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I am in the late stages of engineering and planning my new garage. My HOA is being difficult a functional third car bay to store my classic muscle car I'm inheriting from my dad. I'd like to consider a Schweiss door and mechanics after initial completion where I will be putting a simple faux wall in the frame with cement board siding. At a later date, I'd like to attach identical cement board to your hardware (very similar to the Houston home you advertise). This would then look like a hidden door. To be prepared, at this time I need to understand the structural requirements for the 10 foot wide by 7 foot tall door opening. I would have a slanted roof, so could accommodate a bottom motor or slanted roof motor assembly. Can this information be provided? Or alternatively can you quote and provide similar detail for the Schweiss freestanding header so I can include it in my structural detail to ensure proper support/anchoring? I am currently using a steel frame for my 20' opening to minimize sag, so a similar construction is feasible for this opening. Appreciate your help and look forward to doing business.


Hello. Looking to install a schweiss door- a window wall garage door for my house. Opening is 8ft tall x 9ft wide. Looking for pricing info as well as delivery turn around to see if it fits my budget. Thanks in advance.


We're in schematic design of a single family residence in Medina, WA and are looking for a bi-fold door roughly 20'-6" wide and 9' tall. We'd like to clad the door in wood siding so that when the door is closed, it appears to be a wall. A wall door that blends in well with its surrounding. I'd like to discuss best products to achieve this. Thanks!


Hi, looking at designing a dance studio with a moving wall door that could separate the floor space into two rooms or one larger room. Are you able to make moving wall doors? Could the wall door have glass mirrors?


We are building a new luxury home in california and want a show stopping moving wall door. All glass awning door to open to our back patio kitchen. Some of the projects in your designer doors look similar to our design. We look forward to hearing back with specs and pricing. Thank you, Andy


I'm an architect working on a commercial project in Chattanooga. We would like to incorporate a moving window wall door that has bronze steel framing. Similar to the schweiss door project on the Sway Thia restaurant glass hydraulic door. I look forward to receiving specs on a hydraulic window wall door. Thank you, Mary Beth


Looking for a quote and specification for a crane bifold door. The door will need to raise up to allow for the crane to pass through two separate interior areas. The door will not be subject to exterior wind loading. I can send some sections if you follow up with an email.


I live in an HOA that does not allow front facing garage doors. Looking for an option to make a Schweiss moving wall door look like a wall.


Hello, I am looking to spec a vertical bi folding moving wall style door for a new ground up commercial project in Marina Del Rey Ca. Can you connect me with a local rep to begin the process of designing the bifold or hydraulic moving wall door. Thanks again,