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I am building a 28 x 32 detached storage unit and looking for an estimate on a bifold door (strap) door size 20 w x 10 please - for a lake property in Pequot Lakes MN incidentally. some idea of cost- delivered. can any contractor install or does this require special installers? If so who would you recommend for Pequot area ? turn time to create it delivery options any special building prep considerations - assume mounted externally. std electrical power or higher voltage required. is there a manual crank back up options should power fail Please be so kind as the email the responses and if moving forward I will have the builder we plan to use contact you - we are still in the design stage. thanks


Good Day, We have a new hangar steel framed building be built and we need some details and questions regarding a bi-fold hangar door. The door opening is 18' high by 42' wide. I am looking for some information on if it can be manually opened in case of the power being loss and I need to know if you can provide your minimum clearances, and a basic spec that I can write into the bid documents.


Greetings! I've inherited a 40' Bi-fold hangar door. In preparation for this coming winter. Is there any way to manually open my door in case of a prolonged power outage? Door Motor CAT. NO.: 131877.00 and MODEL NO.: C184C17NC3B. Best regards, Dave


Have (2) sets of 20x14 bifold liftstrap doors that I need quoted pretty quickly if possible. I can send a set of plans if sent a follow up email. Project is in Brenham TX. Currently looking at your bifold strap doors with auto latching systems and manual door backup systems.


I am looking for a 9'0" wide 8'0" high overhead bifolding liftstrap door for a residential project. 8'0" is the finished opening that I need when the door is open. My client doesn't mind it having a manually cranked backup opening device if it makes it work budget wise and if that is available. Door must be insulated. The door will have smooth cement fiber siding applied to it and painted to match foundation.


Is it possible to get quotes for an 18 foot door as well? Also, I would like a quote for a manually operated bifold door backup system that uses no electricity and that can be hand operated. Thank you!


We are installing a metal building roughly 12' wide and 20' long, and 10' high. We would like to put a garage door on each of the 12' ends and a big one on the 20' Gable front side. We are looking at Bi fold doors non hydraulic, just Manuel and they would need to be see though. Can you help with this matter, and what size of doors would we need


I would like an estimate on a 20' wide x 14' tall (net) bi-fold strap door. Do you make one with a manual operator.


I am a small fish inquiring about the lower end of the limits of your Schweiss strap lift bifold doors. Residential project with an opening 18' wide x 8'6" high. Can I get a clear opening 7' tall? Can the motor mount to the header/frame rather than the lower half of the door? For a smaller opening of this size, is a manual door with a backup system option? 2nd door, same location, 22' wide and a 10' high opening. Motor location not an issue, thought a remote control option is needed. At this point I am kicking tires attempting to narrow options for customer (wife). Ballpark pricing are all I need at the moment. As a GC, i will install, unless your protocol includes local installers. I hope these are not too small for your Schweiss bifold design parameters. If it is, I would appreciate any suggestions for other companies that might better match my project. Kind regards and


We are considering replacing a conventional sectional light gauge steel garage type door on our equipment shop with a bi fold hanger type door. Manual operation is desired. No Windows. Corrosion resistant materials are desired. ( located 10' from the harbor). Thanks. Inlcude quote for shipping to CA.


Hi, Just contacting you to see what is available for our Hangar door in Kingston Jamaica. On a regular bases the power in Jamaica is "Dirty, loss of phase " so we rely on a back up generator to open the door from time to time. Last month our New generator had a Voltage regulator failure and we had no way to open the Hangar. Is there a Battery back up unit, or chain fall system available? regards Robert, Hangar Manager


When I ordered my Schweiss bifold door from you I should have gotten it with a battery backup opening system in case of a power outage. Could I order and install a Schweiss manual door backup system from you.


Hi, I am interested in getting more information on your bi-fold doors. Do you make doors as small as 8'W x 9'H? Can they open manually in case of a power outage? Thanks.


We have a bifold cable drive door and are wondering the manual opening process if a failure occurs because we now have a med vac helicopter in the hanger all input is valued


I bought an aircraft hangar with an electric schweiss bifold door. In case of a power outage, is there a manual way to open/close the door? Thanks


Hi I need a one-piece hydraulic hangar door 39 feet by 10 feet 6 in. Our building is prone to power loss so we will definitely need a manual door backup system in case of emergencies. Thank you


Need a lift-strap door for my barn, 14' high x 15' wide. No electricity yet; can one have a manual door system which can be switched to electric later? Is there a price range for this size, please?


I would like a formal quote for the emergency backup hand crank for bi-fold door, let me know payment options also. Thank you, Gary


I am also interested in the individual prices for each of the upgraded items, especially the Schweiss bifold door handcrank backup system override.


I am working on a building quote and need an estimate on a bifold door 45' x 16' using the strap system with a manual bifold door backup system. Loren


I need a hanger door 35' wide by 10' tall opening. Prefer manual bifold door operation and manual bifold door backup system if possible.


I am looking for a hydraulic powered hangar-style garage door to replace an existing standard "up-and-over" 2-car garage door. I also need an electrical  backup system in case of power outage and power/remote garage door opener that is not installed overhead.


I have no electric power. Can i use a solar panel and 12 volt battery to power a hydraulic hangar door? If not, I may be interested in a manual backup system. This would be for an aviat husky in AK. Thx. Richard


We will be needing four insulated overhead bifold recycling center doors each 25' wide by 20' high. We want Schweiss lift strap doors with a couple of remote door openers for each door to give to our drivers. They should be equipped with manual door backup systems.


Looking to raise a 60x80 shed and need pole barn machine shed doors on each end. Walls are 14', thinking of going up 3' maybe a 40' wide? Submit price with door liftstraps and walk door? Manual latch door system is fine.


I own an hangar 12 x 15 meters. I have a manual system of the door, and want to change for this system. I live in Mexico. Can you send me information about prices, plans, construccion etc. on your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Red Power doors. The hangar I have is block construction with wood roof and shingles. Wilt 


Hello, I am in the market for a new bifold door for my shop. The opening is 16' x 12'. and I have 2' of additional wedge room. So the door size I'm looking for is 16 x 14. It's a sturdy 2x6 wood building, built in the 80's. Size of the building is bout 30' x 40'. The building is heated, so the door would need to be insulated. I'm looking for a price, and any additional things we would need? Do you think we'd need a free standing header? Possibly a couple small windows for light? Also, can a person get a manual lift instead of a power one? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon, and hope we can do business.


I have your bi-fold door and it is installed. The electricity is out (for quite a while) and I am out of town from the building but I have a friend who lives nearby. Is there a way to manually shut the door? Thx, 


Concerned about operation of bi fold door in case of power or equipment failure--how would one open/close? What kind of back up system is available, or option to operate? Thanks


1. I am looking for a single car bi-fold garage door. 2. Desire simple low tech manually operated door for installaiton in an existing block wall construciton garage. 3. Can you email me: a. Photos of standard bi-fold doors b. Dimensions of door and required opening c. Prices and or range of prices before shipping d. Distributors in the Norfolk, Virgina area Note, if you call, be aware that I am currently in Baghdad. It would be best to email and provide a time and POC for me to call you. Thanking you in advance.


Would you please email me with the cost of the manual door crank for our bifold doors?  I am referring to the emergency crank in case the power is out. Also, do you know how long it takes to crank down a 50' or 60' door by hand? Thx.


We Purchased a door from you I believe in the fall of 2006. Electric ( 2 motors) Strap door. Anyways we have had a couple of instances this past winter when the local power system has been down for extended periods of time. I do remember there being some sort of backup opening system as an option. My question therefore is: Is there an alternate backup system for our door. If so what is the cost and how does it work. Regards Hans


Hydraulic doors: Can these be setup to us manually? Don't have electricity. Or can a gas motor be attached to your Red Power pump. Can they be insulated? I need a door that I can seal for root cellar. to keep cold air out.


Building 45' x 60' steel hanger for a client. Need a 12' x 45' 2 leaf top hung sliding door. Manually operated. The client wants an inexpensive door for his hanger. Need price and time frame. Please include shipping cost to the job site.