be shipped to our customer in  Nebraska


I need a price on (1) 18' x 16' single swing electric door with strong hydraulic cylinders and new style pump. I understand they now come with spherical bearings.


We are installing one of your 15x40 hydraulic doors this spring. Now I see where we could put a 12 wide x 15 high Hydr door right next to it. I'd like to use the same power unit to run it 1. Can you provide what I need to run the two, both new, yet to be installed, hydr doors off of one power unit? I've had a lot of doors and am door savy. 2. Rough cost of 12w x 15h hyd door and all plumbing back to the power unit, knowing I need to t-in controls for each at the right spot.