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We are planning a Mountain Airpark hangar for a BT-13. What size door would be need to have a 50' x 14' clear opening. Would probably go with bi-fold with straps. Are there bottom, top and side seals that will keep out critters and outside weather? Are the doors insulated, or can we add insulation? We will probably heat and cool the hangar. Is there a difference in the wind load for bi-fold vs hydraulic.


I have a mountain airpark hangar home with a 50" X 10' opening. Due to the low clearance the hydraulic door may be preferred over the bifold hangar home door. I want to buy a door in the next 30 days and I need assistance in having it installed. I look forward to your response.


We are completing the design specifications on a modern mountain home airpark golf course. One of the things we would like to use in the house is a glass panel airpark by-fold garage door in the great room. The opening is 120" tall by 144" wide.


Looking for a price on a 47x18 bifold for a clients mountain side airpark hangar as soon as possible. Thank much for your time


I just built a new hangar on my plot of land at my local airpark, the mountains can funnel the wind so I'll need some doors that are rated to at least 100mph.


Need quote on two doors one door is 48 ft. Wide x 17ft high side wall, other door is 53ft wide x 19ft high end wall, The doors will be installed on our mountain airpark hangars.


I have a mountain airpark project that may fit a bifold application. The customer wants to open the door to the exterior. Weather seal is certainly a consideration.


Need pricing on an 80'-0" wide x 26'-0" clear bi-fold door delivering to Front Range Mountain Airpark Airport, Watkins, CO  Also pricing for an 85'-0" wide x 26'-0" clear mountain airpark bi-fold door - same location Please give me a call at your earliest convenience....I'm needing the wedge dimension to establish a building eave height.


Hi i'm looking to get some mountain airpark aircraft hanger bifold doors and trying to get a price from you guys please give me a call thank you


I live in Wasilla, AK. Starting planning building a hangers that will need mountain airpark doors. I have seen and like your bi-fold door with straps. Looking for at or close to a 50ft door 12 or 14' height. Curious on pricing, shipping to AK, recommended contractors you may use in AK for installation, and hanger width and height required for the 50' door. I.E. how much wider does the hanger need to be for the 50 ft door install. Im in the starting stages of hanger design so lots of flexibility. Thanks very much Taylor


Hello, My name is Scott Jewell and I live in Willow, Alaska. I am a developer currently building a 320 acre Mountain airpark, I will have a total of 93 building lots. We are the general contractor and will be building all hangers. I am interested in possibly having a dealership on your mountain airpark  doors, give me some information if you will. Let me know the requirements along with the cost savings, also give me some info on best shipping methods you currently use for Alaska. I do quite a bit of purchasing from the states, have an account with Carlisle shipping out of the Tacoma docs. Guessing you have already done a decent amount of shipping to AK, i won't reinvent the wheel if you already have a better method? Anyhow, give me some feedback and we'll go from there. Thanks much, Scott.


I have a client that is after a Schweiss bi-fold or possibly the one piece hydraulic lift door this will be for a custom mountain airpark door at his  residence in Jackson hole Wyoming. I am after a insulated core that I can skin for the appearance of disappearing and blending into the board and bat siding the opening is 8 feet tall with room to adjust and play with 6" or so and the width is 16 feet rough opening now can adjust to smaller to accommodate as needed but would like to keep that with in reason. please contact me via email or phone for more info and cost thank you.


Looking for the B.Y.O.D kit for my remote mountain airpark hangar. The door jamb is 20'x10'. The exterior will be covered with Hardi Siding. Please provide me with the cost. Thanks, 


I'm considering a bifold door for a remodel of a residential mountain airpark. This will have wood framing to accommodate the door. The opening will be 13 feet to ceiling (door mounted above header) and the height of the door in open position would need to be 12 inches or less (if possible). Also, it may need to conform to building exterior look for HOA compliance/acceptance. The width of the Schweiss mountain airpark doors would need to be either 14 feet (if set perpendicular) or up to 18 feet (if set at an angle to street). I have not decided yet the final orientation of the door as the Schweiss bifold has given me different options.