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I need four 3" idler pulleys with 5/8" bore for the 1/4" cable in my 1980 Schweiss Bi-Fold hangar door. Can I buy them from you? Please reply by email or a phone call. Thank you


Could i get a quote on some bottom rubber with the foam at 50'. Tag on the quote thanks. Any questions please call me. Thanks.


I have a Wilson type bifold door (46 feet). Both the lower and upper seals have seriously deteriorated. I am looking for at least 100ft of 12”x1/16in rubber material to replace the damaged ones. In addition, there are 6 other hangers that need the same repairs. We are trying to keep our cost down by having all done at the same time. We are locate in Santa Ynez, CA. I would like you to estimate the cost of 100 feet of rubber seal material, in case our group falls apart, and 700 feet if we all like the numbers. Please include anticipated shipping. If you have any idea where we might find someone that could do the installation for such a small job, that would be very helpful as well. Thanks in advance.


Hello, We need to order parts for our Bi-Fold Hangar Door: Model S12, S/N 9755-1, Model S1342 S/N 9755-2. 3 ea 02200P - 26 Ft 1/4" cable with Stop 3 ea 30430 3" Cable Shield. We are also looking for a Bottom Seal. Thanks


Hello, We need to order parts for our Bi-Fold Hangar Door: Model S12, S/N 9755-1, Model S1342 S/N 9755-2. 3 ea 02200P 26 Ft 1/4" cable with Stop 3 ea 30430 3" Cable Shield. We are also looking for a Bottom Seal. Thanks


I have a bifold door with a Tele-radio remote. I would like to order a replacement remote control. How do I do that? Thanks.


I am looking for someone to replace my rubber gasket on the bottom of my bifold door. It also needs adjustment


The locking mechanism cable on our folding hangar door has snapped. I’m wondering who to contact for repair services


I have a bi-fold hanger door with top and bottom seals of 1/16” rubber material that looks like your stuff. All material is compromised, many holes and completely cracked up. The hanger is in Santa Ynez, slightly inland of the central coast of California, we have been experiencing atmospheric rivers and high winds that recently yielded a flooded hanger. A number of other hangers were similarly affected. Six hangers need new seals but we don’t know any repair installers. Do you keep a recommended vendor list you could send so we can clean up this mess? Email would be nice. Thanks in advance for your help.


I have a customer that broke a safety switch on one of your hanger bifold doors. The spring switch that you rest the over center latch on the side of the door on. Can you help me order a new switch?


I have ran across your website and wished i would have found it before framing out the front of my shop. i had some 4x4 square tubing and a ibeam given to me so i used that to frame my door opening with. my goal is to be able to use the ibeam to lift things up when my bi fold door is open. i have a buddy that built one himself and i got the idea from him. anyways... I'm looking for the bottom door roller wheels. do you offer just the 3" bottom roller wheels and hardware for sale? Also I was planning on using pipe and drill and tap for grease fittings but I like how your hinge system can be greased after the rubber weather stripping is on and you don't have to take anything down to grease them. my door opening is 141 3/4" wide x 137 3/4" from the top of my I beam where I want to mount the hinges to the finished concrete floor. I was going to use sprinkler pipe for my hinge(the center pin is snug to the outside pipe) in the middle of the door where it folds. but was wondering if you offered just the door hinges where the bi fold door folds. with my door being small compared to what I see on your website i think i would be fine with what I have but wouldn't mind checking on your prices to make my life a little easier. so looking for bi fold top hinges, bi fold hinges for where the door meets and 3"bottom roller wheels and hardware. Hope to hear from you soon.


I need 52 feet of the upper seal material for a 50 foot Bifold door.


We have bifold doors on the front and back of our building which are about 15 years old. We need to change the seal on the bottom since we are now heating our shop. Do you have a seal for the doors we can buy that will be airtight?


I'm just looking to find out if it's possible to buy a rubber boot weather strip by itself; or if not to do so from you guys, if you could recommend a vendor. This is for an old style single-piece counterweight and cable swinging hangar door, not one built by Schweiss.


I have a customer with a Schweiss bi fold door who is asking about a heavier rubber seal at the bottom of the door to keep water out. I have the preliminary specs from Schweiss I can send.


Good morning, we have 2 of your bifold doors on one of our warehouses. I'm looking for some pricing on new straps and some springs for the latching mechanism. Thank you in advance.


I'm looking for a few items that has your name on them. First is part number 105602100ADPF and the other is C184C17FC6A. are these parts still available and who sells them besides maybe you


I need to get a quote for 2 3" pulleys with bearings. I would also like to have you contact my boss or salesman about becoming a dealer.


Bonjour, J'aurais besoin de pièces détachées pour une de vos portes. Pouvez-vous me contacter à ce sujet. Merci. Hello, I need spare parts for one of your doors. Can you contact me about this. THANKS.


Please provide a quote for the following: Schweiss BI-FOLD 26335 2 gray gray straps


We installed the auto strap for our 20'x20' bifold door. And dad's hired man cut them off before we had it fully adjusted and they're now too short to get another wrap on the lower drum to tighten the door. What would the two straps cost? Thank you.


Need a quote for 30 ea. bottom door seals, 1/8" X 12" X 45' include shipping.


Hello, I was curious on the price of the rubber seal and the foam insert for a bifold door?


Have a roughly 42 X 20 Schweiss bifold hanger door vintage 1999. Both top and bottom gaskets are deteriorated. Price and availability for new gaskets please. Do you have anyone in particular in Seattle area that would install?


Hi, Where/how do I purchase some of your rubber hanger door seal kits? Can’t seem to find a listing or an online source.


Hello, I have one of hit doors model HF serial number 015843 and it is very noisy when closing. After investigating it the brake disk is vibrating and it looks like the weld between the disk and rotating shaft is completely broke. Looks like this disk is part number 10-5209. I would like to purchase another one from you. What is the best way to do this?


Hello we are working on Schweiss SCH4-21 Bi Folding Door, serial #246869-3. We are needing a quote to replace (4) Gear Box Seals.


I'm looking for a quote on a set of replacement latching springs for a 30 year old bifold door- I have the serial number located in Sherwood, Oregon. Once contacted, I can provide pictures.


I inherited my father's building with these doors. There are two openers with it. One has been missing and I don't know who has it. I want to buy two controllers and whatever is needed to disable the original controllers. Please send me a quote for every needed part. Feel free to call me if that would be helpful.


Hi Do you have a stockist in Australia? I'm looking for a solution to seal my hangar door, 13m wide, bifold. I like the look of the optional foam insert and some side seals too. I have a gap of between 3 and 4 inches beneath my door, so something a little larger than 4" but will squish to 3" where needed. Many thanks.


Hi. I currently have a 46.0 x 14.0 Hi-Fold door installed on my hangar. There is a 2" gap at either side of the door at the lower corners allowing mice to get inside. The gap is caused by the seal being cut too short and there is some deformities of the rubber. I live north of Seattle, Wa. Do you have solutions?


Needing parts for my bifold door. I need the double rollers for the bottom of the door. part number 17B or 17F


Hello, I have a bi-fold hangar door that requires new seals at the bottom and top. The door is 75' wide. I require enough material for that length x2 the material needs to be 12" wide. Please quote on this material or any other upgrades or options to replace hangar door seals. FYI this is an aluminum Wilson door.


Need to order the 20 bottom foam cushion kit. Space from ground to bottom off garage door is 3 3/8 inch and rain flows into garage so need seal it About 16 ft in length


Hello, I am looking for some parts. Looking for the 3" pulley specs, What size of bolt/axle does it take. And how much are they? It looks like what I'm looking to replace. Let me know Thank you


I need a replacement remote control. The open button does not work anymore. How do I go about buying a new one. Thanks


HI we are looking to purchase the following accessories for our Hangar door. Back in 2012 we purchase a door style SCHWEISS according the attached invoice. We need spring breaks 2 left and 2 right side and also a 10 door bands as our attached file. Please let me know of the process.


I have two RandM Steel hangars with Schweiss Doors, but I lost one of the remotes. How can I order a couple of replacement remotes...?


What is the cost of 6 replacement springs for the center mechanism on an older cable bi-fold door? They look to be roughly 7.25 inches long (excluding the two hooked ends) and a bit over an inch wide. Thx.


I have a hangar from RandM Steel and a bifold door from you. It's now 17 years old and in great shape. I have a neighbor who has some other door and I would like to help him replace the top rubber seal I wanted to ask if this is something I can order from you? I would like to order 45'. He tried to repair with rubber from Amazon and that lasted about 2 months here in the desert heat Let me know, Paul


I purchased a 60x50 hangar in Cold Lake from a Dr. Dekker at the Cold Lake Airport. I would like to replace the rubber seal at the bottom of the door. Do you sell seals?


We have one of you Bi-fold systems installed in one of our hangars. I'm reaching out to speak with someone about getting replacement remote controls to operate the door. We had two, but one was lost and the other damaged. I'm hoping on being able to get replacements. Thank you


I would like to receive a quote for a hydraulic power unit and two cylinders and wireless remote for the option to operate two doors.


Good afternoon, Looking to purchase door seals. Do you sell them or know were i can get them? Work at the Yuma airport and we have a few hanger doors that need new door seal Strip.


Have 25 year old Schweiss Bifold Door that requires new weatherstripping at top, mid and bottom of door. Door is 40 ft wide and 10 ft tall. Estimate staging, time required, materials required for my door. Other guys may be interested if you can do more than one door in a day …


Looking for a price and availability on the bottom rubber for a 60'x18' Schweiss bi-fold door that we are servicing. The rubber is 12" wide by 62' long


We need a 25' long new cable and a new cable guide (left wind) for a 60'x20' Wilson Industrial Bifold Hangar Door. Please verify price and lead time for receiving. Thank you!


We are working on a bi-fold door 100' X 20' installed in 2000. I am looking for a quote for 15-belts and 2- Rollers.


I need to purchase rubber weather strip for top of door and material for bottom door seal. Door is 50 ft.


A Schweiss Bi-fold door was installed as part of the Atlanta Central Library renovation project (installed by Overhead Door). Since this is a public building we would like additional straps in case we need to replace any. I can send info if you give me an email address.


I am looking for a 3" Pully for a Schweiss Bifold door Serial #3355 Needs to be 3" Pully 5/8 Shaft, and for 1/4" Cable Please advise thanks.


Hello: I would like to order replacement parts for a Schweiss Bifold hangar door if possible. I need replacement manual side latches for right and left sides (I inadvertently broke the left side---the door still functions perfectly) and a 44' section of bottom door rubber door seal and bottom foam cushion kit. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you very much!


I need spare "rollers" for our hangar doors. The serial number of our Bi-Fold door is 15817-2. I believe we need the "roller" from the " 3" Double Roller with Column Follower"


We have a door cylinder that has blown a seal. I need to get a seal kit. I also want to inquire about buying 2 spare cylinders. What info do you need from me?


I have a bi fold hanger door that's needs new 3/8 cable and bottom seal with canvas


Want to know the price of the manual side door latch for bifold hangar door. Number 16 on the parts page. Thanks!


I have existing Schweiss bi-fold hangar doors serial # 10371-5 that I need to get pricing on 2 (two) door controllers Thank you


Hi, We are currently maintaining 3 sets of Schweiss Bi-fold doors. In lieu of this, I would want to enquire quotation for a Schweiss Bi-fold door side roller bearing - 3.00" O.D. with part number 15005P (12 sets), and 1-1/2" driveline flange bearings (30sets). Appreciate if you can get bck to us with a quotation. Thanks and Best Regards


I am needing new springs and cables for a old bifold door (circa 1990) 30'x16' bifold Parts: springs 12 a, b, and c cables d and e


We recently purchased 6 bifold doors from your company for our Chief Hangar Building. We have 2- 60 foot doors and 4 -70 foot doors. Would you quote me the bottom seal foam kit please? Please send me some example pictures of how this works I would appreciate it. Thanks!


I have a bifold door on my hangar at my house. Looking to make it remote controlled. What options do you have for remote control hangar doors?


Sales- How do I go about purchasing a pair of your, Manual Door Latches?


Looking for a price for 4 sliding windows to install in our current schweiss door, 26a style - 3x4. Thanks


Doing some maintenance on my bifold hangar door and would like to replace some springs on the auto latches. How do I order these?


I need a quote for replacement parts for cable style Schweiss bifold doors. Additionally, I would like to speak to someone about getting Schweiss set up as a vendor with the City of Fort Worth to have the needed spending authority with your company.


I need to place an order for replacement top and bottom door seals, (18") for 70' wide Schweiss Hydraulic Hangar door. Please send order information and confirmation to my email address above.


I have a 40 ft wide no fold door and I’m needing new rubber seal for the bottom of the door as well as the top. I believe the 18” width for the top would be fine.


I have a Wilson bifold door and it appears Wilson is no longer in business. However they may sell some parts. I need 2 things First weather seals top side and fold, what do you have that may work? If so what is the cost? What do they look like? Hanger door is 38 ft wide. Also I have noticed that the cable has stretched for the paddle that pulls the door in tight on the left side. Once the door is closed Longest run of cable in the entire system. Is there a better way to pull the paddle locks, one each side? Cost?


Where can I purchase additional remotes for my doors? How do I program additional remotes?


We built a new hangar back in 2006 with 14 Schweiss bi-fold doors. Each bi-fold has an entrance door. One of our entrance doors needs replacing. Is this something we can buy from you folks?


We purchased and installed 2 bifold doors from you a couple years ago and are in the need for some replacement hand held remote controls. Just wondering if you'd be able to help. Thanks!


Good day … I am a long time customer with (7) of your doors … I am after a remote kit for one of my bi-folds that is 7 years old as well as bunch of the lower weather seal material …. Some of my older ones are the old style rubber seal with nothing In it , as well a conversion kit for a 44 -48 (can’t remember)… is it sold by the foot ? I am out of the office for a week so email is going to be best right now … Todd from Canada !


Do you sell weatherproof kits for the bottom of your hangar doors. We have an old door with cable lines. If you don't sell the weatherproofing, where can I buy it and what is the best weatherproofing material to use. It's a 40 ft door. Thank you, Ed


I need a new remote opener for my door. I think my old batteries corroded the inside terminals. My door and remotes were purchased in 2008


Need a price and availability on four - 3" single rollers with column followers. Your part catalog 17e.


Hello We need some replacement cables for our bi-fold doors. Please provide me a quote for the following size cables. All of them to be 1/4" diameter with two stops crimped onto the one end. Six at 30 foot long Six at 34 foot long Eight at 43 foot long Thank you


Interested in purchasing replacement strap assemblies. Qty 3. I have pictures but not sure if I have a part number to reference. Thank you for your time.


I have vertical accordian doors panels are 3'x 20'. I'm looking for door replacement Hinges.


Needing to order 2 Airplane hangar straps. I have photos if needed and can send through email.


I have a customer with a 60' wide door that the top rubber seal needs to be replaced. Can you please quote me a price with freight for a new one? Thank you.


Hi Team, we have a Bi-fold door at our Vandenberg location - and are looking to replace the lower rubber seal for rain water prevention. would we be able to assess part replacement or repair? thanks


Looking to price your bottom rubber striping and possible foam insert on our hangar doors. Our doors are 40' in length


We just installed new Schweiss strap bi-fold doors on a four unit hangar. Doors are 18 ft high clear and 60 feet wide. The owner purchased the door and didn't order the weather seal kit. I would like to purchase this for the door to seal up well. Thank you for your help with this. CG


I'm looking to order 1each 3" Double Roller bearings and 1each 3" Single Roller Bearing


Hello, we have a Schweiss door and we are enjoying it. We would like to get auto up and down for the door. I know we have to sign a liability form and get additional hangar door photo eye sensors and sirens. Can I get this procedure started?


I need a replacement 18" bottom door seal for a 40"4"" bi-fold hangar door, and I would like to get some information on the bottom foam cushion insert. Thanks.


Hello, I am in need of a set of torsion spring kits for our existing bi fold hangar door. Could you please provide me with a quote for these items? Thank you! Derrick


Hi I'm reaching out from Australia (Queensland) to request for a quote for the supply of seals for two hangar doors. Our client have specified the hanger door seals using your product "Schweiss" Can I please request to be contacted via email so I could send further information/drawings etc.


Would it be possible for you to send a sample of your rubber bottom edge door seal? I have a 40' metal bifold door and the gap at the floor is varies from 0" to about 1.5". Charlie


Looking at your website I can’t find a way to order a new door top seal. I need one 36’ x 12” and one 42’ x 12”. Can you give me a price on those? Shipping would be to Battle Ground, WA. Thanks. Please respond via email or text.


BIFOLD COMPONENTS Need quote for following parts on bi-fold door. Section 5 - (4) 2" Style 2, Older Style Cable Shields Section 7 - (4) sets of parts 7b,7c,7d,7e (Pully system excluding top rod) Door Info Model # S1229 No. L9 Serial # 5760


I have purchased an older hangar with a 44’ bifold door with worn and missing weather seals and want to correct the situation. I would appreciate your advice.


Looking for replacement parts for the cable/spring closing section of a bi-fold door.


I am needing a new seal for the top of my Bifold door. Can I order one from you?


Good morning, We are in need of a older style 3" cable shield for a bifold door. Can we purchase this directly? If so, can you give me the cost and availability? Thank you.


I have an older bifold door from you. The customer want to replace the motor and control. I have pictures I can send in. Customer says the door is about 20 years old. I can’t find any info for identification of door other than your business.


Need a quote for Schweiss doors Style 1 Weather stripping mounted to building column. There are 24 of them at 8 inches by 22 feet Thank you


We bought schweiss bi-fold doors many years ago and are interested in getting a couple more remote control openers. What information do we need to provide you with to get the proper frequency remotes to work with our door? Thank you.


Hello, I need the 12” wide top and bottom roll of sealing rubber for my door. I purchased my Schweiss door in 2001. Length needed 40’ and 38’ rolls. Thanks, Jeff


Hello I have a Wilson bi fold hangar door that I was hoping schweiss could maybe help me in getting 2 new motors and breaks to replace what it currently has.


Hello, Looking for new top and bottom seals for a Schweiss bifold door. It is 40 feet wide. Looking for both top and bottom seal, also see you have a bottom foam cushion kit. What is the diameter of the foam cushion? Could you quote for the top and bottom seals with the foam cushion separately? Shipping to Quill Lake Saskatchewan, Canada Thanks, Charlie


Schweiss door remotes. Need a new remote control box for my bifold door with remotes. When we bought the house we never got the remotes.


I have a home built overhead bifold. It has cable lift that drives from the top with an old right angle drive gear reduction opener. I need to replace the drive. I would like to use the same type drive. The door is 26ft wide by 14ft high, with counter weights on each side. Would you have access to a drive that would work? Thank you,


Do you sell parts for bi-fold hangar doors? I am looking for the single wheel with cam followers. Please let me know if schweiss sells bifold door parts.


Hi! I'm looking to purchase a replacement motor for my schweiss door. Leeson motor with catalog# 117912.00 model# C6K17FC57A. It also has a Dings catalog# 004209.10 brake installed.


Trying to source top, bottom, and side seals for hangar door. please contact me via email and I will provide more details. thanks, Laura


Hi there, I believe we have an account with you at Shoreline Aviation at the Marshfield Airport in Marshfield, MA. We need to order some replacement rollers for the outside of our Bi-Fold hangar doors. I thought I'd try emailing you guys first to see if you guys can look back at our record and see if you know the right part we'd need. Thanks!


I need 3 sets of Acme clutch washer sets for Strap Arm latch assembly for a bifold door. Serial numbers 21970 and 21970-2. They have a 1-1/2" shaft. Please give me part numbers so I can send you a P.O. (Jonesboro Municipal Airport.) Thank you


I need to get a quote for a replacement brake assembly for door no. 451, model no. S12-2, with serial no. 4098. Can you please send me a quote to purchase this unit from you? Thank you!


I have ordered cable guides from schweiss doors before and I need 2 more. Please give me a call.. Joe


can't find a price sheet on BOTTOM RUBBER SEALS We furnish 12” or 18” rubber boot that seals the bottom of your Bifold Door. Material is 1/16” 1 Ply EPDM Rubber Belting with Cloth Insert need a quote on 30' X 12" wide Thanks


Hello I have a schweiss door on a business in salt lake city that i need to repair. To make long story short- one of my guys hit the building and damaged the door. i need a pricing catalogue on parts for your doors if you send me one it would be truly appreciated thank you


looking to order a new control box for a bi-fold hanger door. i have photos to help detail the parts needed


Request quote on replacement motor for Schweiss Bifold door, cable driven, two motor. Specs (have pics can send): Leeson Brand Cat # 117912.00 Model: C6K17FC57A HZ: 60 HP/KW: 2 / 1.49 RPM 1725 FLA: 18.4/9.8-9.2 Volt: 115/208-230


looking to purchase the material that goes along the bottom of doors to seal again dirt, snow etc. It's for an old Schweiss bifold cable door that is 20 ft. wide


We have Schweiss bifold doors with 10" width by 45 foot long doors. I am looking for the top door seals. Do you sell these or have a contact of where to purchase.


We have your bi-fold doors in our hangar and some of the 3" straps are fraying. I am wondering if there is a replacement guideline on the straps or just when they start fraying. Could I get a quote for replacement straps. There are (6) straps per door and the doors are 10ft ea. section, 20ft overall height.


I am Trying to source a bottom roller for a customer of mine. i have a picture of the roller and a door number from a bifold strap door next to it. the label is missing from the door in question but my field guys are telling me the doors are practically the same. looking for pricing and lead time on the bottom roller and is it ready for shipping immediately.


I need a 17F roller assembly for my bifold strap door. Can you please connect with me or Charlene Latham to get it ordered? Thank you very much, Gary


I'm inquiring for electrical parts for the bi-fold doors control panel. I need to replace the ABB contactors and ABB motor starters. I need two contactors and two motor starters. Can you submit a bid quote to my email please? I'm ordering these parts as a back up just in case. The door still works


Hello, We currently have a Schweiss bifold strap door in our hangar but we need info on whether windows and a remote opener can be added to it.


Please send Bifold Door PDF manuals: To Email Above Manual-550- Warning Lights and Horn Manual-420- Auto


Working on a Schweiss bifold door would like some wiring schematics or diagrams for control box if at all possible thanks.


We have a bifold door and the rubber has ripped, I am wondering what the price is for a replacement bottom weather seal, I don't have the measurements right now, just wanted to inquire. Thank you for your time.


I have a strap bi fold hangar door, 60' wide I believe. (I will confirm) I need the bottom rubber seal. I found it in your parts list but see no way to order anything. Is this Schweiss weather seal something I can get from you?


I have a Schweiss bi-fold door with lift straps on a hangar I recently bought but I do not have a maintenance schedule for it. Can you send me one please? Love your Liftstrap model bifold door. Thank you! Russell


I'm in need of information on how to submit an order and have priority shipping. Needing to purchase Schweiss Door Weatherproof Rubber Door Seal - for the top of a fixed hydraulic hangar door. The dimensions are 12" on height/depth by 50' Length. Also need the trim an screws to secure the seal to the top of the door. In addition, I am in need of a corner foam cushion seal underside roller for the bottom. Same measurements 12" x 50'. Pricing was not available on the website, can you please email back or reach me at (520) 909-1273.


Good morning We have a customer that needs 10 new yellow straps - please see tech notes below: Arrived at 175 aviation and inspected 27x70 bifold door… 10 3" straps are used, and half are showing minimal signs of wear. Could we please have quote on 10 - 3" yellow straps


I need to order the Top Rubber seal for my airplane hanger door. My door is 43' 3". I need two rubber seals, one for each door. These doors are quite old, but have held up well with no mechanical troubles at all. Sure like the lift strap conversion.


I purchase a bifold door back in 2007, I need new straps and the auto latch broke after being hit by a fork truck. I left a message back before Christmas and never heard from anyone. The door size was approximately 18’ x 90’ roughly. Thanks Bill


im looking for a cable guide ring for a bi folding hangar door on lower deive shaft, mine is nearly worn out from extensive use over many many years.


Looking for a lower rubber seal flap for 30 ft bi fold door. Have one on outside want to put one on inside of door to better seal out cold air


Jeremy I looked at a door last week in King Salmon Ak for Grant Aviation that a strap conversion kit had been ordered for in 2019. The existing door is un-fixable and worn out, I fear it is a safety hazard at this point. I would like to use some of the Schweiss Bifold door parts that were included in the strap kit on a new door if possible such as the motors, straps and seals. Bid #1985-GAP or invoice # 53833. I would like for the new door to have a couple of windows and a man door, I will clad the exterior with 2" AWIP panels.


I have a 60’ x 14’ hifold door. Single door with a hydraulic piston on either side. I need new rubber for the bottom of the door and top rubber for the hinge rain seal. Would you please quote me pricing? Also, it is an older style plunger actuator for the pump. What would be the cost to upgrade it to a remote actuated opening electronics similar to your Schweiss Doors? Thank you, Luke Lambard


I have a client that modified the hinge location of one of your door systems. It's a 11' high door with 4'4" cylinders (closed) and 8' fully extended. They recessed the frame into the garage 10" and moved the hinges of the door out. From the face of the tube frame to the center of hinges is 14" I would like to know if you can sell me a longer set of hydraulic door cylinders because the current ones are falling a little short.


I need a price on the rubber material for the bottom and top of my doors. 12"x26' for a total length. This is for a bifold strap door that had a Liftstrap conversion done last year.


Hello, On behalf of Post 8 I would like to inquiry some parts information and some of your Schweiss Doors engineering ingenuity. We have one of your bifold strap doors that is having some technical issues. The door stops intermitently on the way up in random spots and multiple times. Especially near the top. We have run a few diags on the wiring harness and have found that it could possibly be one of three items. 1. Up limit Switch 2. Reversing relay 3. Transformer. If you could give us an estimate on each part and all three we would very much appreciate it. If you believe sending a video of the issue to you all so that you may already know the problem we can do that as well. Thank You for your time. Tommy Pugh Advisor Pilot 785-580-9308


I have had a 85 wide Schweiss Door on my hangar since late 2007 I have two straps that have minor fraying on the edges for about 4 feet up from the bottom. Is this an area of concern? If so what do replacement straps cost? I'd like. to replace all my straps as long as I am at it. Thank you. Raymond Garland 307 680 1800


Hello, I am looking for a replacement Bifold door


Please quote (2) upper door weatherstrip gaskets for 80' wide bifold doors I need (2) continuous strips 24" wide x 80' long each. Include a freight estimate to 06492 and the lead time please.


I have bifold hangar door, serial # 7847. Top seal needs replacing. 12" x 40'. I would like to order the seal. The bifold door bottom seal is still in good condition after all these years. Great door. With thanks, Kenneth Melvin


I have a Schweiss bifold door, Model S 12 No. L9 Serial Number 38582. Is there a replacement weatherstripping/seal kit available? The door is 20 years old, and lots of air/light showing around the edges. If so please let me know pricing and lead times. Your door still works as good as the day it was installed. Thanks for your assistance! Mark Sires


We have a Schweiss Bi-Fold door model S2 that we would like to see about adding weather stripping to the doorframes. Who can I contact to get a price on the weather stripping? Can you ship these door parts to me UPS?


Hi, Have 16 ft high sliding hangar doors. Leak badly especially at the top, hole are large. Looks like you may have bifold door weather seal kits or seals to fix? Neil


Looking for quote on bottom rubber seal with foam cushion kit 12 inchs. This is a existing Schweiss bifold door about 30 years old Model S2 Ser# 1392 39 feet 8 inches opening. Before I purchase these Schweiss door parts, I'd also be interested in what you would charge me for a Liftstrap conversion.


I need to order parts for my bifold. For the Auto latch tensioner in middle of door. 6- 13" springs 2- 16" carriage bolts with washers and nuts ?- carriage bolts/washers for drum I have a replacement cable already. What is the cost and availability? Love your Liftstrap doors. Thanks, Erik Cook High Desert Aviation


I need to purchase a door switch for my Schweiss bifold cable lift door. The door was originally purchased and installed in about 1994 by Paul Chiles, 5 Kamholz Rd, Centerville, WA 98613. It is a cable-operated bi-fold, about 10' high by about 30' wide. I can't find an "order parts" part of your website. Thanks!


Looking for pricing on your door top and bottom weather strips that attach to bifold doors, plus dimensions.


I need the cables and springs for the latch system. It is an old hanger bi-fold /_ 36'X16'


I am looking to replace the top door seal on my hangar would like to price a 12” X 45’ door seal to go on a Schweiss bifold door that is about 15 years old. Thanks Patrick


Looking for a maintenance manual for the door/windows that we have installed at the farm. I am the new Maintenance Supervisor here and would like some feed back and a maintenance manual and what maintenance is needed for a bifold door. asap Thank you


Hello Sales, Our Company acting as potential buyer of your products and services,request a quote for the following bifold door product (s)- door closer hardware, Please revert back to me with all relevant information, options, and suitable alternatives. Note: In addition to the above,Our Company standard Payment terms:Net 30 days from the date of supply with the supplier's Invoice. Kindly Send your company credit application form alongside with the quote price for the product above. Timothy Johnson Purchasing Manager VERITAS TECHNOLOGIES LLC 500 East Middlefield Road Mountain View California 94043 purchasing1@veritas-awssappss.com Phone: 657-306-4732


Hi: I have a strap-type Schweiss bifold door on a hangar which I had built about 10 years ago. The Contractor did NOT leave the Owner's Manual with me. I would like to have the door open taller, and I know how to make those adjustments within the control box as I've owned many hangars with similar doors. But, I need to know the LIMIT of the height; ie how high can I adjust the door to operate? There was a Schweiss Tag on the control box, and it has the #13253-3 written on it, perhaps this is the door serial #? The other written notes on the tag are: (48X12) and 30" wedge; 2HP. Can you send me a PDF Manual please? Great operating door, nobody does it better than Schweiss. The door is at 53U, Ferndale, MT where you've sold a dozen or more identical doors. Many Thanks. Richard


We have one of your doors on our hanger. It is not closing all the way and is leaving a air gap. Can you provide a bigger seal at the bottom?


Im looking for replacement lift cables on out bi fold door. Qty 2) 60'long 3/16" 7x19 cable with a end stop crimped to one end. Also would be interested in looking into the possibility of a lift strap conversion to get away from the headache of constantly changing cables every year or two.


hi i am looking for a bifold bottom door seal for a bifolding door. the seal size i need is 12in wide by 45feet long. could i get a price quote for this size door seal? Can you also quote me a strap conversion for this door. thanks


Looking for replacement door latches for a bifold door. The brakets are in place, but the latch and arm to pull the door in tight are missing. What options are available? What dimensions would you need? Will I be able to replace the latch arms?


I need parts for one of the 14 doors we have. Door Style S22, Serial # 137433: I need two Stye 4, 13B Springs....how do I order? Secondly, what is the cost to convert these bifold cable doors to straps instead of cables, and what is replaced in the conversion?


We have been asked to service an old reliable Schweiss bi-fold door at Cycle City that was installed at least 20 years ago. Serial number 11033 3 as best as I can see. They need a Honeywell micro switch 5A 125, 250,277 VAC "L162" 1/10HP 250 VAC it's hanging on a wire by the arm. They also need the safety eyes: Datasensor BLS S2-1-G50


SCHWEISS BI-FOLD DOORS S#15030-1 AND S#15030-2 Price on (10) 6d 1/4" replacement cables Price on (10) 3" 4b new style cable shields Price on (20) 7" 6b 7" tension springs Price on (2) 29a photo eyes Price on (4) 31a top overide safety switches. While you are at it, give me a price on a lift strap conversion.


I need a new bottom seal on my 42ft wide bi-fold hanger door. Do you sell the rubber seal material? Do you have access to bifold hurricane door installers in the Port Orange, FL area?


Looking for quote on bottom seal for an old but reliable bi- fold door. Model M22, No. 261, SN 4604. Located at Land O Lakes Airport in Land O Lakes, WI. Thanks, Mike


I would like to purchase 60' of Bottom Door Seal Rubber. Could I please get a quote shipped to 84757? Thank you.


I bought a hangar in Gunnison, Co.. It has your one piece hydraulic door. I would like a operators manual. Is it available on line that can be downloaded? If not could you sent me one? Thanks, Ron


You sold us one of your 40 foot bifold strap doors. Do you have a door seal for this door as it have never sealed properly, maybe due to the height of the door on install. Can an insert be placed within the bottom seal.


Hi, could I get a quote on 50' of the 12" wide 1/16" 1 Ply EPDM Rubber Belting with Cloth Insert for top bifold door seal? Thanks, Jason


Hi.I am in Central México and shipping the whole door here will be ridiculously expensive. Would you be open to selling me the system (ie. pistons, hardware, motor/pump) or in the case with bifold doors, your Liftstrap mechanisms with or without an electric motor? Might be easier to start with an email. Javier.Avila@yanfeng.com Thank you!


Hello. Wondering if I can get a price quote for a 2 hydraulic rams, a pump and control. Parts only to retrofit an old door that I have. The door would be uninsulated 11 foot clear opening and 44 foot wide. Would also be interested in cost of another bifold door the same size with remote opener.


I need to price/order a bottom cushion door seal for a bifold strap hangar door. The door is 76 feet wide. Figure price for 78 feet.


We have a steel awning style, overhead door that we are looking to install your beefed up bifold or hydraulic pump hinges?. I found your site and would like to get a quote for 4 hinges. Thank you in advance!


Hello, can you provide pricing on all replacement straps on our city maintenance doors for the City of Kirkland. Our straps are still in pretty good shape after 20 years. Just being careful.


Good morning, I need to get a quote on bi fold rubber door seal 1/16" 1 Ply EPDM Rubber Belting with Cloth Insert. I would need 10 pieces of 18 inch door seal cut to 42 feet apiece for a total of 420 feet. Will I need any other parts (i.e. tech screws) etc.


We have a project to replace 44 cables on our bifold door with liftstraps on two hangars in Sierra Vista, AZ.


I have one of your reliable motors on an old hangar door. Wondering if you could provide me with a copy of a maintenance manual. schweiss motor c6c17nc87d Thanks


I would like information regarding replacement straps for a door my dog chewed up; Model# S2486, No. 242-2, ser# 13243. Please let me know. Thank you.


Hello, Please process quote on our account for the bifold door replacement part item below: Enerpac SCL 502H 50tons Qty: 5Pcs


I have a scweiss bifold door at copper mountain here in Colorado and the straps are fraying and would like to replace them with info on replacing them. No hurry, my bifold door is 14 ft. tall.


I have a Schweiss 54x14 hyrdaulic door and a 54 ft. bifold strap door. I am interested in uppgrading the bottom seal with the foam cushion insert. What is the cost and lead time for the insert for a 54' door? Thank you.


We need to replace a control box that got damaged on one of our Bi-Fold Doors. Model SCH-5-CPC. Please email pricing and I will call in with Credit Card to process order. Thank you,


I am in need of a top rubber seal for a 40ft cable bifold door, I am not sure if I need 12 or 18 inch by 40ft. You can call or email me. Love my bifold, I've seen others but they don't compare to liftstrap bifold. Thank you.


I have your guys 2hp red power hyd unit I’m wondering what the oil capacity is and is there a napa cross for the filter if not I’d like to order a filter. I also wonder is it possible to change my bifold door


Door serial #22839 Location: Umass Amherst Amherst, Ma 01003 Please provide a quote for bifold door replacement straps and bottom edge. Second request. First request submitted 4/12/21.


I am in need of an Bifold Door Operations Manual and Warranty for BID# 8718KS I have a customer asking for this information. I have the deposit invoice we have from your company if needed. Thank you, Patricia Benton, Commercial Admin Overhead Door Co. Of Charleston 843-767-0028


I'm looking for 4 new Schweiss patented lift straps for a 14ftx40ft schweiss bifold door. I believe the length is 3x22ft If you could please quote for me. Thanks, Chris


I need pricing on 7 straps, bottom seal and bottom safety edge for a bifold door, serial number 22839, at UMass Amherst. Also wondering how much a photo eye system would cost. With grandkids around I want to be more safe.


Hello, We have 6 of your bifold liftstrap and cable lift doors here and have occasionally purchased parts. We are wanting to purchase 2 - 18" x 20' long pieces of 18A. We also need to replace a bottom channel seal (18' 3") but I don't see this type channel in your parts menu. I'm not seeing a way to send you a picture of the bottom channel on this thread. Is there a way to send it or do you know what I mean by 'bottom channel seal'?


I need a new bottom seal for a 40 ft steel bifold door. I am thinking option B1 may be the best choice. I need pricing on the kit and will install myself. Also send me a top seal for my bifold strap door.


We just built a 24 ft by 10 ft bi fold door for my my shop. I'd like to use straps. I gather you have kits? What do you have to offer? Can just any electric door motor be used? What horsepower for this door.


I would like to be quoted on replacement straps for our bifold door. We have door model number S2298 number 454H, and serial number 118942. I believe there should be 13 straps. It's an old door and it still works great, I just want to make it look new.


I work for a company that is collecting maintenance manuals for our bifold door blast door equipment at Fort Bliss, TX. I have an electric bay door, model #:C6C17NC87D, that I have been unable to find maintenance information for. Would you be able to provide a maintenance manual for this model please? Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


We have a customer with (2) 38' wide Schweiss bi fold doors that need new top rubber. Would you please Quote (2) 38' x 20" top rubber shipped to Bangor Maine 04401. Thank you.


To Neal in materials sales: I am ready to purchase 56 feet of #18, bifold door seals: 18" X 56' at $4.42 If you can send me an invoice at the above email, I will call you with a credit card. Regards, GUS


We will be installing a Schweiss bifold door on a project at the Norwood Municiple Airport in Norwood MA that was shipped as part of the metal building from Package Steel Systemns. Can you please email me (or mail hard copy)the specific installation bifold door manual for this particular door/job. We have been unable to find it on site. Please advise. Thanks


Hi I need a price on a 4 button bifold door transmitter please usually I get one from Dave at sun and fun but won't be making it this year thanhs steve


Hello, I have a new 42’ Bifold Liftstrap Schweiss door and I would appreciate receiving a comprehensive inspection/maintenance/service instruction guide which illustrates all of the necessary periodic routine door inspections and upkeep maintenance required steps for my door please. Thank you for your reply. Walt Fanti


Hi, I’d like my local fabricator to build and install a bifold liftstrap hanger style door for a new build workshop. Can I buy plans, hinges with grease zeros and hardware etc from you ? I noticed that you have a branch in Preston, Lancashire but you’re an American company. Is this correct ? My door opening is approximately 4.5m wide x 2.4m high.


Looking for the price


We need to replace the open/close/stop switch on our hangar door. Do you carry these? If not, can you recommend someone who does. Also, what would it cost for a remote operated bifold door?


can i buy two clinders and hydraulic power pak from you for my door? If not, I'd be interested in BYOD motors and lift straps instead.thank you,lee


Hello, I have a 42’ wide Schweiss door and I would like to order a replacement black rubber top weather seal for it. Your bifold door is working well after all these years. Your record of the sale of my door is listed under the name ‘Synder Corporation’ as he installed the door for me. I would like to know if a replacement door seal is indeed available for sale and can the job of removing the old seal and installing the new seal the kind of a job that a typical homeowner can do himself? I would greatly appreciate a call today if possible, to discuss the availability and cost of the door seal. I would be prepared to order it today based on the details of our discussion. Thank you for your assistance with my request. Walt Fanti


Hi, my company operates two Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap/autolatching hangar doors with lift straps. I cant seem to find a maintenance manual or anything of that sort for the door. The doors haven't really been serviced in years, but we are working on cleaning up our hangar and setting up a maintenance schedule for the bifold doors. Is there anyway I can get a maintenance manual? Thanks, Matt


Hi, I'm looking at a few different applications that require a large door seal. I really like the design you have on your Schweiss foam expanding bulb seal - do you have any detailed dimensions you can share and would you be interested in selling just that seal? I'm traveling this week, so email would be the best form of communication. Thanks!


I'm looking for the bottom seal for my byfold cable-lift door Its 55' the 12" seal is getting hard and it doesnt reach the floor anymore I would like to put the extra foam cushion in it also let me know the availability of the 18" with the cushion Mesquite NV 89027


My boss wants me to contact you about a cover for the transmitter box on his bifold door. He is also interested in a possible rework on it so he doesn't have to hold the button for the door to open and close, just hit it once. Serial number on his is SBXN1R000000S4H00107


I'd like to buy hinges and lift straps. Do you have a sales office in Canada? Can I order on line? Pricing?


hi, we need a energy box (reles and wires) Bifold model SCH-21,serial number 241282-22, HP 2, Volts 230, Phase 1 HZ 60, control circuit 24. i need all the components inside wires etc. Thanks


I'm in a hangar in Redmond Oregon and I need some repairs to the mechanical lock for a bifolding door. Do you have a representative in the area that does this kind of work?


I roughly copied the Hydraswing door designed for my own hangar 20 years ago. It was 16’ high and 50-1/2 feet wide. I used hydraulic unit from a car lift and had a hydraulic shop fabricate the cylinders. It is still in use and working good today. I am interested in building a door 50’ wide and 16’ high. Could you please let me know what the cost of your bifold door kit, if you have one, for my hangar. I prefer bifold for my hangar.


Need pricing on top and bottom replacement seals for a bifold door. Door is 42' wide by 18' tall Top seal appears to be 14 - 18" wide. Would like to have seals put on before winter hits.


I have a Schweiss strap aircraft hangar door and I've lost my manual. Can you send or can I purchase the following? 1. Door parts list. 2. Door maintenance / service instructions 3. Door operation or installation guide Thank you, Don


I just bought a house with one of your doors on the airplane hangar and it needs new weather seals. The Model # S12 No 321 Serial # 3306. Do you have any contractors that will install new weather seals in VA. Thanks


Hello, I would like to get a price on the following: 2 - Corner Foam seals for single 3" roller Foam Cushion for 45' Bottom Rubber Seal for 45' Thank you very much! Eric


need information on bifold door top and bottom seals - what to buy, cost and where to buy; existing strap bifold door


I have a 65 ft sweiss bifold door that is about 25 years old that I need to get both tip and bottom seals replace due to rot Do you have service in the Slc area of Utah or can you provide me with a recommendation of Service provider?


I have a customer with old hydroswing door and we need new bottom seals for it. Will yours fit. 150 feet is what we need. Is hydroswing out of business? No one answers the phone there.


Hi there. Interested in purchasing your rubber door seal for my bifold shop door. I would need 72 ft. Could I get a price for that please to include shipping. Thanks Mike crozier


I bought my Schweiss bi-fold door with remote operation 10 years ago. Both of my remote controls have been damaged. Where can I buy replacements?


We need door seals for the top and bottom of our bi-fold door. The door is 50' long. Could you please send us a quote and delivery info to lrervin@yahoo.com. Thanks Len Ervin 817-470-2395


I am in need of top seal for a bifold cable hangar door that is 80' wide. The current seal is 12" wide and about an 1/8 inch thick. Can you send me a quote to purchase the seal? I understand your door seals will work on most doors from other manufacturers. Mine is out of business.


Please respond via email. We have been asked to source the following replacement parts. Please advise where these can be purchased in Canada. 3 @ Schweiss Bifold Door Cable Guide (Door serial # 15569-1) 1 @ Schweiss Bifold Door Cable (Door serial # 15569-1) Regards Nancy Iriye Procurement Specialist


Looking for a Hoover 50100 bearing for Hangar door. Do you know of any availability


Can I buy a replacement motor/brake for my bi-fold door. It's a 2HP Leeson with a Dayton Brake. The door Style is S-Door serial number 8467


Our hangar has three bifold and a hydraulic door. 2 ~54’ and - 2 ~65’. Rain leaks under in spots under two doors where the ramp is not level. Do you sell a sweep besides the threshold gasket that forms a tube at the bottom? Thanks, Curt Mc


Hello, I have an aviation ground support repair business in Nevada. I'm doing weather seal replacement on four 60X24 Bi-fold hangar doors. They're not Schweiss, but the top and bottom seals are the same. I'd like a quote if you can provide seal kits for these bifold cable lift doors. Thank you Zac


I have a 60' bifold door that needs a new seal installed at the bottom. Can you provide me with a dealer in my area or ship the seal to me in Oregon? Thank you!


We need two (2) 3" replacement rollers as shown in detail 16a please. Also if you could provide the spec of the necessary washers. We can provide a cc for the order. Thanks, Scott


Need a quote for 18" bottom rubber boot on my bifold door - 1/16" 1 ply 2 required at 40feet long thanks marcus 416 986 9661


One of my students tried to open my hangar door without releasing the manual side latches. Both of them are bent. How do I order replacement parts?


I have eight bio fold doors 240x126 fitted at home when its cold or windy the cold get in under doors. Can you provide me with new top and bottom weather seals. What else can i do. B Reid


What is the cost of the upper door rubber seal on a 38' bifold door? Item 17A Need to know the cost, the tax, the shipping and any other fee to have it sent to my address above. Thanks in Advance, Chris


Can I get pricing for a power lock/unlock keyswitch on a strap bi-fold door's push button station? That keyswitch has stopped working. I have photos to send if that helps. Thank you!


Need help with top door seal, I bought two of these doors from you guys and only one of them has done this, looks to me like the seal has rotted and holes Came in it. My hanger also has a two foot hanger over on the roof above the door. I will email video


I have a 12' x 16' bifold door a need to replace the top and bottom rubber seals. How can I order them?


We have your 40' bifold hangar door that needs the lower seal replaced. Do you have someone in the area that can do this? Email works best.


Our rubber door seals top and bottom are more than a bit worn out and I was hoping to get some new ones sent out if possible. (Part 17) Also I’d be interested in getting a quote on the strap conversion kit as my cables also continue to wear out and are a pain to replace.


I am working on pricing for a client that is needing a 45' wide by 16' tall bifold or hydrolic door. can you help me get pricing with your company we will custom frame it during the design stages i will need all parts door, hydrolic or bifold motors and strap system everything.


Need a quote on a hydraulic pump and tank for a hanger door. i can send pics and description. I'll be taking advantage of your Schweiss BYOD kit.


Hi, I am from the Oconto Airport, Oconto WI and around 2009 we had a hangar built and a Schweiss 42’ ( /-) Bi-Fold cable-lift door installed. Our manuals were damaged and become unreadable. If possible can we obtain PDF version of manuals: 1. Bi-Fold Doors Cable/Strap Kick Outs Installation Instruction Manual – 945 2. Safety Decals Placement Guide Manual – 311 3. Bottom Drive Jackshaft Installation Instruction Manual – 320. Contact information: 920-606-7371 Thank you Dan


Have a client that needs (2) Tele Radio T20 remotes for their Schweiss bi fold door The same client just acquired a hangar with a schweiss bi fold door and would like to add a remote opener for it and also a battery backup system.


I am in need of pricing for a replacement top door seal for 1 of our hangars. It is a bifold type door built by another manufacturer who is now out of business. I need approximately 50' of seal. Can you please provide me with pricing and availability. Thank you Josh


Looking for foam tape approx. 1.25 x 1 for our hydraulic hangar and bifold doors. We use this foam tape on the building part of the frame for a better seal. Do you stock this and what is the availability. Rhonda - CSR - Quest Aviation, Inc.


I need a Limit switch box for a 70:1 serial # 255568-1-98 our employees destroyed it in a fork truck accident. Thanks


I would like to get a replacement rubber seal for our bifold hangar door. It is for the bottom. Current seal held together well for over 20 years.


Am looking for someone to replace the door seal at the top of a 78 foot wide bifold door. The current seal held up nicely for many, many years.


I need to order cables and pulleys for door. I ordered 2" cable guards last year. They worked great. Please call me. Also interested in what the cost would be to convert to Schweiss liftstraps? John


What is the material you use for your top seal? My hangar has some light colored material like canvas or something. Your door seals appear to be rubberized and much better. What's the best material to use? I am in Colorado at 7000'. Thanks! Bill


Do you provide bifold door replacement tension springs for a 115 hangar door that measures 14'x45'?


I have a legacy hydraulic door on my Las Vegas, NV hangar. I tried locating this legacy door company, but get no response. I'm hoping your company can assist me.


I have a 2015 Schweiss 5-strap 50W x 20H door. I didn’t recognize my rubber loop seal at the bottom has gotten hard/stiff and shrunk a bit. I need a replacement asap - unusually strong rain has started leaking under it. Mine is 12” x 50’. I’d like to get 18” x 50’ for a better fit. Other than that my door continues to operate safe and great. Also, do your suggest putting anything (foam?) inside the loop? If I pay to expedite, how soon could I get it (Boise, Idaho). Help - Thanks!! Tom


I have an old old bifold cable lift door that no longer has any flashing remaining at the top hinge of the door. Do you sell any type of flashing for that area so I can fix that problem? Thanks Craig D Smith


Need quote on replacement transformer and limit switch for: Model SCH-500-43-B2 HP 5 Ser# 100940100000001 Date of manf 9-19-96


We have a bi-fold cable operated door from a manufacturer that has gone out of business. We need a replacement parts. I need a cable guides for the drum. I can send a picture if needed. I need a cost so I can send a PO over. Thank you


Need pricing on the new "H1" foam bottom seal for my Schweiss Hydrophilic door. $2 feet wide. I need the rubber and the foam. Randy


I have a customer with one of your bifold strap doors and controller installed but the controller is getting worn out due to them doing sand blasting in the area. I was wondering what a replacment controller would be. The controller model is SCH4-21 and the serial number is 206853-7.


I purchased a Bi-fold door in 2005. I need to replace the neoprene adhesive strips that seal between the upper and lower door frames. I need 75 linear ft.


I require on /off/stop switch Automatic limit switch X 2 electrical dissonect box have motor, cables, door ect, motor is 220 Volts, 800 rpm, 500kg to 1000kg capacity, single phase Can you give me a price for these bifold door electrical switches only please. Regards, Seamus


I need a replacement open/close/stop switch for electric bifold strap door. I Would also like to get 4 additional wireless remotes for the remote opener.


I bought a hangar in Paynesville, MN from Lee Moser last year. I was wondering if I could buy the "J" hooks for the latches and a pin for the piece that pushes against the strap to bend the door outwards? As far as I know, there has been no need for maintenance on this hangar door over the years other than to lubricate the hinges. The straps are showing no wear whatsoever.


Do you sell the top and bottom seal for the bifold strap doors? Is is sold by the foot? We are needing a seal for the top and bottom.


Need price on 48’ of rubber gasket for bifold liftstrap hangar door again I lost all estimates you gave me thanks too rubber seal


hello. i need a quote for the tension system in our bi-fold strap door. Model : S77 # : E9L Serial : 12620 we are going to need the tension system with the springs and the steel wire.


I'm looking for a Bifold Door replacement transmitter. It is a T20TX-03STL-US. I already have an aircraft door that is hydraulic one piece 13'x40'. The hydraulic door works fine. Do you also provide maintenance on these doors?


Hello, interested in your hangar door bottom seal rubber and how much that cost per linear foot? Thank You.


Looking for some replacement roller bearings for our bifold hangar doors. 2.5" dia. x 1" wide x 1/2" shaft dia. These are the roller bearings on the bottom of the door at either side that roll on the building framework


I jus moved into a hangar with Schweiss BiFold doors. It also has a remote box but no handheld remote. How can I get a couple. Thank you,


wanted a price on rubber door seal 5'x12"x1/8" & ship thanks only need to repair a section or how much for 40'x12"x1/8"


I am needing an installation pdf of the Schweiss bi fold door With straps. You can email it to the email provided. Thanks The installation guide was lost in the process of it setting in storage for 6 months.


Could you email an O/M Bifold Door Manual with part breakdowns for your order # 06979? (3) Doors at Miami Valley CTC


We have a 30 Ft. HydroSwing door purchased in 2002 from the original company. The bottom weather seal is smashed and worn so no longer contours to the floor. The heated cement shop floor and the unheated outside pad meet right under the door so there is now a slight difference in height (about 1/4"). The seal is about 14" wide and attached on the inside of the door with a metal flat iron with screws every few inches. Do you have a better replacement seal than Hydroswing that would work for us. We get a bit of cold air/snow coming under when the wind blows at the right angle and would like to seal it up again to prevent this.


Looking for service on my bifold bottom drive strap door. New top seal,installed. New straps, installed. Safety inspection


I have a 28 foot vertical bifold door on my home that I purchased from you in 1995. It is time to replace the bottom rubber seal. At the time you provided the standard 12" bottom rubber, that has held up very well. Can you please send me a quote for a new bottom rubber, same as it came with, and also quote upgrading it to the newer foam cushion style? Thank you. James Morris


I need to replace some parts for our bifold doors. Can you please provide me with a parts manual and contact information to purchase parts from? Door info: Model S73 ; No. E9L ; Serial 1397-3. Thank you very much!


I need to replace the "Rubber" seal atop my 31' 5" Schweiss Bi-fold door. Model M2, No261, Serial#7254. Schweiss has previously sent a replacement rubber seal for our Door to Floor. Please advise the cost and shipping mode, upon receipt of that information I will contact Schweiss with VISA details. Merry Christmas, Norm


We have a bi-fold strap door, I believe 60' wide, and the top weather seal needs to be replaced. Please provide pricing information for that as well as side and bottom seal pricing. Thank you. John


Hi, Can you provide information on supplying a new motor and straps for an existing bifold door system. do you have a supplier in Australia?


I am needing an up/down switch for my old bifold door. I can raise my door fine but when I try to close it the switch does always make proper contact and it just clicks. However when I switch it often enough it finally engages and comes down. If there is another problem let me know but it seems my switch is bad.


Good afternoon, My name is James, and I work for Dexterra doing facility maintenance on CFB Borden in Angus, Ontario. The customer has several of your doors (4 bifold, 3 hydraulic lift) onsite. We're going to be doing some maintenance on the power packs for the doors, and I'd just like to know what hydraulic door oil filters are used in your applications so I can source the replacements more easily. Thank you very much in advance!


Looking for a new Bifold H type latch. I can send a picture if necessary. I cannot find a model number anywhere but I do have a serial number on the door.


Hello, Could I please get contact info for ordering replacement parts for my bifold door. Thank you, Heather Flaherty (949)394-5524


I have a customer who has two of your bi-fold doors that need new weather seals on the bottom of them. Each door is approximately 75' wide. Could you please send me pricing for the new rubber weather seals.


Hi. I need to buy a new operating switch for my bifold hangar door. I'm not seeing a page on your website to do that. Help please? Thanks.


Bought a strap conversion kit for a 30 x 14 foot bifold Schweiss door with the old top mount cable system several years ago. Just now going to install but can't find the installation manual. There are manuals for converting newer cable systems, electrical hookup, placard locations, etc.


Looking to get parts catalog and maintenance manual for bifold door model M22 no L9, serial number 8570.


We have a technology building that was built in 2011-2012 that has two(2) of your bi-fold hanger doors, one is 12 feet wide, one is 20 feet wide. To my knowledge, they have not been serviced or inspected since installation. The bottom door seals are brittle from sun exposure and are allowing pest intrusion at the corners. One of the doors does not close tightly, and most likely needs some adjustments made. The serial numbers on the doors are: 17993-1 17993-2 These doors use cable lift mechanisms, with a strap system in the center. How can I get a service ticket opened, and before that, possibly some preliminary pricing on the services available. Do you have any service centers in the southeast Florida area? We are approximately one hour north of West Palm Beach and two hours south of Orlando. Please advise. John Schmidt


We have an aircraft hangar with a Schweiss Bifold door and wireless remote. The transmitter (receiver) on the door has 3 programming push buttons. How can we order handheld replacement remote controls and programming instructions?


door serial # 22666 in a Med Trans hanher in clevelant, TN I need the bifold door roller bearings that the door slides up and down on. Want a set. Send asap> thanks


We are looking for the top rubber seal for a bifold hangar door 54' long. Please let me know what that item would cost so that I can update our owner.


Good Morning, How much is a bifold door operator with lift straps? It is for a bi-fold hangar door and would need about 5 straps to replace old worn out cables. Does Schweiss have a recommended vendor list for installation? Thank you, Rachel Vogt


Just trying to get some pricing information for a workshop bifold door I'm planning out. Preferably I would just be looking at the hardware/motor as I'd like to build the panels myself, but not sure if that's an option or not. The walls (at this point in time) are going to be ICF.


I am looking at replacing the 3" Yellow Straps on our Bi fold doors with Black liftstraps for a better overall designer look. Can you give me a price.


I am needing some replacement top seal 12" wide x 60' long for my bifold ag door. Let me know your billing requirements. Thanks Kevin B


Im working on replacing my motor for my bi fold door hangar. where do I got specs for the motor and magnetic disc brakes. Someone has already replaced the motor but the motor is no longer working. the motor installed was a single phase induction motor. 1 PH , 60 Hz, 2 hp. What kind of motor do I need to replace it with, I need specs of the motor and type and or preferred. any info would be appreciated. What type of warranty do your Schweiss Door parts carry?  Regards, louie


Where can I buy a 42' length of your 12"wide rubber top seal for my bifold liftstrap hangar door? Thx, Doug


we have the cable lift on the bifold doors we need the pulley for the cable. Can we get them through Schweiss Doors parts department?


I saw that you guys have a back up battery for bifold doors in case the electricity goes out. I would like a quote on this please. The serial number for our doors are 24407. Please feel free to email me or call me when you have the quote. Thank you


Good morning, Looking for a price for new lift straps for an existing Schweiss by-fold door. Door serial # is 16704.


I have one of your older strap doors. It has the old cable auto latch systems. Really glad you all engineered a cover for the tensioning. One of the six springs broke and the shrapnel was contained. Where can I find replacement springs? If you reply I can send pictures of what model. Cheers


I have a customer that build 2 custom bi-fold doors. he's looking for Schweiss bifold door rollers for the bottom of each. what sizes and options do I have to choose from. please e-mail me some choices. they each weigh about 200 lbs. at most


I have one of your Schweiss bifold strap doors we installed 19 years ago. One of the limit switches appears to be failing and I need to order a replacement. While I'm replacing them I'll replace both. Please have someone contact me so I can get the order placed. I'm selling the property and need to replace them in the next couple of weeks. Thanks, Ben Brandon


I needs some parts for our bi-fold door. the 7" latching springs are stretched and con not find any part# the only # I can find is A4 - 7" tension springs in the auto side latch install manual..


I need some weatherstrip parts to repair on 60x18 clear Schweiss door installed a few years ago. Bottom and top rubber and Owner wants to install new style screw on weather stripping like we have done at Pegasus Airpark for Dan and Nelson. 


I received the rubber for the bottom of your Bifold liftstrap door at 42 ft. long. I forgot to order the tubing that goes inside fold at the bottom. Please send me and bill me for 42 ft tubing that goes in bottom fold. ASAP Please. Thank You. Charlie Torres.


I am looking for replacement springs for our bi-fold doors 6 - left and 6 - right. If need more information please email with questions. Thank you,


Hello-- I am looking for a replacement shaft housing for the bearing portion of a door. I just need a replacement for an existing door. The current door is 2500 lbs. and very old. It's given us a lifetime of good use. Can you provide me a price on that piece. Thanks, Natalie


I need 42 feet of the tubing that goes inside the bottom of the Bifold Door. Please ship to above address ASAP. I received the 42 ft. 1 ply by 12 in. Rubber 1/16th thick. Need round tube to go inside. Thanks, Charlie Torres


I have an older Schweiss door on my aircraft hangar an I'm interested in a strap conversion with auto lock and remote control opener.


Hi, we need to purchase hinges for a hangar door. What information do you need from us in order to quote? Thanks,


We have gaps in the side of our door. The bottom of the door hits the frame before the side. We are trying to find something to insulate the door. We used self sticking foam window seal & that worked well but is no longer sticking. I am having a hard time finding the right size now. Would like to put something more permanent but not sure what to use. Also is there a way to adjust the door so there isn't such a gap. Other than that we have been very happy with the door. Thank you Jerimiah


I need the bottom rubber seal for my Hangar door, 12 in. by 42 Ft. Thanks, Charles Torres


I have a bi-fold door. I've installed the strap-lock. I am planning to do remote control using my own control system (to make it compatible with all the other components that control my hangars). Since the new system will allow remote opening and closing of the door I want to add a sensor to stop the door if it detects something in the way. I suspect you have done something like that already so would like to consider retrofitting with what you already have. Also, I would like to get a schematic of your system with the limit switch on the door motor so I can see if I can piggyback my door position sensing (close, in-transit, open) with your limit switch. Thanks!


Hello, We need to replace the weather strip on the top of a bifold door, can we order that from you? Thank you, Jon




Hello, we're looking to replace the bottom weatherstripping on several of our bigger bifold doors and would like to get some prices. Is there a catalog or pricesheet you could send us? Thanks in advance, Jacob Maint. Sup.


Can I purchase certain components for a retrofit on a hanger bi-fold door? I installed nine of your doors in Alaska in 2005 and more recently thirteen here at Stellar Airpark in Chandler, Arizona in 2015, so I am familiar with your product. I am in need of the up/down/stop switch, safety limit switch assembly and the top and bottom rubber seals, length TBD. Thank you.


I'm looking for a 2.5 inch diameter roller on a 1 inch axel for my bifold hangar door. Can I get one from you?


We have two bifold doors made by Brand X, which is no longer in business. We were wondering how the Schweiss weather stripping was built. We need to replace ours. Thanks for your time, Ken, Sundance, Wy 82729


We have a hangar that, at least, needs to have the bottom door seal replaced; not sure about the top. It appears the the seal material is 1/16". Not sure of the width since the material has deteriorated and it is difficult to obtain a correct measurement. The hangar door is 60'. Would you be able to provide a replacement cost for the seal and if it may be obtained from your company? Thanks, Larry


I need another transmitter for my auto door. It's a 4 button remote. Please advise price and availability.


On the bottom Cable Feed Bi-Fold Aircraft Doors. need to get a part number and price on the (1)50 ft bottom weather stripping and (2)28 ft Side Weather Stripping. Thanks, Jim


I have a bifold door on an auction facility of mine in Anderson county SC. I need a new top rubber seal. How do I order one?


We have a older bi-fold door and in need of a up door gasket 2 foot by 45 foot. please email cost and any information required to set up an account.


We are currently building our own bi-fold lift strap topdrive door 73 feet wide and 18 feet high. Due to special reasons we were unable to get a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door from you, although it would have been our first choice. The door will weigh approx 3000 lbs by the time to is done and the straps will wind on a initial 3 1/2 inch drum. At the end the drum will be 6 inches in diameter. We figure 20 rpm shaft speed will do but slower is also possible. Now my question. Are you able to sell us one of your drives so we can fit it into our agricultural bi-fold door. Our drive shaft is 1 1/2" but can be modified to fit your drive unit. We are farmers building our own not interested in resale. Just for our own use. 


We currently have your companies bi-fold doors on our shop building. We are looking for replacement tension springs for the Auto Latches. It is a set of 3 vertical springs per latch. We have a few broken springs and need to replace them. Please let me know how to get them.


Please quote for lift strap belts. I will need 96 pieces of Schweiss 3" and 29,000 lbs lifting and shipping cost to Poland. Sincerely, Lorenz


Bought two bifold's several years ago, interested n getting remote(s) . Please supply part # and price. Thank you, Ronald M.


We have a 75' Schweiss lift-strap bifold door. Looking for a quote for a new bottom seal kit. Current installation has a foam cushion filled bottom seal but we have water intrusion problems, particularly at the corners of the door (where a floor cutout prevents sealing). We are considering a new continuous seal jogged internally on a frame to bypass the floor cutout and provide a continuous seal across the entire width of the door. Would need approximately 75' of seal material. Gap under the door frame varies across span between 2.1" and 3.15"


I have a 46 wide bifold lift strap door that is 17 years old and needs a new bottom rubber door seal. how much would the cost be and do you need other details?


New Schweiss super-tough weather stripping needed for walk door frame. Where can I purchase this weather stripping? Thank You


I have an existing 40x30 structure. Door opening is  40x12. Possibly interested in building my own bifold strap door with your parts. Is there a substantial cost difference? Thanks, Bill


I have two of the Hydro swing doors and neither has a good seal along the bottom... Seems like a foam tube insert would do the trick.. Do yo sell your superior grade door seals or can you recommend a place to get them ? 60 foot doors.. One in Punta Gorda, FL and one in Lapointe WI.


I have two of the Hydro swing doors and neither has a good seal along the bottom... Seems like your superior seals and foam tube insert would do the trick.. Do you sell them or can you recommend a place to get them ? 60 foot doors.. One in Punta Gorda, FL and one in Lapointe WI.


I am on the Board of Directors governing 80 hangars at the Oshawa airport. We intend to implement a preventative maintenance program for the Schweiss doors on all our hangars. Although we have paper copies of the manuals, PDF versions would be much more convenient, so that all the staff can have copies without them being lost. I couldn't find them on your web site. Please email copies to me. The paper manuals we have are: 325 Bottom Drive Jackshaft - Strap 903 Strap Auto Side Latch 260 Converting Manual To Auto Latches 950 Column Followers 940 T-Rails 925 Manual Wind Pins 945 Cable Strap Kick Outs 906 Strap Latch Conversion 876 Remote/Receiver Installation Instruction Thanks ! Jim       


Hello... We have a couple of your doors here. We're looking to replace the hydraulic filters on the Red Power openers, the part number on the bottom of which reads 1B2971423. Could you let me know price and availability of these Schweiss door replacement parts? Thanks much


Need to know where we can find Schweiss replacement springs for the 7" tension springs and 7" center pulley assembly springs Thanks


I need a three (3) position momentary switch for my NV hydraulic hanger door. Door only operates when buttons are pushed in, when released, door stops OR I need a top limit switch to stop lift. Please phone asap!!


I have a hangar at the Yosemite Airport with your bi-fold hangar door installed. The door is great and now we need a 54 ft. bifold aircraft maintenance door. Remote door opener and man door.


I am trying to find replacement door hardware for the locking mechanism of a man door hangar door lock. I have several bi-fold hangars in the Dallas area. We have Schweiss doors on most of them. They are reliable doors that the pilots like a lot. 


Looking for a new cable the length of the bifold door for my brother's byfold door. Can buy the cable locally if I knew the length. The door Model #is S12, Serial # is 3322 NO is 261. 


I need a price on some new manual side door latches for a bifold door. I need 2 hooks and 1 door handle. I would also like a price on Side Latch Bifold Door Jiggle Switch. 


Have a 42 ' wide bi-fold hangar door and need a  weather/bug seal at the bottom. Ground is uneven under the hangar door. It is on another manufacturers hangar with a round flexible seal at the bottom that lets bugs crawl through now. I'm assuming you Schweiss door seals will work fine.


I see door seal photos on your Schweiss Door  website. Is it possible to get door seal in bulk? We have a hangar we need to replace the door seal on. We have (10) 40 ft bifold doors and (2) 60 ft hydraulic doors. I figure we need about 580 ft of 12" door seal.


I'm hoping to get some Schweiss Door literature on your top and bottom bifold and hydraulic door seals for our customers who have and have not  purchased doors from you.


My customer has a bifold door, manufacturer unknown. His door bottom is worn out and he is looking to retrofit door to your Schweiss liftstrap door system. His door is (8") eight inches in depth and he's looking for 100 L.ft. of door seal material. Could I get a estimates on both the door strap conversion and cost of door seals. 


Please email me the price for 50 ft x 22 ft bottom mount door. Cold weather thermal insulated door. My Schweiss machine shed door is working fine, this is for a neighbor.


I need Schweiss door hardware, hinges, bifold lift and hydraulic lift accessories, etc. My door openings are 41'x12' and I will be building the steel door frames.


Need new top and bottom door seals as well as remote control door installation for a bifold door.


Corporate hangar door windows should be delivered to County Airport C-4, at the same address you delivered the bifold hanger door to. Thank you for your reliable door service. Schweiss Doors always delivers!


Trying to order door seal rubber in 12" width, need two pieces each 48' long for another make of door. 


I need parts for bi-folding hanger door. (2) of the cables have broken and I need replacement for them. 1st cable looks to be 16'ft long and the 2nd cable looks to be 20'ft long .please send me some type of instruction on replaceing the cable. P.S., this is not a Schweiss bifold door. Don't know who made it, but I know it doesn't have your quality.


Hi, I'd like a rough estimate to convert my Schweiss  overhead garage door to a bifold with straps. Thxs


We've been an owner of your bi-fold doors for about 7 years now and they are still awesome but I'm in need of a couple of parts. Through a stupid move on our own we broke a 7" tension spring on the cable that goes to the latch. (Part number A4). Could I buy those springs through you or can you recommend a place to buy them? Alot of different size springs out there but wanted to make sure I used the correct ones on the bi-fold doors. I would be looking to purchase 4 of them. 


Want to replace rubber seal on bottom of bifold door. This is not a Schweiss door, but I heard you can retrofit any bifold. What do you recommend. Do you sell it?


I have Schweiss bifold doors on my hangar in Idaho. Due to a dumb accident, the plastic part of the safety switch on the right side facing the hangar broke off and needs to be replaced. It is an XCR PH7 switch (if I am reading the identifier correctly on the switch). Where can I get the needed replacement part. Great doors!  Thanks.


I have two of your bifold doors located in Show Low, AZ 85901 Model #S24, No.91C-2, S/N 10815-1 (both doors are the same size). I need to get a price on the following; 1 ea Auto Latch Guard (right door jamb) 1ea Lower Auto Latch Cable (axle/drum side) 2ea Auto Latch Cable Guard (axle/drum side) 8ea Lift Straps 1ea Freight to AZ 


I am a general contractor bidding on a project located in Farmland, Indiana on 12-20-12 which has your bifold doors specified on it. I would like to get a turn key installed quote on this from your representatives. 




Hello: We purchased a bi-fold door from you around 6 years ago. We are very happy with the door but have had a flood and would like a copy of the following manual that got destroyed: Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors Safety Information & Operations Manual - 745 Do you have a .pdf file for this?


I am had a lot of trouble with the cables on one of my doors fraying. Had you convert the door to a Schweiss lift strap system and am really happy I did so.  Am wondering if you make straps that have a covering of some sort that would last longer. I did notice you have a 10 year guarantee on your straps.


We have a bi-fold door from a different company than yours (I think they are out of business) that is making a lot of noise either in the cable assembly, gear reducer or in the brake. Are these parts available directly from your company or do I have to go through a distributor? Actually, what I really want is to retrofit this door with your acclaimed lift strap system. Is that possible?


Hello, Received your contact info from Bill in Calgary who has one of your Schweiss bifold doors. We are considering replacing our old wire and pulley system with something more reliable like your lift straps. Existing hangar doors are about 40 x 9 feet. They are a single wood frame, metal clad. About 8 or 9 years old and a primitive but functioning system. Also,Is there a man door option for a single 44 to 45 foot door ? This isn't one of your doors, will that still work?


I live in Dayton Nevada and have one of your 60 foot bi fold doors with cables and manual locks. I am interested in an automatic locking system and possibly changing to straps. Please let me know who you would recommend in my area (preferably 2 or more). Thank you.


I have lost the remote control for my Schweiss bifold hangar door. It is the 433.92 MHZ type. Can you send me two more to replace it?


Hi, We installed one of your 65ft x 20ft doors in our new hanger last year and I'm interested in getting a quote for a door bottom safety switch so I can have a one push door close function. Thanks Jesse


My customer would like to convert the entire door over to a strap system. He would like to do the lifting straps as well as the auto latch system. Could you please send a quote for materials to complete this. The original serial number for the door is #13323, model S12. The door currently has (5) lifting cables. Thank you Lila


I need a quote on the cost of replacement of the manual locking mechanism on a bi-fold door here at the Yuba County airport, someone bumped into it hard and broke it.


Can you assist me with a CSI 3-part specification for your exterior bi-fold door; 30 ft. width by 20 ft. height. Manual operation? Steel construction. Southern California location; City of Perris Theatre. Architect is out of San Diego.


I need some options and pricing on replacing the operators on a double side folding b-fold door system. I got these doors from someone else no longer in business. Their operators are junk. I hear yours are the best. The doors are steel and each one is 5'X16'.


I need to buy some AGNA gear oils. Where can this lube be purchased in the greater Kansas City area? What local firms may be able to replace the seals on the gearbox? I have the bottom drive Reducer according to the owners package. I realize this is not your Schweiss door, but can you help me anyway?


We need to re-order product from your company and would like to get your current pricing before entering a purchase order. 2 HP, 184TCY FRAME, 1740 RPM, SCHWEISS BI-FOLD DOOR MOTOR (P/N C184C17FC6A) Qty. needed: 1, Last time purchased /06. Thank you.  Sue.  P.S. - Can we get the motor in your new Red Power Pump series?


I need to replace the top rubber seal on my Schweiss bi-fold door with straps. What material is that can I find it locally? Is there a part # I need for my 36 foot door? I've been told by a friend that the strap system lifts the door faster, is that so? THANKS


I'm interested in putting your auto latch system on my bifold hangar door. I did not build the hangar, and the door is pretty old, but the rod that winds up the wires is at the bottom like your diagram for the auto latches. Does the actual latching hardware come with the auto latch kit, or is your Schweiss Doors auto latch kit just for upgrading from manual latches? Thanks! Rusty


We have your Schweiss bi-fold door with lift straps at our Community Center located at Johnson Houses, Lexington Avenue, New York, NY. We need an operation and maintenance manual for the door. Great door, perfect for our needs. Please e-mail me a PDF copy of the manual or fax it to the above fax number. Thank you.


I have a Schweiss bifold hangar door at Bagley, MN. I just purchased a radio control to open the door and want you to know that it works even better than you thought. The range is more than I need. By the way, my door is still operating perfect, even after 8 years of extensive use. It handles snow loads like a charm. Thanks for all you do at Schweiss Doors.  Curtiss


We have an old cable lift door from another company (which we can locate) and our limit sensors to stop the door going up and down are bad does Schweiss Doors have replacements that would work for them? Is there a dealer close to me I can work with? I am at Britt Ia. Thanks, Mark


Looking to replace the cables on my bi-fold door with a Schweiss Door lift strap system. The door is 36 wide x 16 high clear opening to the bottom of the truss. Bottom drive. Is there a number to call to get these ordered and have them shipped to me at the above address? James




I need the top door seal rubber matting replaced. We had a really wicked wind storm (more like a tornado) that decided to remove it for me. The Schweiss bifold hangar door is 48 feet wide, it still works well. Is there a Oregon dealer locally whom I could get a seal from, or can you just mail it?


John Bakos our Minneapolis Loading Supervisor just told me that you coming to install lift straps on our Schweiss Bi-Fold door. I do need a Certicate of Liability Insurance. If could fax or e-mail it would be great.


There was a recent installation with your Schweiss bifold doors at Hicks airport (232 aviator) in Texas. I am in need of the "open" switch (cover). The origianl was stolen off the switch. Can you help? Thanks, Jennie O.


Schweiss Doors: I need two of the autolatch cable take up springs for our old old bifold door- the ones on the horizontal cable- and two of the vertical springs that are in that hard to get to part of the door. Please contact me with price- Thanks


Please help me -- We had trouble with our hydro swing door, guess that's not one of yours. Can't seem to get any satisfacation from them. If I call you and explain the problem, would Schweiss Doors possibly have a spare hydraulic motor (that seems to be the problem) or a control box  that would fit this lemon of a door.  Thanks. Arvid  G.


The springs behind the latch of a door that I purchased from another door company are broken, on tmy doors the three springs on the latch keeps it up until the cable pulls the latches tight. without the springs the latch hits the post that the latch hooks on to pull close. I would like to order Schweiss Doors replacement springs as soon as possible if you know they will work for my door.


Follow up on prior Email for lift cable. The door opens to 12 feet and is 50 feet wide, Model #S 13. Can I order from Schweiss Doors direct?


Just bought a home and hanger looking to replace cable system with lift straps. Do not have model number do you need more information. Can I order direct from you? Thank you please reply by Email. Also do you have a manual for the door so I can order parts if needed?


I have a 10 year old hangar, with some one elses doors. Last weekend I experienced near total cable failure on one drum. As I'm sure you're well aware, The company that supplied the doors ran themselves out of business, leaving me without an avenue for replacement cables. Has Schweiss Doors done strap conversions to other manufacturers doors? My tenant is coming to use the hangar so I'm a little under the gun on this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  Joey 


I purchased a Schweiss bi-fold door from you in 2006 and I would like to order some parts for my door. I need the following parts; 4 x new lift straps. to replace cable system. I think I'll really like your lift cables. Great door!


Hi, Do you schweiss doors come with all the tracks and mounting hardware? I would like a quote on a door that is not finished, ie the skeleton/frame only as i would need to finish the outside myself. It needs to be complete with tracks and mounting hardware. It also needs to have an electric opener. I am interested in determining if this would cost about the same as a traditional garage door. 12 feet wide. 7 feet tall.


We have a corporate hangar with a Schweiss Model S24 bifold door. A fuel truck parked to close one day and slightly dented six (6) of the vertical panels on the lower half of the bi-fold door. I intend to replace these 6 vertical panels. Can you help with a quote to replace these? Your doors are very strong, but don't stand a chance against a fast moving fuel truck whose brakes went out.  Regards


I need the rubber to replace the torn rubber on the top and bottom of a 40' bifold door. So, 12"x80'. How much will it cost and how do I place the order? Thanks, 


Looking for rubber seal kits for a T Hangar I have with 15 exsisiting doors, 38' to 40' long each. Doors were built by original owner back in the 70's and have no bottom seals.


I'm interested in buying top rubber seal material for my old bifold door from you and talk to you about the J channel, Z channel. How long are they? Can they be shipped other than by freight? Thanks


Hi, I have a bifold door that I need to replace the bottom rubber seal on, but it's not a Schweiss door. I was wondering if you would sell me the rubber boot and foam cushion for Seal Option B2. My door is made of 2" tubing and there is about 3" of space from the bottom of the door to the cement, could be 3 1/2" in some places. So I am wondering how big the foam cushion is in Seal Option B2? I also have tin and double angle on the outside of my door which is even with the bottom of the door so the rubber would have to be screwed on behind the double angle and tin. So I am wondering how thick the rubber is, can it go behind the tin and double angle? The rubber currently on the bifold door is 12" wide. My door is 24' wide so I would need the rubber and foam cushion that is a little longer then that I suppose about 24' 3". How much would it you sell me Seal Option B2 for that is at least 24' 3" and how much would the shipping be? Thank You.


I purchased a 30 ft. bifold door from you this summer. I was wondering what a longer seal would cost? I see you have a 17" seal. thanks.


I would like to know what kind of weather strip you use on the side of your bifold doors. I have a customer who has a ball or tube strip that is full of foam. There is a single strip that slips into a holder. Would you please send any info about your weather strip. Thank you.


Hello Schweiss, I need to order a lock arm return spring for Hangar # 103882-39 - OK 3 Air - Please let me know if you could send to us and I'll issue a PO#. Thanks!


Attn. Parts Dept.: I'm interested to find out the purchase price of the parts to create the lift mechanism for a bi-fold door, such as the gearbox, motor, sprockets, controller (limits, etc.). I'll need a shorter version of the shaft along with some flange bearings, too. I have a hangar door which has a Liftmaster Pro model #BGH10011BF2. I want something similar but doesn't have to be that robust as I'm only going to lift 800#. This will be a custom fabrication and a one time only project for my own use. Thanks, hope you can help. Paul M


I would like a price on the Bottom Seal 17" x 50'. Also the lead time for delivery. Thank you.


I need a 3 button switch for my bifold door. Looks like a GE, metal case red stop button in middle and and up and a down botton. I need the whole switch unit. approx. 6.75" long and 2 3/8 wide No attached cord needed. thanks


We had a 35 ft bi-fold put up this summer on an un-insulated building. We should have had you insulate the door at the factory and now we want it insulated as we have insulated our building. Can you send an insulation kit for it?


I have a 25 foot  Brand Z Bi-Fold door. The top rubber and the bottom are both deteriorated with holes. I need to get replacement for both. Can you supply this for me and contact me with a price?


I have a bi-fold door on my hanger. The top seal has been wind ripped on one end. Do you have replacements? Do I need to replace the whole seal or just 10 ft. on the ripped end? Door width in 42 ft. How much am I looking at to repair or replace the top seal. Thanks.


I own a T hangea in Westhampton, NY that was built in the 90s. It was damaged a bit during the last hurricane. Do you have records of a sale to him? If so, I wanted to compare notes to identify the correct parts I might need for repairs. The hangar is one of 10 T Hangars attached to a large box hangar. The T Hangar doors are about 44' wide x 16' high.


Hello: I was wondering if you would sell the motor and the reduction gear equipment, as my door is already made. Thanks 


I have had bi-fold doors on my hangar for years. I wonder if I can order replacement springs? Thank you.


I just talked to Dave Schweiss and he told me how to adjust the limit switch on my door, which I did and my problem is solved! Thank you very much, Dave!! Now I would like to know how to maintain the door. Do I need to lubricate the bearings routinely? How about maintaining the straps? How tight should they and the two big springs in the middle of the door be?  Thanks again, Dave! Appreciate it!


I have an existing Schweiss Bi-Fold Door. Vintage 1998. The seal along the top of the door is becoming aged and I would like to replace it. The existing door opening is 42 wide and 12 high. All model numbers and serial numbers seem to refer to motor and controls. Otherwise, the door still works like a Timex, it just keeps ticking away.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemens, yeara ago, 1998, we bought a Schweiss Bifold Door and installed the system in our Hangar in Germany. Our door is Model No.S224 No.L9. From extensive use over the last 10 years. The cables are getting tired. On your Homepage we saw the new Lift Straps System. Is ist possible to change our system to the new system? Please send me a quote with shipping them to me in Germany. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Best Regards Mark Krinkle


We bought a 65X 14 bifold door from you guys on 9/24/93 as well as the power unit. It has preformed flawlessly over the years. I was curious about who to contact about getting some replacement parts that are wearing out over the years. Could we take pictures so we have a visual of what some of these parts are? Should I do that? It looks to me like there are cables need to be updated on that system. Do you have any advice? It is a top drive power unit. I have much of the paperwork from the original sale. We would like to get this replaced and would kindly ask for your reply. Thanks


The Bi-Fold doors at Fort Carson Colorado are considered a value to the maintenance contractor but need a little updating. We need to get quotations on "Side latch switches" for all the doors that do not have them and the "Wall mounted contact boxes" which would allow the doors to be lowered from the ground level when stuck in the open position.


Can you please advise if you can supply rubber gaskets only for Bifold Doors? They were fitted by a builder 14 years ago during a major refurbishment of our house and I'm unable to contact him to check where he purchased the doors from? I have the old gasket strip which I could send to you if that helps? I hope you can assist. Many thanks Kind regards Paula


How much are the 4 button remote controls. One of my tennants lost one, and I need a spare for me. Adam B.


I'm in need of thirty feet of 'Top Rubber seal'. At least 6" wide. How much would this cost ?


I have a large Schweiss 50' bifold hangar door. The up down switch is the type you have to hold the button in when raising and lowering the door. The original switch is a Schweiss with no part number but has contact rating of 5A-240VAC. I would like to change the switch to a maintain type you do not have to hold in. If you can supply this switch please send ordering information.


Would you also quote only the hydralic parts including a remote,hinges and cylinder brackets and I build my own door?




Four years ago we moved into a new house with an existing hangar with a Bi-Fold door, which works perfectly! Recently I had a friend review with me how to service the door, and I found that I had been doing it correctly! He did point out to me, however, that I do not have a marking on the hangar to show the up limit of the door. Of course the up limit switch takes care of this for me, but to be entirely legal, I think I should have your factory plate that shows the up limit. Please let me know how much they are and I will send payment. Shawn M


We live on a farm. We have a machine shed w/ a schweiss bifold hanger door. We have had it for 7 years and it still runs like new. Although, at the bottom of the door - we have a rubber seal. We noticed this year it was being chewed - rodents. Looking for a seal that rodents can't chew - and will seal the door tight. Have you got any product that would do the job. Any help would be appreciated. The door is 36' wide. Thanks - Shanna


I need new top and bottom rubber seals for my 42' bifold door.Can you give me the cost? I'll install. Thanx, Jerry




Need to purchase the motor/disc brake and gear assembly, up/down/stop switch, seals for the top and bottom, etc. I already have the round shaft purchased for the winch part of it and can find bearings to fit that. We bought a Schweiss door, I believe it was in 1996, It runs excellent and have had no problems and want to put another one on the other end of the building now. I started building the frame in my shop and is same size as the one we bought from you in 1996,,,the measurements of the door frame is 28'3" width X 17' in height. Will be purchasing this in the next four weeks. Would like a price estimate to know before hand. THank you, Doug P


my door is in need of maintenance. could you please advise on what and how to go about this. i am the hanger maintenace worker and my employer wants me to do it-don't want to do anything incorrectly.it is a strap bifold door installed just over a year ago. thanks Bryan


I placed an order over the phone for some wx stripping (12") for my T hanger doors and don't remember who I spoke with, can someone please confirm my order and tell me when it shipped & total billed Thank you


I was wondering if you had the number for the hydraulic filter on my pump? I have a "Hydraulic N". I would just take the number off the existing filter but I am 30 miles away from my hangar and was hoping to shop for some from home today. Thank you


hello!, mi name is miguel, im searching for a gear box, mi company have a bifold door (not a Schweiss door) but my boss want to upgrade whit another gear box and electric motor, i need to know the cost of those parts, he is looking at speeding up the door to, can you please price a strap conversion kit. thanks!!


I have a 15 year old Schweiss Bi-fold door that is 50' wide and want to convert it to your upgraded lift strap system. Is it possible to order those from you? 


I am looking for a Schweiss lift strap system to replace your cable system on an old Schweiss bifold door. Can you help. I think it for a 3/16 to 1/4" cable. 


Recently we have put up 25 new hangars at our airport with your new bifold strap type door. We have 14 hangars that are about 11 years old now with the older style Schweiss doors that need some maintenace. I can't find anything on your site in the way of parts or support of any kind. I need springs for the locking arms and small pully's for that same system I would also like the longer springs that are on the actual cables as these are hard to find as well. Shackles are also desired. We would like to order these parts as soon as possible is we can. Can you help me bring these doors up to snufff again??? Also we have no manuals at all for these doors to help us in any way as far as maintenence goes. Thanks ...


We are looking to purchase the locking arm spring that are on our bi-fold doors.These are the springs that keep tension on the arm to stay up before the door closes.Please advise on price and type of payment required to ship to Canada. thank You


I bought a Bi-Fold Door from you a few years ago, and would like to add the Photo Eye safety system. Is there a Kit to add this. Also How Much is it. Thank You - John


We would like a quote on the hardware for a 15 ft. high by 18 ft wide door. We would need all the eqipment (Motor Gearbox, shafts, drums, tightners, sheaves, straps. etc.) for a strap operated door. I would also like both top and bottom rubber quoted (especially the top). Please quote both manual and automatic latches.Thanks again for your willingness to sell components


Can I purchase the motor/disc brake and gear assembly if I build my own frame? Would also need the up/down/stop switch. The door is 28'wide x 15' 2 1/2" opening. How much would this cost? We bought a bifold door from you, I believe it was in 1996, and have had no problems and want to put another one on the other end of the building now. Thank you very much,


had a hangar fire and the motor and gear box burned up. Can you send me a parts list. thank you William


Hi, I have sets of aircraft T hangars, which have your bifold doors on them. Starting construction on six more, I'll need prices on bifolds with lift straps, same size as before. Thank you, Calvin in Kansas


I need to purchase your new lift straps.  Please send cost and info. Gary       


Please quote to me the unit price and delivery date ,Schweiss Hydraulic Power Unit . 3phase max. pressure 5000psi. regards, Jamal


Please about bid. I need from you information and price of bifold door security sistems to protect planes and people to be hit by the gate when it moves.


We have a few Schweiss doors and they work great. We have a old bifold too on our maint shop that we are looking for a bottom door seal. The door is 46' wide. Can you provide pricing for the various weathererseal offerings (H1-H4) for us for this 46' door shipped to Duluth MN? Thanks! Jeff Rent - Treasurer Airport Duluth MN


Please quote the following door products per foot, if not per foot please quote it on however you package the product. Top Rubber Seal Door Edge Weather Stripping and Screws. Center Door Weather Stripping Bottom Weather Seals Thanks Joe


I have a Bifold Door from another company on an existing hanger we purchased. the upper flexible seal has failed as well as the bottom "bulb" seal. the Door is 50' wide. Can I either purchase new seal material from your company, or get the name of a local installer to replace the existing?


Hi. Need replacement bottom door seal for bi-fold hangar door. Looks like your 2 ply cloth inserted, 12" wide, 45 ft.length will work. Can you please furnish me with a price quote for this? Thanks. Tim


Hello, I have an ancient aircraft hangar.  The rubber molding at the bottom of the door needs to be replaced. Can you please send me information on the cost to replace this piece? Thanks, Peter


I'm looking for the bottom rollers for a hangar door, that are notched and run on a track that is in the concrete. This is not a Schweiss door, but hoping you can help me out. Can you e-mail me some info.


i need lift straps for a bi fold 40' does some one in ohio stock this and give me a price if possible


Our building purchased and not yet erected dimensions are; 30 W x 30 L x 12 H with 4:12 pitch and has 26 gauge/80,000 PSI steel PBR siding with 200 series Colony green siding, Fern green trim Please quote total price ie; Shipping/handling/taxes all parts, straps and motor driven opening, and Insulation etc. Do they come insulated? Do you have any photos of smaller bifold or hydraulic lift  garage doors on metal buildings?


Im trying to get a cost figure for a bottom seal, style B1 for a 40 foot opening on a bi-fold hanger door. I think a 12" rubber would do the job on my 2" sq. bottom steel tube


Quote: 1) 12" X 80'-6" Door Bottom Seal **Please quote both with and without the optional foam cushion B1 ** Include shipping to the above address


Hello, I am really impressed by the design of your bi-fold doors. Can I order specific parts of this door? I would like to build my own door to save on the cost of manufacturing and transport? Thank-you, Paul


 I am looking for the metal trim that goes on the side of the door jam. It has a lip on it when you close the door it seals off the air from outside. Do yo carry that. How much is it for a complete hydraulic door. Thank you David Please E-mail me 


I am interested in purchasing 45 feet of your 12" Rubber Top Seal for my bifold door. How do I go about purchasing that?




We have a Schweiss Bi-fold door,  This door is sealed very well and I suspect it was from good installation. There is a minimal amount of energy loss from this door. Do you have a representative in my area that I could contact for assistance on  another door for this springl? Thank you! Mike


I am looking for a lift straps with the following specs. It's for an older steel bi-fold hangar door. O/D would be 3", it would be for 1/4" or 3/8" cable and it would have a 3/8 hole in the middle -  Please let me know if you have anything like this to retrofit my bi-fold Schweiss door.