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I have an indoor riding arena, and I would like to install bifold doors. I am interested in the price of each of these doors. Thanks


Hi, we are putting in a new riding arena for our horse farm and would love to be able to open it up so that during the nice days almost like a covered arena. I think schweiss doors could provide us what we are looking for. Do you make rinding arena doors or equestrian doors? I have a few questions about your doors and would to see one in person. I was leaning bifold but think the hydraulic could be nice aesthetically when the doors are closed. I would love to speak with someone regarding this project and see if I can't take a look at a few equestrian riding arena doors if they are out there. Thanks, Lacey


Interested in the Bi-Fold Riding Arena Door for the ends of my wood horse barn. The isle way is 14' wide and approx 9' High.


Hi, I am looking for a quote on bifold riding arena doors for my new building. Is there any way that you would provide the components (hinges, operator, hydraulics) separately?


We are converting a steel horse arena on our property into a field house/sports facility and looking to put at least one of your bifold strap riding arena


I have four of your 50’ bifold riding arena doors in Rodeo, NM 88056. I want to see if you know anyone in my area to do some maintenance on them. Please let me know. Peter Jarosak


I have a riding arena pole barn for horses. The opening of both the front and rear door on the aisle is 13 feet x 10 high. Can a hydraulic door or bifold riding arena door work here and still allow a 98" tractor to pass under when open. One feature I liked about the doors is that they stick out when open. It appears that they would shade the area in front of the barn and protect people standing under it from rain. Our intension is to put a farm gate on the entrance behind the door so that we can have the aisle open but keep whatever animal that is in the aisle in or the dogs in the yard out of the barn.


We are looking for a inexpensive option for a riding arena bifold liftstrap barn door which is 9' wide by 10' height for our new horse barn and are on a tight budget.


I am building a metal building and wondered about a bifold door for a large opening planned on the side of the building. The 35" x 90' x 19' high side wall building needs a large 22' wide x 14' tall riding arena door on the side of the building. Is this a good application for a bifold door? What do they cost? We are insulating the building heavily to handle the Arizona heat. The plan calls for R19 insulation as a minimum in the walls. Can the bifold door handle this much insulation?


We are constructing a new indoor riding arena on our farm and looking for a freestanding hydraulic door or bifold riding arena strap door for a table end opening, the door opening is a 30’ wide, 16’ tall opening. We are looking for an insulated, glass panel door (all glass) with the highest UV and thermal rating as possible (within reason). Since the building is already engineered without any additional structural support, the door does need to support itself. We would like to have a door purchased in the next 4-6 months and installed within a year if possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Looking for some information on a bifold riding arena door, costs, installation, etc... Door will be 12' wide by 10' tall, installed in an existing brick strcuture


12x10 and 12x12 bifold riding arena doors to look like a barn door? Insulated. Installed on a pole barn.


I'm in search of a riding arena door that will serve as a service door on a horse stall. Daily operation would let equipment get into the stall to clean it. In case of a fire the door need to be operated (probably by a system that doesn't require electricity) to open the stall to let the horse out. Any suggestions? The riding arena bifold door doesn't have to be fire rated because it is not designed to contain the fire. It will be part of a system to allow the horse to escape the burning stall. Zot


I have a small door, 18w x 11h I believe that I would like to make into a bi-fold riding arena door to clean up the headroom. It is not a tall ceiling, to begin with, and would like to hopefully clean it up a bit. Was looking for something more that would look more like a bifold carriage house door but still a riding arena door.


I am looking for replacement fiberglass panels for my Riding Arena horizontal bi fold doors and as long as I am doing this I would like to retrofit the six doors with lift straps to replace my nasty cables that always seem to fray and overwrap. Can you quote me a bifold liftstrap retrofit with installation?


need help specing riding arena bi-fold doors 36' wide and 20' high clear opening on a metal building. need motor info for electrical engineer.


I am getting ready to build a 60x117 wood frame pole building with 16' sidewalls. It is going to be a horse riding arena with sand floor. I am interested in putting a hydraulic or bifold riding arena door for 1 gable end to open to the south. I am wanting to talk about pricing. Thanks Chad Moede


what is the cost of a 45 x 10 ft strap bifold riding arena door. I am in laramie, wyoming and would like to install this door on a 50 x 30 Olympia Steel Building. Is that possible? Appreciate a relatively quick response. Thanks.


We are looking at enclosing our covered horse riding arena and I've seen the Schweiss bifold strap doors on a barn before. I think it's great. I was wondering if there is a dealer/installer in Georgia? I am located about an hour east of Atlanta.


I have a customer that is wanting a barn much like the red and white one on your photo gallery. It is a 175 x 400 equestrian riding arena, and he wants to be able to open and close the walls. I'm needing some information on your bi-fold riding arena doors for endwalls and sidewalls to accommodate this.


I'm looking to build an indoor riding arena (horses). I'd like to put a large Schweiss Riding Arena bifold door on the end to extend the arena to the exterior. I would like 70-85' of clear width and a minimum of 10' of clearance to the ground.


Customer says that Schweiss recommended R&S to do install on their hydraulic riding arena doors in WV, please send me quote on the doors


Hello, We would like to get a pricing for some bifold and hydraulic riding arena doors, for a project that we have in Napa, CA Ranch Resort. please email me back so we may give you more information.


I have a job I need to submit a quote for. there are 8 doors on this WY riding arena wood building all of them are 9'w X 10'h the bi-fold strap latch option is what i would need pricing on. Option for your installers to install all 8 doors vs us installing with your guy to check it out when we are finished.


contact via email only please. i am a teacher. i am looking for a solution to replace the 85" high by 100" wide garage door with something to create an open wall to my patio. suggestions please! thanks! mitch  Have horses also


Am building a 48x56x14 riding arena. Would like to get estimated pricing for two of your bi fold liftstrap doors.


Requesting a quote on a 40' wide x 18' high Bi-Fold Riding Arena Door with Lift Straps and automatic latches. Want quote to include: Schweiss to install door. Schweiss to install steel face covering (Metal Sales 36" wide Clasic Rib steel. Insulation of door as an option (supplied and installed by Schweiss)


Would like to get a bid on your strap bifold door for my new riding arena, 44' wide 16' tall. with motor and straps. Hope I can get a price ASAP... Thanks for your help...


We're considering putting in a new riding arena and would like info on the cost of four 20 ft. bifold doors. Thanks. Mel


I have a customer looking to purchase 2 bifold liftstrap riding arena doors, both to be 32' wide, the building sidewall is 18', what would be the max clearance?, and what would be the weight on the door? does it hang off the header? do we need to have the weight of the door figured in on the header? let me know... 1 door in the end wall, and 1 door in the side wall


New wood building needs 6 to 8 bifold riding arena doors 20' wide X 16 to 20' tall. Arena doors on both end walls and side wall side doors.


Will need two 35 foot riding arena door quotes (see door sizes below). Wood structure building bifold  doors.


Need riding arena door quote for two 24x15 door  openings. Can't lose any height. Bifold end wall doors with liftstraps. 


I have metal horse riding arena buildings. Has a 10x10 opening and 12 x13'6" opening for two multiple panel bifold doors, needs to be Florida wind code approved doors.


I was hoping to get pricing on the following riding academy doors: 20 - 27' x 27' Bi-fold door 20 - 27' x 30' Bi-fold strap door. Riding Academy doors will go on two different wood buildings.


Looking for a price on some Schweiss Bi fold liftstrap/autolatch riding arena doors 1 @ 20'3" x 14' 1 @ 18'3" x 14' 4 @ 14' x 14' 1 @ 13'4" x 10'


I purchased a Schweiss bifold riding arena door about 5 years ago with the handheld remote control option. I now need to add another handheld remote for another vehicle. What is the cost for a handheld remote which is compatible with my door? Love my door.


Please provide quote by Monday 10a.m. on (3) 60'x 18' clear bi-fold liftstrap doors with motorized operators for a riding arena and barn. 18' clear in open position. Each door to have access door. Doors must be able to be manually operated in event of power outage or malfunction.


I am looking for revit files and information on Schweiss horizontal bifolding strap doors for a riding arena project in Williamsburg, NY. I also have a project in Oklahoma City, OK that I am also looking at using this type of door for.


Looking for an bifold riding arena solution for a Hotel in Brazil. Please let us know if you can assist. Tell me what specific information you will need if you do indeed export to Brazil. I'm assuming you do because I have seen a couple of your Schweiss bifold straplift doors at a ranch in Argentina.


I would like to get a guide that shows the required wedge space needed for the different size doors. I'm building a riding arena, and I want a fancy looking bifold door (with straps) that in the end will look just like the outside of a barn. Please price remote control and walk door.


Looking for a price on a Schweiss bifold door and frame 48x14 for my riding arena. Have a bifold door in place now. About 12 years old. Has steel cables that we sometimes have trouble with. Can you also price me to retrofit this door with straps and autolatches. It has a wlk in door on it as that is the only way to enter building. Thank you Wayne


Looking into building a 80x120x18' riding arena  building with a Red Power hydraulic door on one end, door will be 35' wide. Would like to get a bid on a door and know what extra will need to be done to the building to accommodate it. Still getting bids on the building both wood and steel. I'll be checking with you soon on prices for bifold sidewall doors. Probably going to need at least six. Saw your doors on a riding arena in Kentucky, pretty impressive!


I am a general contractor, I have never built a riding arena, I would like to have some help in understanding door heights, etc. So I can talk intelligently to my potential customer. Do most arena owners install bifold strap doors or one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors?  Please call 


We are looking at riding arena options and only want to build one instead of an indoor and an outdoor. We have seen one indoor that had Schweiss  bifold garage doors all the way around and it was wonderful, so we love yours. Approximately how much was the one on the site and what are the dimensions? Thanks! Betty


We have a client interested in Schweiss Bifold or hydraulic doors/windows for a horse arena he is building. Also interested in your whole line of hydraulic and bifold doors for future designs. Saw a horse arena you did work on in Minnesota - very impressive. Have a salesperson from Schweiss Doors call us soon.


Need information from Schweiss Doors for our Equestrian facility. Doors will be four feet off ground as windows. Doors outside of wood posts 8 ft on center. Give information on both Schweiss bifold doors and hydraulic doors. Seen some of your equestrian work -- outstanding.


I have erected a 80 X 140 building for an indoor riding arena. I told the bldg seller that I wanted 6 ea. 20 wide X14 tall OH doors on the two long sides without cables in the doorways. They put in a portal frame on each side of the building with the bottom of the header BELOW the door opening. Now I have 2 door openings that I cannot put in a 14' OH door. Looking at the riding arena work that Schweiss Doors has done in the past, I think you should be able to assist me.


Hi! I just built an indoor arena with your great Schweiss bifold doors. It has washed sand as the flooring. I'm having trouble with dust and just wondering what other arenas do for dust control. I know you sell doors to many across the U.S. Just hoping you will be able to offer me some suggestions/ideas as to what works!!! Thanks much and will look foward to your response. 


I just spoke with a guy about utilizing Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors on the side of an indoor riding arena. In this particular situation we would want the vertical opening to be 96" and will want see through glass installed on the face of the door instead of a metal panel. This would be installed on the side of a wood structure (pole building) and would likely be 24' wide doors with iour sidewall columns being spaced at 8' on center....this would allow for each door to span the bays of post spacings. In this particular situation we would need at least 5 doors. Delvin E.


I need a very rough estimate of a Schweiss bifold metal insulated doors with the autolatch for a riding arena 300 x 200 with sides and ends priced separately. Both installed and not installed but delivered only prices. It is actually quite urgent - if at all possible I need again just a ballpark and I need it in the a.m. Tomorrow-Monday. Provide via email please. Thank you Holly


Looking for a Schweiss indoor riding arena door, bifold or hydraulic,  approx. 70 width and 144 long . please email me some options and prices, thank you


We need a quote on several horse barn hydraulic one piece Schweiss bay doors. barn is 70 x 70. need doors around all 4 sides. would like quotes on both hydraulic one piece and bifold doors. 1 -70 x 10 1- 30 x 10 1- 70 x 11 1 set of 2-15 x 10 side by side connected doors prefer your Wright Brothers style with wood or faux logsiding and windows good luck, blessings, Gwen, Ft Worth, Texas


Please contact me by email not by phone. I'm getting quotes for a friend of mine. She's looking to get an indoor riding arena. 60x100 or 80x100. 1 man door and two 14' hydraulic doors. She's also interested in skylights.


We are looking at installing a new Schweiss bifold strap door onto an existing post frame building end wall. The door needs to be 14' tall and 23'9" wide. We would like to use the self supporting header. We use the IBC 2006 with a 40lb roof snow load and a 90mph wind load. The owner of the building is TREC Riding Academy/ Equestrian Center, in New Jersey. The initial thought and desire is a Hydraulic one piece door if that is feasible.


Like to buy a BIFOLD SCHWEISS door for my riding arena, please contact me about getting this started. thanks


We would like some pricing info on your Schweiss riding arena bifold strap doors -What sizes are available, options, etc. Thanks!


Request pricing for 16 foot wide X 12 foot high bifold liftstrap Schweiss  doors. Not sure which model is right. These will be for end or side doors on an indoor arena. 70 X 168 X 14 remote power operation is required. We will be bringing cattle and horses in and out. Your doors may be obtrusive for the stock. Thanks Jim


The cost of Schweiss bifold doors for a steel indoor riding arena 70 X 200 x 16ft with the two long sides and one end wall as liftstrap doors.


We are interested in using your Schweiss liftstrap  doors on a riding arena complex. This would be a very large facility where we will need many doors. Please respond promptly.


We have a covered riding arena with stalls on the sides but the ends are open to 12 ft. It is 100 ft. wide and we want to close one end when it is windy with your Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors. thank you for your time Rick


I have a covered riding arena which I would like to close up for the winter. Want glass bifold Schweiss doors which can be clear to create a greenhouse affect during the winter months.


I am in the process of building an indoor riding arena, and am interested in your Schweiss Doors Bifold liftstrap product. However, I would like to build a half-wall (solid wood) about 4 feet high, and then put bi-fold doors (with glass panels) above that, probably another 6-8 feet. Is that feasible, or do they have to reach the ground? Do you have a plexiglass, or safety glass, alternative? These "bi-fold windows" would be up most of the time. Would that be a problem? What length sections would be standard? How do the windows raise? Thank you, Martha T.


I am considering a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door to replace a one peice 20 sliding door in my riding arena. The actual opening is 19.5x 13.5 The building is a Fertile building if you are familiar with them -pole barn type. The exisiting door is one peice and is situated in the corner of the end wall/side wall. please quote a price and availability. Thanks Wayne


Please send a brochure listing all upgrades and accessories. I am interested in the Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap doors for my riding arena. Thanks, Ed M. Houston, Texas


WE ARE building and indoor riding arena and i am interested in the cost of hydraulic doors. they are not big , they measure 10 x 10 and 14 x14 David