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I made a Bifold door for my garage but i need the system to open automatically. I think in hydraulic system but after see bi fold strap think is better for me. I compensate the weight of the door with square weight pieces. The door is 7.4 mts width and 3.40 mts height the weigh of the door is aprox. 600lbs. Please let me know what is best for me and the way I can order it. Thanks


I have a smaller wood-framed hangar door built some 20 years ago on Timber Basin Airpark, Sagle, ID. The existing doors are extremely simple, free-hanging doors mad up of 4 panels that are pulled together. I wish to explore to retrofit the existing hangar door with a schweiss bi-fold door mounted above the header. The existing size is 38' wide by 30' deep and 16' to the top of the header.


Do you have a solution for wear in the cable wrap guards on older cable lift bi fold doors? I have some pictures available. The cable wears its way through the pipe and begins to snag the cable. This leads to cable breakages. Or do I just convert to the strap bifold door system?


Have a hangar house with cables, steel door. Poplar Grove Airpark, airport designator C77... Would like a strap conversion because I saw your ad in General Aviation News. Approximate size of door is 42-43 feet across and 10-13 feet high. I'm not the first owner... Do you do the installation work? I'm not sure what information you need...


Hello I am looking for a door to retrofit doors on an existing roll up door. Door to be replaced is approximately 20x9ft.


I am interested in bifold doors for my hangar and just want a quote on how much it will cost to remove and replace existing sliding doors with a bifold door.


I am looking to buy the strap lift retrofit setup for my hangar door. 34x12.5 can you please call me or email me with my options and pricing ?


I'm interested in learning more details about replacing our current aircraft hangar doors. I'm interested in the bifolds specifically with a walk through doors. I currently have 3 manually sliding doors. I can send pictures. I'm interested in pricing and if it's possible to use on my building. I'm located at the Astoria, airport in Warrenton, OR. Thank you, Dan


We have a bi-fold door installed at our warehouse I don't think it's your door but it has a malfunctioning motor. I was trying to get in contact with someone who can come out and troubleshoot/quote for repairs. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Good Morning We have 5 Bifold doors at our faculty, I need a quote on a new window for our door. I was also looking at your website and am interested in the auto strap latching on the door. We currently have the manual steel handles to close our doors. Would this be an option to retro fit our doors with? Then could we use automatic openers on our doors?


Good afternoon, my name is Scott and I'm with Precise Door Co in Traverse City. We are doing some work on the Manistee airport on their cable bifold door. We are looking to add Wind Lock Pin with Strap to a cable bifold door, also need to order 10- cable tensioner springs.I haven't been successful trying to purchase these items so I was hoping you could us find an avenue to do so. Thank you in advanced for looking into this for us.


The hangar project includes the removal and replacement of two insulated bi-fold hangar doors (~ 60’x 21’ clear opening) and the associated electrical work for the door operators. I sent an invite thru ISQFT where you can access the plans and specs.


I have a Port-A-Port Executive III hangar at RDU airport. It has two side doors that fold and open sideways, plus a giant center door that lifts without folding, using cables, springs and an electric-motor-driven, Overhead Door brand, chain opener. When lifted, the door is 90% inside the hangar, over the area where the plane fuselage is. The door is about 18' wide and probably 18' high also (roughly). I want to know if I could use one of your doors to replace the center door that I have now. The opening mechanism of my door now is not very robust. The newer hangars at RDU use your folding doors; although their design is very different. They have one wide door, rather than small side doors plus a large center door like mine. Please let me know if this would work and also what the likely cost would be. Have you done this ever before? Thanks.


Can your company RETRO -Fit bi-fold doors to current sliding T-Hangar doors ?? not sure which type of your door would be best for our application --need some direction on this does you company do the installation of the Retro-fit T-Hangar doors


My two buildings (Salix, IA 51054) are Butler 40'W x 120'L x 13'6"H (sidewall) built in the 1950's. Current openings are 16'W x 14'H, with vertical I-beams on each side. These buildings were originally built to store grain, so are constructed with extra steel for strength. These are regular, straight wall buildings, I think the roofs are 3:12, maybe 4:12 pitch. One or both buildings will be having new insulated sandwich panel siding installed in place of the current uninsulated original galvanized siding. Maybe this same insulated sandwich panel siding can be used on the doors? It'll likely be Hardsteel Brand, possibly Butler. Door openings currently have no header, the original doors were sliding. Contractors Need estimates of price and timeline for delivery, and hopefully, installation of four, 16'W x 14'H insulated bifold doors, installed. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks. Tim


Hello, I recently bought a hangar at DVO with a 60’ Schweiss Bifold door from ~20 years ago. I’m interesting in servicing and upgrading the door, including improving the fit, changing over to straps, and adding remote operation. I’m interested in learning more about retrofitting these and getting connected to an experienced local contractor thats well versed in Schweiss equipment. Thank you!


We have a 24 tall by 20 wide bifold door with cables still and wondering what it would cost to update it to straps? And this makes it faster correct? And then about the strap latch kit, what does this cost? Thank you!


Interested in replacing my existing 60' hanger door with a bi-fold strap door. Current door is a single tip-up style. Hanger is located at the St. Louis Downtown Airport (KCPS).


Good afternoon I am looking at changing the drive/lift system we have on a bifold door. The door id 70ft wide x 22 ft tall. would you sell the bottom drive assembly and the retrofit kit? Thank you Regina Metal Industries Ltd Saskatchewan Canada


I have an older door and I have the cable latching system. I am tired of maintenancing the cables. Can I convert to a strap? What length and diam. cable do I replace a bad cable with if I can’t convert. Do I have to reset up the entire latch system from scratch? Thank you March 2003 is when I got the door. Justin


Just purchased an old hanger with a sad old roll up door that needs to be replaced. Can you provide a rough price for the installation of a 10x40 bifold door. We can remove the old door. Thanks


My father has one of your competitors doors on his machine shed. The cables are starting to fray. We are interested in the strap conversion. It currently uses two cables to lift the door.


We are looking to retrofit our hangar with a new bifold hangar door. In order to accommodate a larger door we are going to add an addition to our hangar in both depth and height. We are looking to have an open door clear opening of 90'X24'. If you would please provide me with a quote for a door that would provide that clear opening and any technical information I can provide to my building general contractor in how the addition would need to be designed to support your door which may include a freestanding header and at least four good size windows above the bifold door center. Please reach out at your earliest opportunity to discuss our project. Thank you


Trying to replace my 27' sliding door on my Morton building. I'm having a concrete floor put in and would like to update door with something that works much better using your bifold Liftstrap system. Thanks


Hi there, I am struggling to find a contractor in my region to spearhead the retro fit of two of our hangars with your bifold Liftstrap doors. Do you happen to know of any that have recently completed a retro fit that I could reach out to? Thanks, Alek Stang Ops Manager 316-284-6084


Buying a hangar with a bifold door about 40x12. It doesn’t have a power opener currently, just cable to a counterweight. Interested in a rough estimate of the cost to retrofit and convert to your strap opener. system and to get a remote opener.


There are 5 doors at each side of the building and 3 in one end of the building. I have some renderings. I would like to retrofit the three end doors to operate with one large bifold liftstrap door. Please let me know who to email them too.


Looking to retrofit onto an existing hangar using your Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap/autolatch door. I’m interested in automated locking and unlocking of the bifold door. Can you let me know if this is possible?


Hi Folks, We have a "roll up door" currently that we would like to refit with a bifold strap door in order to not lose headroom. Can you configure a bi-fold for 150x20? Thanks, Ken Minck Beta Technologies S. Burlington, VT


Hi Im just writing to enquire if you would have any interest in providing a quote for a hangar door for Waterford Aero Club based at waterford airport. We currently have a roller door installed and are looking to see if replacing/changing/retrofitting it is a more affordable option to repairing it. the current measurements are 12m by 4.5m. Bifold strap door please.


I just need the cost of retro-fitting one bifold door for now but if the cost is reasonable enough we have 7 total bi-fold doors that could be retro-fitted with liftstraps as needed.


I have an off-brand bifold cable door now. My hanger is 50 x 50. Is there a way to convert my door to a one-piece hydraulic or bifold strap door?


I Have a Schwiess Bi-fold door it has been upgraded to the straps but it has the mircoswitch style safety's for the manual locks I am looking for a cost to retrofit and upgrade them to a jiggle switch style as well as anything I would need to make it a single push button full open/close.


I'm looking at retrofitting horizontal bi-fold hydraulic doors, vertical bi-fold doors, top hinged hydraulic bi-fold doors, and 50/50 hydraulic doors. Their sizes range from 8ft x 4ft up to 12 ft x 7 ft. I understand that some of those doors will not be available in a smaller size. I'd like an opportunity to send someone some reference material for our project and speak about options and recommended solutions.


I've got a door that I would like to get a price from you on retro-fitting to the strap system. What all do you need from me? I also have a hangar that I am looking to replace the 40 yr old sliding door and upgrade to a bifold liftstrap door of your caliber. What all would you need form me to get that quoted?


Pete Olsen and I purchased a door from you recently. I was looking over your site today and noticed a new auto latch system. Could this new system be retrofitted to our bifold liftstrap door and if so what would the cost be ? I also noticed the foam inserts kits to seal the bottom of the door. What would these cost for our door ?


Buying an aircraft hanger. Need to modify the cable lift door opening to a liftstrap door that has a 48 x 15. What is the cost of a bi-fold door with these dimensions? 


Have sales rep call me please. I have a bifold door. The cables must have doubled over somehow and broke the closing arm springs. I would like to visit about what is needed to retrofit to a Schweiss liftstrap door system.


In 2015 White River Helicopters' new hangar was built with a Schweiss bi-fold door. I haven't found details on a model or serial number on the door or motors. It's been working great, but this summer we're noticing that the cables are fraying and would like to get a Schweiss retrofit to liftstraps.  I've been looking around the office/hangar and haven't found copies of the installation/maintenance manuals. Would it be possible to get copies by email? We asked an out-of-town overhead door installer to look at it several weeks ago, but they were not familiar with the door and made the situation worse. I've since had our aircraft mechanic readjust the cables  again so it mostly closes, but there's still the same size of gap we started with. He's of the theory that the cables should be converted to liftstraps also!


we are looking for different options for one of our current door openings to the shop. Current roll-up door is 22'W x 16"H. Looking for a ballpark quote for bi-fold door. On our interior is where problems occur due to limited space from top of door to roof beams. Appreciate if you can provide ballpark pricing.


I am inquiring about a bifold door for a storage building. It currently has sliding doors on it. The size would be 27'wide x 20' high.


I have a steel frame 60x100 with 16' sidewalls I would like to convert it to either bifold or hyd swing. I would like the door 50' wide and as tall at possible as I want to get my combine and airplane through it. The building has concrete floors and currently has old sliders. It's an 1970s butler building.


Looking to replace a sliding machine shed door with a glass bifold strap door. Size is 16w x 10.5 high. What is your recommendation? thx.


I have slide by doors 48' x 12'. I'm looking to retrofit to a bifold door. When I had the hangar built, I had the truss made strong enough to hold a bifold door.


We are investigating the possibility of retrofitting a pair of bi-fold, cable lift doors (residential application) with hydraulic cylinders. This will require the removal from the existing doors, the strap drive, gear box , drive shafts etc. The long-stroke ( 9 ft?) hydraulic cylinders will be placed vertically in parallel with the existing building door frame vertical members. What would be the approximate cost of purchasing both the hydraulic power unit, 20 ft hoses and two double acting, long stroke (9-10 ft) cylinders from Schweiss ? This is a budgetary cost request only.


I don't know what company door it is. I have a 81'x200' Shop with two 40 foot hydraulic doors. One of my doors if it is fully extended open and whenever you go to close it, it pulses whichs puts a lot of strain on the door frame. I would like to replace the system if I can, please advise.


We are looking to replace our 22 year old bifold doors. Door 1 - 74' 11" x 27'10" Door 2 - 80'1" x 31'9"


I am looking to replace wooden hangar doors which are failing.  I want to install lift strap bifold doors, my hangar opening is approximately 40 x 16 ft. It does have a load bearing truss across the top designed for 4800 lbs if I remember correctly. The building size is 48 x 40 feet. I am interested in pricing a complete system and a do it yourself system. Thanks!


I currently have a roll up door and would like to upgrade to a single one piece door. Would like to know if you have any preferred vendors in the Las Vegas area too, since I'm looking at going from a 16' to a 18' tall door. The current door is approx 60x18


Looking at buying a hangar with a substandard (scary, actually) bi-fold door. Need to figure out how much it would cost us to replace it with something non-scary. Could you let me know what information you'd need in order to get me a quote on a replacement


converting an existing Morton Building probably need a self-supporting door with truss header opening size is approximate at this time price both installed and owner install Thanks


We have a 10'X10' steel rollup door. We would like to receive a quote to replace that door with a Bi-fold door.


I would like a quote for a new one-piece hydraulic door or lift-strap bifold door. It is an old basic aircraft hangar with a homebuilt bifold door. 45 ft x 45 ft with 13ft walls The main building poles are 4 inch steel tubes. 4 per 45ft. There are 4 basic metal trusses. I believe I will need a free standing header to remove any stresses from the building. The door will be approximately 45ft wide by 13 feet high.


I'm looking to replace a 26' x 14' double sliding door on my Morton wood structure. Not sure which style of door would work best, but I am leaning towards a on-piece hydraulic door.


I am retrofitting one hangar - with 4 sliding door. I would like to upgrade to bifold. Existing doors are 2x6 lumber with sheet metal siding. All 4 openings are 140" high by 40' 3" wide with 20" steel I-beam headers. I would like a quote/estimate for converting to lift-strap bifold doors and to know if I will need completely new door framing or can I use the existing doors (after adding more hardware, supports, and cutting to new size).


Redoing a morton barn. I want to remove the sliding doors and replace them with your one-piece hydraulic door, measuring approximately 16 ft by 12 feet.


I bought an old airfield with a pole barn/hangar. Would love to get a ball park price for retrofitting a bifold door. How would I start that process?


I have a customer with a pole barn. Large manual sliding doors.Would like to keep large opening but have automatic bifold door for parking car or truck in the pole barn. Thanks, Daniel


Just need a price for a 75' long X 24" tall bifold. This is a non binding price just so a can get a conversation started with owners on a replacement door. We just need to know if it is at all feasible to replace our existing door. thanks Gerald


I would like a quote on a 34' bifold door that is twelve feet high. I am replacing my old sliding doors. What time frame to complete and ship also? Thanks, Derek


I need an estimate for a Schweiss door to retrofit a 7' tall by 8' wide opening. We are restoring and adding on to an old gas station. The opening is low-overhead, so a traditional roll-up door won't work. I would like the door to be similar in style to the other garage doors on the building - traditional gas station style, aluminum framed, glass panels except for the bottom row which is solid. I was leaning towards a bi-fold door, but a hydraulic swing out door would work in this space too. I can pick up and install the door. 


Request quote to replace insulation on 60 ft. span door in Chino, California This is a Schweiss original cable door and installed 27 years ago. Definite upgrade to liftstrap system also.


Our bifold cable doors are in need of repair and retrofitting. I would like to have a representative inspect the doors and related hardware for safety and conversion to liftstraps.


I bought a hangar in Pegasus Airpark (you showcased his personal hangar on your website). It is one of the 61' wide (60' bifold) box hangars. There are no windows - can windows be retrofitted? thank-you, Gary


Currently I have a old Bi-Fold door from an out of business manufacturer that needs to be replaced. I have been looking at your doors and I would like to know what the cost of a door like the door at Blarney Stone Irish Pub in North Dakota with specific size listed below. Thank you, Peter


The building is wood construction the rafters are 2x6 tops and 2x4 bottoms with 2x4 webbing the building is quit old. It has 4x4 door posts I currently have an overhead door that is worn out. After looking at the doors you offer I think retrofitting the old doors with one of your bi-fold garage doors would work with the out side frame not sure the door opening is 11ft wide and 12ft 6in tall. The 4x4 door posts are in cement at bottom and fastened to the rafters on top. I am looking to have the door to rise level or above the bottom of the rafters I need the entire 12ft6in so I can put an old camper in side so I can work on it.


I am interested in getting a quote on retrofitting my existing cable bifold door to lift straps. The door has 5 lift cables.


I have a shed that currently has the sliding doors that come together when closed. I would like to retrofit in a hydraulic shed door in place of those sliders. My big issue is, the opening of the door isn't 14 foot tall and that is also the wall height as well. I cannot afford to lose any of that clearance and I was wondering if your doors would accommodate this? Also what would be a rough price on your doors. I would have to measure again, but I think the door opening is 14 foot high by 22 or 24 foot wide. Thanks


I have a 50'x75' quonset with a 28' sliding door (two part door). I was looking into retrofitting the doors of the buildings with a one-piece hydraulic door or lift-strap bifold door? Do you work in North Carolina? Thanks.


I need to replace my garage doors and I am interested in retrofitting the doors to Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold doors. Is there a retailer or someone in my area that install your doors and can give me an estimate? Thanks. Brian


Looking for mainly quote on converting a cable bi-fold door to a Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door, but curious on cost of a one-piece hydraulic lift door too. Thanks


We have a pole barn built in the 80's that we are thinking of retrofitting into more of a shop. It has 2 sliding doors that we want to change to one-piece hydraulic doors. I'm concerned about how much bracing would be needed at the header area. I assume this has been done many times  though.... thoughts?? Thank you Avery


Looking for information/pricing on a 20' x 20' hydraulic doors for a factory. The owner is looking for an alternative to traditional overhead doors. Doors going into part of an existing PEMB and into a new part of a PEMB. Does Schweiss Doors service the 27932 zip code?


I am hoping to replace a hangar door at Air Service Hawaii with a new Schweiss One-piece Hydraulic Hangar Door: 88' x 22.5'. Please provide an email address to send structural engineering plans so that you may provide us with a quote for the subject project. If you have any questions, please email us. Mahalo


I talked to Mike about two of your doors. I need to retrofit a sliding door with one of your lift-strap bi-fold doors. Do you have drawings or what do I do. I could send pics but all the buildings are done the same. Thanks, Ron


We are trying to retrofit our traditional overhead garage door (2 car garage) with a bifold door that doesn't take much real estate inside the garage (we have a clearance issue with the door opening to the house). We would like automation if possible. We are ready to decide quickly. Thanks


We have a steel machine shed with sliding roller-track doors that we need to replace. We would like to retrofit the shed with a hydraulic door.


Have an existing barn looking to increase door width. I currently have a sliding barn door, but am looking to see if I can do a bi-fold barn door. I want to keep ceiling clearance of 12 ft.


We currently have 2 hydraulic barn doors that need to be replaced. 75'x 22' and 65'x22'. Currently they are Brand-X doors and one is beginning to have problems. Our building is designed to accommodate single swing doors. Please contact me to discuss costs and timing to replace. We might also need to increase the width of the 75' door to 78' or 79' of possible. thank you.


Residential, existing, two car standard garage door. I would like to retrofitting the existing standard roll up door with rails with a bifold hangar style door with the lift strap system to free up overhead space and eliminate side rails. Location is CA.


I have a hanger in my back yard that has 4 sliding doors. I would like to retrofit them with one of your doors. I would like to try to maintain the old fashion look with out the old fashion hassle of readjusting them every year. The opening is 48' X 12' I also will need it to be installed.


I currently have a Brand-X steel frame bifold door. Getting ready to replace 2nd motor in less than 10 years. I think it might be time for a change. I would require delivery and install


We installed your hangar door in 2015. Interested in adding some windows to the door. Can you retrofit windows onto the door and if you can what sizes are available Thank you Joseph


We have a hangar that we would like to retrofit a sliding door with a bifold strap door. If interested please respond by email. Thank You Marvin Foster 


We have a door manufactured by [Brand X]. We have the issues you showed in your literature with hinge and frame failures. Can you fit our existing door with your hinge system? Please respond via email or telephone. Thanks, Ray C.


Please quote me the price for two (2) bi-fold door cable doors that I now want retrofitted with lift straps....they are part of the bi-fold door order #3920 on or about 2/14/95. Thank you.


Following my phone call this morning, regarding retrofitting door plans to extend our existing bi-folding door from 50 feet to 60 feet and open height to 20 feet. Including converting from cables to straps. The following is the door we currently have : Model# S224. No L9 . Serial # 6266. You can email info when available or call. Thanks Chris Branham.


I have a double sliding door I would like to refit with a Bifold strap door  22 foot high by 40 foot wide could I have info on door and opener. Thank You


You sold two doors in Rodesdale Md. I installed and have maintained the service on these since then. They are 30 x 19' doors that are cable. Is there a way to change these to Schweiss strap doors and how much cost or work does this curtail. Please send info asap. Or feel free to call and discuss.


Hi guys I am a recent retrofit customer with auto latching systems and they are working great. I am interested in your storage container . What would be the cost for 20 foot model. Thanks, 


Hi, We currently have a bifold door ran on cables and we were wondering if we could convert our door to the wonderful Schweiss straps and automatic latching device.


I would like to convert a cranky old cable drive door to the Schweiss bifold strap system if possible.  Door was installed in Laurel, MT. about 15-18 years ago. Door has 2 motors Please send an email or phone with the cost of materials. Thank you


Is it possible to retrofit the cable style latch to my 3 year old 10'x61' Schweiss bifold door with a strap latch style auto latch and remote?


Looking for information and a price quote on a one piece bifold strap door retrofitted to replace sliding doors on my hangar. Door dimensions of 87' wide X 18' tall. Location is  Utah.


I am considering replacing my wooden frame sliding hanger door with a steel bi fold door I have been given. I like the new Schweiss Door strap concept and would like to know what would be involved in a retrofit. The door is 40' 8" X 11' 8" and will be set up in NH.


CMU walls on steel structure. Existing opening. Currently fitted with manual roll up doors to be retrofitted hydraulic doors. Please send quote via email to OK.


I have a IN hangar with two side by side sliding doors that need to be replaced. The total opening is approximately 114 wide and 20 to the top of the door. I need two hydraulic doors and a retractable center column. I would like to know what the specs are so I can modify the building to accept a Schweiss hydraulic door. I also need to know what the doors cost, etc. Reason for replacement is that one of the antiquated doors failed and is now bent and unusable. 


I just bought a 50 year-old house in Bakersfield, CA with an airplane hangar attached. The front of the house has two normal garage doors, but the back has another brand of hydraulic door which would allow you to drive through the garage if it were in good repair. There are also two metal doors on each side of the hangar door. I would like to replace the old hydraulic door, including the two side doors, with one of your one-piece hydraulic doors. The total size of the opening is approximately 9'6" in height, and 36'2" width. Can you give me a ballpark estimate of the cost of a new door, including installation of the door and hydraulic system?


Want to quote 2 hydraulic retrofit doors for installation in VA on current wood frame building. Cost of material, shipping, and installation. Would also like to see cost of adding steel header/i-beam reinforcment to end wood frame of building. Building is 54' wide, would like 48' door. Is there a discount if ordering two Schweiss hydraulic doors? Would like to see how much that would be?


I would like a cost and the most cost effective option to replace french doors leading out to my WV patio with two of your hydraulic glass designer doors. It is a CBS home. Thank you


I have two of your bi-fold hangar doors. The largest one was installed about 16 years ago. It's 56' wide and uses lift cables. What would be involved in modifying it to use straps instead of cables? Right now the nearly new cables are already showing wear  in spots that correspond to that when the door is nearly fully open-- the top pulley contact area. 


Greetings, I have a hangar at New Richmond. The door is 44x12. Looking for a estimate for a retrofit to replace a clunky old sliding hangar door. Bifold liftstraps are the only way I want to go.


I have two roll up doors needing replaced: a 20x14 and a 24x14. Need prices for both hydralic and strap bifold. Include remote openers with extra hand held devices.


We are a Steel Door Dealer and the door opening we are trying to retrofit has 3 inches of head room which leaves out a sectional door. The building is an old Buttler Building and is the slant sides and 1/12 pitch roof design. The owner is wanting to look into a bi-fold lifstrap door. But can not lose any door height.


I have an all steel hangar with an old 48' x 14' bi-fold door that is electric motor/cable operated. I would like to make door one piece and hydraulic operated. Do you offer a Schweiss "hydraulic door package" for those of us wanting to retro fit an existing door?


Hello We'd like to retrofit our cable bi-fold doors in Switzerland with the famous Schweiss Strap System. 2 ea. doors each 12 ft heigh and split AC drive. We request: 4 ea. Lift Drums with Strap 13 feet long 4 ea. Strap Tighteners 4 ea. Axels/rod 5.5 foot long 1 ea. Shipping to Switzerland I have seen your system at a friends in Key West, Florida. Very impressed.  Kind regards Erwin Zurfluh


Do I see a recent advertisement that you would retrofit an existing cable door from another manufacturer with your strap system? I want one, and I want one ASAP. Please send quote.


We are working on a preliminary budget for replacement of 4 hangar doors. Opening size is 64' wide x 24' tall. Total of 4 doors. Schweiss Hydraulic lift doors - not straps. Can you provide me with a estimate range for furnishing and installation? Thanks, JOBJ Senior Project Manager


I need an order-of-magnitude construction cost estimates for a Client aviation hanger to : 1-Retrofit an existing cable system to liftstraps on a steel frame bi-fold aviation hanger door about 60 ft. wide X 20 ft high. 2-replace the existing bi-fold with a new liftstrap door. I have photos of the existing door I could e-mail when possible. 


I have 40'x 12' hangar door would like price of bifold door strap conversion and price of new door (mine is pretty old).


Buying a hangar with cables and manual latches. What would it take/cost to convert and retrofit to bifold door straps and automatic latches?


I have a client that wants to replace her existing rollup hanger doors with new hurricane rated bifold liftstrap doors for her insurance. Door needs to be windloaded per Florida standards.


I am looking to convert my hangar from sliding doors to a bi-fold door. A 48' wide door would work but I would consider a 50' if the price wasn't too much more.


Interested in replacing a sliding shop door with either hydraulic door or bifold strap lift door. Approximate size is 14 ft. wide by 12 ft. tall.


I talked to someone at Schweiss Doors about retrofitting my cable lift bifold door to a lift strap door. How soon can you send me a Schweiss door kit?


I am looking to retro fit a Schweiss bi-fold door with straps and remote door opener. Can you send a Schweiss door kit for this? My bifold door is 38 ft. x 21.5 ft.


I bought a used airline hangar and need a new hangar door on it. Hangar was modified 30 years ago to accommodate an Aerostar. A sliding door needs to be removed and a bifold liftstrap / autolatching door installed. I can send photos. They cut the door header to allow the aircraft tail to pass through. The header is exactly 10 ft. above the concrete floor. The opening from side to side is 48 ft. with some concrete door supports on the inside  corners. We would like to keep all of the 10 ft. hangar door clearing. A local contractor can modify the front of hangar and install the new Schweiss folding hangar door. We intend to insulate the hangar door, and install heat. So, we need a Schweiss insulated folding door.


I have a low eave; 13' 8", could decrease semi truck door height. Need a new Schweiss bifold strap commercial door, have manual door now, buyer may not appreciate present design, ( barn door roller ). Will  install slab for your entire frame in front of present structure which houses semi truck. Man door and 2-3 windows similar to first picture in door section/page, color is same, red.


We have one of your Schweiss hangar crane doors  at our airport. We would like to retrofit this crane door to a straplift crane door. The bifold door is a model 612 0r S12, no. 19, serial #9547.


I have an old Schweiss cable door that I would like to convert or retrofit with your liftstraps. Can you send us a kit. Our door size is 22'x14' tall.


I'm interested in finally replacing my hard to open sliding door with a Schweiss bifold strap door with  auto latches and remote door opener. Door opening is about 30 ft. wide and the two sliders meet at the center. Give me an idea on estimated Schweiss door factory delivery time.


We are considering replacing our current 30 year old rolling track door with a manufacturing quality door. It is a metal/steel structure. We don't need a fancy door, just a standard Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. What info do you need from me to get this door retrofit started? 


I have an older steel shed with sliding doors. I want to retrofit with bifold doors. I have 2 door openings that are 10' high and 10-12' wide. Do you have bifold strap doors for this small opening? I don't have exact size, but I'm trying to get a shed door of this size. Do you install or offer door kits for owners to install? 


We have 2 of your Schweiss cable lift doors, a 14/30 & 12/20. We would like to convert both to straps. The auto locking mechanism is optional. Is any of the original mechanism reusable?


Like a price on converting/retrofitting my Schweiss cable operated door to the lift strap door  system. It's a 36 ft. x 16 ft. biomass steel door.


I have a 1973 Metal Shed that I am planning to insulate this winter. Would like to retrofit the two  original sliding doors with Schweiss bifold liftstrap shed doors. Retrofit door size will need to be 28 ft. x 12 ft.


Have an existing metal barn with a 45 ft. single piece door that lifts on cables like a boat lift door. Door bends in middle outward. 12 ft tall. What would Schweiss retrofit using hydraulic pump or liftstrap hardware cost. Estimated cost of labor? 


We have a bifold hangar door M/N: S2, that we would like a retrofit door conversion kit to convert our current cable door control system to the patented liftstrap system with the automatic gust lock option.


We have Schweiss bifold strap hangar doors installed on several of aircraft hangars. We want to raise the height of one door to meet a customer request. Door is currently is set at 12' 8" he wants it to go to 15'. What do I need to do?


I have a 40,000 sq ft old steel building that needs a door retrofit. I would like to replace the old roll up doors with bi-fold strap doors. One roll up I'd  like to widen from 14 to 20 feet. The second door will be replaced with a smaller/ narrower bi-fold strap door. I like the liftstrap door idea. Are these steel doors made with freestanding door headers that my shop guys can install? 


Noticed you have a new center door strap design for a cable door. Please advise if we can retrofit this door strap on our 70 x 20 bifold doors. Three original doors were purchased. We would retrofit all three of these farm machine shed doors.


We need to replace sliding hangar doors with Bi-Fold doors - opening is 140 feet X 20 feet. Customer has two sliding doors (70' X 20' each) that stack on each side as doors are opened. I can send hangar door pictures. Price Bi-Fold Liftstrap hangar doors with pilot doors including door retrofit, freight and door autolatches.


I am a door contractor in washington state and have worked on numerous hangar doors. I have a customer with an older bi-fold door with a crude cable system on it. I would like to update it to a strap system. The Door is 30' wide and 16' Tall. I would like to use a bottom mount motor and whatever straps you recommend. Any other necessary upgrades needed to the door will be done at the same time as per your recommendations. Please let me know if this is possible. I can get you more door specs if needed.


Looking for a quote on a hangar door liftstrap opening system for our existing bi fold door. approximetly 20ft high by 60 ft wide. Is this something I can install myself?


Looking to replace a 35 year old Wilson bifold door by the first of October of this year. Dimensions are: 80 feet wide x 18 feet tall. Looked at your door at one of your shows and they appear to be a better door and am most impressed with your Schweiss liftstraps and autolatches.


Please send me a quote for a 50' wide by 15' tall single piece Schweiss bifold strap door. What would the actual "clearance" be for under this door? The top frame of this hangar's current opening is exactly 15' and we need very close to that 15' clearance for the object to fit through the door. Hangar Door, and I can send you pictures of hangar door we currently have on it, and also video of the door if you want, it's a door from a different company. Maybe I should consider you converting it to straps and doing some repair work on it. Can't locate the company that installed it.


I have an airplane hangar with a Schweiss bi-fold strap door, it's a steel hangar order number 9579 and serial number 9579 style "S", internal truss. My lift cables and springs are starting to wear and I'd like to convert to your patented liftstrap system. Can you help? It has a three inch drum and the opening is 40 by 14 feet. Thanks for your time


We installed 2 bi folding doors at our recycling center in SC around 10 years ago. Would you be able to help me a manual. They have damaged one of the brackets and have some fraying cables. I'd be interested in converting both doors to lift straps. Can you quote me a price? I understand they are fairly easy to install.  Thanks


I have a model #S-13 serial #6201 door. I'd like to retrofit the bifold cables to your patented liftstraps. Also, could you send me one more handheld remote, one of the other ones got misplaced. Could you send me a quote. Chris


Are you able to design your doors for any building. I have an older workshop that needs a new door to replace the clunky old sliders. If you can could you have someone call me and I can talk about the way my doors are set up now


We bought a Schweiss bifold hangar door in 1995, Model 522. My question: is there some kind of auto safety stop or latch retrofit we can attach to this model door? Can it be converted over to your liftstraps?


Hi, I purchased a hangar that had a sliding door 14'H x 50' W installed. Can I retrofit a Schweiss Bifold door lift strap sytstem on it? If so how much $?


Hello Sir/Miss: I want to buy the lift straps for my bifold door. Could you tell me more about the specification and prices of the Schweiss lift straps ?! I'm really, realy NOT liking my cables. They keep breaking and fraying and are noisier than heck. Thank you!


We recently serviced one of your doors at the dickson airport (tn) My tech said it was a rather old door and that he needs some cable for one of your bi-fold doors is there anyway that i can order this from you. He also said the owner mentioned something about converting it to a liftstrap system. Does Schweiss Doors have liftstraps?  


The bottom seal of my old, old bifold Schweiss door is in need of replacing. Its a 18 foot door, can you help me with a new one? Can you also price conversion to lift straps. I love this door and want to do something nice for its loyal service to me.


We have a 60' X16' opening with a old sliding door in it now wish to replace with a new liftstrap bifold  door with autolatches and a backup system, will call this morning to check with you. 


We built a farm shed 2 years ago and put bifold cables on the end. Thinking we should have put straps in instead. the opening is 30' x18' tall. How much to retrofit to straps and autolatches.  thanks


Hello. I am interested in information on bifold liftstrap Schweiss doors to replace sliding hangar doors. The approximate measurements are 50' wide and 13 1/2' high. Looking for motorized doors that are also easily opened by hand pushing. Could you also give me info on your warranty. Thank you


Look for top seal for 60'-0 bi-fold door, order #5090 10/23/96. Need a price for seal and shipping.This is an older door, what would it take to convert it to your liftstrap system?


I have an old corrigated metal Columbia building. I would like to know the materials available for the skin of your Bi-Fold doors? I am considering installing myself. Also wondering how complicated, or should I say, easy, it would be for me to retrofit to lift straps.


I have an old (still working well) Schweiss bifold door on my airplane hangar in Litchfield, MN. The door is 32 feet wide by 12 feet high with a small passage door. How much would it cost to have you insulate the bifold door and replace cables with liftstraps? Thanks


I have door that uses counterweights, springs, and cables. I'd like to get more clearance for a 185 amphib. The current door is a bifold style with 6'11" halves. The base of the header is 10'9". Hangar is located in Minnesota. Will your bifold liftstrap door retrofit into mine.


I have a bi-fold installed in my hanger/shop and would like to know if it can be retro fitted to use your strap and auto lock systems. I can send pictures of it or would welcome a visit. This strap system seems to be the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you,


To whom it may concern, we are a California based material handling and door dealer. We sell and service material handling equipment and commercial / industrial doors. A customer has inquired about retrofitting to a liftstrap/ autolatch system for his hanger door which is a Schweiss door. We would like to be able to service the door for him, purchasing parts from you if needed. I would like to know if you will sell parts to us directly at wholesale prices or do you have exclusive dealerships we must purchase from? If we can purchase directly, please let me know what information you need from us to set up an account. If we must work through a local dealer, please provide the name and contact # of that dealer.


Please quote retrofit parts for remote control for a 30x18 bi-fold with liftstrap autolatch system. Give as a separate option audible warning system. FOB your factory. Give us approximate shipping weight, dimensions and lead time.


Dear friends; We have a 70 foot wide by 28 foot high door that we are interested in converting to strap system. This door has two adequate power units working in tandem. We are in the planning stages to remodel the cable lifting system, but thought that we would check with your team first because we are quite impressed with the durability and simplicity of your patented product. Please advise your thoughts.


I need to convert a cable bifold door 16'H x 25'w to straps while preserving my flatfold clearance. Do you have anyone in the east central Illinois area familiar with this sort of reworking. Please respond first on email so we can set up a time for a phone conversation. 


Hi ! I am owning a Schweiss bifold door and have two questions: 1) can you send someone to do a service and check up 2) can you check if the door can be upgraded with an auto latch/lift strap and remote system? This is an old door from the '80s, but just like a Timex watch, it keeps on ticking and doesn't take a licking!  Thank you! 


Looking for a door to replace a cumbersome sliding door. Would like to go with the Schweiss door that does not require alot of overhead reinforcement to hang door. Also looking for a high R value with the door and door opener compatible. These sliding doors are a bear, should have called you years ago.  Will pick door up from MFG in Hector/Fairfax


Hi I bought a door from you in about 1988. Can I switch to the lift straps ??


I talked to Dave at Oshkosh about the retro kit for the closure arms. Two of my springs on one side have broken and he said that I could have this kit sent to me free of charge and to follow up after Oshkosh. Let me know what I need to do to get this coming. My door is a 50ft door Model No. S12 No. L9 Serial No. 11560 Thanks Bruce S.


I purchased a hanger and want to see if I can retrofit your strap/motor system to my door. The door looks to be a good aluminum door just want a lifting system. I think it may be one of your bifold doors, how can I tell for sure, it's an older aluminum door.


I am wanting to retrofit a small 100 x 100 hangar with 60 foot of sliding doors and install one of your bifold doors that will open up the full 100 feet. I have pictures I can send if you can provide an email address. Thank You, Jerry W.


Requesting a quote for both Bi-Fold and Hydraulic. This is a retro-fit to an existing building with sliding doors. If I go bifold, I want the lift straps. If I go hydraulic I want the Schweiss Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system. Remote openers for both styles. I can send a link to photos of the building if you provide an e-mail.  Marty


I have a 48 foot hanger door made by another company. Steel door that uses cables to lift the door. I would like to retrofit my door to Schweiss bifold straps. Can you provide the kit to do so? Thank you.


My existing old style sliders need to be replaced with something easier and more reliable like your Schweiss Bifold door - opening is 27ft wide X 14 ft 7 in height Can it be retro fitted with on of your doors? Pole barn is 1994 Cleary. THANKS 


I live in a senior community with a home owner's association. The four section insulated garage door I have now extends over a third of the way into the garage when it is in the open position. I would like to put a car lift in the garage and thus need an alternative garage door that does not extend into the garage when open. Can my existing 4 section insulated door be converted into a bifold door (the HOA would not allow me to have a garage door that looks different from the one currently installed) and if so, at what cost to have a completely operational door. Also, if this were done, how much heigth would I loose in the door opening when the door is open? One door is 8' tall by 16' wide and the other is 8' tall by 8' wide.  Martha


Do you sell and install your doors? Also do you do any necessary building modifications so that the door can be installed for maximum use? The existing building has an opening that needs modifications made to it so a larger door can be installed so that our township road grader can easily be moved in and out of the building. The opening size is an estimate because we need a salesperson to come out and tell us exactly what we need. Thank you, 


Interested in using a Schweiss folding overhead door in a commercial office space as a conference room divider. Please have someone contact me who can answer questions about clearances, motor location and operation.


I just purchased a hangar at X04 and unfortunately the old 60' Carolina bi-fold door is installed. Do you offer a retrofit of your opening system for this door? If so, any additional information would be greatly appreciated. If not, what would a replacement bi-fold door cost? Thanks in advance for your help. I need to get the exact specs of the door opening. I think the opening is 20 ft. high.


I spoke to a couple of reps at the Louisville show. I need a few schweiss bifold doors to go in an old school. I probably need someone to look at the building and tell me what will work. but the idea behind having a temp wall there is perfect. These will go in as a replacement for a load bearing wall. The building is a brick/block wall with 2/12 rafters.


I have a Kansas customer looking to add lift straps to a bi-fold door, looking for any words of wisdom regarding such. Thanks


I am a board member at Airport and recently we just finished 6 new hangers with Schweiss Bi-fold doors. Our old hangers have sliding doors and it was brought to my attention that if we could put bi-fold doors on our old hangers more people would be interested in renting them. Is this something that you would be interested in. They would look a lot better with windows. in the quote can you please add a remote control to open automatically.


I have a 50' Wide by 12' high sliding door opening in my wood frame Aircraft Hangar and would like to replace it with either a Bifold or Hydraulic door. I need a walk through door framed and a 3 button dead man switch.


I have an older bifold door that uses 3/16" steel cable that mounts on each end and the center goes to a spooler. Would it be possible to replace my cable system with the strap system?


I'm considering the purchase of 60' wide and 50' deep and 16' high metal building. It's a metal frame with i beams and has an accordian type door. The door is on the 60' side and is 12-13' high. Right now I am looking for a very rough estimate of cost of a complete bifold door with strap system to replace the old door. I'm trying to determine if the hangar is worth the cost.


Hi We have a shop that is enclosed by custom made garage type doors. We are looking into upgrading to a lift strap bifold door and a new motor combination for them. If you could please send me any information (such as spec sheets, gear ratios, length of straps etc), it would be greatly appreciated.


I'm just trying to get and idea on cost. Need to enlarge the end on my building, maybe a project for this year. Have seen some bifold doors in the area, did a search of the web and found your web-site. Have looked at the information on the web. Based on the info I looked at, a 27 wide x 14 high bifold door with a 2' wedge will work with the existing columns.




I would like to replace the cable lift system thats on the hanger now with a strap system. Is there someone in the Bakersfield Ca. area that can install one ?


I am looking to replace a door that was damaged by hudrricane winds. The building is a pole building (built in 2008 by the local lumberyard) used for machinery storage and is not insulated. I would prefer the straps over the cable system and have it wind rated.


This will replace 2 existing sliding doors with either bifold or hydraulic doors. The measurement that I send is the exact opening of the hole.


 I would like to use one of your hydraulic single panel, swing up doors in a building I constructed. It was originally designed for two rollup doors with a removable verticle post. After seeing your ad I'd like to switch over. The rough opening is approximately 8ft high and 25ft wide. It is a wood building and the opening consists multiple 2x6 jack studs and 2 - 3ft x 26ft flat roof trusses for a header. There is no roof or floor loading on this truss assembly, it only supports itselt and a small knee wall above it. I have an engineering drawing of the truss/header assembly. The concrete floor has not been installed yet as I'd like to install the door first. What specific information do you need from me so you can make the most accurate quote possible and guarrantee me a trouble-free installation. I would like to send pictures so please let me know where to send them. Thank you!!!


Good afternoon, We currently have multiple large overhead steel doors. They tend to cause us a fair amount of downtime, due to age, and probably size. We are interested in alternative hydraulic or bifold Schweiss style doors that either slide or open similar to hanger doors. Our current doors are roughly 16 ft wide x 27 ft tall. If you have any alternatives to this we would like to discuss. We have a total of 9 doors that we would like to replace one at a time as they fail.I will be out of the office until Wednesday, so please feel free to email with comments or contact via phone tomorrow.


Is there a way possible of making this door 2 ft higher in the center to fit a higher tail aircraft in? The customer in this building would like to gain 2 feet in the centre of the door to accommodate a higher tail aircraft he is getting.What would the cost be for a center pce that could be added to this bifold door.  We put this door in this summer please let me know if any questions Thank you


Here are some pics of the rear doors. You have a upper bifold door that basically pulls up tight to the upper structure of the house, due to a bridge crane that has to pass by door to exit rear of machine and two doors that swing out. Currently, upper door is raised and lowered by a winch/cable device and two other doors swing out by manually pushing and pulling on doors. If you think you can be of assistance please advice us in options available and pricing. We can also arrange you to look a tour application for questions and dimensions.These are pics of our Dragline, we have a 8100 and 8200 dragline that will also need opening devices installed. They both have two sets of doors that swing in instead of out. Here is a pic of doors like installed on 8100 and 8250 Draglines.


We currently lease a Hangar, with the normal large Hangar Doors which are proving difficult to open and requiring continued maintenance. I am interested whether one of your hydraulic doors would be able to be fitted, the width of the door required would be approx 13 metres. I am looking at the moment at a budget price to see whether this option would be worth further consideration.


I am researching bi-fold doors for my uncles' barn. He has a 30 yr old steel bldg. with a 30' sliding door which needs replaced.


I need a quote on a 60 wide Bi-Fold x 19' high. This will be a replacement door for another brand of bifold. You can use the existing skin.




I have one your doors 54 ft wide and an 18 ft high opening when the door is open on our aircraft hangar, it now has five cables that lift the door.  I would like to retrofit to the straps now. Please provide cost to replace the cables with straps


have a current bifold door by another company, need more height to fit new plane, door opening 12'8, need to enlarge center portion to 14' to fit tail. can hydraulic door mounted on outside extend above opening to cover center portion cut out? can you give me some pricing examples and who can instal locally at Taylor County? thx


Just bought a hangar with two bi-fold doors in palce, have it installed with cables. Would like a quote to change the equipment or retro to your strap system for both doors. openning sare 46 x18 x two doors ? thanks


Would like to retrofit existing door with new bifolding or hydraulic door. Want insulation package, 2 windows and walk thru door. sizi is 44x12 foot open height. Thank you.


I would like to retrofit a sliding hanger door with a bifold door. My friend wants to do his as well so we were wondering if there is a multi order discount.


I just purchased 2 hydraulic Schweiss doors and have another on ordered. I do like how they work. Just one Question, Does it hurt anthing to leave the door Half or part way up for a period of time? Respectfully yours, Jamal


Can walk doors be installed in bifold doors we already have? The doors are about 6 months old.And approx. cost?


Large door, 20 feet high and 60 wide with two motors and ten cables. How much to change to straps?


I have a steel hangar. I would like to replace my bi-fold with the hydraulic door to achieve more clearance. Door is 38' X 10'9". My present bi-fold is of my own design and I now get about 8" clearance. How much more clearance can I expect from the hydraulic? I have your competitions door on my other hangar and don't like it much and it is very expensive. EAA discount, AOPA discount, AARP discount, Monday special and any and all other discounts available. Thanks, Kevin


We have a welding complex that wants to retrofit their opener to one of your strap type doors.The bifold is 18'wide by 22' tall app 1500 pounds.


This is an existing construction. Dimensions given are for existing opening at steel columns and steel beam. Additional information is available including shops for steel, field photos and answers to any questions. Finished floor is 9.5 inches above top of 18 inch square base plates. Existing base plates are suitable for supporting your bifold door and frame assembly. No man-door or windows are needed in your door. Best contact is by email, or email to schedule phone conversation. Thanks


i need pricing on the following bi-fold doors. The wind zone for the location of the jobsite is 130 mph. Please call if you have any questions. thanks, Ronnie


I have a hangar on my Arizona Airpark property at 19AZ, Montezuma Heights Airpark. The hangar does not have a door, but, There is really large and strong I beam on the front of it. What is the best way to determine a Schweiss bifold door retrofit? Because I live mostly in Huntington Beach, it takes time to get over there and make measurements.


Need to retro fit a door to a 1967 quonset building, door opening is 14' wide and 16' tall. would be interested in ball park bifold doodr figure of price.


I have a project with an existing Schweiss Bi-Fold Door, 38'0" wide x 12'4" High. It has insulated foam panel on the bottom Section and Insulated Glass on the top Panel My customer wants to modify the door to create (2) Doors; 1 - 10'2" (Aprox) x 12'4 High and 1 - 28'0" (Aprox) x 12'4" High Is is possibe for your engineering department to provide a quote on what would be required to do this modification in the field, or does the customer need to replace the existing door(s) with new doors for the new openings?


I have 15 hangars they are app 20-22 years old and the sliding doors are getting sketchy. would like info on replacing with hydraulic doors or rebuilding. Thanks Jay


I am a maintenance contractor in Arkansas/Missouri area and am in need of complete lift strap system with latch to replace a existing cable lift system. The hanger door is 72' x 22' bi fold door to be retro fitted with strap lift system, it currently has 5 cable system and approximately 15 years old. It has one motor right now operating the cable system mounted in the middle of the door, I would assume we would use two motor system as well add the latch system. Can you provide me pricing on a complete system to install for a client in the Bentonville Arkansas 72712 area. Thank you, Chris


We are interested in replacing our sectional roll up doors with bifold doors, the rough opening is 70Ft wide. We are located At the Fredericton Airport in Fredericton , New Brunswick Canada and are asking if you have any names of installers in our area?? Your co operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Tim


I would like information on your bifold doors with costs including installation and removal of existing doors. The current doors are a 3 door system with kickout legs. I also have a second hangar which will require a door and I will talk to your salesperson when they call regarding that. I look forward to talking with you. Kevin Howard


We are looking to replace our bi fold doors on the hangar. We need to know if you have a GSA number. Also what would it cost for the doors including installation? We currently have a door from brand z , the motor is broke and we have been waiting for two months now for a new motor, which has put us down to one bay. I need to know how soon these doors could be built and installed?


I would like to change my cable opener to the strap style. My door is about 15yrs old and is a "Style M-Door". It is 20" wide and 14'6" high. Is this possible, what would the parts cost to do this and do you have instructions on how to do this? Thanks 


I require a quote on the following: New bottom door seal for a 46 ft. bi-fold. Option 2 Is an auto latch option available on a cable actuated bi-fold ? Ia a remote an option with the above mod ? Thanks 


We have an older door on one of our hangers. I would like information on your strap openers for our existing door. Also I would like information on any backup systems Schweiss provides


Have a customer in the Adrian, MI area looking at replaceing his sliders with a bifold door. Size is 16ft. H x 30 ft W. Need to be able to insulate it and needs to have a good seal when closed. ( He heats the building in the winter).


Looking at retrofitting an existing hangar to achieve a wider opening. existing opening is 50'x14'6", 16' sidewall. would like to go to 54' wide? interested in bi-fold, hydraulic, and the external mount options.


Recently a Schweiss Door was installed at the Wausau Downtown Airport (Wisconsin). The owner is very pleased with the door and the lift strap system. The City of Wausau also owns a 100x100 aircraft hangar with a bifold hangar door mounted in a rough opening of 31'6 by 80' (28 ft clear height). The door was installed in 1997 and was manufactured by another hangar door company and has a archaic cable lift system. We would like to inquire whether this door could be retrofitted with the lift strap system as the cable system has caused some problems. Please contact m to discuss the possibilities for retrofitting the door. David


I need price quotes to supply & install new hanger doors on my old hanger in Squamish, BC. Existing door opening is 18' high by 40' wide with 24" steel I beam header and 6" dia. steel posts at each end. The rest of the building is wood frame with steel siding. We can not loose any of the width on the existing door opening. Photos available if required. I would like a quote for both types of Schweiss doors as soon as possible. Thanks!


I am looking at buying a finished hangar with a bi-fold door that that is opened manually. Do you sell the motor and strap systems for opening or have a distributor in the Minneapolis area that does that work? The hangar is 54' wide by 17' high. I haven't measured the door width, but it is probably 48'. Can you give an estimate on the cost of the opening system for such a door? Thanks.


I have a hanger in Gold Beach Oregon, 29814 with one of your hydraulic Schweiss doors installed. 2003 was construction date, hanger is 54' x 56'. Can you give me the size of door installed, and any maint. requirements for the door? We are also interested in the installed cost if we were to replace the door. An approximate price is OK, we are not looking for a firm bid at this time. 


im bidding a job of replacing the operators on 5 bifold doors the doors are 41ft 10inby14ft with 12ft opening height the operaters they have are on top of doors and they wish to keep them that way but are wanting to upgrade they would like straps but cables will work can you be of assistance to me please let me know thanks bob j.




I have an 80x80 hangar with a 50 ft bi-fold door. I bought an Air tractor 502 that has a 52ft winfspan. I would like to remove the existing door and replace it with a 60 or 65ft door.


We are looking for new doors for hangar.This building was built in 1940 The door opening spec 108'6" x 19'6"


Length is 90 feet opening is 10 feet. How much weight can the door frame handle. Can someone walk on it? If not can it be retrofitted to tolerate some weight in the open position? Sean


I have a 37'Wx12'H bottom drive bifold door (Schweiss) that was installed in the mid 80's. I need to replace the cables and was considering the straps. Can you please let me know how much it would be for the materials and how involved it is to change. This is an Agricultural building. Thanks


I am interested in retro-fitting the end of a 45x 70  Bldg with a new door on a presently closed end. Where do I get an idea on price....I would guess the door would be 25x16'


I have a 50x50 aircraft hangar with a Schweiss bi-fold door that has cables. I want to convert it to straps. What is the cost and how do I get started? Thanks Chris


I would like to know how much it would cost to add an electric opener to an existing 40' bi-fold weighted door.


I HAVE A HANGAR W/AN OLD SINGLE PIECE 45'x 13' DOOR, THE OPENING IS 46 x 13'10" HIGH . DO you still have your OSHKOSH special on ? What is your pricing on a replacement?


You installed bi fold doors at the Lancaster Airport in PA about 4 years ago. They went onto a row of box hangars. The hangars are 55 wide by 50 deep with I believe an 18' door. We currently rent one of these units and are curious if it can be retrofitted with the automatic open feature... Can you let me know if yes or no...if yes...the cost... Thanks, Chad O.


Just returning from Oshkosh and seeing your booth and now have a minute, could you quote me a price to replace my cable system with staps and auto locking system? I have a 40' door. Any question please give me a call. Thanks Tom H.


We are planning to upgrade our T-Hangers and are interested in receiving a quote to replace the existing sliding doors with Bi-Fold Doors. Please advise if you are able to retrofit our building with Bi-Fold doors and provide an estimate. When I spoke to a salesperson the other day, she had asked me to provide pictures of the building and hangers. Please advise me where to send them.


Need to replace an existing bifold with a hydraulic door to accept a lager plane. Current bifold is 14 foot opening x 49. Can you send a quote on cost of door, shipping to texas so I can get an idea as to what I am looking at spending.


Good afternoon! I'm interested in the straps which you have that can be retrofitted to a cabled, bifold door. However, I'm not even sure the door on my hangar is one of yours. It looks very similar but I cannot find any markings or label. I could send you a picture. The t-hangars were built in 2003 and it is 42' long by approx. 12' high. I'd appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you very much! Steve


I have a Schweiss bi-fold door that was installed 3 years ago. How much would it cost to convert it from the cable system, to the strap system with self locking mechanism? I am also interested in the remote open/close feature. What is involved in the conversion? It was purchased thru Maverick constrution and delivered to this address. Thanks, Joe R.


I currently have a fulfab by fold and want it replaced with a Hyd door. Opening is 48ft 15 I can send you pictures of the frame if you need them. There are 8 hangars maybe 4 owners will change to your door.


We need to replace a door that has an opening size of 50 x 16. We would like a price for the door and a seperate price for install


I have a Schweiss door (40') put up in 1995 with cables (4). What would it cost to covert to the new straps? And who would do it? Thanks Pete


we manufactuir custom sectional garage doors, gates, and motor court gastes. we currently have a project that will funtion as a two piece door opening as your bifold door does. my question is do you make hardware that can be retrofited to a two piece glass and alum. door with the track being in between the jambs and counterbalanced with the use of torsion springs thanks rob s.


I have a 60ft. bi-fold door, am looking for a $ on the lift straps with the remote, and do you have anyone in the area that has had them installed. Thank You


I work for Joshua C. in Ethiopia, im here in a small town called Awasa. We are building a hanger and our Schweiss door is wonderfull. We have ran into a problem though. Its our own fault. we ordered our door to big. By 5-1/2 inches. Will the door still open ad close properly, if I shorten the door by taking out of the top section? Or if you have any sugestions on where to take out of the frame, please do. We are almost done with the project. Only this door left. your help would be appreciated.


Currently have a Schweiss Bi-fold door on my 50'X 50' hangar. Door measures 14.5 ft vertical; 45 ft 4 inches across. What would be the cost of converting it to a single, hydraulic operated door. Saw your ad in GA News.


I would like to retrofit a curvet style building. The building is 48' wide and I would like the door to be a wide and as high as possible.


I have been asked to find somebody to replace hardware on 4 hanger doors approx 93'X23'. They are over 6o years old and hinge opposite the ones on your web site. Have you any experience with something like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is a government job located in St. Paul.


1st item: I have a bi-fold door in our shop that we built years ago. We use hydraulics to operate the door. I am interested is changing it to electric. What would it cost for the motor assembly from you that I could adapt to our door? The door is 40ft X 19ft (16ft ceiling) and is set up with a bottom drive. 2nd item: We are considering building a pole building and may go with a bifold door. Opening would be 40ft wide and 16 ft ceiling. What would the price be for a door? Thanks. Neal


We have a 60' x 16' hanger door bifold door is it possible to change it to a hydraulic one piece door . If so what would it take . Please call I can explain better I think.


This is a replacement of an existing door with a distance from finished floor to top of door of 23'-0".


We are in budget prep and would like to include replacing a specific number of bi-fold door operators per year in our plan. We currently have original top mount electric operators running a v-belt drive with a mechanical brake that turns a cable drum for three cables. The hanger was probably built in the 70's and the operator has no markings to determine what make it is. The doors are 40' wide and I think 14' tall. We are looking for a price to convert to a new operator with minimal retrofiting. Have you ever provided new operators for older existing doors and or what would you suggest for upgrading. Kevin


Building has a existing schweiss bifold door,rough opening is 18', I need the door with opening for the plane, its height is 16'8".Existing door will not raise high enough.


We need a commercial bifold door, insulated to mount over an existing 10'w x 9'2" high masonry opening with 24" clear mounting wall above lintel.This door she be able to be opened by remote transmitters in addition to wall switch. A ground level loading entrance for a furniture restorer. we can remove the existed steel rollup and install your unit with just a little help from our electrician. Jim


We want to retrofit a remote operator to one of our hangar doors. We have bi-fold doors. Can you guys do this?


I have a height problem on an existing hangar. I saw your retrofit door and thought it may be a solution. I can send some some pics and a drawing to help determine if you can be of some help. You will need to e-mail me first. My cell phone is the best way to contact me beside e-mail. Thanks,Dennis


Was wondering if you had a sales representative in the Fort Dodge, IA area (50501). Interested in modifying an existing machine shed. We need a taller door (clearance) for combine. Thanks - Steve K.


Hello, I'm interested in finding out how much it would cost to retrofit my plain hanger door with something custom that would look nice and have lots of windows with screens and motorized. We do not use our hangar for an airplane but would possibly like to use it as a recreation area. The opening is 12 feet high and 40 feet wide.


We recently built a 60 X 96 building. The door on the south side of this building is less than we expected. We would like to consider replacing it with a bifold door. The door measures 16 X 30. It would be great not to lose any head room. Would you be able to give us a rough estimate for a new bifold door of this size. We would also like it installed by your crews if possible.


Hi, We are considering retrofitting a 20-year old sliding hangar door with a Schweiss aluminum hangar door. Clear opening: 100' wide x 27' height. What is the minimum wedge distance required for sustained 35 mile per hour winds? Do you have more specific engineering calcs. that I may forward to my engineer? What is the weight of a hangar door this dimension? We are ready to make a decision immediately, please let me know these answer at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Scott L.


I have one of your bi fold doors on my building that I would like to retrofit with a remote opener. I have look at the system shown on your web site and it appears I would need to add the following items Remote Receiver Box Coax Cable Grounding Block Antenna Please advise if this is correct and what would be the associated cost. Many thanks Andrew


I currently have one of your doors that is cabled, thinking of switching to the strap system. Do you sell a retro fit kit for the straps? If so, how much. Thank you dc


I have a 41'8" X 12' 24"wedge style S,B,D and am requesting information on retrofitted lift strap system.


Please quote the bifold with straps and the one piece hydrolic door for a reto fit 40'x 12' clear opening.


Hi there I am very interested in fitting your auto closing latch to my existing bi-fold door.It is unfortunately not one of your doors,but one I built myself.Would it be possible to retrofit this feature to my door at all? Many Thanks Andreas


I own a new hangar which has a 50 foot bifold door (not a Schweiss). Is it possible to retrofit an autolatch/remote opener/closer? Thanks Paul C.


This would be in an existing building replacing a sliding door. Can you also provide an option for the support> Thanks!


Looking for a door to cover an approx. area of 14' x 12'. Building is already preconstructed, project would be a retrofit. All measurments are approximate. concrete building


I'm looking for a quote to replace a customers existing Bi-fold Door. The size is 44'0" W x 18'0" H It includes a Personel Door 3'0" x 7'0" The existing Bottom Section Construction is 3" Sq. Tube Top & Bottom Rails with 2" Sq.Tube Vertical Mutions at: 34",72", 120",168",216",264",312", 360",408",456",494" The Personel Door is located on the Left Side, (OSLI) between the Vertical Mutions at 456" and 494" Please email or call with any question. Thanks, David G.


We have a pair of Schweiss 36' doors that we want to change over from cables to straps. They were built in 1994 and may have been ordered for "DB Constructors" (the contractor) If you don't a history of the exact door, I can sent you detailed pictures. Please call me regarding a retrofit. Thanks - Keb P.


I rent space for a 1966 Citabria in a hangar with a bifold door. I also have a bad back and would like to find a retro-fit assist mechanism is help me lift and lower the hangar door. Are your lift straps able to be retrofitted on an existing bifold door? If yes, any idea about aproximate costs? The bi-fold door is counter-weighted.


We have another customer that has a hanger with a bifold cable door, and he was wondering if he could get the Auto Latches for a 4 year old door. I believe the door is a 55' or 60' wide. Let us know and we will go from there. Thank You Ava D.


Im interested in pricing for a retrofit bifold hangar door, approximately 40. Thanks, Paul