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Looking for a quote for 2 doors. They would be going in a new steel building. Not wanting the Bi fold, looking for the Hydraulic door. One 18’ tall 24’ wide, going in a sidewalk. One 18’ tall and 20’ wide going in an end wall. Thanks. Chris


Gentlemen: I am interested in the hydraulic pump assembly with two (2) matching cylinders. Door size is aprox 41' by 12' . Please let me know any other information you need for a Quote. Regards; Mitchell


Would like a quote to install a hydraulic fold door onto a Bethlehem Quonset 20 ft wide 14 ft high one piece quonset hut red power door.


Please provide prices on the red power pumps appropriate for a hydraulic door for a 40'x10' opening. I have an old hydraulic door made by a different manufacturer and their pump is failing, but I don't want to replace the whole door.


I own one of your hydraulic Red Power doors in WI, is there any type of Hydraulic door backup system that would allow me to open or close the door when there is a lost of electricity?


I have a 2 doors in the floor of my porch that we need to lift manually and they stay in the up position with a hydrolic piston. One of them no longer works and trying to explore other options for the doors. Currently very difficult to lift. Looked at your new hydraulic door pump and cylinder system and am wondering if we could attach it to our door, even if it isn't a Schweiss hydraulic door?


Give me cost to put your Schweiss red power pump drive and motor system on an existing 16 wide by 14 tall bifold steel door. This system needs to have your spherical bearings.


I need a 12' X 12' one piece Schweiss hydraulic cylinder door. I only need the sub-structure, will finish the exterior door cladding myself. I have 6x6 posts on sides and a 2x12 header at the top. I want to mount the Schweiss hydraulic pump about 10 ft. off the ground and to the side.


I need a price on a Schweiss door, bi-fold strap or Red Power hydraulic - 50' x 40'. This door is going in a steel fabricating facility that manufacures bridge beams and girts. There is a lot of metal dust and dirt in this facility so that is why I think a hydraulic door might be best. Please give me a call if you have any questions. Thank you, Mike Garrett.


I have a 25 ft wide door by 16 ft high that I am considering for a new steel building that I am having built. I am capable of building the door myself, however I am interested in the cost of hydraulic cylinders for the door and the Red Power pump from you guys. I would like to know a price on the pump and cylinders. Sure like the looks of this compact unit and the fact that it stores nearly anywhere.


Please provide quote and lead time for the following Hydraulic doors: 2 @ 126" wide x 96" high 1 @ 144" wide x 128" high 1 @ 128" wide x 108" high 1 @ 84" wide x 96" high. I assume these doors will all come with Red Power pumps.


Looking for pricing on a 14' wide x 12' high Schweiss hydraulic lift Red Power door to fit our US buildings (model S) metal building. Insulated, one window.


I would like a quote on (3) - 30' wide by 18' tall Hydraulic Red Power doors. What would the additional cost be to go to 20'? Is a frame included?


Hi Julie how are you today mate, Could you please send through a quote for 2 of Single Hydraulic Panel doors with flashing lights and sound horn and also allow for a Red Power back up motor 12V DC sizes are as followers 2off 4200mm high x 12000mm wide


We are currently bidding a project for Southern California Edison which includes a new aircraft hangar with two hangar doors. Would you like to provide a bid for this project? If yes, we can send you all of the project information for you to review. We only want to put Schweiss hydraulic doors on this hangar. Our thinking behind this is being able to utilize the Red Power pump system with its powerful motor and backup systems.       


I%u2019m looking for some budget pricing and info on your hydraulic doors, the new Red Power models. I would like to have a 10%u2019 x 12%u2019 finished opening once the door is installed.


I am looking for a local rep where I can get pricing and supply and install the following (3) Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Doors. (1) door 30\' 6\" wide and 10\' 1/2\" tall, insulated with 1x8 western red cedar lap siding. (1) door 19\' wide and 12\' tall, insulated with 1x8 western red cedar lap siding. (1) door 30\' 6\" wide and 12\' tall, with 40mm polycarbonate and 2x6 cedar louvers. Please let me know ASAP.


I have an hyd one pc door I built myself. I am asking if you sell the Red Power pump with remotes seperately or only if you sell the complete door. I have 3 customers that would like a door the way I built mine but I want a better pump supplier. thank you. Cam we work something out


We are interested in buying a hydraulic pump for a hangar door. I tried to call but the line is not available. I am from Mexico, so if you have someone who speaks spanish it would be better. I will be waiting for your response. I saw one of your Red Power pumps near Mexico City and was most impressed with its quality.


I want to get information and a pricing estimate for a bi-fold door for our boathouse in New London. The dimensions are: 10'11" X 5' and so I am envisioning two sections at 10'11" X 2'6" hinged together and also with a hinge at the top. The plan would be for these to fold up over the inside of the boathouse during the summer and be lowered down during the winter. The boathouse does not have electricity to it so a manual operation or some sort of Schweiss Red Power backup system is required. I see your hydraulic doors have several backup systems, maybe that's the route I should be going. Your thoughts? Consequently light weight doors are desired but they need to be strong enough to bear the winter winds and snow on the lake. Please let me know if you have any products that fit this description. Thanks, 


I spoke to Mike at Osh Kosh. He indicated I should contact him after the show, and he would take care of me. I bought a hydraulic door through another company.  I bought it at the same time the Schweiss Red Power was being rolled out, and now I regret I didn't know about your better quality doors. But I still want to replace their underpowered pump with your far superior Red Power Unit. Live and learn I guess.  Wally


I'm pricing out a 80x200-20' tall 2x6 stud building. The customer is looking for a 50' wide bifold door to take his combines in and out. Can you get me a price on this. The job will be in Kennedy Minnesota. Will standard bifold motors be big enough to lift this big door, or should I be looking at ordering Red Power motors instead? I am in the estimating stage now and need an idea of price for door, delivery and installation. Thank you