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Good morning We are intersted in replacing sectional overhead doors with Schweiss Doors bi-folds such as you have with the strap system. These doors would be 14' x 14' and I have a few questions. (1) Do you have a dealer in western Canada most specially in province of Alberta? We are close to US border, perhaps a Northern Montana dealer. (2) As some of these doors are in a dusty area, would dust settling on straps pose a problem when wrapping and especially if straps get wet during a windy rainstorm? (3) I see it is possible to put in mandoors, would that apply also to small bifolds such as these? Or alternatively can we install at a later time? (4) What sort of timeline is there for this size of doors? We await your response and thank you for that.


80 foot wide door for Diamond DA-62 hangar. 20 ft height. Winterized for Canada. Looking for a steel hangar to go with the Schweiss door. Thanks Ian


We are planning to build a 60X60 foot wood hanger in Ontario, Canada with about a 56X16 foot door. We have looked at other door companies and would like to also price out Schweiss Doors hydraulic and bifold doors including shipping. Do they require additional structural considerations for the building? We may change to a steel building, but they are going to be more expensive, so we hope to stay with LSL wood if possible. We are also considering building 2 additional identical hangars and would like to know if there is a discount on multiple doors. What is the lead time needed to get the door built and shipped to Canada?


Hello, I’m just curious if you have a dealer list for Canada, specifically Saskatchewan? I am looking for a folding door for my machine shed. Thank you.


I need a bi fold door 10 ft wide by 7 ft tall delivered to Canada. Please quote price.


We have a project located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Our design is to have a 6112 mm wide x 9400 mm high vertical bi-fold gate, fully located outdoor, door is designed using custom pickets and metal fins as decoration. We are happy to set up a virtual meeting and call to discuss further if necessary.


I am looking for a Schweiss residential hydraulic garage door for a project we are working on. Do you have any dealers who you have worked with here in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area?


Good day, I am wondering/inquiring on a schweiss "All Strap Bi-Fold" doors. Our mine is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canada. We have 2 big over heads doors currently and we may be looking for something more durable (we're a potash mine) / capable to open it with a automatic door opener. Is there any way that we can get a free quote? The rough size of the door opening is 24' wide by 22' tall, both doors are this size. Please have quote in Canadian. Thanks for your time.


im looking to price out a hydraulic power lifting 24 foot door system for an office addition we're doing on our architectural studio in downtown hamilton ontario canada


Hi, do you have bifold doors installed in harsh arctic environnements (above 60th parallel, such as nunavut, northwest teritorries, Nunavik ? ), strong and steady winds, -40 deg F many days a year How does schweiss product compare, and/or stand out vs. TNR rubber doors ? best regards


Hello, I have an old shop that has sliding doors that I would like to upgrade. The sliding doors are just annoying after all these years between the tracks getting jammed to maneuvering them during the winter. I would like something easier and more efficient. Please send me a quote for a schweiss strap bifold door. Located in canada. Thank you, MN


Quonset Door Canada Bifold door.

Hello, I'm looking for a quote to replace my quonset door. Current size is 18' W x 163" T The current door is an old wood door on hinges that fold to the side and is clunky. Looking for a schweiss bifold door. Located in


We have been given the privilege of powering up one of your doors in British Columbia. As far as canadian overhead doors go, the door is impressive. The person that installed the door asked us to contact the manufacturer directly regarding collaborating with you on the door. Thanks, R


Hello I am working on a project (not doors) that I hope to implement your schweiss lift system. Believe your top mount drive is a very good option. Like to know if you are willing to sell components to make this project a success, which right now would require the drive unit and 10 strap assemblies. The project is in Alberta Canada, if you have a distributor that covers this area please forward their contact information. I am keen to hear from you but please note that I am often traveling in areas that have very restricted electronic service (cell and/or internet) so a tardy reply on my part is definitely not an indication of lack of interest in your product/system. Thanks in advance.


Looking at pricing an overhead door and also updating our contact information for Schweiss. Overhead door will be located in Canada


Canadian Hydro doors- Am interested in the build your own option. We also do large dairy barn construction and may see a possible use there. At first I would like a price on a small door. 8 to 9 feet high and 10 to 12 feet wide. Can we price We have a welding shop. We have a hydraulic shop. But I want an engineered product and design and don’t mind buying your components. We would arrange freight. Thanks Pete


I am looming for an overhead door quote on an insulated bifold door with a couple windows that measures 13foot 11 inches tall and 49 feet wide...to be delivered to canada.


Hi Team I am considering a overhead bi-folding garage door for our new home I will be building. The structure of the building will be constructed from ICF with the door opening measuring 16'w X 7'h. I am hoping to purchase a door system minus cladding in a kit form that I can fit and clad myself. I will be cladding the home in recycled Corten steel and would like to door to be clad from the same batch of steel. Due to the depth of the wall it will be mounted in I believe I may need a horizontal drive. Do you have any options that would fit my requirements? If so could you please provide me with a quotation for an appropriate kit. Delivery would be to BC Canada. Canadian over head garage doors.Thanks


Canadian hydraulic door shortage. There is a door shortage going on right now in Ontario I know of many new structures waiting 6 months or more for doors to be installed I’m semiretired Electrician / CWB certified welder and work on hydrloc systems often I would be able to provided mentorship and hands on knowledge in Ontario I love the concept of the door and think that this would be a viable option for many installations Looking forward to working with your company Thanks g


Hi We have a Schweiss bi fold door on our Canadian hangar in Kaslo BC. Was hoping to get an idea of person to come and do maintenance to make sure everything is up to standard. Thanks


Canadian airport doors- Have some of your doors on different buildings in the airport and we are building new hangars and we are looking 5 bifolds in the range of 22ft h x 70 ft wide. Please send over a bid. Thanks.


Hello, we are looking for a 26' wide X 16' high hydraulic door for a barn shop renovation. Door needs be insulated and remote operated. The current barn construction is wood stud frame on a concrete foundation with a wood truss roof system. Exterior door finish will be a vertical steel siding. Project location is in Woodville Ontario, Canada. Please call if you need more information. Regards, jp


Hello, we have a customer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that has an existing pole barn and the current sliding barn door is in need of replacement. In need of Canadian door supplier. Do you folks have a provider in the Calgary area who could help us in selecting a possible door for this project. The door is 12' x 12' Thank you, MM


looking for overhead bifold door in Canada. Existing construction bifold door. Can you also indicate a time frame for production availability? Thanks, rb


Canada bi fold doors Requesting price for a 26*11 bi-fold door in canada. Door will be for an insulated stick framed workshop


I am quoting a glass project in Calgary, AB Canada and they are looking for a 264" x 44" operable window. I thought your bifold window would be a good solution for them. Id like to know size restrictions and costs please for remote operable and sealed unit glazed features. Will be installed within an aluminum window frame. Curtainwall section 5.25 to 7 inch deep Cheers


Looking for door in Canada. Overhead door for new steel construction, I Beam. I would be interested to know your prices If you have any deals please add them in the quotation


Looking for six (6) 42' x 16' Bifold hangar doors with an entry door in each of them as well for a project that will be printed with 3D Construction Printer. Located in Canada, overhead doors in


Schweiss Canada hangar doors -looking for options for bi-fold hangar doors for individual hangars - 50'x40' in size. New wood hangars


Schweiss Canadian door sales - please I need quote for a serious customer of ours. Would like the average speed of your door. Need one W 65' 0" x 24' 0" H Two doors W 130' 0" x 30' 0" H


Interested in placing a bifold door on my garage. This is part of a renovation project and the garage is currently being framed out. Concrete floor to be poured this week. Do you know if this bifold/hangar style door has a backup option available in case of a power outage? I asked one custom garage door vendor who stated it's only available in warmer climates. I now see you deliver Schweiss bifold doors all over the world including Canada and Alaska.


I am looking for a quote on a door for a hanger I am having built. two questions: 1. Do you ship to Canada? 2. Which is most cost effective (Hydro/Strap Door), also which is best suited for our colder climate?


Hello, My name is Terrance and I am contacting you on behalf of an architectural company in Toronto. We are designing a 9'x7' garage door for a house in Toronto and I was wondering if you guys do bifold custom garage doors? If so, can we infill it with any material for a flush surface with the exterior walls? (For a "hidden" garage aesthetic). If you have any detail of the bifold system, I would greatly appreciate it if it was provided. Thank you, Terrance


Would like to receive a shipment to Ontario Canada for six bifold doors as to availability and pricing. Can Schweiss arrange all the shipping things needed to get these bifold doors delivered to Canada? Please give me a timeline for delivery.


I'm interested in inquiring about the hydraulic option and the bifold option. This is for a retail project in  Ontario,  Canada, a big garage door for a loading zone and trash compactor.


Hi, I am interested in your build door for a residential door application in Canada. Do you have any dealers in my area that handle bifold and hydraulic Canadian doors ?


 Can you provide contact info for a Canadian dealer closest to the town of Carlyle in Southeast Saskatchewan? Will you actually honor your claim that you will match the price of any competitor? Most of the bifold and hydraulic doors that I see in this area are yours.


I have an existing pole barn style building in Alberta, Canada . I really would like a hydraulic door from you since my cold storage hay barn currently does not have a door. I would like a full quote for an installed door. Door is 40 x 16


We are building a hanger at airport near Edmonton Alberta I need your advice as to best door for our operation. 60 x16 bifold or same size hydraulic door - I am interested in upgrades that are important in our environment such as cold weather Design advice - for our wood structure is also appreciated. Very interested in fact you have install teams available - this is excellent I am in the engineering stage of our design and anxious to complete the engineering inclusive of door decisions so as to start construction soon.


Need a price on two 22'x16' doors. Option on bifold liftstrap doors and hydraulic one piece doors. For the hydraulic can you use one pump for 2 doors? Do we insulate them ourselves? Price to be installed here in northwest Ontario, Canada.


Hi, I'm looking for general information on your Schweiss door products for use on a large repair facility for Manitoba Hydro. Typical openings would be in the range of 16'w X 16'h, and the project will require approx. 20 doors. We are interested in looking at both strap bifold electrical opening models as well as your hydraulic doors. Our intent will be to clad your door with an opaque, insulated metal panel assembly and/or curtain wall glazing. Please have your regional sales / technical representative contact me. 


Interested in 2 glass bi fold doors or hydraulic doors for restaurant in Ottawa. Door A: 10%u2019-8%u201D wide x 10%u2019-8%u201D high and Door B: 10%u2019-10%u201D wide x 10%u2019-8%u201D high. Price aluminum frame as well as steel frame.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. We would like a quote as soon as possible as we are looking for a rapid install. 


In the process of getting hangar door quotes... Steel  buildings. I need a quote from you for a 60' Bi Fold hangar door. My eave height is 18'9," so whatever door height will fit that .. highest possible. (Can you please give me open door  clearance with that) Would also like #'s on a Schweiss one piece steel hydraulic door and price to ship to the Yukon in Canada.


I would like pricing on a bi-fold strap door for an aircraft hanger in Canada. The hangar door dimensions need to be 60' wide with an opening height of 20'. Include remote hangar door opener. We will provide thermal door insulation.


I fly for the Royal Canadian Airforce and plan to build my own hangar. A friend recommended Schweiss Doors. I'm planning a 60x60x18. I think a 50' hangar door will fit well but you guys are the professional door dealers and I will take your recommend. The building height may change to a lower one 14' as we may not need the 18' foot hangar door anymore. We had originally planned for a upper floor door on the back part. Can you please let me know cost for what I need and what hangar door would better suit us, straps, cable or hydraulic, bi-fold or one piece aviation door.  


We are wondering if you have distribution of your products in Canada. We are in Alberta, is there a place we can buy your door from? I have seen quite a few of your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors within a 100 mile radius of Wainwright. I am wondering about a price on a lift strap bi-fold 22' wide x 16' high. It is for a Cold Storage Building and does not have to be insulated. Jolly


Your Schweiss Door product has been reffered to me to quote on bifold doors for a school in British Columbia. I would like to bid this job with your product. there are 42 bifolds ranging from 9 ft wide to 27 ft wide and 12 ft high. Would you like to work with me on this tender?  


I'm working on a material list for a customer out in one of our Yukon River villages who is trying to build a 40'x 44' hanger with the bifold Schweiss door in the 44' wall. He needs a 40' wide by 11' clear opening. This needs to be insulated and to about R-21. Your strap system door sounds like it might work for him. This village is not on our road system and needs to be heavely crated as it will be transported by a barge in the spring when the ice goes out on the Yukon River. Please send me an estimate on what a door for this hanger would cost and what it would weight delivered to the docks in Tacoma, Washington. E-mail works well for me if you have any questions. If I don't hear from you in a few days I'll try the 800 number. Thanks,


Hello Schweiss: We have a 30' wide x approx 10' high opening where we would like to install a horizontally bifolding door. We would be interested in learning more about your doors, and learn if you only sell the complete frame and mechanism, or if, because of our Ontario location, you would sell the mechanisms along with some guidance for a local fabricator to construct the door frame here. Regards, 


Building x style hangar 40'x40'x16' in Newfoundland, Canada. Need a Schweiss bifold hangar door for a small aircraft (Challenger II, 7.5' tall x 29.5' wingspan on floats). What do you recomend for this style of building. Cost of door, do you deliver to Newfoundland and cost? I would like to self install? Need to provide 220 VAC for the power to this door? What is required in addition to the existing hangar design to support this door? Wind load?


Considering a Schweiss vertical lift insulated residential garage doors. How do costs compare with traditional overhead doors? Do you have a distributor in Canada? Do you ship to Canada? Do you have a reidential product line? Regards,


Looking for a budget price for a bi-fold door for wood construction of a 80 ft x 100 ft Hanger in Ontario, Canada


I have a client in Vancouver BC, considering installing two fully glazed bi-fold doors. I presume you ship to Canada. If so, can you recommend any installation partners in the Greater Vancouver area?


hello do you sell to Saskatchewan, Canada? We are interested in an non insulated, overhead bifold door with electric opener for our pole storage shed which is 48'wide x 114' long x 20' high . it doesn't have any ends on it . if you do, what would approx. price and shipping be ? and what width would be suitable. currently we have 8" x 8" posts in the corner, and a double rafter on each end.we may also consider one for each end depending on the price. thank you, Lynus F


Looking for a price on a Bi-fold door with auto-latches. Building a new building from Future Buildings (S style. Hoping for a rough opening of height 12' by width 18'. The location of the Building is in Saskatchewan Canada.


Do you ship to Canada? I need a price quoted on two Schweiss vertical lifting doors with Auto-Latches, delivered to Wiarton Ontario. 1 X 50' wide X 20' clearance 1 X 70' wide X 20' Clearance.


their is two bifold doors one 16 feet wide; the other is a drive through 22 feet wide both the same height. Can you deliver to Alberta Canada. 


I am looking for a bifold door 24' wide x 13' high. Do you have a distributor/ installer in south west Ontario? I need a price complete- supply and install. Thanks


Hello,I was wondering if you carried a 45' wide x 27' high roll up door or something equivalent? Do you have a Canadian Distributor?




Hi, I'm an apraiser and i have a replacement building value to do for insurance purpose. In my subject building there is hydraulic door opener, i would like to have an approximative replacement value for a steel door of 46' X 16' with the hydraulic opening system.Thank you Montreal Canada




Do you have a dealer or do you ship to southern Ontario? I am interested in a 22' X 14' bifold door w/opener. John


We require quotes for one hydraulic hangar door to be 14'6" x 50' and another one 16' x 60'. Please provide separate cost for shipping to either Boise Idaho or SK. Canada.


Hello, I am inquiring about a bi-fold door for a hanger I plan on building this summer. Please provide me some information so I can get an idea if you ship to Canada as well as what price I can expect to pay for such a door. Thanks, David


how do i get a door to canada i want one of these  bifold doors foe my garage its a 10 foot celing by 16 feet wide how much would it cost for a door this size and do you ship to alberta???? where can i look to find if you do not ship here???


Building yet to be built requested dimensions to be confirmed at order time but should be good by /- 6" , please quote shipping to Canada may want to pickup fob your plant. Do your bifold doors split at center to reduce shipping length. Require lift straps and auto latch. Is your electrical equipment CSA approved? Thanks, K J 


I have a hangar at the Red Deer Airport in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada with a 36 x 12 foot door. I have contemplated switching to a bifold or hydraulic door many times but now it has become something of a priority (my old door has malfunctioned and the airplane is trapped inside!). My priorities are having a weatherproof insulated door system which is reliable! Do you have backup systems for your doors?


need a distributer to get a quote on a few glass bifold doors here in canada. first of 44 new restaurants opening in red deer alberta. anyone dealers in alberta? thankyou, Amira


I am researching the cost of building a hanger. I would like a clear opening approximately 12' x 40' Please advise price to Quesnel BC Canada. Also the size you need for the front of the hanger, i.e. over width of front of hanger and the height between clear opening to underside of roof. It may be a wood frame bifold door hanger


I need a quote and specs for a strap lift bi-fold door - overall opening is 40 x 18 - which will require a 40 x 15 door? I had previously requested this already today, but I had it sent to the wrong email. eave height of building is 20' This building is in Eyebrow, SK Canada


I need a quote for a bi-fold door - overall opening is 40 x 18 - therefore the door will have to be 40 x 15?. Or is the overall door size bigger? The eave height of the building is 20'. This is for a project in Eyebrow, SK


To whom it may concern: I am looking for pricing on five of your bifold doors.All five are aprox. forty five by sixteen feet.We would like them delivered and installed in Canada.Three of the bifold doors would need frames for walk through doors. On all the doors we would like allowances for windows.We would be looking for delivery in the spring... summer.Looking forward to hearing from you , Luke


We have an 80 x 22 opening (not yet constructed) so it could be amended somewhat. There is also a potential to utilize both ends of the building for bifold doors. The location is Middle Canada. What would our costs run for one door? For two doors? Would two doors fit on one flatbed - meaning a savings in shipping? Best regards Paul


Are there any of your bifold doors installed in the southern Ontario area that I might be able to see and get feedback from the door owners?


Could you give me a price quote for a bi-fold door with lift straps delivered to Burlington Ontario Canada. Door size 14 x 40. Please include all motor and all hardware.


The company we deal with in Canada is 3 months behind on doors. Do you ship to Canada wondering if it would be worth getting doors shipped from United States to Canada. We are approximately 20 minutes just north of North Dakota. Could you give a price on a 40 x 20 Bifold STRAP Door? Just something to compare with our prices up here. Then we can check with customs to see how much it would cost to get doors across. Actually, I like your doors better, they are better made. Please email back. Thanks for your time.


Good Afternoon, We have a client interested in a bifold hangar door for a small plane and we are not in a position to accomodate. We are in Canada and would like to refer you and provide you contact information to facilitate a quote and possible order. We are happy to help with this order. The job is located in Cobden Ontario, Size: 40' x 10'Contact: Jimmy K.


Hello, I am wondering if you guys sell anything to Canada. We do mostly agricultural projects and often use bifold doors anywhere from 12' to 50' wide. If you do sell to Canada what is the pricing on a 18' wide by 14' high bifold liftstrap door. Just want to compare your prices with what we currently use.


We sell and bulid poll sheds across western Canada . We are looking for a new bi-fold door supplier . I look forward to hearing from you . Thks Mark


I need specs for a bi-fold door that has a clear opening of 4877.00mm high by 16246.80mm wide and a 762.00mm wedge. (192.0079 inches high Also, is it possible to send me an AutoCAD drawing of the door?


I need a price quote on (3) three bi-fold doors each 70'-0" wide and 27'-0" clear opening. This is for a project located in British Columbia, Canada. The wind load is 1/50 year 0.5 kpa. Of course I would like this price quote at your earliest convenience. Thank you!




Please a someone call regarding the replacement of a b-fold door on a hangar located at the C. International airport.


looking for an approximate cost and directions to closest dealerI live approx. 8 miles from Marine City Michigan on the canadian side of the border.Do you have any dealers in Ontario, Canada


We are currently looking into different ssytems for reducing the wind on our patio overlooking the St Lawerence river. I noticed the bi folding straplift  doors with windows and think they would be ideal for us. We are located in Canada, Do you have a Canadian distrubutor in Ontario? or could we purchase directly from you?


You sent me a quote for a bifold strap door with an opening of 40 x 14 ( or if I understand with an actual opening of 40 x 16) but I need clear openingn of 12 ft only. Is the door insulated? What power does it need? What load is imposed on lintel? Is any special bracing required for lateral at top or are wind loads transfer to side posts and then back to structure of roof? What is the delivery timing, would need it only in june? What is the difference in cost for installation or no installation? Is your quote in Canadian dollars or US dollairs? Thank you Alain


We are looking for a basic bifold hangar door that we can finish with our on matching siding. A pricing quote to Canada is required


I need a price for 1 hyraulic door 12 feet X 42. I need a price for 5 door. Transport for 1 and 5 doors at quebec city Canada. Thanks


Please provide us with a price on a 55' wide straplift Schweiss door x 18' high (we need 16' clear height). Could I get the price F.O.B. the jobsite in Tillsonburg, Ontario? Will you be providing a supply only price or a supply and installed price? If supply only, what should we be allowing for installation of this door? Thanks very much,


I'm requesting the price of a 16' x 60' hydraulic door for a hangar? What would shipping be to Three Hills, Alberta, Canada? Thanks.


Wondering if you would be able to give me an approximate quote on a Schweiss liftstrap bifold door. As a system we probably sell upwards of 40-50 doors in Manitoba simular to this each year. I would like to explore this oppurtunity to see if there are any $$$ to be saved by buying them from you. Currently the majority of our doors are bought through another Door company and we are not very happy with the cable lift designs they only offer. Here is a average door for us so please see if you can quote with delivery to Winnipeg. 30' wide x 18' high standard non-insulated door. Include the steel track angle or whatever system you use to fasten to wooden buildings, no cladding required. single lever locking system if available, Pre wired control box, Single phase HD 230v motor, as well as all other hardware required for mounting. Any questions please feel free to call or email me. Please quote in CDN funds. Thanx and look forward to your reply.


Hello, I am a student at an aviation college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have 3 hangers with old door. Our college is looking into upgrading our hanger doors from cables to straplifts. I was wondering if I could receive a catalogue of the various doors, as we don't know what type of doors to go with. Thank you Sebastian P.


Do you have a distributor in Ottawa area of Eastern Ontario I'm enquiring about a 50 x 14.6 bifold door for and a/c hangar. Thanks Phil


Good day I am working on a hangar project for a customer .I was looking for some budget numbers on a 60 ft x 16 ft Schweiss liftstrap bifold door . Albert V.


We will be specifying one of your Schweiss overhead liftstrap  bi-fold doors for a concrete building in Victoria, BC, Canada. We will apply wood cladding on the exterior of your door. I require at this time some details of connections, weight, electrical requirements of opener etc. Please contact me via email at your earliest convenience so I can send you some drawings of the rough opening. Best regards, adam


Please provide a quote for bilfold doors with option for glass: 60' x 16' 40' x 14' 44' x 14' thanks laurel


I am a construction cost consultant and I require a budget installed price for a wood clad overhead bi-fold straplift designer glass door for a proposed project in Victoria (on Vancouver Island), BC, Canada. Alternatively, you can provide me with your sales representative here on the Island or Vancouver or West Coast of Canada. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!


I'm in the process of getting information together so that I can build a hangar in the next couple of months at the airport (Alberta) I am planning on a building with a sidewall height of 14 feet and am considering either a Schweiss bi-fold door or a Red Power single piece door which wh open will allow an opening of 12' high by 40' wide. The hangar will not have power to it, so my preference would be to have a door which could be opened and closed by hand, or by using a 12 volt winch mechanism. If necessary I do have a 3kW 115 volt generator that could be used. I'm still looking at building prices but have narrowed it down to either a wooden 'pole' type building sheeted with metal or a 'quonset' style structure. I'd like to get a quote from you on such a door delivered to the Taber airport. I have local contractors who can do the install. Many thanks Andy C.


Hello I need a price for a W 80' 0'' x 25' 0'' H goes on a steel frame, please offer me the options who could be usefull for such a bifold or hydraulic one piece door like that. I aslo would like to know an average of labour needed to put weld the parts together once on site. How many men hour to assemble all the mechanical portion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you and have a great week-end. Normand


Best price and delivery to Red Lake, Ont. 1-40 wide x 12 high to fit in a pre-eng building package. Bifold door delivery will be required for August.  Please advise what you do not include in your door package we would like a seperate price for1 key installer for 1 day to hang the door. Sincerely B.S.


We are just completing our hangar and are looking for a qoute on a door , one piece hydraulic. opening of 74 feet by 21 foot 6 inches high. Diagonals are 77 feet 3/4 inches (a perfectly square opening) please provide a qoute for both outside mount and flush mount. What would be the delivery time? and delivery costs to Penticton, British columbia. A prompt response would be appreciated Thanks Jim


Please provide me with a quote, drawings and installation specifications for Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold doors 14 feet high by 44'6" feet wide, including remote control capability and auto latch capability. Also please provide me with pricing on 16'x 44'6" feet wide door with the same abilities. I am initially looking for a quantity of 10 sets of doors, remotes etc. The pricing should include shipping to Vancouver British Columbia. Shipping should be shown as a seperate line item in the quote.


We have been looking for quite some time for a single piece hydraulic cylinder garage door that can be flush with the building's exterior and finished to match, with the design intent that the door reveals itself by only a narrow crack in the facade. Looking at your website we think that your Schweiss Door system will work for smaller, residential applications too. The size of door on which I would like to test the system (my own house) is 2250 wide x 2150 mm high (88.5" x 84.7") and weighs 57 kg (128 lbs). Can you supply a suitable operator and remote control? If you can supply a complete system that could be fitted with custom cladding (26ga. galvalume wave in this case) we would be interested too. Otherwise the door and hinge assembly would be custom built here. Can you help? Thanks, Florian M.


Do you ship to Canada? We are looking for the entire steel structure, insulated wall/roof, and doors. Hangers (5 bifold doors, approx 46x12) with a total of 14,000 sq ft Regards, Greg


Hello im looking for a 45'x 12'bifold door looking for pricing and availability in northern Alberta. thanks Roger P.


I am looking for pricing for 2 bi-fold doors. 1. 36'w x 24'h 2. 28'w x 24'h Please supply quote with vision panels at 5'h. And quote without vision panels. Please supply metal cladding colour options. Shipping to Victoria, BC, Canada. thank you, -Chris


I am intreasted in installing a bifold on my shop it has a 14x20 door opening I am located in alberta and can seem to find anyone supplying these doors and are they insulated




I am building a hangar complex in 2008 in Canada, and require bifold strap doors The spec is 50 ft wide, by 18 ft high, and I need between 3 an 9 this year.. Need auto-latch, straps rather than cables and a price with and without a man-door Also details on who can install them. Thanks


Looking for a 32 or 34 foot x 9 or so bifold hanger door for Ontario Canada. New building. Any dealers this way?


Design information for a 70' wide x 13' high "one-piece" door for a new aircraft hanger/residential project in Okotoks, Alberta. I have one of your catalogues but require the door jamb column size and design loads for the foundation system requirements. Thank-you


I have a agricultural pole shed. 42 x 60. I need a bifold strap door on one end for an opening that is 20' 4" by 16' 1". I am interested in a quote if you indeed sell into canada. Do you use electric winch only or hand winch? I am interested in an insulated door. Thanks Andy


Good Morning, Do you ever sell yhour doors in Canada? I have a customer looking for a 50' wide x 20' high bi-fold liftstrap door for an aircraft hangar. Can you supply a budget price as soon as possible? Thanks, Dan L.


I'm interested in Schweiss bifold doors for a 4 place, 6 place or 8 place T-Hangar, depending on price. Do you manufacture to meet Canadian snow loads? We are located approximately 100 miles north of Toronto in a snow belt where we can get 5 feet of snow on the roof over a winter. Can you please provide details and prices? (with Bifold doors, electric.) Also add estimates for shipping and erection (if you do the construction). We would likely install a concrete floor as well. Thanks, Earle


looking for a price on a 12x12 byfold door for my shop? all metal no windows. do you ship to canada?.  darryl


We are inquiring on a bifold door for an opening of 40' X 14' What sort of price we are looking at and the delivery time to British Columbia. Thanks Mirl M. Service Manager


I have a small hanger located at Delta Heritage Airpark in British Columbia. The current doors are made of wood and utilize a typical bedroom closet bi-fold set-up. The set-up does not utilize an upper support rail, so all the weight of the doors are on the end hinge assemblies (heavy duty gate hinge). They are so difficult to open that one is typically to tired to go flying once open! I am interested in either your bi-fold or one piece flip up design. The opening is 35' X 9'. There is a heavy duty steel I-beam girder (10" or more) around the opening, so the attachment strength should not be a concern. I can give you more exact details and photo's if/ when required. I do not know if you install or deliver in B.C., but perhaps a kit could be delivered to a Point Roberts, WA, mailing address where I could pick it up and then install myself. Are you able to give be a rough estimate at what price I might be looking at for this type of bifold liftstrap door?


Price for supply and installation. Price for Insulated door include shipping to Langley, British Columbia, Canada


I want to construct a 40 x 42 hangar. Building is in the design stages. I want to locate someone in Alberta who can supply and install a 42 x 12 clear opening door. Building will be wood frame with the possibility of using a double truss for support. Wedge should be 36". Please let me know who to contact or deal with me regarding a design and price. I am a contractor but would prefer someone who has the expertise to install such a bifold with liftstraps. If no one is available we have welders, metal workers and both my son and I are journeyman carpenters. I have an airpark development and want to construct hangars and hangar houses on the subdivision. Wind loading is a major factor in our country. 30 miles west of Lethbridge in a chinook belt. Thanks Larry Z.


I am building a Hangar, (Straight Wall 2x6 Wooden Studs) Covered with Tin. Building Dimesnion 44' X 34' Need a Door that has an opening of 40 feet Wide and min Clearance of 15 Feet. Can you suggest a bifold strap door, and the price to Ship to Saskatoon SK, Canada Thank you


Need a quote for an 80' x 20' bi-fold lifstrap door for a new hangar in Charlottetown, PEI [Canada]. Need price options as follows: 1. Straps versus cables 2. Door base safety edge 3. Warning lights and horn 4. Emergency hand crank/back-up system 5. Top overrides 6. Side latch jiggle switches 7. Photo eye sensors Cladding, Liner, and Insulation by Customer


Hello, my name is Yvan B. and I would like to know the price for a 50 ft by 16 ft one-piece hydraulic door. We will install it ourselves here in Qu'bec, Canada. Do you ship to Canada? Is the warranty valid in Canada as well? Lastly, I would like to know if you have a sales representative near the region of Montr'al in the province of Qu'bec, Canada. Thank you for your time.


I have a potential customer building a structure to accommodate one of your Schweiss "lift strap bi-fold doors". The contractor is David S. and the building is on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. My company was suggested as a possible installer for this product. The proposed door is 23' x 10'. Could please provide me with a set of installation instructions or a phone call to discuss the installtion requirements so that I may quote this customer on the installation costs. Thanks, Val


We have been retained to design a commercial aircraft hanger for a Dash 8 model 311. We are sourcing commercial aviation bifold liftstrap doors for the project. Qestions: Do you supply into Canada? If so, do you have a Canadian contact? Thank you. L. Design Group Terry L., B.Arch.


Would like a quote on a 20' x 16' and a 40' x 20' bifold doors, I am a sales rep for Allied and get asked for quotes all the time on bifold doors Ve


need a price for a bifold 38 x 13, no insulation, no man doors, no windows. Electric operation. ship near Quebec city


Ee have a customer who is looking for this Schweiss bifold door for his existing building. location Caledonia Ontario can you give us an idea on price and delivery


Building a new steel hangar at Mifflin County Airport in Reedsville PA. Want new lift straps, remotes and auto locking. Do you recommend Aluminum or steeL. What is the price difference? Have your door on our hangar in Peterborough, Ontario and love it :)


Bow Island is a small town near Medicine Hat Alberta. The building will be delivered in the first week or two of September. I am interested in a quote, and the point load requirements.


Do you have dealers in Quebec, Canada? I need a door 38' x 9' 6", what do i need and how much it can cost? Thanks Luc.


Morning I have a client who is in need of 2 40 x 12 airport hanger doors - I have viewed your web site and would like to be able to quote him on your bifold doors. The hanger is located in Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Plz give me a call or e-maill with relevant questions and or quote. Thanx Danny


can i get a cost on a electric bifold door quote both fob your plant and fob winnipeg, manitoba, canada.


We manufacture and install fabric structures. We are at a trade show in June in Oshawa. I am looking for a door that I can feature at the trade show. Check out our web site Regards Bill H.


I would like to get some more information about your company and your products. Your representative in Ontario, Canada to be specific. Thank you in advance for getting in touch with me.


I have a client looking to have a bifold door installed in a aircaft hanger we are quoting him. The building will be 45'W x 55'H x 14'H with a door 40'W x 12'H. Please quote the door to be insulated. Also please include costs for installation in Creston BC, Canada.


I am the commercial estimator for this medium sized firm and I have a couple of projects I have questions about. 1) I have been asked to submit a bid to Darrell G. for installing one of your bi-fold doors. Our firm has not installed one of your doors as of yet so some installation instructions would help in my decision to take the job on. 2) I also have a project I am looking at that requires a 48'x24' door. This must be electrically operated. Could you please supply me with a generic shop drawing so I can refer to the required clearances needed. I could also use a quote on this door. Do you have any dealers for your product in western Canada? If not are you looking for dealers?


I am looking into replacing the door on my hangar. Hopefully you can supply me with some budgetary pricing. The door is 12ft high by 40ft wide. Also, do you have any representation or dealer in Alberta, Canada? Thank you for your time. Glenn I.


I am looking for a price on another of your doors this time FOB Vegreville Alberta. The opening clearance is to 50'x 25' needs to be insulated. The installation is in a Behlen Steel building. I need the weight and the wedge hieght. Door will not be needed untill fall 07. What is the best door for this application?


hello I am building a hangar and have an 70 by 22 foot opening planned for the hangar, Can I split this door in half and have 2 35 foot doors, with no centre column? We work on mostly small cessnas etc, but need the ability for an occasional twin. Thanks Jim Vice President Aircraft Services


Do you have a dealer for this city in Edmonton? Please advise as we need a door for an upcoming tender. Installer must be also the dealer in spec.


Please quote without installation. FOB. Brampton flying club, Brampton Ontario Thank you.


Do you have any distributors in Ontario. I live approx. 50 miles from Toronto and I am interested in the bi-fold doors in order to transform my garage into a sunroom.


We have a project at Vancouver Island. The architect specify 4no. bifold glazed aluminum sliding (vertically) door. I find your company have similar product in the web. Could you please sent me a price (supply or supply & install) for our budget. Thanks. There are 4 no. sliding door of size 3.5x3.2m (11.5'x10.5') Looking forward for your reply.


need quotation for 5 aircraft hangar doors 40 x 12 bifold and hydrolic one piece delivered to Mont-Laurier Quebec


I would like a quote on bifolds. 40'X 10' non-insulated- 40'X 10' insulated- 44'X 10' non-insulated- 44'X 10' insulated- How do you ship to Canada?


I would like to know if there is a dealer in Saskatchewan and if you would sell your door without the frame to cut freight costs.


Do you have a canadian distributor ? We are working on a project of four to five hangar unit for Rouyn-Noranda airport in NW Quebec. Need more info regarding steel vs aluminum doors and cold weather packages. Thanks J-F O.


Currently designing hanger. Would like your opinion on bifold versus single hydraulic. Looking for low cost, but cold weather efficient as well. Also approximate cost for 44 x 12 door in both configurations (lift straps on bifold). Thanks. PS also approx ship cost to Calgary, AB Canada


Hello I have two approx 20 x 50 ft bifold doors and I need an automatic latch system. Do you have a dealer in Calgary Canada? If not can I do this?


I have an aircraft hanger 46 x 11 approx. I am interested in purchasing a hanger door. live near Edmonton Alberta. Please call. Vic


Do you have a company in Western Canada? I live near Calgary Alberta and need to build an aircraft hangar Karen


We are a manu/distributor of Steel Building sheets for use as hangars or other steel clad frame building. Our business is primarily Aircraft fuel /lube/parts and aircraft distribution. Our customers need hangars and we believe your door is the best we have seen. We wish to be a dealer or agent to promote your doors as our preferred choice. We would act as a representative, dealer or local contact in Northern Ontario, but we would like to be part of the supply chain, we would be loyal to your products, we do not wish to carry additional options. Please advise if we can be of service. Thank you Stephen M.