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I am looking for a ballpark price for an insulated bi-fold hanger door for my barn. Would like the all new all strap door.


Hello I'm inquiring about your straps to replace our cables that have never been replaced since our one hangar has been built and at least 20 years old. Curious as to what the price may be please r.s.v.p. Lark


I have a timber framed barn I'm completing. Want overhead bifold door when closed, allowing lots of light to enter otherwise dark barn interior. Opening has not been framed, but is roughly 14' tall and 16' wide. Would likely want 14' tall and 12' final door size and I'd finish frame to door specs. Won't be opened often so lift system can be modest.


Looking to put a door on a dairy barn the end of a 34x100 with 17’ ceiling. Thinking 14x14 is large enough but would like to compare it to a 16x16 as well. Also would like to know how long out you are on manufacturing. Thank you Marv


If you need to call it is okay. If I don't answer leave a message and I'll call you back. Looking for a overhead door price 40 by 12. New wood construction barn doors. I maybe looking for 6 in the near future like this spring


Hi, We have a 36x24 timber frame barn (built in 2020) that we would like to add bi-fold garage doors to in place of the swing-out carriage doors that are lovely, but not very practical. We are open to how it would be cladded (metal, glass or wood siding), so if you would kindly provide quotes for all three options that would help give us an idea and provide direction. Thank you! jw


We are looking to put up a barn/shop and are looking for pricing details for a 60x16 and 60x14 bifold doors with a man door and a few windows and remote openers for what will be the north end of the building. I would prefer to have the information in an email so I have it for reference. Thank you


Designing a custom barn/garage for a client. Design has a single door 20'Wx8'H (height could go up if needed). Project requirements are that the doors look like barn doors (we don't have room for them to slide) but need to open to the outside with your bifold strap barn doors. Exploring options and came across your site. Would love to know cost of the system and what design is provided. Thanks - Rick


Can we get a 40X25 Bifold or Hydraulic controlled Door for one of our pole barn buildings? If so can you give me our costs along with installation costs as well?


I have two of your cable operated barn hangar bifold doors, 40' that have been in service for 20 years. They still work perfectly, but are in need of new bottom and top weather seals. I would like to see if they could be made to travel further up as there appears to be plenty of track.


Good Afternoon, We are a farm equipment company in the lower mainland and have customers requesting to purchase bifold and hydraulic operating barn doors. This isn't a product we have sourced or offered yet, with the amount of requests we figured it was time to look into it. I came across your company's website and was hoping you could provide me with some more information/ pricing on the agricultural barn fold up and one piece barn  doors? Look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Petra Middelburg


Do you guys make small bilfold doors? I need some doors to cover 12' wide x 4' high exterior windows in a horse barn. Please email me. thanks


Need pricing for (2) Bi-fold doors (probably a 12x12 and a 16x10) to open up the endwall and sidewall corner of a party barn to reveal an open bar/kitchen.


I have a current barn building that has an open front part on that I would like to put a door on. The opening is 11'4" tall by 22'9" wide. It has a steel header across the span. I would like to know a rough idea on cost of bi fold liftstrap vs. hydraulic swing door. Also which application is best. I want to maintain the opening. The other factor is I have no walk out door on this end of the building and would like to have a walk out door built into the door so I don't loose any wall space and don't have to cut that into my building. I am familiar with your quality Schweiss doors because there are some at my local airport which some friends have. Also do you have installers? I am in central Missouri. 


I ordered a Schweiss bifold door quote a few days ago but we decided to think ahead and enlarge the width and height by two feet to accommodate possible larger farm machinery in the future. A revised shop door quote will be great. Thanks!!


Looking for a hobby farm barn door. Need a 36 ft. Schweiss bifold strap door for a client. Need quote & engineered door loading information for wood building door design.        


I have a customer that wants a barn door. I have installed your product in the past. I need a price quote for a 42' wide by 12'clear high bi fold strap  door, and a 42'x 12' hydraulic Schweiss barn door. 


Would like to use bi-fold doors on a hobby farm  barn reno. do you do small as well as big? Talking 8' x 6'. Perhaps a one piece hydraulic Schweiss door would be better for this size. Please advise.


We are fixing up our barn that we use as a shop. Currently we have sliding doors on the north end which we do not use because they are screwed closed and insulated. We would like to replace the doors as inexpensive as possible yet still have a well insulated functioning door on that end. The opening now is 16' wide by 12' high. We are looking for a hydaulic or bi-fold door to keep as much room as possible in the shop. Could you provide me with a ballpark on the cost of these doors. Price liftstraps for bifold and insulated. Separate price if you do the install. The farm is located in southern MN.


I need a price for a 24%u2019 x 16%u2019 bi-fold will have 1%u201D barn board shipped to Ariss, Ontario Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


I am designing and modifying an existing wood barn for a client that would like to place a 16\' tall x 20\' wide steel bifold liftstrap/autolatching  door on the end wall of the structure. I was wondering if the reactions for this size of door is available for finishing the design process.


Quote on a Bifold liftstrap door for a barn. Looking at either an 18 ft wide by 10 ft high door or 20 ft wide by 10 ft high. I'd like exterior of door to match outside of barn. Difference in price?


Exploring options for a barn that I'm building. It will have 4 large doors but I'll have you quote the largest one in your hydraulic and bifold models. The structure is steel with a wood frame & siding attached.


I am interested in a relatively small bifold door to replace a obsolete sliding door in my barn. Since it is small, manual operation would be fine if that is an option, although power would be nice if it is not too much of an increase in cost. I park my Yukon XL in the barn in the winter and, as a captain in our volunteer fire department, quick exits can be crucial, so I want a fast opening door with a remote and liftstraps. In addition, my wife will complain if the door does not look like it goes with our 100 year old shingle sided barn. What material styles are available? 


We are working on a unique timber-framed wedding chapel/barn project in northern VT. Owner would like (3) doors along the long side of the barn that can open and provide indoor-outdoor space and support themselves. We've been trying to detail what this might look like if site or shop-built by the builder. Just found your site. Can you guys do 9'x9' openings with bi-fold door (or hydraulic), or too small? If yes, what would be your price per door? Schweiss knows best, what do you recommend. Like the backup systems.  Thanks, Billy


Need a quote for a Bi-fold door app 16 high by 30 wide with lift straps for a converted barn to a storage building. I still want to match the door to the barn. Can you match paint and siding.


Looking for a price on a 16 feet wide by 14 feet tall opening bifolding door that we could have look like the doors on the red barn in your photos with the horse doors on... We have a 40x17 Hydro door now from another manufacturer I am not happy with, so I know they took 6 inches of head room how much does yours take. How big should the rough opening be. Thanks Allan


Want to install a 16'high by 26'wide door in the side of a wood barn. Would appreciate some suggestions on doing this. Can it match the barn in color and style. Can I get the lift straps and have it insulated?


We want to maintain the look of an old barn being converted to a shop so we are proposing one of your doors and taking the existing wall material and applying it to the door. I'm caught betwixt a bifold and a hydraulic one piece. Need your expert Schweiss input. 


I am replacing existing barn type doors and have not decided to leave the opening as it is or whether to reduce the size to 40 x 14 . Wanted to find out a rough cost of replacement to the bifold doors and if it is economical to reduce the size. Include shipment costs to British Columbia.


I am doing a barn remodel and am installing a 22 by 16 overhead door when I stumbled across your Schweiss Doors website and was wondering if you could send me a figure on one of your bifold strap system doors. If I decide to go with you, I'll need something fast. Is that a problem? Thanks in advance for your response. Gustav


Can you send some literature about your product that I can share with my husband? I think this may be the best product for the new barn we are building (one door on each end). I am interested in both the Schweiss hydraulic and the bifold, and long term availability of replacement parts (e.g., straps). Lift straps vs. latch straps...what's the difference? I previously sent a request for quote for a 20' x 14' door but failed to specify other details. These would be solid doors, I'd like to know differences in price for bi-fold and hydraulic doors with backup systems and insulation. We will be building our barn this fall/winter in Ohio. Is installation included (we are not carpenters by any means and this is a do-it-yourself project.


 Do you have Revit families for your doors? We're looking at using the Schweiss bi-fold doors on our barn.


I am in the early stages of a barn remodel planning and comparing options of a roll up door vs. a Schweiss bi-fold door. The barn is a traditional wood structure built in 1924. The opening is comprised of the original main vertical columns (8X8 wood) and currently a laminated 2X12 header in the center portion of the barn. The end plan is a finished shop with climate control, however the construction will take place in stages to mitigate costs, as this is a hobby/weekend shop.  I'm curious if there is an option for a manual opening door that could later be upgraded with power. Also, I would plan to finish the door myself with building tin; the building spot has been in the family since it was built, so a door that blends in with the building has it's advantage vs. a great big white roll up door. I'm certainly interested in Schweiss Doors Thermal (insulated) Door suggestions or options. I expect construction to commence either this fall or next summer. I have entered a 20X13 door for a spec, although 16' would be plenty wide for my needs and I may want to increase the height to 14', depending on how low the slab is poured (the barn currently has a dirt floor.)


New barn 60-120 2 doors 24-16 20-16 Can the Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold doors be insulated, and what is the -R- favter


I am retrofitting a 160 year old barn for my new office. I am intrigued by your doors! I need a 12X10 Schweiss overhead door, but I am on a budget. Please give me a ball park cost on a door.


I had requested a quote for a Schweiss Bi-fold Door in a 30'x16' opening to replace my sliding doors on my barn. I would also like to have the quote with an option for auto latches and for straps in place of cables.


I am pricing doors now for a barn I am updating for a shop. I like the concept of a Schweiss bi-fold doors, but I am not sure it will be worth the additional labor to bring the opening up to load specs. In your bid can you please add a free standing header, Your door quote will help me make my decision. Thanks, George R




Door opening on my cattle barn needs to maintained the 14ft 10in height & 31FT 1IN wide. Header is 5.5 in thick lainated beam 16 in high.


Please quote a door for a pole barn. I need a clear opening of 30x16 for a barn that is being planned. What is rough opening? 30x17?? No metal on exterior. Door will be insulated. Strap door. Please quote shipping seperate, as I may elect to pick up on my truck.


I am trying to get info on bifold doors so I can build a pole barn. I need a 22' or 24' wide door 16' tall door. I need a 15' tall opening. I mainly am looking for prices right now so I can budget for a new building.


I want a price for a bifold door 12x12 feet with entry door for a barn 25feet tall.the size has to be that to fit that door opening.


We are building a small barn for a customer. The main door is 16' wide x 12' high. We would like a rough estimate for both bi-fold and one-piece. Please email if we need to provide more details. I know there are many options to considered but we are just looking for a starting point for now.


I have a small barn with two door openings of 16' wide by 10' high; the openings have a 2x10 header on a 2x6 frame with a 2'head clearance. And a side door 12' wide by 7'4" high, 2x8 header with a 2x4 frame with less than a foot head clearance. I am interested in a price for the three openings using your bifold system. Delivery is to Goltry Oklahoma


Interested to know if you produce a bi-fold door that would be suitable to put on my barns. Two doors needed, one about 10 ft high by 12 ft wide and the other about 10 ft high by 14 ft wide. As I am getting older it gets a little harder to open & close the traditional sliding barn door, plus they have a bad habit of getting where they stick and bind.


I am looking for door options for a rustic looking barn I am building. The barn will be sheeted with self weathering corten corrugated steel. The doors should match this.


I have a customer about to build a new building, and he is interested in a 40' x 16' one piece hydraulic door. Our company has done several bi-folds in the past year, and would be interested in trying one of these. My manager saw your company at a trade show and pointed me in your direction. So I don't know all the options, but this would be for a barn, nothing fancy, just big enough for his combine. The ceiling is going to be at 18'. I'm interested in a ball park price and information about shipping. Thanks in advance, Jon


I am considering a one piece hydraulic door for my barn. the door will be 8 ft 6 inches high and 36 ft wide. The header is a large steel I beam. Can I get an idea of the price for a door. Thank You. Dale F.


Need a door for a 38 to 40 foot wide and 14 foot high opening on an existing barn in Ferris Texas.


Looking for a price on a bi fold hanger door Barn is 40' wide and 12' tall need the largest door we can get to fit in the gable end 38' wide if possible


I have a barn door 16ft. x 16ft. What would a bi-fold door cost delivered? I can do the installation. Thanks, John


I have a small barn, but I need a door that uses minimal headroom. The opening I have is 8' wide by 8' high. I need an insulated and motorized (with remote control) unit. Can you help?


I am intersted in installing a hydraulic door in a exsisting wood frame barn with the opening not perfectly square approx. 16w x14h 6 x 6 vertical door posts.


We have a project we are working on that requires some custom doors. In addition to the two doors listed below, there will be another door 20' wide by 16' tall. All doors are to have wood siding and cross bars to make them look like old barn doors.


I am building a old styly post and beam style barn to be used as a shop.I need large over head doors to get our equiptment in.I would like them to have the look of an old style wooden barn door. Your Bi-Fold door look like the best option,Will you please send me some imformation and price list.I will need 2 14.5' high X 20' wide,and 1 16'X 2o' doors Thank you Jeff


Good Morning: I'm evaluating the cost of a new hay barn with the following nominal dimensions: Width: 50FT Depth: 30FT Eave Height: 16FT The structure would be designed per the 2003 UBC and located in Paige, Texas. I would like to plan for a bi-fold door in the design and construction but would actually purchase and install the door at a later date. What is more cost effective, buy the door header assembly from you or let the building manufacture design the required opening? Thanks, Shaun B.


I want two bi-fold doors with straps, remote control and auto lock. I want to order it without paneling so I can add wood on the outside to match the wood on the barn (cypress board and batten), with the board and batten on the door flush with that on the barn adjacent to the door. Can it be opened and closed by hand when there is a power failure? What size electric service (voltage and amperage) do I need to provide? What is the lead time on shipping? How do I pay? What is the heaviest piece to be lifted off the truck?


wondering prices on a bi-fold vs. a hydraulic door for my barn. The rough opening is 20' x 14' I would guess. I will get the exact measurements when I decide what to do. All I am looking for now is prices on the two different doors. Thank you for your time, Brad M.


I am looking for a frame (door) to open the gable end of a barn that I am converting to an office. The opening will be approximately 20' wide and 10' high. My ambision is to use the old existing barn siding as the exterior skin so that the barn retains its present appearance when the door is closed. It appears that your bi-fold strap system may work. Please offer your comments. A price range would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom U.


Considering building a barn with attached airplane hangar and am interested in a bi-fold door with an open width of 40 feet and an open height of 12 feet.


Do you have any doors that will work in a 14' high x 36' wide opening for a new barn that has no electicity. I am looking for two of this size. Thanks