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we are looking for the weight per sqft for a schweiss one-piece Ag-style hydraulic tilt up door ?? We need to give our PEMB company this info to design the new PEMB endwall We have (3) existing tilt-up doors to be relocated into new PEMB


Am Working on a PEMB quote for a client who is wanting a 100' wide 20' clear glass hydraulic Schweiss door. Need some info on what the load would be on the door opening that we will provide. Also need the clearances from the top of door header to rigid frame Would you be able to provide this info? Many Thanks SMC


I would like pricing on a bifold and a hydraulic pre-entineered steel building swing door. 40 ft wide opening and 10 ft high/ if I go to 12 ft high what is price jump ? I will be putting siding on it and insulating it . Thanks joe kolbach


Please provide pricing to furnish and install a,  14' high Schweiss bi-fold door that is as wide as possible. The Doors are going to be installed in a pre-engineered metal building. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you, Scott T.


I need a quote on a 24' x70' Hydraulic hangar door to be installed in a Pre-Engineered Steel Building located in GA.


Quote on a 36 x 18 pre-engineered Schweiss steel  hydraulic door, and a quote on a bi fold strap lift door the same size. New construction with one piece door going in a steel building, provide any door drawings or door spec info with the quote.  


Need a quote on a Schweiss hydro powered door. 50'wide x 18' tall To be installed on a new (not yet built) pre-engineered steel building. Building Manufacturer is NUCOR STEEL. I will need frame reactions. Thanks


Price FOB jobsite: (1) 30'x 18'- "Hydro-Power" door (90mph), for endwall placement in New "Ceco" pre-enginered metal bldg. Jobsite: Sedgwick, Ks. Thanks! 


Need pricing on (1) 40' x 20' Hyd. 1-piece door, to be installed in a Pre-Enginered metal building by CECO. F.O.B. jobsite Conway Springs, KS. 90 mph wind load.


Quoting this for a customer and would like for someone to contact me as soon as possible. I will need a pdf file of the specifications to give to my building provider to correctly design building for loads. Building will be a pre-engineered steel framed building. Door can be either a bi fold or hydraulic which ever is most cost effective.


need a price on 60' x 20' hydraulic door. Please contact me through e-mail and i will send drawings and specs of the pre-engineered steel building.


Can I get a 50' wide x 16' high Schweiss Hydraulic door? I'm working on a job that would have two of them mounted on a Steel pre-engineered structure. The project is near Pleasantville, Iowa.


I am needing a quote for a 50' X 16' Hydraulic door for a end wall of a steel building that is just in the planning stage. The building is a wood and steel pre-engineered structure and should handle your door. 


looking for a price on a bifold door and hyd. door for a 60 wide and 16 tall...shopping around to put with my new steel pre-engineered building.


Building has not been purchased yet, but probably will be a building from Chickasha, Ok. Planning on 50X60 or 50X70 steel pre-engineered, with door in the long side - 60 or 70 side. Interested in price and header differences in bifold and hydralic doors.


I am looking for pricing and information on a hydrolic and a bifold door for a pre engineered metal buidling. I am a GC in NM and had a request for your door. The door will go on a 40x60x16, and the customer wants a 20 (w)x 14 (h) door. I would like to price both doors that you offer.


I need pricing on 3-30'wide by 18'high hydraulic doors. The doors will be installed on a Pre-engineered bldg. 2 in endwalls and 1 in sidewall.


I need a price on both a bi-fold and hyd. swing door for a project in MN. This will be going into an exsisting pre-engineered metal building in an existing opening. The opening dimensions are 30-11 1/2" X 19' 11 1/2". The Building sets on an 8" Poured concrete wall 44" above finished floor. The building framing consists of 6" X 6" X 1/4'I beam posts that are flush with the interior poured wall. The posts are located to centerline from the outside face of the opening approx. 8" for the first frame and 16' 8" for the second frame.


We are looking for a hydraulic hangar door to be installed in a pre-engineered steel building in MN. The opening is 60'w x 23'h.


I am needing the design criteria and loading specifications that will transferred or supported by the pre-engineered metal building for the hydraulic door.