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Hello, Kindly provide us your best price for the following item; Enerpac Hydraulic Pump -10,000 psi-40 pieces Looking forward to doing business with your company Thank you. Sincerely yours, Esther Zimmerman Director, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895


Service call. Problem with hydraulics on my Hydroswing door. Suspect it is a pump issue. 42 ftX 18ft door. Motor runs but no pressure on dial. Reservoir is full of fluid. Can I replace this inferior pump with your advanced Schweiss Red Power Pump?


I need to contact someone in your parts department so I can send some pictures from MA so I can get some pricing and availability on some parts. I would also like to open an account and have some literature sent for your bi-folds and Red Power hydraulic doors.


(I Have three 16x40 Doors That we Built) We needing Three Pumps Hoses and cylinders, Cylinder need to have 72" Stroke 3" Bore and 2 1/4 or more Rod If you would give us a price. 


I'm Chu Chan from an architecture firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We need a private bungalow door. We looking for the one-piece hydraulic door system for two external louvre doors, opening (size is 5m height x 5m width). Can you ship your Schweiss hydraulic pump system and spherical bearing cylinders to Malaysia.


Please quote on a 68 x 18 hydraulic 1 piece  post frame door for a construction  building. Include your new pump unit that I can position well away from the construction building door.


I would like to know if you sell your hydraulic pump system and hydraulic door cylinders separate or only as part of a complete hydraulic door package? I'd like to build my own steel door frame and only need the door components.


I am looking for hydraulic motors And cylinders for doors that I'm building for myself I am building doors that are 14 feet high and 48 Feet Wide Doors are hydraulic swing doors I would like the Red Power unit with 5 hp and 5 gallon reservoir


I need a budget price for (1) 16' x 16' door for a washbay. Let me know if you need more info than that. It would need to be electric. Do you supply motors that can be waterproofed in some manner or another. I'm thinking mostly of your hydraulic Red Power pump motor.


Would like a quote on a 15x25 Schweiss hydraulic lift insulated door with 2 to 4 windows. Ceiling height is 15 feet. What maximum door height will I have with the door open? Will this door come with the spherical bearings on the Red Power pump cylinders?  Doug


Would your firm consider sending the Red Power pump system to Greenland, or should I order it from Schweiss Door Europe in the UK. Or does shipping make it uneconomical. Please reply to this address. Thanks. W B


I am looking for information for two Schweiss hydraulic door sizes, 2 at 15'2"X4'high and 2 at 8'2.5" that would be divided at center with a mullions to create 4 windows on the 15' unit and 2 windows on the 8' units, Question what would the cylinders look like and how much room would the pump need to be homed in? Please include prep for interior liner and remote control with 2 handhelds.


How much per door? What's the price of the Hydraulic Red Power Pump unit advertised in Farm Show 2013 Edition? $ . Shop door entrances are treated 4x6's


Interested in your Red Power hydraulic unit. I have a four post auto lift that I want to make into a scissor lift. Will this work for me?


I Have a Aircraft Hanger Metal Door 40' X 12' Looking for a Price For Hydraulic's to lift it up, as right now they slide open and it's a huge heat loss, we will alter the door so it will be one piece. Please e-mail me I need an idea what its going to cost. I've heard your Red Power units are fast and smooth.


I don't know how far back your records go, but I am trying to quote a hanger from plans that are dated in 2000. The original plans ordered through you guys the P.O.# 7588 and the invoice# 3178. I'm really glad I waited on this order, because now I can upgrade my doors with your new Red Power Pumps and spherical bearings. See if you can find my Schweiss order and then I get back to you with particulars and other upgrades.


I know you have put in several Schweiss doors in the area, and am presently running an estimate for one of my contractors; the customer is looking at a 40' x 17' one-piece Red Power hydraulic door for the gable end of an 81' x 88' heated shop with 18' sidewalls; this will be a "ladder system" built building; would you fax me a bid for a door w/installation that size? Reading in your web site, I see you offer spec sheets with your bids; would be very helpful to me in designing the building package; and also read that this may require a "free standing" header; very much appreciate your help in this endeavor;


Need to get pricing and support loads for an 80%u2019 Wide x 20%u2019 High clear opening hydraulic door. The project is in New Hanover, NC. Design wind speed is 135 mph. Will require biggest h.p. Red Power Pump and motor.


Hi Guys how are you today, listen I will be ringing you today, the reason for the email is that I have a client who wants to purchases 2 Hydraulic Red Power Pump Doors right now, but there are some questions I need to be answered first. One is where these two doors are going they will be subjected to winds up to 150KLm per hour, also they are to be installed at a Fertilizer plant where they will also be subject to a very high corrosion environment. so the frame will need to be treated with some sort of 2Pack painting procedure, or some thing like that, also the client wants one of the doors to rise up on the inside of the building and the other to rise as normal on the outside, Sizes are 2off 5000mm high x 14500mm wide These sizes guys are just Temporary size until I do a correct site measure, there will be not a lot of differences in the size when I do measure, its just the client wants to get the order in now, will get back to you later this week on correct sizes.


Can you send me a quick price on 8 Red Power hydraulic doors 48\'x14\' and 6 hydraulic doors 52\'x18\' all with access doors delivered to Topeka, KS. This will be a new steel frame building. Customer wants me to get them some budget figures together by the end of the day today.


We are the General Contractor for the project at Salt Spring Island B.C. Canada. You provided a quotation and preliminary spec ( attached) of RUF Projects. He acts as the architect on this project. We would like to update the quotation to include your new Red Power pump system and backups, resolve some technical details, and revise some minor dimensions (see attached revisions). One concern is the mounting point for the upper bracket hinge mount where the 2 doors come together on the column. Your drawing shows a 3\" dimension to the center of the bolt and the column is 6\" wide. Please also advise: delivery lead time shipping costs payment methods (mastercard?) are there any local area installers for your doors near Victoria or Vancouver BC? extra cost to include item 7 - Emergency back-up hand crank


RE: (2) 16\' x 16\' (2) 32\'x24\' Hydraulic Red power pump highly insulated Schweiss doors for the environmental at mine site in Marathon, Ontario. They are requesting more information from me about your product 1)- The Red Power hydraulic pump motor, can you provide a weather enclosed units? Also they are thinking about putting them outside to keep them out of the humidity/ wet of the washbay, what are your thought on this? Common winter temps here are -20c (-4 F) to -30c (-22F) and is capable of dropping to -40 plus 2)- The doors and all components must be C.S.A approved. Can you send me any information you have on the hydraulic pumps, what are its dimensions?


Mike We talked at the farm show in Louisville. You wanted me to send you some pictures of my door opening and rafters. I have attached some pictures and if you want different shots let me know. I have a couple of pictures on my camera I will try to send direct. My hydraulic door opening is 13\'8\" x 26\'6\" Thank you, Really like the Red Power.


Please provide a quote for a 65\'x 18\" clear one piece hydraulic Red Power pump door going to Henderson KY. I have attached the door specs. I didn%u2019t know what is normally provided. You will note that it is calling for a 3x7 entry door, remote operators, photo eye sensors and a representative to be there through the entire installation. Please let me know if you do not provide any of these and I will qualify it on my quote.


Looking for 4 one piece hydraulic doors that are 18%u2019x18%u2019. Since I am all solar power I need the 12 volt Red Power pump. I like a Raised External Truss 2%u2019 off the floor level the doors should be Flush Mount with Door Base Safety Edge.


Greetings Schweiss Doors, I have a project in Las Vegas in regards to installation and maintenance of aircraft Red Power hydraulic hanger doors. If you provide this service, I am interested in a quote from you. Please contact me if interested so we can discuss further. Thank you, and have a great weekend.


I am a manager of a local County Airport near Petersburg, Virginia. Can you quote me a price on a 64' X 18' Red Power hydraulic, single-panel door and frame? Does this include the door skins? Do you do installation and how much? Please e-mail me with any questions and your answers to the e-mail address below.


I need a quote on 1-40' x 16' one piece hydrolic door. non- insulated. please include installation in 48427 zip code Michigan. I assume this door will have your new Red Power pump on it, right?


Please send me a quote on 40x14 Red Power with price on hydraulic pump and all. Include separate pricing on man door with 16 inch window. I like what your Red Power has to offer. You guys at Schweiss are really on top of things. Thank you.


We are planning a new runway home in Minnesota. I would like to get some information on the hydraul Red Power door options available along with a quote. We are looking to have 12'-6" clear height.