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Interested in plans or a kit for a 48' wide bifold of max height for a post frame building with 14' hight end wall.


Looking for a quote on a 30’x18’ bifold door for a post frame cold storage building


Hello, we are a post and frame builder who is quoting a new airport hangar for a customer. We need a quote for (10) 46' wide, 18' high bi-fold doors. We have a growing number of commercial customers and would like to option to be a smaller dealer for your doors as well if better pricing would be available to us. Thank you.


i am a wick building sales rep. in central iowa. and looking for quotes for two seperate jobs - 36x17 bit both style doors Thanks


Looking to replace current 30 x 16ish sliding door with either a bifold or hyrdraulic door. Whichever you feel will be a better fit on a post frame construction end wall and will be the least stressful on the building. Would be wanting to do something as soon as possible if the quote is reasonable.


I need a quote for a 56'x18' bifold fast opening bifold door with the strap system delivered/installed in Burlington, WI. Installed on a post frame building - new construction. I will supply color matched 29 gauge steel sheeting. Thanks, Jeff


Looking for a price of a 40' wide x 14'6" tall bi-fold or hydraulic single door, whichever is more efficient, going into a 60x120 post frame agricultural machine shed building.


I'm considering 2 bi-fold doors for my personal 100 year old post


can you shoot me a price for a 14x48 and a 13x48 bifold post frame strap door, plus rough delivery cost and timeline delivered to Helena mt. It'll be going on a 60x60 post frame/pole barn style hangar on HLN. thanks Doug 406.431.8944


Interested in 2 bi fold strap doors. both 44x14 opening height for new build hangar. building will be post frame construction with a 14' ceiling height above concrete floor. building will by 24x72. both doors on gable ends.


Looking for hangar door pricing for an existing 40 foot wide 14 foot tall pole building. I currently have a sliding door and can't afford to lose any headroom. Will a bifold Liftstrap door work for me, or should I be considering a hydraulic Schweiss door? Thanks!


Planning for an aircraft hangar to be built at the Red Wing Regional Airport near Bay City, Wisconsin. ZIP,(54723) Time frame is out to eighteen months.. Interested in a quote for planning purposes. A 14 high by 44 wide bi-fold to be installed in a fifty foot wide end wall of the structure. This will be a post frame hangarbuilding with six foot truss spacing and fifteen foot sidewalls using your bifold lift strap and auto latch door with remote openers. Metal clad and having a four inch concrete floor.


Looking for price on bifold strap door 40’ x 14’ with frame building will be 40’ wide and wondering if door can be installed 40’ or do I need side space? What's the maximum size I can build this bifold.


looking for a 16 wide x 12 height bifold door for a post frame farm building. Door must seal well to keep mice out and weathertight so I'm seriously considering your new latch strap door that locks it in tight to the building. Door to be made with steel siding construction, no windows, no insulation, an automatic opener option Please quote a price thank you kindly G


I am looking to build a pole barn house in northern Michigan. At the south end of my house I want a swing or bifold strap door. This will swing out and open up the south end windows and sliding door. When closed it will just look like a pole barn on the outside. I have a picture of one I found that I would like to send you.


Looking to put in a hanger door on either a steel building or a post frame building. Building size is 100x100x20 steel or 80x120x20 for post frame. Hanger Door opening is 35x20 price for single phase or three phase power quote for both. What will my vertical clearance be with a bifold door? Will I lose any headroom.


Currently building a post and beam barn and am in need of a front post frame bifold barn door. Barn frame is constructed of 8" x 8" posts and top plates. Cement floor has been poured. Will be wood siding on the inside and outside of the door. Barn has radiant heat.


I have a 60 foot wide post frame building with double slide doors and would like to put in a bifold door in the end wall. The door is framed with four 2x6 laminated columns and is 29 feet 6 inches wide and 17 foot 3 inches tall. I have at least 5 foot of room vertically above the door to the roof line. Could you please give me an estimate for a bifold post frame building strap door. Thanks, Walter


I am erecting a post and beam barn in April. I am interested in three possibily 3 one piece or bifold strap garage doors. sizes are approx 10 wide by 11 tall. I am hoping to understand approx cost of each to see ifs it is in my budget . and worth more investigation. please let me know approx estimate


We are looking for a quote on a 50 x 14 Bifold door for a new 60 x 60 post frame building. this is for an airplane hanger. Needs to have windows and remote openers.


This bifold strap door is for a post-frame building project we are supplying in Booneville, NC (Yadkin County). Please quote freight to the jobsite location. If wedge height is more than 24", please advise. Also include prices for walk door and automatic latching system


60ft x 60ft Post Frame construction with perma-columns 16' Sidewalls minimum 3/12 Roof Pitch 25ft to peak maximum Customer applied spray foam insulation on door. What is your delivery time on a Schweiss Bifold post frame building door once order is placed?


I’m building a storage building I would like a 32x14 ft bifold strap or hydraulic door with a man door in it. I want to insulate and line it. Can this be a self supporting door that coul go in either a pole or framed building


I would like to get a budgetary estimate only. I have a new post frame pole building (40'x48'). Metal trusses. I will need 4 bifold doors on the 48' side approximately 12' wide x 12' tall. No enclosed walls installed yet. 8"x8" posts on 12' centers. Concrete floor. Metal roof. I will need the bottom drive motors mounted to the door. No door frames installed yet (only poles). Working night shift until November 12.


Looking for a quote on a 40' x 12' bifold liftstrap hangar door installed in a Post Frame Building in South Carolina. Price with a walk door and windows.


Bifold door preferred Rough opening steel i-beam header and steel box tubing legs New Pole building modified by me to create larger opening steel structure installed by to support roof trusses and door frame Looking to install by December 1 My primary concern is support of door when in open position. Should I be looking at a freestanding header. I can send photos


My building is 45x45x15 looking for 40x13 door best for post frame wood building. Wondering what your cost is for windows and walk doors. Also this building will be insulated. lead times? thank you.


The building is 45x45x15 looking for 40x13 bifold door with windows best for post frame wood building. also this building will be insulated. lead times? thank you.


Hi,we need to get a quick quote on a Hydraulic and bifold strap door that's 14' clear by 30' wide. This job on a post frame building would be near Kansas City. Thank you! Lynsey


Looking to build a new post frame building. 60x120x20 eaves. Was trying to keep opening above 19 ft. Looking for weight of bifold door with steel siding and proper way to install on the post frame building. Thank you for your time.


I work in our post frame building division, and have been asked to bed a couple of airplane hangers and need info on pricing and how to design the building to support a bifold/highlift door. I have no experience with these Liftstrap bifold doors but they come highly recommended from hangar owners at our large local airport. Is there a rep in our area I could meet with?


Inquiring about the cost of an insulated (R27 or greater) bifold strap door 20' x 16' H with wireless door opener controls. Door would be a gable end installation on a Morton pole building. Feel free to contact me via email or phone. Thank you Kory 


Hello, I am planning on building a 32x44x12 post frame barn that will be have vinyl siding exterior. I am looking for for suggestions, ideas and pricing of bifold post frame building doors and multiple ideas you may have. I like the idea of the hydraulic garage style door, but I need some options with pricing. I also have 3 96" wide openings for our covered patio that we just added onto our house. The opening are for 3 8' doorwalls. If you have something that could be cheaper then 3 8' Andersen doorwalls, I am willing to hear about something for these as well. Thank you, Bob


Building a wood pole frame insulated shop/hangar. 80' wide by 60' long 18' sidewall. I want a 54' x 18' door in the 80' wide end of the building.


I will be building a pole building hangar at the Cloquet, MN airport this spring. I want to install a 40' X 12' bi-fold strap door.


Not sure yet if I'll do a post frame or stick frame building. Curious if you have some pictures of doors mounted in a stick building? I'm looking for a bifold door with lift straps remotes and auto latches. 2 36x36 window holes.


Hi, I'm building a farm storage pole building that will have 7 openings for 22w x 14h doors that I would like to inquire about your Schweiss bi-fold pole barn doors with lift straps. This building will also have 2 doors at 10w x 8h, 2 doors at 10w x 10h and 1 door at 12w x 12h. I'm not sure if it works to have the bi-fold on those small openings. First I wondered about cost and second I wondered about the metal panel finish if that could be panels to match the exterior of my building. This will be a Nucor steel building as far as frame work but I'm using Menards panel sheathing which is a little lighter gauge than typical metal building panels. I think 29ga vs typical 26ga


I have a post frame ag building that I would like to have a 14' tall x approx 29' wide Schweiss architecturally styled kinetic bifold door. Approx cost with opener, single phase


I have a 40 x 60 pole barn with 1 open end wall at the 40 ft side. Opening is aroun 13 x 39' 2". Would like hydraulic post frame construction door with a walk in door in it and maybe a couple windows. Need price for installation also if possible


Sirs: Plan to build Pole Bldg. type hangar w/concrete floor, and looking into your hydraulic and bifold pole building doors. 1. Need 40'horz.clear; 12'vert. clear; door to be face finish with outside wall flush inline with door sheeting to endwall sheeting. 2. What is the opening I need from the Pole Bldg. endwall for this to fit. If it works out, I will need some specifics as how to construct the header, and columns. 3. I am looking at the endwall to be 42' out to out, and whatever heighth is needed for your door. 4. Could you give me an estimated cost for hydraulic door. 5. Could you give me an estimated for a bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. 6. How is the outside sheeting logistic handled. Do I buy that to match the hangar sheeting, and install it on your door. 7. Where does your door come from; shipping cost; do you unload it. 8. What kind of bifold door assembling do I have to do. 9. Do you put Schweiss interlocking  insulation on it or do I do that. Look forward to hearing from you, Many thanks


I am considering a 48 ft wide pole building to be constructed for a aircraft hangar in Apollo PA. I am interested in both styles of Schweiss doors, 40' x 16' clear opening. I am currently in a Miracle truss hangar 42' x 84' with a 40' x 16' clear opening, that I built myself 15 years ago. I am planning to relocate and I am very interested in your hydraulic door and bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. I have a quote on a pole building for the new location 48' wide 16' high, 4/12 pitch, 12" overhang 4 sides.  The building can be constructed with the double end wall truss on outboard of vertical columns or both sides? As per Schweiss Door recommendations, I will start with the door and have the building engineered accordingly. I prefer flush door with 4' end wall closures for extra strength of the building. I would like to get a basic price for the hydraulic door and bifold door, before I invest more time in this endeavor. 


Bidding a post frame building 54' wide and 16' ceiling height and would like to put a 40' wide and 16' tall bifold strap door on gable end. If could contact me I have few questions then we can get pricing. Thanks.


Looking to replace float plane hangar door on my recently bought hangar. Your bifold strap door will best fit our budget. Opening is 49' wide by 11' 9" high. The hangar is 50' wide by 12' high at the eave. It is a 14 year old post frame construction made of 6x6 pressure treated posts. We had a Schweiss door on our hangar in Alaska with the straps and we really liked it. Please let me know what the door opening height would be. I am also interested in getting installation and insulation.


Requesting information for installing a bi-fold strap door 40'x 12' in an existing post-framed door opening that currently has sliding doors. This bifold door is a commercial grade door not an airplane hangar door.


I need a 60 x90 x 16 post frame agricultural door. 4 ply 2x6 coloums interested in an 44 wide x appox 16 tall bifold strap door with a walk through door installed North of Lincoln Nebraska. 


Post frame building door needed. Side walls are 20'. Inside height is 19', at this time I have 7" head room. Must maintain a 18' door height. I think the Hydraulic door will work best but am open to door options using a bi-fold liftstrap door. 


Good afternoon, We are a previous customer from 2004-2005, or there about. And because Schweiss manufactures such an outstanding door we would like a quote on a 40' X 12' another bi fold door. auto locks and strap lifting. We will install. I will also need the weight of the door and also mounting specs to install onto side wall of a wood framed structure. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, Steve Keller


I would like more information and/or details on a bi-fold in a post frame building. What do I need to add to the rough opening to get a 40' x 17' clear opening? I will want the liftstraps for sure. Glad to see Schweiss offers an option to those dang cables.


I am building an airplane hangar and need a price for a 14'x45' bifold liftstrap/autolatch Schweiss door. Please price it two ways for me, if you would. Installed in my post frame building's opening finished to your specs. The hangar will be located on an Indiana airport, and would be ready for the door installation in June or July of this year. I would also like to see a price for the door system alone, delivered to Columbus, Indiana, with me doing my own installation. Thanks, Dave 


I have 1 ag-steel frame building that the customer wants a 50' or possibly larger liftstrap bi-fold or hydraulic door.The customer was at a farm show this winter and has priced another hydraulic door already. For this individual, I would like to price a 50',55' and a 60' Schweiss patented bifold door to let him choose the exact one. I prefer the bifold but if he chooses to go with the hydraulic door I would need your engineering specs for the columns on the door jambs. I also have another customer who would like to install a 30' either bi-fold strap door or hydraulic door. That couple is preferring a hydraulic if their budget will allow. There again this building is a pole frame structure. Both buildings will be new structures,so we can make modifications yet. Are there any discounts for the construction company to sell your product? You can contact me either e-mail or a call. Hope to here from you folks on Monday.


Need an installed quote on a 30 x 18 bifold and hydraulic door. Post frame, new construction. Please quote the cost of all material needed for the install and labor.


I would like quote with and without interior skin and insulation. Existing opening is 24ft wide 14feet tall in post framed building. Schweiss liftstrap bifold with extra remotes.


I'm looking at a pole barn 40' wide. Height can vary. Are all doors custom or are there standard sizes. Would I be better off with a Schweiss hydraulic door or bifold?


We are pricing 1-18'x18' bifold liftstrap aircraft door. I need a price and specs to price out metal skin. It is going in a 32'x48'-18' tall post frame building. We also need to know about bracing and other design loads to get with our truss company. We made the gable truss a 2x6 top cord and a 2x10 bottom cord.


Thanks for sending over the door quote. I was wondering if Schweiss could offer some assistance designing my door for use on a post and beam barn. I am planning to have walls of windows behind the door, but I am afraid that the current configuration of the Red Power hydraulic cylinder's mounting plate (on the structure) will not allow us to have our windows as we designed them. I am attaching a picture. The white frame in the picture is the outside frame of the hydraulic door.


I need a Quote for a 40' x 16' Insulated Red Power Hydraulic Door with Windows in it. This door Will be going in a new post frame building. Door will be located in the end wall. From the Top of our Concrete floor to the Bottom of our Truss we will have 16' Clearance.


I have a standard pole barn, 30x40 10' ceiling, looking at door options to ditch sliding doors. building has 6x6 treated posts, 2x6 purlins, and 2x6 collar ties and built with trusses. I would like a bifold door that opens without blocking ceiling lights. I can reinforce the end wall to accommodate the added stress of the bi fold door with your specs. Really like your doors, they're top quality from top to bottom.  Thank you


Looking for a price (installed option?) for a 16' wide x 11' tall bifold door going into a post frame building - gable end. Thanks Pete




Planning to build a post frame shop. I would like a quote on a Schweiss bifold (lift strap) 30x16 door.I would also like rough opening dimensions. Would also like info on any special needs for your doors that should be constructed into our Wisconsin farm  building during initial construction. Thank you


I'm looking for pricing on a 48'wide 16'tall for a post frame building with steel roof & siding. I'm looking at the Bi-Fold type with lift straps. This building will be used for farm equipment.If there is a standard width close to 48'(example 42 to 54)that helps keep the price down I would change door size to help with cost.But am wanting to use 48'. This building will be 72'wide X 120'long and has not been started yet.This building will also have a 48"concrete stub wall.


I am looking at building a new structure and am needing information on what I need to do for support. I am looking at 2 doors between 30 and 45 feet wide. The wall height is 18' below the trusses, how high of an opening would that give me with a bi-fold door with the lift straps. Most likely this will be a post and beam construction. If you have a spec sheet offering the info I need and possibly a price shipped to the Manhattan, Kansas area I'd appreciate it. Please do not contact me by phone at this time.


Post frame constuction building 50x48x12 how much headroom clearance is needed to install a 11 foot clear schweiss bifold door? quote 40x11 quote38x11


I'm looking to estimate 2 type doors for my commercial use post frame building. One sidewall has a 45'X14' high lift type. One endwall has a 65'X18' high lift type door.


Looking for pricing on a bi-fold door with lift strap and auto-latches. 44' x 15'delivered to Lake Stevens, WA. The building will be 50' x 52' x 20' Post / Frame construction (Pole building).


We are designing a wood post frame building with a 30'x14'-6" schweiss bi-fold door in the SIDEWALL. I need all the bracing details that you can send me. Please contact me with any questions Thanks


I am a homebuilder that has recently switched over to primarily Post Frame (Ag buildings). We have gotten very busy in the pole building business but I have no experience with the Bi Fold and high swing single door styles. I have actually lost 2 big building jobs recently due to the fact I do not have this type of door to offer. I buy my materials through Graber Supply and they recommended I contact you, they said "if you want a good, heavy duty door look you up". Could you please send me a catalog, pricing and specs for your doors, as well as construction-framing requirements, etc. (Any info you think I may be able to use). We are a "one call close" sales company so we will need a way to price these doors on the spot so a price sheet or pricing formula would be very important as well. Thank you


I have a potential client who is going to be constructing a building in Texas for an owner who is going to be moving there. The building design calls for a 40'-0" wide x 14'-0" bi-fold in the sidewall of an 80'-0" wide post frame structure on a floating slab. I am looking to get the door specs so that I can design my building around it. The header will be driven by the load of the roof trusses, but am looking for the total door height that is required so that I make my sidewall high enough. Would you be able to help me out with those specifications? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.




Bifold door delivery to Bismark North Dakota. Post frame bldg and some questions are what needs to be done to the end truss for support, what kind of weathersill is there? Door size is 40'w.17'h.


35' x 18' Hydraulic door to be installed on the endwall of 18' post frame building Door to be insulated with foam friction fit no interior steel liner on back side of door single phase electric Please send required rough opening door dimensions and drawings Feel free to contact me with any questions


We would like a quote and cut sheets on Bi-fold doors. Two bifold doors, to be installed in a post framed building. 1 door = 16 foot tall and 24 foot wide 1 door = 16 foot tall and 30 foot wide Electrical operated door


Door side columns are 6x6 timber with a 3 ply 2x10 header above. Roof supported by steel I-beam above that. would like remote control and one man door (outside building facing in) on the right side and 2 to 3 windows across the front. truss on the outside of hydraulic door bottom. would like to minimize impact of steel door frame on opening size but don't want to place on outside of building will remeasure and confirm opening size before final order thanks


I would like to get idea how a Bi-Fold door would cost. I have a older hanger made out wood with tin on the outside. The doors that our on it is


I'm building a farm pole building and would like to install a 12' by 40' hydraulic door in one end, and would like to get a price. Thanks' George


We have a customer in  Mo building a post-frame hanger and has an opening 38' wide by 10' tall they need a bifold door for. The building is 12' tall.


Please price me out a 25'x15' Schweiss Bifold dor for a post frame building on the endwall. the building will be 50' or 54' wide located in Elberion, Iowa. Also price out a 27'x15 Schweiss Bifold both to be strape type doors. Custeomer is deciding which size door to go with. Price with Schweiss Door installing and travel to Elberion, Iowa. Please email or fax the prices to me thank you,


Please call. I have a few questions about how to frame an opening. The two openings (between columms} are about 24'wide by 15'high. The problem is that the posts are not in a straight line due to the fact the center post is a different size than posts on each end. The building is 25 x 50 shed roof with the high side open (where the hydraulic doors are to be) and houses a band saw mill


Please provide me with door data infomation sheet and pricing on bifolds. each sidewall will have (1) door unit and I will design the building to accomadate the door size per loads.


I am interested in doing a 40 ft. bi -fold for a 60 ft wide machinery storage building for a prospective client. It is of pole construction or may be a fabric style building. I need options to present to prospect.


My company is building a post frame for a customer and he wants a bi fold in a side wall that is 32' clear opening wide by as tall as we can put in 18' sidewall. Please price this door and let me know how tall we can go. Thanks


We have a customer who wants a pole type building 36'x52' but he lives by a airport and the covenants say he has to build a hanger type building, He has to have a door 36' wide. He wants the wall height to be 14'.


45' wide by 32' deep post frame hangar 11'6" - 12' x 40' door Sidewall required for each? Header support options? % load for vertical jamb vs.header Auto latch extra cost? How many straps for 40' door? Equipment/personnel required for installation? Approx. cost for window/walk door in hangar door?


I would like a quote on a 40'x 10' door for a hanger building located in Warsaw Indiana. Door will be located in the end wall of a post frame structure.


I have a customer interested putting in a bifold door in a new building I'm selling him. It would be going in the gable end of a 50' x 104' - 16' Pole Building. The size Bifold he is interested in is a 34'w x 16'h.Please get back to me...Thanks Isaac M.


Need two doors quoted. The larger would have an air opening of 9' high x 16' wide. The smaller would have an air opening of 9' high x 10'wide. It would be possible to have a single, much wider door, instead of the two separate doors. 9' high x 28' wide, depending on the stresses involved. Building will be a post-frame building, metal-clad. I would want the door installed for me, by a contractor experienced in bi-fold door installatiion.


Existing metal pole building. Opening could be up to 34 feet wide and 14 feet high, and I need a minimum of 32 feet wide and 12 feet high.


I am looking at adding a lean-to to an existing 14ft high sidewall pole building. The problem I am having is, the height requirement for normal overhead doors.With a bifold door typically how much of the door opening is lost? I am looking for a 12ft wide by 8ft high opening when the door is open.Would the bifold door help? Please send me a cost.Thanks Dave D P.S. Do you stock smaller doors for garages? Like what I am looking for.


Need two doors for a wood post/frame building. openings are 31'8 3/4 " and 23'7" by 18' high Looking at hydraulic doors and bifold doors What would you suggest for a door this size? Also need asap how long delivery time? Thanks Jim


Not really sure what i want or need yet but looking for prices if possible Looking at maybe a couple 14'x16' or around that and a large end door. building a pole building and looking to insulate sometime.


We are putting together a bid now for the project it is a 46'X160' long shop for a dairy farmer and he wants a two doors on each side to get his equipment in and out. I would like a quote on what you would do this for. it is going to be have metal sheeting, but is going to be built with wood posts and wood trusses. I am submitting this bid on Wednesday so I would like to know ASAP a rough estimate on what you could do this project for. Thanks, Clark W. Project Superintendent


Post frame construction contractor the needs literature to share with customers. Just a set or two will be fine. We will try to use the site as much as we can but it would be nice to have hard copies.


i have got a post frame building with a door hieght of 18 feet and width of 72 feet. is it possible to span this with a hydraulic door?


I've decided to construct a building on my rural property, initially for some equipment storage. Ultimate use will be for a hanger though and I want to make sure I plan it accordingly. What I need at this time is engineering load data sufficient to spec out the opening truss. The overall size of the building is 42' 8" wide x 48' deep. The door opening is 40' clear x 14' high. The structure will be 8x8 posts on 12' centers supporting 8x16" beams that the trusses will anchor to. I'm assuming that the door opening will have a second post on each side framing and supporting the door and that the support truss will be either double or triple units. What I need to provide to the designer is load data for your most restrictive/heaviest door system so that I will have no problems in the future. I would appreciate this data as soon as you have a moment as I will be departing on a business trip over the weekend and would like to resolve any questions the engineer may have before leaving. Thanks. Bob S.


Our current Schweiss hangar door works fine - never a problem. We are designing a larger building for a neighbor (Mr. Mark J. - Goldendale WA) and believe we will construct a pole building with a clear opening of around 44' wide and 20.0' from finished floor to bottom of truss. I'm inclined to go with Schweiss but want to avoid the mistakes we made in the previous building structure... Could you have someone give me a call? I need to talk about truss and building designs. Thanks, Doug H.


We are a manufacturer of postframe buildings and we would be interested in getting a price sheet on your doors. We are getting more of a demand for bi-folds and would like to try to do some busisness with you since you are fairly close to our area


Retrofit my hangar. 40x40 pole building with standard wood trusses. Currently has a 9 foot truss hight. I plan to raise the roof about a foot, or convert the trusses to a sissor type for more head room. Can you build a hydralic or bifold full width door with the top corners cut to allow for roof line overhangand still maximize opening. Thanks, Dick J.


Hello, I would like to speak with someone about pricing a 50'x 14'0" bifold door with wind rails to be installed on a new post frame building(truss in endwall) I'll look forward to hearing from you. Brady N.


price bifold and single panel hydraulic door for end of 42x60 foot pole building hanger. Building is supposed to be started next week. Thanks.


The current door has round pole jambs that will be removed and replaced with members of your choice most suitable for the new doors anchoring.


Do you have installation instructions for attaching doors to wood post frame buildings, can you send them to me. Thanks Alan


We are builders of post frame buildings. We have a customer who is looking to build a 72'x80'x18' airplane hanger. He is looking at putting on a 64'W x 16'H hanger door on the building. I need to know if your doors can be used on a post frame building? If the can then I need to know the price of the door both bi-fold and hydraulic. Thank you Leonard A. Sales Rep


building a 50wide x 40 hanger. Building will be wood post frame with metal siding. Need a 45 foot door. Any help you can give with detailing for door mounting would be helpful. What is the weight of the door at the hinge attatchment to door header? Also approximently how much force will exerted at the attatchment point of the hydralic cylinders?


Sales team, I am quoting a post frame airplane hanger to a local city airport and I need a price on a 50x14 bi-fold door installed by your crew. I had your company install some a number of years ago for other of my clients and all went really well. This is the first of what sounds like a few buildings they will be adding over the next couple of years if they can get city approval etc. We are in the early stages of planning right now. Please call if you need more info. Thanks Sheldon S.


This is a 36 foot by 150 feet long shed with a 6 foot over hang ,30 foot free span in side of post(6X6) 14 feet high ,bottom of roof truss. My door will have to be 30 feet long and 14 feet high give or take a little. Reguards, Bruce H.


I have a customer who is interested in a post frame building 50x50x12 with a 48x10 hangar door, He has a schwiss door on his existing hangar and wants us to quote this building with your door. He has the strapped system and wants it as an option on this application as well.


Wanting price and headroom requirment for 45'x 16' bi fold door, to be installed on gable end of post frame building,,,,also would like some info on the door . I will be at the office all thursday. Thank you, Rich S. Post frame sales JDL Longho Inc.


planning on building a new post frame hangar at my farm airstrip.looking for the best buy on a bi-fold door that I could cover with my building siding,and would most likely install door myself.


I am bidding on a post frame building and have had the customer ask about a hydra-lift door. I need to talk to some one about this have several questions. Thank you.


Building aircraft hanger 60' wide by 102' long by 14' high Door will be in one end wall 50'x 12' need price for door & extra bracing needed for Post Frame & Steel Building.