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I am interested in either a bi-fold door or hydraulic door because of the canopy it provides and the absence of tracks in the ceiling. We are building a small modern cabin and would like two doors that are 8 to 10’ wide and 8-10’ tall. One for the bedroom and one for the living rood. Is one option better than the other in this situation and/or is there another option that I have not considered? All glass doors. I like the strap idea but fear they will interfere with the view when the doors are down. Thank you!


I own an older home in Midland, Texas with a low-ceilinged 2-car carport. A Schweiss bifold door would achieve two important goals: 1) create a secure garage, and 2) improve the curb-appeal. DO YOU HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE IN MIDLAND OR ODESSA, TEXAS? We are eager to add a Schweiss bifold door, and if our home would be the first retrofit, it could be a newsworthy project.


Looking for an airplane hanger style for a residential project. I need three in a wooden panel finish. Please call me for details. Thanks


Hello! Do you provide bifold hanger style doors for residential homes? We are looking to do something similar for an at home gym. We are located in Winona. Thanks!


Hi, Our studio is interested in your bi-folding garage doors for a client in Austin, TX. We would like to know if an oversized door is in our price point and a better picture of how it works. The door will be about 28' wide by 9' tall. We expect the finishing to be done by the contractor. Please give us a ballpark idea of how much the door would cost. Also, how much clearance do you need for the door once it's folded up? Can a 9' door fit in a 10' tall garage or do you need more head height? Thanks!


Hello, I am building a 4 car garage and need 4 doors, I particularly like the all strap bifold doors. 1 garage door measures 10'W x 12'H 3 others measure 8'W x 10'H How sound proof and weather tight can they be made? There will be band rehearsals inside so sound deadening qualities are important. I noticed that they stay open a bit when in the open position, so would like to know that distance to make the door frames that much bigger to accommodate for the the opening hight to remain 12' or 10' Please call anytime Kind Regards, B.


Hey guys, I am fixing to build a new house, and my wife is very interested in a bi fold door about 10' wide and 8' tall that will fit in a bar area on the patio. We noticed your struther's garage pics and was wowed. Call me to discuss.


I am in the late stages of engineering and planning my new garage. My HOA is being difficult a functional third car bay to store my classic muscle car I'm inheriting from my dad. I'd like to consider a Schweiss door and mechanics after initial completion where I will be putting a simple faux wall in the frame with cement board siding. At a later date, I'd like to attach identical cement board to your hardware (very similar to the Houston home you advertise). This would then look like a hidden door. To be prepared, at this time I need to understand the structural requirements for the 10 foot wide by 7 foot tall door opening. I would have a slanted roof, so could accommodate a bottom motor or slanted roof motor assembly. Can this information be provided? Or alternatively can you quote and provide similar detail for the Schweiss freestanding header so I can include it in my structural detail to ensure proper support/anchoring? I am currently using a steel frame for my 20' opening to minimize sag, so a similar construction is feasible for this opening. Appreciate your help and look forward to doing business.


Want small 10x11’tall door for residential because don’t want to see door brackets but concerned to costly is there a way customer built door out of aluminum. And u supply rest I own 7g0 airport and am also interested in your 45’ aviation doors next year looking to do t hangers but above is my personal home in Florida. Looking for idea of cost for door. Thanks


Looking for some options and pricing for glass folding door for single family residence.


Looking for a bifold door for a 10 wide x 11 high opening with maximum clearance when open. Looking for a wood outside face or a face that I could have finished with wood. I also want a row of windows.


Hi, I am looking to install vertical electric bi- fold doors in my house. Do you have a supplier or installer in Birmingham, Alabama? Thanks!


We are looking for an 7’(h)x8’(w) bifold or hydraulic door for a home gym area. Are you able to provide a ballpark price range?


we are interested in your product. we are working on a 25,00 sqft single family home in ft lauderdale and have designed a garage and car showroom for the client. we would like to understand the parameters of your product and if it has Florida or miami dade product approval look forward to hearing back from you best, monica


We are a residential home builder. We have received several requests to install a hanger style bi-fold door with custom cladding system on the face. Current home door is double car garage. Please contact us to work up a quotation and discuss the details of ordering this type of door. Regards, Judy


Hello, I work for Denton Homes, a custom home builder in Des Moines. We are working on a project for a custom build and looking for a bi-fold door that is 12'x12' hinged door designed to look like an 8' tall door with transom windows above. I can send you inspiration pictures and talk in more detail. Cody


Hi, we are designing a custom garage door for a new residence in San Mateo. The client would like an invisible door. Is there a particular model or configuration which makes this easier to accomplish? We would be using a pivot door with wood siding and possibly some glazing. Do you have a chart or other information showing the wedge height required for a given door height? Thank you. Linda


Good afternoon, I am reaching out with LGE Design Build for a residential garage door product. We would like something flush mount with our exterior cladding. The garage door would need to be clad in the same material /- 2" thick. Do the doors need to be glass? Is it possible to do custom dimensions?


We have a beautiful custom built home with a large 2-story VT barn looking garage/workshop. The house is 17 years old and we need a better garage door solution. The opening is 14’w x 11’ 8” tall. We’d like to see some solutions that look like barn doors but operate/open with the push of a button. Currently the doors are 5.75” thick and roll sideways open on heavy duty barn slides. Please call to discuss. Thanks, Chad


I am thinking about putting a hydraulic glass garage door in my cottage. The opening will be 8x8. I am curious about the cost to do this. We would install the door. Thank you.


A client has requested a bifold door for their garage. Rough dimension of opening are 18' wide x 10' tall. The client wants mostly glass with a frame to support.


I have a project that requires a 18'x8' garage door. The client doesn't want the tracks inside because the room is also going to be a pool house. Do you have any residential options. They want a lot of glass in the door as well.


Hello. I have a customer that is interested in the folding patio door option for the outdoor patio remodel.


Hello I have a customer that we are in the early stages of designing their outdoor patio and pool retreat. The wanted to change from standard patio sliders to a hydraulic option. They currently have a 12'wide x 7'11", and another close to 14' wide approx openings and an overhang patio roof about 10'(Have pictures and initial plan). Is there more options? we might be intrested in designing and taking the BYOD option. Thanks


I'm building a house and would like a folding glass garage door door the gym over looking lake. please call asap.


Hi Schweiss Team, I'm with an architecture firm in Bentonville, Arkansas and we are working on about a 8,000 sf house that requires a 30' wide by 8' tall hydraulic door for the garage. We are currently exploring options and wanted to explore your product a little further.


This is a small residential application. I am looking for a bi-fold door to use as a side door for a garage in order to access the yard and pool area from the garage. I am looking for a full view (glass) with black frame.


I have a residential garage I want to put a bi fold on . my opening will be 9'W 8'H


Looking for 2 hydraulic type garage doors for a residential use.. One is 18'. x 8' 6". and the other is 13' x 7' 6" Best. Josh


Looking for a Black Frosted or Clear All glass bifold door for residential application in a home in Isleworth fl was looking at the STANDARD BIFOLD DOOR VERTICAL TOP DRIVE size of opening is 16x8 needs to be wind loaded for fl Block home


Looking for pricing on 2 doors for my garage. The first rough opening is 10 ft wide by 8 ft tall on the side wall, the second will be 10ft wide by 12ft tall on the end wall. Really like the hanger door look, but not sure if its cost effective. General pricing is all I require at this time.


Interested in learning about a schweiss and your bifold door for our residential home. We have an 18 foot wide opening and think your doors would be quite wonderful for our home.


I have a set of plans that I need to send to someone for a residential remodel project in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Thanks


Hello, Looking for a quote on a garage door with an incognito look for a residential project.


Hello, Im interested in garage doors for a house, bifold with hydraulic. (2) 16'-0"w x 8'-0h, (1)9'-0"w x 8'-0"h


Hi, we converted our shop to a home and would like to upgrade our existing garage door. The bifold looks very nice. We live in North Idaho so insulation and durability are important. Thank you.


Working on a high-end private residence in Miami Beach, FL. Looking to develop a custom overhead door solution for a stainless steel clad overhead (or horizontal sliding) garage door which is approximately 8'-0" by 30'-0" wide.


Hello, I have a client who is interested in your hangar doors. I designed him a Mid-Century Modern (SIPS) home with an attached garage. 8ft x 16ft opening. We would like to see if we could do a Bifold or Hinge Design glass door. Can you give me an estimate on this size of door and system. I can send you our architectural plans if that helps. If we move forward with this I'd like to see what infrastructure we will need to implement before installation of your door. We can install Steel or Wood Portal Frame if necessary... Thank you


We are in the process of designing a Barn-House that will house a motorhome on the ground floor. The motorhome is a Class C that is 141" (11'-9") tall and 121" (10'-1") wide. We are interested in the most cost efficient size/style Schweiss Doors can recommend for overhead door options. Is 12' wide x 13" tall available? We like the look of a cross-buck "barn" door design if possible. The exterior siding on the house is planned to be James Hardie Veritcal Board and Batten style.


Looking for a one piece door or hydraulic bifold door that will be part of our living room and open to a patio. Wood construction house.


I'm looking for a ballpark estimate for a 14ft wide, 12 ft tall bifold door. I think just the structural door frame from schweiss, and I'd put my own paneling and windows to match my house


Working on proposed design on a possible build of a small farmhouse style cabin. Looking for a quote on 2 glass front doors 8ft x 16ft. Construction details are forth coming so ball park quote will suffice for now. Thanks and regards, JM


Hello! I’m a door dealer in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have a high end residential customer looking for a 1-piece door that I can install flush to the exterior wall so he can clad it with the same materials as the walls and it will look like there is no door there. I call them InvisiDoors. He wants it to be 1-piece because he wants continuous vertical cladding. The opening will be 9’0” wide x 8’0” high. The door simply needs to have a flat flush face so they can attach 3/4” mahogany siding strips vertically. Shipping to my address. It doesn’t need to be a heavy duty model, but it does require to be automated and will likely be tied into a home automation system so it will require adequate entrapment protection devices (preferably a light curtain and quality reversing edge. Also, is there a way to operate it manually if the power goes out? Thanks!


I’m doing renovations next spring and looking for a bi gold glass garage door for the front of my busking. Approx measurements are 10’ wide by 8 high. Could you provide a quote and shipping quote as well for me in this and have someone contact me please. Thank you


Looking to install a residential hydraulic garage door made to look like carriage doors with windows on the top.


I have someone looking for a hangar door at a residential home. The opening would be framed down to 20' wide x 9' high, wood framing. We are looking for options for this door. I have pictures of the opening when you contact me.


Hello, I am currently building a house. Should be finished framing in Dec. I would love to talk to someone at Schweiss Doors about installing 1 and possibly 2 Hydraulic doors. One for the garage and one for in the basement. Not sure if they seal tight enough to install one of your garage doors vs scissor doors? Would love to set up a call via email. Also want to discuss glass, metal siding etc…. Thanks,


I just recently had an addition build onto our shop. And I had the contractor frame out the door with the thoughts that we going to get a 16' Wide x 12' high overhead door for this addition. I should have checked on backlogs of doors before they built not to mention the costs. As the insulated door that I wanted to order is 3 months out and my cost is $4600 plus tax and that is not even installed. One of my vendors today mentioned that we should explore bifold door as another option. The finished ceiling height in this addition is roughly 14' 6" if I had to make some adjustment on the header, there is some room to do that probably as they used lvl's for the header and we have not finished the inside walls as of yet. I am not sure if schweiss doors are comparable in price range or if this even the direction we should really go. I am just trying to get something going on this before the snow flakes are falling. At this point, I will have a tarp to close that opening as we know that every one is busy and we were lucky to even get this building done before this thanksgiving. Sorry for being long but wanted to provide some details


Hi, I'd like to get a quote for overhead door options to replace a residential 1-car garage door. This is part of a series of quotes across multiple vendors. The opening specs are: 9.7'W x 7.6'H Email response is best. Thanks! -Will


I have 2 traditional 4-panel car garage doors in our 3-car garage. One is 9x7 and the other is a double 16x7. Can those doors be converted to your schweiss bifold vertical doors so I can put a lift in there? I particularly need the 16x7 done as I could use the extra height afforded with your doors. If so, what is the approximate cost for each? If those doors can not be converted, please show me some options for replacement. They currently have 3 solid panels and the top panel has windows. We will not be moving till mid-November and are not in a rush. Thanks.


I was looking for residential options for a 8' x 12' in the hydraulic door style or bifold door style. What does Schweiss Residential Doors have to offer? Saw some images in designer doors.


I am converting my garage to a gym and want a bifold door to replace the current garage door so there is not garage door equipment inside the room, but I want the door to open fully so that technically it still counts as a garage. I think a bifold door would work well for what I have in mind for the space. Does Schweiss Doors make doors for residential properties?


8 foot wide 4 foot tall bifold residential door to the top in the house over a bar exterior opening, Looking at Schweiss designer doors for residential doors.


I have a customer who wants an all glass bi-fold door on their home, black rails, tinted or mirrored glass, 16'x8'. Interested in the Schweiss Residential Doors. Please let me know my options. Thank you, JESCO DOORS


We just retired from 29 years in the Navy and are renovating a historic home in Greenville. We have a small two car garage (2 doors are 7'X 8') and an addition on the house (we believe originally was a garage) with an opening about 9.5' x 7.5' (one door)that we would like to put schweiss's horizontal bifold doors on. The two car garage will be converted to a pool house and the attached garage will be converted to a gym. We would like glass doors (but MUST fit the Design Review Board approval of "fitting in the the character of the house" as it is on the historic registry. Currently the home is a yellow brick with Spanish tile hipped roof. So maybe doors that "look" wooden with mullions that mimic the original windows of the home. Please contact me if this is a project you would be interested in, the pricing and the time-frame. Thank you,


I am general contractor and I'm building a Gym at my personal home and I would like to do two 10X10 schweiss garage doors. I'm looking at either a bifold option or a hydraulic lift door. I want them to be see through glass doors. Just let me know what other information is neccessary you would need to get me a quote. Thanks


We have a 18' x 8' garage opening. Looking to do a black metal bifolding or hydraulic door with White lami glass. Please call me for additional details. D


Hello - I am building a new home with a workshop garage. The garage has 4 large opens. Two I will install standard garage doors and two i would like to see what bifold and/or cantilever door. I would need 2 - 16'x8' doors. This is a residential application and interested in different options depending on price. Thanks.


I was curious on a rough cost for a 27'6" wide by 9' tall schweiss bifold, lift strap door would be. I will be remodeling and residing my house and would like to replace the 2 existing garage doors with one hangar style bifold. Smoked/tinted glass would look great but could do other types of finishes. Regarding height, I would have roughly 9'6" before the existing drywall roof. I am off on Mondays and could talk next Monday. Any ballpark price range, even very wide would be helpful and if feasible we could get detailed on the specs and firm price. Thank you!


I own a cabin (it's our office), out on 10 acres in Houlton WI, and I need a new schweiss garage door...but don't want to go with a conventional option....and recently while filming in Alaska I saw a space about the size that I need to secure with a "bifold" door. If someone would give me a call or shoot me a text and we can talk about schweiss doors would like to understand what my options are. Thank you for your time. Lark


New construction in florida looking at bifold or awning door. Concrete cast in place / ICF residential home. Want modern residential door and elegant door.


Good day, I have a conventional residential home with two 8 foot garage doors separated by a post. I am looking for a strap bi-fold door that utilizes rails on the exterior and can be a single door assuming the middle post is not in the way. I am wondering if you make such a door? (there is a lot of industrial products on your website, I didn't really see any normal homes). If so, could you give me a rough idea how much a door like this might cost. I am looking for a solid door, very little frills, would be nice if it somewhat matched the homes brown/mocha exterior. I just want to know if it is something I could afford at this point, absolute accuracy is not necessary.


I'm interested in the Standard Bifold Door Bottom Drive for a high-end residential project. The clearance needs to be 79". How much height would be needed for the "wedge"? Thanks!


Hi folks- Looking for help with a 12' x 12' opening for a 3400sf warehouse conversion to residential. Concrete block building constructed circa 1930. Schweiss designer doors could help with this project.


can I use this application to cover my patio provided awning effect and make it into a usable space all year round (allow for AC when Arizona super hot or heat when cold ) ? Is it affordable to this for residential ? Thanks


We are building a casita and are interested in putting in either bifold doors or hinge doors. We would need 2 or 3 doors. want an elegant overhead door


Need a folding hangar door for a high end Villa in Dominican Republic. Dimensions are 7.25 meters wide by 5.90 meters high. Would have four columns of glass panels and 6 rows of glass panels. Would like information regarding materials, mechanisms, structural requirements, etc. If you need any clarification, please contact me.


I have two sites and 3rd site in the plan. Both sites are homes where I would like to explore replacing cable doors and side pull garage doors so that I can stack cars and also increase from 8 feet to 10 feet. Your overhead doors could resolve my dilemma. Please contact me with estimates.


I have one of your awning doors. My wife and I love it and our neighbors are envious-we get lots of questions about it.


I am an architect working on an existing residence in Bridgehampton, NY. The existing garage door is a Schweiss bi-fold strap door. We are looking to have one of your representatives or vendors come out to the house to inspect the door and replace any parts to ensure the door's safety, ie. straps, coils, motor, etc. If necessary, I can put you in contact with our local contractor who is working on other parts of the house. Please contact me for need more information, email is preferred. Thank you.


Was looking to confirm feasibility for a residential project of ours. We'd like to install either a hydraulic garage door or a bifold garage door and need more information on minimum clearances for the equipment


We are looking for a single leaf garage door about 9'-8" tall x 10' wide. We are not concerned about the clear opening head height when the door is open. Although we only have a few inches inside the garage at the header. How can we determine how much height is needed above the opening inside the garage door? Are there any codes against using schweiss doors for a single family residential garage door? The project is in Dallas, Texas Okay to email me. Thank you


I'm in the process of building a shop/indoor sport court. Wife wanted sliding doors along the one side. The full length of the wall is 60 ft. Was interested in getting a price from schweiss for a 40 ft bi fold hydraulic door. Its got an 18ft ceiling. Thanks


I have worked with your doors before on a different project but it was a few years ago. I enjoyed your product and the clean design. I'm working on a new commercial construction project for residential apartments in Charlotte, NC. We would like to incorporate your doors as a security door or security gate (2 10x10 and 2 22x12) for this apartment complex. The website has some examples that are similar to the design that I am thinking of.


Hello, We are designing a large house in BC, Canada and were recommended by HR Pacific with whom you have worked before. We are looking for 3x 9'x9' bifold doors and 1x 8'x12' hydraulic door.


Prefer e-mail. Information for current residential project in Leawood, Kansas. Looking for a small, glass outward swinging awning door to provide a canopy when open.


Hello, I am interested in a bi-fold neutral color lift strap glass door for a residential application. It needs to be 8' wide and 88" tall. Can you give me a quote please? Thanks, Zac


I am looking for an all glass tilt-up or bifold designer door approximately 8X8 or 10X8 in size. this is for a residential application in the midwest so the door needs to be air tight and insulated glass. do you have a product like this? new construction (wood). we can provide wood support (preferred) or steel. need two doors.


Hello. Not sure if you do small residential bifold designer door stuff. Saw your wonderful bifold doors and I wanted to do some research to see if you do residential and if so what sizes you have. Thanks for any info. Best regards, Andy


I hate the wasted space of other manufacturers inferior conventional doors--inside! Have you considered scaling your bifold door designs for interior use? Pocket doors are impossible in my house; bifold or rollup doors might be a solution. It would be weird at first, but the extra space would be welcome! Scott


Hello, I live in Denver and would like to look into buying a bifold liftstrap designer grade garage door for my residence. The door is 16’x7’ with a traditional roll up garage door. From reading your specs it looks like the bifold mounts on the outside to the header so I would need to know how to measure for the bifold. I look forward to hearing from your team. Kind Regards, Kevin Rice


We have a large Porch with 3 insulated walls. End wall is currently open and we would like a insulated glass bifold or hanger door that we could close in the winter to protect from the elements. Rough opening is 28' wide by 15' tall. What options such as remote openers and automatic latching systems do you have for us and what is the estimated cost?


Considering an 8x8 glass wall/door for a home shop/guest house. I%u2019m neutral between solid frame hydraulic doors and bifold liftstrap residential doors. Looking for something basic; trying however to avoid a typical garage door with ceiling tracks. What price range might I expect for a door that size? Need not be double or triple paned as it will be in a smallish outbuilding. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Michael Lyster


Building a house. (1/2 shops, half house) saw you ad about hydraulic hydraulic doors. What does a simple one cost? Maybe 10' across x7' high. We are building on a budget. Thanks.


We will be building a home and I would like to have a door that opens up the home to the outside deck on the main level that is above a walk out basement. I am looking for something to give us a beautiful view to the lake and give us an updated feel to lake living! Im not positive on size because it can accommodate whatever needs to be accommodated at this point


Looking for 3 doors for a pool house. Have sliding doors now and looking for other options. They are single car size and would like glass with a bronze finish. Would prefer which ever is cheaper whether wood or steel.


I need details and weight of standard size residential glass clad horizontal top drive bifold doors. I'd like to install these doors on wood frame construction, without steel if possible. Max openings at the moment are 9x15 and 10x15, will accommodate openings to a standard if possible. Total of 3 doors.


built an outdoor pool house. have an opening the above size..46 1/4 across and 38 1/4 high. meant to be used as a pass through. have been trying to figure a way to enclose when not in use. use a "magic screen" that I adapted to fit but wondered if you could make a wi dow to fit the space.


This is a residential porch that we would like to enclose. Bi-folding glass doors. There are 4 openings I can send a picture of the space. Here are the rough openings. 2 Doors-rough openings 132"H 2 Doors-rough openings 127"W X 104" H 4 doors total...Brick structure


My husband and I are wanting to turn our covered porch on the upper deck into a sunroom with shades. We found the shades we want (they are on tracks so they do not blow in the wind), however; we were having trouble finding folding sunroom doors that would go along with this. (It gets really hot there in the summer, so we really need the sunroom to be retractable or removable.) That is when I came across an image of overhead folding garage doors and I thought this could work as a retractable sunroom that did not interfere with our shades. I was wondering if you made panels as skinny as 18"? Thank you for your time, Maria


Looking for a 10x10 strap or hydraulic door for my new house currently being built this will be in the living area.. Looking for pricing on both and lead times for delivery Thank you 


looking for cost for bifold garage door for a residential building.


We're interested to enclose an outdoor patio area of our home and are investigating various options.


Love your doors and was looking to spec in a couple doors. One for the garage and one or two for the back side of the house opening the living area to make it inside outside living. Looking at glass with metal grid


Love the doors, and think that they have lots of potential in smaller sizes for residential, and commercial applications like restaurants and retail stores. I am speaking with a potential customer who is building a garage inside of which he will be stacking cars with a car lift. Overhead clearance is at a premium so an out swing bi-fold makes sense. A ball park cost on 2- 9' x 8' bi-fold doors would help with the cost part of this conversation, and perhaps help me focus future inquiries. Thank you, Mike


Hi there, I am just a home owner building a home in Connecticut. I am reaching out to you because I have a interesting situation for my shed. My home is very large for the amount of land it is on. It is maxed at the external coverage that the town allows. I would not be able to have a shed on my home because of this. I therefore had the architect design a walk out shed that is in my basement. There is a garage size door as well as entry door and a slider next to each other. The challenge I have is that I did not want a normal carriage style door like I will have on my car garage. The reason is because there will not be a driveway but just a patio and mini ramp to drive my UTVs, mowers etc in and out. I thought I bifold door would be nice because in the summer I can leave it open and also create a space to hang out and block the sun as well as block rain if necessary. its purely an aesthetics thing. I saw your website and was intrigued by the straps and the bifold doors you have made. the only thing is that I noticed it is mostly industrial with warehouses and hangers. I was wondering if you make residential solutions for people like me?


We are replacing our 'four seasons' style sunroom, and combining our dining room/kitchen eating areas. This will provide an opening of about 20' (the wall may be almost 22' long outside dimensions). This will lead out to our deck, comparing cost, look and energy efficiency with bifold and sliding patio doors. Interested in a quote. We are in a pretty wintery part of Canada, so good energy efficiency during winter will be important. I believe the ceiling will be 9' inside, so the door could be between 8-9- high. So looking for the all glass bifold or single door. Thank you.


We are considering a hydraulic door as an operable separation between an auditorium and a multipurpose room in our home - is this something Schweiss has done before? The interior application would in an opening 48'-0" long and 9'-6" tall. We would love to see any past interior applications of your doors.


Interested in residential bifold doors. Local suppliers /and or installers. I'm located in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Thanks again, Carl


Interested on pricing for a residential bifold garage door, 8'x20', 1x4 Western Red Cedar front similar to example on your website.


A bifold door will be needed for a proposed garage. The garage frame will be for residential, lighter duty 12 gauge galvanized steel tubing, and not the heavy duty red steel beams in industrial buildings. The steel tubing measures 2-1/4" X 2-1/4" square. The side posts and header could be beefed up by doubling or tripling, etc. as you require, to make the rough opening acceptable for your door attached outside the rough opening. Therefore, the size dimensions listed below are approximate. I would like a walk-in man door. A galvanized frame like the rest of the building. Also fixed windows. This project is a few months away. Thank you.


I would like to know how much a 20ft wide, 10ft tall lift-strap bifold garage door would cost. Do I need to pay extra for installation? Can I install on my own? Thank you in advance for the information.




We are looking for information on interior overhead doors for a artists loft. Could you please send information about Bifold and hydraulic doors. Thanks, Wayne


Do you sell and install in Baton Rouge, LA? What would be the approximate cost for a 22' x 8' residential garage door?


Could you price out a residential application door for a patio bifold door. It will close in a 12' W x 8' H opening. We would like to have it priced in black frame and priced for both single and double pane glass. We just need a rough estimate and lead time to provide to a customer. Thanks much, Sam


Can we get a quote on a 44"x53" bifold door. We are wanting to convert a bay window in the kitchen to an indoor/outdoor space. All glass.


Looking for a bi-fold door that's used for a home exterior door. 8ft x 7ft glass panel dual pane and tempered.


I want to get information on a horizontal bifold residential use door for application on an existing residential townhouse in manhattan. The project will need to mimic historic storefront detailing and is on an angle, limiting our ability to do overhead mechanisms. We also cannot have the garage door encroach onto the sidewalk. We will need to accommodate a large SUV (chevy suburban). The current opening we have to work with is 9'-6" wide and 8'-9" high. I'd love to speak with a technical representative about options, details, and overall layout.


Interested in a residential hydraulic glass designer door installation. Wondering if you produce them as small as 10 ft. wide  If so, what would cost be? also, are the bi-fold liftstrap designer doors available at that size? Price? Also, are there any St. Louis area contractors that you could recommend to install your products? 


Im interested in a Schweiss bifold designer garage door or a single pc hydraulic lift door for my new home just cuirous on cost for shipping to hawaii and installation


Hi, I'm an interior designer located in Dallas and I'm working on a client's personal movie theatre that will be located in the DFW area. I would like to get a ballpark quote on two hydraulic doors roughly 10'-0" wide by 10'-0" high. If possible please send the quote by EOD today. Thank you so much!


Building a super custom residential property, Need an advanced bifold garage door system for 3 bay garage, need all doors to open out. All glass if possible,, or metal if not. Ultra modern home.. What options do you offer?


Hi, I am renovating a residential property on a lake and wanted to create an indoor/outdoor space by using a glass lift-strap bi-fold door. I saw your company through an app and looked at your web page. I think something like the custom built bi-fold doors in your photos would be great but I have a few questions. I wanted to know if you have pre made standard sizes that you sell or is it all custom? I also wanted to know how insulated the frames and glass are for the cold weather we get in Wisconsin? Where can I talk prices and ordering info? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Brett


I'm in the process of having a new home designed for construction in Colorado. There will be a large deck which will be partly 'enclosable' by lowering glass garage doors. We have seen that Schweiss also builds residential doors. Your lift-strap bi-fold doors seem like a good option, but I have no idea how much the bi-fold doors cost compared to a conventional glass garage door. The sizing would be similar to a one car garage, and there may be three.


We are designing a residential project in California which will have 3 garage doors at varying sizes, the largest roughly being 26'x 9'. We are looking for single panel, with a tilt up operation, so we are looking at Schweiss' one-piece hydraulic doors. We have questions about custom paneling options, door dimensions, clearance requirements, etc. all of which may be answered by an installation guide. If you could please be in contact via phone or email that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, -Emilie


I am curious if it is possible to use your lift-strap bifolds for residential garage doors? What is the cost of the lift-strap system? I have two garage doors measuring 9' wide by 7' tall. The old doors also need to be replaced. We would like to have compact folding doors to allow for increased overhead storage in our garage. Our house is in Reno, NV 89511. Thanks. Nancy K.


I am curious about the residential application of a bi-fold door for a standard 16' x 7' opening vs. a hydraulic door. Ball park pricing and Contractors near Santa Barbara, CA would be helpful too. Thanks, Susan G.


I am working on a project in New York, it is a roof top extension. We are building a small vestibule about 120 square feet on the roof and we would like to install a hydraulic door as one of the entrances to the roof desk. The opening is 10' 9" wide by 9' 0" high. Can you please send me specifications and details for this type of door? Thank you. Sincerely, Maria K.


I'm working on a residential project in Northern California and I have a 22' wide x 11' tall opening where I'd like to use the lift-strap bifold door. I have some questions about how I can 'finish' the door on the exterior. Does Schweiss Doors just provide the frame, and I can attache whatever finish I want? Or do you have specific options depending on what material I want to use? Thanks, Danny S.


We are architects in NYC and are currently working on a residential project in LA. We are under design process now. We want to install a Schweiss door that is 24' wide x12' high as a hydraulic one-piece garage door OR a lift-strap bi-fold. Can I have a cost comparison,(even just rough ball park) between two? So we can delete one option based on the cost? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Dirk


Good Morning, We had requested a quote last year in august for the garage door at a residential project in California. The owner has finally decided to go with Schweiss for the door, but would like to get 2 quotes,one for a 33'W x 15'H lift-strap bi-fold garage door, installed and the other quote for a 33'W x 11'H bi-fold garage door, installed. Both doors will be skinned with 1/4" aluminum panels. Feel free to call me if you have any further questions.


I am working on my residential property and am looking for a one-piece hydraulic door, 7' x 20' that I can add siding and windows to match my house. Can you build a door that small? If so, please give me an estimate of the cost of just the door frame that would allow sheathing and windows. Thanks, Danny


I am considering a hydraulic door for my residential project. Roughly a 9' high x 15' wide opening on wood frame. Would like to skin the hydraulic door with reclaimed 1x12 rough southern yellow pine (treated) Depending on price, would also consider a second door beside this one. Can they be run off the same hydraulic unit? These doors would open up the unfinished lower level of a split level Lake home


I'm a contractor looking for a glass bifold door for a residential application as a window product. Concrete building.


Our custom residence on Kauai. Was considering NanoWall for the two ends of our new home, approx. 24'w x 10'h. Desired the single piece hydraulic door, glass/mullions which would also provide the exterior shade. I'd love to get some budget pricing. Saw several of your gallery photos that "fit the bill". Hope you can assist. Mahalo, Dave, Building Consultants


Hello, Are you able to connect me with any local dealers? We are interested in a bifold door to be used as a window in a residential interior application (kitchen to enclosed patio). I know there are many variables but was hoping for a ballpark cost to know if it would even be feasible within budget. The opening is 112" wide by 46" tall. Best, Kathy


What would the cost be for a glass door similar to the Soo Line Building Door? This is will be used in a residence to open up a great room to an entertaining patio area. 15' wide x 9'6" tall. This is new construction so dimensions could be adjusted if needed.


Hi there, We have a single family home client in CA who is very interested in doing a slatted exterior screen that will have lift-strap bifold door. We will have actual glazed doors/windows behind the screen. The house has horizontal siding and we would like to use a horizontal wood or steel slat at the exterior operable screen to cover the windows. The two project with similar exterior screens on your website are below. Federales Mexican restaurant in Chicago 22-28 Wykoff Ave. Brooklyn I have included the sizing of 1 of 3 doors on the project that we would want to use this system for pricing purposes. We would also want the strap to be lined up with the window frames behind it so that when closed, it is pretty inconspicuous. Would you please have a representative call me to discuss further how the system works and the details around going from concept to built for something like this (lead times, structural, prep work, who is responsible for what and etc)? Thanks so much!


Hi, I am Ronald, an architects based out of MA and I would like to inquire about custom hydraulic garage doors that we would like to use in one of our residential projects. Would be great to speak with some one from your office regarding the same.


Looking for residential application for an indoor pool to have walls open up for ventilation. Which is cheaper a lift-strap bifold or a one-piece hydraulic door? I don't necessarily need a powered option if light enough. Also would it be cheaper to have one bigger door (20 ft) or two smaller doors (10ft)


We were reached by our client to research the bi-fold door for a residential installation in New York City. As per NYC code, any doors cannot project into the sidewalk more than 18 inches. In addition, windows are only permitted to project into the sidewalk as much as 10 inches located 10ft above the sidewalk. Would you please inform me if your product is permissible application in NYC? Thank you, Michael 


I am interested in pricing for a Bi-fold residential  door to open up a daylight basement. The dimensions of the opening will be 11' wide x 8' tall. Can you please give me a rough idea of pricing for your residential door product? We would clad it ourselves. Thanks, Nick Lovemark, AIA


Our project is a 150,000 sq.ft. 250 unit residential building with an assembly space on the roof. Can you provide us with some product options for our desired locations, which you will find in the attached design intent. We are looking for either an overhead door or an operable bifold door glass wall system, per your recommendation: Given 35 psf windload pressure, 1.Locations: a. On roof, punched within penthouse metal panel wall assembly at building elevation of 119 feet above ground level; and b. On roof, at corner location within penthouse metal panel wall at 119 feet above ground level  (note, this location is at the corner of the rooftop structure) Given size, will additional or intermediate supports be necessary? If so what is this material, alum? b.Given size, recommend a glass thickness 3.Sealing: How does this system seal? Being on the roof and at a moment that wants to be a closed off to the weather elements in the winter months, how does this system seal around the opening? a. Air/water? B. thermally? Please let me know if you all need anything else to get the design conversation for this custom assembly going.


We are the GC on a new construction home in Atherton CA. Garage is free standing structure adjacent to home. The approximate size of the door is 28' wide and 7' tall...a single opening. We have limited head room...8' ceiling height and are realizing a traditional sectional door will not work due to kinetic architectural required head clearance for over sized motor. Home is extremely modern. Door would be clad in vertical grain clear western red cedar planks mounted horizontally. Structure is wood framed with structural steel elements.


We are looking for budget pricing on a new Residence Inn in New Orleans, LA. We have 30% design documents with no kinetic architectural specifications. The drawings do indicate: Schweiss Bifold Door, freestanding header, flush mount, truss: internal, wedge: 24", bottom drive w/ straps, clad with GFRC panel, provide optional wind pins and latch straps.


We are in schematic design for a residential project in Los Angeles where we hope to use a Schweiss glass residential use bifold door approximately 9' wide by 17' tall. It is a wood-framed building. Are there more extensive details you could forward to me than the general details on your website?


Would like to get prices on thermally insulated Schweiss residential doors, if available, in both hydraulic and bifold configurations. Design wise we're interested in something along the lines of two of the projects on your "Designer Bifold Doors" page of your website. The "Country House Exterior" and the "Home Owner's Private Garage." I've included dimensions of the rough opening they would be installed in below. Please let me know if you need any further info. 


We're looking for a fold up garage door that can be paneled for a residential project. The door is in a concrete wall, and should sit flush with the outer face of the wall. Is there a difference between your residential doors and your large industrial/commercial doors? Is there any specific support or structure needed for one of these doors? Can we get a quote or details of how this type of door would work?


I am interested in using a Schweiss bifold residential application doors. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of price point and if there are any contractors in my area that have used this product.


I am looking for information / pricing on bifold residential poolside doors that are clear, full view, insulated glass. The sizes are 9'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-2) and 19'0" wide x 10'0" tall (Qty-1). These need to be motor operated to include all applicable seals. Please include frame material options (i.e.: aluminum, steel) and color availability. Also, tell me more about the automatic latch strap option. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.


These doors would be used for the interior upper story of 2 floor wood construction VA house overlooking a large living space below. Give me price on a hydraulic glass designer door. So unsure of end wall or side wall options asked in fill out form. Door panel material would be distressed zinc.


Hi, my name is Eric and I design high-end custom homes in AZ and I'm currently looking for a hydraulic door that will allow security and also gorgeous to look at for outdoor structures. A few of my clients have used metal roll-up doors for these type of structures which work for security but are absolutely horrible to look at when talking multi-million dollar homes. I am interested in using your bifold and hydraulic glass designer garage doors for a few of my projects I'm currently working on, these are outdoor kitchens and pool cabanas. I would like to receive some information on your hydraulic door specifications and how I can best utilize your product. As a home designer everyone wants to see my home, so I built my new home as both a home for my family and also as a showroom for future clients. In the next few months I will be building my own outdoor structures and I would be interested in using your product for my project. Any help you can provide me is appreciated. Thank you. 


We are remodeling our home and want to add a overhead bifold  door. It would need to be insulated and with liftstraps. We would like it to have windows up top and at eye level. Also an  access door. The remodel will take place in mid September. Any questions please fell free to call me at anytime.


I'm working on a residential project and the maximum distance from finish floor to top of door hinge is 10'-0". Door would be spanning 17'-6". What would be the maximum clear opening achievable with the bi-fold liftstrap door system? Thank you.


Looking for a price list. Interested in incorporating your glass bifold liftstrap doors into a residential design to open up a wall of the house to the outdoor patio and pool space. Also interested in any information you have on how the frame of the house (unbuilt) should be altered to accept the additional force/weight.


I am looking for general pricing information for a bifold strap door for use on an home attached hanger in Queen Creek, AZ the approximate opening will be 40'X 14'. We have little children so will want safety photo-eyes, door base safety edge and lights on door.  


This would be for a new residential home bifold strap door to store an RV. What would the best material be for the side column type? We could do any of the three you mentioned.


I spoke to someone last year about your bifold liftstrap doors on our homes. They asked some questions that I did not have an answer to at that time, I beleive that I can answer those questions now. 


This is for a custom residence in Honolulu and we would like to discuss a bi-fold liftstrap door. The opening is 22'6 and height is 8'. The door will be covered in wood siding panels.


I am building a unique cabin with long covered patios/decks around the back perimeter. I would like to have bi-fold liftstap doors that enclose these two long decks to protect furniture and the home overall during inclement weather and against burglery when unoccupied. I will need the headroom to be at least 7.5 feet when walking out from the deck. I would like to get some general bifold door costs with autolatches and design instructions so that I can provide such to the architect. Thanks, Todd


I am looking for a simple but stylish residential  door. There is currently a roll up door in place, I need to lose the roll up door track so I can recess the kitchen cabinets into the garage driving the need for a bifold door liftstrap system. I am curious about styles available as well as cost?


We are converting an open porch into a sun room and we want it to be as open as possible. We are considering glass bifold liftstrap garage doors. We have two openings; one is 7.5" x 7" and the other is 12.5" x 7". We would need thermally broken glass to catch as much of the south sun and keep as much heat in. Is this a possibility with your products?? Keven


I am designing an outdoor kitchen for a client in Seguin, TX. The kitchen is a 12'x12' box, but I am wanting to have bi-fold operable glass on three sides, so my plan is to have a 4' high section of glass garage door paneling (2 panels), that would be hinged at the top and would be able to bi-fold at the center. The idea is that the lower panel would be an inch or so taller than the top panel, that way I can lift the door from the bottom of the lower panel and have clearance at top. So basically I am looking for a bi-folding glass garage door that will operate with the track/rail at the jambs. The system will be operated by a cable winch system that we already have, I just need the doors. There will be three openings at dimensions of 5'-0", 11'-0", and 8'-6" and all being 4' high openings. Can you provide me with a quote.


Price on 1 bifold door system for residential home rec. room door. Rough door opening of 32 ft x  10.4". I will install wood on both inside and outside of door with spray foam insulation. Home will be wood stick frame with in floor heat.


Need a new single family residence door. The bifold liftstrap door will be glazed. The door can be glazed in place by a glazing subcontractor. I have door engineering exhibits  I can email to you. 


I need a bifold residential use door that we will cover with wood, door size 23' 5" x 10'. Door to have windows, remote control door opener and walk door. Non-insulated door. I will insulate door myself.


We are pricing a residential remodel. The architect has requested we use a Schweiss bifold liftstrap pool house door. Please send me door model options, glass options, color options, etc. 


I have a client who needs ocean front residential condo doors. Sizes and quantities (7) - 18'w. x 12'h. (1) - 23'w. x 12'h. Aluminum or galvanized door frame with full glass door glazing.


I am interested in 2 bifold Schweiss wood garage doors for my residence. Both 10' wide by 8' high with automatic door latches for each.


Interested in a specialty garage door that opens out not in. Saw your Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold design and thought it would be perfect for a residential use door. This is for a garage door replacement on my home where we converted most of the drive in garage to a large dining room and laundry/mud room after we built our 2 story detached garage. With 6 feet of available head room under our new dining room floor joists, I want to access this area for storage and keep the look of a garage door on the side of the house for aesthetic reasons.


Not sure what is meant by the option of end wall? I need a residential construction bifold strap door in a wall that carries a roof. There will be a header across the top of the door carrying the doors roof load. 


I am working on a special door project for one of my clients and am looking to obtain a quote for 2 9x8 bifold municipal police department doors. Door cladding in cedar, to match exterior elements on the home. Please add price for remote door openers, two each for fast opening doors.


Interested in buying bi-fold liftstrap house doors. The house sits atop a hill, and the side facing the view will feature bi-fold insulated glass doors on each level so doors can open up during the summer for access to terraces and open the inside to the landscape. Appreciate door estimate to include aluminum frames on two 16 ft. x 10 ft. doors. 


Looking for an electrical lift bifold window door  for residential kitchen with a 9' opening. Aluminum frame. Strap door, not cables.


Starting to build a house in Texas. Plans call for a glass designer kitchen door to come up from a counter that extends into the backyard and then another one directly beside it that would go all the way to floor. Glass wall door should give look of the entire back wall opening up. Got the idea from a beach house door. Really love the mirrored living room door on your website. Could you give me a quote? Does it include installation? I saw the Sway restaurant designer door also. Beautiful door. The door from the counter top would be 6 feet high, 11"8' wide. the door to the floor beside it would be 10" high, 4" wide. Quote hydraulic and bifold with straps. Very impressed with Schweiss door  craftsmanship.


Want to discuss the use of a glass bifold (strap) door system on a high end home in Vail, CO. Door size: 20'-9" x 9'. Aluminum door frame, thermal insulated, remotes and all the bells and whistles. He may also be wanting heliport doors shortly.


I saw your Schweiss website photos of the Denver garage and the mirror-image home. I am building a house and am looking for bronze/glass doors for two garages. One garage door measures 18x7, the other is 16x8. Need quotes on your bifold liftstrap and hydraulic door in this size?


We are looking to place custom log home doors for a client. Door weight with split log cladding will be heavy, so price larger horsepower door motor for better lift. Bifold strap door style


Looking for a pair of Schweiss bifold residential doors in a garage door application. We would like to clad the door in the same material as the house (wood or steel panels). Price two 12 ft. x 9 ft. liftstrap doors with remote door openers. I will insulate and clad the door.


I have a client looking for a vertical lift Schweiss bi-fold pool house door. He wants the top half of pool door to be a insulated glass door and the bifold strap door to fold outward.


Only 110 volt power is available in our home. Please specify power requirements for your liftstrap Schweiss bifold residential door. Door size is 18' x 9' and is a garage door.


Looking for approximate costs at this point for a residential use bifold patio door 12' tall and about 20-22' width. Aluminum frame glass door with straps to open to pool and patio area.


I am working on a Tenant Door Improvement project in San Francisco. Interested in four (4) steel Schweiss patented bifold liftstrap doors to two (2) concrete buildings. These would be custom-made doors that fold up to form awnings.


I'm building a new house. I've been a big door fan of your bifold liftstrap door systems. I'm interested in a garage specialty door which is a under-the-house door. Will need a 20' x 9' insulated garage door with many windows.


I'm finishing a Residential Door project in Montecito and want both the Bifold Door with Lift Straps and the "Red Pump" Hydraulic Door systems for the garage doors on the house. Give me  door quote for this system. Door opening is 22 ft wide by 10 ft high, door with wood cladding on the exterior. Send CAD/Details of the doors system.


Need qty 2, either hydraulic or bifold residential doors for application on high ground on NC Coast. Wind loaded doors to 130 mph. Glass doors with aluminum frames and remote door openers.


Hi, I have a carport connected to the back of my house. The size is close to 20' x 20' with three open sides and three 4 x 4 post on the back end. I want to be able to close it in, but when the weather is nice I want to open it back up and not lose the view. I looked at sun rooms, but all you can do with them is open the windows. I looked at Garage doors, but there isn't enough room to install them and most of them don't have large windows. So I started searching the web and came across your web site. The question is cost and can we hang three to four Schweiss hydraulic glass doors on this car port? The carport can be reinforced if needed. Thanks for your time. Stuart 


Hi, We are exploring the extensive use of Schweiss liftstrap/autolatch bi-fold doors to operate a glass and aluminum window wall for a residential project containing approximately 350 units in San Francisco. We're interested in better understanding pricing, operation and maintenance for this type of application, and see that you've completed similar projects (in New York, and here in SF). Please let us know by email whether there is additional information not on your website that you can provide that would relate to our project, and whether a rep might be available to discuss this project with us in our office. Thanks


16x7 Schweiss bi fold one piece hydraulic door full view/all glass sections with aluminium framing. Residential design with 110 mph wind loading.


Hi, We bought a house that has your bifold cable doors as the front windows and are wondering who we can have service them locally. The doors appear to be operating fine, we'd just like to get them checked out since we are new to them.  Thanks, Kara        


Hello, I am looking to do a bi-folding Schweiss liftstrap garage door for a house near Aspen, CO. The doors would be clad with metal panels. The opening would be 9 feet tall and 23 feet wide. Is this something that can be done? What would be my options? Thank you, Mike


My name is Kyle. I am a project Designer for a eastcoast architectural firm. We are a high end residential firm located in New Jersey. I came across your Schweiss Door Ad in this months Architectural Product magazine. We are interested in learning more about your hydraulic and bifold door systems as it relates to residential design. We would like to set up a AIA credited lunch and learn here at our office if that is possible. Please Let me know as we have many vendors coming in for presentations.


Screened in Porch Patio bifold liftstrap Schweiss doors. We need removable security barn board covers to cover the exterior. Optional screens? We are a building manufacture and are quoting this job for a potential customer.


We have a residential kitchen client requesting a small scale Schweiss bi-fold door, but much larger than is available via normal cabinet hardware. Approximately 6' wide by 5' tall. Motorized with liftstraps or counterweight. Is this something that you can help us with, or point us in the right direction? The door itself will be only 3/4" thick plywood material. Thanks, Tom


I need 2) 9 x 8 Glass doors to go in a bedroom to a deck on the 2nd floor. Either Schweiss straplift bi-folds or 1 piece hydraulic doors. Can you call me and we can talk about it more? Also what are the wiring requirements? Does it have a motor?


Looking at two openings. One is 5' wide by 4' high. The other is 4.6" wide x 4' high. Could you give me a rough price on these two glass doors. They are for a bar area in our pool house. Most interested in your liftstrap bifold, but would also like price on your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic glass doors.  Thanks! Mike


We are a different type of home builder that builds a different type of home. One of our style of home is an Intruder resistant home, and we are looking for a door that can withstand a truck running into it. If this the type of product that you have we are interested in installing your Schweiss bifold doors in all of our homes. My number is 713 306-5563. Will you also install the door? And do I need to in (sheet) the outside of the door or is that something else you can do?  Thanks, Roy


We are looking for pricing for 5, 14'-8" X 14'-4" bi-fold doors (straps, not cables) for our East 5th residential project. We also have building elevations and additional engineering information that we can provide. Thanks, Brian


Looking to install 30 straplift bi fold doors into artist live/work apartments. The doors would need to be well insulated, please inform me if that is an option. They will be approx. 8'x8' with a glass face. Just looking to get approximate costs so the client can narrow down what type of door he wants to use. Thank you.


We have 4 residential projects located in and about Paris, France in which we would like to specify a Schweiss bi-fold straplift garage door. I would like to know if you have product approval or French Product approval or if it is even needed. Thank you.


I have a residential project in DC that I want to put quite a few Schweiss bifold doors in the exterior walls of the units. can you work with me on this please. I looking at the lift strap bifolds with autolatch system.


I am purchasing a home with a Miracle Span Bi-Fold Door on it with cables. I am looking to convert it to your strap system. If this possible, and at what cost? Don't know why anyone would order cables, your patented straps are by far the very best. I have one on my hangar. Thanks Nick 


I need a quote for a Schweiss bifold for a 41' x 14'6" opening. (I can change that slightly if there's a price break for a difference in size). I'll also need the specs for the door to send to the structural engineer to bless the opening design. This is for a residence. No mandoor, windows, or remote opener needed. Please also include the electrical requirements for the motor.


Looking for a hydraulic lift door with glass panels. It'll be in a house to close a whole area of 34 feet wide in two sections (19' 15'). Can you void the supporting frame in the middle of the two doors so I can have the whole 34' with unobstructed view? I understand your Red Power unit can be placed away from the door itself. How far away?


Need one 116" X 96" single and one 189" X 84" double. I am only interested in bi-fold (liftstraps, lights, windows) as I need to eliminate the rails inside the garage. It is on a home.


We are working on a high-end addition to a single-family residence, and are interested in incorporating one of you glass panel/bi-fold doors in the project. It would be a 8'wide by 9' tall door opening on to a patio. A quote would be very helpful. Thank you.


We are using your hydraulic and bifold doors on a residential project and I was wondering if you had typical head, jamb, and sill details in auto CAD that we can use to detail our project. If you could send those to me at this address that would be great.


Hello, I am trying to specify the attached bi-fold liftstrap door in one of our residential projects %u2013 could you please send me the CSI specification for the attached door?


I am building a house in Mass. I have an opening of 14\' x 14\' . I realy do not want to put a standard folding door with tracks in this area. I like the bifold lift strap doors you have on your web site. The designer one that look like a standard house door in nice. I would like a price for that door with a passage door built in. The address for this door will be in Franklin, Ma.  I have not a clue to cost of these doors and am just starting to look into it. I look forward to hearing from someone.


Hi, I am a builder in Washington State. I\'m looking at some alternatives to some of the doors and windows in the following house. I\'m especially wondering if your lift strap bifolds might be an alternative application for the living room, dining room and master shower in this custom house. Please have one of your sales team contact me as soon as possible.


We are considering bifold doors for a multiple-building residential development. Could you provide information to address the following issues? - The development is on the coast of BC and therefore subject to moderate seismic risk. - The buildings are single-family duplexes and triplexes with a lakeside cabin character. The garage doors must fit with this character and -- if possible -- may be solid wood or wood veneer doors. - The doors are 8\' x 8\'. What is likely the approximate upcharge percentage from a typical residential insulated metal sectional overhead door to the Schweiss bifold with lift straps? - Is recommended maintenance of a bifold door any different from maintenance of a typical residential sectional garage door? - Do you offer a type of door panel that will provide at least as much thermal insulation value as a traditional sectional door?


I need a price for 10\'-0\" x 9\'-9\" bifold & hydraulic residential door On the bi fold liftstrap door what would be the open dimension as I need to keep the 9\' opening but have lots of room to mount above opening


I am working on the costs and getting everything lined up to build a house in Lakeway, which is just outside of Austin, Texas. Attached are the plans. I have the following questions. Will the plans work as drawn to install one of your liftstrap bifold doors? How much would your bifold doors run for this home? Do you install? If not, do you have someone that could? Do you install the metal on the exterior, or is it just the frame?


I would like to enquire as to whether or not you supply vertical bi-fold mechanisms for residential use other than for garages. We would be very interested in using such a mechanism for exterior wooden batten shutters. Would your company be able to supply more discrete, thinner mechanisms ?


We're designing16 new homes in the first phase of a hilltop ocean view property on the island of Oahu. We want every aspect of the homes top be useful without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Can you please give me some idea of costs for the Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors approximating the San Francisco doors you fabricated and also other examples of designer doors you have created. We'll be funded for the 1st 2 homes in 2 months. We'll be building in 4 months. Delivery port is Honolulu.


I'm designing a duplex here in Los Angeles, and I would like to get a quote for 2 doors that I can put my own redwood cladding on after shipment if possible. The opening size for each is 16 feet wide by 7 feet Tall. Please give me 2 quotes, one for Hydraulic and one for Bi-Fold with liftstraps. Another option, I'd like to explore is having the doors be all glass (frosted) panels. Thank you,


I have a 3 sided carport that is 3 cars in width. I would like to fully close in but conventional doors would make the area less flexible. I would like to understand more about the design and materials for your bi-fold liftstrap up door and also the design criteria required for the installation. I estimate the door would be roughly 8' high and 29'. The variability on the height would be based on how far the door can go up (ground clearance). I would plan to actually add to the front of the car port several feet and would also like to mount the drive on a bridge from the existing carport head to the door frame header. Is this possible? The house is painted stained cedar siding, so I would want some sort of residential looking veneer. How much weight can be applied to the door per square foot? For this type of installation what might be the range of price for your door, excluding the veneer, and carport port alternations?


We are hoping to specify bifold glass doors for a new construction multi-family project in the amenity spaces. I couldn't find a specific spec on the website for the light commercial glass bifold doors like the attached photos. What kind of support do these types of doors need and how much room do we need to leave above the door? We'd like it to go all the way to the ceiling if possible. I have also attached an elevation showing one of the locations of the bifold door/windows. We also have two floor to ceiling bifold glass doors in our Fitness room. Could you please send me more information on the support and installation needs of these types of doors? We have a meeting with our client tomorrow and would like to be able to give them more information at that time if possible. I have info on your liftstraps already.  Thank you!


Please provide me a quote for a 30'x12' Bi-fold door with lift straps. Include shipping price. This is for my residence living space to open up to the outside. I'm considering two options, an aluminum door with glass or wood exterior. 


Hi, I tried calling your 800 number listed on your website and kept getting a message saying the phones were down in your area. Heard you had a wicked 70 mph storm blow through last night.  I have a few questions concerning the cladding for your bifold house door. Do you provide it? What materials are available? Can we get insulated? Please give a call as soon as you can. Thanks, Sylvester


I have a car port at my house and I don't have the head room to put in a normal door would like to get prices for a lift strap and a hydraulic door white with a few windows in it Thanks


Looking for lift-up Bifold Schweiss doors for a custom residential application. Cladding to be aluminum storefront system with insulated glass panels. Would like to discuss project and get a quote.


I have a home in Panama that I would like your Bifold glass doors with lift straps to be used on , 12' wide by 8ft tall. dual pane . low E , with tint option please , Please quote FOB I would like the min amount of cross bars please. Approx. shipping time please.  Thank you for your time


Hi, Can you please provide indicative pricing for a 6m wide, 4m tall door with glass and metal mesh finish? I am interested in your product for use in a new home I am designing. Can you please also advise the approximate weight and shipping dimensions? Delivery to Australia.  Thanks, Brett


We are planning to add on to our home and add an outdoor room as well. We have looked at accordion glass doors, but I have also seen where homeowners have used glass bifold garage style doors to accomplish the same thing. To be honest, I like the looks of your doors better and think they will function much better than an accordion style door.  We want to have an approx 9-10' wide opening that is about 8" high (ceiling will be about 10' high). We would like something that is glass, few panes, non tinted but that would meet any CA requirements. Can you give me a quote? I am guessing that the ones with lift straps will still be attractive for a residential use?


I have a customer in need of 20x9 B-Fold Door for a Residence. I need any literature and specifications for this, as this customer is really starting from scratch and doesn't have any plans or specs. Thanks!     


We were interested in using Schweiss bi-fold doors in our project in Malaysia. We would be using them on multiple buildings, but primarily on villas. Do you have a BIM model of your doors?


Saw an aircraft door installation in a private residence on Houzz.com We have a house overlooking the lake and believe this an interesting design for front face of house. Do you have any idea of the size and cost of unit spec'd for their project? Any sense of what the price would be 1 hr. east of Toronto in Canada, then? Also, are the glass products energy rated? As we are in Canada, it's pretty important in the winter. Thanks, I might just design my new house around your product!!! Regards, Gena, Designer/Project Manager 


Hello......I need bi-fold doors for four villas that I am building in Costa Rica.......do you have a supplier here? Also wanting brochures or information which lists what I can get on these doors such as lift straps, safety devices, remote controls. If you don't have a supplier here, what information do you need from me to get this project going. I only want Schweiss Doors, just looking for best method of getting them.


I would like to foward you a couple of pictures from our job we just completed on a custom home using both a one piece door and a bi-fold door. We love these Schweiss Doors, don't know how we lived without them.Could I have the appropriate e-mail address? Thanks Fred


We are bidding a new home that will need Schweiss one piece or bifold doors. The owners happened to see one of your doors on another nearby home and were very impressed with the quality and looks. We will also need a certified installer to bid the labor to install these doors.


Building new home at the beach in northern California. Opening is 48' and needs windows throughout door to allow for great view. Ceiling height is 10'. Could be 2 doors of 24' each or even 4 doors of 12' each. Thinking of Bi-Fold Doors with big glass windows and lift straps. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.


We are in the process of building a new cabin on our lakefront property. My son the architect is planning on installing a glass opening door onto our deck. He is planning a RO of 15'W x 9'H(or high enough to leave a clear 8' opening when door was up. We have about a 13' ceiling height at this point in the wall. The door would be full glass and need thermopane tempered/safety Low-E glass. The bifold door would need to be sealed and as much isolation as possible to keep the "U" factor down. My son recomended your company and ask me to write and check on availabilty and pricing for a bi-fold door to fit our opening. Thank You, Paul


What would be cost of a 16' x 8' bifold strap door for residential use? I would plan to apply wood exterior materials over your frame. Do you have remotes for door operator? What would clear opening height be for 8' door? Thanks Much, Bruce


I am looking for a replacement window for a residential kitchen that currently has a atrium plant window that rests on a granite counter top that if you are looking from the outside of the house in towards the kitchen forms a bar. I want to remove this 3 sided plant window so the counter (the granite) can be used as a bar from the outside of the house. I am looking for a window that would lift up and out of the way to open the kitchen up to the outside. The dimensions of the window are 70" wide by 39" height. The window is under a porch, the space above the top of the window is only another 28" in height to the bottom of a beam. So, do you have any creative ways of making a window that would open and somehow lift or fold out of the way with these dimensions? I can email a picture of the window & counter to better explain if necessary. Best regards, Lila


Looking at a Schweiss bifold door for a residential use. Opening is 7' x 11'. Do you sell complete doors installed? Just the hardware? A complete door that we could skin? Contemporary home with cedar siding. We are evaluating either a steel door or cedar. We are just trying to figure out of this solution would work. Also want to develop our budget so ball park pricing is appreciated. Residential photos on your site are awesome! Thanks S


Residential new construction. "Dog Trot" style house with doors to anchor breezeway between two buildings. Building offers lateral stability and overhead porch roof extends beyond doors for 9' with timber columns. Want an aluminum mill finish frame to be fully glazed on a Schweiss Bifold Door with lift straps and Side Latch Jiggle Switches.


Please send quote as soon as possible. We are a residential design build firm, our work can be seen at www.berrizdesign.com We run our office out of the home and would like to move into what is our current garage and convert the regular 16' x 7' garage door into one of your Schweiss bifold doors that folds in the center. Please provide options for multiple windows, ideally a total of 10 fixed windows, 5 in each of top and bottom half of door. Please also provide a quote for a 12' x 7' with 8 windows. We are open to what ever material will help keep the cost down. The garage will be a conditioned space.


What is the minimum folded depth (above the clear opening and below the top hinge) that is possible on a 8'wide by 7' wide Schweiss door for a residential application? We plan to clad the door in wood. This is new construction, but we anticipate a low headroom situation. I'm trying to determine if a Schweiss bi-fold door is feasible or should we be considering a one-piece hyrdraulic Schweiss door? Appreciate a quote. Boston MA)


Hi there. Quick question. Can Schweiss Doors supply bifold doors for a residential livingroom? Can they be weather-tight and rated? I have 3 big openings, 15' long by 14' high. T




I am shopping for a residential garage door. I do not want a standard door that will roll up toward the ceiling because I cannot afford to give up that space. I will have a 4-post lift that will require all of my available ceiling height. The Schweiss bi-fold door option looks like a viable option. I am also looking at a steel coiling roll-up option, but that looks very industrial and I cannot do anything decorative with it (like windows). I am probably going to do a single door (double wide), but am open to doing two individual doors, one for each car stall. The single dimension is likely to require 20 feet wide and 7 feet vertical opening. I know this is very small compared to your normal application. Does Schweiss Doors make such a door?


I am a homeowner and we are renovating a home. The previous owners put a sunroom on the back porch. The kitchen has a window looking into this sunroom now. We have removed this window and have extended our countertops to make a bar into the sunroom. We would like, however, to be able to close off this sunroom for security purposes as well as noise reduction. We would also like to be able to easily open this area and leave open. I have been looking at bi-fold windows, and those may be what works best. What we really want is something that can fold up and out of the way. All the bi-fold doors that I see open to the side. We would probably need two panels of glass that slide to the right. How can Schweiss Doors fulfill my needs?! Sincerely, Adelline


Hello, Can you please give me an estimate for a Schweiss residential bi-fold door Strap opener and remotes. The finished Opening will be 10' 1" wide x 7' 6" H. Standard metal finish, white color. Thank you, Chuck.


I am considering Schweissr bi-fold doors for a residential project I am working on. Please contact me to discuss requirements and costs.


Looking to enclose a three sided patio at a residence that is below a deck with a Schweiss Bi-fold Door. The door would be as much glass as possible and bifold up as an awning in summer and enclose the space in winter. Want as much solar gain as possible. Lightest weight possible


New residential cabin in Garrison MN. Looking for a Schweiss door solution for Tuck Under workshop/mudroom. Found your website on Google. If you put as much work into your doors as you do your web site, I know I won't be disappointed. I can tell you are a well established company.


I am involved in the construction of a new home which is to have one of your Schweiss doors installed. The contractor building the home has indicated that he will not install the door. I am in hopes that you could give me an estimate to give to the homeowner for the installation of the door. The door has been ordered and has been delivered to the site. It is an "S" style door with a internal truss. The clear opening height is 14 feet, and the width is 20 feet. In a pole wood constructed pole building. If you can help me with this, please respond ASAP. Respectfully yours


I'm trying to find out if the price on 8' tall Schweiss  bifold doors would be a practical solution for a mechanical room situation at a new house. Can you provide me with the best price option on 2 sets of 8' tall bi-fold doors? Thanks.


I have a residential garage. The door is 16 x 7. I would like an insulated schweiss bifold with windows on the top. I want the windows placed so the straps don't obstruct the view. 


We are building our new cottage and have come across your site. I would like to work on getting a design and price for the materials I need to get the bifold garage door we want. I anticipate an 18 foot wide by 10 foot high door. I would like it to be the bifold design so that we can approach the door more closely than the single panel hydraulic system. Our drive way is not large enough as we will have a gate that is closing behind us as the garage is opening. We also have some other walls that we re looking at systems to use, perhaps you can offer us solutions for them as well. We have two walls that we want to have the option to open completely to give the feeling of being outdoors while inside the living area. Secondly we experience extremely harsh winds with driving rain and severe cold during winter. Please have some one contact me so we can begin designing a door for our needs and get the price in to see if our budget can manage this superior door system. What solutions can you offer me? Look forward to your reply. Regards, 


I am thinking of replacing my glass sliding door on my guest room to a bifold up and down garage door. Would this door also be able to act as a awning or patio covering when it opend up? The space is the size of a 2 car garage door opening. What would be the cost and what would it look like from inside the room with the door closed and with the door open?


This door is for a residential application. To replace existing overhead door in attached garage. I will insulate and sheet it. 2 - remote controls.


Yes Sir, I am looking for a residential application of a bifold window approx 9' wide X 4' tall. This is a kitchen wall out to an outdoor patio in a vey modern style house. Concerns would be sealing and controls. Can you please shed some light on possible applications. Thank you in advance. Tim H.


I am building a single family residence with two garages (9' and 11') and I really like the folding door with the straps. I am looking for a solution that allows my doors to be flush with my siding and this seems to do it. Do I need special permits for the door and/or does my structural engineer need to do any design work for me to use the door? The house is already framed and I really would not want to add additional expense if I don't have to. What is the cost of the doors and the leadtime for delivery. Any other issues I need to worry about for an instalation? Thanks, Shane


I am looking for a residential bifold garage door. 10ft wide 8 or 9ft high. I would like an insulated door with a paintable exterior surface or what colors do you have to choose from?


I need a schweiss bi-fold doors on my home garage in San Francisco. It is just a single car garage but, there is no head room inside for a normal roll up door mechanism. How can I get someone in this area to quote me an installation? I saw your door on the front of the Blue Bottle Company here. Thanks


This is for residential. Making a garage into a "woman cave." Do you also do swing-out metal carriage doors?


I am interested in a residential application for garage bifold doors that can have metal or other siding applied for a flush appearance in a contempary home. Please send me a catalog and if you have a distributer in my market.


We are a design studio in St. Lucia and are currently working on the design of a high-end residential project. Upon review of your website, we submit this request for quotation on a Schweiss over-head bi-fold door system. Thats the kind which breaks in the middle and folds overhead, correct? Quantity: 4. Rough opening: 12' wide x 8' high. We welcome any suggestions. If you have any quires or require any additional information, please contact us. Your soonest response will be greatly appreciated. Sincerly Greg M.


I built a detached garage from 6 inch D logs last summer it is a stick built structure. Dimensions of garage are 16 x 24. Garage door opening is in end and is 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. Am wanting to know if a folding door would work in this application? can you send me info on your lift straps, If so, what would be estimated cost with shipping to Alaska. Can homeowners purchase direct from you and arrange or perform own installation? Thank you for your help.


We are looking at putting one of your doors into our new house which still needs to be build on Bonaire in the dutch antilles. I haven't decided on style yet, hydro or folding  This would be a substitude for a long slidingdoor from the living to the porch. Maybe you can send me a brochure with the possibilities. It somehow has to match with the other standard white frame allu windows. The side connection would be on a concrete column hope to hear from you soon. regards


To Whom it may concern: I am purchasing my first home for myself with a carport with a flat roof/low ceiling. I am looking for the most economical solution that would not reduce the height of the carport, provide automatic operation and finishable exterior. Any assitance you could provide with the most economical bifold or hydraulic door solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Looking for 2 hydro-powered swinging doors 20' by 15', doing a reno on an older building and i believe your door systems will work for me quite nicely


We would like 4 bi-fold doors for a residential project in Los Angeles. Sizes for each are approximately 18'-2" wide x 8'-0" tall. We would like panels to be either some sort of metal such as aluminum or steel or clad in a horizontal cedar siding.


Hi, I'm interested in getting a price quote for a bifold garage door with the following dimensions. (Width: 10 ft, Height: 9ft). It is for a new construction home in New Orleans. I am looking for the most simplest and least expensive model. Thanks.


Hello, I am looking to reclaim the space above where my current sectional garage door retracts when opened. I am considering a car lift and need the additional 18%u201D %u2013 20%u201D of vertical clearance between the ceiling and the horizontal garage door track. I am looking at hydraulic Schweiss garage doors that do not have a track but stretch out from  the door opening but they all seem very industrial looking. Not sure I can sell that look to either my wife or the HOA. I see that most of your applications are for commercial use but wondering if you also offer bifold or hydraulic doors in residential form factors (1 2 car garage door & 1 single car garage door) and designs. If so can you point me to more information about designs and cost for those doors? Thanks!


Want to talk to someone ASAP about a new residential project in Palo Alto, CA where your Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors are specified as garage doors. would like to email someone spec and elevations for pricing. also, who would install in Palo Alto?


We have a distance from floor to the ceiling of 95 inches, inside the room and out side too..the opening is 8 feet width and 7 feet height..there are some options to install this kind of bi-fold door ?.we will install this door like a patio door in a private house .thank you .


Hello, I  would like to know how much will cost to build 8 feet or 16 feet width opening by 8 feet high. I am in the process of designing this new addition to an existing house and would love to use your bifold door products. Please let me know asap. Thanks Please see plan and elevation for your review and references


24" wedge required-number of hinges per door is as per schweiss requirements - we have provided a continuous steelbeam header for support Can you please confirm a few issues:1. How is the door controlled from the exterior (ie. remote activation button from car, or remote sensor)?2. How far away from the door can the interior garage controls be mounted?3. Our residence is wired 3 phase, 120/208 volt. Please confirm that the garage door motors are compliant.4. How much noise do the hydraulic door motors produce? I notice a number of "upgrade equipment" options on the quote, which I'm not familiar with. Perhaps we could have a discussion to go through all the specs and confirm exactly what is required in order to assemble a final quote. I'll follow up with a direct phone call tomorrow to review. Regards


hey, my business is garage doors. I have a customer that is looking for new bifold garage doors on his house but because he is putting a lift in his garage he is limited to roll updoors. He doesn't care for the look of them and he also lives in a community that has covenants. I looked on your website and did find one garage door and was wondering what you had to offer in a 9 x 7 size. I'd appreciate an email or a phone call . look forward to hearing from you.


Are you pricing the above referenced project that calls out for Schweiss hydraulic doors? If not, can you? Please see the information below on how to access drawings: Construction is soliciting subcontractor pricing for the construction of the Rocky Essex, MA. This project is a 4,000 sf complete addition and 2,000 sf renovation. The project includes all exterior and  interior fit-out work and system installation for the new addition; new terrace, modifications to existing terrace & drive, new generator and enclosure. There is an extensive new structural package (Steelframe with metal studs, concrete floors & roof, and precast concrete walls) as well as a state of theart HVAC and lighting systems. The addition calls for a very high level of finish for both interior and exterior. Please look thru the drawings before deciding to bid, this is not a typical residential addition(It is more commercial). We are currently soliciting subcontractor pricing. Drawings can be accessed from our FTP site following the instructions listed below. Please fax the proposals Should you have any questions during the bid process, please contact us Thank you,


We have a high end residence in the sf bay area, and we would like to use one of your hydraulic garage doors. we need catalog information when the doors are fully opened and projecting out, are the two sections horizontal or does the upper section slope and the lower section horizontal? please send dimensioned cross section of unit at full open and relationship to overhead construction.


I would like to get a ballpark estimate for a residential bi-fold garage door assembly to be clad in cedar siding (19'Wx12'H). Please give me a call to discuss the project in more detail once you've had a chance to review the drawings.Thank you.


Good morning, I am looking for a couple of options for a door,This is a residential project with an opening size of 36' x 9' 4" What can you suggest hydraulic or bi-fold, it would be covered in an aluminium sheet with insulation. It would also require radio controls and safety devices. voltage 220 sigle phase,Thank you


We are building a residence on Pender Island outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. We are interested in using a modified version of your Bi-Fold door. There are couple of modifications required for your system to work in our building:1) Instead of two panels, we would need 4. That is because there may not be enough room for a two panel system behind a Juliet balcony to slide up to open.2) This door needs to be glazed as we are using it in a bedroom.3) It should also be weather tight.Please review the attached drawing and get back to us as soon as possible. Thank you


We're building a new single-family dwelling in Mt. Washington, CA (suburb of LA).Can you supply the bi-fold door without external cladding? We are using light-gauge 7/8" Corten corrugated sheet on the facade and would like to apply that to the door frames ourselves.Can you give me quotes on the following two garage door sizes: Rough opening A: 16'-0" x 7'-0" Rough opening B: 17'-6" x 7'-0" If you can attach a PDF of installation instructions that would be helpful.Thanks


We go to use this kind of bifold door as patio door,to have view to the garden and pool.If you can ,send me please what kind of glass patio door do you have thanks


We are looking to do a smaller residential door the opening is 6' wide by 80" high. Be would like to do either a Bi-fold or a single ( garage type) door that opens out. Steel and glass or aluminum and glass. Thanks


I am interested in a wood frame, residential, exterior bi-fold door, do you all do that? The measurements for the door would be 7 1/2 feet high and about 10 feet in width. I would like a total of 3 glass panels, two on the left that bi-fold inward and one on the right that opens inward. Thanks, Brad


This bifold door will be used in a residential three season patio.I would like your standard glass design or if have an optional with the lower section having about 24" of some type of solid panel.Is it possible to have just manual operation?


due you have a rep in the sacramento area? are bifold doors available for residental uses? do doors come in custom widths other than even foot widths?


I need a residential garage door in Los Angeles and the bifold would work very well given the ground conditions. The dimensions are 10'wide by 7' H between posts. I would like to have an idea of what you provide, diference in price according to material and time from order to delivery. Thank you. Donna G, FAIA


I am interested in getting a quote for a residential garage door 8' wide by 7' high bi-fold door. Please include the amount for shipping. Thanks Kevin S


This is to be an opening from the living room to the outdoor living space in our new home. With the bi-fold door I'm not sure how far the bottom portion of the door hangs down when in the upright position from the top of the frame. With my opening being 6'8" high, what would the clearance height be when open?


Hi, I have a client that lives in a high rise in downtown Chicago and wants to demolish the living room wall put in a 12'-9" wide x 8'-6" tall door to help expand the city views. The building is steel structure with a concrete ceiling. Could you give me a general price estimate for the bifolding door versus the hydraulic door? There is a gyp. board soffit we could add a header to...or can you bolt directly into the concrete ceiling? How much space would be required between the top of the door and the ceiling to conceal all the structure/mechanical components? Please email asap- very excited to have found your product! Thanks, Jessie


I need a garage door that swings out in the manner of your bi-fold door. The over head clearence is minimal and a conventional garage door would be limited in height to six feet or less. How do I go about getting a quote? What door types and syles are available? Your web site looks promising and I look forward to your reply.


Hi--please give me a rough cost of a hydraulic or bifold door 12' tall and 12' wide. I'd like to finish it in wood here on site. Thanks, Paul


We would like to get installed pricing on (5) bi-fold doors of approximately 16'-0"w x 10'-0"h as well as three bi-fold doors of approximately 9'-0"w x 10'-0"h. Please feel free to contact me with questions or simply email a quote to my attention. Thank you, Kevin


I'm a Licensed General and Residential Contractor, and I'm Building a home for myself on an Airport in Louisiana . I need a hanger door approx 40 X 9 feet. I need to know the Approx cost for the strap bifold, and the one piece Hydraulic. The total cost of door including Shipping to the job sight. Include in the price the Insulation (urathane) if possible.


Job is in Eastbourne East Sussex on residential pool. I would like someone to quote for 4 windows and two bi fold doors approximately 3.2m in length and 2.5m high. We also need cladding of pillars and matching fascia Regards Kevin


Hello I have a house (barn-like) that the window-doors are exposed to sun almost all day. I have a basic cathedral shaped rooftop that has only 2 side. I currently have sliding barn doors to cover my windows but would like to inquire about your Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors and bifold door product. I would also use the door as a "awning type" when opened to also protect from falling snow that accumulate on the roof. (is that an issue?) I would probably need 3 doors since 2 windows are on 1 side of the house and the other one on the front side. This is a residence constructed in a industrial modern way, which would have the doors fully exposed, so to be taken in consideration. Window 1 as two windows with a 6" gap between them and they both measure 7'6 in width, so about 15 feet since I would use only one H-Door per set. Window 2 is pretty much the same which are on the same side as W1. Window 3, which is by itself, measure 7'6. All windows measure 8 feet in Height. W1 has another set of windows above it and the height between is about 2'5 feet. So in total (2x) 16'x8' door and one 8'x8' door. This is a basic summary of the house and I will await your reply. Thank you


The bifold door application we a looking at is the end wall of a pool building. That being said what a the theraml/ moisture qualities od your products? Also what materials cna they be coated...


Hello again. Just to make sure my contact info was received correctly on the phone today. Pls send over a quote on a 18' x9'9" Bifold door for a residential garage application. Thank you very much. Gwen


To whom it may concern, I have garage door space of 7ft X 8ft, and am looking for estimate for a bifolf garage door and delivery. Please get back to me at your soonest convenience. Thanks & Regards,  Kyle


I would like a price on a 12 x 12 and a 10 x 10 garage doors that bi folds. Could someone please call me. Thanks, Jill


I need two bifold doors for my garage that don't have rails that extend into the building. One door is 18x9 and the other is 9x9. These doors are on a house garage. I need to know how the prices compare to traditional doors and openers.


On top of your website, you have a residential application for your door. Could you e-mail me residential brochures as i have been trying to sell that concept but have been unsuccessful without a source and photos.


Need technical & pricing data for one piece doors to use as storm doors for new Texas coast residence. Rypical sizes: 8 ft. X 8 ft., 12 ft. X 8 ft. & 16 ft. X 8 ft. Prefer a manual drive opening system.


Hi: I'm a homeowner planning new construction in Stanfordville, NY. We are building a painting studio where the north wall will be made entirely of windows. I'm looking for a door for the bottom half of that wall that would allow large paintings to be moved in and out of the studio. I have sketches of the wall and would like to get an estimate for your hydraulic door product. Please feel free to contact me at my telephone or e-mail.


I am interested in using your garage door for a single family house and would like to talk to a sales rep to discuss bifold design options. Please contact. thanks!


Hi there, I am an architect in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and was referred to you by a contractor friend, who is using your door on a project here in town. I have built a single attached garage on my own house and am having trouble finding a door because of a structural beam running only 77" in front of the door opening. I am very interested in your product and am curious what options you can provide. The door rough opening is 7' high and 9' wide and there is only 11 5/8" clear above the door. I would ideally like a bi-fold door but could be convinced or the single panel door too if pricing came in too high. Can you please give me a ball park price on some options that would come with an auto door opener, bottom sensors, and whatever other hardware needed for install? I can also forward pictures and other dimensions if needed.


I have an existing carport which I am looking at options to enclose into a garage. The clear space inside is 19'-6" by 17'-10". 2 doors would be needed for the 19'-6" dimension. The roof is a simple slope so 1 door would be 8' tall and the other would be 10'. Both would need remote control. Assume the existing beam has adequate structural capacity to handle the door. Please develop pricing for both a glass and wood skin option. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please let me know. Thank you.


Hi there, We are currently designing a custom, operable shutter for a residential building. We are interested in doing a bifold hanger style panel system that we can custom clad. It could be either one big bifold door or a couple different sized doors that cover a 24' wide x 10' high area. Just curious about the cost implications of this and if it is possible. Please let us know if you would like us to send you drawings for clarification. Looking forward to hearing from you, Greg


Hi, I am looking for the hardware to open a residential garage bifold door automaticaly. Would you supply such a product?


Hello, Interested in one of your one piece doors for a remodel on my house. Door opening i would like to be between 10ft and 12ft by 7ft tall.


I like the look of the basement door you made that is on your website. I'm considering a similar application for our house. I have a few questions about your doors. 1. I see the cold weather package information on your site. What kind of infiltration numbers do the doors have when fully fitted for cold weather? 2. I hate to assume, so would a bi-fold door be able to have thin stone veneer on it as the hydraulic door shown on your web site had? 3. What is a ballpark price on a door that would allow a clear opening of 8' high by 9' wide? The door would be with the straps, the cold weather options, the remote control, and the auto locking option. Delivery would be to the Indianapolis, Indiana area. From looking at everything on your website, I think I prefer the bi-fold door However, if the hydraulic door is the only way to install a face of thin veneer, that would be the choice. Also, if the infiltration numbers are much better for the hydraulic, that would lean my decision that way. Thank you


I'm looking to mount a bi-fold door on the exterior of my house. It is brick and concrete construction. The bottom of the door would be attached to a concrete wall while the top would attach to brick. The opening is roughly 9ft wide by 7 ft high. Do you have any standard designs for residential garage doors? Also, are the doors able to be lifted by hand - I do not want a powered option. What type of price range would be applicable if I self install the garage door? Thanks


Yes, I was going through the montly issue of The Garage Door News, May issue again and was interested in getting more information on your bi-fold doors for the residential market. I guess my first concern would be the reverseing of the door if it came in contact with something on the way down and also in case of power failure, is there a way to manually open the door. I do think there is a market for the the bi-fold and hydraulic door in the residential market if they can meet the safety requirements. Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.


I saw an application of hangar doors for window shading and storm protection on an architect designed house. I am interested in learning more about this application of the hydraulic hangar door and I would like to know the price for a door to see if it is in my budget.


I'm building a house and was interested in installing one of your bifold doors from my great room to a 32' wide deck. But it would need to have a decent insulation rating and be able to handle storms.


We are an architectural firm in Israel working on numerous projects and we are very interested in your product of bi fold doors in our case we would be interested in using timber shutters. See photo attached of a house done in a technique that we are interested in (we have no connection to this particular house). We would appreciate receiving more details about this product and if you think it is suited for our needs. We would be happy to hear from you. Hanan


Dear Sirs, Can you please email me photos showing domestic applications of your bifold doors -- preferably with older buildings in a rural setting. The site in question is in the South of France in a landmarked area of vines used to make wine. Thanks, Bill


Good Afternoon, We know that you worked on a project for Club Industrial here in Monterrey some years ago. Right now we are building a home for a very important person and and he referred us to you for cars storage's bi-fold door solution. The architectural concept for this storage room is that from the exterior it must look as if there were no entrance, so material modulation in the facade is extremely important. We are working with 3.60m by 1.22m and 1.22m by 1.22 Corten steel panels for this. We already saw the catalog you send to Club Industrial and so far we are thinking that using hydraulic bi-fold doors will be the best option considering what I mentioned about modulation and the specific characteristics of the actual construction. Of course we are open to any suggestion about considering the straps system. Also important to take under consideration for the design:             1.-Total interior insulation 2.-Corten steel for the exterior facade. 3.-A suggestion for the interior facade (light weight material) 4.-Exterior modulation 5.-Less operation equipment as possible, or located in strategic spots as the upper space. 6.-A door for pedestrian entrance wile the by-fold door is closed. 7.-Steel panels' thickness will be approximately 1mm and it will be added a concrete-fiber layer to it to add resistance.             Tomorrow we will have a meeting with the client so we will appreciate a promptly answer. So what we basically need for tomorrows meeting is:   1.-Thechnique schemes for the solution. 2.-Cost estimate: - Considering just the structure, we will provide and install facade materials. - Different options. Only sending the structural elements or having some technical assistance. 3.-As much information you can send about the project so the client can give an opinion about it and continue working on it. Thanks in advance


Dear Schweiss, I am an architect located in Barbados and I am interested in getting a quote from you regarding some bi-fold doors for a residential project. 2 types of doors that we would like to tender (they are really the same door, just different sizes). Each door has 6 panels, 4 are glass and 2 are louvers as shown. The surrounding structure is made of reinforced concrete for beams and reinforced concrete block work for walls. Ideally we would prefer that the doors be made out of wood. Can you do that? Also, are all of your doors operated by hydraulic mechanisms or do you also provide spring load hardware for opening and closing doors. If any of this stuff is within your expertise could you please provide me with a general quote showing clearly the price for hardware, door and if possible installation. Is it possible to just tender the hardware from you minus the door? If you have any questions, please ask. I look forward to hearing back from you. Re my contact info below. Regards Kevin


Dear Sirs/Ms,  My architectural firm is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are currently in the construction phase of a custom beachfront residence here in San Juan (already 60% complete) and are intent on integrating into the project an operable bi-folding system %u2013 with fixed louvers. After seeing your advertisement in a trade magazines and your web page we are intrigued to see if your products could be incorporated into our design. We seek a system composed of aluminum fixed louvers (possibly by Ohio Gratings, Inc.) mounted on aluminum frames, which would 'bi-fold' open/close (and anywhere in-between). These would be a total of twelve (12) units (six [6] per floor), aprox. 12'-6" x 9'-0", on the North-facing (the beach) facade. This system will have to work mechanically and controlled electronically. The concept is to give the owners the option of completely opening up the house towards the view, while at the same time permitting them to control levels of privacy and direct sun light (only in the summer). We believe this system could also be used as hurricane shutters, to help protect the house during a storm %u2013 this in addition to the hurricane-resistant sliding glass doors (by others) directly behind the proposed bi-folding system. We look forward to discussing possible design options for the system. If you have any questions about the project or need more information, do not hesitate to contact me.


Please quote one hydraulic Schweiss door at 30' wide and one at 12' wide, both 8' high. Please quote each door in wood (pine preferred) with a row of windows, and again in sheet metal or similar material, to be painted red to match the metal roof on our cabin. This is for a residential patio enclosure area at our cabin.


Hello, I am working on a residential addition, a new garage/gym extension. One of the doors we would like to have a fully glazed (full view door) with aluminum frame that is either "up-swing" or "bi-fold" for the gym, we have not made a final decision on that. The dimensions are about 15' wide by 8' tall. Can you supply us with documentation and images so we can show our client? There is the image on your front page but it looks like a rendering. Thank you, Dionysios


I have a question about the overhead bifold door and the exposed motor at the interior side. i know that these doors are typically used in industrial spaces but we are thinking of using on in a living room type space. Do you have any photos of what the interior side of the door looks like when it is closed?


Hi! We are an Architecture firm Located in Ketchum, Idaho. We are doing a residential project here where we want to use Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. I have some questions which are listed here.. 1.What is normal turn around time for your Bi-folds once we place an order? 2. What would be the depth of the framing for normal 30' Wide x 9' Tall and 30' wide X 20' Tall Doors? as we want the glazing next to the bi-fold to terminate in the same plane for seamless aesthetics. 3. We do not have clear openings for the Door as the building is Glu-Lam Structure 6'-0" c/c and the bifold is expected to close like a Curtain-Wall outside those Glulam Posts. Is that something you think we can do? Do you have any Substantial framing that goes beyond the bifold depth inside the occupied space? 4. How do you supply the Bifold? Frame only and we can Glaze in Glass or you can supply with glazing as per our requirements? 5. If we want to have multiple smaller Bi-folds between 6' c/c posts (6' wide x 20' Tall) do you think that is something we can do? Any simple mechanism for these as they are smaller in sizes? Hope to talk to you soon. 


To Whom it May Concern, I am interested in your product for both a project our company is designing for a school as well as two (2) of them for my personal garage. The door quote requested herein is for my personal use and I will need a second one that measures 10 feet wide by 8 feet high. The exterior skin on my personal doors will be wood, similar to lap bevel siding only it is actually a thin half round log made of "Douglas Fir." The door for HMC project would be attached to a steel frame, new construction building. the dimensions are one each at 24' wide by 12' high. We would like it to be thermal pane, low "E" glazing. Option would be minimal glazing with some type of decorative metal panel skin. This is to be used for an Olympic size swimming pool enclosure, so should I be concentrating on a Schweiss hydraulic door for the pool? Thanks you as I look forward to your response. Time is of the essence for the HMC project. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


We are starting the process of designing a new home to be built in SE Kansas. The main living/kitchen area will be a large room (25ft wide by 60ft long by 16ft high ceilings). The main structure will be steel I-beams. On one of the 60ft walls will be 2 large doors - approximately 18ft wide by 14ft tall. The doors will be all glass. We are considering purchasing Bifold doors vs. Industrial Garage doors. We would like to get more information on the options and estimated costs. Thanks


I would like pricing on a 16' x 8' and a 16'x 9' bifold system for an existing residential garage application.


the door will go be for a residential project. it will be a window and door for a mudroom facing a backyard. i would like it to look similar to the 6th and 7th doors on your "designer doors" page. since it will be to open to the main living space of the house it will need to be air and weather tight. Also, can you provide a line item price for installation of each type of bifold door?


hello...i have a 7 ft high by 8ft wide opening. I would like the bifold on the top half..........swing out on the bottom.......is this steel or aluminum.can I put ceder on the out side to match the house.?? thank you ......


I am looking to get a price on a bifold door for a opening that is aprrox. 16' wide and 7' tall. The style of door would have a modern translucent white panels in a metal frame. Please call if you have any questions.I am not sure about the hardware, as this is my first door from your company, but it is for residential use only.


Hello, I am looking at building a new residential garage and while looking for doors I came across your setup. About how much would one of your bi-fold doors run to fit into a standard garage door opening of 16' wide x 8' tall? Thanks for the help. -Ryan b.


I am building an outdoor kitchen on my patio and I would like to put doors there so I can decide when it is an outdoor kitchen and when it is not. the opening that I need one or two doors is 32 feet wide and 9 feet tall




Do you have a Florida Product Number for installation of a Hydraulic Lift Door as a residential garage door in Florida?


I am looking for bifold quotes for the following projects Project A (2) 9x9 Bifold Strap Door - Residential Application, 2x2 tubing, wood building (2) Power units - bottom drive, with safety feature Project B (2) 18x9 Bifold Strap Door - Residential Application, 2x2 tubing, steel building (1) 9x9 Bifold Strap Door - Residential Application, 2x2 tubing, steel building (3) Power units - bottom drive, with safety feature Framing to be skinned by others. Please quote both jobs separate, package and shipped to Tempe AZ Thank you, Mike


I have a custom residential project and am interested in using your door system. Can you send me some cost information on a basic residential 2 car garage door? thanks.


We are interested in your hydraulic H design (Flush) doors. We are planning to use it in residential projects with 8'X17' garage opening. Please provide construction detail


This is a residential project. I prefer the full glass with aluminum mullion look of the photo reference in photo #14. Are the weather tight enough to use in a living space? Scott


I am looking to incorporate bi-fold garage doors into a townhomes project located in Pittsburgh, PA. Are there any CAD details you could send so I may have a better idea how to detail the door condition? Also, are the doors able to be mounted onto a CMU garage wall? Thanks!


We are designing a 2 story residential structure. It will be a concrete garage with concrete slab ceiling/floor assembly for the main floor above. There will be 2 garage door openings, 10'-6" W x 6'-8" H, clear rough opening. I am curious as to how the bi-fold and hydraulic systems will fit within the concrete structure and if a secondary steel sub-structure is needed. I am also curious if the doors can sit flush or setback from the exterior face of the 12" thick concrete wall to provide shadowing. The design would call for a mode , rusted steel look like the private garage in San Rafael, CA.


I need a cost for a 14'wide x 9' tall bifold door for a private residence. We will be putting in our own paneling on the frame... it will probably be polycarbonate panels. Are there colors that we can choose for the frame color?


Like your bifold for residential use. Steel frame opening 16 wide and 10 tall. Want full opening to be your door with the wedge open to 8 feet. House will be modern, i.e, steel, glass, anodized aluminum. Door is in front, facing street. Structure is not an aircraft hangar or a barn. What finish do you offer in this mode? What is the cycle time (Especially time to open)? How do you price these doors? Let me know. Regards, Jack H.


Need a residential bifolding garage door. Door has to be impact rated for Florida. Door opening is 16' wide by 6'8" high. Need pricing and delivery time.


I am interested in using this for a garage door (9-feet wide by 7-feet tall) to my house. 1)Can you provide a bifold door with a bottom drive (straps) power unit for such a small door? If possible. would you please e-mail me a catalogue so I can choose a type of door and ask for a quote. 2) How airtight can this door close, can it be made that almost no wind will blow into the garage? 3) Can the door be safely filled on the inside with some type of insulation. Thanks Carien


Our condo is looking for a quieter door opener than our current multi-panel door. The door leads to an underground car park. It is about 7' tall and 20' wide, but I haven't measured it. Have you ever put a door in a condo? We would need a bi-fold, not a swing out. I'm thinking there may not be enough clearance with the door folded up. How much would hang down into the open space?


Good Afternoon, We are custom Home builders here in LA, in an exterior application, I am requiring a quote for your vertical bi folding doors the finished opening is 8' (Height) x 16' (Width). We require a solid aluminum finish (flat sheet) no seam (except at fold) or an aluminum louvered option. Is this possible? What are your cladding profile options? Does automation come standard? Please contact me to discuss - I am available 8am to 5pm (west coast). Best Mira C. Estimator


We are building a new home and will have a garage built for our 40' RV. This may not be a job you would work on but we need a 14' to 15' high door. If this is a job too small for you possibly you could direct us to a company that builds doors for RV garages. It needs to be a custom door to match our house.


We're interested in your bi-fold doors and any details or information you can provide to present to our client. This is a residential application for a flush mounted door approximately 9' clear height by 29' wide.


We would like information on bi-fold doors for residential use. Door size either 8 feet high and 9 wide or 9 x 9. As well, do you have information about automatic garage door openers for bi-folds. Please email information about distributors in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.


I would like a quote on a garage door. 8' wide X 7' High Its for my boiler room outbuilding. Mike H. Please reply fast. Thank - You!


Need two garage doors for private house. Measurements are approximate but accurate within inches. Cannot use traditional garage doors -- not enough clearance inside garage.


Hello, I'm putting together plans for a 2 car garage for my home. In looking for doors I found your website. Do you have standard doors for residential applications? I am looking to have an opening about 8' tall by 16' wide. The garage is a basic stick built design. Are there any special construction considerations? What would a door like this cost? I am interested a basic white steel "panel" style with insulation. Some type of window is desirable. Your website states that you install. Would you allow me to install? Do you have any specific literature or specifications for residential applications that you could send? Thank you for your time. Regards, Matt C.


can you make a bi-fold door to go inside home. It's an entrance to stairs that go into the attic that I made into an extra room. I wanted something different, not just the standard interior door look.


I would like more information on how to specify your product. Do you have a representative in my area. I would like to have your doors on my new home. I am remodeling/ adding on to an existing Midcentury modern home and your glass and aluminum doors would work perfectly with the esthic that I am going for. Please contact me soon I need to enclose the carport asap.


I'm working on a custom residence and am interested in any CAD details you can provide of your bi-fold doors. The house is steel and wood framed, so details for both types of structure would be useful. We prefer the flush mounted appearance. Thank you.


I am interested in a bifolding door for a competition for a low-cost housing prototype home. I was looking at the "greenhouse" styled door on your website. If I could get a quote to get an idea of the price range that would be great.


I need a bifold door for an 18'X7 opening in a residential garage. It should be attractive but not ornate. It need not be heavey duty. The garage will be used for auto restoration hobby work with an auto lift inside. Power opening with remotes.




Hello I am pricing a BI-Fold door for an residential project. the diminsions are 6'10"X 8'10". It will be made out 16mm polycarbonite panels which I can supply. Thank you


I nee a door 16' wide 7' tal for a standard garage, and I am planning on using a carraige house door style which i wil build but dont want the overhead track in my at home cabinet shop, I was wondering if I can get a blank insulated door like you bifolds and apply a cedar frame work on the front to match my current garage door. I would need all your hard ware but would like to add the trim to the front of it with some type of glass lights across the top when its closed. I was planning on using a traditional bifold set up and came across yours that lifts up. I am not sure if I even need a mechanical means to raise if its something I can lift,. It wont get opened much. The weight of what I would add would be less than 200lbs. please advise on your thoughts and cost for something like this, Thanks, Scot D.


We are considering a door such as yours in a residentitial setting. What is needed for side support for a 10' x 10' door. What kind of header would we need for you to attach to? What kind of finnish comes on the door? I would not want one with to commercial a look. Thank you for your time. John P.


I'm tearing down an old frame garage to rebuild. An alley runs along my property and garage in the rear. I will have regular garage doors(3) facing the alley. I'm interested in one of your bi-folds on the side facing the house. Something around 8'wide and 7' high. Also, I live in a historical district and I'm limited to what I can use for siding. Is it possible to buy a door kit without siding and I use the same as I'm using on the garage? thanks, Steve


We are considering replacing the pivoting, pull-up garage door (original door for house built in 1963) with one of your bifold doors. The present wood frame and aluminum sheet metal enclosed door (faces west)radiates abundant summer heat into the garage space which has mostly been converted into a den. It seems that an insulated, bifold door would allow for energy savings in addition to enabling easy access to the attic space above the "garage". In concept, I am already sold with a bifold door. It's the cost of one that I am worried about! Thanks for working up an estimate. Kind regards, Scott L.


I need three bifold doors for my residential garage. They need to have full insulated glass. Exactly the same situation as the glass commercial doors you show under your designer door section. I need to get a quote on 10Wx 8H doors. Please call for more details I am in the budgeting phase at his point.


TO whom it may concern. My name is John V. and I am interested in purchasing a bi fold garage door for my residence in Ls Gatos (San Jose-bay area) CA. I have/am completely remodeling my home from the ground up. The new framing construction has aan I beam across the top of a 3-car garage door that I currently 28'-6" wide an approximately 11'-6" High. The width I know is correct the height I need to re-measure to verify. MY questons are What finishes can I put on the bi-fold door? Wood,stucco,metal? What considerations/limitations are there? Approximate turn around time from date of order? Cost of shipping t the Bay Area? Installation? Does it need to be thru an autorized installer? Or can it be done with someone who has practical knowledge of framing/construction/homeowner? Can someone please call me on my mobi;l # to discuss my options. I unfortunately do not spend much time in front of a computer screen answering emails Thanks John V.


I am working on a private residence and we would like to use your product, we have two single car door openings, and one double door condition. I would like to design these doors, i have our conditions drawn up in autocad and would like to further discuss and detail our opening to work with your door components, please put me in contact with a Schweiss engineer or contact person to design a door system that works best with our requirements, look forward to hearing from you, Best regards, George


We are a design-build architect-general contractor. Project is a High End Residential Project in Palo Alto. Looking for Custom Glass / Steel - Full Canopy or Bi-Folding Canopy Door to Living Room. Needs to be Safe for children, quiet for home. Please call.


I will be constructing a 3 car detached garage in the near future, and need overhead clearance inside as I will be storing a 4th vehicle on a 4 post lift. I am interested in bifold doors, and will need a clear opening size for one door of 16' wide and 7' high ; a second door clear opening size to be 8' wide and 7' high. What would the actual dimensions of the door be? The garage will be built to match a Tudor style home built in 1916; I tentatively would like the doors to have the appearance of wooden carriage doors without using wood - any suggestions on materials? I would like something without windows, and with some insulation if possible - do you manufacture doors in other that thin aluminum? Please send an estimated quote including shipping to the California address, as well as estimate of time from odering to delivery


I'm looking for a residential garage door to eliminate the mechanics in my ceiling to provide space for auto lifts. The door opening is roughly 18x7 feet


i would like a full catalog of your product for use in some custom residential projects i am working on here. thanks kevin


Hi, I have a 4 foot deep shed that has a door opening that is 83" tall by 16' wide, with only 1' of headroom above the opening, the remains of the two car attached garage that was converted into a rec room. I've been looking for a replacement to the old tilt-up door that will leave the opening at 16" as this is very convenient. Your Bi-Fold door looks like it would solve my problem. Please send me a budgetary quote so I can see whether we can afford it. We need a simple door without windows, as it will always be operated from the outside, doesn't need insulation, and we don't need to worry about wind here.


We are building a few home all of which will have the same size door, please email me you best bid.


I'm looking for a catalog to read more about the door options you provide. I'm also looking at install a door system like this at a residence with opening size below. Also wondering what is the smallest units you can do in width, and what are the insulation factors.


HI, We are building several homes, and watned to try the bifold door option. I have included a size and would like a quote on a frosted glass garage door if possible, or a simple insulated alumimum door. Do you ahve any installers in the Houston area? Jay


I am looking for two bifold hangar doors for a residential project. Two identical doors, each 8 feet tall, 9 feet wide. We would also like it fit with translucent insulated panels.


This is the inside opening size. The side walls are block with a wood header. This is also our car parking and is the only entrance. We like the idea of remotes and how is the duty to be used as a garage door as well? We are a returning customer you built a door for us around 1998. We have a Mooney so the open height is not as crital but would like to most options as possible.


Hello, I have an existing residential project in Memphis, that is very barn like in appearance. I have two openings that lead from the inclosed pool area to the back yard. Each opening is 8' x 20'. I am looking for a "canopy style" door with or with out bi-fold. Doors would be clad in something that provides moderate insulation. I would like information on pricing, leadtime and installation. I would also like to know about options such as, semi transparent windows and a walk door built with in the big door.


Looking for a price quote on a bifold door for a private residence. On a small, townhouse lot in an urban condition, our home's back "yard" is a parking pad that is open to the alley behind us. The opening is 10 feet wide, and I would need a door high enough for a small car to clear. Thinking of budget materials for the frame, remote opening capabilities, and translucent panels. Plus delivery to Philadelphia, PA


Curious as to costs for residensial applications compared to the conventional track overhead door.


I am very interested in your bifold garage doors as sun protection for housing I am designing. I'd like to substitute a mesh over the basic framework in substitution for the cladding. Please give me a very rough idea of the cost of a door about 18' wide and 20' high. It looks like you have wonderful products. Thanks.


I'm considering using a Schweiss bifold as an insulating cover panel/sun shade over a large glazed south facing opening in a passive solar residence. The bi-fold will not be used as a door that will be closed a large part of the time. It will be closed only at night during winter. Might frame be built of steel angles bolted to the perimeter of 4" SIPS panels, the panels providing a portion of the structural stiffness? I can send drawings as soon as I get a little farther along in the design development phase of the project. I'm looking for a ballpark price at this point. Thank you. Mark H.


L.S., Can you please help me solve our height problem. The garage is grand fathered and we are trying to raise the floor due to water puddling. This leaves us with a opening clearance of 7ft or 84 to 85 inches. We noticed your hydralic doors as well as the bi-fold. Can you please advise us what would be the best solution for our home and quote us some options? Thanks, Ralf v. I have pictures available.




Interested in bifold hanger doors for a residential garage. Please call at you earliest convenience. Thank you Erik


Home is built. Hip roof, steel frame with brick veneer. Header is 3" 16 ga tubing with a 24" 55# I-beam set back 6 feet to support the header. Header support legs are 3" square 16ga tubing.


We're looking for a residential installation, though the building has a more commercial feel. The bi-fold door would be clad in metal siding....is that something we can apply in the field?


I have a residence that I need to put a door in. I need about 8' of clearance to the top of my door. my ceiling height will be 9'-7 1/4''. This leaves only 19 1/4'' head height over our door. This product will be used in florida, Does any of your products have the Florida product approval numbers?


We are particularly interested in exact detailing, including attachment angles, track sizes, required clearances, etc. The project includes two doors, (9'x24' & 9'x12').


I need pricing for 2 bi-fold hanger doors that are 16 foot wide by 10 foot tall. This is a wood application and it is residential. The architect doesn't have enough room for a 10' tall door and the owner doesn't want anything less. I am currently doing a pricing exercise for the project need to get some pricing.


I'm looking to replace a 16' by 7' residential garage door (standard 4 panel vertical sliding). Because there will be some remodelling in the ovehead space where the door currently slides into, we are looking at solutions which don't take up space inside the garage. I was talking to another manufacturer about horizontally sliding doors when he mentioned that I should also check out your bifold product. I'd appreciate an approximate quote or range including approximate shipping by email, as well as any comments you might have about lead time and installing such a door in a residential project. Appreciate your response. John


Hi - We're working on a new home in Hawaii that will have exterior doors/shutters on every opening. We're considering tilt-up hydraulic lift custom wood doors. The opening sizes range from 3' wide x 3' high to 20' wide x 10' high. Is there someone there that I could speak with about the project? I have drawings I could email to show you the basic scope of the job.


We are working on a house where the client wants the kitchen and the dining room to completely open up to the porch. It's still at the early stages and we were looking at using four 8' garage doors side by side. I would like a quote for one 8'x 8', one 16'x 8', and one 32'x 8' custom bi-fold door. I would like all three because we would more than likely want to break it up into two or four doors instead of one giant door due to the small scale of the project.


I am looking for a new door for my one car garage in South Minneapolis. What kind of options do you have for me?


This door will be in a heated living room at the third story of a wood frame building. There will be steel shear walls at either side of the door opening. The edge of each shear wall closest to the door can be steel tube of the size you specify. The door is facing a lake, so wind loads might be an issue when the door is open or closed. I'd like the door to be of aluminum with as much double-pane glass as possible. If we can get a U-value of 0.35, the building department will be happy. I can use details, especially at the edges -- what keeps out wind and rain at the edges and at the joint between the two pieces. How big is the operating equipment, etc?


Do you have any sales reps in Chicago area? We are looking for pricing on your product for our condominium building for a wall approx. 22'-0"L x 10'-0"H. Please call


Hello, I'm planning on using one of your Bi-Fold doors in a residential project and I just had a few general questions. Its a wood construction home and I want the door flush with the exterior siding. 1. What is the minimum spacing I need to accomodate the single hinges at the top of the door before the exterior building sheeting begins? 2. Is a free standing header required, or can the the structural header onto which the door is attached be the only horizontal member within the total opening? 3. Are there any materials I should avoid when choosing what to sheath the exterior of the door? Thank you for you time, Audrey H.


want price or and availibility of hyd door or bifold door for two car residential garage. our head room in limited for a standard garage door. as ceiling is low on an older home. door opening is aproximately 20 ft. wide by 8 ft tall ball park figure on cost will let me know if i want to continue. a remote control for vehicle woule be required I'm 10 miles west of memphis tn.


I am interested in the bi-fold design for my 16x7 residential garage, due to headroom consideration for a lift. What would the options and approximate costs be please? Can a DIY type installation be done? Many Thanks Kurt M.


good afternoon, i have been sent a residential plan to quote a roof truss package which includes a hangar spec'ing your bifold door. they have called out a 45'x14' bifold (no model # or any other info). would you have any information that i could use to quote the trusses at the door area (ie: loads, weights or attachment specs) thank you so much for your help! michelle b.


interested in replacing door in my carriage house with one of yours. i don't have room internal for overhead door so this looks like it might work. would also who in the Portland Oregon area might be a dealer and installer of your doors. This would replace existing bi-part sliding door. i am trying to seal the structure and the sliding doors don't do it. also would want auto closer/opener. Frank J.


I'm looking in a bifold door for my Residential Garage. I don't see a lot of choices out there but you and a couple of other companies. I have a 16' wide opening with 9' height, The sides of the opening is cider block (new construction) and the header is not installed at this time(until I find the door requirements) I'm not looking for heavy duty, just something to do this job at home in a bifold way, So is this something you can do? and if so would you give me more info on this. Thanks, John.


Looking to buy an upward acting bi-fold metal door for a residence. 8'-0" x 7'-0" with an electric opener. Do you have such an item?


Would it be possible to adapt your mechanisms to an existing residential garage door unit? One of the conditions that we were considering for is a unit composed of four horizontal sections. Pairs could be unified creating equal size upper and lower sections similar to your illustrations. The community has design restrictions that would require maintaining the existing appearance. If this were possible, I would send the dimension and weight criteria for pricing. Thanks.


Need the doors for a residential use as garage doors. Have limited overhead space and need opening of 6'6" high and 8' wide.


i'm building a custom home out in the desert by palm springs, and i was going to use a traditional glass roll up garage door, but now i'm thinking of a bi-fold? . . . the opening is12' wide and 8'tall, . . . can you please give me an idea of a price and a timeline?


Hi - I believe over a year ago I asked this same question, but have misplaced your quote. I am looking to specify a bifold door for a new construction cabana at my own house - it is a small building that has approximately 13' ceilings. I am wondering what it would cost and what would be involved in installing a 24' w x 12' h bifold or hydraulic door along the face of the building, and secondly - if the height of such door would allow for a pilot/man door to work, or whether it would be disrupted by the hinge. Does a shorter or taller door height change the price significantly? Also, I seem to remember that the price only included the framing, but that we'd have to skin the door on our own. Can you clarify & provide a rough quote based on this? Thanks! Dafna Z.


I'm wanting to do a bifold door on my small residential garage. Do you make & sell the necessary hardware that a contractor could install & finish with plywood & siding? The opening is 9' wide and 8' tall- Please reply at your earliest convenience. Tom M.




I was wondering if you did any residentail bi-fold doors. I have a 9'x7'door that a bi-fold would be perfect. Also this door would need the state of Florida product approval Thanks Pete


Looking for a energy efficient garage door for my home I am building in Marquette , Mi. It is a Deltec , round house. 8' panels turn 12 degrees every 8'. The garage level is furnished by Superior walls ( precast ). they are 10' high. can you help with a design , and , what about cost , if this could work for my application. I want a 20' door.


I am building a large earth sheltered home and believe your Hydraulic Doors are perfect for my application. I have 5 large windows/doors across the front that I want to provide security, Insulation, and keep the sun off the glass in the summer. The Sizes are 10.5 tall x 23 ft wide, 10.5 x 13, 10.5 x 13, 10.5 x 10, 10.5 x 10. I also would need for the door to open past 90 degrees and up to 135 deg if possible to let light in in the winter. Also can I power all 5 doors from one Power Pack? As I would never try to open more that one at a time. Please respond by email. Regards, Kim R. Bellaire Texas


Greetings, I am currently working on a residential project in New York City and we're considering using horizontal bi-fold doors. Is there anyway you could email me some details describing how your door system works. I'm interested in the mechanism (size and location) as well as the dimensions for the mullions and transom pieces. Also I'm interested in how the buildings steel structural system can integrate these doors. Thank you, David A.


This is for a residential condo penthouse in new york city. I would like to understand rough costs for a steel framed insualted glass clad bi-fold doors without straps. cad details would be very helpful also. can the motor be mounted at the head above the ceiling line? Michael R. / President


We would like to get some more information and a price quote for a Bi-Fold door in a residential project in north carolina. Door size is 8'0"x8'-0". Anodized Aluminum, with clear tempered glazing. We can send drawings if needed. Much Thanks, -matthew g.


Looking for hydraulic hinges for a glass window for an outhouse which will open up and extend over a sun deck the dimesions are given below


Hi - This door is for new residential construction. Would like it to be manual operation if possible. We have designed it to be skinned in aluminum with a window.


Please send a brochure or literature on your bi-fold doors. I have a client that may be interested in them for his single family, contemporary, residence. Thank you. Russ W.


want to put doors at the end of our shelter, We have very little clearance for a standard garage type door. Looking for something that will work for us. The measurments below are very close to the side of opening.


Residendtial outbuilding with low (7' 3" ) clearance. Would like a quote on a double car width bifold door and an automatic opener Also, is this a 'kit' that my home rough in carpenter can install? thanks


Hello, I need to spec a bi-fold garage door for a residential project and would like more information and a price quote. The clear opening is 28'x7'-8" in a wood framed garage. The door would need to have an applied cedar cladding and sit flush with exterior wall.


Dear Sirs/Madams I am writing to ask you if you would have a single hydraulic device for lifting a staire case. the idea is to utilise the space a stair could take in a small size room if I was to make use of the loft in my house. therefore, using the hydraulic, I want to pull down or lift the stairs (with appriprate hinges at the top end of the stairs. this way no one would know when it is folded and can make use of the space brlow. I hope you understand the idea. thanks Yohannes


We are currently involved with a residential house located in Santa Monica. We would be interested in integrating your doors in our design. It would be great if you could send us your catalog and a local contact if available. Thank you


for a residential garage....with white translucent panels ( glassif possible) for a quote please include shipping...and lead time thanks


I would like a qoute on a door for my home, the size of our opening is 19 by 7 feet and of course I would like the remote. Thanks, Alisha C.


I'm looking at a residential application for your product. It would be used in several bedrooms as a means of opening the space to the outside. The original idea was to use the single hydraulic door so that when it opened, it would provide shade over the patio. From the looks of the images though, I think the door and equipment might be too massave (visually) for the residence. The bi-fold door is also a possibility. I read that the bi-fold door has a hand operated option, is that correct? And does that same option come with the hydraulic? The largest door would be 9' x 10'. Thanks!


I am interested in seeing if your product could work for my lake cabin. I have three openings that are approximately 16' wide by 12' tall. Configuration, man doors, glass sizes, and cost are all items for the decision making. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you, David


We have a couple of opportunities to use your products on some small, residential applications, and we have several questions. waht kind of weather seal do you have on the bi-fold doors? Can we use insulated glass in the aluminum frame? Is the motor always mounted on the door? Are any of the models manually operable (i.e., without a motor)? How much money are we looking at (ballpark) for a unit that's 8' tall by 13' wide? what kind of loads will this door impart on the jamb and head? Thanks. Cool doors.


My purpose in looking at this type of door is to remove all parts of the door from the interior garage space. I am particulary interested in how far the door extends into the interior (how deep are the trusses and motor). The building is a residential 1970's type wood building two stories over the garage.


I need pricing on a 18' wide, 8'tall bi-fold door with glass panels for a residential project in Houston Texas. Please advise on pricing for preliminary budget purposes.


I need prices for two doors. One is 18'x8' One is 9'x8' I would like smooth flat metal doors. I would like the Bi-Fold style. These will be for residential use on a wood frame house garage. Let me know $$$ ASAP. Thanks John


I am looking for a residential garage door with a 8 ft high by 15 ft wide opening that does not run in below the ceiling of the garage. A coiling rollup door or Bifold door would seem to work. The door would be installed on the end (parallel with the roof truss) for a wood frame attached garage. It would need to open remotely. What is the apporixamte cost of the Bifold door? Does the remotely operated Bifold door meet the residential codes for electrical interlock and safe operation? Do you have a local distributor or contractor in the Seattle, WA area?


I am interested in receiving information about bifold hanger doors. Please send me a full product catalogue along with any other information you have available. For a specific project, I would like information and a quote for 6 total glass doors measuring 8W x 10H using lift straps and auto latches for a residential application.


Hello- I called yesterday and sent an email to Jeremy. I'm writing regarding a glazed bi-folding hanger door system for a residence in California. The clear span between the structural frame is 16'-0" and the height is 8'-8". If you could send me photos and details of this system that would be most helpful. Also if you could provide preliminary pricing as well that would be great. Also if you can provide me with details at the jamb, head and sill. Thank you for your time, Missa


Need Structural Spec Sheets (A1-4?) for the following M Style Bottom Drive (strap) Opening - 12'x42' 24" Wedge Wind 75 mph, Exposure B Steel I beam Header(W21x111, 12.34Wx21.5D) Tube Steel Columns, size TBD Internal Truss Alta Sierra, CA


We have a new veranda on our home, and an opening out to the veranda that is 8'X 9'. We're interested in the cost for installing a bi-fold door into this size residential space? Thanks!


I have a residential project that I need a garage door for. Can you make an aluminum bi-fold door with frosted glass panels (similar to the last photo on your commercial photos page on your website)?


Good afternoon, I need a bifold door to fit a 9.5'x16' opening. The purpose is to gain depth for insulation for a Hobbit House, underground storage building, in Driggs, Idaho. Thanks


Dear Schweiss I am looking for a solution for a house we are designing. Is it possible to clad the door with some other materials than shown? How long time will it take to get a bi-fold door? (production time, we will arrange shipping) We need some advice to make the best choice. Regards Steffan I.


I am looking for one 14' and two 12' bi-fold doors for my screen porch in West Bemd, WI. Please call me. Thanks


I am needing a door for a boat storage buildig. Iam looking for a door to fit at 10 ft w x 7 ft h


I'm thinking of a small door, by aircraft standards, for residential use, 16 feet by 6 feet 8 or 7 feet high. Door would not go to the absolute cornor of the house so there should be adequate space for a minimal wedge. And sheeting would be wood and/or glass. Do you manufacture any doors that small. Thanks, Bob L.


We are designing a low rise apartment building in New York City and need to find a bi-folding door that is close to 20%u2019 high that opens up a duplex space. We would prefer that it folds inward, however, we would entertain options to fold outward too. There will be a total of fourteen doors, each nearly twenty feet tall and 16 feet wide. They would have to accomdate a 1" insulated glass and meet several code requirements such as air infiltration, acoustics, etc. Please call or email me at your earliest convenience. Thank you


We have already received general info for a residental bi-fold door from you. Questions: (1)We are not able to find a local installer to install your product from your list or referrals. What would be the cost for your company to install? (2) Will the Bi-fold door meet the City of Los Angles City Building codes?(3) Does you company come out to field measure to produce shop drawings. (4) what is the lead time for shop drawings, fabrication and delivery.


I am looking for two bifold doors for a mountain garage/apartment. The doors will only be for human access and not for cars in either a four glass panel design or an eight panel design in bronzed aluminum. probably hydraulic with manual latches. How much and how long? thanks, John P.


Dear, we are very interested in the use of the designer bi-old doors. 2 uses: A.garage 8'0" h x 17'-0" wide wood construction B.big space residential kitchen to rear terrace openning 12'0" h x 13'-0" wide steel construction. Can I have some CAD or any drawing to see details for our drawings. Thank you very much for your help Best regards, E esto b. note: b- fold door type is the one located in your designer section six and seven picture from top to bottom (glass w/ 6 partitions)System similar to the picture.


Looking into a bifold door for new residential construction. Do you have evening or weekend hours available for consultation? Door will be 16' X 7-8'.


currently working on a residential 47 story tower. Thinking of using one piece door at the roof level for window wash openings. I would like to send some drawings to exolain the location and our concerns. GOKHAN C.


Hello folks: Have another one to bid here in the SF bay area. the dimentions are 16' wide and 9' 6" high. The door needs to be motor operated with a photo safety eye and miller edge (Residential use). The contractor is going to add approx 200 lbs of 5x8" cedar 1" x 6" to the door after installation. Can you give me a price for the door delivered to the job site in California. Any questions, email or call me. Thanks. Bob B.


This is for residential use. I want to know if it works too. Please quote me the glass aluminum look one. I live in Los Angeles. Do you have dealer here? Thank you.


Would this work for a residential garage door? I have a client looking to use their garage as a room but be able to pull their car in when they are not in town. This is a second home for them. Opennng at present 15'7 X 7'. There is room to make the door taller. What would be the cost on something like this made from a material that would work by the ocean with perhaps some windows across? Just a ballpark figure is what I need. Thank you. Katie M.


I have a project (residential) that would use 2 - 8X18 doors. I would like a estimate on the onr piece hydraulic. Please call Thanks Dee J.


building is in a residential area with easy access & room to work. Please advise if a plot plan would assist in evaluating the cost of the door installed. Thank you. Al M.


I am interested in building a residential airport hanger and would like to know more about your doors. Also, can you offer any information on hanger manufacturers who have used and installed your doors.


i have a residential project in Colorado that needs one of these do to low head height clearance. could you have someone call me and give me price quote for a 9ft w x 7ft h to be hung beneath a wood frame carport roof... SVEN


1. Do you offer smaller bi-fold doors for residential garage applications (8', 10', 12', etc.)? I'm interested in a glazed door with aluminum or wood frame. 2. Is every door custom, or do you have stock sizes?


I would like to get some information that would allow me to determine the pracitcality of installing a bifold door at my residential garage. I have a standard 7x16 foot opening.


I am interested in informationb on a small bifold/uopward folding door for a residential project in Hawaii. the opening is small- approximately 8' wide x 6' high.


Building a new Metal Aircraft Hangar at my residence. Request price and availability for a 48'x13' hydraulic door. I'm am currently out of country for the next 2 weeks and my only way to communicate is via email. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Jim C.


I have an opening in a home that is 12 ft wide x 8 ft high...want it to be mostly glass..... do you do this? what is the ballpark price? Steve G.


I am researching the possible application of a bi-fold overhead door for the garage of my residential home. Door opening is approx. 7 x 16 feet. Cost, looks, ease of installation, and maintenance are, in order, the important factors for me. Please advise me of the possibilities. Thanks, Len G.


is it possible to get a more neutral strap color for residential applications, without the printing on them>?


Looking for a wood Schweiss bi-fold door for a two car residential home, in the Detroit area. Do you have any installers in the area?