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Hello. Looking for a price for the remote control opener for my bifold strap door with auto-locks. I purchased the door in 2017. It is 45'x13' clear opening. Email response is preferred, I'm in a marginal cell area.


Hello, I have a bi-fold door with a 4-button remote feature. Is there a way to activate the up/down function without holding the button down for the whole time the door is moving? (like a common garage door remote).


Hi there. Im contacting you on behalf of a friend. He has one of your strap bi-fold doors that operates using the deadman style switch. Is there a way to retrofit a remote control opener? No need to call as its not my hangar. Just a simple email reply with a yes or no and who he should contact to have install the retrokit if it is possible. Thank you for your time


I recently purchased an aircraft hangar that has one of your Bi-fold doors installed. It appears to be a high quality product! I might be interested in purchasing a Remote Control and Receiver Box for the door. What are the differences between Style 1, 2 and 3? What is the cost of a Remote Control system and How do I order it?


Hey folks, I am looking for a remote opening/closing kit for one of the doors we have purchased from you previously. Could you send me a quote for the remote module and 3 remote fobs please. Please feel free to call me if you need more information.


can you quote a price for the remote control only for the Chamberland Lift Master Professional installed on door SN 9425


I had a Bi-fold door installed, and I would like to just press the button and have it open and close without having to hold the button, can you send me the information to do that


I neeed to get a quote to buy a bifold door 18'x18' also I need to know if it can be operated with a remote control. Thank you in advance.


Good morning! I am interested in a remote door control upgrade for my existing door located at CA92 in California. I was wondering what information you need to determine if the upgrade is possible and what the cost would be. I appreciate your time!


We love your building here at 69V! We are looking to make our door open and close automatically. Do you have a suggestion, or system to pair with your door? Thank You


I am building a boathouse, and am interested in the bi-fold doors with remote control. It has 2 bays each 10' wide with a 3' walkway between them. I could do one large door or 2 smaller doors, whichever is less $ if there is a significant difference. I need to decide fairly quickly to submit permits as the work is ready to start soon. I have been looking at 2 sliding barn doors up until now.


Hello I have a Schweiss bi-fold arm latch hangar door. I would like to have a remote open/close option installed. Please let me know who I should contact to perform the installation. Thank you.




I have a bifold door on my hangar at my house. Looking to make it remote controlled. What options do you have for remote control hangar doors?


What is the price for the remote control add-on to an existing Schweiss auto latching bifold hangar door


We have a Schweiss bi-fold door on our shop and we have somehow misplaced both remote receivers for opening the door. We are curious as to how we replace those or if we can program them in our work trucks if they have the door opener option!! Thank you and have a great day!!


We have 4 bi-fold doors with remotes. We've lost a couple of our remotes so I would like to order 2 more. Can you please tell me how to go about doing that. Thank you Jay


Hello, I wrote previously, but not sure my message went through given an internet glitch I experienced. My brother and I recently built a hanger with a bi-fold 38x12ft door. After having the door for a few months, we would like to upgrade it to allow for it to open and close with only one click of the button as opposed to pressing and holding for the entire way up and down as we currently do. How do we go about upgrading our door? I know there are additional sensors and probably paperwork involved, but wanted to know what the process looked like. Thanks in advance for the help.


We need a remote control option for our Schweiss bifolding hangar door. The operator uses 220V. It would be nice if the door could be controlled via an app, LAN and WAN. HangarBOT We have security cameras in and out of the hangar to monitor door.


Hi, interested in your remote controls for the schweiss doors. How much do they cost? Is there a package deal? I would also be interested to learn more about the hangar bot system.


Hello, looking for a remote control overhead door for my garage. Much like a roll up garage door. Please let me know if you offer remote controls with your bifold and hydraulic doors.


Just trying to find a new handheld remote to replace mine that was driven over. Type: T60TX-03STL Freq: 433.92 MHz Can you please direct me to a source? Dan


Looking to get more 2 button remotes for our bifold doors, along with instructions. Doors are strap lift and about 16 years old, and they are still running like a clock.


I have a strap bifold door that I bought in 2005 and I need a new remote control that has the green yellow and red button with eight dip switches on the inside. Where can I get one? and how soon can you ship one to me. My dog chewed up the one I had.


Looking for a remote for our bifold door. The system is all there, the close button broke after it was dropped and un over. Great door so far.


I have two Schweiss bifold Liftstrap doors. One of them has remote openers. The other one does not. I'd like to add remote openers to the second door if at all possible. These are both Schweiss manufactured doors.


I need two additional remote controls for my bifold hanger door. Can you please Advise me on how to order these. Also, is there a door switch that will allow me to push open and then walk away from the door until it has opened? I believe I have the the door switch that requires you to push the button the entire time until the door completely opens. Thanks


How much will a remote cost for my existing bifold strap door? How difficult is the installation? The door is 60 wide and about 16 tall I believe. Thanks


I need 2 remotes for my bifold door,


Need a new remote for door first one quit working, second one when it wants to thanks May have to leave a message for callback


20x60 bifold door on hanger. Request maintenance check, works currently. Also would like 2 additional bifold door remotes. Can send pictures KOEO T14


I am in need of several additional remote control for our hangar door. It's a bifold strap door purchased about 10 years ago. Please advise FCC ID: ONFT60TX-0XSTL


I have a yellow remote control to operate my hydraulic single door on my hanger. It will not open my door any longer. I change the batteries and still will not open my door. My second remote still operates the door like normal. So my question how do you program a remote control or do I need a replacement handheld remote.


good day, i am looking for some of your remotes please. we have 7 of your Canadian grade bifold doors at our facility. i would like to get 7 spare remotes. i did purchase some about 3 years ago. do you need any info from us at all? thank you. regards. john grogan Cubex Ltd Calgary Alberta Canada T2V 2X4


I would like to get a price and availability for the remote control option for the Hangar doors on our project. We installed three doors here at our winery in mid 2020. We are using the doors at least three or four times a day and feel the remote will save us time. The job number was #24702 Realm Cellars Napa, CA 94558


I have a bifold Liftstrap door on my hangar from you. It's great. It has a remote control to open/close. Can I order more remotes from you for the door? Let me know.


I am looking for some help. I need someone to add a remote opening mechanism to an existing bifold door panel that is on hinges which is above a traditional garage door. I think the door itself is around 9ft tall by 12ft wide. The panel above it is the same width and is 4-5ft tall. I can send pics. Thanks, Ryan


I have two Schweiss Bifold doors on Hangars at Spokane, WA and at Thermal Airport, in California. My California door can be operated by use of an automatic opener, like a garage door opener. My Spokane hangar cannot. I must stand there by the door with my finger on the button to open or close the door. The California bifold door is about 45 feet across, the Spokane bifold door with lift straps is about 55 feet across. Question: Do you have an automatic door opener available for the larger door? If so, how much is it? What is required for installation? Darwin Engen 509-954-5201


I am looking to order 3 Transmitter Solution remote controls for my bifold doors (Style 1 hand held remote - 28a). Can you respond with pricing and availability, and what information you need from me about my unit to place an order? Thank you, Cynthia Nolan


I had purchased some additional remotes for two bifold strap doors but lost the instruction booklet that came with them. Can you email me the instructions to program them? Thank you


Would like to purchase a remote control system for my newly installed bifold liftstrap hangar door. Thanks!


Hello, Bought a bifold door hangar home with a great schweiss hangar door - newer model i believe with the strap system and auto latching. I believe there is a remote control available - wondering costs and how that would be installed. I am relatively handy - can I install that system? Thanks Ken Petschauer 386 871 5436


Hello, I would like to obtain two more radio remote controls for my bifold strap hanger door. This is the style where the buttons are yellow and there are 2 buttons for stop, and one button for open and one for close. please let me know costs and best way to purchase. thank you Paul Schmitz 503-705-6874 paul@paulschmitz.com


We need a new bi-fold door opener remote to replace one that was damaged. Our door was installed in late year of '04 and is style A receiver with a 3 button remote. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks


Please email me a schematic for the Schweiss bifold door remote control box on the door. My door has a separate white box for the remote access. Someone removed the antenna wiring and I do not know where it belongs. Thanks


I installed a 40 x 10 foot hydraulic door on my hangar when it was built in 2008. I would like to add a remote control if one is available and am also interested in your bifold backup system in case of a power outage.. Thank you, Steve Fabiszak


Interested in quote of bifold door remote openers. looking though the parts page on your site it looks like the style 2 opener can remotely open multiple doors? Could you please provide a quote for both styles of remote openers. We currently have one door equipped with remote opening and interested in installing others. I would also like to know if its possible to install a personal door into an existing garage door? thanks and happy new year Trevor


Just bought a hangar w an old Schweitzer bi fold cable door. Remote won’t open door. How much to purchase replacement parts, please? It would be 28 g, h,


Hello, I need the price for a 18x8 bifold, strap lift residential use door. I also am needing information in the motor control system. I have a customer that is wanting to have this door on their residence, and I need to know if the controls will work with remote controls and how many cycles per day will be acceptable. Thank you.


I'd like to install a new remote opener with a backup system on my one piece steel and


I have a hangar in Redlands, California with your great bifold doors. I should have asked this in the first place, Are remote controls available? Can you send me info and price? Thank you BTW, it's a bifold door with lift straps, and I think it's about 40 feet wide.


Need to get price and delivery time for a style 1 remote control bifold door system for big-time hanger door. Please include price for spare transmitter.


Hello, we just purchased a hangar that has Schweiss bifold doors with a receiver box. However, we were not given the remotes for the hangar door and have no contact with the previous owner. Could I purchase 4 remotes (just remotes since we have a receiver box) for the hangar door? Thank you.


I have a Schweiss bifold door. How much do you charge for a replacement hand held remote control? Thank you. Rich Gottwald


We have a Schweiss door on our transient hangar, but we cannot find the remote control that we purchased when we got the door. The sticker says SCH-421-CPC; I have also noted a transmitter solutions tag that notes a type SEL264IR433-C4P. Does any of this help with finding which remote goes with this door? If so, send me two handheld remotes


Hi I'm looking a folding door opener system for my car garage with the opener you can hold in your hand away from the door... can you help me ? Iooking bifold door system... I only speak spanish


I have a Aircraft hanger with a two button up/down switch and I'd like to add a remote control door opening and closing system with sufficient range in order to open and close the door from our corporate jet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hello, We are interested in a fully automated Schweiss patented strap lift bi-fold door with a remote opening system and back up system as an additional form of security in front of our roll up door. Do you have any materials that give information on minimum requirements for installation? or sales reps in the LA area that can come evaluate and quote us on the install? Thank you so much in advance.. hope you guys are all safe.


Have several clients with Scwheiss doors, one is on a hangar, single hydro and two are on residential garage door installations, a single leaf hydro and a strap bifold. I realize these are what we consider class 3 or 4 Schweiss doors. All three have wireless remote controls. The Hangar appears to have a hold to activate wireless transmitter. The other two seem to have generic garage door type receivers and transmitters. Typically I don't think the generic type receivers are accepted for residential garage door use. Is there a particular receiver/transmitter set up for residential garage door us or even hangar use? Is only the three button station acceptable? Please let me know. Thanks, Paul


We own a hanger with your bifold liftstrap door, Model S12 36, NO. 454, SN: 11268. We are interested in purchasing a remote control for this door.


I have a Schweiss bifold liftstrap, auto latch hangar door, and the remote control has stopped working. I tried changing the batteries and the other remote is working. Is it possible to order a new remote?


Hello, We had a Schweiss bifold door installed about 1 year ago on our hanger at the Litchfield airport. I was wondering if we could order more remotes for the door. If you could let me know how to go about doing that it would be great. Thank you!


I have a Schweiss 40 foot bifold lift strap door with manual latching system. Am considering changing to an remote control system if not too expensive. What's needed and the associated cost of conversion to a remote opening bifold door. plz. Ron


We are looking for door remotes for our bifold door. could you please get back to me with some info. 


Sirs: What is the price for a replacement Remote control for a bifold door opener? Thank you


I have a Wilson Industrial bi-fold hangar door. I need another remote control for the door. Do you sell these or can you direct me to a source? Thanks, Kevin


I recently purchased a hangar with a Schweiss bifold auto latching door. The previous owner did not provide handheld remote door openers. I'd like to purchase four openers. The door is approximately 10 years old.


I have a customer that just built a new hanger and he has one of your great bifold liftstrap hanger doors. He wants us to add remote control to it. Can you send me a price and part number for the remote kit to add to his door. If I need to suppply more information let me know. His wife took pics of the door controller and sent them to me but I cant see model numbers. Thanks


I bought a hanger with a Schweiss door. I need a new remote opener. Here is the information off the back of the one I have: Freq: 433.92 MHz Type: T60TX-03STL Serial No. 629752 Love my door! Let me know next steps.


I am working on an industrial building bifold door project near Austin, TX, and the end customer would like the ability to open the endwalls of the building for light and ventilation. A bi-fold liftstrap door with remote opener would be an appropriate application. Budgetary pricing and design info is all that is required at this time. Can you provide me with a quotation for (2) 90' x 35' (header height) bi-fold doors, to be installed in 100' wide x 40' eave height endwalls of a new Butler Building. Please include freight to Creedmoor, TX 78610. Some preliminary details and building loading information for these bi-fold hangar doors would be helpful for our quotation, as well. Thank you for your help...!


Who can I contact for service on the remote control operation of a Schweiss hanger door in the Fort Worth, Texas area? The bifold door on there now is not a remote control door.


Have an airplane Hangar with a push button cable door opener. interested to see if there's any upgrades that can be done on the door. Especially a Schweiss remote control door opener


Hello, My car garage has been installed Bi-fold doors with remote/receiver -876-. I have sent you an email while ago but never received a reply or perhaps some problem on email so I will send on different email address. Question is, I would like to know if there is any setting, function or update for REMOTE CONTROLS that push the button once then open/close the bifold remote control doors continuously rather than HOLDING the button all the way while open/close? Best regards, Takuma


I have two bifold and hydraulic doors. I am interested in installing a remote opener. Is that a possibility? Right now the door is programed to open and close only while the respective buttons are being held down. With the signal from a remote maintain that contact? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Katie


I''m doing some research for a friend regarding adding remote control to their existing bifold door opener model number sch4-21 What does the remote opener kit option cost What is involved in installation. The door currently has the arm latch system and lifts with straps. Very good door, Installed in 2014 Thank you


We have a Schweiss door and door opener and wondering if you had anything to extend the range of the remote. Can we also order two more handheld remotes?


I have a bifold door (12' high x 10' wide) and am interested in getting a remote control to be able to open it from the outside with my vehicle. Is this something that can be retro-fitted on a Schweiss bifold garage door?


Hello, would like to get pricing for a door remote system to put on our Schweiss bifold shed door. You were right, we should have ordered it with the door a couple of years back. 


I am interested in your bi-fold door for my residential garage. I'd like an black aluminum/steel framed door with full glass on it. The hydraulic one piece door is cool too, but the bi-fold seems like less load on the door header. Can you provide a quote for a 10' wide x 9' high bi-fold door system with remote control opening? I can install. Jason


Hi there, spoke with the local installer and still had some questions. I have an rough opening that is 6'x 8' and I'm looking for a pivot door, Ideally it would be a remote control automated bifold or one piece door, but I definitely could live with a manual lift on such a small door. Looking for a door with glazing, wondering what the options are for a door of this size.


We have 7 cable bi-fold doors installed in 2001. I would like to upgrade one of the doors to use the remote control to control open/close. Is this an upgrade I can still get for these older doors and if so what is the price.


I have a metal round top and in need of a door that can be remotely opened with ease. A general size (not exact measurements) is 30 ft x 13 ft.


Please include pricing to prep for an interior liner, and for a remote control with 2 handhelds.


We purchased and installed a bifold door in 2015 in our hangar At the time we did not install a door opener. We would like a quote to purchase a remote door opener for our hangar door. Please let me know if you need any information from us before you can send a quote. Thanks Gerald


I have an old bifold door that I would like to upgrade the opener with a remote control. The door is 50x16 but only opens 14. Also the door is very over built weights aprox 6500lb. Would like to run a strap system. I'd like a quote shipped to great falls Montana. Unless you have Canadian dealer


I appreciate the quick response to me regarding info on the reinforced Schweiss strap doors. I need a 10 foot door clearance 30 ft 10 foot door clearance at 40 ft Also, how much clearance do we need to the sides where I wish to put a standard exterior entry key-coded walk door with a remote opener?


We are looking for budget pricing for a residential bi-fold garage door. The project is located in Menlo Park, CA. The door would be finished with 5/4X6 Tongue and Groove Cedar. We would want the Schweiss remote openers and photo eye sensors.


I have a bifold door with straps installed over ten years ago. The door manufacturer is out of business. The controller is a Brand-X Professional with an L 2 logic board which is no longer available and Brand-X does not make a replacement controller. The controller is kaput, probably due to the board. I need to find a replacement controller and since you make these products I am hoping you can sell me one. The unit is in a hangar. It is a 230v single phase system. I do not need fancy, just up, down and stop. If you need pictures of the installation, I can send.


I have two small ford delivery trucks i want to build a shop for. a 14' bifold remote control door seems to be the best bet.I need rough opening info for the door requested.


I have an overhead door with no operator. I would like a quote on a remote control door operator. Thank You Bill Snow


looking for options - bifold vs hydraulic remote control doors, new construction, 12 ft wide 10 ft tall, to be used as opening part of wall in the restaurant, insulated divided glass, panels about 3x3 ft (this size is not absolute requirement), something similar you show on your webpage, approximate door cost would be much appreciated, installation option- cost vs. recommended installers.  Any technical drawings of your product for architect/ installer - best if submitted by email.Currently in the process of technical/engineering stage of the project with architectural plans nearly completed.


We bought a hangar that had a Schweiss bifold strap  door. We are interested in adding a remote control to the door. I have reviewed the wiring instructions and I am confident I can handle it myself. Where can I buy the remote shown in your literature?


I want to Buy a Remote Control for my hangar door. The door is from another company but when I contacted them, they were not able to offer a remote control option. There is a national hangar door operation, Miner's, here in El Paso, TX but they haven't ever made an installation nor would I be able to. Feel free to call me after 1400 hrs Mountain time. Email me anytime. The door works okay, but it doesn't have the quality of your kinetic style doors. I just need to get the opener purchased and installed. Alan L. Carpenter 915-204-1447


Need a quote on your Schweiss advanced remote door system with 2 remotes for the 60' x 18' bi-fold door we bought from you in August. Thank you


Recently purchased and installed your bottom drive bi-fold door - I believe 26' wide by 12' high. We would like to order a remote opener for it now. Will this affect our warranty? If not, any specs we should know or recommended replacements? Thanks, Ron in MS


I rent a WI hangar with your bifold doors with two remotes. One remote doesn't work at all. The other used to work from almost 100 yards and now you have to basically be standing at the door for the remote to work. (yes, I've changed the batteries several times, but they both have been dropped and damaged). What might be causing the loss of signal? If they can't be fixed can you ship out replacements.       


 I bought a 42' steel hydraulic door from you 7 years ago with two remotes. About a year ago my remote openers quit working from a distance and slowly started losing more and more range after that. I have cleaned and applied dielectric grease to both antenna wire connections to no avail. We have installed 10 of these same style doors in NH and have not had any problems with any other Schweiss doors, hydraulic or bifold. 


We are a business with 4 of your doors with remote control options. As such, we have a separate remote for each door. A person would need to carry 4 remotes at all times to have the one he needed at a given moment. Additionally, we have many employees, but only 2 remote controls per door. Having many controllers, where EACH controller could control EACH door, would be wonderful. Question - can we get a remote control device from you in a configuration where one controller would control all 4 doors? Things to consider... 1) Our current remotes each have 4 buttons... OPEN, STOP, CLOSE, STOP. However, we never use the STOP buttons... we must press and hold the OPEN and CLOSE buttons to operate the doors. If we release them, the doors ceases to operate. The STOP buttons serve no purpose. 2) It would be fine if the new controllers were similar in function, where the STOP buttons serve no purpose. So, we would need a controller with 8 buttons, with an OPEN and CLOSE button programmed to match the frequency of our doors. Can you help us?


I have a 42' bi fold with straps and auto latch - I now need to add a remote, what do I need and how do I do that? Thanks. Bob 


I bought a Schweiss autolatch feature door that only has 1 remote. The other was misplaced. Can I reprogram the door remote opening unit so the lost remote won't work if it shows up? How much is a replacement door remote? Can I use a door remote purchased from elsewhere, or does it take a special handheld remote door opener from Schweiss? 


I have a Schweiss bifold hangar door that  I understand it can be modified for "one touch" door  operation. How do I go about this? Or perhaps a remote operating door opener will do the same thing.


I'm purchasing an old wood hangar in Utah that has one of your BiFold Doors. I would like to put liftstrap doors on it and need an additional remote control. Are they available?


I have a small shop door with one of your Schweiss bifold doors on it and was wondering if there is a remote control door opener that can be installed. 


I am interested in a remote control for my Schweiss bifold seaplane hangar door. I have a 42X14 door with auto latches. I purchased a remote a few years ago for my last hangar and miss having it so it is time to get one for my new hangar door. 


Contact me to supply door details on a Schweiss bifold door 60x18 with insulation, remote door opener and automatic door latches with lift straps. Can you also tell me if you have to tune in a new  handheld remote to an existing door.


Have new style Schweiss 45 ft. bi fold liftstrap door of yours. How much to put a remote control on it. I can have my electrician hook door up.


I am interested in replacing the remote door opening  system on my experimental plane hangar doors. They are another door manufacturers bifold automatic doors now, so I am wondering if your system is generic to any bifold doors or only works with yours. 


I am a garage door dealer and have a customer with one of your bifold doors. He wants to add remote radio controls to the unit. I may need help with the wiring in the receiver. Model: Pro-Schs Serial: 137925-84. Thanks Stan


We are looking for a maintenance bay bifold door that is easy to use, one person. Paintable surface. I have PDF and CAD concept drawings available. There will be 8 seperate door areas, with same door design in each area. I would like an extra remote opener for each door that can be programmed with separate codes.


need to order a bifold door that is either 40 feet wide or 44 (if you make a 44 fter). I ordered one from you about 5 years ago, I need lift straps and 2 remotes, this new one will drop to the same exact address. how soon can you have it ready? thank youStephen.


Hi, I currently have a 40' bi-fold door on my hangar. I am interested in getting an automatic door opener for it so I don't have to stand and hold the open/close button. I would also like a door opener to go in my car. What options does Schweiss Doors offer and  the prices? Thanks, Lindon.


Sir We have one of your bi fold doors on one of our hangers. I am very happy with the door and I am wondering if it would be possable to put a single button remote on the door. The model number on the electrical controll box is sch4 . The serial number 112485-5 I would also if possable to get a wireing diagram of the box. Thank you


Do you offer a Schweiss Bi-fold door for a garage door opening of 16' wide by 10' high? I need two. In the price include remote controlled openers, 2 windows and insulation. 


My opening is 29'6" wide and 14'3" high.I would like the Red Power opener price in. 2 quotes please , one picked up at the factory and the other for delivery.


Would you please send me a price quote for a Schweiss bifold door. I need it to be 20' Wide and 13' High I would also like an electric opener with extra remote.  Thank you so much for your time in this matter. Do you have any companies near us?


I purchased two extra remote controllers last month and did not get the directions to program them to my existing door. Please email me the directions so I can program the openers. thanks


I have purchased a Bi-Fold from you before and like the heavy dutiness. Want to price a door the same as I have before. Model S-12, No. L9. See if you can find that sale and give me a new price. Auto latch with straps. Remote. Pricing for the free standing header.


I just purchased a 60' x 60' Executive Hangar at HMT Airport, Hemet, California. Hangar has Schweiss bifold door in superior condition. I'm interested in two "add-on"s: (1) Remote control operation (garage door opener) and (2) infra-red motion sensor to ensure that door is not inadvertently closed onto aircraft, cars, or persons. Please provide, or direct me to, the relevant information. Thanks for great products!




You previously gave us a quote. The door design has changed to become two 10' Bifold doors. We are underway with construction now so I need to re-quote this with the new design sizes. I would like to email you a link to download a PDF of the plans once I have a contact person established at Schweiss. The building is a combination of concrete, wood and steel. The doors will mount to steel posts and a steel header. On the door height below we are looking for a 7' - 6" clear opening. I added the 1' - 11" 'E' dimension shown on the original quote to come up with the 9' - 5" Quote needs to include: Photo eye sensor, remote controls, wall buttons and top overrides (if needed)


I recently installed one of your bi fold doors with straps and auto latches on my new hangar and it went very smoothly. I am looking for an automatic opener and possibly a remote so I don't have to hold the button the entire time. Can you please let me know what is available. Thanks


I am looking for a schweiss hydraulic door for my workshop. The opening is 16'x7' with a 12" x 4" header. I would also like the opener for the door to be able to be done remotely, to facilitate moving in and out of the building.


Hello, The dimensions listed below are somewhat flexible since I can reframe the opening if necessary. Ideally, I prefer the configuration as indicated. Please included the total costs for all components requested such as remote control, insulation, auto-latches and lift straps. Also, provide a shipping quote to both my residence as well as a quote for local pick-up at my nearest shipping dock located in Wenatchee, WA. Looking forward to your reply ASAP. Thanks. John


I purchased a house and hangar with a Schweiss cable bifold door. I love it, but have a few questions: 1) Door is 40 wide, cable drive, auto latches and center pin. I believe it is 12' high opening. (plus or minus a bit) 2) Door has Up / Down / Stop buttons on the control as well as on the wireless remotes. It requires that the Up or Down button be continually held down to operate the door (deadman). Is it an option to program it to require a single push for up or down? 3) I have the wireless option, It works good but I want to extend the range on it? can I use for a replacement antenna? Thanks much! Samuel


I purchased a bi-fold door from you in late 1999 or early 2000. It works excellent but, I would like to have another remote control unit to operate the door from another tractor. Is there a universal unit I can purchase to operate your door or do I have to purchase one from you and is there one available for my door? Thanks Robert


How much is the remote control system for the bifold door and how many fob's come with it. I hear your remote systems have excellent range. thanks.


Good morning, I'm working on a practice facility for the Unviersity of Iowa football program, and we're looking at specifing two 24'x11' bifold doors. One of the stipulations, though, is that they can be remotely operated. Is this possible with your bifold doors? Also, is it possible to get CAD detals for the head and jamb conditions? Please feel free to give me a call. Best regards, Lisa W.


Hi, I have a Schweiss Bi Fold Door with Remote Opener. Located at my hanger. I need the kit (Cable, Grounding Block and Antenna)to complete the Remote Door function. Please let me know the cost etc. (Just Antenna, Grounding Block & Coax Cable) Thanks Jeff Pierceson


I have a 42' bi-fold with auto latching. Wanted the price for the remote opener option. Thanks, Kevin 


I would like to get quote for a 40' x 18' Bifold door. With two windows and no man door and a remote entry. I love the strap idea. Door will be placed in the end wall of a 60' x 100' new structured pole building. Needs to be insulated. Thank you Rob p.s. Could you send some info in the mail to me.


I would like to receive a quote on a 20'x50' and also a 20'x40' bifold door. I don't need a price on the door right away, but I need the spec's for the opening so I can get an accurate quote on the building. Thanks. Frame in a walk through door and remote for the 40' door.


I built a new hanger last summer that had a Schweiss Bi-fold auto latch door thinking that I might want remote door control in the future. The future is now and I'd like to what additional equipment I'll need and the cost. Thanks. PS, the building and door was subbed out from a company from Spooner WI, but I'd install the remote equip myself.


I am looking at a 12' x 42' bifold door with remote control opening. What is the difference in price for the lift straps vs. cables? Also, what is the difference in price between cables for the auto latch and the latch strap? What is the additional price to increase the width of the door to 43' or 44'?


Please quote 2 each Bifold 40' doors with remote openers and auto-latches. The building will be 16" tall so I am not sure of the exact height of the door opening, assume 16' rough opening. Also with these doors, how much headroom is lost when the doors are full open? Thank you,




I have a electric hanger door that I would like to add a remote control to. I now have a 3 button control box on the wall with stop, up, and down buttons.


I have a schweiss bi-fold door and I am interested in a remote system. Can you direct me to a dealer or give me pricing information for the remote system Thanks Donald H


I have a 44ft x 12ft opening in a hanger. I want to put a concrete floor in and a bi fold door. I am interested in the emergency back-up hand crank and a door base safety edge. Would you please send me a quote on a door. I do not need remote option.


Looking for 2 Bifold doors 9 foot high 10 foot wide for my garage. Need photo sensors and remote control as well as insulation, Please give a price Thank You, Debbie V


I am interested in a quote for a garage door for my upcoming wood garage construction project. I believe you would consider it a sidewall placement as the trusses will be perpendicular to the bifold door. A flush mount would be the most desirable install. Please include prices for options such as insulation, remote and door rubber. Things that would interest a homeowner. Please include shipping costs. Thanks


Hello i'm building an airplane hanagar and interested in looking for and price quoting a bifold door. Wing span is 36ft 2in Didn't know what sizes were available or if everything is custom made. In the quote could you please include a remote opener. I would appreciate a response back. Thanks.


Want to know a price on a schweiss bifold door 24 ft wide and 16 ft tall, and also what you have for openers. thank you.


I need a 50' x 14' bi-fold door that hangs on the outside of a hanger with electric open w/strap lift and manual latch radio control. The termimolgy is right from my potential customer. can you email me a quote a.s.a.p. as him seems anxios to try and get something going. my buildig is 55' x 40' x 17'. it is in Wa. thank you for a quick response in advance. 


Please include insulation package as option. Also include remote control. About remote control, does the button have to be held during the door cycle? Thanks!


I have a small work shop and I would like to replace the garage door with a Schweiss Bi-Fold door. Some options I am looking at are remote control, lift straps and photo eye sensors.


I would like to buy a remote control unit for my Schweiss door, I see the unit in the upgrade list for bifold and hydraulic doors.


I am uncertain as to the specific type of side column at this time but should be steel supports throughout structure. Also wanting any information on pricing for automated hydraulic doors with remote device (if available). Same for motor/controls features.


I have a Schweiss bifold door, I need a price on parts to add radio controls and photo eyes to this door, thank you fro your help.


I am purchasing a hangar being built soon in Oshawa, Ontario which will be supplied with two remote transmitters. How much to buy another Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Door? Thanks !


We are looking to build a hangar in Missouri. The door we would be looking at would be 56 x 18. Could you give me a rough idea what the cost would be for a bi-fold and also a hydraulic door system with remote. thanks, Jesse


My remote opener never stopped working.  battery is good, coaxial antenna cable is tight. Worked well all the time I had it. These are good remotes with great range.


I installed a bifold door at our property a little over a year ago. It does have the auto latches. However, I did not order the remote at the time. Can you tell me the cost of the remote? Does it come with two transmitters? How much are additional transmitters? Thanks. Tim


I have one of your bi-fold doors with autolatchs. What would it cost to put the remote controls on it?


I would like a quote on a radio remote and latch system for a 46' x 12' Bifold door. Thank you.


Hi I am looking for 2 bifold doors with opening dimensions of 12' by 16' well insulated with remote control openers


We just had Schweiss bi-fold doors install in the new construction and I am interested in getting a remote for the door. Could you give me a cost on that?


We are looking for a price for a bifold door with cables or straps and the remote. The opening size is 20'-1" wide X 13'-5" tall. The building is a metal building with 10" purlins for the roof support and over the door there are two of them. Do you also make photo eye senors to stop the door in case there is an cat dog human going under the door as it is coming down. Thanks




i have a 12 foot by 12 foot opening i need a one piece hydraulic door built weather tight with remote operation no windows i will side the door with siding that matches the garage how much will this door cost


I need to buy an additional remote for bifold door on my hangar. Do I buy it from you or are they available elsewhere? Thanks.


Hello I've bought a hangar at Birchwood Airport in Alaska. It has the auto latch. I'm looking to put a remote on my door and lift straps. Can you tell me if it's something special to your control board? Can you have a small remote? Is it a Intellicode system. Also looking at the cost. I talk with you at the trade show this year. Still a military discount? Thank you.


I have a Schwwiss bi fold door on the hanger I acquired at H. Executive Airport in NV. I would like to order a remote control for the door and need information how to order.Any help is appreciated.


Is there any way to make a overhead door 3 wire radio work on one of your newer doors. Please respond


Would like a price on auto door locks, remote door opner, walk in door in the left corner outside looking at the building. This will be insulated and lined inside and out. Thanks Bret!


Are you remote controls analog or digital? If digital, do they use the same technology as the latest garage door openers? Are they subject to stray signals? Are they affected by electrical storms? How recent is your current model? Thanks, Scott


Great door! I purchased a (45'x16') bi-fold with straps from you around 2004. I ordered the auto-latch and remote option. The only problem I have had is trying to find the one of the remote controls that dropped in the lake (oops!). Actually, it seemed to work well as a fish weight. Anyway, what would it cost to buy 2 additional remote controls. Thanks for the help.


I installed a new Schweiss lift strap bi-fold (40X13) with auto-latch on my hangar last summer. I'm toying with the idea of adding the remote opener. What is the price for the Remote opening device?


Included in the quote I would like the upgrade options of remote controlled doors and I would like the door to have the cold weather package. I would also like the quote to include 3 standard windows. Thanks Andy


Bought a 40x14 bifold (cables) 4 years ago. Airport is here and Neil B. bought it for me (he may be in your database). Question is: Is there anyway I can skin the inside with metal (similar to outside) if so do you have any pictures I can see. I can provide pictures. Also, what info can I provide to determine if I can purchase and use a remote control with my door.


I forgot what the price of the remote control was, but I need to purchase one for my hangar which already has the auto stuff on it. My entrance door has snow piled up against it, so I figure I can just push a remote and the front bi fold can open and I don't need to worry about shoveling snow.


I have a 14 x 14 foot bifold installed in 1994. Works good but wish it had a remote opener. The door is insulated with metal sheeting inside and out. It is a bottom drive cable system that we changed so it would open faster. We secured the one end of cable to the top of the door rather than having it go up and back down, therefore making it twice as fast. Small door , thought we would be OK as far as drive is concerned and it has worked well for probably ten years now. It Also has an inside truss with a walkdoor and window in it. What would it cost and how much time will it take to install an autolatch system with remote control?


I bought extra Heddolf 318MHZ Allstar Compatible remote Transmitters from a local supplier but thye have the color coding backwards from the one you supplied with my door. Do you have labels available for the colors and text so I can make the new ones match the way the original is? thanks gene


Do you offer garage doors which do away with photoeye sensors (which are subject to unauthorized manipulation) with pneumatic or other sensors so that when a vehicle approaches the door from within the parkade it can open automatically without use of a remote? Ken C.


We would also like to have remote control with auto latch with both door options. It will be only one door. We would like to explore both door options.


I nned a Quote ona aircraft hanger door for an opening with a clearance of 60' wide by 16' high. with remote electronic control.


G'day from Australia, When I was at Oshkosh last year I showed interest in your door systems. I am now in a position to give more definitive thought to the "hows" and "when". I am looking for a 20 metre opening with a clear height of 6 metres. Our supply voltages are 240volts at 50 hertz or 415 volts at 50 hertz. I would like a quote for a door with or without remote control and auto latching. The next price would be for shipping to Australia, so weights and space dimensions would be handy or can you arrange pricing for that from your end please. I can arrange customs and imports etc. What is the time frame to supply/manufacture kit and what is approximate time to build? I am probably looking to around mid February for delivery into Australia.


I have purchased a hangar that has your bifold door. I would like to order two more remotes for the door. Can you please advise how I can order these remotes and will they be programmed to work with the door I have or do you need more information. Thank you. Regards; Dean S.


Steel building--end wall: 20 ft wide 16 ft high Door frame is ten inches deep-CEE channel. Are remote controls available??


I have a Schweiss door on my hangar, with a control. I would like to change the open and close control so that the up or down button must be held, rather than the way it is configured now, which is once either button is pushed the door moves until the limit switches stop it, or the stop button is pushed, can you provide me with the correct wiring diagram to accomplish this change. What is the correct level to maintain the gear box oil. Jerome M.


Would like prices on both strap & cable systems. Also for radio remote control. What otions available to close door during power outage?Would a 6000 watt portable gen set operate door or a portable hydraulic set?


Hi What would it cost to add auto locks and remote to an existing 50ft door with straps? Parts? Approx labor? Tom


I am looking for a 12' high and 20' wide door with remotes. I also noticed that your site had a color match etc. Can I get the frame and install my own skin? Thanks, Todd


I purchased a 40 ft hydraulic door from you last year and would now like to install the remote opener option. Can you pls provide pricing for same and advise the electrical requirements for installation. Thnx in advance, Rick U.


I have a new hanger with a Schweiss Bi-Fold Lift-Strap door. Looking for pricing, on a remote control.


We have garage doors at D2 Aero that were built by you and we need to get 3 more garage door openers made. I was wanting to know what I need to do to order these 3 garage door openers made, what the price is, how long it takes to receive them, etc. Please e-mail information or call the number above and give the information to Julia. Thank you.


Could you price out two sizes--!2'2"x6'10" WxH and 16'6"x6'10" with openers? Thank you--John A. G.


I would like to purchase the remote for my 42 ft door. The hanger was built late 2006. Thanks


I would Like to buy a few (4) remotes and was in need of a place to get them. I Manage 3 hangers here in Las Vegas and we dont have any of the openers that came with the hangers. thank you very much


A friend has one of your doors, and I was wondering how much does the remote system cost? And is it easy to install? Thank you. Danny


I just built a 60 by 65 hangar and installed one of your doors with the automatic latches. All I lack now is the remote control. Please give me a price. My hangar is in Durango, Co.


Hello! I would like to order a remote door opener for our new hangar bi-fold now being installed at the Tacoma Narrows Airport in Gig Harbor,Wa.You can reach me at work for pymnt/shipping information.(Ext 140).I look foreward to hearing from you.The door is looking GREAT! Best, Ron G.


The opening we desire is 15 feet high (clear height) by 40 feet wide (clear). We also need the door to be automatic (remotely controlled). Could you also quote a price for installation by your people.


I am interested in the automatic closing system. How much is it and how much is the wireless opener system? The door i have is 38' W 14' door height 12' actual opening the door was ordered 8-6-1999. Tyler S.


I am purchasing a hangar and would like to know what the price is on the remote control for the door? Thanks Brian


for the remote department: the new remote works great...works through the door, without even hooking up the external antenna...from over 100' away! like having a new door. dale


I have a system with remote. I would like to purchase a spare transmitter. 3 button for a bi-fold door. Thanks, Dan H.


I am interested in a remote for my schweiss door that i purchased about 3-4 years ago. Could you quote me a price on this add on feature. I have the control boxes for the door itself but not the remote box, antenna, or controler. And if there is a price on 2 hand held remotes would you give the price per unit. I also have the auto latches installed now. The door works great to by the way. Rick T.


I have a Schweiss bifold with auto lock door and would like to purchase the remote. Could you please advise re: cost and how to order. Thanks Dave K.


I am buying a new R&M T-Hanger in Anchorage, AK with a 42' x 16' Schweiss Bi-fold Door and would like to add a remote control. Please advise the cost for the remote, thanks John S.


We have one of your bi-fold doors and want to upgrade with a remote. Please let us know how much one your remote systems is. Thanks, Nevin


Our company has installed a Schweiss hydraulic door with remote control and I would like to know what the range of the remote is. The transmitter is a 318MHz. The owner would like to have it work up to 500 feet or more if possible. Do they make a boster or some other devise to fit his needs. Thank-you Keith


I got one of your doors last spring with a 12X42 opening. My hanger keeps getting nicer and I was wondering about adding auto latches and remote control. Do you have a kit to add this to a basic door? I was also wanting to add a couple of windows in the door do you have a recomended way to do this? Thanks Steve F.


We purchased 2 doors from you last year. Can you please give me a quote for auto latches and remotes for these doors. Thanks, Dave F.


I have just purchased a hanger with your remote control and I want to buy another remote can you give me the details on purchase. Also I have a hanger up north that I want to retofit with a remote opener do you sell just the remote opening system so that I can use the same remote for both hangers?