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Can you make a 20' wide by 12' high bi-fold or hydraulic door for a 32' by 48' pole shed? We are dealing with Foltz Buildings out of Detroit Lakes for a pole shed to store our toys on the riverfront property we purchased near Thief River Falls last summer. We hate to lose 15" or so of headroom with a regular overhead garage door. We purchased a new camper last weekend in Grand Forks and may need the entire 12' of endwall height in the new pole shed so we can get the camper in for winter storage.


Wanting a bifold or hydraulic door with installation. I have a 30x16 opening on my just built pole barn. I had the building built to support a hydraulic door. 5 ply 2x8 posts, double truss and w bracing on the door end.


I would like an estimate on a hydraulic door to be installed on a 60X80 pole shed we will be building this summer or fall to be used as a farm shop.


Looking to put a bi fold door in a existing pole shed. End wall. Current opening is 24’ wide by 14’ tall. Would like to mount the hinge higher on the rafter to not loos any height. Would like a roughy quote on what a system would cost. Not sure if you sell just the doors and I or another installer could instal it or if you have installers that come do it. Thanks.


where is our nearest dealer for a pole shed bifold door? Looking for prices on 18x12 Bifold strap door.


Looking to get a price on a 30' door installed. This will be for farm use on a driveshed building. I do not have a preference on Bifold or hydraulic. If you could give me a price on both installed that would be great.


I need an idea what this type of shed door might cost for my proposed pole building which will be used for equipment storage. Looking for cost effective agricultural door options.


Door opening height is critical. Looking for a bifold door for my pole building. Building is a Lester brand pole building built with a poured cement footing. The walls are built on top the concrete footings. There are no posted in the ground.


Storage shed door. Do you sell small bifold doors that I can retrofit onto a small storage shed? Door size would be 8' wide by 7' tall. If not, any advice where I can find something small like this?


Hi, I’m building a pole-style hangar with a door opening of 50x16 with the total height of the hangar being 18 feet. I’m interested in getting a hydraulic door, but will consider a reliable old bifold strap door.


Im wanting to put a 26-28 foot door in the end of my pole shed. It is a 6x6 inch poles at 8 feet apart with 2 twenty foot sliding doors on the front side. The shed is not insulated and has no power in it. Just looking for a good basic door that I can temporarily use with a battery backup system until I get the power hooked up. Have a couple of quotes on lift doors but seen your add in a farm paper and was kind of impressed with the door so why not get a quote. Thanks


Looking to price out a strong bifold strap door for an existing pole barn. 8"x8" vertical wood supports, steel I-beam header with top corner diagonal bracing. Should be priced with a walk through door and have automatic locking latches


I have an existing pole building I need to install doors on and am interested in more information.approximate wxh 38x16 and 2-18x12’6” Your bifold strap door would be replacing my lousy old sliders.


I am looking to build a 40x60 pole barn with 12 foot side walls. Interested in pricing for a bifold door 16-18ft wide and 12ft high. equipped with a backup system and walk door.


Looking at building a pole shed and want a 40x16 foot bifold or hydraulic door pricing. Non insulated. Quote should include lift straps, backup systems, automatic latches and remote openers.


We have a customer in Three Hills Alberta that we will be building a post structure building for. He has requested us to quote him on a 40'x14' on a pole shed bifold door with straps rather than cables. He would like an insulated door and would like us to quote it with manual lock and auto latch. He has single phase 230V power. Could you please let me know pricing and lead time? Thanks Marc


We're interested in retrofitting a bifold door to a 30' wide, 40' long pole shed that is 18' to the underside of the roof truss. Two width options 28' wide by 16' tall (leaving room for header frame) or 22' wide by 16' tall (same header room). What are prices for what's included, and what is shipping cost and delivery lead time on your bifold auto latch pole shed doors?


I'm looking for a 20' wide by 12' high bifold door to go on a pole building. Bifold pole shed door with lift straps or weighted lift.


Looking for quote on a bi-fold pole shed door 45'x14' at the gable end of a Post/Frame building. Building height: top of floor to bottom of wood truss is 17' Building width is 50'


I need a 30' wide 10' high pole shed bifold door. This is a follow up to bid 82516 HP to Hansen Pole buildings. What are my options/price? Doug


Looking to replace existing sliding doors on a pole building with an opening of 24' x 15'. Will be insulating with spray foam. Looking for 2 Schweiss ag-related pole shed bi-fold doors for this existing building.


I am looking at replacing and widening a 20' by 14' sliding door on a pole type NE farm shop with a 26' wide by 14' high hydraulic door and am interested in pricing.


In need of a price quote on a bi fold Macadamia farm door in HI measures: 190"high x 246.5" wide is the opening on a existing pole shed. Thank you Chris 


Looking for a door to replace four sliders on our storage shed. Opening is 40w x 20H. Interested in Strap Bifold or hydraulic with a walk door with a window in it. This is a MO cold storage shed so it is not used everyday, but does get opened quite often in the warm months. Can I get an estimate.


I am looking for a spec sheet to overbuild the gable truss in a pole structure for a 55' x 16'  Portland, OR Hydraulic machine shed door, the structure will be a 60 x 60 x 18 pole building 30# snow load 90 MPH wind load. Thank you, Rick 


Looking at pricing on both hydraulic and bi-fold doors for new construction pole shed of ICF design. Owner has made a decision on bifold liftstrap door. Door width is 24' sidewall to be 16' looking to get the max height out of door to fit the opening.


Pacific daylight time, need preliminary loading info customer wants a clear opening 16'0" wide x 14'0" high. Will be installed in wood frame pole building in gable end strap bifold door


Fixing and upgrading my pole shed shop doors. Looking for price on 3 doors 14x14 18x14 22x16, insulated byfold shop doors with manual door latches.


I have an existing pole barn with a 16 foot slider that I would like to reconstruct to facilitate a 40 foot bifold. The door is NOT on the gable end it is on the sidewall thus requiring the removal of some posts. This has treated 6x6 post with steel siding concrete floor and 4 foot concrete side walls. It is currently 14 foot to the square but could be lowered to 12 foot. What needs to be done and what would an estimate be to make this change a reality?


I need a price on 4 pole shed bifold strap doors. 2-will be 55'X 16'clear 1-at 50'x 16' clear and 1-at 49'8"x 16'clear. All doors to have auto latches 3 will have mandoors. Thanks John 


I have a 40' X 80' hangar which is actually more properly called a pole barn in my opinion. It has 6x6 poles on 10' centers with one end (40') open with four rolling doors. Each pole has a constructed steel truss. I am building an airplane and would really like to be able to store both planes in hangar and get either out without having to move the other. To do that I would like to close in the end and put an approximately 50' Schweiss liftstrap/autolatch bifold door with a fully self supporting frame. No load on the building with door frame attached to its on foundation. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated as well as rough order magnitude bid on the cost. Thank you!


Have a customer with a pole building that has a 36x18 opening, and wishes to utilize the full opening. Can you provide a quote on a Schweiss Bifold strap  door vs. a Hydraulic. If I can provide the customer with the door only price before install, I will get a feel if he wishes to proceed further. Thanks, Bill


Looking for costs on bi-fold and hydraulic doors for a pole barn. End wall 19' x 12'/side wall 16' x 12'. If I go bifold I'll want the liftstraps, no cables. I believe the Red Power pump is standard on Schweiss hydraulic doors, correct?


Sales personnel, We have 2 door openings in a pole building we would like to install new hydraulic Red Power doors. One opening is 18\' by 13\' and the other is 20\' by 15\' Can I get an estimate as to what the insulated doors cost and installation cost on your doors to fit these door openings? Darryl


I would like information about installing a biflood door on a pole supported building with an opening of 40' by 14', should have liftstraps and be well insulated with a remote. This door is to be 19' 8" tall with at least a 16' clear opening. You do the install. Located in Southeastern Idaho.


I have a customer looking for a 24' wide by 18' bi-fold door for his pole barn. His eave height is 18' the building is 60' x 60' The door would be put on the gable end. He needs it installed by Schweiss, it will be a new building in Ill. He'll only consider lift straps and also wants auto latches.


I have a customer building a 60x100x16 pole building and is looking for a bifold hangar door for the 60' gable end. He is looking for a three door design 14' high in the center and 12' on each side. The ceiling height is 16' Please advise Thanks Buster


We just purchased a farm with a 60' x 120' pole shed that we are converting from a cold storage shed to our shop and are in the market for a bi-fold door aprox 35' wide and 16' high we are starting concrete next weekend and would like to know what is necessary for an overhead bi-fold door. Would also like to know the availability and prices on your doors with all the bells and whistles.


Pole building structure. current door is on gable end. 14 x 24 . Looking to go to 15 x 28, bifold with lift straps. I would need components only, I would weld components together myself. Trusses would not be in the way, bottom of truss is at about 17 feet. Thanks, Devon


Looking for a quote on a 40' x 14' bi-fold door with lift straps and auto latches for new construction on a pole building. We have purchased from you folks before and are familiar with the installation requirements. Keep up the good work on your quality doors.


 Currently have one big heavy sliding door 15'5" X 20 on our 40x100 pole shed which was built in early 1990. Would like to have a Schweiss hydraulic door. The end of the shed may need frame work done. Can Schweiss Doors do this for me also.


We build & sell ag & commercial pole frame buildings. I'm quoting to a dairy farmer, a 60x120x16 pole frame building. He wants me to price out a 40x16 Schweiss bifold door for his gable end. We are using 4ply 2x8 glued columns. I have sold your Schweiss doors in the past, but has been a while ago. (50x16) & (40x14) . I waw hoping I could get this door priced out pretty quickly. Please call me if you have any questions.


I am interested in your Schweiss Bifold and hydraulic doors if they aren't cost prohibitive. I am remodeling a pole building to have a heated shop.


I have a client looking for a bifold door for his new Hanger. Would like something to fit in a opening of 44'x13'3" Can Schweiss give us a price delivered? Do you install? If so can you give me an option to have you install it verses us installing the door? This will be a pole type structure with steel sides and a shingle roof. Do I need any special framing for a header over the opening or side jambe areas to support the door? How much head room do I need above the door opening? Thank you.


I am building a Pole building for use as an aircraft hangar. The building size is 40x50 with 12' eaves. I am interested in an estimate for a bifold door with auto latches to accommodate a 36' width with atleast an 11' height. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I am trying to take advantage of special pricing that is a limited time offer. Thanks, Doug B.


Good day- I have been following your posts on AgTalk and discussions about Schweiss and it appears that you are a reputable company, so I would like further information on my application. I have a 40' x 40' FS pole building with a 19' 6" wide x 13' 10" high door opening. I currently have the traditional sliding doors, but one of the doors has recently been damaged so I am interested in a quote for a bi-fold door. Looking at your options, I do not need a walk door. Please quote with two windows. White exterior sheeting. Weather seal kit. I look forward to your response to further our conversation. Thank you.


I was wrong on height of opening. it is 36x14.5 instead of 36x15.5. please send new bifold price quotes. My pole barn must have grown in the last day.


Hi there I'am in interested in a Schweiss Bi-fold door, just recently you sold a large hydraulic door to a friend of mine, I was very impressed. I'am also building a pole shed shop in the summer and I do not want to loose any ceiling on the interior my pole building will be 40' by 60' with 22' foot eve everything will be built on a 4 foot center poles and rafters with a 3 to 12 roof pitch. I would like on large bifold door with the nylon straps in the end wall measuring 24' wide and 18' high that would be the clear heith . I will also be insulating this door to a R40 value so it will get heavier.Can you send me some info and some pricing regarding this door. Hopefully I can get everything organized with the door before I give the go a head with the building manufacturer so they can engineer my endwall to the proper specifications. Sorry for the long winded message look forward to hearing from you best regards.




I am thinking about replacing the slide doors on a pole building. The door is 20 feet wide and I must keep the 13 ft, 9 inch head clearance. The building is 20 years old, but is structurally good. I use the building for farm machine and seed dealer storage. I would need to have the bifold door installed. I'llbe interested in your suggestions. Henry


I need a quote on a bifold door. for my pole building dorr size is 40ft wide by 16ft tall e-mail asap thanks


I will need a bi-fold door to fit on the end of a 40 foot by 60 foot pole shed. I will also need to know what framing is needed for a bi-fold door. thank you


I have a pole shop and I got to do something with the slideing door next summer as it is hard for me to open. I saw your doors at the Clay County Fair last fall and was wondering what the two doors would cost. Was interested in hydrulic door, but with the snow piled up against the door, don't think that would be a option. Possibly a bifold door would be better. Door opening is from inside of one square wood pole to inside of the other wood square pole. Has a douple two by twelve plate across top of door.


This building is an older. The opening does have a I beam across the opening. Will a Schweiss bifold door work . John B


I am planning to build a 50 ft. X 50 ft. pole building for an aircraft and would like a price for a bifold door. Also the cost for you to install it complete.


I have a 40 x 40 pole shed style hangar with a 10' ceiling. I am interested in a bifold style door that will not reduce my opening height or width. Please call me with options


We have pole building like shelter over our RV. It is 22 X 36 with the RV on one side and the deck on the other. WE are making a 12 X 20 sunroom and there is going to be a loft over the trailer. We want something unique but not too expensive to open into the loft for ventalation. My husband and I both grew up with pilots for Dads, when it was cheap enough to have your own plane. So we like the idea of the bifold hanger door and Jon is a truck driver so he is a believer in straps too. The opening has a big beam at the top and the bottom, the total highth is almost 7 feet. we were thinking 6-8 feet wide. What wouls something like that run? We like the look of barn doors on a metal track up above too, but can't think of much else that will seal out the cold/heat so we don't have to pay for electric to heat the loft when we are not using it.


40x18 bi-fold insulated and installed in ND in a 60 foot end wall new pole building not yet built. it should be able to clear 18 feet my builder will provide steel inside and out.


Door needs rubber seals and weather stripping and electric photo eye sensorBuilding is a 100' x 100' x 20' eave - 1:12 roof slope


we planning to build a pole shed 30 by 105 16 foot side walls 1 end door 30 by 16 whatwould it cost to have a schwiss door instaled this summer


we are building a 54x72 pole shed.customer wants a 40x14 bifold door on gable end.will this give us enough room for bra


Requires Minimum of 38 X 14 feet opening and maximum of 39 X 15.5 feet on end wall of free span pole shed. Does door come with metal siding or can I put the siding from the shed onto the door.


hello, we are a homehardware building centre in northern alberta. i have a customer who is looking to buy two 40 ft. wide and 18ft high doors for a pole shed to keep his farm equipment in.he is talking about the t hanger type. i would like to know who your dealer is that is in our area. i also would like to know how these are installed,and what is needed to hang these.and of course what they cost and how do i order them if my customer says go ahead. thanks looking forward to hearing from you harvey r.


Hello. I have a 60' x 130' x 14' Pole Shed. The bottom of the trusses are at 14'. I need to install a 14' x 14' door to accomodate a 12'-10" RV. The door is going in the side wall, how do we install a header to hold up the end of the truses and install your type door to accomodate this RV? Thank you!!


This is a 60 x 40 wood frame shed with a dirt floor. The post are a 2x10 with a 2x8 on both sides(laminated).


Will you quote a bi-fold door for my existing pole shed, material and installation? The RO is 15'-6" X 35'-6". Steel I-beam header. Please email or call for details. thanks


we are looking to put up a large pole building and thinking about putting one of your door in one end of the heated shop the door size will be 20 ft wide and 16 ft height . We will insulate it I need To what the price for the door and the requirements needed to mount the door it will be on trhe gable end of the building


Please quote a 54' x 16' bifold hanger door with auto latches and remote, shipped to Airport, Hayden, Idaho. This is to be installed on a wood pole building hanger. Hanger size will be 60' x 80' x 18'. I would also like a price on the one piece hydraulic door if it can be engineered into a wood pole building. Thanks! Bill B.


Please quote for me a Hydrulic door, 30' wide, for an 18' high pole building. Include shipping to us at Sandusky, we off-load at site. This is a general quote, we will add frills or options later. Please indicate my dealer cost. Thanks, Paul PS you may fax it to me if you will


I would like a quote on a bifold door. My building is 50 feet on the outside with no end walls.The clear opening is 19'2" high by 48' wide. The building is pole construction.I have the siding already.


Have a shed with a 14' ceiling. It is all insulated and has a cement floor, the building is a pole shed. I need a door that takes none of my headroom, I need the full 14' of height, I would like the door to be about 18' wide. I am very handy and can likely install myself. What would a bifold door with a remote control, auto latch/unlatch and stap system set me back?? Insulated of course, or maybe I can insulate?? The door is going in an end wall. The shed is 24' wide and 48' long. How much above the ceiling does the framework go on the outside of the building?