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I have a steel quonset hut that has a 13 by 22 foot opening. I would like a one piece hydraulic door to give me all the head room I can. Interested in cost for the door or build my own door


I have a round top quonset type building with big heavy steel sliders that Id like to bolt together and attach to a frame and make into a hyd lift door. Would you have the hinges, cylinders and power pack to do this? Has anyone done this before?


We will like to quote a Bifold Lifting Strap Door for our airplane hangar in Barranquilla-Colombia, the Bifold Door must me the type Endwall Quonset Building with free standing header, A-Total clear opening of 59´and B- Clear Opening Height of 18´, Siding will be same metal sheeting as hangar. Please Inform us bifold door structure come in one piece or could be asembled here for shipment matters and if door could be instaled by us in Colombia. Waiting for your reply Best Regards Raul Moseres Ultracem SAS Colombia


I was wondering if I can get a quote on a build yourself door for a 20 ft high and 27.2 ft wide hydraulic door. This door is going on a steel quonset so it will need a header since current door is only 18 ft high. The total shed height is 23 ft high. Please let me know what you have to offer for this type of shed. thanks, Kars


I have a miracle span quonset. Its 55'x100' with a 25' wide and 16' hieght opening with 2 sliding doors. The sliding doors blew off we were thinking of replacing them with Schweiss hydraulic doors or  with a bifold. We dont want to lose any hieght. Thanks Steve


I'm looking to put either a bifold or hydra swinging one-piece door in on our current Quonset. We're looking at a 24' x18' door, no preference just getting quotes at this point. I'm going to call it New Construction as we'd have to build a new frame on the outside of the building and then attach that frame back to the building. Does Schweiss build free standing headers?


Interested in a quote for (4) 16' W x 14' H vertical lift hydraulic doors. Doors will be installed in a k-span (curve/Quonset) potato storage.


The shed that I am looking at putting a hydraulic door in is a curved roof like a quonset in shape, all wood building. It has laminated rafters to make it clearspan. Is there any significant problems I may encounter with putting a door like yours on this shed? Thanks!


Revisiting my project. You quoted me last year on two of your hydraulic industrial doors. Please requote: 1. All components to build my own door. 2. Complete Doors with all components. Recessed Mount this time though. Going to install on a Quonset style wood building. Thanks


This building is a round Quonset hut or potato shed, wanting to turn part of it into a shop and I want to put a one-piece hydraulic door on it.


I need a quote on a 12' x 14' or a 16' x 14' Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic door for RV storage in a Quonset type building.


Looking for the cost of a hydraulic door on the open end of a 40' wide S-model quonset hut. Needs to be at least 13' open height to fit aircraft.


Build me a hoop building door. 25w by 13t. 8 foot on side and 13 in the center. My trailer is just under 11 ft tall. I would like a 12 by 14 turn-key ready hoop door to be picked up at Schweiss door factory. With door straps and door autolatches.


I have one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. I like it so much that I want another on the sidewall of this same quonset building. Can you quote me a 45 ft. door? 


We have a round quonset and has slide doors now. But during the winter they always freeze down and have a hard time to get them open. The opening is appox. 12\' 6 and 16ft wide. We would like to know a price on bifold liftstrap and hydraulic one piece insulated doors. And also do you have anyone to install the doors in Western North Dakota.


I'm bidding a building for an individual that wants 4- 30'x18' hydraulic Red Power doors, 2 in each end of the building. The building is 80'x150'. What I need is some specs on your doors to send to my engineers so they can design the openings for this project. Could you please send me this info. also whatever you can on the Red Power pumps and any accessories or upgrades available. Thanks


Hi, I am interested in your Red Power hydraulic doors. We have a wood quonset building which we use for our shop. It has just had sliding doors on it since it was constructed in 1967. We have always just picked our days to work in the winter because of the poorly insulated sliding doors. We don't have a whole lot of headroom now so we don't want to lose any with an overhead door. We thought this type of door might be our best option. How soon could we get a door from you, we can do the install if you give us a good set of directions and drawings and the same for our local electrician.


Can you or has Schweiss  Doors installed a hydraulic door in a quonset building? I would like your crew to do the installation. Would you recommend a bifold or one-piece door. How do these doors hold up to snow and big Dakota windload? What would I be looking at cost wise?


I am wanting to replace the door on a 50' wide Quonset. It has two sliding doors now but doesn't open wide enough. I plan on using the building as a hanger and for storage. What does Schweiss Doors have to offer?


Main front door for a quonset endwall. 16.5' x 28' approx. door will probably be on the outside of the quonset because door is larger than the quonset arches. Schweiss  bifold or hydraulic door? wind rating? Approximate cost please. Sonny


Want a price on 2 Schweiss Doors, for new quonset (round roof building) for farm machinery. Want the Style "A" door. Building is 70' wide, measures 21' hight at top of door edge. We want strap lift, strap lock, remote control. No windows. No walk-in doors. Also want price on your free-standing door frames.


I have a quonset steel building that needs a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door on the end. I need the quote to include installation by you. Or if you don't travel this far could you refer an installer? What would be best option?


I would like to make my 44 X 80 wood quonset into a shop building. We need a 16.5 X 24 door to accommodate the combine with a 8 row corn head, but there is not adequate headroom inside the building. Would your Hydo-door with a free standing header work? Could you give us an approximate installed price so we have an idea if the remodel project is cost affective? Project could be a winter project if we get the concrete work completed before freeze up. Thanks, Jim V.


need a quote and drawings (to help my father better understand) for a 24' bifold door on the front of a Quanset style shop.


please quote a 27' wide x 14' tall hydraulic one piece door with remote it is going in a arch panel metal barn that was purchased several years ago but never erected. On the quote can you put in auto-latches.


need price on a schweiss hydro-powered door for opening of 21ft. 7in. wide and 13ft.in height. These are of the building opening. The building is a quonset and the door will need to be capable of being insulated at some future time.


looking for a 2- 7ft width by 14ft length doors. for a round top quonset. the ceiling clearance is to low for a regular roll (garage type) door. would like pricing of both schweiss doors and which one you would suggest. thanks


Im interested in quotes for hydraulic and byfold doors, size of door is 14' high and 16' wide, metal quanset type building. I seen photos on the website and seen that the edges of the doors are hanging over the edge of the building. Do you get any wind of water issues with the doors that way.


I am looking for either bifold door or hydraulic door to replace my two sliding doors on my qounset barn.


We have an application for a hydraulic door 22H x 40W on an ARCH BUIDLING. THe ARCH building is 60' wide x 25' center Is it possible to install a door in an ARCH BUILDING. if so what steel Guage would we need to support the door. I can send you a drawing if required


Hello, I am currently building a 30x36 quonset hut style steel building and am interested in a hydraulic door for it. i do not have the exact dimensions for the door as of yet but it will be approxamatly 20'wide X 12'high.


We had wind damage on a quonset building where we have one of your hydraulic doors that you installed several years ago - we need to have you take a look at it and need to have a bid on the cost of having the door replaced. Please call


Looking for a 40' wide x 23' high hydraulic door. The building is a quonset type building. Structure is I-beams (not heavy I-beams