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I have a 12x12 overhead door on a gable end heated shed. I purchased a new Motorhome an I need a higher door. Ceiling height inside 13’5”. I would like to put in a 12w x 13h door. We can do the install. My thought would be a bi-fold door mounted on the exterior. Approximately what would that cost and what sort of delivery time are we looking at. I will call as well.


looking to replace existing 3 piece sliding doors on my RV Shop. Would like to learn more about the best options and prices. Would like to know what company here in lake Havasu that would be best suited for measuring for fit and finish and installing the new door.


Interested in either bi-fold or hydraulic RV Garage Door. May a few windows up higher on door to provide light. Basic/simple.


We are designing a steel building with CO Buildings out of Utah and we have a 14 ft H by 20 Ft W opening and need a quote for a bi fold door that would be fitted in that opening. We need it to be 14 ft minimum floor to bottom of door for an RV to be parked inside. Looking forward to talking with you guys. Thanks


Looking to rough frame a 42'opening with 14' eave height on gable end of new wood construction. Trussed. Would like to maximize height as to get a 13'6" opening if possible. Would also like to price an RV door opening (hydraulic swing) on other end of building. 12'x14' rough opening minus any door surround framing. Trying to maximize height here as well. I'm talking to designer/architect now and need to get wall/ truss framing information as well as cost breakdown. Thx.


Looking for a ballpark cost for a 14x16 bifold door. Building a home soon and would like to possibly hide the RV garage with the bifold options. Thank you!


I need a 20’w x 14’h door, for an RV garage. Straps, hydraulic, etc… I’m not sure, but the best option with the most reliability. We will be putting this in a metal/steel building. We are in our (last chance) final phase of any/all details for the building company to complete the final engineered plans. (We are looking to determine our garage door issue ASAP). You have a garage door (bi-fold) on one of your online photos, that appears to have wood on it (or at least it looks like wood). That is what we would be interested in. We are going for a “barn” look. We also need a 12’ x 10’ door.


Hi, Looking for a door solution for a residential project (RV garage in house). Door to be 12' wide, 14' high, was thinking bifold. Would like something that we can finish the exterior to match the rest of the wall so the door won't show. We have the possibility of doing the frames here. What do you propose? Thanks, Luc


I have a 2-vehicle garage with 18x7 sectional door. Just want to rise the door height to 10'6" for a RV. The garage ceiling is 11'3" in near door area, and 11'6" in the back. The width can be extended to 20'. Is it possible to install a bifold door of 20'x10'6" for the garage? And about how much does it cost?


Does Schweiss Doors sell directly to customer, or do you have a local dealer we would need to work with? I have a 36' x 45' Morton steel building with two 9'x12' overhead doors. Have a camper that is 12' 6" high and would like taller opening and overhead door. Would you have a recommendation? Thanks A: Schweiss Doors sells directly to customers. We will put you in contact with our sales team to discuss different options and door styles. We can mount to the existing building or you can order a freestanding header with your door if the structure/door placement isn't well supported.


Hello, I looked at your RV doors that are on schweiss designer doors and I was wondering if these could ever be hydraulic doors? Can the one piece hold the weight of the matching cladding? Interested in a hydraulic RV door that would be able to do this. Let me know. Thanks, Jacob


I am building a garage for my 5th wheel camper. It requires a 13' high opening. The basic structure is a pole barn with 14' high side walls. I need a door with a 13' x 10' wide opening. I want the outside of the door to have a carriage style look. HOA doesn't allow typical garage doors that face the street. The front will either have one large door, or 2 smaller. The front of the building where the oversize door will be is 24' wide, so maybe a 22' x 13' door, or two doors 10' wide? Open to suggestions.


I saw pictures of the Herb Korthuis and the Jay Hare RV doors on your website. What does a Schweiss RV door 14 tall x 12 wide cost? I realize this would not include the outside siding to make it look like a regular sized door to satisfy home association requirements. Does this include installation? Thank you.


We are building an RV/Shop this summer and have a issue with the HOA on one of the door heights being limited to only 8' and we need 12'. Looking at the designer door page there were a few designer door projects that had RV incognito doors- we would love to do something like this.


Greetings, I work for a company that is in the process of designing heated RV storage units. We are looking to get pricing options on your outstanding bifold RV doors that may fit our needs. Please include price for remote openers. Doors will all be 16 ft. x 18 ft.


I would like to fit in a class B plus RV into my garage which has a ceiling height of 10'11". It currently has a regular overhead 8 ft garage door. The current width of the garage door is 15'11". The 2 vehicles I am looking at have a total exterior height incl AC of 10'6" (first choice) or 9'11.5" (second choice). Would there be a way to rebuild the front of the garage and put one of your doors in (that open to the front) without reducing the overhead clearance? Also will consider your Schweiss "hidden" RV doors shown in a couple instances on your website. Those RV doors are fantastic.


I am working on a bid to design/build a 12' x 48' detached RV garage for a Customer. This Customer has requested a 10'wide x 14' high bi-fold RV garage door for this project. The RV garage door will be facing south, so we would like it to be insulated and flat panels to match in style with the existing sectional garage doors. Would you be able to provide me a quote for this door and opener to be delivered to Las Vegas, Nevada? I can provide photos of the existing home and preliminary site plan of the project if needed. I am a General Building Contractor and have not found any Overhead Door Companies in this area who installs this type of door. Do you happen to know any Installers in the Las Vegas area?


I want pricing of a 16 x 16 glass garage door for a metal RV garage. Size is somewhat flexible although we need it big. Looking mostly at bifold strap door or the regular roll up. Want all glass. Could you price that for me? We are a design company but we have an in-house contractor doing the build.


Hi, We broke ground this week on an addition including a 2,000 sq ft garage and I’m interested in a 16x12 RV door that is similar to the photos on your website with the faux 8’ overhead door going on it. That RV door is the cat's meow, what a. great Schweiss innovation.


Help! We currently own a mid-sized steel monitor barn for our RV and two additional vehicles. When we bought it, we opted out of the poor quality, but expensive, roller doors they were offering. After having the barn installed, a year later we decided to move on doors and found out that the original barn manufacturer lowered our roof height when we did not order their roller doors. Now, we do not have the necessary clearance to install roller doors and maintain the minimum 11'6" main door height we need for our RV. We are interested in getting a quote from you for all three door openings - installed by your crew. We are looking at a basic, no windows, Bifold liftstrap doors or if that won't work for us to retain maximum headroom needed we are open to ordering one of your hydraulic doors. Preferably, with horizontal lines (but we are very flexible) Below are the three door size openings: Main door: 12ft 2inches tall by 13ft 8 inches wide (Minimum height needs to be 11ft 6 inches) Two side doors: 9ft 1 inch tall by 9ft 9 inches wide. We are looking at the horizontal drive set up and we have some pictures of the building if needed. Thank you very much for your time. Steve Annibali


We are in the process of designing a house for ourselves and found your website. We want an RV garage door - bifold similar to the "hidden" RV bifold door models on your website. Are there standard sizes? Like 14" or 16" or ??? for residential. What is the price? The lot we will build on is in Liberty Lake, Washington. We aren't sure if we want wood or steel at this point - just trying to figure out price and floor plan.


Hello, I would like to get more information and approximate pricing for one of your Schweiss RV


Hello- Just starting planning process with architect next month for new home construction in Nevada that may require a bifold "Hidden" type bifold liftstrap RV door depending on the final appearance of the home. Based on the project you show online titled "Minnesota RV Garage Door" can you give me a ballpark figure on the cost of such a door. Even a price range would be helpful as we begin the planning and budgeting process. Facade of the home will be stone, stucco and wood. Many thanks, Marcus


Just curious about RV bifold door with straps, considering building an rv garage in neighborhood with hoa and architectural committee that won't let us put big doors on our RV garage without having them appear to be no more than 8 ft. tall. What materials can it be clad with? Current house is rock/brick with 8' tall clopay garage doors that appear like wood but are not. RV addition would need to architecturally match current house style and doors.


Looking to build a RV Garage in Florida. Very interested in the Bifold Door that gives it the image of a smaller bifold door to meet HOA regulations as pictured on you Schweiss Doors website. My garage will be wood frame construction. Time frame about twelve months from now.


we are looking to build but will have rv garage. can I get some info on bifold liftstrap and automatic latching garage door?


We are building a RV garage with a 20' wide x 14.5' tall door opening. Looking for pricing on the bifold hideaway RV door. with straps and when installed it only appears to be a little over 7 ft.


I would like to build an RV garage. My neighborhood restrictions don’t allow for a street facing garage door so I would need an alternative to present that doesn’t look like a garage door. The structure would need to match my current home which is stone and stucco. Do you have options similar to the RV doors you picture on your website that you think may work for me? Thanks!


I will be building a home where I want to store an Rv that measures 8' wide and 10'6". I would like the RV garage to blend with the three car garage. I saw an article about one of your hidden RV bifold doors that accomplished this. Do you have any literature regarding this that I can provide to my builder? Thank you, Jess Ford


I am building and need a bifold barndominium door. We need a door for where the RV is stored. This will be in Montana. It only needs to be 12' wide and 14' tall (that is the height of the ceiling in the RV parking area). We will be building in a few months. I need the bifold liftstrap garage door to stay external vs. a roll up or roll back internal door because that means the ceiling height would have to be raised to accommodate the roll or tracks for a typical door. When a bifold door goes up, it can start above the 14' opening and when up, give the full 14" clearance needed. I am sure you do this a lot and probably already have a standard design for it. What would this cost? Give me a call or send an email. Thanks, Phil DeLange


I'm looking for a quote on a bi-fold garage door for my RV. RV size is 8'6" wide x 12'4" high. Can I get one of those fancy doors that make it look like they are part of the home?


You have an RV garage door that you say is suited for communities with deed restrictions... I just like the look of it. I am in the process of designing a summer home for a lot that I own in Northern Arizona. Can that door be be made in a 16 foot wide design and will I be able to clad it with stucco? If so, what would be the approximate cost? (I will not be ready to build for a while).


New RV storage facility to be built with 23 to 25, 12' wide 14' high bifold liftstrap RV garage doors near an airport. Would like to consider cantilever end walls and 1 side wall size to be determined. Thank you, Doug


Hello, We are looking to build a house with an RV garage and I love what I see of your bifold liftstrap hideaway door. Can you tell me more about it and what information we would need to give to our architect? I like the idea of a. wall that looks like part of a house instead of a garage door. We could do just an RV door, maybe 12 ft.. wide by 16 ft. tall. We are also looking for a two car garage with your bifold doors.


I saw the washington rv garage door photo-of-the day pictures and wondered if you could give me a rough estimate/range of what this type of door would cost for my garage addition project. We just had plans drawn up and would like to incorporate your RV bifold door design on our home.


We are building a house in Salt Lake City Utah which will have a carriage house similar to the helicopter carriage house doors on your Schweiss Doors Must See Photo website. We would like to have a large bay for a 10' tall Sprinter van, but do not want it to look like an RV garage. I have seen videos of your engineered bifold hidden door product being used to disguise the RV doors in Washington and Minnesota. Do you offer that in a kit? What is the cost of the unit and do you have installers in Salt Lake? Thanks, Tony


I live in Canada, and am looking for a similar model Korthuis RV Garage bifold door that can get past our local zoning ordinance. Is their any dealer in my region that offer your product and what kind of cost am I looking at?


This is for an RV Garage that will be a pole building. We want two bifold strap doors so we can be able to pull-thru. I want the bifold garage doors to match my house 3 car garage doors.


I am interested in an RV garage application like the amazing bifold hidden Korthuis garage project on your website. That's a 12X16 door. What is the clearance below the open door panels? Our coach needs 13 feet of clearance. Will that size fit? What does an application like that cost? Have you done a one-piece hydraulic RV garage door? Thanks! - Bruce Heseltine


We are in the process of designing our house. The front has a full size RV garage space, but the tall garage door is of course terrible looking. We have a rendered mock up of the front of the house I can email. Its fat and not complicated, my husband is going to build the house himself. We are curious what a bifold garage door would cost. Thanks!


I am buying a home with 14' indoor garage height, but only 8' door. I will be converting the 3rd bay into an RV bay, 12'hx10'w. Can you give me approximate pricing for a Schweiss bifold strap opener door with a remote opener delivered to McMinnville, OR?


My husband and I are building a garage to house our RV. We are researching the cost of bifold residential RV garage doors 12' X 14' when opened. Can you give me a estimate on the door plus shipping?


Would like brochure and pricing on Bifold liftstrap RV garage doors. Looking into building new construction in the future and like the visual appeal of these doors.


Hi there! I saw the page y'all had about the bi-fold RV doors that was disguised as a normal size garage door to get around HOA restrictions. I wanted to see roughly how much something like that costs (although would want a normal garage door on the bottom and windows/shutters on the top with brick veneer between). I also was curious what requirements are necessary for installation of that. Thanks! Kenny


I have a neighborhood committee that doesn't allow big rv doors. I found your Schweiss company RV "hidden" bifold door on your website. I definitely have some questions as we will be building another house soon. My biggest question is how expensive are these doors? The exterior will need to be clad to match siding treatment of the rest of the house. Cedar or something. Is that something the siding contractor does? Or the door company? I have too many questions to put it all here.


Hi I would like a quote on one of the RV style bifold liftstrap doors you have on your site that look like a standard 8%u2019 high door but opens to 16%u2019 high. This would be in a new construction add on garage to an existing house. We are designing it now so can include any structural components needed to fit the door. I%u2019m also interested in a 12%u2019 wide by 8%u2019 high hydraulic lift to hide another overhead door that would be a set of windows. Feel free to call me if you need more info. Thanks Nick.


Have a client building a single family home in a deed restricted area that doesn't allow front facing garage doors. They want a RV bifold hidden garage door for the motor home attached to the home that will have a 12'x12' garage door. I was interested in something like the Carriage House project in North Carolina. Hydraulic lift, or bifold strap with two large residential style windows(6'-4"w x 7'-7"h overall) in the center. The home and garage will be constructed out of steel reinforced concrete block in a 140 mph wind zone in Florida. Not sure if we need the steel tubes for the side columns or if we could use the steel reinforced conc. block.


What is the ball park budget number for RV Bifold Doors requiring a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door 12 ft. wide with a 14 ft. tall clear opening? I am developing an estimate for my upcoming new home.


We are in the planning stages of building an RV garage and work studio. RV Doors will need to be 16X12 minimum, one on each end wall. So I'm starting with the cost of the door to determine the size of the building. I call it reverse engineering but my husband calls it reverse financing. I checked wood for building type but could change to steel if needed so long as we can make the building blend into the landscape and neighborhood. I like how you skirted around zoning regs for the Washington and Minnesota RV doors to make them presentable for the city codes. Smart Schweiss Door thinking.


Just beginning to look into various RV garage doors. Would like to know an estimate cost of a 12' x 16' bifold RV garage door with Straps. Similar to the one done in St. Paul, Minn you have on your website. Thanks.


Can you purchase the folding bifold Schweiss RV doors for a new construction home and what is the process for that? Thanks, Melinda


What would give me a good, insulated RV door for an RV Storage Building which is heated? The RV door with straps and auto latches needs to be 12 feet wide and 14 feet tall.


I am building a house and want top include the 12w x 16H foot RV bifold designer door. I need 13'6" high for RV Clearance. I an 1-2 years from building but I am a planner, so here I am! Please email first, and if you do call please call in the evening.  Dave


I'm dealing with an ordinance of 10' max side wall height on a couple of residential RV garage doors. The garage will be wood framed and finished to match the house. (siding and shingles) Please provide a quote on a door solution.


Have client interested in putting a hydraulic lift RV doors in his motorhome storage building. The building size is 30'w x 16' h x 48'L, with doors situated in the 30' wide end wall. I am just starting with this client and trying to get rough costs for shipping and install. The project will be built in Fruita, CO. Wind loads are 105mph, with 30# roof snow loads. Also need to know process for installs and if a bifold RV snowfall door might be better due to excessive annual snowfall. Thanks for your timely assistance. Mark


We are just starting to budget for an RV garage/storage area on our property. Am interested in the bi-fold RV doors with straps and want to have a placeholder price for budgeting. Dimension info below. Thanks


RV Hideaway Bifold Garage Doors. Do you have plans for a stand-alone 20 foot wide by 50 foot long building with a 12-16 foot wide by 14 foot high bi-fold door with a peaked ceiling inside? Home Owners Association allows 7 foot high garage doors, and 23 foot high at the outside peak. Thanks.


I would like a bi-fold Recreational Vehicle door, 40' wide with 15' clear height (you tell me the fold height and overall clearance I need in the building). Style 1 strap latches and full height retainers on door columns. I'd like to buy the bifold strap door and frame to attach to a Steel Building. (it comes with just trim for the Schweiss RV door). They can supply a header but if it is all made by the same company I'd feel better. I understand the door comes without skin, WSB supplies that. Can you give me an idea of the price?


I am interested in a hydraulic rv doors or bifold doors  for an Rv garage that is 12 wide x 14 high. Need something that mounts to front of building as I need all the length I can get inside. It is a block building with brick. Mainly looking for costs estimates to determine if they are an affordable option for me. Thanks, Danny


I am looking for more information on RV doors similar to the RV garage door applications seen on your site. For example, how much would the door cost? Can any vendor install or is this installed by a dealer? Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks, Tony


Hello! I was hoping to find out more information about your bifold RV doors, specifically the variety for RV garages that look like regular-height garage doors with siding at the top. https://www. bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-washington-rv-garage-door.php This would be for a 1950s brick ranch home renovation. We are planning to increase the height of the garage to accommodate an RV. Any and all information you could share would be great. Thanks! Best, Cammie


I am building a garage for my motorhome and I'm interested in your product to meet zoning codes. Please provide a quote for two Bifold RV doors  using lift straps and an option for hydraulic. I want a door at each end of the building so I don't have to back my RV in.   Do you just ship the frame and parts and it's up to us to attach the building materials? Do you have a local installer? Thanks!


Good Morning, I am interested in Schweiss vertical folding  RV garage type doors fabricated in aluminum and glass, with concealed motor and operable via switch. There are 5 doors for the Club Rooms near pool area of 2 adjacent buildings in a Multi-use project in Santa Clara CA. Door sizes vary. We would like the doors to open overhead to the exterior as a canopy, they can have one fold or bi-fold depending of clearance of the latter. Please contact me for price and also do you have AutoCAD drawings/ specs that could be incorporated in our DD set that is out for bid end of January. 


Hello, My name is Madeline Lambert. I am an intern architect in Omaha, Nebraska. We have a current client interested in an interior bi-fold RV garage door that has zoning restrictions. The dimensions would be roughly 15'W x 18'H. I would love more information about your RV Schweiss door products and would love to talk options for moving forward. Please feel free to call me. Thank you!!


I am enclosing a large carport to make a RV garage and I don't have quite enough room for the car using a conventional garage door and hardware. A conventional roll up door and hardware protrudes about 9" into the garage and that's about 4" too much. A bifold RV door looks like it might work with my circumstances.


I'm an architect in Philadelphia and have some question about options for Schweiss glass garage and RV bi-folding doors. I have an existing rough opening of 20 ft.wide by 18 ft. tall and am interesting in an aluminum frame Schweiss door with aluminum/steel frame with a painted finish. I would like to know which door type (garage, bi fold, etc) would you recommend for the rough opening? 3. Is this a custom order? If so, what is the lead time? 4. What is the lead time if the door is standard? 5. Can you estimate the cost of the door? (please distinguish between the different bifold and hydraulic operated door types) If there is a local rep I should be contacting, please forward my information along.


Hi there, looking for information and price on a residential RV garage door, 18'x25' similar to the bifold RV door you engineered for the fellow in Washington and Minnesota to overcome zoning regulations. Schweiss RV door designs are crazy cool doors.