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Planning our hangar house build in Vine Grove, KY. Received initial plan and estimate for our steel built structure. We now need to select the door for the build to facilitate securing exact measurements for the door opening. We are seeking quotes from multiple companies. Looking for a 45’ wide by 12’ tall bi-fold door with schweiss lift straps. Interested in your pre-mounted bi-folds as an option.


Hi, I have a cable door that has been around since the stone ages. I am looking to upgrade my door but hesitant to go with something new such as the lift straps or the all strap door. Can you tell me more about the straps? how long have you been doing lift straps and strap latches? What are common things you see with strap doors?


Need quote on a bifold hangar door bifold or strap hangar door. May be steel tube or red iron construction. Bidding job for 9.30 commencement date. No call needed now. Follow up will depend on timing of receipt of quotes from building vendors


I would like a schweiss door quote for a bifold door installed with a final opening size of 16’ 1” tall by 30’ wide including two windows in the lower portion. Looking at the all strap door.


I am looking at bidding a hangar in Knoxville Iowa. My PEMB supplier needs the loading info for the door before he can quote me the building. This door has to have your Schweiss patented strap system. I can send the specs on the door if you want to contact me by email.


Need a Schweiss Patented Liftstrap Door will be going on a new framed building with traditional wood truss roof. Opening size need to be 36x14. Thanks, Rob.


Can my 50' Wilson bifold be converted to straps. The bifold cables are costing me time and money. Estimated cost?


I would like to know more about a Schweiss patented liftstrap bifold garage door for an addition I'm currently constructing onto my house. It will need Schweiss Door photo eye sensors.


I am designing a new home with a large patio that has two openings. One approx 23x12 and one approx 7x12. I am trying to enclose this space to keep the leisure space clean when not in use. I have been looking at overhead doors, and sliding patio doors systems when I stumbled upon your Schweiss patented strap doors that seem pretty heavy duty. I am interested in exploring your product further.Please quote two doors described above. Thank you Ken Chambers


I am going to be building a airplane hangar in the near future and will need 18'X50' patented bifold strap door


Need quote on another 20 x 19 Bi Fold patented strap door delivered to Ky., no windows , no cables or hydraulics.  Your farm doors are great.


I currently am using cables to open and close my existing shop doors. I want to purchase your patented Schweiss lift straps. My shop door opening is 20'3" wide by 14' tall. I also have a 16' wide x 14' tall door opening. These doors are to have your autolatches. Send me two door kits.


Would like a price for lifting an existing bi-fold aircraft hangar door with the strap system. 48 feet wide and 14 feet door height. Saw your patented Schweiss smooth operating door straps, have to have them for my hangar door.


Please give me details as how exactly to convert our bifold cable ag door to your Schweiss patented liftstraps and what costs involved.


Just checking to see if you have any winter discounts currently going on. I requested a quote last fall on a 56' x 16' Schweiss bifold with straps.


Quote on doors please I have two metal building hangers I am quoting Both will have a door opening height of 20' clear. One will be 75' wide and the other will be 65' wide. Please include all hardware to complete the job installation with closures.. Customers have requested bi-fold doors, the ones with the liftstraps and autolatches. If another system will work better and not drive the cost up, please recommend and quote. Delivering to Mobile AL. 


I have a Schweiss door installed @ one of my clients bldgs. It is a rather old bifold door and I would like to retrofit it with your new liftstrap system. What do you need to know to get me started? Charlie


Need details and specs for doors. Side clearances at jambs and head critical to isze building and doors. Planning for 2-60' Schweiss Bifold doors and 7-45' doors. All with lift straps and autolatches.


I have a hangar with a cable actuated bifold door. The dimensions of the door are 16'X 45'. It's an older door and wonder if we can replace the cables with your new lift strap option.  I don't know if the equipment is original as I acquired the hangar sometime after it was built. The cables are 1/4" and the pulleys are 3" in diameter. Do you have a recommendation for servicing/replacing this hardware? Thanks Pete




I love my old-old Bi-Fold door, but wish it had your newer lift-strap system.  Over 25 new hangars have been built near here in California in the last few years. All have chosen Schweiss hydraulic doors, some with your new Red Power pump or bifolds with lift straps. I need to keep up with the Jones. Can I switch to lift straps and are they something I can install myself?  Helmuth R.


Hello. I have 4 of your bifold cable operated doors at one of our facilities and I am in need of someone to replace cables on a door with your improved lift straps. I was hoping you could give me some information on any contractors in the San Diego CA area that you could recommend to me. Thanks Forest G.


I have a 50ft Schweiss bifold door looking for a quote on a strap auto latch and can I retro it on my door. Also looking for manual #206 for rigging old auto latch. Looking to replacing cable now. I have every manual but that one it got away. Thanks


G'Day, Last year you quoted me on 3 bi-fold doors (Bid# 11011-SM) could you update that quote using lift straps, and without any external sheeting and trims (we will match local sheeting and colours) Could you also quote for another 2 doors using Red Power Hydraulic doors.The daylight opening will be 18 metres x 4.5 metres. Power available is single phase 240V. Again leave off external cladding and trims. Could you also indicate what shipping cost to Bendigo Australia might be and how much space or what size shipping container is required. If there was surplus space in a container we may wish to add additional freight to reduce shipping costs. If you have any questions, please email me. Regards Steve




Hello, I have 4 doors I would like to replace with lift straps. 2 doors are ~ 8'x9' and 2 are ~ 7'x9'. I'm looking for prices and installers. Love your bifold doors, straps will make them even better. I live in Richfield, WI. Willey B.


Hello - I have one of your bi-fold doors: Model S-13 Number L-9 S/N 7482 The door has 4 stainless steel cables, .250"  and need to be replaced with your lift strap system. Can you replace them or put me in contact with someone who can?? Each cable is approximately 15' in length. If you can replace them, can you give me price and delivery. I prefer email. Thank you, Brett


What is the cost difference between the lift strap and cable versions of a 42' bi-fold door? With the strap power unit on the door, where is the point of electrical tie in? How is the cable managed at the hinge points? Could you recommend any steel fabricators in central Oklahoma?


Need door price and specs for door for a 20 foot opening by 15 foot 11 inches. would like to maintain that much opening and 15 ft of overhead clearance. I have purchased a larger bifold door in the past and I like the straps for raising the door.


Do you offer 3-Part specifications for your Schweiss Lift Strap Bi-Fold doors? We are looking to include these in an upcoming ballpark and I am preparing specifications for the project.


model #S224, no.#381 Serial No. 6381 Door Size 14'-0 x 60'-0 I need a quote for a new lift straps to replace our cables. This bifold door is old, but it still works like a champ. I wish my body would hold up as well as your doors. Thank Raymond


Hello, I would like a hydraulic or bifold Schweiss  door 50 'wide x 14' high. I think your lift strap system will be the best for me. What do you think?  Thank you Preston V. Project Manager


The measurements are in metric. We require a quote for one bifold Schweiss door 4.00 wide X 4.5 high. We have 2 of your doors now and are very pleased with them. The lift strap system is better than any other systems I have ever seen.  Regards C. Black


Do you sell kits with the hardware and electrical components for your Schweiss strap door without the frame? I have an older farm shop that I want to replace the door on to insulate better but I can't afford to lose any headroom to get a combine in.


Please do not call, just looking ahead and wondering what the cost of the schweiss bi-fold door will be. A price sheet would be great. please include 3'x2' windows and straps options  Thanks.


Please provide quote for a Schweiss lift strap, manual latch, bottom drive, steel frame door for an aircraft hangar. The hangar will be built on a private strip and it is a steel building.


Dear Sirs, Looking for a 50' wide by 14' tall Schweiss bi fold door with straps, uncovered so I can install a cedar siding on it. Need full door kit including remote controls. My hanger project is scedualed this spring as soon as winter break up is over and I can handle concrete. Not sure if I can afford the shipping to Willow, AK What say you? Best Regards


Please include in the quote an option for 4 windows using window frame option #2. Can these windows be added later ? I am also looking at options for Straps instead of cables. can you tell me more about the straps.


Please provide your quote for the Bi-fold door delivered to Houston, Texas. Pricing is also needed for Strap latches lift straps. Thank you


I've heard excellent thing about your doors. What I've seen on your web site is that they a heavy duty. Please quote options for auto latches and for straps in place of cables. Price for materials only - not installed.


I am interested in a residential bi-fold garage for my home. The opening is 12' long x 8' high, add straps and 2 windows. I am located in Los Angeles California.


On the bifold quote, please include lifting straps and automatic latches and installation by Schweiss.


I am looking for an 8-foot square bi-fold with straps, insulated glass, low-e. My windows I'm matching are aluminum clad, black, wood interior (interior material not important). I need a ballpark price to see if this is worth exploring. Thanks.


we need 4 doors for our newly erected barn. the openings are 14 feet wide and 14 feet tall. please bid bi-folds with strap latches and lift straps.


I am building a steel hanger for aclient in alaska and need a quote for a hanger door size 59'x 19' bi-fold strap it is important that I'am contacted soon because of the budget time line Thank you P.S. plus shipping to anchorage alaska


Hi, I was looking to get an idea of pricing for a glass bi-fold door for a garage/ art studio. It would probably be 9w x 8h. I read a little about your doors and I like the idea behind the lift straps, please price them too.  Thank you, 


I am working on a project and need a price on 1 of your Bi-fold doors in the bid include lift straps, strap latches and photo eye sensors. Thanks


40 x 16 Bi-fold with lift straps and auto-latches ---Supply and Install Quote Request Please 


Looking for pricing for 18 feet wide x 8 feet tall Schweiss Bifold door assembly. In the quote I also need the fast lift straps. Surface finish would be primed steel panel substrate for field applied T&G wood by others.


I have a customer with 2 openings of 20'10 1/2"x 10, 20'4"x 10. These will have Tin siding on them. He wants the bifold door. only option I am looking at is the lift straps. Lowest cost possible. Please call or e-mail. Thanks


We are doing some budget work. 1. a 44'x 12' (clear opening) door for a single hangar prefer a strap door 2. 10 40'x 11' (clear opening) for a 'T' complex this needs to be a strap door also.


I called in for a quote yesterday and never recieved a fax. It was on a 32x16 bifold door with liftstraps. Im not sure if my fax is working so if you can send it to my email and fax. Thanks.


Dear Sirs, I would like to ask you for price quotation. "Bi-Fold" Doors (2pcs): 1. 15000mm x 4000mm 2. 18500mm x 5000mm dimensions of free passage space when open -panelling : PU ( Kingspan) -LiftStraps Please send me price without transportation & installation costs Regards


Could you please forward a quote for one (1) 80'0"X24'0" Bifold door c/w electric operator, safety photo eyes, lift straps, top cut out switch, delivered to Ontario, Canada.


I have a Schweiss bi-fold door (20'high x40' long), raised by straps, installed in 2004. The auto sidelatch is a great design, the auto side latches work well when I close the door I discovered the Schweiss Doors are great and Jason is one swell guy He took the tension out of my door purchase without him I would have snapped. I've liked the door very much & hope to have many more years of service from it. You guys did a great job! Paul


Building a new steel shop by end of year. Looking at a Schweiss bifold strap doors. Need quote for 10ft wide by 7-8 ft tall bi fold door, with highest insulation, door seals top bottom, middle, sides, etc... No glass, white vinyl panel exterior. It should be small enough I can open/close by hand correct?


You recently delivered doors for two neighbors, and I am jealous they look great and are perfect for what I need. I have an existing wood pole building (Wick) that sustained some door damage. I would like to replace the two sliding end wall doors with a bi-fold strap door system. I would like an estimate including instalation. The opening is 30ft wide and 15ft high. I want to keep the 15ft height to the bottome of the truss.


I have a Schweiss BI FOLD door on my 50'X50' hangar. It was here when I bought the home with hangar in 2007. The door is approx. 14 ft. tall and 45 ft wide It has four lift cables and two closing cables (spring loaded). I've heard great things about the lift straps and I would like to switch them over to straps. Do you have any instruction sheets as to how do the change over? The electric drive motor is a Stearns.


We are looking to replace our cable system on our bifold doors with a strap system. The strap system seems to be the way to go and I have multiple sets of doors that I need quotes for. The first set is 18ft 2in wide and 15ft 6in tall. The second set has measurements below. Both buildings are wood construction with side doors. Would like a quote as soon as possible. Thank YOU


I am interesting in knowing the cost of straps vs cables on a schweiss folding door system. I am putting together an estimate on a new hangar. What kinds of benefits does straps have over cables. Thanks, Tori.


I have two bi-fold doors I would like to fit with your strap lift system. Will you sell just that portion? My door sizes are 17h x 22W (approx 1200lbs without the lifting mechanism), and a 19h x 26W (1700 lbs). If this is a possibility please forward pricing. Thank You Jamar 


we have a cleint that has a large Bi fold door and right now it has cables. Is their such a device that can be attach to the door as a anti drop safety if by chance all the cables break at the same time. It is in a arena they use the doors for community events. I suggested a warning device as the doors are open and close. Could you give me some ideas on any other ways around this problem. How about your patented lift straps. Thanks Michael


Please fig. bifold door with straps vs. cables Figure installation of door we will hang the steel on the door. The structure is metal pole barn.


I would like to know how much a 14'x28' wide liftstrap door would be. Basic, no extras. Thank you.


New planned construction of a 50'x50' steel box hangar. Strap door size requirements are 40'x12'


Hey, just looking for a rough quote for 2 bi-fold doors with straps, 50' wide by 18' tall. Finishing is going to be just flat metallic (to look like a metal roll-up door or similar). Doors to be installed 20' up from grade, perpendicular to each other, within the walls of a 60' x 60' concrete cube that is going to be built into the side of a hill. Contact me for rendering if needed. Thanks!


Russell Construction would like to have a quote from you for (3) 8'W x 10'H clear opening, vertical bi-fold doors that meet the following specifications: A. Hangar Doors: Materials: Welded metal frame; steel header, jambs, and threshold built per door manufacturer's requirements; exterior skin of 201D pressure treated plywood with exterior layer of 16 ga. Galvalume coated sheet steel AZ60 per ASTM A792. Type: Vertical Bifold Canopy type, electrically powered. Operation: Electric motors, lifting straps or cables, safety latches. Thank you, Manny Sanchez


The door height and width are the openings of the building.We can adjust if need be at this point.I would like 19 feet clear in the opening.Also would like straps instead of cables.The hanger will also be heated so I will need to insulate this door.Please show how much shipping would be to my address.


Please provide a price for a bifold door with straps, and an alternate for locking straps. Door frame opening is 40' wide by 16' tall.


Need price on 50' x 16' clear opening, bottom drive with strap lift door. Need to know "D" or head dimension.


Our customer wants a 15' high x 45' wide Schweiss bifold hangar door with straps installed in an old hangar building. The metal building has a truss frame at the endwall, with curved roof panels. The current hangar door is a sectional rolling door (which the owner cannot stand), with approximate 4-0 wide sections. Also he wants a 3-0x6-0 walkdoor in the hangar door. Please let me know the weights of the bifold door. The customers 2nd building already has one of your bifold hangar doors with lift straps. (He does like this door!)


We are architects/engineers doing a report for repairs to an existing airport hangar facility for the Forest Service. Just trying at this point to get some "ballpark" figures to replace the orignal (rail/telescoping) hangar door with a Schweiss bi-fold w/ straps door. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I am looking for a price on a 30x18 and a 50 x 18 bi fold with lift straps to go in a metal buildings. With Feight to Gilman, Il. Please price seperatly for two different buildings. Thanks


Have a 54x90 machine shed built in 1975 that I am thinking about replacing the 24x13 end door. A schweiss bifold door with lift straps is an option since I would lose too much head room with a conventional overhead door. Was wondering what you might recomend and what it would cost.


I contacted you for a quote and I gave you the wrong dimensions. It'll be 55x16 instead of old ones. I would also like information on the straps instead of cables.


I am quoting enclosing a shed type steel building for storage of steel pipe and require a door to be installed that allows maximum clearance. The approximate space that I have to work with is 28 ' 3"x14' high tight. more accurate sizing will be available if the job pricing is successful. The door I had in mind is a schweiss by fold hanger type. I seen on the website that your lift straps system seems like the way to go. can you please put them in the quote also. Thank you, Dick O.


Please send me a quote on a 40' Wide x 20' Bifold Door with lift straps. It will be going on the gable endwall of either a 70' or 80' Wide Stud Plate Building.


Please price for us: (4) 14' x 14' bifold doors with the lift straps and auto-latches. One door is in end wall. The other three are in the side walls. The side wall is 17' tall. Project site is in Emmetsburg, Iowa. This is new construction. It's a Butler building.


Im bidding a progect. I need a price on 8 20' W x 21' H Bi fold with lift straps and with a man door, the job is in Homer AK I also need weight for building design Thanks Brian G.


I need to know the power required for a 14 foot high by 48 foot wide, non Hydraulic bi-fold strap door. 


We are building a new tool shed and we want to buy a Schweiss bifold door. We want the open space to be 40 ft. wide and 14 ft. high. How tall does our building need to be to the eve to compensate for the door wedge when it is open? Also what size door do we need to order? We have a local door company that installs Schweiss doors and we are most likely gonna buy from the but I wanted a few details from the company first. We have a 40 ft. x 14 ft. Schweiss hydraulic door now and we like it but would like it to lift faster for a building where we store semis. Can we place one of your new Red Power motors on it? Do the bifolds with lift straps open quicker than the hydraulics? Its not the doors fault but when I open the door it lets alot of cold air in everytime we open and close it.


Hello - would you be able to provide a quote on a 45'x11' bi-fold door system? This would be on the end-wall of a new steel construction building - our side column types are not decided yet. We would be interested in the straps (not cables), lower motor mount, with the auto-latch and remote. We would likely use a 24" wedge, with the slant-cut corners. Also - if you could provide an estimate of the time it takes from down-payment, to delivery to the Austin, TX area, which would be helpful for our planning purposes. Thanks very much. 


Looking for a quote on four (4) Schweiss elec bi-fold hangar doors with lift straps. Clear opening 55'-6" x 16' for a wood framed building in the state of Vermont.


Quote on two Schweiss vertical lift doors both for same building 30ft by 16 or a 36 by 16 they are trying to decide on the size. Also like a quote on just delivery and one on you installing the door. Lift strap, bottom drive, no windows.


I need a price on a schweiss bifold strap doors 36'W x 18'H and 34'W x 18'H. Insulated and smooth exterior and 2 windows.


Please quote with delivery. Strap Bifold Door for; 58 foot wide by 20 foot high framed opening with all attachment and installation hardware. shipped to Daytona Beach, Florida.


wondering what a 20' x 20' bifold strap door cost. going on a wood frame cold storage structure with tin on it.


I'm looking at putting a schweiss bi-fold door on our pole shed. It has a 22' wide by 14' tall opening. I would like an quote. We installed one of your bi-folds on our hanger 5-10 yrs ago and that one has the straps which work great (wouldn't do it any other way). You can call me if you need more info. Thanks


We currently have an all steel building under construction and we have not put in the header where the door would be located. We would like to go with a Hydro power or bifold door and we are needing a quote and header height information. The Header and side frame will be made from 6" x 6" x 3/8" angle iron rather than tubes or I- beams. Thanks Jon


Looking for an option to use for a large garage/shop door. Basic opening approx 12ft high and 10ft wide. Prefer bifold with the lift-straps versus one piece hydraulic door. Simple outside covering, aluminum maybe.


I would like a price on a bi-fold 12'-0" tall.x 18'-0" wide door with lift straps, wind bolts, the works! to be delivered in Colorado. The project is to start around the first of May. You can call or email me with any questions you may have. Thank you


Hello, We are interested in budget pricing for a bi-fold door for a hanger building we are constructing. This door would need to be 45' W with a open height of 16'. I am really interested in the lift straps option and a 3 button dead man switch.


I am interested in an door for an 18' tall 45-50' opening. Mostly interested in the bi fold with lift straps and self latching systems. There is enough overhead for a 4' wedge.


I had sent a request earlier for a quote on a Bifold door as that is what we have now (Schwiess Bifold 1987) and would like to replace with same. We would like a Strap style bifold with the Auto-latch locking system and would like an emergency opening system ( Crank?) We would like to get 2 or 3 windows on the upper door section and would like a Man door on the lower left side (facing the door from outside the hangar) and wondering if you have a winter or insulation package? We would need a supprt structure for the door and require an open height of 21 feet ( have replaced too many rudder caps at 20 ft.) Please tell Mike that I am still trying to get my refund from a former competitor, however I have been advised that they are not sending out refunds at this time and don't know when they will be sending refunds. Thanks very much for the list of people that have got bitten by these jerks. We will keep trying. Look forward to hearing from you. We would like to get a door here by May 01,2011 so we can get it in this summer. Many Thanks 


Dear Sirs, Schweiss Doors, We have learned from internet web your sight with very interested in your special patents lift strap. Because my friend have been work to supply big steel gate in Korea. As The Lift-Strap System utilized polyesterstraps on a take-up spindle when open and close with button. We think your system sure to make convenience at work big ware house ,factory,cargoand etc. We'd like to purchase as belows if you can supply it. *System Lift-Strap *Spindle Motor *Latch-Strap. Because , we will replace your unic system to former our gate. Could you offer us if you can accept our request? It'll be great appreciate,hearing any from you soon. Thank you. Thanks and regards,


Along with the quote of my Schweiss Bi-fold door, I need straps to go with it. I would also like to discuss a potential business relationship going forward. Thank you, Jim R


This door will be shifted 1 or 2 feet off center in a 60' wide endwall. Please quote Bi-fold with lift straps and automatic latching. Please quote installation by Schweiss. Please quote door(s) prepped for 8' high liner panels.


What would be the price for a bi-fold hanger door. Opening is 12 feet high, 43 feet wide. I'm interested in the strap option and on the autolatches and the lifting. Thanks, Tom


Need a price on a 50'-0 x 18'-0 (Open Hgt) Bi-Fold Door. 24" wedge if possible (2) 3040 or 4030 windows with insul glass. Add straps and a man door.


Hi, I want a price on a Biflod door to fit a Sixteen wide buy twelve high opening. It's on a Quanset I would like at least two windows in the upper part of the door. I like the strap lift models the best. Also we would like this door insulated. I would like to have the price on both conventanal and strap lifts. Thanks


Is there any fire rating associated with these BIFOLD door  straps raising and lowering the doors, do they meet NFPA 409?


I would like to buy a system "Lift straps" for Bi-Fold doors. Please, give me the price without installations. And will send me your catalog. Thank you.


I am thinking about building a new steel shed. I would like a price on a 30' and 40' Bi-fold door. I've seen on your website about fast lift straps. please put them in the quote along with a walk in door.


Do you have an on-line parts catalog ? I need some upper cable pulleys for my bi-fold door. I would also like a price on a strap conversion (50 ft door, currently has 4 cables. It is a bottom drive door. The door is configures with pulleys at the top with the cable wrapping back down to the lower part of the door. Is this necessary or can I eliminate the upper pulleys all together and just have direct connections to the top of the door ? Thanks


We would like to get a cost quote & cut sheet information for the installation of a 17x48 Schweiss bifold door with lift straps. It will be for an aircraft hangar located within the Flightline airport compound in Tallahassee, Florida. Any information on the cost and construction details will be greatly helpful. Also, can the doors be custom width and height or do they need to be constructed to a module dimension? Thanks


Good Day, Do you have any programs to offer for on-site training? I have the opportunity to install (x3) 50x14 bifold hangar doors with strap lifts. We have 25 years commercial rolling door experience but want to try this job out with a little help.


Hello, We are currently working on a project in which a large bi-fold door may be an option.The opening is 18 ft wide by 8' -10" high.The majority of the surface would be glazing, and using the lift straps


Good Afternoon, My name is Tim Marshall. I am a project manager in Sandy Oregon. I have a client looking to include with his hanger package that I am quoting a 60'x18' Bi-Fold door with lifting straps. I am using a rigid frame type of steel framed structure for this project. What other info do you all need me to supply? Please feel free in contacting me at my office or via email if you have any questions. Thanks in advance! If you can email me the bid it would be greatly appreciated!


hello i talked to you about doors last week- how far out are you on a bifold strap 24x16 and 2 at 18x14 thanks


Bifold Strap Hanger Door System Width - 47 meters Height - 8.18 meters We will need two doors for this kind of dimensions, appreciate if you can provide us with pricing for both cable and straps operated hanger doors. ( both folded and single piece hydraulic operated as well ) We are interested in your strap hanger door system. Would it be possible for you to provide us with some feedback on the construction and cost of the hanger door if we provide you with the drawings and any other required documents? Thank you. Regards


Purchaser plans to insulate and steel line the bifold door back. He is also requesting the strap system


the customer would like strap assist/ self closeing / bifold door motor with remote has 8 feet headroom how much head room is required? the customer would like it to match other garage doors, is it sided or do we side it? do we figure freight or do you?


Please price 34x16 Bi-Fold with 16' Clear. Please price a free standing header and labor to install door separately. Want Lift Straps Thank you.


Door quote? openning 16'X48' 1. price for bifold door with lift straps and weight of door 2. Same openning in hydralic one piece THANKS Jerry


I would like more design/technical information and criteria for your bifold liftstrap hangar doors. Please e-mail us on these doors.


Is it possible to convert an older 40' x 16' Bi-Fold door from cables to the newer straps and if so what would be an estimate of parts? Thanks Sam


I looked through your design criteria and specs on the website, but am looking for more detailed information to provide structural engineer in detailing opening for a 10' high x 16' wide bifold (or hydraulic) glass door in a new wood framed exterior wall for a local restaurant/bar. Trying to determine what size jamb and header would be required for this size door in a 2 x 6 stud wall 19' high with wind exposure b.


need price on a by fold door 14 high 38 wide with lift straps for a wood fram building with 6x6 post and structual truss header just the fram will sheet on site Thanks Jake S.


I have a existing Schweiss bifold door. Would like a quote on how much to add remote and auto locks and possibly straps to replace existing cables. Door is 44' wide. Thanks


I would like a quote on a 50 foot wide by 17 foot tall bifold door with straps and a hydraulic lift door the same size. I would like price broke down with the door,frieght,installation. The door will be mounted on a steel building. Thank You.


I would a price & basic details for a 100' x 20' (clear when opened) bi-fold door with straps. 85 mph wind load




Looking for a 30 door to byfold on the side of a machine shed with a 16-18 foot plate... currently have a i beam under the 18ft plate not sure. how low will the door be? will it still be tall enough when open to drive in large equipment Needs to have auto latches, lift straps and possibly remote. thanks paul


i'm building a 52'by 100' farm shop need a quote on two doors one 38' x 14' second 14'x14'. will be installing my self, need to by insulated with remote open. not shure about hyd vs. straps, probly price will be deciding factor. am located NW of okc, ok. Watonga ok, 73772


Please quote the following bifold door. Door width is 42'. Open height needs to 15'. Please quote with lift straps. Thank you.


have not bought a steel building looking for a quote on doors so i have and idea how much a hangar maybe Total cost: please quote bifold door and hydralic straps please on bifold Derrick AOPA member


Thanks for the quote on the 12x40 hydraulic door. Could you please also quote on one of your bi fold doors with straps. I need to have 10 foot of clearance with the door open and 40 foot long. Thanks again, Daren


I had received a quote on 10/15 however the customer has asked for a quote with three windows for his bifold doors  (say 3'-0" x 3'-0", unless you have something standard) and a man door. They would also like to use the lifting straps and they want to attach insulation panels (likely 4") to the door. Thanks.


Please quote 60 ft X 15 ft Hydraulic door with glass/windows full length, center of opening at head height. Please see other email sent to info address.


I need a quote for a project in Syracuse, IN. Building is 50'x60' airplane hangar w/ 16' eave height. Client would like a 46' wide strap-lift door and go as tall as possible for this eave height. Maybe 14' high? Nucor is the building supplier and is wanting information on this type of door. Please send a quote and specs for this.


I need pricing and specs for a bottom drive strap lift Bi-Fold Door. It will go a new contruction Steel Building that is being designed to our specifications. I would like to have a clear Span on 46 feet with a clear height of 13 feet.


I need a price on a 50 x 18 clear bifold. With straps drive, remote lock and remote. Installed, into a steel building. We will cover the exterior. Deliver to the Wood Lake Area. Will need to know the headroom required.


I have a schweiss 16'x50' bi-fold door with cables. I am interested in converting to straps. The door uses 4 lift cables currently. Please send details of installation and cost of parts to convert. I would be installing myself as we installed door. Thanks Rick


Three strap lift - bifold doors - 2 @ 50' Clear Width x 30' Clear Height x 35' Total Height & 1 @ 60' Clear Width x 40' Clear Height x 47' Total Height. Wind Rating - 140 MPH , Option Top Rubber Seal, Option Bottom Seal, End Wall,


Hello, I work for a dairy equipment company in the engineering department and am intereasted in your lifting strap material for a project we are working on. We presently use a 5/16" SS cable to lift the front of the milking parlor to allow the cows to exit. In order to reduce the size of the sheave I have suggested we look at nylon straping in place of the cable. Do you sell straping separately? Do you make sizes other then 3" wide? What are the limitation in regards to chemical, moisture and others that may reduce the life of the straping? Thanks for your time. Scott P.


I need a price for bifold strap door Let me know if you have any questions. Delivered to Syracuse, Indiana. Thanks, Jon B.


I have an aircraft hanger 40x44 with a 42-43 wide bifold. It is a counter wieght door and I am wondering the approximate cost to remove the counterweight and install a strap type opener. The hanger is at the airport in the Twin Cities Minnesota. The building is not insulated. also please add an option for the auto latch closer.


Julie, I have a recent quote for a 40 x 12. It is possibe that this quote would be delivered with that quote when ordered. All the doors are to have lift straps. Please conform that all of the doors will have side latches as well. Thanks! Mark


Motor: 110V Power is what I have.Looking for manual lock.Would like door with straps.Not sure which model it is.


I would like a priceon a 14 x 42' bifold door, please quot both with cables and nylon strap. Thank you!


I am putting up a 45X50X12 hanger and am interested in a 40' bi-fold lift strap door. What is the clearance on a 12 foot building and how much is the door delivered? Thank you, Gary


We recently purchased a 60'x60' hangar at IWA in Mesa, AZ with a 60'x19' Schweiss door. For accounting purposes, we need to know the replacement cost of the door. Other specifics on the door are nylon lift straps and automatic latch.


I will be building a hangar in June. What is the delivered price for a strap style 40'x10' door?


I just installed your door and would like the price to add the automatic opener. Also on adjustment of the lift straps is the goal to have equal tension on all straps or have the door lift to the same height above the floor at side columns and the middle. My door is a couple of inches higher in the center than at the sides and it seems to be due to the added load due to resistance. Everything worked out great thanks for a great product.


I would like to get an estimate for a 40' x 18' Bi-Fold Door with the strap system. This door will be installed on the endwall of a new 68'x 120'x 18' building. Could you also provide the rough opening dimensions and any cross sections that would be relevant. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions. Thank you! Phil


planning on using 4 bifold w/ straps. Size range from 45-55 feet and aprox 16 height. May want one door 56 wide and 17 feet high. We need to talk...next week. Shawn


Would like a quote for a hanagar door 12'X 42' Would like a bi-fold door with straps. Could pick-up at your location. Also, might be interested in purchsing two doors.


I am about to build a 60ft x 65ft hangar and would really like to use your strap door ... 45ft x 16ft. We fly microlights and hence are working to a very tight budget. Final planning will be in the next few weeks and we hope to be built by late spring The building is steel frame with single steel cladding. Can you give me an idea of what your very best price might be ?


What is maximum door width possible for given building width to allow for door frame? For instance is 1 foot at each side enough? Is it possible to have a man door built into bi-fold door? Can you give ball park not to exceed $ estimates based on size & height? If so - say 40' wide - 16 ' high - bifold, strap. thanks


We are looking for alternatives for an Underground Parking door that gets operated ALOT in one day. Trying to get away from the conventional torsion spring system. The door is approximately 18' x 8' 6". On the bi-fold door with the strap system, are the straps rated to last a certain number of cycles (openings and closings). I'm wondering if this type of system would live in a high usage environment.


I would like the quote to be for steel cables rather than the straps as there is welding and grinding occuring neer the door. I also need a price on another door 10' high and 9'7" wide this one could use the straps


Need a price for (2) 60'x 20'(opening), with strap lift, 240-1ph, Bottom drive , weather seal, Please option the install. Thank you


Looking for a quote and framed opening size.Not sure if going aluminum or steel need pros and cons.Definatly want straps no cables.


State of Alaska has published for bid a hangar located in McGrath. I can email you the requirements but need a bid price for one (1) Bi-Fold Hydraulic hangar door, 50'x14' with Schwiess strap-lift opener. Wind load - 120 mph snow load 90 psf Siesmic Zone 4. Need price, weight, size, dimmensions Seattle Dock. Thank you,


Hi, I would like to get a quote on a bi-fold door with lift straps and motor, frame, etc., except for wall cladding. The door opening is 40'11" wide X 16'6" high. I will do the installation myself. Is it possible to get a quote on a door done this way. Thanks


Is there a manual for the installation of the straps? I do not have one. Also can this door still be insulated after you convereted it to straps? What kind of insulation is best? Are there bolts to fasten it to the building? Thanks Kevin


Could you put together an estimate for a 26' x 15' Bi-fold door with optional strap lift system. Please also include rough opening size and cross section of building framing requirements. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


We are looking to replace an existing 97' wide x 24'high (18' clear) door on a hanger building in Kalamazoo, MI. We are interested in your strap system also if it is appropriate for a door this size. Please contact me with budget pricing and any information you can offer for structural requirements. Thanks!


Looking for steel or aluminum bi-fold strap door with included windows and walk-through door. Plans are to flush-mount to end-gable truss structure designed with integral mounting header above bottom ceiling plate. 24" wedge is preferred. Hangar door facia to be whilte aluminum sheeting or possibly Hardie Board to match detached home. I can design my hangar and door opening around one of your standardized doors if saving can be attained. Hangar design is not complete or submitted to county, so I have some time to adjust features and integral loading at columns and trusses. Thank you.


Please provide a quote for the following: Door 15'-11" W x 7'-6" motor and strap lift Alt price add for: 4" insulation steel sheeting man door Any questions please call Mike C.


Please incorporate the following into your door quote: Required Wind Load - 25 psf Deflection - 1/120 Strap Lifts Only Motor - 208-3 phase 60hz Automatic Latches Top Rubber Seal Weatherseal Kit


Hello,this is a bid for the the city of Naples FL. They have specfically asked for a "Strap" bifold door Total Hgt of door 16' controls left side 240 volt/Single phase door motor bottom location 12" top rubber strip std auto locking mechanisms mechanical over travel limit switches 36" x 80" clear personal door Need your door design for the steel building design asap Thank You


I would like an estimate for one Bi=Fold strap type door. I would like Mid Frame design to maximize height. Door sizes- 60' and 55' wide. I will have a 14' eave height and am considering a 60' wide building, or 65' wide if the 60' door will fit. Please give lead time and quote freight.


I would like to request a quote for the strap assemblies. We resently had bi-fold doors installed in our shipyard and it looks like the product you show is what we would like to see on our doors. Our doors are roughly 40 feet long by 30 feet high. Can you help me with this? Thank you!


I would like to get a quote on a 40X14 bi-fold door with the following options: Straps Auto latches 2 remotes


In designing a Strap Lift - BiFold Door, would 60" Wedge be suitable for a 75' wide x 30' height actual clear opening (35' actual total height of door), with a 140 MPH Windload? Thanks, Jon


I have two 14ft.doors now with about a six-eight wall inbetween. I would like to put in a bifold door so I can get larger machinery in to work on it. I would like to have a quote on a price being installed with your strap system.


I would like a quote with the following options: 1. Lift Straps 2. Auto Latching 3. Remote Control 4. 2 36x48 Windows


I would like a price for a door that would fit this hole size. 18' x 12' exterior mount, may need new jambs, have a sectional door on it. This is a very wet area. Any problems going insulated. We have 277volt 3 phase, and can get 480 3 phase to the opening. Do not price the sheeting for the door have some from the building yet. Would straps be better in this wet area, or cables.


This project is a plan and spec job that we are bidding. This project bids 7-15-08. Terrell Texas is in the Dallas Texas area. The specs are as follows: C: Electric Bi-Fold Doors 1. Bi-fold doors shall be integral with hangar building design. Door frames shall have pre-located top hinges factory located to align with door truss hinges. Structural steel shall be ASTM A500, Grade B square structural welded steel tubing. 2. Electric bi-fold door operator can be either to-mounted at center of door truss or bottom-mounted per manufacturer's reccendations. Door operator shall be sized and provided by the manufacturer to properly and safely operate the designated size of the bi-fold door. Motor shall be thermally protected and supplied with a reset button. Motor shall be totally enclosed capacitor start. Door operator shall be equipped with "any point" stop. 3. Bifold door shall be operated by a ploy strap lift as manufactured by Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors of Fairfax, MN or approved equivalent. We would appreciated a proposal from you. Please send quote


Hi I like the way you made the lift straps. Do you sell only the lifting winch, straps, guides and hinges? My door will be 9,5 m x 3m Best regards Arne


Please fax me a quote or email for the following door w/straps: 48' x 11' 6" clear shipping to Henderson KY no doors or windows. Thanks, Richard R. Purchasing Manager


Please give me a price for the following bi-fold doors. All door should be the strap type with two windpws in each. Please also send me informationon each so I can give to the building designer. one 34' x 18' two 24'x18' two 20' x 18'


For estimating purposes, I was wondering what would be an approximate price (material and installation)for a Schweiss lift strap bi-fold door, 20'-2" wide by 14' high, including a top drive motor. Project location would be a new building in San Francisco, CA. An answer by e-mail would be appreciated. Thank you.


Please quote the following doors. (1) 12'6" x 12' with a 30" wedge. Actual door height 14'6" strap lift left inside, 240-1PH. Top drive with weather seal kit, Manual latches. With side latch jiggle switch, electric photo eye sensors, door base saftey edge. (1) 7'10" x 8'6" same specs as above. Actual door height 11'. Please include shipping charges, engineering papers to meet glass deflection, and special manual latches. Also please include the lead time. This job will be new construction.


I would like aprice on a Strap door. The fineshed opening is 16.5' high X 24' wide. thanks


Good morning, I need a quote for (2) Motorized bifold Doors with the strap system. Opening size's are 62' x 16' and a 42' x 16'. this hangar was damaged by fire and they need these replaced asap! Thank you,


-Wind Load is 90MPH with D exposure -Please provide an internal truss door -Please provide lift straps, not cables -Requested delivery date sometime in August 2008 -Please provide auto latches -Please provide cold weather package -Single Phase power motor(s) requested Thanks! Mark G. President


Hi, I would like to see a quote for a electric/strap Bifold door 70ft wide with 25foot clearance. For our new hanger. Jeremy


I currently have a Bi-Fold type Hangar door with (6) Cables for lifting. I would like to get a quote to update our door to use your lift strap system. I can provide you with any additional information that you need. Thank You David S.


Julie S. Please quote this with a walkdoor, straps as an option, auto latches as an option with remotes. This needs a 24" wedge




I am considering buying a building and would like a quote on a bi-fold with lift straps, auto-lock and remote opener. Metal sheet to be provided by builder. 24x14


I am requesting 2 bi-fold door quotes; 1) for 42ft wide 10ft clear and 2) for 42ft wide 12ft clear. Options to include are lift straps, manual latches, and photo-eye sensor. The door is for a residential airplane hangar. Thank you.


I would like a walk-in door with a window on the left side as you face the door from the outside. I would also like the lift strap system.


I am planning a hangar with a 44'x14' clear opening. Please quote a bi-fold with lift straps, auto-latch and a remote. Thanks, Craig


I was just wondering if I could get a price on a 12' high by 14' wide bottom drive nylon strap bi-fold door so I can compare it to coventional overhead doors.


Please quote an option to install this door as well. Please also quote an option for strap lift.


I am wanting a quote for a 65 wide by 22foot clear opening bi-fold door with lift straps. In order to get a price for the meatl building I need to know how much headroom you need for the door. I need 22 feet from finish floor to open door height. Could you please get me the information ASAP. Thank You Jim W.


Please quote 45 x 12 bi-fold door w/ - Lift straps - Insulated w/3"blanket - Auto latch - Remote control - Photo eye sensors - Manual emergency back-up (hand crank) - Interior truss - Bottom drive


Please price for me two 42' wide bifold door to provide an opening height of 16'. The doors are to be installed into a new helicopter hangar. Would like the straps and auto-locks. Please advise price and shipping costs if able.


We have purchased doors before. Total of 12 doors. Each door was 38 feet plus wide. I will be sending you the specifications for six more doors. The previous doors used the cable for the lift. Now I see that you may have gone to the straps. Is that the standard now? Thank you and I will look forward to doning business with you in the future. Frank L.


Please send quote ASAP. Customer wants strap lift door. He may have received a direct quote from you but is now considering having us contract the project. Delivery would be probably May. Thanks, Tom S.


We are getting ready to build an 80 x 80 hangar. We are looking at putting a 60 x 18 bi fold door with the lift straps. The door will have 4 windows...no walk through door...2 tones (bottom 36" will be a different color...


I am preparing a budget for a shop building to be built next spring and need prices on 2-lift strap doors for openings of 18'tallx30'wide. thanks




I need a quote on a 12x12 bifold door. The building has 12' sidewalls and he wants a door on the gable end that has 12' of clearance in the opening. He also would like a 3'0 walk door in the right side of this door. He would like the straps not the cables. Can you please send me a quote. Thank you


Hello. We are interested in a bi-fold door with straps for a new hangar. The hangar will be 70 wide and 16 tall. what is the largest door to fit that space? What is price and time frame? Thanks, SK


I need prices on three doors the first is a 50x14 bifold with straps. The second is a 100x28 bifold with straps. The third is a 80x22 bifold with straps. Do you have an estimated man hr value for the installation for these doors? The last 80x22 killed me in man hrs. I had no idea we would have so much feild fabracation. Thanks Julie. Dale


Need price on 56x16 or 56x15 bifold with straps dilivered to Cody 90mph wind load. No doors or windows. Thanks Dale.


Can you tell me what the recommended wedge would be for a bi-fold door with a 70' wide by 20' high clear opening using the lift strap opener?


Could I have the following included in door pricing: Strap Lift Auto Locking Weather Strip Walkdoor framed opening


Am interested in pricing for both cable and strap type systems. Also, include incremental costs for manual versus auto latching and cold weather options.


would like to have one walk door frame and one (2' x 3' )window frame in door. Proposed hanger will have an 18 foot ceiling height. Strap lift system for bifold quote.


I need a quote for a 45 wide door with 16 feet clear height. That should be 19 feet tall. I would like is priced with auto latch, remote, and strap options. The delivery will be to Tullahoma TN. I have bought from you before so you may have me in you database. make me the best price you can.


I am preparing to build a hangar and am very interested in the strapped bi-fold door. Thank you Todd


looking for a quote for a bifold with straps for a 17 x 60 foot clear opening, spicewood texas


Please Fax a price for a 40'x15' bifold door. Top and bottom seals. New construction steel framing. lift straps. also please send height requirements Thanks, Dan E.




I am looking to build a hanger that is 60'X60'X25H. I want the bi-fold doors with the straps. What do you recommed for the door size and do you have these doors with an entrance door built in them. Thanks


Hi, I requested a quote for a 48'W x 14'H Bi-Fold some time ago and received the info. Thanks. I have a couple of questions regarding the motors that run the lift straps. 1: How many motors and straps would there be on this door? And what size generator and voltage would be required to run them. I currently have a 4000/3600 watt diesel generator that provides both 115vac and 220vac. Would it be sufficient? Thanks Keith


Hello I am looking for a price quote for a hangar door with the strap opener option. When open the door opening must be 60'w x 17'6" high.I would like it priced with the auto locking option and the top and bottom rubber sealer rubbers. Can you also let me know what size of header will be needed for this size of door. Thanks Ken


I am needing pricing on a 30 x 16 bifold with lift straps. The building is a Wick wood frame constructed in Oberlin, KS. The building dimensions are 40 x 100 x 16 clear height.


We have an older top drive cable 52x16 Schweiss door. Would we be able to convert our door to straps and I would like to receive more info on your openers as well


Need 18 ft clear. Plan on 20 ft sidewall, if it will accommodate your door. Building is 80 ft wide. Bi-fold with straps. Please call with any questions. Thanks, Jan . Sandpoint, ID


please send info & pricing for 39' by 12' lify strap door to: Robert day at above address. Sincerely, BOB


I am currently building a 58'x 58' hanger.I was told about your bifold doors by Phil P. maybe you people know him.My door dementions are 14' high x 44' wide.Your bifold with straps are what I am interested in.I will install myself with your assistance as needed.I will also install my own siding and insulation. No walk through doors or windows.I am currently pricing all materials for the bank. Please respond with door and all assembly hardware etc.prices.Price for Freight charges to NORTH POLE, ALASKA. I estimate my delivery date around MAY if possible. Please e-mail quotes and availabilities soon. Thanks Kenny B.


Recently purchased replacement lift straps from you. Need info on installation of said straps


We currently have the old style Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors on the 4 hangars in our strip. We would like a price from cable lift to Lift Straps and automatic cinchers (latches). Please quote the price for 4, for 3, for 2 and for 1 door in case a member or two chooses not to participate in the purchase and installation. Also provide me with an option quote for Radio Control. Thank You


Please price the following: For a 100'x100'x24' hanger 88'x19'6 liftstrap bifold door Insulated Please call or e-mail for more specifics if necessary. Thank you Brendan B. VP, Development


Hello, I am an appraiser doing valuations of some hangars. These hangars are equipped with Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, and I am looking for complete costs for these doors. I need the new cost, including labor for each of these doors please. The first door is a newer bi-fold, it is 60'x18'. It is your strap door with two motors, on either end of the door. It has 7 straps.


Hello, I have a hanger with a 50 foot wide bifold door that I would like to change to your lift strap system. Would it be possible to purchase your system to be installed on an existing door. I am talking about removing the complete existing system and replacing it with your lift strap system, motor, drive and all. My hanger is one out of 12 in our complex and I have been asked to find a better door operating system for all 12 units. I cannot say how many will actually change. I would also like to install your auto latches.


I would like pricing on a 44 ft Wide 12ft clearance door for a building with 16 ft wall height. Price for standard cable opener Price with strap opener Thanks Steve


I recently submitted a quote request and I would like choose the straps instead of cables. Thank You Mr. V.


I would like a price for the strap lift.I have a 40X18 door,and a 25x18 door. we will build doors ower selves.Thankyou Dale


Please figure strap lift and Schweiss to install the door which would be located near Appleton, WI


We have a huge hangar door...........which was built about 3 years ago----------We've never had much confidence in its dependability.........and recently saw a friend's hangar who had these wonderful yellow straps of yours--- Would you either send us a catalog........or give us an estimate regarding how much a 64 foot door would cost should be decide to retrofit our present hangar door situation. Thank you.


Julie,You had quoted me a door earlier I would like to get a revised quote on a 12x48 opening with straps, auto lock and 1 remote. Thanks, Terry G.




On a 40 by 12 lift strap bifold, what is the max current demand and lift time for a 120 volt installation?


Hi Julie, I haven't asked for a quote for awhile, but this one looks like it has a good chance of becoming a reality. Quote strap lift, auto latch optional, installed by you. Questions call my cell or email. charlie


Hello, Is it possible to purchase just the Lift Strap conversion kit for my 48 ft hangar door, It is presently lifted with cables from the top. I would require a new gear and motor unit as well as four lift straps with drums and tightener. The shafting and pillow block bearings I will source locally. The door that I presently have is 48x16 ft and is constructed from 3x3 steel tubing. Thank you Bill P.