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Good morning, I’m interested in becoming your dealer for my area of at least a 100 mile radius. Also while we are on your list for door installers, I have a lead on quite a few doors as I was telling Brent yesterday. What are the perks of being a Schweiss Dealer? I have worked with y'all for years a thoroughly believe in your products. Thank you


Hello, I believe we have used you guys before, Im looking for a quote on a 48' X 20' Hangar Door, Whichever model you guys would suggest. Bi-fold Strap door maybe? this is the only model we have installed. however I am open to options.


Hello, We are specifying some overhead doors for a firehall and were wondering about both the vertical bi-fold and hydraulic doors opening time. How long would a door roughly 15' high by 14' wide take to fully open? Do you have a revit model for this door? Thank you


Looking to build a 50' wide by 40' dep hanger to fit two Cessna 182, what door do you recommend?


40 x 60 shop with 16' lid I'm thinking 48' door (but open to your expert opinion) Need two doors Quote me bi-fold and hydraulic. Need delivery time as well


I’m looking for pricing on a bifold or hydraulic door. I need 15’ clearance and between 40-50 in width.


I am looking for a hangar door to replace my current door - 60 foot wide hangar.


Have a project in los Angeles that requires a folding door or a hydraulic door. Can you quote?


Hello, I recently purchased a used hangar that needs a new door. I already have one of your bifold doors on my current hangar and it’s really nice. I might look at the hydraulic door for my recently purchased hangar. It will need a pedestrian door and couple of windows also. Looking for pricing and will probably do this project this summer. Thank you, Jeff


my father is looking to do something different with a bi fold door at our farm shop and is looking for a quote for a schweiss hydraulic door or maybe converting it from the cable drive to your strap style. So, if you could mail him a catalog or give him a call to go over options.


Hello, I am interested in pricing on aircraft hangar doors from Schweiss Doors. I need a 18 ft. tall X 60 ft. wide hydraulic and a 16 ft. tall X 50 ft. wide electric bi-fold.


We are considering door options for this building. It will be used to store large farm equipment. Wondering what kind of power to lift door? Hydraulic door better than bifold? Would like to speak with someone at schweiss doors about options.


Working with the Jet Midwest overhaul base at MCI. Kansas City They have doors that close of the end tails of the planes and need some solutions for sealing and insulating to have a tight seal around the large planes. They want to make sure for more temperatures in the winter months please contact me with any solutions you may have to offer with your doors. Thank You


I’d like to get a price on actually two Schweiss doors, both style hydraulic and bifold. I’m building a new hangar home, Naples Florida and would like the door to be hurricane rated. A quote for delivered door and DIY door. Thanks


I'm anxious to get a quote for both door options, your bifold lift strap and your Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door for my hanger that is being designed at the moment. Door will need a walk thru door and backup system in case of a power outage.


I am wanting two door sizes priced in both a bifold and hydraulic door (4 prices total). I want to price a 24'x16' as well as a 40'x16'. Doors are to have two large rectangular windows, keyed lock system and remote openers.


Hello, I am needing a Bi-Fold door & Hydraulic Door quote for a project in Bethany MO. The framed opening will be 42'x 18' I need quotes for both style Schweiss doors.


I am requesting a quote for the following door size, 20' wide and 18' in height. The building side walls are also 18' in height. I did not select a side column type as we would do whatever your recommendation is for this style of door. Please include shipping and installation charges and what we would need to have done prior to your arrival at the job site. The job site is approximately 15 miles north of Mitchell. Please call me with any other questions. Thanks!


Looking for a 42x12 aircraft hangar door. Bi-fold or hydraulic. 140 mph wind load. At this point, primarily interested I the price differential between the two Schweiss doors . Thank you, Matt Mankato


My wife and I bought a hangar/home that has a very old schweiss bi-fold door installed with the cable lift system. We'd either like to get a strap conversion or replace it with a hydraulic door.


Looking to purchase a 44 X 14 hangar door. I would like to compare prices on both types of Schweiss doors - the hydraulic door and bifold liftstrap door. This will be for a new farm hangar in IA.


This is for a 10,000 sq. ft. wood pole building - combination barn, antique tractor shop & race car shop. The front 24' is more like an enclosed carport, but needs a handy bifold or hydraulic Schweiss door for the 14' high by 40' wide opening. I would like to be able to open it up partly for ventilation & of course full open for access. Lightweight, translucent panels would work fine for the covering. This is for a preliminary review of costs & options, so a complete breakdown of material/hardware costs, delivery costs & installation costs is requested.


I have a new door application in a 32' sidewall. This is an addition to an existing building so we are stuck with eave/header configuration for a nice look. I would like a 14' high X 20' wide single piece hydraulic door. The reason for the single piece instead of a bifold door is header height VS eave height, there is only about 16" to work with. I also like the idea of its awning benefit. The door will be insulated, a man-door would be nice, and no windows for security reasons. I am planning on using steel siding


Needing a 45 x 45 shop door with 14' ceiling. 2x6 framed with a 38x14 opening. I would like to know what would work best, a Schweiss bifold door or hydraulic door. The steel frame door would have to have the appearance of garage doors. The shop door is going on the gable wall. What kind of door framing would be needed to withstand the windloaded door load and shear.


Mountain logging doors needed in Oregon. 40'x40' equipment repair shop doors. Call me as soon as possible to discuss door specs and recommend which style doors would do me best, Hydraulic doors or Bifold shop doors? 


Slab is poured, building nearly up. Would like two liftstrap bi-fold or one piece hydraulic metal doors, whichever is best for steel door spanning 34 ft. wide. Building height is 26 feet and I need a minimum 22 foot door height opening to bring farm semi's in and out each end. Steel door will need photo eyes, door base safety edge, horn, remote openers and backup door system. 


1. Quote a 50x16 Schweiss Hydraulic Industrial Strength Door installed on endwall of building. 2. Also quote a 35x16 Bifold Door with Straps installed, located in the other endwall of the same building. Quote free standing door header and labor to install. 3. Fax door design information for both styles of industrial steel doors to building contractor. 


We are very interested in your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Door products. Do you have a standard door size? Any further structural door  information will be greatly appreciated, Thanks


Please quote on new metal building door with a framed opening of 38' wide x 12' high, like to have 10' clearance. Let me know which style, bifold strap or hydraulic door would work better on a metal ag building that gets good use.


I am looking for a quote for a 45x16 galvanized door frame door, would like a quote for Schweiss bifold door with straps and hydraulic one piece door. I also need the seaplane door to be installed by Schweiss Doors in Vancouver.


We are bidding a large hangar door. Need price for a 60' wide x 16' high bifold liftstrap helicopter hangar door. Would also like a price for a 54' x 16' hydraulic-powered door. Both will have walk doors, windows and remote door openers.


I need pricing for a 40' x 18' steel ag building door and a 50' x 18 door in a steel ag building. Quote both styles of Schweiss doors, hydraulic door and bifold liftstrap door with remote controlled door opener and any door backup systems available.


We are looking to use one of your Schweiss bifold lift strap or cable door systems for our kiln. We would like the door to be flush mounted to the outside when closed, covering the opening of the kiln. The kiln dimensions are 20' x 8'. I think either of your door styles, bifold or hydraulic would be fantastic. If you think a hydraulic door would be better, let me know. You know doors better than I. Can I get an idea on costs? Thank you.


I am a retailer of building supplies and I have a customer that has specificaly asked for your product (the bi-fold doors). Is there any way I could become a dealer of your product or possibly by the product at a wholesale price? I work out of West Virginia, have seen some of your Schweiss bifold (strap and cable systems) and hydraulic doors with Red Power pumps out here, but think there is a much larger market share that could benefit us both.


We have 14 production locales around US. Would like to learn a bit more about your Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold doors typically in the size of 12 foot wide by 8 foot high. These will go onto garages. Extra remote needed for each.


I have a customer who is interested in a Schweiss bi-fold door and possible a hydraulic door with Red Power pump for the new shop we hope to build for him, could you send me some information on your systems and a price. Here are the details: - 40 x 20 - Frame work with openers - FOB Eckville, AB. Canada Thanks for the help Ernest


We are a design and construct company specializing in provision of commercial aircraft maintenance hangars anywhere in the world. We have a need for doors for a hangar whose clear opening is 100m wide x 14m high. We would be interested to receive more information from you on your HYDRAULIC (RED POWER PUMP) & BI-FOLD STRAP SYSTEM doors, specifically: 1/ Could you design a door that would provide a clear opening of 14m (under the folded door)? 2/ If so, what would be the widest individual door you could design that provided this clearance? 3/ Do your doors require to be 'guided' and/or supported in any way at their edges by columns? 4/ Do/could you supply and install outside of US? Many thanks.


I am interested in installing a Schweiss bifold door that gives me maximum overhead height for existing shop. Probably would need to have lift frame mounted on outside of building to maximize door size. Dimensions listed below would be rough and what I believe I could expand opening to. If you think a hydraulic door would work better for this, please let me know why. I do like the looks of your new Red Power pump unit. Any info you could provide would be much appreciated.


Looking to do a building for myself size will 36 wide x 18 tall In a post frame building I want all things we need to be save I would look at Schweiss Hydro or bi-fold may want 2 windows in door.


I am interested in finding out if you have ever worked on a project to put a Schweiss Red Power  hydraulic door into the side of a shipping container that is being converted into a shop or home? I have just started to design a shop and am interested in finding out a ballpark price for a hydraulic door that is 12' wide and about 8.5' tall. I am planning on using the existing external structural siding but cut in your door jam system. I am not looking for a complete quote yet but just trying to see if I might be able to fit a hydraulic or even a bifold door system into the project budget. Thank you, Rupert


I spoke with Brooke about my project a little earlier today. I'm working on a cost/benefit analysis to determine how to replace existing 100'wx14'h rolling door with a new Schweiss bi-fold or Red Power Electrical System hydraulic door that is slightly taller (16') and narrower (either 60' or 80'). Building is existing, so would like to have cost for door with free-standing header/support truss to minimize the loading back into the existing building. Would like to be sure that the quote inlcudes Door & Header/Truss, lift straps, Engineering & Shop Drawings and Shipping costs. We'd like to have this project take place the Summer/Fall of this year.




Option 1 - 60 x 60 building. Steel Schweiss Door - 50' wide x 15' high clearance please price both bi-fold and hydraulic Option 2 - 100 x100 building Door - 80' wide x 20' high clearance Please price both bi-fold and hydraulic back up systems. Thanks, Vince I..


Looking for a bid on a 24 x 14 door. I would like a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic and a bi-fold door to be put on a commercial storage wooden shed. Would like it insulated as we are in Michigan. Thanks.


Need a price for 2) 11'6" x 12' doors one Schweiss Bi-Fold Door" and the other Hydraulic "One-Piece" Door. Lift straps, jiggle switch / Red Power backup system, remote openers and insulation for both. Installed in Biddeford, ME


We are meeting the customer tomorrow with preliminary costs. Please call or email me the costs as soon as possible on both the single piece and folding door. We would also need the lead time for the door.


WE are looking for the best door option for our hangar we are building. Any recommendations between the Schweiss hydraulic vs the bi-fold system, that would be apreciated. The door is to be 60 wide and have a 16' high clear opening.


Dear Sirs, Please quote both doors (Bi-Fold / Hidraulic) as bellow. Best regards, Howard 


Looking for a quote on a full frame door to attach to the exterior of a wood building. Price on both bifold and hydraulic with labor. Also how much height would I lose with the bi-fold door versus hydraulic.


I have a greenhouse with a 10' wide segmented door that substantially reduces inside headspace. I'm looking at the schweiss product for an improvement. Please advise on local vendors/installers. Thanks!


I'm an Architect in California. Can you give me rough pricing on: (2) Schweiss Doors, 15'-1" wide x 16'-0" high. Price as both a B-Fold and One Piece We will put our own skin on the door. Thank you. Adam F.


I need the following door sizes estimated - in each type (hydraulic and bi-fold): 7'-0"x10'-8" 8'-0"x10'-8" 8'-0"x15'-2" But, we will only be purchasing (1) door. Additionally, I want finishes and lack of upper wall 'overlap' as seen at Global Ecology Center - Stanford University.


We are planning to build an aircraft hangar in New Harmony, Ut. We need a 60 x 16 door opening. Would you recommend a hydraulic or bi-fold door syatem for this size? and what would be the cost for each? Thanks, Frank


How fast do each of the doors raise for the size I have listed below (Hydraulic vs. bifold) Cost Estimate needed for each. How much front clearance is needed (for hydraulic) e.g. for snow removal? (again, for the size listed... estimate is ok.) I would like to do the "skin" exterior my self to match the barn.... 1x10 T&G pine. Will want a "people" door framed out (anywhere) that I will make for the barn opening door, and the barn door will be insulated with say extruded Polystyrene under the exterior skin, which I can do. Prefer I install fire resistant material on inside, e.g. sheet rock if weight can be handled by your door. Is a truss needed in all cases for the hydraulic version? Header is 10Hx6wide fir, sides are 6x8 same, barn post and beam. Thanks Brian W.


I would like your opinion on hanging a door on this 1973 built shed. It is 48 x 125 and the end I want to put it on faces south on a hill with strong winds at times. I need all the height and width that I already have. I would like prices on both schweiss doors, bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic. I can do all the work myself. Please respond, Chad


I need a price for 2 each 30' wide x 16' tall doors. Please price both hydro power and bi-fold doors with lift straps. No windows or other special options.


Please email quote for 2 doors 14 X 14. Quote bifold & hydraulic Systems. It is a new construction to begin as soon as the rains quit. Thanks Lee Anne


I have a 30'x30' steel pole building I am going to put a door in the gable end. I have a 10' open height and would like the door to be about 25' feet wide. I like both styles of doors you have. What are the advant/disadvant with the Hydraulic and bi fold


I have this building that is going to be used for a airplane Hanger. The customer wants a 40'x 10'clearence Hydraulic or Bi-fold door. The building is 50' x 50' x 10' sidewalls. Can you have a 10' door in gable endwall in a 10' sidewall building. How much head room do I need above header for door? And does it make any difference if it is Hydraulic or by-fold? Thanks


I would like quotes on 45'- 50' x 18' doors. also on a 20' one for a new shop. Hydraulic or bifold and insulation package. Cost and energy factors will help us decide. Thanks


I would like a price on a 24 ft wide by 16 ft high and that would be in a sidewall and I would like that priced both hydraulic and a bi-fold. Below is the other door I would like priced as well. As soon as you can get back to us would be great I am close to purchasing the building. Thank you


Request quote for both bi-fold and hydro door for opening: 38 x 14'...please include delivery and on site installation. This door also needs to be rated for 110 mph winds. Thanks


I need a quote for a salt shed for a local road maintance shed, do not know which door would be better, please advice.the bottom of the door will be 6" off the concrete floor


I had talked to someone in your company last week about our 34 foot bi-fold doors.We would very much like to get this door operating again for use and get our machinery inside. The doors were put up by Garage Door, Inc. You can e-mail me or call. Thank you very much for your help in taking care of us on this great door.


I am constructing a hangar in MN and would like to get a ball park on the cost of bifold and hydraulic doors. Could you email me a figure for the following selections. 44 x 12 clear height bifold with nylon straps 44 x 12 clear height hydraulic 50 x 12 clear height bifold with nylon straps 50 x 12 clear height hydraulic If these are not standard sizes, I can be flexible if it reduces the price. I am also wondering about the price of some options Light emiting panels Glass windows in door


I would like to get a feel for the prices on the two doors i.s. the bifold with straps or one piece with hydraulic Red Power lifts. This is for T-hangers typically, 12 meter opening and 4 meters high.


I am looking for a 50'x 18' bifold door. I am looking for the r-value of said door. I also am looking for advice on what I need for structural to hold this Schweiss door and of course pricing. I heard you have the best prices in town Thank you  Norbert


Do you have any CAD details of for your Bi-fold doors? We are planning to use your product on a residence here in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks jj .


I would like an estimate for a hydraulic and bifold door. It is for a hanger I am purchasing. I will be extending the hanger 18" and then hanging the door. The opening is 10.5' x 40'. I am interested in prices shipped to Oklahoma.


Hello, I need you to send 50 bifold and hydraulic catalogs I want to do a mail out early this week. Please express post to address mentioned above. Regards


Please price both a bi-fold and a hydraulic door. Need 18' clear. Please price a free standing header separately for each. Please price install labor for each door and free standing headers separately. Please send design info for both so I can send to metal building suppliers.


Can you give me some cost comparisons of the two types of doors. We will need between four and eight doors, not sure yet. Probably 40' x 12'. And does steel vs wood construction affect hydraulic or bifold door price?


Want to change sliding doors to either a bi-fold or hydraulic as will be insulating/heating shed and need door to close/seal properly. Shed is steel with steel header and side posts. Header varies in dimension from about 12in to 18"height due to slope of roof. Do you have a contact/distributor in Southern Manitoba?


Please quote hydraulic and bifold door according to the following specs. 24' x 16' insulated door delivered to N.D. in Bowman county.


What is the approximate price of a 20 ft wide x 12 hi bifold vs hydraulic door, delivered to the above address. Thank you


Please provide price(s) for a 40' wide bi-fold and hydraulic door. Not sure on height. Could go 12' or taller. Own a Piper Cherokee 140 airplane. Would be able to pick up door and save shipping expense. Thank you very much.


My building is going this year. The building is 42 X 60 16 foot sidewalls. I want to put a 14 high by at least 30 wide hydraulic door on it. 14 X 32 is also a possibility. Please quote both, with shipping.


Need to replace an old sliding door. 16'x 30' opening. Looking at either bifold or hydraulic door


Hello, please see the pictures attached that describes one of our properties that could use your hydraulic door systems I have put in some rough dimensions for conversation purposes. These doors would be in up position during the summer months and closed during inclement weather conditions. I look forward to any suggestions that you may have. Thanks


I would like to get a price on two different doors for my shed. I have a shop that I would like to consider putting in a hydraulic door. This one would need to be well insulated with windows also. And I have a shed that I would like to put in a bi-fold door. Could you get me prices for these doors?


Good afternoon Sir, Can you please quote a bifold door going to Oregon for me? The clear dimensions are 56'-0" wide X 16'-0" high. Wind load is 85 MPH, Exp. "C". Delivery will be to OR If any questions please call or email.


I need a price on both hydraulic and bifold doors, well insulated.34x18 opening thanks


Hello, we often times build structures that are used as agricultural and industrial shops. We have used both bi-fold and solid door sections with hydraulics. We are currently putting together a good sized ag shop and are interested in obtaining pricing for your single section hydraulic lift product. The size we are considering is 30' x 16' Please contact me so we can pursue this further.


I would like several quotes please... Bifold and Hydraulic for a 16' X 54' clearance. How much height do I need for a 16' high clearance for each type of door? Next quote, Bifold and Hydraulic for a 14' X 48' clearance. How much height do I need for a 14' high clearance for each type of door?


already had bid on your bifold door now am asking for a bid on your hydraulic door and info on preperation of opening and mounting system


I'm looking for a quick price quote for a 60'W x 15'H door (installed price if possible). I don't really care what kind (bifold or hydraulic), just whatever is least expensive. Thank you.


Building 60x60 hanger with 50x12 door opening, would like price with both bifold door and hydralic door. on budget so looking for most cost effective way


Please quote me a bifold and one piece door with information supplied below or call. Susan Maude, Maude Fabricating, WY reccomended you. Thanks, Sara


I'm interested in pricing on a bifold door, both hydraulic and bottom drive lift strap in their simplest configurations. I'm building a hangar at Flying Cloud in Eden Prairie, MN this spring.


I have job where we are going to need a bifold or hydraulic door. The custmor all ready has a bifold door and likes it but would like a hydraulic door. The would like a 32' x 14' if they can afford it. There equipment requires a 20'x 14' opening. Would you be interested in pricing both doors in a bifold and hydraulic?


Need quote on One-piece hydraulic door 16' high,x 24' wide insulated. Also bi-fold door with same measurements.


I'm building a 60x150x20 I would like a price on both a bi-fold and hyd. (1)44x20 (2)32x20 I want 1 door on each end wall (drive through) I own one of your doors currently and am very satisfied with its smooth and quiet operation.


Hi, I'm looking for pricing information on a 14' tall by 24' wide bi-fold or hydraulic door. Thanks, Rory        


You sent me a bid for a 45' hydraulic and bifold doors, thanks Can you also do 43' doors with the same windows? 43' door would give me a bit more space for my 50' building width. Thanks Hans


Please Quote: 1 45'X15' bifold door delivered to Northwood ND OR 1 45'X15' Hydraulic Swing up door. I need framing requirements. THanks


I have a remodel for a recreation facility. In the basketball gym the Air conditioning system is completely shot, and we are looking at possibly making the upper walls open up by using some sort of overhead door to allow for natural ventilation, along with some large High Volume, low speed fans. Upon searching for bifold doors your name came up. I would like more information regarding both your hydraulic and bi-fold doors. Project is located in West Texas where the winds can be high for weeks at a time. And these doors might be left open alot. Looking for an opening approximately 60' Long x 14' Tall can use multiple doors if needed. Can you give me an approximate price for each type of door?


I am looking for a 18'w x 16'h door for a fertilizer building can be Hydraulic or Bi Fold. Need 2 (two).


Hi. I'm starting a hanger build in the next two weeks. My neighbor purchased his Schweiss hydraulic door through you in the past year (Vantine) and is happy with your product. He especially brags about the Red Power pump. I'm looking for a quote for a rough opening 42' by 12' hydraulic actuated. I'd like numbers for both the bi-fold and single that my neighbor purchased, as well as mfr and ship time. Thanks


The County Airport is located in NE Ohio. The Airport Authority is considering updating our main hangar building, built in 1967, by replacing our doors with a bi-fold or single piece door. One of our current customers is moving to a King Air 200 and the current door opening will not accommodate this size of aircraft. I've attached several files which show the current conditions with the building. The current door is only 57 foot wide x 16 foot opening. The door has 3, 20 foot sections and runs on a track. We are considering a 70 to 80 foot wide bi-fold with a 18 foot opening. This door will be south facing. We plan to use local contractors for the demolition and new door erection, including required foundations. The Airport Authority would like to consider proposals for either the Bi-fold or one piece doors. We do have to enter into discussions with our tenant regarding the price of this modification and how will recover our costs. To do this, we would like to have an estimate that would provide us with a budgetary cost for the doors, hardware, engineering, and field service to direct the installation. I'm available to answer any questions you may have. Once we have decided what we want to do, we will invite the door supplier to visit our location to take any required field measurements and to present a proposal on your product and firm cost. Thank you for your help on this request. David


I have a client who wants to build a hanger, and the building manufacturer cannot design a building until I have door specs. Therefore, I need a quote on a door delivered to Montrose, CO. The door specs are 34'W x 8'H – would one of your estimators price one for me I would like to see prices on both the bi-fold and hydraulic door Thank You, Richard


I have a client who is comparing bi-fold doors to hydraulic 1-piece doors. Can you email a quote for both doors with these dimensions: 30' w x 15' h? Thanks! Todd


We are building 2 abutting hangers 50 x 30'. The doors will be on the 50' side. I would like to obtain a cost for the 40' wide door in 12' and 14' heights. We would like a price for the Bi-fold as well as the hydraulic lift door. Thank you, Steve


I'm trying to determine the best size door for a 50 x 80 building. Could you provide a quote for a 40' x 14' and a 44' x 14' both in a one piece and bifold configuration. Potential purchase in approximately 6 weeks. Thank you


Please send me the costs of bifold and hydraulic doors. Opening size is 58 wide x 18 high. Zip code for shipping is 04631 ( Eastport, Maine) Thank you, Steve


I'm looking for quotes on door options for a new hangar project. Specifically I'd like to trade bifold and hydraulic options a 44' and 50' widths at 16' height. Thanks.


I have an opening that is 39'11.5" with a height of 11.9". I have a Baron that has a tail height of 9'8". Can I fit a bifold or do I have to have a hydraulic? Can you give me a quote on both?


I am planing to build a shop in an exiting building. Interested in cost of bi-fold verses hydraulic opening doors. Roughly a 12x20 and a 16x20 doors. Rough cost estimate is fine for now. Also what shows will you be at so I can see them. Might do the 12x20 this fall and add larger door later. Trying to plan. Thank you, Bob


I am looking to purchase a personal bi-fold door for my hanger. The opening is 10 ft x 40 feet. Could you please provide me with a price for this size of door. I don't know if Strap is better or hydraulic would be better for me. Maybe you could help.


Please provide me design infomation and shop dwt. and quote for 40'widex 18'-0" high Bfld door. Delivery is Chautauqua County New,York 14701. Contact me for questions . May I have your Schweiss design,weight and clearance dims by Tuesday 6-2-09 morning or sooner. Thanks


I am looking to price both the Bifold & the Hydraulic door. The opening is 14'x14' Minimum overhead clearance of 13' Also need walk-in door integrated


I was wondering what the price different is between bi-fold and Hydraulic. Door is 41.5' x 12.5' clearance.


Would like a price quote comparison of both the hydraulic and bi-fold doors. Minimum door width would be 45 to a maximum of 80'. Most likely dimensions of the hangar are 80w x 70d x 16't. 14' door height. Interested in quotes for standard door sizes from the 45 to 80 range. Thank you.


Please provide a quote for each of your doors(bifold & hydraulic) for our comparison. Our proposed steel building will be 80ft wide and 60ft deep aircraft hanger. Door opening size need will be 76ft wide and 18ft high. The eve of the building height is 23ft. the door opening will have stub columns with lateral bracing to fit the door needs.Bifold specifics: recessed door layout 76ft x 18ft clear hole straps and motor placement and wedge size to fit. probably 36inches internal trussHydraulic specifics: Flush mount - H Style External TrussFor now please provide the quotes with not extra options. our desire is to have a clear opening of 76x18, so please size the complete door assemblies to accomodate.thanks for your helpNOTE if at all possible - please don't call me here in Kathmandu in the middle of the night!!!!Tim C.


I would like a budget price on a door that won't be built for a year or so (please don't spend too much time on it). Door will be 50'x 12'. If you can give me a price on the bifold and a hydraulic door.thanks


Want to price out both a Bi-fold and a Hydraulic door. Add options of Top Overide Jiggle Switches, Three-button automatic switch, Door base safety edge, 3' walk in door, and Automatic latch assembley. The clear opening will be 44'6" wide by 14' tall. Call if you have any questions.ThanksSteve


Hi, I am looking for a quote on a 36'x13' bi-fold or swing up door. I have client looking to make a 36'x13' opening in a 50' end wall (pole barn) floor to u/s of truss is 15'. what kind of support strength is required at the header for bi-fold or swing up? Thank You,John


Interested in some literature about your bifold and hydraulic doors also interested in becoming a dealer Thanks David H.


i just requested prices on a bifold and hydraulic would you send specs on headroom i'll need ----i need 12 feet of clear head space thanks jim would like price on you installing also


We have a project in the Hays, KS market area which needs a 50'0" width x 20'0" door(Frame opening is 50'0" x 20'0") and an owner who wants a quote on both Bi-fold and single lift hydraulic. Please quote both types.


I would like pricing on doors in two sizes. 44X16 60X18 I would like both sizes priced as bifolds and hydraulic. Thanks; Brian H.


Could you please send us Brochures on Bi-fold Doors and Hydraulic Doors, or your catalog ASAP. We have potential customer.


Need a hydraulic door for a mechanical shed 16' tall by 20' wide. Would also look at a bifold. Thank you.


Need pricing on 45x12 clear Bi fold with strap lift and also 45x12 clear hydraulic and 42x12 clear hydraulic wind load is 80 mph C. Freight to Yuma AZ. Need today if possible. Thanks John


Hello, I am planning to build a 60 x 60 Post Building to use an an Aircraft hangar for my Harvard and 180. I would like two things; A quote on a 48 x 16 bi-fold and hydraulic door, and shipping up to Bassano, Alberta Canada. Your brief advice on the pros and cons of both. I've read your information about it but am still uncertain which would be best. I understand that I would lose height with a bi-fold. Frontal area however is not a factor for me. As well I am interested in a possible sidewall application of the same size door. If I do this then I can go as big as a 60 x 80 hangar. thanks Jim H.


I want to know how thick/wide a wall has to be in order to support the bi-fold hydraulic door? Al


Dear Sir:Madame: We are currently designing a warehouse for our own use (general contracting & misc use) We have an application for a large door that will open to a 20' x 20' span. I would be interested in pricing your Bi-Fold and Hydraulic doors for our application. Please have a sales representative phone me. Thanks, Shane P.


We are interested in your products of hydraulic and bi fold door for the application of our glazing system projects. Are there any agents located in Eastern Asia for ours further contact? Besides, could you kindly mail a catalogue of the above items for our reference. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.


We are preparing specifications for a two unit box hangar and would like to compare cost of bifold ve hydraulic. Bi-Fold will need to be mounted on the outside of the building. Building eave height is 15' door opening will be 12'. Please provide bidding specifications for both types


Please send me any brochures and pricing information you have on your bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Thanks.


I need to purchase a door w/ an opening of 12' wide / 14' heigh. I am not sure if one piece will work or if I need a bi-fold. The big question is how much weight I can add to the door w/ trim details. Do you have a maximum weight specification for this size door. Also how much overall height is required for the 14' door w/ header.


I am preparing a bid packet for a customer, and I am enclosing several door options. I would like to receive information on both styles of doors and a comparison. Thank you,


Please quote to supply a hanger door in both bi fold & hydraulic 12m x 4.5m high delivered to manchester UK


I am planning a new building project which includes a 40'-50'x 16'-18' door. We curently have a 56' bifold that is about 25 yrs old installed in an uninsulated hanger. I don't have a good feeling about installing a large bifold in an insulated shop for fear of leaks. We are in SE North Dakota so I pay enough of a heat bill as is. Do you feel that a hydralic doors has benefits here? Looking for pricing and application info to clarify my decision.


I'm starting my hangar const. this week and will be needing a door for an opening of 40'x10' I would like a quote on a bi-fold and one piece hydraulic. I would like to maintain the 10' height.


I represent an engineering firm that is working with the Michigan State Police on a new helicopter hangar. We are currently in the preliminary design phase and comparing building construction types and door options. Any information that you can provide at this phase would be very helpful, specifically: -Do you have standard bi-fold and hydraulic door sizes? I expect that our final specification will require a 20' tall clear opening; are there standards widths that we should design to? -Do you have budgetary estimate numbers for the door options that you can provide to aid in the prelimary design priocess? Thank you in advance for all of your help.


I need a quote for 18 high by 40 long bifold door and a hydraulic one piece of the same size. Please email me with price including frieght.


We are doing comparisons on Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors for a particular project. We dont know if this will be on end or on sidewall yet. I would also like quote on a 60x16


I am doing some preconstruction planning and need to know if you can provide a door that can give me a clear opening width of 100 feet and a clear opening height of 29 feet? If this is possibe, which of you doors would be most suited to the job, your Lift Strap Bifold or the Hydraulic? How do they compare in price for a door of this size? Thank you, Jerry W.


Building is an old dairy hip roof barn I am converting to a shop. Bifold may need the upper corners cut out of slanted. Haven't measured yet to know for sure. Hydraulic will not need that. I will want automatic latches and probably the cold weather seal as well. I am familiar with both styles of doors, looked at them at Farmfest. thanks for the quote.


Please give me a quote on a bifold door and a hydralic door. The dimensions are 14 feet high by 18 feet wide. Thank you.


filled out information earlier and wanted infirmation on Bi-fold doors but I think I marked down Hydraulic one piece.


First, GREAT website! I found your advertisement in the November issue of the Atlantic Flyer magazine. I was doing an Open House at the Cessna dealer at Tipton Airport in Laurel, MD on Saturday and saw you ad. I knew that I was looking for some type of airport hanger door as I fly from time to time with a friend and that's what inspired the entire concept. Second, I'm in the initial design stage of expanding my growing dealership. I have already met with our engineer, architect, contractor and banker on the project. We have planned to add a second building across from the existing facility plus an expansion of the existing building so that everything that might be considered a structure for the side or overhead frame of your door systems will be built new. We plan to have a covered courtyard with skylights with either hydraulic or bi-fold doors at each end. The approximate size of each door will be 26'to 30' wide by 18' to 20' high. I would prefer that the doors are glass or similar material to allow full light penetration to give the area an outdoor feel even when down. In good weather they would likely be fully up on both ends of this roughly 26' to 30' by 80' long courtyard allowing for two way traffic and airflow for riders to ride in and hang out or simply ride through to the far end where the service department is located. We do not plan on storing motorcycles in the area overnight as I see the Harley Davidson dealership in your portfolio does. What I need at this point is a very rough idea of costs of a hydraulic door and bi-fold door in that size range and why I would select one over the other. I do not believe the GC I have worked with before on this 15,000 SF facility and will hire again has experience with these style doors so I also need general installation pricing. Please reply to email and not the one I'm sending from as this is my wife's home address as it's Sunday. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Bob H. Owner, Rider, Enthusiast


I couldn't find a standard size chart on your website for bifold or hydaulic doors. We are interested in an 11' by 11' door but are afraid this is special order. what are your standard sizes?


Please send quotes for both hydraulic and bifold doors for 10x40 and 12x40. We are located in Boone, Iowa.




I need a door size 80 ft wide x 40 ft clear. Is it feasible with bifold or hyraulic type? If both work, which one you recommend. Best Regards, Willy


Dear Sir, would you please send me your full catalogue regarding the bi-fold and one piece door. is it possible to get the cad files to be inserted in our drawings. is it possible to buy the system without the doors being they will manufactured locally. the over all size of the solid wood louvered door is around 480cm width x 350 cm height. best regards JO


Need quote for 40' by 18' bifold. Need quote for 40' by 18' one piece hydralic door. Need to know head room on doors. Please call with questions.


I would like a quote on a bi-fold door and one piece hydraulic door. It must be wide enough for a Falcon 20. The wingspan on that is 54 feet. The door would be on a 65 x65 hangar. Thank you, Scott W.


We are building a 48' x 75' hangar and are interested in getting a quote for both a hydraulic and bifold door. We are also considering going to a 70' wide door and would like to get the price adder for going from 50' wide to 70' wide on both doors. Thanks in advance for your efforts


At this point I would like to have some idea of possible prices. The building is an S35-15, mostly mounted, I need to keep the full width at a height of about 6', for an LSA airplane. The tail rises to to 8.2' Presently there is no front wall, and I am looking for an economical way. The plane will be pushed in backwards (tail in first) I am also considering using 2 walls under the wings. a sliding door at the center and some other sliding panels. Thank you for giving me a rough estimate range for your 2 types of hangar doors Sincerely, Noel B C.


Today arrived two hangar doors from you at our airfield: the bifold for Mr. F. and the hydraulic one for Mr. A. If I'm not mistaken there should be another door on order. I would like a quote for both a bifold and a hydraulic for two hangar doors: 12' by 49' and 12' by 36'. Looking forward to hearing from you. Below are the measurements for the larger door. Best regards Heinz B.


Need 130 mph wind coding paperwork. Please quote in 15' and 13'6" clear height, for both door types. Customer was blown away by slider door prices and wanted an alternative. Of course I suggested a bifold or one-piece from Schweiss! :) Thanks, Jack


I also have another door that is a 24' x 14' on an end wall - could you give me a price on that door too for both styles as requested below for the other door?


We need pricing on a 58'w x 20'h one-piece hydraulic hangar door and a 58'w x 20'h bi-fold hangar door. Zip code is 32958, 130mph windload. Thank you


RFQ as follows [1. Hydraulic single piece 48x14 door.] [2. price discount if buying 2 identical doors.][3. aprox shipping $ to 76408] [4. Prices for same size in bifold] Plan to buy within next several weeks. Trying to finalize decision over next 10 days. Thanks and Best Regards Steve


one 70'x20' clear opening bifold or hydraulic three 38'x12' clear opening bifold or hydraulic


Please supply me with a quotation for both bi-fold and the one piece hydraulic door's I will be requiring six in total over approx six month's,35ft wide and 16 ft high to be fitted to buildings in Sarasota Florida Regards Stan L. ps I will be abroad from the 1st-18th of August but will be contactable by e/mail at all times


This is a follow up request for a quote for both a bi-fold door with strap lift and a single piece hydraulic door. The building may be all steel or wood


Hi. I would like a quote for both a bi-fold door x 2 and a one piece hydraulic door x 2 sent to Auckland New Zealand. Door openings 13.5m wide by 3.7m high. Thanks


need pricing on some doors- 1 option is a 60'X18'either bi-fold or hydraulic and if owner goes with smaller building then door should be 52'x18' Thanks Tom


You quoted a Bi-Fold and a Hydraulic door for me on 2/4/08. The project is located in a heavily restricted area and is taking more time than anticipated to obtain permits and commence construction. The client would like an updated quote to determine current costs. I would appreciate an update. Thank you, Steve


Please foward us a catalogue/binder on your One-Piece Hydraulic Doors as well as the "Bi-fold Door." Thank you.


Please contact me Im interested in both of you're door systems. The best time would be to call between 8am-5pm.If you could quote out a 40'x18'door and fax it to me. Thank you.


building will be 40 ft wide door will go in gable end would like 15 clear entrance door will have to hinge above the ceiling in trutsees if bi fold or one pice


I'm looking for a ballpark estimate on both a bi-fold and a hydralic door for a hangar. The door size is 40' wide X 12' high.


Would like brochures, literature on bi-fold doors for agricultural, commercial, airport hangers,and other such type building applications. Also information on your 1 piece hydralic doors. Also looking for a door that is economical and simple , sort of one that hinges straight up and over, like alot of garages used to use many years ago. Need a 10x12 for indoor / outdoor golf range, 7 of them.


Just beginning to do our research on designing a hangar type building. Would like some ballpark pricing information on insulated bi fold and hydraulic doors. Size would be 56'W by 30'H and is a size of 70'W by 30' H available. We are in the design phase, so a sales person is not necessary at this point since i wouldn't know what to ask. Email or snail mail is fine. thanks.


planning 3 doors all on same wall. centre 12 x 12, each side of centre 5 x 10 OR can modify so one door will do all openings ( your door ? ) size 24 feet wide by 12 feet high clear opening. Please quote hydraulic door and Bi-fold insulated. We will need to reframe the wall it is an existing bar converted workshop Need to decide now, please quote as soon as possible so we can order. Need wall framing details, quote supply and install Thanks Steve M.


I have a large garage that I am trying to store an ultralight in. Currently this garage has three sets of overheal doors side by side with about two feet inbeteen each and then at the end there is a large RV overhead door at the far left end of the building. I am wanting to use the two middle sets of door area and put in a door approximately 40' wide x 10' tall. Can you tell me what the price would be for a bifold versus a hydraulic door and is this something that most people can do or will I need an erector


door 42X12 use about twice a week. bifold or hydrolic. no service door required. least expensive!! price w and w/o inst.


We are building a 48 or 50 by 60 pole barn hanger. We would like to get prices on both a bifold door and aq one-peice hydraulic door. Our builder will install the door.


Please send me the soonest best quote for both doors. We prefer not to loose any headroom. The door will then have to be shipped from Miami to Anguilla via Bernuth Lines.


I'm looking to build a hanger that would need a 40 foot door. Would you please give me the price of a bi-fold and hydraulic door with the systems to open them.


I"m building a 70 by 70 ft. building with a ceiling of 14 ft. I want to put a 65 ft. door on the one end. would like to know the difference in price between hydraulic or byfold. I wouldn't mind going hydlaulic. I do want the best one for insulation and most tight when closed. I would be able to build untill this summer or late spring. Thank you, Eric


Please quote following doors F.O.B. Seattle, FYI you may have already supplied this quote to other contractors. (1) Schweiss International Truss Hydraulic Door M style mount 64'5"X16'5" (3) Schweiss Bi-Fold bottom drive-cable 50'X 18'6" (1) Schweiss Bi-fold bottom drive-cable 55'X 18'6" (14)Schweiss Bi-Fold bottom drive lift strap 46'X 18'6"


I had a bi-fold quoted from you last year. I am definately going to be doing a door this year and am interested in an updated quote for both a bi-fold and a hydraulic.


Hi Mike-Interested in eather a hdyraulic or belt lift door with remote opener Thanks Dave


Will be building a 50' wide hangar, 16' walls out of ICF those foam constructon blocks you poor concrete in the center. My airplane has 38' wing span. Would you send information on bi-fold vs hydraulic and pricing. Thankyou Phil


Have 2 Hangers 42'X10' and 60'X10' What type door do you have & how much do I pay ? Aloha, Linne'


The building has 16 inch diameter round poles at the base tapered to 10 inch at the top. The sidewalls are 20' high. The outside of the building is 50' 3". I want as much width and headroom as possible.Presently I have 19'6" headroom clear. I would like a rough estimate on bifold and hydraulic door options. Please list shipping and labor seperately as options. Please let me know how much headroom I would lose with each option. I would not be opposed to the ends of the door sticking above the roofline, but would need help with a design to make that happen. If the rough estimate is within my budget I will give you more specifics for a hard quote.


looking for a 40 x 14 hangar door bifold or single panel wich ever is the most economical. matt


I would like to receive technical literature on the bi-fold and one-piece doors for small aircraft shelters. We are looking at door heights of 14 ft and 20 ft with widths of 40 ft and 60 ft widths respectively. Thank You James C. M.


Where could I look at your Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors closest to Farmington , IA. Customers doors would be ok. Or instalations instructions. How small do you make doors ? Joe


Please for detailed information Hydraulic Doors,"Bi-Fold Door",Hydraulic "One-Piece" Door,Both Doors,Please mail out a catalogue.


I'm about to buy a 40' x 60' hangar and need to decide whether to use a bi-fold door or a hydraulic one-piece door the door needs to provide an opening 12' tall, and needs to be at least 40' wide, preferably 50'. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of each type, including the price of the door and the design changes required for the hangar? Thanks, Jack P.


I was wondering if I would be able to recieve information regarding both the bi-fold doors and the monolithic hydraulic door. We are trying to put together a comparison of the products in a door replacement project with three openings approximately 47' wide and one other at 54' (both 16' high). Wondering mostly which product is initially cheaper and which is cheaper to install (including structural framing). Also wondering if you have construction details on how the products are assembled. The follwing information (below) such as side column supports is not determined yet so we are flexible at that issue.


Im looking for a quote on a door 40' wide by 11' tall Both in a bifold and a One piece hydraulic. We are leaning toward the hydraulic door. We are building around 6 hangars and could use on some if not on all of them .. Thanks Sheldon


Putting a building up. I would like prices on installation and the prices on a bi-fold or hydralic door. The door size will be forty feet wide and sixteen feet tall. I also have an older bi-fold door, would it be possible to switch it from cable to straps? Thanks, Carl P.


Hi! Can I have a quote on an 80' x 18' hangar door? Please quote both a bi-fold and hydraulic style door.


I would like to request a quote for a 16x64 hangar door. If possible please give me one for both your bi fold and hydraulic along with the cost for any additional materials and estimates for installation. We currently have a steel hangar with no door and would like to maximize the headroom for installing a door in our hangar. Thanks, Brian M.


Want a quote on a 14'x45' bifold door. Also does the fast opening door cost much more? Last, how much for a hydraulic type door and any recommendations. Thanks Lynn V.


Can you give me a price for a door opening of 43 feet, both in the bi-Fold type and one piece hydraulic


I received pricing on the following in June 2005 for a 30'x 14' bifold door. I need up-to-date pricing on this same size of door. Also I'd like pricing for a 30'x 12' hydraulic door. Thank you for your help with this. You may e-mail, fax or call my cell number with pricing or if you have any questions.Rough Opening Size Is 30' x 12'. Thank you for your help.


Please provide price quote for 16 x 30 bi-fold and single door. Please provide price quote for 16x 26 bi-fold and single door.


Hi, 1st Is there any advantage between a bottom vs. top drive on the bi-fold. 2nd Relative price difference between a hydraulic vs. bi-fold door of equal size. 3rd What is turn-around time from order to delivery


I am building a hangar with a 42 foot door. I would like to get an approximate price for the bi-fold door with straps actuation and a price for the hydraulic door for comparison. I be starting construction in February. Thanks - Abe


What is the major difference in hydraulic and bi-fold. The opening is towards the south and we would need the strongest windload available being right on the coast.


We are building 6 hangars. Size doors needed: 1-65', 3-60' and 2-50'. Need 16' clear opening. One man door and two windows per door. Please provide prices for both bi-fold and one piece hydraulic. Need prices delivered to Seattle. Please give me a price for each size. Construction to begin April 08. At what wind speed do you have to worry about additional wind loading or going with a bi-fold? Thanks. Rollin


can you e-mail me a price for a 45 x 14 bifold and a 45 x 14 hydraulic? i am looking to build a new hangar


Want a 42' wide x 13' door, with zero head room. 3' man door within. 5-4'x2' window openings in the door. Would also like a price on a Bifold door the same size too.


Looking for an estimate for a bi-fold hangar door 60 feet wide and 18 feet high to put on an 80 x 80 hangar. Would also like an estimate for a one piece hydraulic door of the same size to compare. Thanks. -Joshua L.


We are building a new building and would like door pricing. First choice would be a hydraulic door, but would like pricing on a bifold as well. The opening will be 14'6" high by 28' wide but would also like a quote on a 15x30 door as well.


Looking for info on Bi-fold or Hyd. lift doors. I have a building with a 40' wide by 15' high opening and would like to put a door in it . Thanks Rick


I am in the process of starting my hanger and would like to obtain a quote for both styles of doors. Please quote the doors and have a sales person contact me.


I need a hanger door that is 40' wide and 10' tall. I am leaning towards the one piece Hydraulic, but please send me a quote for both the bi-fold, and the hydraulic. Thank you. Dan B.


I have a hanger project that should be getting underway soon. I am looking for pricing on you new single panel door and your bi-fold doors.


Please quote 55ft by 17 ft door with remote autolock bifold and one pc. hydraulic also 65ft by 17ft bifold and hydraulic for aircraft hangor


I would like a comparison between bi-fold and hydraulic. I have a quote on bi-fold from last March so I need an update on that as well. I need two doors each 45' wide with a 14' clear opening height. The bi-fold is strap lift with the automatic latches. This is on a pole construction building.


We are about 50% done with a 60x75 hangar. Need a quote on, a single panel and a bi-fold door 56x14, no man door. Quote with and without remote option. 130mph wind minimum Jim


I need a price for 19 doors 42'-0 X 14'-6" for a project at Umatilla Airport, Umatilla, Florida in Lake County Fl. Base bid is electric Bi-fold, option A is single panel hyralic lift door. Thanks.


Looking for price and information on a 38' wide x 16' tall door either bifold or single. Thanks, Danny


I'd like quotes on A bifold or a 1 piece hydraulic door. I'm planning to build a hangar 48x60x14. I left door height a ?. (14 if possible) Shipped to Garrison, ND. Also quote for you to install, but probably will go local. Thanks, Kim E. Also, Need to know exactly if any special needs in construction around door area.


Please give me prices for a 40x12' door, bifold and hydraulic for a new 40x40' hangar in Wild Rose, WI. The posts are already up, so we will be looking for delivery within a couple of weeks. Thanks! Chuck


I also want a price for a 29'7" wide x 13'10" high door. If it is possible I would like to extend the width of the door but would need someone to look at the building to make sure it is possible. Do you lose any height with either the hydraulic or bi-fold door? The door height is barely high enough for equipment now and I can't afford to lose any height with the installation of a new door. Thanks


Dear sir/madam, We'd like to buy two doors from your company.So would you please give us the quotation for the hydraulic door and Automatic Bi-Fold door individually. We look forward to getting the professional advice from your side to determin what kind of doors we want to buy, hydraulic door or Automatic Bi-Fold door? We preferred to get the detail quotation for both door frame and electric. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks&best regards


Hello, Can you please provide a quote on a 42' door with a 13' height? Please provide us a price for both styles of doors.




I'm looking for a quote on both the Bifold and Hydraulic door for an airplane hanger job. The opening is 49' -6" x 16' - 0. I would be interested in both an installed price and uninstalled price. The job is in Green Bay, WI.




What is the difference in the Bifolding door and the hydraulic doors? Is there much of a difference in prices or are the about the same Price? How far do you guys travel to put them up? How long does it take to put on of those doors on a building?


To Whom This May Concern: I'd like a qoute on a forty foot wide hydraulic and bifold door. Respectfully, Kirt C.


i am interested in a door for our new hangar. the front opening is about 74' the hyd looks like what i would want, but please quote both the bi-fold and hyd.


I'm planning to build a hanger this summer and trying to get prices together. What is your price for a 14 x 44 ft. door. I would like to compare the Bi-fold with the Hydraulic. Shipping would be to Pocahontas Iowa. Thanks, Ken D.


Would please price me a door to fit a 48' wide opening with 12' hight. I would like a price for a one piece and bifold please. I have a bifold now.


Hello.looking for prices on either bi-fold or hydraulic doors to replace o/h track and wheel high maintainance doors in my Dairy barn.We have 15 doors and the main 14 x 16 doors need replacing.Not sure what would be involved structurally to install.The barn enviroment is very harsh with high moisture which corrods any exposed metal.Could you give me a price on bi-fold? One piece will probably not be the best choice in summer since door is always open. (Have a catalogue already)


I need a Quote on a Bi-Fold Door. Size 50'Wide X 18' High Also Quote a Hydraulic 1 Piece Bi-Fold Door the same size. This is for a Air Port Hanger . Thanks Leo M.


what would an approximate price for a folding two piece 14feet high x 24 feet wide? also price on one piece same size?


please qoute landed cost on bifold and hydraulic door 1ea. openinig size is 48'x14'. shipped to central oregon. thanks, brad.


I had a hanger built a few years back I want to put a door on it now. opening is 14' x 46' I have side doors so I don't need a small door in the main door. Can you give me some idea on cost for an electrical control both cable and hydraulic operation if possible if you have that type of door. Thanks Charlie A.


Have a steel hangar 80x60 wondering the cost of a door 60' wide x 15' high bi-fold or hydralic?? Dick C.


would like a price on a 44x16 or a 42x16 bifold and hydraulic doors please. thank you. p.s and approx. freight to me?


I requested a quote earlier for academic purposes for a senior design project at The University of Cincinnati. I was wondering if I could have the same done again for a 127' x 25' bi-fold door with a single unit hydraulic alternate including installation costs. Is there any way you could tell me installation times on the doors as well? Thanks in advance for the help!


I would like a catalog/price list mailed to my home address. I am interested in your hydraulic Bi-Fold Door and Hanger Doors


Would like to put a 35foot wide by 16foot tall door in a new insulated building. Our local builders haven't ever used a door that big, could you send me any necessary specifications for install, measuring, and pricing for a bifold or hydraulic door? Haven't purchased building yet, waiting for a door solution. Could be a steel building or a wood framed building. Thanks Butch


Building 60 by 60 most likly post and beam hanger in Crawford CO. Need a quote on both 12*45 and 12*50 hyd and bi-fold door. Thank You James K.


I visited your booth at Arlington this year. I'm going to have a hanger built this spring and need a quote with design specs for my engineer. Please provide both for a bifold and "one piece" hydraulic door. The size will be 40' wide by 14' tall. I will be skinning the door with hardie board & bat siding. The building site (for shipping purposes) is located in Sweet Home, Oregon. Thanks.


Hi Julie! Could send us some more literature on the hydraulic doors and the bifold doors. Maybe 6 of each if you could. Thanks for your help! Travis


I am buikding a new hangar, and the building contractor recomended your company. I have seen your doors at Oshkosh as well. I would like a quote for a bi-fold door and a Hydraulic one piece door please. The door clearance I will need is 55' wide by 18' high. Please let me know cost and details for each, including any item required but not included in door. Also with the doors, what sort of height the door will be to get a 18' opening height.


I have a shop with two 14' wide by 12' tall doors. Interested in cost for bifold and hydraulic. thanks. Email me as I am hard to catch with a phone.


I need 2 doors 25w 14h hinge at 16 foot one door will have a man door right side I am interested in cable lift and optional hydrolic lift.


i need 6 doors, 8' wide x 7" high, that swing completely outside the building. probably one piece but perhaps bifold. thank you, bruce w.


We're getting ready to build a house with attached hangar in an airpark in Edgewood, NM and would like a quote on both a bi-fold and a "one-piece" door, 40' wide by 10' high (clear), delivered to Edgewood, NM (about 30 mi east of Albuquerque on I-40). Since the house will be stucco, your stucco sheeting would be a likely option.


price on a bifold door, 50x12 opening in hangar frame? Austin, Texas Also, price on hydraulic system without door framing. I have a bifold door now but want to price a hydraulic system.


Purchased Bi Fold from you. Interested in one peice hydraulic door. Approximate size 24Wx14H.


I'd like a qote on a 45' x 20' high door. Please provide prices for both a bifold and a one piece hydraulic door. Thanks Tim.....


I am building a 50 X 60 hanger in Huntsville On Ca. I need information on both doors and pricing. I need a minimum 40 feet wide by 14 feet high clear opening. The building is I.C.F. Styrofoam insulated cement filled blocks core poured.


would like to have a quote for (6) bi-Fold doors 40'x 14'installed on 6 T type hangers, also the same for the Hyd type door


Without measuring, I have a door, approximately 50'wide x 14' tall, possibly 16' tall. It currently has two sectional overhead doors, with a removable center post/track. It gives nothing but trouble, so I am considering replaceing it with either a bifold, or one-piece hydraulic. What would your recommendation be, as well as approximate costs, if I choose to install it myself? This would be on a Municipal Airport Hanger, in which the city, county and state have equipment which could be used for lifting and hanging the door. Would we need 3-phase electricity for it? Thanks in advance. mark c.


Interested in (3) hydro. doors for airplane hanger. Would like quote and comparitave price with a bi-fod




I have a large shop and storage building that has a 24 foot wide and 15 foot high doublr sliding door and would like to go to folding hydraulic door. The side opening supports are heavy ten inch channel iron and the overhead beam is a twelve inch I-Beam. Is there anyway to get a ball-park estimate as to the approximate cost of the folding door ? Harris H.


I'm building a new house with attached hangar and would like information and pricing on hydraulic and bi-fold doors to fit a 40-0 x 10-6 opening. I don't need a passage door in it but I do plan to install two 3-0 x 4-6 vinyl windows.


Request. need prices on 1 panel and 2 panel doors. concrete block construction(new).130mph wind zone 40 wide x 13 high. include Installation. please fax prices asap. thanks Felix B.


I would like some information and prices on your bifold and hydraulic doors. If you could email or mail me something, I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you,Clay S.


Can you give me a price for your door, both by-fold and hydrolic, for an opening 20X16 feet and 20X18 ft. Thank you. Dave H.


ATTN: Julie Thank you for the catalogues you sent us. Please also send quotations for (2) 30ft wide X 28ft high doors as specified in this form. Option 1 - Bifold doors w/ optional remote controls (break-out price) Option 2 - One-piece hydraulic w/ optional remote controls (break-out price) I-beam columns are existing to provide support at each side of the 2 doors. There are existing structural channels headers for both doors. Please send separate quotations for each option.