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Good day,I am interested in more information on bifold paint booth self sealing door systems.sizing required 12'W x 7'H and 16'W x 9'H. Do you ship or have Vendor affiliates or availability in Canada? Thank you, Leighton Daney


paint booth inside existing manufacturer. They are looking for suggestions as to door type; bifold with straps or hydraulic one-piece. They have to seal well enough to keep dust out of the paint booth.


I have an old garage door on my paint booth and the opening of 15' x 8' -I would like to replace it with a bifold strong sealing paint booth door. Can you tell me approximately the cost of bifold door of that size? Thanks, Gordana


I am building a small shop and I think a bifold strap door would work very well to serve as a paint booth door. I need something 14 ft. wide x 9 ft. tall. No windows


I am building a small shop and want a 26 foot wide bifold door for a 10 foot height opening and will want a paint booth door that seals very tight.


We manufacture spray paint booths and have a project quoting. The bifold strap door would need to be 100' wide X 35' tall. It would go on the front of a spray booth so the electrical would need to be listed accordingly. The installation site would be India. Looking to see what the options are, get a budgetary price and see about installation services. Thank you, Chuck Koenen


I would like two vertical bifold paint booth doors for my car detail shop. I would like to put the same metal from the building on the door, so it looks like its not there.


Can you give me a budget number for a 30' x 12' clear height bi-fold painting booth door (strap). I would like to wood clad the door.


Looking for bifold paint booth door. Or bifold for structure that can be clad/fascia on site. Doors needs to seal very tight to eliminate dust into paint booth


I am looking to get a quote for a door i am about a year out from putting up a 40x60 paint booth shop so i am still figuring out which building manufacture and doors. I would like to get a quote for a 32ft wide by 14ft tall bifold door with straps. I'm looking at Schweiss Doors first because I have heard from others that you manufacture the premier bifold door on the market. I need a no maintenance bifold paint booth door that seals tightly.


I am building a detached residential garage type building that will be used for automotive painting. The customer wants a 24' bifold paint booth door with lift straps. I have a few questions and will want pricing. Thank you, Bob


Hello, We have a paint shop with a overhead door which is 14' high and 14' wide. We require some additional height and would like to open up the shop to about a 37' bifold paint booth door. Our ceiling is 16' high so we would like to see a full height of 16' under the bifold door.


Hello- We are building a paint shop and are interested in a bifold strap or cable paint shop door 10 feet wide and 12 feet high. What is the general pricing?


I would like a quote on a basic bi-fold door with a 9x9 opening for a paint booth shop please.


I am looking to build a paint shop this summer with 18' side walls wondering if its possible to put in a 30' bi-fold paint booth door with a 16 clear opening?


My neighbor, Terry Ackerman is a customer and he swears by your company. I would like to get a price on a bifold door for my paint shop.


Global Finishing Solutions is a manufacturer of paint booths located in Wisconsin and sells word wide. We are bidding a project in Macon GA for Stevens Aero. A Schweiss Paint Booth Hydraulic One-Piece Door will be use as an outside door to our paint booth. Typically we would use an explosion proof operator but based on where the power unit is located at we can look at options you may have. Clear opening: 115' wide x 28' high Voltage: 460/60/3


I am looking for a 16'x12' glass Bifold Paint Room Booth Door for an Auto Detail Shop between the shop and canopy work area.


Building is used as an automotive paint booth. The existing door slides opened sideways on rollers, We cannot give up any headroom to get vehicles in and out, outside height above opening is 11 inches. the door would have to seal well as well as be insulated. Can send pictures of existing door and opening.


Hi I'm writing from Denmark. Do you have a Schweiss bifolding door retailer in Europe? I would like two paint shop booth bifold doors for my new business. I hear your bifold doors seal the best compared to others on the market.  Best regards 


We need two quality Schweiss one-piece paint booth doors. one is a 12 by 10 the other is a 12 by 12 We are also interested in getting a quote for the build you own hydraulic door (BYOD) kits for these same openings.


Working on a Paint Hangar and need a 85' x 24' bifold hangar door that can be installed and relatively air tight. It will be the point of access for both the hangar and the Paint Booth. Need to know if you have any experience with this type of project. Can email a preliminary drawing once I have a point of contact.


Curious on applications of your hydraulic doors. I have a customer with headroom issues on multiple industrial spray and paint detail booths, most booths are touch up booths so overspray is very limited, these motors cannot be directly inside the booth and any safety features would need to be wireless or constant contact. Doors need to be roughly 14' tall by 12 wide with 6-8" of headroom. All are interior so windload elements need not apply. Thanks


I am looking to upgrade out of the sliding doors we have in our paint shop. Approx 22'x12'. I was hoping to go with some sort of self contained paint booth door unit? Thank you


We have a builder who is requesting us to quote out a bi fold paint booth door for an opening of 33' x 10'. It would be in a steel building. We are looking for a basic model and are open to any options available for this product . Please contact us if you require additional information. Thank you.


I need 2 bi fold paint booth sealed doors 48' X 14' for a couple paint booths. Need to have in process of installation by 4/28/17


I have some paint booths I need to enclose. The entrance side for our product is 48' X 12'. Is this something that can be done with a bi-fold paint booth door? Thanks


Hi, I have a paint shop 22' by 36' with a normal garage door. I would like to get a one piece hydraulic paint booth door 16'x10'. The building is all cement block . The door with have 36" door and two window, insulated and will be finished with a steel  siding. The side walls are cement blocks all around. Thanks


Planning a paint booth bay bifold door in an existing shop/machine shed with 14 foot sidewalls. Looking for a door to maximize headroom. An overhead door looses a lot for the springs, and sliding doors are, well, sliding doors. Looking for an ecconomical door to utilize existing space. Not in the budget to build a new shop. Interested to see how your door compairs. Thank you.


I am building a paint shop for myself one bifold paint booth door will be 28 feet wide by 14 feet high another will be 18 feet wide by 14 feet high the last one will be 10 feet by 10 feet I would also like them to be black in color could I get some prices to compare to sectional roll up doors emailing would be best thank you


We have a fantastic Schweiss automatic latch paint booth bi-fold door installed on one of our buildings. Our Installation instruction manual has not faired well over the years & we are in need of a replacement one. How can I go about obtaining a new copy? Thanks


Please give me a quote for 40ft wide x 10 ft clear bi- fold and a 40 ft wide x 14 ft clear bi-fold. Both with autolatches, liftstraps and remotes. These are for a car and truck paint booth. Thank you 


Do you sell just seals? If so I need to get some quotes on what options you have for our paint booth doors. I am looking into getting a new seal all along the bottom to fill in the gap from the bottom of the doors to the concrete. The gap ranges from 1/2 in to about 2 1/2 in. Need around 30FT of it. Harsh cleaning chemicals have weakened the seals. I need a good seal to keep dust out.


Best way to contact is email. Looking for a price on bi-fold liftstrap door 13'6" high by 18' wide for paint booth. 


I need a small welding shop door. Actually it is powder coating booth door that will need to be 30 ft. wide x 16 ft. tall. Hydraulic one piece booth door is best for this work because hydraulic pump unit can be mounted outside powder coating booth door.


Looking for a price or feasability of a 108'x 28' bifold strap fast opening door for a hanger. Also a 38'x13' paint booth explosion proof one piece hydraulic door. Please call to discuss - Thanks 


I would like a quote for a bifold liftstrap Schweiss door and also for a one piece hydraulic paint booth door that would fit a 12ft wide x 8ft tall opening in our metal building. 




Please price 2 doors end wall for a paint booth. Both same size 20x15. column material can be adjusted if something other than wood is preferred. Do your bifold doors work well for paint booths? If a hydraulic is better, please let me know.


Looking for a 16.5 x 8 ft Schweiss door for a paint booth with specifications for placement and size of hydraulic equipment needed. I would also like it to have an entrance door with a window.  thank you


We are looking at making a paint spray both that would have two openings on each side that would need a door that is 3' Tall x 80' wide. Is this something you can do? Pretty big door, I suppose Schweiss hydraulic would be best. What do you think.


Please send me the offer for 3 bifold large paint booth doors: 20 000 mm wide, 4000 mm high and 2 bifold doors 4000 mm wide, 4000mm high. Door finish: sandwich panel, galvanized steel plates thickness 0,8mm, self-extinguishing polyurethane foam, density 40kg/m3, panel thickness 55mm. Does your Schweiss bifold liftstrap door have emergency hand opening in case of energy failure?


We are looking for a Schweiss VERTICAL bi-fold door system for a 25' wide by 22' tall opening for our automotive and implement paint booth. Is this something that you can provide? Thank you.


Hello, we're quoting a large paint building and would like to get a quote on some one piece hydraulic doors. I'll forward you the building drawings once I get a response. Wade


Our company is quoting a project for the Government in PA. and they've requested (4) Manual Bi-Fold style Doors 18'x 18'. I'm assuming they are Alumized or Galvanized as they are for a Large Spraybooth. Is this something you guys can help me with? Thank you


Need Budget price for two 85' clear doors.Job is S. Marine in a Building is paint building for shipsThanks


I have a Blasting Booth "Hand Blasting" with an entrance opening of 45'4" X 6'2". Door would have smooth side facing inside, folding to the outside. I have cad drawings if you require. Your door system looks like it may work for this application.


I need a quote on a 30'w x 18'h horiz. bi-fold door for exterior mtg on a large spraybooth.


We build and install automotive paint booths. please send all available info you could supply to us.


I desperately need a copy of the maintenance manual for the bi-fold door on our new paint bldg. Thank you, Chuck M. Maintenance Analyst Products, Inc Ashland City, Tn.


To be used on a tall/wide Paintspray booth Please specify how you work around the sparking devices within a paintbooth.