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Can get a quote or ROM price for a bifold strap Pilots Club hangar door? Hangar is 44 ft and will have a 42 ft opening and need 12 foot clearance. This is for a new construction hangar home in Spruce Creek, Port Orange, Florida. Thanks, don


i would like 3 or 4 windows, insulation and switches and sensors as req. build was built for a 30w x 12h bifold. This door will go on our pilots club work area.


Hello, my pilots club has purchased a large hangar for our planes and I was curious what the cost of a bi fold door would be. The size I am looking at is going to be 47' wide x 16' tall. It does not need to have any doors or windows. Thanks Kevin


Have a cable door now and would like to do your strap system on our airport door in our pilots club's hangar.


Hi Schweiss Folks, we're doing some work for a pilot's club WI airport. Looking into the feasibility of a large (large for Osceola) hangar. Without penetrating airspace the hangar could be 23.1 feet tall (finished floor to peak). Airport looking at 80' E-W x 100' N-S. Would like a door on the N wall that would open to a 18.5' vertical opening. Guessing we'd have a center ridge that runs N-S, and guessing we could have minimal roof pitch (say 1:12, maybe even flatter?). Could you comment on the feasibility of the desired vertical clear opening? I'll pose this to our structural engineer also. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Barney


Me and my pilot's club just bought a big hangar for our planes, looking for prices on a 58' x 18' bifold doors. Currently renovating, not sure when we'll be ready to put in the door.


Hello, Found your very detailed Schweiss website. I am interested in estimated cost for a bifold strap door system. I am building a new pilots club hangar  and also have a need to store my RV Trailer inside a 2 car garage. Anticipate single door for 2 bay garage, and RV Max height is 9'3" The driveway slopes up to the garage, so might need additional clearance. We will soon be building, and final specs will need to be sumbitted soon.  In this regard can you please advise estimated opening height, and approximate bifold pilots club hangar door cost, would anticipate the builder or the builder's contractor to install. 


I am budgeting a pilots club hanger with a 50x14 bi-folding door and need a price. please call or email ASAP! I am located in Salem, OR.


Building a new hangar 100' wide 200'. Need a one piece pilots club clear span bifold door. @ 80' wide X @ 30' tall.


Do you guys do bifold pilots club door seal replacements at the airports in Minneapolis ? I have a 40' door at the crystal airport. That I'd like to replace. If not can you sell me the weatherproof bifold door seal? 


Very interested in a 50' wide by 16' tall insulated pilots club bifold hangar door. My wife and I are having a home built at an airpark and I am very interested in both a swing open door and a bi-fold airpark hangar door. I would like to get pricing options for both as well as lead time and shipping costs to zip code 85142. I am currently on business travel and may be hard to reach by phone. Please email me and I will get back to you asap. I am meeting with my General contractor on Thursday and I need some preliminary cost numbers to discuss. 


To Whom it May Concern, We are an architecture office located in Boston, MA and are working on a "premium" aeroshed project and need a Schweiss Pilots Club bifold door located in NH. The project will consist of approximately 12 bays meant to store luxury vintage aircraft. Each bay will have a bi-fold liftstrap door with auto latches and remote door openers on the front and back entrances, plus 6 additional doors for a mechanic bay. The Schweiss doors seem a perfect fit. It you could please provide a preliminary quote, it would be much appreciated. Best Regards, 


I'm looking for a bifold door for my insulated pilots club/workspace. The glass (dual pane) can come in rectangular frames. The opening is about 13ft x 11ft. I've seen other pilots club Schweiss doors that are amazing.