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Door will be used on the end of an existing steel quonset building shop and needs a 14 foot height clearance for use of semi truck repair.


Looking for an idea of how much it will cost to put a front on a quonset hangar.


I am building a steel building (quonset style) with a self-built wooden front. I am exploring the idea of using a bifold door instead of a traditional garage door. This is to use less interior space when the door is open (vs traditional), to ensure I can insulate the door (vs a rollup) and still be able to park near the door (vs hydraulic).


Looking for a quote on a bifold door, the building is a wood Quonset building . Feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Thank you


I would like a price on a door for a quanset building, it is in a wind area so i am thinking we would need to be within the building radious.


Who is your door installer in Eastern ND, Fargo ND. Have a metal Quonset that needs a door. Will need to measure door.


I have an old curvet quanset with a 14x20 wide door now. Looking to add a free standing door to the building. Any info or quotes you could get would be great. Thanks


Requesting a quote for a Quonset hut steel arch building. Will quote include framing needed to hang door on the end of the arch? Thank you.


We are looking to price out a bifold door for our existing Quonset. If you could email me some options, and prices in Canadian dollars, that would be great. Thanks!


Hello, I have a shop with a 10 ft x 10 ft opening and I’d like to have a bifold door (strap opener) installed. My shop is a steel arch building so this style of door was recommended. I would like to get information on price and how it will be installed. Thank you


going in the end a modified U Quonset type building. current door frame is metal. Call or e-mail for more specific information.


Looking to install a new door on a steel Quonset shed. Roughly 40x15 opening for a door without measuring.


I have a hangar in Oregon with top hung sliding doors. It is a quonset type building. The opening is 40' x 14'4". I need to have some engineering done to expand it to 41' wide and then would like to have a bifold installed. Do you do installations? If not, can you recommend an installer? Can you provide engineering advice for expanding the opening?


Looking for a Schweiss dealer in Michigan for a bifold vertical door for my Quonset hut. The size I need is 16 feet wide and 10 feet tall.


Pricing on a 16 foot wide x 10 tall hanging bifold door white for my Quonset hut


I am interested in a bi-fold door for my newly erected s type quonset hut. At the moment there is no electric in the building. I would like a man door installed since there is no door on the building.


I need a price on a bi-fold 12' tall X 18' wide, for a metal Quonset style building


I'm planning to build a steel Quonset hangar. 45' wide, 17' tall. Id like a 42' Schweiss door- looking at the bifold style door on the front. It's going to need a lot of flashing on the back side, where it sticks out. Wanted to get your thoughts on that, and a quote.


Looking to get a schweiss bifold door quote to put on an existing quonset to replace the sliding doors. I don't know for sure what we would use as a frame to install it on as the door will be larger than the front of the quonset. I will mark it as I beam sides and a top but until an installer gives us a quote on how they would do it, I am not sure if it would be I beam or steel tubing. If you have installers we can contact could you please provide us with a name or two?


Quonset Door Bifold Quonset

I'm looking for a quote for a schweiss bifold door for my existing quonset building. 20" W x 17.5" T. I have an old wooden door on there currently and want to get something that can operate. Please send me a quote for a schweiss bifold door. Thanks, Ken


I need to replace the 14.5'x28' sliding metal door on my American Steel Span Quonset style building. Looking for a cost effective solution. Interested in either the schweiss bifold or one piece hydraulic door. May also be in need of a freestanding header to mount the door.


This is a half-moon shaped shed, with a nearly square door on the non-rounded end. I have pictures to send by e-mail if you need. Interested in the fold up door. 8'4" x 8'0"


Existing building-fair ford arch rib quanset metal building would need a door frame and bifold door 22 ft wide 15 feet high installed


Hi there, I am trying to get a quote to replace my q shaped quonset doors. They are sliding split doors. They are 10x16 each, 20x16 total. I'm interested in the folding door. I need the rails, doors and all the hardware. I would need the quote to include delivery, and instalation if you offer it. Thank you


I have a Quonset building I need to replace sliding doors on. Would need a walk door in bifold door. I would like to keep my existing opening height.


Trying to convert an older quanset to it will have either a bifold door or single fold. I do not know what one is better. Also the height mentioned is the height of the top of the inside of the quanset as I would like to remove some of the panels in the front to gain more door height or possibly have you build a freestanding header to improve the height and width of my clear opening.


We are remodeling a Quonset hut on our farm to use as a hang out red space - we currently have a metal roll up pulley door and would like to change that our into a glass bifold designer strap door of some type - would prefer not to have “garage door” type track in ceiling but rather fixed glass with large door like a store front door or a pivoting door - door size is approximate I need to measure again - email is best contact source


I have a Quonset building the wind blew the doors off and I would like an estimate on replacing them with a standard bifold door? Wondering if the header needs to be beefed up and if one door can fill the clear opening which is 60 ft. wide.


I need a quote for a 24' wide by 16' high bifold door for an agricultural shop (Quonset Hut) that is 40 x 40. I want to replace the slider doors with this type of door. And I'm highly considering having Schweiss build a freestanding header for it so I can get the maximum headroom.


I have a steel quonset with regular sliding doors on it that we are considering retrofitting to one of your bifold strap doors or hydraulic doors, I am more familiar with the hydraulic style door but am not against the bifold if it's better for this application. I am not sure of the brand of quonset, guessing it was built in the 70s or so, and does have a concrete floor. An extra foot of height would be nice if that is possible, making it 15x22'. Can this be done with a freestanding header like you show on your website?


Looking to replace sliding door on old steel quonset. Rough opening 24wx14h. Cannot afford to lose any clearance, so please price in one of your freestanding headers. Do you install?


I have a Quanset that needs a new door. The door space is approximately 17.5 feet wide by 11 ft tall. Is there a way to gain an additional foot of headroom. I'll send photos.


Looking to upgrade my current quonset door and opening on a 16ft high sidewall building and and keep as much opening height as I can.


I would like to price a Couple of bi-fold doors for my quonset. It is a older one and I don't know the brand of it but I do have pictures, to show you what I have. And if possible I would like a Bi-Fold strap door with a freestanding header that doesn't Reduce my door way height or width. I also have cement floor. I originally had sliding doors and the wind damaged them.


WE are looking for a door on our quonset hut. It is 12 x 12 for door. It does not need to be insulated. We do not have power in yet so would need a manaul over ride. We'd prefer a bifold strap door, but what type of door would you recommend and what are the prices. If you have further questions please contact us by phone 403 843 3391 or email Thank you


email would work best for me. door size is 14x22 on a roundtop miracle span building. I want a bifold strap door, but will consider a hydraulic due to the fact I cannot lose any headroom.


Redoing a Quonset shed and want to make it into a shop. It currently has slider doors and gotta do something different regardless of what we do, but feel a bifold or hydraulic door might give us the best option for largest door sizes needed for our large equipment.


We have two(2) 27'x92' fabric roll-up doors that were damaged from a storm and need to be replaced ASAP. This time we want a durable bifold quonset building door that should be wind rated.


We have a 18' wide by 15' high opening on our Quonset Hut and would like to install a one piece hydraulic or bifold liftstrap door. Looking for more information including: power requirements for electric motor, ballpark cost and time frame.


We have a quanset style shop that I'd like to get a quote for putting a bi-fold door on one end, centered. Looking for an opening of 17' tall (with 3' above opening for door) and 25' wide. Would the framing be freestanding within the end wall, or would it need to tie back to the building ribs in the ceiling? It is a wood frame with corrugated metal sheeting, so I may need a freestanding bifold door header.


need a quote on a bi-fold liftstrap door with windows across the top to replace sliding doors on old Quonset. Opening is 20' wide x 13' 3" high, would like 14' high, but not necessary. Thanks


I got a quote on a door years ago, but the project fell through and I've since lost all the literature and paperwork from it. I'm building a new shop (quonset type steel building) and came to the site to look around again, and see that you have a "build your own door" kit. Would be very interested in a quote for this kit and also for a bifold door. I want to build a 12x12 door


Just wanting to check prices and plans for a bifold door for a round top Quonset shed. Door opening is 13ft 6in tall by 16ft wide. Just something simple with lift straps that works well. Thanks!


Looking at adding a 40 deep by 70 wide x 20'eve metal building to the front my 45wx70d S model Qhut which has rolling doors. Looking at at your 16 h x 52' wide door in bifold and hyd. can you give me an estimate on both with freestanding headers. Also would like building manufactures that you have had good experiences with. thanks, John


I have a quonset building so the top corners of the door aren't clear and I would like more width and headroom. What would it cost to add a service door?


Hi I am getting a quote on a 50 by 50 foot miracle truss quonset building, I would like to put a 42 foot bifold door with a 12 high opening in one end. The building manufacturer is asking me what type of steel reinforcement you would require to secure this door. Please quote me on this size of bifold door delivered to East Windsor Connecticut Thanks


Planning on 50’ X50’ X 18’ eave height Miracle Truss quonset bldg. Building will be near Big Lake Rd. and Parks Hwy interchange Big Lake, Alaska. Door Width 44’ and minimum 15’ open height. What options are available for self built bifold or hydraulic door plans. Can the door and hanger be combined on shipping.


I'm looking to retrofit a new door into an older metal quonset building on my farm. Opening is 20ft wide and 14ft tall. Need a quote for both bifold and hydraulic if they will work to convert. I need all the headroom I can get.


I have a qonset from steel masters 30x50 arched concave rib design building.you are showing pics on your web site for side glass doors i would like too know more about them length apx 20ft 9ft tall for a side patio bifold door offset from the building


Looking at installing an end wall and side wall door on a P Model Quonset. Look and possibly a 22x12 doors with two windows each and automatic latching systems.


Im building a quonset hut for a client and they would like a bifold door on the end and one side. I want to discuss the options and costs of windows, one walk door and remote openers.


Build Your Own Door (diy kit) needed. This door will be mounted in a sub frame just outside of a quonset building with posts in the ground and then built in to fill the gap. Can you give me the specs on a. 40 ft. door


i am looking for a dealer or sales rep to help with a bifold liftstrap door replacement on an older machine shed with sliding doors, door opening is 14 x 20. steel framed hip roof (Quonset brand). For my situation I believe a bi-fold door would work best.


New build Quonset hut build need pricing we do not have power in the building. Can your bifold doors run off a generator until electricity is hooked up?


We are looking for a company who can install an overhead bifold garage-style door on a steel Quonset hut building to replace the framed wood doors currently on it. Would a freestanding header give me more headroom or just added support? Do you sell and/or install the doors separately for existing bldgs? Thanks.


Would like a quote on a bifold strap door dimensions being approx 30x12. Going into an open ended 40x40 quonset building. I'll send photos, as this job may require a freestanding header for additional support.


Looking to fill in the North and South end walls of metal Future steel building Quonset so can use building as a cattle calving barn and shop. It is 40’ wide 20 feet high. Doors will be operated a lot in winter up to -40 weather and snow. Thinking bi fold might be better so doesn’t have to open out through any snow. But maybe hydraulic is stronger and seals better?? Would also like a man door 6’ wide in each of the doors so I can move cows and a compact yard tractor in and out without having to open whole big door. If some windows can be incorporated into doors to help with natural lighting without losing too much insulation would also be great. Let me know if I'll need a freestanding header for additional needed support and if I can build the header myself.


I have a Quansett hut that I want to turn into a hanger for an AS350. I’m going to take one end wall off and attach a hanger door to the end. Can you give me some support on this? Not sure on hydraulic versus bifold and it may be helpful to have you guys supply a freestanding header frame for extra support.


Looking at options for 12x12 single panel or bifold strap door for Quonset hut shop. Nothing fancy, just functional with an auto latching system.


Have an old steel quonset building 36 x100 thinking of putting a bifold on the end believe it’s 12 foot high. Can you provide a Schweiss manufactured freestanding header for it? How much will the approx. cost be with a remote opening and automatic latching system included, thx Russ


I am building a quonset hut home. There is no structure to support a garage door. I am looking for a free standing header door. I would need between 16-20' wide and would like at least 12' tall. Is this something you can help with? The exterior would be metal panels and will need some insulation on the interior as the garage will have heat and a/c. Can you give me a quote on this type of quonset building bifold door shipped to 62052 zip code. Thank you


I have a miracle span quonset steel building and considering a one piece hydraulic door or bifold door. Any and all information would be appreciated. Price quote on hydraulic door and bifold quonset building door.


Hi, Please provide quote on bottom drive bifold with liftstraps for quonset building. Electric 220V with Emergency Back-Up Hand Crank. Sheeting and Trim and install Provided by Customer.


I have a Quonset building with the end wall not finished. I'm trying to decide how to put bifold quonset doors in it and am wondering about the cost of a bifold strap door. As well as what requirements there are for framing and supporting.


I'm planning to build a Quonset hut style hangar with an opening of 40 ft 8 inches wide, by 16 ft 3.5 inches tall. I need a quote and recommendation for a door for it. I believe a bifold liftstrap door would be my best option as I live in Truckee, California where the mountain snow loads are very heavy.


I just want pricing, we just built a Quonset building and are looking for pricing on 14x14 bifold doors for each end of the building. Can you also install bifold or hydraulic doors on the sides of a quonset building?


Just looking at options trying to price out a bifold strap door for a Quonset building ...it's 40 ft wide 60 ft long and 15 ft tall... I was hoping to get a 14 ft tall door in one end wall I'm flexible on the width but somewheres around 14 wide as well.. with your free standing headers will that be possible? I'd like it all to stay within the end wall and not have the wings like you see on some . If I could have someone call me to figure out a price that would be great thanks


To be installed on Quonset type building 55X54 . we have the material for the header and vertical side column and need a good Schweiss bifold strap door for it. We can change width and height if needed


I have a S model Quonset building and want to put side overhead bifold strap doors on it. What are my options.


I have a Quonset hut with an 8x16 opening for a quonset hut garage door. I am looking for general quote on a bi-fold strap door. The hut is in Winterset, Iowa. Do you ship to me and I install or do you have to install? Does the door lock for security reasons?


I would like to discuss various options for a 12'w x 10'h free standing hydraulic or bifold quonset building door. Its for the entry of a quonset hut so there isnt a wall to work with at the moment. Thx Al


We have a quonset garage with center doors that split and slide to open. We would like information about a conversion project to a bifold liftstrap door and wondering if we should consider a freestanding header on this quonset. We can send a photo of building as well if needed for evaluation.


I have a 50x100 Quonset bldg. with no ends. It sits on a 42 inch concrete wall. I am interested in your bifold liftstrap auto latch door 20-24 ft wide if possible.


do you have plans or products for side entry bifold strap doors on a QHut? Why do I see questions from people with numbers by them but no answers at all?


I am looking for a bi-fold liftstrap door for a clear opening 18 ft by 12ft. It is for a Quonset style metal building so will have to hinge above the roof line to achieve a clear 12ft opening height. How do I know if I will need a freestanding header?


I have a 35' x 55' Quonset Shed with a 18' wide by 15' high opening that has doors on rollers, I would like a door options that lifts, i.e.: hydraulic door style or bi-fold.


We're looking to add doors to the side of our 40'x60' quonset hut and were wondering about pricing/technical details for lift strap bifold doors.


Building is a 40' Quonset Hut, want a bifold door, door may need its own freestanding structure built onto building depending on loads.


Hi there We are living in South/Western Alberta/Canada.  And we have a Quonset with a door opening 14.5 (high) and 20.2 feet. The doors are sliding doors and a pain in the winter. Lots of snow and ice makes it hard to open and close. Now we are interested to know how much that a Schweiss bifold door would cost, installed, with and without power opener. The power is available in the Quonset. 


Hello, I have a 50 ft. side, 80 ft. long metal Quonset building that I'm converting to a hangar. Concrete floor with curb, the non-load bearing end walls are 2x4 framed, wood sheathing and have a large 15 ft. wide x 10 high chain driven roll up door at each end. I need to replace the existing roll up doors with a bifold quonset hangar door, opening must be 18 ft. high, 30-35 ft. wide.I can send pictures if needed.


I would like a quote on a 35'x16' bifold strap quonset building door. I'm future planning. Maybe 4 or 5 years down the road.


Hello, I'm looking at building a Quonset style steel hangar. I'm considering different options for doors, and I think a bi-fold quonset hut door would work well. Please provide pricing for a 38x12 door and all accessories. Also, please estimate freight to 32112. Thanks, Robby Long


We will be building our frame to allow for this door. I have a customer with a Quanset building wanting either a one-piece hydraulic door or a lift-strap bi-fold. Could you please send me pricing on both? I believe he wants a standard door with no windows. Thanks,  Brad


I am looking at a Quonset style hangar, something like a 40'w x 45'd . Is Schweiss' lift-strap bi-fold style door workable with this?


need a clean opening--24'wide x14'6''high- lift-strap bifold door. I'm sure we can hang it, assemble, what ever it takes. We will be making a new wood frame opening on front of a Quonset. Please give me a quote on complete set-up delivered. Thank you!


This is a curved Quonset with sliding doors that need to hit the junk pile. I want to replace with Schweiss bifold strap doors. Used for cold storage. These are just rough measurement on the opening.


We have a Q-60 steel Quonset hut roofing system on top of double stacked containers creating a building that is 58'x190' for building ship modules. I am interested in creating a quonset building door design that will give us nearly full height and width (39'x58'). I would be interested in a freestanding bifold header and using polycarbonate panels for light transmission


please just contact me by email at this point. I heard your hydraulic doors and bi-fold doors are quite affordable. Need two on my SD quonset building.


Would like an estimate on a hydraulic quonset hut door approximate size is 40 feet wide and 14 feet tall. Current doors are at the end of a Quonset hut type hanger in SD with four door panels suspended from an overhead track that slide laterally from the center (2 panels slide left and 2 panels slide right) Price your Schweiss bifold with remote opener.


Have a customer that is enclosing an existing structure and would like to install a bi-fold door in the endwall of the building. This is a quonset building so may need a freestanding header. Please quote for delivery in two months.


I'm raising the door header and putting on a new Quonset building door.The new opening would be 18 ft wide by 14.5 ft. tall. How are Schweiss steel bifold doors attached to the buildings? How much weight/stress do doors put on the building? Any reason a walk-in door couldn't be installed? What would be the total cost of a quonset door this size?


I have a 40' by 100' quonset built in 1980. What quonset doors do you have for it and at what cost? I'm in Manitoba so I think the Schweiss bifold strap door might be best. Thanks


I am considering replacing the sliding doors on my  Quonset building with Schweiss bifold strap doors. I need a door quote including delivery. Can I get one with a walk in door within the lower half of the folding door and with autolatches?


I am a ag retailer of namely grain storage items. A client would like me to get a good bifold quonset door quoted for their steel quonset (half moon style). I would have to Schweiss Doors do the door install. Can you tell me if the door opening size is common? I got the measurements from the customer. Perhaps I should consider being a dealer for Schweiss. P.S. - Can you deliver and install to Saskatchewan?


I want Schweiss Doors to replace several sliding doors I have been wrestling with. Your bifold liftstrap /autolatch door will be perfect for  turkey growing quonset hut doors. I'll need six doors 18' x 12'. Can door cladding be louvered to allow for air flow on hot days?


Looking for a door kit that can be finished to match existing building. Height and width depends on the the clearences needed for a Schweiss bifold strap door. Want to maximize height and width. Bifold quonset door size would be in the range of 10' high x 17' wide. This is a steel quonset hut with framed ends finished in vinyl siding, overall building size is 36' long x 25' wide x 14' high.


Schweiss Bi-fold 45 wide quonset building door,  20 foot height. Price door straps, not cables. Walk door and windows.


Looking for a rough estimate for a new Schweiss bifold liftstrap quonset hut door on a 45 yr old quonset building. 12 x 20 entrance.  Building door frame would probably need new lumber or free standing header to strengthen; old door track taken down. I can send photos.


Looking for a quote to install a bi-fold hoop building door with lift straps and autolatches. Size is 44' wide by 16' height. Going on a rural quonset style hoop building. 


55 wide x 21 tall Quonset door. Prefer bifolding door installation that does not anchor directly to building (I think you use a freestanding header door for this). Similar to fabric/hoop door installs. Anchors to additional footings. Can go wide for external door anchors.


I have a miracle truss hanger and door. I need to replace the motor(G573)and was wondering if your motor is compatible, drive the same for bottom lift, and is available for purchase. My door is in great shape. Thank you for your help. Bud


What I'm looking for is a price on a 14 foot by 14 foot Schweiss one piece hydraulic or bifold door with straps and what are my options are it's going on a round quonset. I'm thinking I may need a free-standing header. Can I send you a photo.


Looking for options on replacing our sliding doors in a 50x80 round steel Quonset. I think a Schweiss bi-fold with straps would be best. Include at least three windows at eye level, walk door and price your autolatches separately. Your doors seem to work very nicely on quonset buildings.


My parents have a quonset with wood sliding doors they are considering replacing. The opening measures 11' 9" tall X 13" 2" wide. Could you please email or postal mail me some different door styles and prices? I'm thinking more on the liftstrap bifold door style.  Thanks, Jason


Cover all hoop barn 36 X 60 w/ 5'spaced posts side walls with 8' hi steel also on ends. Doors 16'x 24' & 16'x18' with 200" hi post on each side of door openings with (2)12 x 12 for headers on each door. Is there enough support for your Schweiss liftstrap bi fold doors or will I need a freestanding header?


Would like quote for 10 42'x 12' strap operated Schweiss quonset hut bi-fold doors that have a 3' access door in them delivered to my farmsite and installed to my address. thank you


We have a 50 x 100 zipperlock quonset that we are thinking about insulating (spray foam) as well as heating for a farm shop.We will also want to put the biggest Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold door possible at one end. The existing overhead door is a 24w x 14h. I realize it would mean removing a large part of the end wall,but have you ever done this kind of retro on a curved building? A 40 x 15 or 16 would be beautiful. P.S. Our overall dome height is 24ft. Looking forward to hearing from you. 


I recently erected a 60' wide x 50' deep x 18' high fabric-covered aircraft hangar. It is a "Quonset hut" arch. Interested in a 50' Wide x 15' clear height bifold liftstrap or hydraulic door. Which do you recommend. I'm in a very warm tropical climate at Key West, Florida.


My name is Gilbert and I am a member of the Edmonton Soaring Club located outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have a Quonset type hanger which is 60 ft. wide at the base and currently has a full width 4 sectional sliding door suspended on overhead rollers. The opening is about 9 ft. high. Do you supply and install in our part of the world, and if so, what information would you need from us to give us an approximate price quote? We are thinking about a bi-fold type door with a power lift mechanism.


Hello! I'm looking for a 14x14 bifold door. This is to be installed on quonset hut. Only interested in your lift straps and insulation. I'll do the install.


I have a customer that has an existing quonset hut that had some wind damage and would like to install a hyd. door in the existing opening if possible or redesign the the end to install a larger door. He does want the the option of a install man door, battery backup and remote kit. He's seen other Schweiss doors on quonset huts and is really impressed.


Please quote price for a bifold door with installation to replace the existing sliding doors on my steel quonset building. (This is a steel grain storage building converted to a machine shed/garage.) I would also like two additional doors in the sidewalls measuring 16x14


I have a quonset, the sliding doors are shot, I have no headroom for a roll up door, would your bifold door work in this application? 22'w x 14'h. If not, will the hydraulic door give me the headroom I need.


Need a bifold door for 44 ft. wide round roof machine shed. Shed is 20 ft. to peak. Need maximum height for combine and 8 row corn header (22 ft.) Want lift straps and two remote openers and auto latches.


Looking to replace old wooden sliding doors on a wood quonset. Would like a 14x14 bifold door, and this time I want a remote control so I can open it with the touch of my thumb. Man that will be heaven! I might even let my wife use it in the winter when I don't want to get out of my easy chair. That's what a wonderful husband does.


Looking for a hangar door with an opening of 60'x18'. To be installed in a Steel 80'x100' quonset-style hangar. Site is located near Quemado, NM. Other than lift strap and remote opener, what are my options? Trying to get an idea of costs.


I have a Canvas quonset like structure and I need a 19'x19' door. What works best for this, a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic one piece. What are my options and what are some ballpark prices? Thanks Bradley


I have a quonset that is 35 feet wide and 15'5" at the peak in height and requiring a minimum of a 14' high door put in. And the Schweiss bifold door is to be a 14' wide door. An overhead door will barely work as it requires too much head room. By looking at your Schweiss doors, it looks like very little head room is required. Would a hydraulic one piece door work better and give me more head room?


Looking for a Schweiss Doors insulated door to be installed on an endwall of an existing quonset building. Need to build face frame for door and supporting structure.


i want to know the price of a Schweiss bifold door would be on a quonset hut round building, it has a 20' wide by 15' high opening. it would need to have the freestanding header above endwall style. and if you could give the price of the Schweiss hydraulic door to thanks.


I am building a quonset-hut style metal building (hangar) on my property. The front wall of it will be wood-frame construction. I want a 32 foot wide, 9 foot high opening and I love the Schweiss Bi-fold System. Cost is a significant consideration for the door. I will handle the installation. I will also need to know about the framing requirements and dimensions. What are my most economic alternatives?


I am looking for a rough idea of what a bi-fold door would costs for my hangar. The hangar is an existing quonset style. The style door would need to be similar to your picture #5 on the website page for round roof lift strap doors, where the door frame is on the outside and extends beyond the roof edge at the top corners. Overall size of the bifold door opening would be ~38.5 ft x 12 ft.


I am looking to install a hydraulic door on the end of my wooden quonset. The door size I am looking for is 12 wide x 14 high, with a walk in door. Can you tell me the price for the bare door and frame kit with the walkin door installed. I would like this to be a flush mount system. I look forward to hearing from you at your soonest convience. Regards 


we have built a new quonset and we are exploring possibilities for a bifold door. In the bid can you include installation. thank you for any assistance.




I am intersted in a Schweiss Bi-Fold door with lift straps for my Shop. Its a Quanset but is of Wood Consturction with a metal outside. The door is approximatly 12x16. Thanks Charles


Side columns and overhead support C Red Iron. The opening is negotiable and so is the supports. I really want to purchase a Schweiss hydraulic door , they are really popular in our area , thanks for your fast quotes. 


I am considering building a hanger which is a quonset type steel building. The door opening they will provide is 12 feet X 46 feet before any framing. The building is 60 feet wide and 24 feet high at the apex. The building siet will be in Alberta, Canada, The Schweiss hydro door is the way I want to go. Can I get a quote on that, please.


I am seeking quote pricing for a rounding roofing. The building is 14,000sqf, mostly interested in the vertical lift, but please send info on both. a catalog would be great.


I have a new Quonset Q-series building. I need quote for Bi-Fold door. End wall opening 40' wide x 14' high.


I have a steel round top quonset with a finished opening door 11'10 in x 18'. i need to increase the height to accom larger equip. Possible to install hydraulic door and increase height?


Hello, I need a self supporting schweiss bifold strap door, with a man door built in on the right side (right when facing door from outside) I have a quonset that will "round off" at the top corners of the door frame.


I am looking for doors for 2 quonsets. The openings on both sheds are 20' wide x 14' high. And I also have a barn door that the opening is 11' wide x 12' high and I am looking for an overhead door for this. I would like to know some prices on your bifolds with the lifting straps instead of cables. Thank You.


Requesting a quote for Agricultural building (Bi-Fold, using straps. Door to be mounted on a Pre-engineered steel building. Door 35'X 16' clear height. Alt. for 40'X 16' door. Can metel building insulation be installed under sheeting of door panel without interfearing with operation of door?


S - style; US Building 40' wide - Schweiss Bi-fold Door for one end. building is 16' 3" tall Need 'Round' Building type solution Entry door insert.


I have an older all steel quonset type building. I want a 14 high 14 wide insulated door. If possible I would like to incorporate a walk in door as part of the bifold door. I plan on insulating the entire 40 by 60 building with foam and heating it for a shop application.


I want a second bifold door quote with automatic door opener with remote. undecided about wood or i beans for the column. i also want a walk in door separate or if it can be in the door that would be ok which ever is cheaper undecided. my quanset is 40x100 and it has a door on the south end 18 w and 14 h by overhead door so none are insulated or heated.


I have a 40x100 old steel quanset. I want to install a 12' wide x 10' high bi-fold door installed on the curved side. I would like to have 4 window lights 2 on the top and 2 on the bottum. It is not a heated bldg so door does not need to be insulated.I want an electric opener on the bottum and nylon straps with manuel latches.


Quonset arch steel 50ft w by 40 ft l by 18 ft h Bifold Door would have to extend beyond the building only at the top corners of the door.


have a quonset with a 20 wide 14 hi wondering what something that size would cost in a Schweiss bifold model door


I have a Quonset hut building with a 12x12 door. I would be interested in the price of a hydraulic door, outside installation, and galvanized sheeting.


Got a Hydraulic door from you in 2009 (Great Door). Would like a price on your Bi-Fold - size is 14' High by 42' Wide. Door is going on a round roof building that is 20' High by 50' Wide, that is measured from out to out. Will need door and frame.


I am looking for some pricing for a bifold hangar door. I have a 50 ft end wall that is open and would like a door for it with an opening of 12ft. the building is a open span 50 by 50 steel quonset A frametype. the door will have to be self supported/free standing as i cant hang or pull on the existing structure,the floor is dirt- would a couple of cement piles be enough to hold the door in place? I do not have power to the hangar but a 12 volt system would work nice. thanks




Good afternoon, Would it be possible to have some kind of "ball park" quote given to me for a hangar door approximately 42' by 12'. It would need all frame work because the doors we have on now are on a 1947 Quonset hut that has four 10' doors that are on a free sliding above door rail with no bottom attachments.Please quote both a single swing out door and a bi-fold door please.Thank You, John Airport Mgr


I have a 50 by 100 quonset with a 14 by 24 ft opening , it now has a double slider on it, I am looking for the price of a bifold door with a walk door in it .


I have a round roof steel building. opening is 18 x 40. I need the hydraulic door to open 40 x 14.I would also need the free standing door frame.Can you send me a price. Thanks


Need quote on bi-fold & hyd.one piece door 40'x12, this is for a metal american steel Q style building.


I am constructing a prefab steel building. It a free span made up of a series of 21 steel arches. Size is 40' wide by 43 feet long and 18' at the ridge. I am interested in a door 18' wide by 14' high. The overhead clearance on each end of the door is 14'-6.30". IS THIS CLEARANCE SUFFICIENT FOR THE BIFOLD DOOR I WISH TO USE? Can you incorporate a narrow walk door in this unit as well as a window arrangement? Any order would include the frame, and strap lift arrangement. I will furnish the door skin and walk door and windows.


I'm interested in putting in one of your shop doors in a Quonset building. It was a old onion warehouse we are using for equipment storage. Currently there are homemade swinging doors (three) they are each about 12' wide we would like to put in a 20'wide door approx 14' to 16'high we would need to make the opening as the current doors are only 12' wide. could you give me some sort of price and time frame for ordering hydraulic one piece doors.


I need a price on a 28' wide x 16' Tall bifold door for a new building and one for a behlen curvet same dimensions of doors


We have a quanset with sliding doors but we have so much trouble keeping the pigeons out as like to keep the doors open so it stays dry and clean. Need some ideas. I would like a fast opening Red Power hydraulic door. Thanks.


I am considering putting one of your bi fold doors on our new equipment shed. It may pose an interesting challenge as it is a cover-all brand hoop building. It will have to be mostly self supporting. I viewed one recently and I think I know how to arrange the concrete and so forth to make braces going back into the building. I would like a qoute for a 35w x18 a 30w x18 and 25w x18 we are in Newton Il (SE IL)


I am looking for a bifold door for a round roof steel corrugated building. What will it cost? 


Wooden quonset building, the second door is slightly smaller, but I don't have exact dimensions on that yet. I can possibly come pick the bifold doors up if they will fit on a 17' car trailer. I am currently in the process of tinning the shed, should the opening be tinned before the door is installed or is there anything specific that will need to be done to the opening before the building is tinned?




Looking for 28' x 26' quonset second floor with open end for maximum sets of 6'-0 x 6'-8" bifold glass doors, R-30 factor roof area and R-19 side wall. What would be the most economic method or system with interior estetics? We are trying to be green, solar and photovotaic TD


Hi, Please contact by email. How much are your bifold doors to give me a 44' opening? I am looking for the delivered price. Also, how much time from the time I order until delivery. Thanks! Also, curious how much would cost the one pice door in the same size? The building style is a quenset hut, so the door needs to sit in front of the building, but attached too it for strength. ALso, the size estimates is 44' by 12', but it is not exact if you have a door size close to that instead. Erik


Please to coat on options 1-2ea 10'Wx8'H optionbi-fold. option 2.-2ea of previous +phase two, two each 12'x12'bifolds ,and option 3.-1 each 10'WX8'H. F.O.B.86337 tese will be 1-2 each 8x10 for entry exit of gedescic dome 54'DX84'L phase two will include q-hut 50X100 building incorporating visual integration in N. Arizona plase advise on fenestration and insulation options. Thanks Chris


I am interested in obtaining a price quote for both a Bi-Fold and one piece door. I have a round roof Pioneer Quonset style building that currently has a 24' wide by 14' high sliding door system. The building was erected in 1998.


Do you have representation in Citrus County Florida? I would like to obtain a quote for my quonset style hangar for a Bi-fold door verses the current slider doors. By the way I am in Kuwait so we need to work via email until I am home on leave.Thanks,Mike


I own a 50'X 50' steel "quonset hut" type hangar. Front opening is 40'X 12' and presently has bi-fold doors which open horizontally (single-track at top of doors). I'm interested in a quote on a set of your bi-fold doors with straps. I need to know how much reinforcement would need to be added to the building and whether the reinforcing structure would be inside or outside of the building. We recently insulated the entire building and don't want to rip out the insulation to install new doors.


have existing quonset building 50x120' end wall door is 24x14'6''H but need a 16'4''tall opening, width is ok willneed a free standing frame as building has not much ofheader.  total height of building is approx. 18' but did not measure that yet. will you need this?


Phone will not be answered till I return from deployment. I have Quanset hut 60 feet wide I woud like to put a bi-fold


We have a Quonset Hut with 40' X 12" square openings on both ends. We are looking putting doors at both ends.


I have a American Steel Span Quonset type building the current door opening is 20ft wide by roughly 14 ft tall and would like prices on both the bi-fold and the hydraulic doors. this is a farm shop that gets a lot of use all year round. Thank you very much. Zach T.


We were intested in a Round Roof Bi-Fold Insulated Door. The door opening is 20' and the height is 14'. How much are the installation fee and the cost of the system? Thanks


finally got my hangar up..a quonsett hut 50 ft squre 19 feet high...the door opening is 39feet 9 inches by 10 feet high....bi-fold or hydraulic ?...which is better for this type of round steel building ? thanks...jim s.


I need to add a door to my quonset style hanger at the McHenry Maryland Airport. The opening height is about 12'3" and the about width 40'2". There are no proximity issues. The interior is gravel and joins the taxi way blacktop pavement. I have AC power into the hanger. Can you do the installation? If so, please quote. TIA GC


I have a wood round roof quanset style building with an opening 14' wide by 13' high. I want to replace the existing sliding barn doors


I have a round roof steel building that i want to turn into an airplane hanger. the end wall is 45 feet wide and it is 19 foot 7 inches tall. the plane need 38x10feet for clearance, but i wold like to go to 12 feet if possiable. what am i looking at for a price?


finally building my quonsett style hangar...39 feet 9 inch wide x 10 feet opening...thinking about hydraulic one piece with walk through door...what kind of support do i need...jim


I'm in need of an insolated shop door to put in my Quanset building i plan to make into a heated shop. It will also need a walk-in door in it. Its size is 20Ft. wide by 14 Ft. high Please give me a price along with instalation costs. I live 200 miles west of Fargo ND. Thank you Dave F.


I have and old 40'x72' old quanset shed with half the shed made into a heated shop. There are two old 8' sliding doors existing but no walk in door . Your bifold with a walkin would be perfect if would work and was in my price range. The doorway is apox. 16 wide and 12 high. Can this be done. Another problem is my location,Regina Saskatchewan. Is there a business anywhere close which you supply to, if not how could we do it.


Old round roof steel quonset needs door. Quote bifold with electric power operator also. This door needs to be insulated. I like the strap concept on the bottom drive of bi-fold Salesperson can call to discuss suitability of project Canadian supplier unable to supply before January WE NEED NOW!


I have plans to put up a 60' x 100' Quonset building for large square bales of hay and also, for machinery. I am planning to have 16' x 24' door openings, one on each end of the building. I am hoping the 16' height will accomodate the combine with the grain extension. By installing a Bi-Fold door, is it required for the door opening to be higher than the 16'? By reading the material, it doesn't appear so. Also, what would be the cost of the two Bi-Fold doors with remote. Any other information or advice will be appreciated. I plan to put up this building between now and December. Thank You, Martha


I have a 40' x 80' straight walled Behlen quonset. I would like to have a door put in on one end that is as wide as possible and as high as possible. (Around 30' by 16' is a guess???) I am located 9 miles from Grand Island, NE and wondered if you would have anyone available to look my situation over if they are attending Husker Harvest Days. I look forward to hearing back from you. Glenn S.


door to fit on end of 45'x70' quonset bldg. app.17' rise to top, door needs to be app.40'x12', with remote option, walk in door on it.


Existing blgd is quonset hut Q50 x 17 by SteelMaster with open ends. I want to add a 10' x 40' aircraft door to one end.


I have one of your BiFOLD doors in a 90 year old farm barn which I am well pleased with and now I am needing a replacement door in a 40 x100 foot Quonset building which I now have a 20 wide by 14 ft high over head in the end of the Quonset building. I would like to instal a 28 x 14 ft door is that possible in this Quonset building?


I'm going to build a barn this summer, I'm thinking of going with a quonset. Could you give me the most inexpensive quote you can (I'm on a budget). Also I might be interested in the self supporting frame, and the strap door, I might also go with a wider door - up to 30 foot. Could you give me some prices so I could compair them.


Need information on the bifold doors and will need a quote later on a 40' x 12 opening quanset building at airport to put one into. But need to get info first Also let me know what I need to look at when looking at this building and how it would work? Gary W. B.


I have a 40 x70 building with round roof rafters. They were made in olivia many years ago. I have a 12high x 14 wide overhead door on there now that is about 12 years old. I would like to make the opening larger to 15' x 22' wide. I would like to keep as much head room as possible. Thanks, Paul A.


Greetings, I am soliciting quotes for a 40' wide x 12' high door to be used on a Quonset type hangar we are purchasing from U.S. Buildings Direct. The hangar measurements are as follows: 50'x50', with 8' side walls, 20' high at the center of the arch. The hangar will be erected in Sudan within the next two months, so we will want to ship the door along with the hangar via surface in a 20' sea container. We need a door that will operate without electrical power, maybe using a chain fall type of lifting device. I will be erecting the hangar and installing the door myself with whatever local talent I can find. We are looking for something as cost effective as possible, aesthetics are not important. The hangar will be shipping from Port Newark, so please include a FOB price from Newark, NJ. Please advise if you are able to accommodate us. Thank you. George R.


Retrofitting Your Round Roof Building - Side Wall I have a 40x80x14.5H round steel building and I am interested in the above mentioned door. I am curious as to how the building is cut and supported along the top and sides where the building is cut and what kind of roofing and trusses are used. Please give me more details. Thank you, Larry.


I have a quonset with a 16ft high x 22 ft wide door. Will your doors fit? Can you install them?


I am interested in a bi-fold door for my quonset style building, which is approx. 14' high by 20'wide, with a high free standing header. Thanks, Craig


i would also like a quote on a 30x16 bifold for the other end of building, and also a bifold door for an existing 51' behlen steel quonset 24x14 and i may need a header as well so price that as well thank-you


SteelMaster S Series Steel Arch (Quonset type) 50 X 50 hangar about 2/3 complete. Would like a price estimate and availability date for a bifold with straps. Door opening dimension is 41 X 12.


hi we are looking to replace our quonset doors. the dimensions of the inside frame if 13' high X 2' wide. can you quote us a price? the lowest price possible.


I had sent an E-mail to you but realized that I didn't send you any of my contact information except for the E-mail address. Like I said in that E-mail, we are considering buying a school with a Quonset building attached. Because of the way that it sits on the lot it isn't much use to us but if we could add a door on the rounded side instead of at the end for a reasonable price then we will purchase this building. I can't recall the exact size of the building but want to say that it is approximately 50 x 70.




I am interested in some of the features on your bi-fold doors. I am looking at putting a new door on our quonset. The building in pretty long so we figure a good door would probably help keep it sealed. I am more interested in certain features. We have the resources to build most of the door itself. The components are what I am looking at. Motor, straps, frame around door, accesibility, cost of project etc... Thanks Jordan


I have a galvanized metal "Quonset" building with a opening of 281" wide and 192" tall. Give me a price on door to fit in there. I want a lockable walk-in door and some windows in the door and at least 2 remote controls and a touch keypad to open it from the outside. The easiest way is to e-mail me if you have any questions. Thank you,SD


I would like to recieve a quote on a 60x20' door to be used as an aircraft hanger. I would like it to include the cost of the free standing door-frame, as well as header requirements, dimensions, and loads against the buidling, if that is possible. The building that we are planning on mounting it in is basically a fabric membrane over a steel frame shaped like a quonset hut. If you have had any expereince with this type of installation any suggestions or pictures you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brian


I have a 40 (depth) by 50 (wide) Cover-it Quonset style hangar and want to put a dorr on it. Willing to contruct piers or bracket to tie into the steel tube structure but want a solution pre-fab if possible. What do you suggest?


Please call me @ listed #'s. I need A 36'w x 10'h for a customer w/ an arch style building. Please contact me ASAP.