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My customer is looking for a door to install on his Machine Shop. He would like a quote on both a Bi-Parting and One Piece Hydraulic Door


Looking for a 40 ft wide by 15 ft tall bifold door for machinery pole barn. Thanks


Hi there Would like 40 x 18 Bi-Fold door with lift straps for a new shed and would like to know if you can supply me the door for this project. Any distributing dealers in eastern Ontario between Ottawa and Montreal ? Or can i buy directly from your company in the US? What information would you need ? Thanks for info and pricing.


Looking to replace insulated sliding doors on a Morton machineshed shop with an overhead or bifold power door. width is 27ft ht is oprox 14ft. Could you give me a call with a price for something as I am describing?


Looking for quote on machine shed door hyd or bifold aprox 45’ w 20 ‘ sidewall already have steel to sheet door. Building built two years ago. Heavy multi laminated side posts


We are looking to build a shed for small tractor, lawn mower, snow blower etc. Wondering what Schweiss Doors would recommend as for a size to do and the cost.


I have a 60'x96' machine shed with a 30'x16' sliding door on the east gable end. I am in the process of insulating the building. I want to replace the 30'x16' sliding doors with a 24'x16' schweiss bifold door. The insulation and capacity to make a tight seal is paramount as is the 16'. Please send me a quote and contractors you have worked with in the past in my area.


In need of a machine shed overhead door for new building. Need something with enough clearance for my equipment.


We are looking to replace our door on our machine shed. looking for a door that is 24' wide, 18' tall Please let me know what you would be able to do for us Side walls are 20' tall


Quote for hydraulic door with steel walk door. 49x15 No installation and no metal sheeting. Door for machine shed.


Hello, I have swing out doors on my storage/machine shed and I would like to convert them to something easier to use during the winter months. I'm interested in the bifold strap door- can I get an estimate for this to replace my swing doors?


Wondering what the cost of a 27’ wide by 16’ tall bifold door would cost for my machine shed looking to replace my sliding doors


Building a new machine shed located in canada and would like an overhead door. Looking at either the bifold or hydraulic door. Could I get some prices for shop doors?


We are looking at options for replacing a machine shed agriculture use bifold strap door (currently on original sliders) measuring 234.5" wide and 166.5" tall. Would appreciate including labor and install within quote. Thank you!


Hi, I would like to obtain a quote for installing a bi-fold or hydraulic door on our machine shed. We are a farm operation. I prefer the bifold strap system over hydraulic, but am willing to purchase whatever door is best for this application regardless of cost. Thanks.


I have a machine shed with a 13'6" by 20'6"door that I would like to see the cost of a bifold door with lift straps and two windows.


Researching a bifold strap door solution to enclose my 50'x50' machine shed on the farm. One end is fully open with a height of 14', but may wish to reduce to 12'. depending on price and need.


I would like a qoute on a 26' 8" wide by 12' high bifold liftstrap door for my machine shed. Replacing sliding doors. Will also want a remote opener for this door.


Existing machine shed. Columns are 4 - 2x8's nailed together. Are our columns heavy enough? We have enough building height to go with a 36 " wedge. We would be face mount. Price me a bifold liftstrap machine shed door with a walk door.


I am building a new machine shed and would like to compare a bifold strap door vs a traditional overhead, door would have to be insulated size 16 x 30 steel frame building. How fast do your bifold doors this size open?


I have a machine shed with and opening 27’ wide by 16’ tall wondering what a price on a door that size would be thanks


I’m on a budget, need least expensive bifold liftstrap automatic latching safety door for my machine shed 22 feet wide 14 feet tall. What do you suggest?


Looking at building a 60’ x 80’ farm machine storage shed this spring. Looking at different door options, but mostly interested in your bifold lifting strap door that automatically locks from a remote control. My 28’ W x 17 T gable end door is what I’m planning on now. What would that cost approximately. Probably consider either bifold or hydraulic door.


We purchased our property with an existing steel building that is open on one side. We believe a product like your bifold door would best meet our needs, so we have a couple questions: Can a door like that be a DIY project or better done by professionals? Does the system require bolstering of the attaching frame of the building or a freestanding header? What is the rough cost of a machine shed bifold door that covers 37 foot wide hy 14 foot tall opening? Thank you, Bret


Looking to replace our sliding post frame machinery shed door with a bifold strap door. Not sure what to get or what we need to do to our building. 22 ft high 70 ft long


Building a new 80' x 120' x 18' machine storage shed and will be putting a 50' x 16' bifold door in one gable end and would like a price please. I will install it and they have engineered the gable end truss to carry the load but we can verify that after we have some details. Building should start about March 1, 2020. Please feel free to call or email me. Thanks


I currently have sliding doors on my Morton machine shed I believe the opening is 30' tall x 18' tall. I was looking at wanting a bifold liftstrap or hydraulic door instead of the sliders that never open and are always having to be adjusted. I am curious what the cost would be to get one of those put on.


I'm looking to replace end door on a Morton Machine shed Sith one of your bifold liftstrap zero maintenance doors. Located in central IL


Total outside building width is 60 feet on my machine shed and I want the door as wide as possible so I mentioned 58 feet wide to leave some room for install etc. but if you have suggestions/solutions to have it opening over the full width I am listening.


Looking for pricing for a Machine Shed Bifold Door 35'w x 14'6" to 15' h for a client (farmer) that we are putting up a building for. Automatic open w/ remote control. We would have to insulate for heat. 


I have a machine shed with a cement foundation located in Lamont, IA. The south end of this machine shed features a 24' wide x 15' high sliding door that opens in two equal sized parts. I am pouring a floor in this building and insulating the walls and ceiling to make the building into a farm shop. This means the sliding door needs to be replaced with something that is better sealed. One thing I like about the construction of the sliding door is that it provides an opening right up to the underside of the trusses, maximizing the height of machinery that can pass through the door. Do you offer any other commercial doors that would preserve my full opening height? I look forward to your response.


I am looking to replace a machine shed door due to wind storms and would like a price on a 18x36 Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door to put on a 60' x100' x 18' shed. Thanks


Looking for a quote on a 24x16 one-piece Hydraulic Door for a farm machinery shed. Would you also provide an opener for such a door? Thanks.


Interested in a large 45' x 18' hydraulic door for machine shed in OK. 13'x19' possibly also for a larger equipment storage shed.


I would like a price for either a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap machine shed farm door or a hydraulic door. The building is a 60' x 40' building with a door opening of 14'3" x 20' wide. we do not want to lose any opening height, I heard that you lose no headroom with a Schweiss Bifold door. Thanks. Steve J.


Have a rural door owner wants to replace cumbersome sliding doors. Door frame is 89'-7 1/2" x 19'. This is on a large wooden machine shed, so price freestanding bifold door header and two walk doors. Liftstraps only, no cables.


We built a machinery shed last fall but didn't put doors on it. After watching the snow blow in to it all winter, we are wanting bifold doors. It is 30x62 and about 14' high in the front. It has 2 posts approximately 20' apart in front. So we would need 3 bifold straplift doors.


Hi, I have already your great bifold strap door with autolatch and remote. I would like to have price and delivery for a machine shed door. 50 foot wide 16 high the building had 16' interior. Strap system, auto latch and remote control. We will start build it in three months. 


I plan on building a machine shed that has a door on either non-loadbearing end. These ends would be about 30ft wide by 14ft high. I am open to different types of doors, bifold straplift or hydraulic. But they need to be able to accommodate large machines and safety measures are appreciated. I would like the estimates of any doors that fit the bill. I would like to have a catalog if available. Thanks


I have a 45' Schweiss bi-fold shop door. It works great. I'm ready now to order another door exactly the same size for a steel farm machine shed door.


Planning for a new farm machine shop door next year. Building construction is currently unknown with respect to steel or wood framed building. Current plan is for a 60x120 building with approximately half (50'x60') an insulated shop door  with either a hydraulic swing door or bifold liftstrap door 18' high by 38 wide. The equipment doors will be on the sidewall of the building. The shop door will have an apron in front of the door. I like the seal and shade offered by a hydraulic swing door, but lean towards bifold strap doors due to heavy winter snow fall, building strength and swing out distance. A lot of work gets done outside the shop door on the apron. I think a Schweiss bifold door would work better if the door needed to be opened with equipment parked outside. I am at the stage where I could design the building around whatever Schweiss door I choose. 


We have Schweiss farm shop hydraulic doors and now would like to order a bifold machine shed door. Quote a 42x22 ft. steel door with autolatches and door liftstraps. 


50 x 17 bifold machine shed door in a 50 x 90 x 18  pole barn building. End wall for door is open now. Concrete poured 6 weeks ago. Would like  price to include walk doors, windows, remote door opener. Completion before spring thaw.


Need two steel building large farm equipment doors. Doors will be 20 ft high by 40 ft long. Supply all specs for the doors and door install price. Are there any special door details if the building is a post frame instead of steel? Will want liftstrap door with remote door opener.


Saw Schweiss Doors at Dakota fest. Could we make the bifold machine shed door higher? Planning on bigger farm shop door for new combine. Also still want two walk doors.


My machine shed will be built and in need of two large steel doors next month. Door sizes: 58' x 22'. Bifold liftstrap door design with Schweiss  autolatching doors and remote openers. Extra handheld remotes, farmsite door installation.


I am considering converting a round roof barn (36 x 80) to a machine shed. This would involve holding the barn up while the old walls are removed, new 4 ft walls poured on the existing footings. then lowering it down. Then I would need to put a large Schweiss bifold strap door on one end, Possibly a 16 x 24. Can you give me an estimate on what this would cost and what it would entail? I am not sure that this whole process is economically feasible


Looking for some Schweiss Doors info on a 30'x 16' hydraulic and/or bi-fold door for farm equipment Building is a steel frame 90 x 180 x 18' walls. I'm just quoting right now. The job site is in Oak Park, MN 


I am looking for a door for an existing building. I cannot afford to lose any head room as my combine just goes in my door now. The building is a pole type. I believe the liftstrap Schweiss bifold will suit my needs best. Tell me what additional info you will need to supply me a quote. Also estimated delivery time once order is placed. I went with Schweiss because I want a dependable low maintenance door. Yours fits the bill nicely.


Hi, I have a 60'x81' steel building. I has 2, 20'w x 16'h sliding doors. I am looking into replacing these doors with Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold doors. Keeping in mind overhead clearance is an issue as farm machinery is sometimes very close to the existing 16' height. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, J.J. Wolf


Considering putting up a new machine shed on farm this year. saw your ad. looking for options, sizes and pricing on two large bifold doors with liftstraps and autolatches. thanks


I am dividing a machine shed shop the opening I have is 13x26 and need all the height. I have about 15" above that. Is it possible to put in a bi fold or should I be looking at a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door?


I have a 30\' wide by 16\' tall opening for sliding doors on existing machine shed. Have 2 questions. How well do your doors hold up under wind gusts? What would Hydraulic Red Power door or the Bi-Fold door with lift straps cost, installed? How much extra for a walk thru door?


Please provide a price for a 42' x 14' ( clear opening) bifold liftstrap/autolatch airport shop door c/w electric operator. Include exterior cladding, insulation and interior cladding.


Do have dealers in Alberta? or are all sales direct? will you have a booth at the Red Deer farm show in early November? Thinking of building a shop with a bifold on the one end wall, could you give me an estimate landed on site? end wall 58' wide X 20' high with an door opening of 56' wide X 20' high a bifold door with a 36" walk in door at left end, then about 6 windows 24" x 48" placed evenly across the rest of door up 4' from ground, nothing fancy double pain, nor do I need a insulated door like a roll up door. put the strap roll system on it. this should still leave me 18' of clearance, right? will this door be inside the door opening or on the outside overlaping the exterior wall? 


I would like to price a 40'X16' and a 30'X16' bi-fold door. My machine shed will be 54' wide with 18' sidewalls. I can't afford to lose anymore than five inches headroom because I have some big machinery to move in and out. Also need two remotes for each door and good insulation.


I have a machine shop building with a door opening of approximately 11'9" tall by 19' wide. The door is offset to one side, would it be possible to install a bi-fold door? Also I need a minimum of 11' 3" clearance. What would the cost be for such a door? Thanks for your help. Albert


My farm is in Chippewa County and located about 11 miles south of Watson. I live in Minneapolis. My smaller machine shed had sliding doors that have been destroyed in the wind. The opening is about 16 feet wide and 12 feet high. Could you please call me with an estimate for replacing those doors with one of your Schweiss bi-folds. The shed has electricity (but not 220v) available. I am going to put on new siding and shingle the building this fall, so I would like to install a new door before then. I would like the cost of your doors and the schedule for installation. Thank you...Harv       


Looking for heavy duty doors with opener for the end wall on my steel machine shed. Wind wrecked the existing "Brand Z" doors. Your Schweiss Door factory is only about 60 miles from me in southern Minnesota. I see a lot of your doors on other farmers buildings and they stand up well.


Considering bifold and single piece door for a machine shop. Would like a kit I can assemble myself. Door size is 14 high by 15 wide. Can you include insulation and remote opener too.


Looking for 2 b-fold or hydraulic overhead doors for my arch rib machine shed. -1 door is 14' high by 20' wide -1 door is 14' high and 24' wide Price must include insulation, auto latches (or Red Power) and installation Thanks Michael


Looking at door alternatives on my new machine storage shed. The building is done except for the 30x16 end door. I currently have a sliding door on my shop which I hate (yes i am checking for cracks periodically) but I am interested in a Schweiss bifold door for this building. Upgrades I would make is the alarm system for door opening and closing, remote control and possibly the bottom object contact sensor. Can you give me an approximate cost of all these items including the door itself?




I am working with an owner who wants to put a large Schweiss bifold door in his new equipment shop. He would like to have 20' clear height and between 35 and 45 wide. Only wants lift straps, not cables, insulated and with two extra remote openers for other users. Please advise on best solution.


Just lookinf for a quote on a schweiss bifold door for my steel machine shed. The approximate size in 25wide x 13.5tall Thanks you. 


I have a conventional roll up doors on my machine shed and for the second time this year I have had my track door blow off in the wind because the south side was not closed and the east side was with 50 mps wind. looking for easier way to close and secure the doors. sizes 29feet 2 in wide by 13 feet 2 inch tall side wall and 23feet 7 in by 14 feet tall end wall looking for a simpal Schweiss door no insulation or windows white steel


Intersted in a 30' x 16' schweiss bi fold door on are machine shed. Would like a price for the door and what it would cost for you guys to install it, general idea


Wondering the cost of a Bi-fold door 24' wide by 13'6" high for my steel machine shed. I would like the cost for you to install this door. I also want 3 windows 24" x 36" framed into the door. Thanks


would like a price on 24 foot 2 piece vertical lift shop door thinking of building a machine shop this coming january, thanks


One of your salesman is working on a quote for us to purchase one Schweiss folding doors for a machine shop. A catalog of what you furnish would be handy for our design build projects.


This wood tool shed is not yet built. We are looking for a good auto opening hydraulic door. width is 60ft 120ft long 16ft side walls. Seeing that its wood can it handle your heavy duty doors or is there something I can do to reinforce it.


would like an estimated cost for bifold door for new machine shed, possible two doors want opening 12x40and 12x30. On the 40' I need 2 windows. Thank you


Looking for a bi-fold door (8"wX7"h)for a shed project with lift strap and manual lift. Maybe insulated, or capabale of being insulated after installation.


Hi, would like to price a 12'6'' by 20' door to put on machine shed with 2 windows. Would like to do the turn key with you guys installing it. You did one bifold door for my neighbor Phil about 4 years ago. He likes it and brags about it all the time.  Anyways just would like a quote. Thanks


Im planning a post frame hangar for a couple ultralights. i would like to design and build so that it can also be used as a machine shed for large farm equip. Im thinking in the range of a 60' x 100' x 16' shed with a 40' x 16' bifold door in one of the long walls. if you would consider , please , send me a catalogue and any other info you can. even a rough - ball park- price would be welcome at this time. thank you for your consideration of my inquiry sincerely kevin merkle


I am thinking on a retrofit on my older wooden machine shed. At present there are two door spaces (using 4 sliding wooden doors, each door space: 19' 6" wide and 10' 8" high. What is approximate cost, for bifold (or other)doors for these two door spaces. I am tired of fighting with the present wooden doors and I am ready for some better doors!! I'm thinking bifold. I am open to suggestion. Please an approximate estimate for self-installation and for for you folks to do it. Thanks you Jerry H.


I have purchased a 55'# 100' machine shed, and want to look in a 28'wide by 16' high, and a 24' by 16',and a 25'by14' doors hydraulic style


Farm Machinery storage shed, have clunky slide doors on now which are getting harder to open. I'm thinking the bifold might be my best choice. Give me a call or email. Thanks


I am in the planning stage of new construction for summer of 2010. Have priced a new FBI building without overhead doors. Plans are for two overhead doors on 18 foot side wall, 30 feet wide each. As of now an approximate cost would be appreciated, I would want the specifics from FBI before the doors were ordered. This is for farm machinery storage and shop. One door would be insulated, the other would not. What are the advantage of bifold over hydralic doors? What are the differences between bifold and hydraulic doors? If you need further information please do not hesitate to call for clarification. Thank you, Jake L, Lincoln, IL


We are in the very early planning stages of an 80'X100'X20' building that will be a machine shed/shop with an office. We are looking at two 40'X20' bifolds and a 16'X20' of some undetermined kind yet.


Just getting an updated door quote on a 39'5'' wide by 10'10" rough opening for a machine shed. Both bifold and hydraulic door quotes please.


I have 2 machine sheds, each with bi-fold doors. One door is 42 feet wide, the other 50 feet wide. They are approximately 30 years old each. I am thinking about replacing the cables on each door and wondering if there are lift straps available that I could attach to the steel frames. Both doors are very heavy steel frames. I currently have one roller that the weld is cracking on and if I have to replace one, I thought I should think about replacing the others also. I appreciate your help with this situation. If you call the above number, it is my place of business and you can ask for me. Thank you, Mark W.


I need a quote on three 36' wide by14' high bifold doors with related framing for a steel building.


Looking for a replacement door for a farm machine shed. Rough opening is 24' x 15' 9". Building will be heated.


I am going to be building a 60x96 cold machinery storage building and I am pricing a 16x36 hydralic door. What would one of your doors cost. I do live in Minnesota if that makes any difference. Thanks Dick K. Call my cell phone with any questions or send me an e-mail and I will try to answer them.


Hi, I'm looking for a replacement door for a 54' x 90' building machine shed. The opening is 28' x 13'. Do you install the door? Thanks,Steve


Looking to price out a door for customer on his Machine shed/shop. Give me a call to quote this. 20x16 Thanks, Chuck


im looking for a door to put on a hip roof wood structure machine shed that i want to turn into a work shop but im short on head room i have approx. 12ft. to ceiling joists now and need 14ft. my plans are to dig out the dirt to get my height so i would like some liture on your doors that would best suit my building. thanks jerry.


I have a 50 x 100 existing machiene shed. May turn into ag shop. 2x6 framed with wood clearspan trusses. current end opening is 18 x 24 wide would like to know if I could put a bifold or one piece door to span as close to the 50' end width as I can. I know I would have to do some modifacations as the current footings are poored to accomidate the current 24' opening. Ideas Please Thanks Warren N.


Hello, I would like to get a qoute on installing a bi-fold door on my machine shed. Ross P.


I am Building a pole machine shed & am looking for an inexpendsive 24 x 16 door. I have the poles set.


We have a machine shed that needs new doors on one side I was wanting a quote on a hyrdaulic door that would fit a opening of 30ft wide by 16 ft tall. Thank you


I would like information on you bifold doors and also the one-piece hydraulic door. I have a machine shed that has a 30 by 15.5 door


I am considering puting up a 50x60 ft. shed. The side walls will be 15 foot high. I will be putting large doors on each end as well as a rolling door (12 ft wide W 12 foot high in the middle. I don't know much about your doors and would be interested in getting prices.


Iam looking for a one piece door to put on my machine shed,the opening is 15'4" tall and 25'4" wide. Thank you.


We're planning a new machine shed/shop on our farm for summer construction. I'm interested in a 24'x14' overhead, bi-fold, or one piece door. Can you give me a quote? Looking over your options, I'm sure it's hard to quote without more detail. In general, we're building a post frame building, 16' clearspan, and the door will be located on a sidewall. I want the door a minimum of 14' high and, depending on the I beam header size, we may be able to make it 15' high. I would want a couple windows, remote opener, the option to plug a tractor into the system in the event of a power failure. I think I like the flushmount style the best. Could you give me optional prices on options #1,2,3, and 5. Also, option installation. Delivery would be to Earlville, Il.


building a shop wondering about bi-fold doors I want height of at least 15' possibly 16' to bring machinery into the building. What size of rough opening would I need? I'm looking for 30' and 24' wide doors. 30' would be an end door and the 24' would be a side door.


We are building a shop / machinery storage building for a larger family farm located in SW Minnesota. They are looking for a 48' x 16' equipment door along with a 28' x 16' and a 16' x 16' door. They believe they want hydraulic doors, but would consider a bi-fold doors if there is a significant price difference. The clearance is an issue, so in the case of the bi-fold doors we would want to go to an 18' high door to still get the 16' of clearance. Since these are located on an end wall of a 160' wide building there would be no problem in accomodating the additional height for the bi-fold door opening. Please give us pricing quotes as soon as possible. Thanks, Neal


Please send ruff estement on 36 foot by 15.5 foot machinery shed door the other door on this shed is an overhead door with motor driven oporation.reason for inqiry is to be abel to use door year round.now north door is frozen shut thank you matt a.


I have a Cowin 36' x 60' machine shed with 10' 6" high x 16' wide door. I want to convert the door to 13' high x 24' wide. The end wall with the existing doors is not strong enough for an overhead door. What would you recommend.


Would like a quote for a bi-fold and a hydralic door for an existing machine shed. It is 24' wide and 14' tall. Would like to lose as little head clearance as possible. It is a steel building approx 35 years old. Thanks


I am looking for a door for a steel machine shed. My demensions are 24ft wide by 14ft heigh. This shed is a York manufactured building and was put up around 1980. What do you recomend?


we need a door replaced on our machine shed and need a quote. It is an insureance job and we have a quote from a nother manufacturer i hope yoy have a dealer up here in canada


hello- we recently installed an open sided machinery building. we would like to put doors on the side that is open. there are four openings on the east side of the building. the openings are 20' wide and 15' high. would it be possible to put a one piece or bi fold door on this shed? we are just kind of inquiring about pricing at this point between folding and roll up doors. thanks alot for you time. you can get back to me at any time. thanks don k. Easy Acres