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We are budgeting to build out a runway living hangar home and would like to incorporate one or more of you bi-fold strap doors. The building width will be either 60' or 80' feet most likely and the door shall be about 16' tall. I would like to obtain some budgetary pricing for a door that is 16x50 and 16x70. I would also like an option to make some or all of it with opaque glass panels.


Please provide a quote for a 50 x 14 clear bi fold strap lift runway living door. Please provide opening height required for a 14' clear height. thank you! Derrick Woodward Advanced Steel Buildings


Hi. I'm gathering information to decide on a hangar door for a runway living residential hangar home. Just looking for preliminary budget information on your bifold liftstrap door with automatic latch system and remote opener.


Building residential runway living hangar home. dimensions can be adjusted slightly for a more standard size door.


I have a runway living aircraft hangar with a 100' x 22' opening that is currently set up with sliding doors. I was interested in either a single piece or bifold liftstrap door for an upgrade. Pricing availability ? Thanks 


looking for a single and double Schweiss bifold hangar door to possibly go on newly constructed runway living community (front - going to airstrip and back - to the yard)


Your Bi-Fold Door was Specified on our Runway Living Project located at Queens, NY. Looking for a Contact for a Proposal for Furnishing and Installing the bifold strap Door. Thanks. 


Please quote a bi-fold runway living door with strap lift. size 40' wide x 12' high ( 10' opening) delivered to Lafayette, Indiana


I am looking for a budget price on your strapped bi-fold door system for a new runway living project. The opening is 45' wide x 18' tall. Please indicate the Clear opening height of the door and freight information


Need at least 55' wide - prefer 60', with a bifold door clearance of at least 16'. For an runway living hangar. Thinking bifold with the straps, but open to suggestions! Thanks.


Looking for a 35 foot runway living hangar door quote (see below) for late June delivery. Bifold liftstrap riding arena doors please.


I am looking to replace my existing runway living  roll up doors. They do not seal up good anymore after many adjustments. I am looking for insulated bifold panel doors,  36 ft. x 18 ft. bifold strap doors.


Interested in bi-fold runway living door. 32' x 16.' Straps, not cables, autolatch, and two handheld remotes. Outer door cladding will be stucco to match home exterior. Door should be insulated against excessive Arizona heat. 


I would like a large runway living hanger door - A bifold small plane hanger door. Building to be 50' by 50' and 14 to 16 feet high.  Send quote for metal building utility door as well as wood frame door, we are looking at all hangar door options.


I am currently designing a hangar for a Cessna 182 Q. I will be quoting a new home with the hangar. I need some ideas for size and best door application. I have seen lots of your hydraulic and bifold doors and it seems like the way to go. I anticipate the hangar will be approx. 40' x 40'. Side wall heights will be determined by door requirements. Hangar structure will be metal building. Regards, Travis


I am building a new hanger home on the lake and will need an 11X42 ft BiFold door this fall. Unfortunatly I do not have my structural design yet and its very complex as I'm putting a two story home on top of my hanger so there are some important sizing up requirements that the structural engineer is working on right now, one of these being the steel beam header over the hanger door. The goal was for a 12 ft ceiling height but its looking like the header will need to be taller to carry the load so I will need to advise you as to the final door height decision. Could you please price out a BiFold, lift strap door, delivered to Alaska with those requirements? Thank you for your attention to this matter, Cheers Stan


We are a construction company here in sw florida and have a client where we build his dream home in an airpark and need to get a quote for an aircraft hanger door... Either Hydraulic or bi-fold. Please provide me with quotes for both as alternative and then my client can decide. The opening we have available to far is: 34ft x 14ft but can be extended by 12ft each side if necessary. Please call or email me a quote with specs for asap. thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter sincerely yours, Tammy Hansen.


this is for a proposed fly in home I already own the lot at Popular grove, trying to get a budget together for building the hanger, curious to know if you have a standard bifold door size or do you make everthing custom, Thanks Sean


Hello I am building three houses for a new "runway living" project. I would like info on your bifold and hydraulic doors for hangar homes.


I am building a "runway living" home and need a price on a 38' X 10' bifold hanger door. Wood construction, Delivered to Washington State.


Our company installed a schweiss door on a local runway living home. We have another customer building in the same area that will need a 42'x13' bi-fold and I would like to get a quote.


I would like to get a general quote on your fine Schweiss bifold doors. I am in the process of designing a new runway living project. I don't know the exact size of the hangar yet, but would like to design it around a standard size door about 36' wide by 10' tall.


I am preparing to build a new runway living home and hangar on an airpark in OK. I am interested in your bi-fold door with the strap opening system. I will be starting to build in the next 30 days. I am guessing the door I need will be about 45' - 50' wide. I am building a lower profile building and hope to have a door with about a 12' to 14' clearance.


We will be building a runway living subdivision with homes starting this spring. The garage door cutout will be approximately 16' x 7'-7.5". We are looking for system hardware and opener. Hydraulic door would be preferable but it could be a Schweiss liftstrap bifold also.


I have purchased an runway living lot on an airpark in NC. I am doing research on hanger homes and I am interested in your doors. I have to build a home with and attached hanger and matching siding. I currently have a Cessna 170B but would like to build to accommodate most small aircraft (resale value), I would think a 47' hydraulic Schweiss door opening would be nice.


We are in design stages for a customer who is building a new runway living home on an airpark. He is looking for a bifold door roughly 75' x 24'. He is looking for windows in door similar to residential windows and a wood product for siding.


I have built a timber style runway living home with an attached hangar. I am looking to use a Schweiss hydraulic door with aluminum skin on the inside and outside with polystyrene insulation sandwiched between. I will then install a decorative wood finish on the exterior. I'm looking for a price quote on these materials.


Looking for steel or aluminum bi-fold strap door. Hangar door facia to be white aluminum sheeting or possibly Hardie Board to match detached home.


I am interested in a quote for a bi-fold door with a strap drive system. It will be used for a hanger on my new "runway living" home.


New construction, wood hangar with brick attached to home in runway living community. Need detailed info on concrete floor and footing required, also detailed end wall construction requirements for use by builder. Looking at your hydraulic door.


We are building a runway living community. We are building 97 hanger homes and one shop/flight school hanger. We need prices for your Bi-Fold Liftstrap/autolatch Hanger Doors, do you have standard sizes? I would like to have prices on: 40' x 12', 45' x 12' and a 45' x 14'


Hello, we plan to start the site work and construction within the next few weeks for our new "runway living" home/hangar. I am interested in the following: 45' x 16' Bifold Liftstrap Hangar door with automatic latches and a remote opener.


Hello, I'm planning on using one of your Bi-Fold doors in a "runway living" project. It's a wood construction home and I want the one piece hyd. door flush with the exterior siding.


This door is for an "runway living" home being constructed in Colorado. The facia will be wood. I will need the bifold door in 3-5 months.


I am planning on building a 60'x60' hangar for my "runway living" home starting in the early spring. Please send me information and quote on your bifold door with straps, auto-lock, and remote capabilities.


I am building a new "runway living" home in North Carolina. The plan has a hangar with a 35' X 14' high door opening. Please provide price as well as specifications for this request.


We are designing a "runway living" home to go on an Airpark in France. We are looking for a door 40' x 10'. We will need to skin the door with wood to match the house. We have enough headroom for a 2' wedge. Can you give us a ball park cost for a regular liftstrap bifold please and a guess at shipping cost to Europe.


I am closing on a new "runway living" home at an Air Park MO. I would like to locate a 40' x 10' bi-fold strap door within 5' of the right corner of the long side of the hanger. What would be the approximate costs and do you have any literature on your doors?


I would like a quote on a hydraulic door for my "runway living" home, the size of our opening is 45' by 15' feet and I would like the remote openers as well.


Hello, I am just getting started on a new "runway living" home and hangar. The door opening is 40' x 16'. Would like a quote on a bi-fold door with your strap lift system.


Hi We are building a custom "runway living" home and are considering your bifold product. We have an opening of 40' by 14'. Is it possible to get a ball park idea on the cost for a bi-fold door?


My firm is designing a "runway living" home for a client and I have a few questions about your doors. Is it possible to apply some sort of wood finish onto the bifold door? Thanks for your help!


I am building a runway living home with an opening 40' X 14'. Looking for approximate costs for bifold door plus installation.


Could you please send me your literature, I am in the process of designing a runway living home and I would like to get the necessary information to my structural designer on your hydraulic lift door.


I need a ball park cost to buy/install a Schweiss bi-fold door on my "runway living" home. It's a 45' x 15' opening.


Designing new runway living home in an Airpark located in Texas. Garage/Hangar opening is 42' x 38'. Looking at either a bi-fold or hydraulic door which ever will work best for my opening. Can your doors be insulated for sound?


I am in the design phase of an runway living home and hangar in NC. I would like a quote for a 40' x 16' door please.


I am building a new runway home and are interested in getting some info on your doors. I believe your bifold doors are what I need for the hanger attached to the house.


I would like a catalog/price list mailed to my runway home address. I am looking to buy a hydraulic or bi-fold door.


Looking for a 36' Bi Fold door. We require it to match our existing runway living home's siding.


I recently received a call regarding building my bifold hangar door. At this time my new runway living home is under construction with the plan to start the hangar in late March.


I need a hydraulic one piece hangar door for a runway living home. It will need 12' open clearance X 40' wide. I need free standing steel mounting frame so I can build around the door.


Do you have any pictures or examples of metal buildings with side wall bifold doors for runway living?


I am looking for a bi-fold overhead door for the hanger of my runway home. Door opening is approx. 40' x 16'. Please advise me of the possibilities.


Looking for a Schweiss bi-fold door for a runway home, in the Detroit area. Do you have any installers in the area?


I'm building a metal aircraft hangar for my runway home and will have a grass landing strip. I am looking for a bifold strap door for an opening of approximately 40' wide. Please send a quote


I wish to replace my current door with a door I can seal better. My problem is my hangar home has an up hill slope to the runway so a hydraulic door will not work. I'm interested in getting a bifold door for my hanger. I would also like a price and would to make it remote controlled.