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Curious about pricing for a 72"x84" schweiss bifold with lift strap door for a ceramics studio on our property.


Can I get a quote for a 72'x22' schweiss strap lift hangar door? New construction project in Colorado Springs, CO. Going on a PEMB - no manufacturer given, no specs given.


New Bid Project - County Airplane Hangar SCHWEISS BI-FOLD 50' W x 16' H BOTTOM DRIVE, LIFT TYPE: STRAP


Looking to replace a hydraulic door on our barn/hangar that is approximately 25' wide x 14' tall with a bifold strap door. Please contact me to discuss further.


I am interested in your strap bifold door. I currently need that product in 6.5Wx3.2H m(measurement to be confirmed), delivered to Sydney, Australia or Beirut, Lebanon.


In need of a quote for a lift strap bifold door. approximate size is 15x21


Ive had my bifold for a while now and am looking to switch over to the straps, is it possible to purchase just the straps and change them out?


We are replacing an existing door we would like to replace with a strap bifold door. The actual door dimensions are 39'8" x 24'9". Door will have (2) 48" x 36" windows with framing installed. We will supply sheeting and trim.


Please quote a 65x18 Clear bifold door. Strap auto side latch system. Weather seal kit. Prepped for interior liner panel. Please send design information for Butler designing Thanks


This building will be for PAS in Loveland, Co. Will you quote (1) 70' wide x 22' high bifold and (1) 70' wide x 18' high bifold. No windows or doors Will be sheeted with insulated metal panels


I just bought a hangar with your bifold door with the strap lift and a cable auto latch system installed. Do you have anyone you would recommend in my area for me to call for general maintenance? I’m near Castle Rock, CO.


Hi there, I have a customer here in Vegas with a bifold strap door that needs some of the sheeting replaces on the exterior. I was hoping I could either order some through you or get some information on where I may be able to source it locally. Thank You


Hello, I'd like a cost (by email) on the purchase of materials from Schweiss, to assemble / fabricate my own bifold door with straps. Please include shipping to my address in your quote, but I may opt for pick up instead. It is a small door (10' x 10') and I'd like to discuss (by phone) insulation and weathersealing options. Can someone from your shop give me a call?


Hello! I have a Schweiss bifold door that was installed in one of our ski lodges at Mount Snow Resort in Vermont in 2018. Is there a local rep that I can contact to schedule a service call?


We are looking to use some strap lift bifold doors in a large project in Grand Rapids MI. Looking for details and spec to include in our documents. Also looking for BIM models if available. Please contact me via email above. We current have 14 20' openings.


New Cokato branch manager for Cleary, looking for a quote and wondering best way and whom to contact with information Looking for a quote on a 30x16 bi-fold, Strap lift with install


Need a Quote for a LiftStrap Bifold; 80x18 for Arcadia, FL 34266 (X06) No windows or man doors. Also update on order/Bid Number 72023 RS, this is for Punta Gorda airport (PGD) FL 33962 This project in going through some engineering but is still in the works. Thanks


looking at a project that needs 5 bi fold doors 24 feet wide x 11 feet tall with straps. need rough estimate of cost.


Like your strap doors. I have a client that likes your Bi-fold system. Our RO size at the moment is 148” wide x 135.5” tall. We’ll need motor in frame. Uncertain at this time about which style and latch system. We would also like a bare frame that we can apply our own cladding to as well as insulate between the frame works with ESP. Is this doable from your end.? I will also be able to install.


I am interested in a 55' x 16' (opening size) strap lift door for an aircraft hangar. What information do you need for a quote?


need a quote on a strap bifold door 50' width 11'9" clear open height. I didnt see the form to fill out, thanks, Corky duh I found it below..haha


Hello I have one of your doors {50'x16'} and I'm hoping to insulate it with spray foam-can the straps handle 5-600 lbs extra weight?


36x18 Strap bifold door. Could you please quote door with windows and with and without insulation. Does your installer crew come as far as Oregon?


I am quoting a 14'X14' door. It needs to be insulated, no windows.The strap system look good. It would be installed in Ithaca MI.


I'm looking to get a price to put in another bifold door for one of our customers. They have an existing cable door already in place but it is worn out and we want to go with the new strap system. Can you price me a new bifold door for a 46ft wide by 16ft tall opening. Please email me the price or call or email me if you have any questions thanks.


Hello, I am building a 4 car garage and need 4 doors, I particularly like the all strap bifold doors. 1 garage door measures 10'W x 12'H 3 others measure 8'W x 10'H How sound proof and weather tight can they be made? There will be band rehearsals inside so sound deadening qualities are important. I noticed that they stay open a bit when in the open position, so would like to know that distance to make the door frames that much bigger to accommodate for the the opening hight to remain 12' or 10' Please call anytime Kind Regards, B.


Good day I wanted to get an estimate on your strap bifold door for a garage we are building. We are likely going to build with steel SIPs. I would like to know about insulating them and any recommendations you may have along with estimated R values. Door sizes will be 20W x 16H 19W x 9H 10W x 9H Thank you for you time


So I am in the design stage of 3 larger building. 90x100 I was looking for roll up door options. 24' foot. I stumbled on to your bifold doors and they are incredible. I would like bifold door quotes on the following. 12' 16' 24'


I'm looking for a price on a bi-fold strap door. 40' wide and 18' clear height. It will go on the 72' gable side of a post framed agricultural building. I believe we've installed your products before.


Need a quote on a replacement door for our local airport. The door is 14' high x 42' long bi-fold. Not insulated and exterior has 26 gauge metal. A new strap-lift to replace the old cable lift. Manual tiebacks are fine. Please let me know the time frame to receive a replacement door as the airport is responsible for a private T-hanger tenant being unable to use for aircraft. I had previously installed 2 - (29' high x 80' long bi-fold) Schweiss doors at this airport in 2008 under Empire Industries, LLC. My former company. Thanks.


I am interested in pricing for a 24' wide by 14' high bi-fold insulated door, with windows.


Looking for budget pricing on a bifold door frame and strap lift gear, no skin. Approx size 14’ Tall x 26’ Wide Luther Ok


Do you have a center fold aircraft style door for an eight foot opening? Ceiling height is ten foot


40x20 Clear Bifold with Strap Lift, weather seal kit, auto side latches Please send design information so I can send to Butler Thanks


Need Bi-fold Lift Strap Doors (2) (1) 16' wide x 8' tall (1) 8' wide x 8' tall Location: Los Altos, CA Thermory ash siding will be applied onsite to match the walls.


Good afternoon, Can I please get a quote on the following (10) 42' X 12' Bifold door with Auto latch motors to be 460 Volt 3 Ph


I would like info on a bifold strap kit. Im fabricating a door and would like to use y’all’s strap system.


We are looking at installing a 39 ft wide by 20 foot bifold door. We have aluminum and siding on site but looking at using schweiss strap system. Please let me know what we would order and the corresponding pricing.


I have a client that I'm designing a 60'W x 100'L x 20 x 2:12 hangar. He wants a Schweiss Strap Bi-Folding Door 40'Wx 16'H Client located in 59865 IBC 18 Wind 105 Please send me quote plus specs to help me design my Steel Building for client


Hi, I am working on a project which will involve a Standard Schweiss Bi-Fold Door with a bottom drive (with Lift Straps) and an exterior metal siding panel. If you could provide some further information/drawings of the head and jab conditions that would be much appreciated. The door will sit in a 8" CMU wall which has a 3" exterior metal panel attached to it. Let me know if there is any other information I need to provide. Thanks


Please provide a quote for a 60 x 16 clear height schweiss bi fold door with lift straps and auto locks. Please call Derrick with any questions. 801-577-0216


Buenos días. Socilito presupuesto de 2 puertas Strap BiFold de 10pies wide (ancho) × 7pies high (altura) Más costos por envío a Puerto Rico. Gracias.


We are in the process of constructing a 50' x 100' x 16' farm shop. We are looking to have a 35' x 16' high door on one of the gabled ends. We have been exploring quotes from various manufactures for bi-fold and 1 piece hydraulic doors. We would like the door to have windows and be insulated. Interested in the all strap door. I prefer initial contact via e-mail or text. thank you very much!


Bought an existing hangar and would like to replace the current bifold door on it. It's an old cable door and it's in rough condition. The hangar building isn't a beauty but the bones are good. I did see your lift strap conversion but I think I just want to start fresh and get a whole new bifold hangar door. Please send me some information and pricing for the lift strap bifold door. Thank you, Rodney


Please quote 60x16 clear bifold door. Door will have 1" closed cell spray insulation Prep door for interior 29 gauge liner panel Strap lift, Auto latches, Weather Seal Kit Include Supervisor Labor Send design information for Butler please Thank you


Looking for some info on a bifold door (with straps) that we currently have in one of our locations. The door itself is around 10 years old and we are wondering what the life expectancy of the straps are. Appreciate the help with this!


I own a Schweiss bi-fold door with straps. I am trying to find out if any periodic maintenance is needed for the gear box. I assume it is oil-filled. I couldn’t locate any documentation addressing this. Thanks


Is there a life limit on hangar door straps or are they "on condition" based on regular inspections for condition (fraying, tears, etc)? Just don't want to lose one on opening or closing of doors. Doors work great everything looks fine just interested to know general maintenance. Thanks!!!


I have purchased from you previously I need a ballpark price for the following Project is in corona CA Door is 30’ wide x 16’ tall. luxury overhead door Bifold with straps. Building is Varco Pruden


I am working on a bid that has your "Lift strap" bifold door specified. How do I get a quote from you for this door?


Door to be delivered to Columbia ,AL 42x10 bifold with lift straps installed on end wall of a Morton Building 60 ft wide centered Price delivered only and also installed by you if available. Truss height to be 10 bottom cord. Metal siding, possible Metal bottom and polycarbonate top


Building a new hangar and would like a schweiss lift strap bifold door. Can someone send me a quote for this? Are there any installers in TX that could help me with this? Thanks, Steve


I have a pole barn I need a door for. the barn is 24' wide with a 5/12 pitch, it has scissor trusses with a 2/1/2 pitch on the underside. I would like to get a clear opening of 13' high and as wide as possible using the bifold door system with lift straps if possible.


Am looking for a budgetary number for reference in an insurance claim for a Schweiss bifold hangar door, approximately 48' length 16' height. The door uses straps. The door is great, smooth operating door however it was damaged by a tornado, and framing is bent. Can send photos if helpful. Email or Phone is fine.


Please provide a quote for a bi-fold lift door with the following specs: - Width: 20' - Height 14' - Insulated - Delivery and install in Knoxville, TN Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks


Need advice. I'm building a workshop/studio with corrugated roof and walls. I like your designer style Liftstrap bifold doors a lot and am curious if there would be a way to have the corrugated on the front of your door, so when it closes, the door and walls match??


In my hangar I have one of your doors. This door operates off of straps. How often should these straps be replaced? I have been in this hangar 10 years now. I think this door may be going on 20 year old. Amazingly enough the straps show very little wear. It is located at Holmes Airpark In Pawnee IL. Every time I open that door I worry about those straps. Harold


I need to price a 30x18 bifold door going to Seligman Mo. We are quoting a steel building for this customer and he wants us to supply and install the bifold strap door. I can install the door myself. Just need the price of the door. Thanks


Hey Guys, Need another 50'x15' bifold door quote for the airport in Mobile, Al. Follow the same specs as the other four bifold hangar doors in past orders. Your liftstrap system is the best, nothing even compares to Schweiss bifolding doors.


Hello, I am looking for a replacement spring. Please see pictures below in links. It's an 8.5" spring that keeps the arm that pulls the door closed out until it grabs the bar. There are three on each side, so I would want to replace all six. I am also looking to get pricing on the strap modification kit. Do you have any Schweiss bifold door companies to recommend for this install near Sacramento, CA? 


Have a hangar at Hazard Airport in Hazard Kentucky. Hangar door is roughly 18 x64 with cables and 2 motors. I'd like to know estimated conversion cost to strap system and a Schweiss certified installer/contractor to do work.


40'x14' openning lift strap bifold door what's a price range delivered and installed in boring Oregon zip code 97009


Looking for a quote and a detail spec for a 30 wide 18 tall strap lift bi-fold door. Thanks, Carl


I would like a quote on a 44' x 10'6" bi-fold door with an automatic opener and lift straps. No walk door will be needed. It will be shipped to El Dorado Springs, MO.


I would like a price quote on some Bi-Fold Strap-Lift Doors. One that will be 26' x 22' and two that will be 24' x 22',  230 Volts, 3PH Power, delivered to Calgary, AB. Thank You.


This door would be installed in the side wall of the building. The customer would also like a liftstrap door option added to the Bi-Fold door.


I need (4) 92' x 28' and (2) 72' x 28' Bi-fold doors - total quote is (6) doors. These will require your strong liftstraps and autolatches.


Looking for liftstraps for bifold doors to replace my frayed cables. Also, rubber underneath door and top to cover gaps of door. This isn't a Schweiss bifold.  Please call me ASAP


I need a price on a 14' x 7' non-insulated bi-fold straplift door. Options: 1.) add insulation 2.) add motor operator. Please estimate shipping to my location in Mansfield, OH. 


My father was building a door on a barn before he passed. It is hanging and manually can be pulled up and down. I need to have it completed. The barn is located in Burlington Ks. I would like to talk to someone about getting a quote to have your bifold power and liftstrap system installed onsite. 


Hello, We are building a restaurant in Manhattan and are looking to install Schweiss bi-fold system with windows. I would like to initiate the estimate process ASAP.


we are looking for 3 - 80'x 20' bi-fold doors, we could send you plans & specifications.  we would appriciate a price from you.


A client of ours is planning an aircraft hangar having an opening of 38m (125 feet). They would like to have the bifold type doors fitted on this opening. Is it possible to have one single door for the entire opening? (125 feet) The door height is 7.6m (25 feet).


I am inquiring on the bi-fold doors for an airplane hangar. There will be two doors, one is 50'(W)x22'(H) and the other is 80'(W)x22'(H). The doors are side by side, there are two spaces within the same building separated on the interior by a wall. I would like to know some specifics about the door details, etc. I am with the architect designing the hangar and I am trying to figure out exactly how much room the doors need (horizontally and vertically), etc. Please contact me at your earliest convenience


We would like to get a quote for the following: We want the Schweiss doors with the " strap design, we want photo eye sensors, emergency operation ( seperate price),also " free standing headers ( option price out) , internal truss, , remote controls ,


We have a hangar with six Schweiss BiFold doors installed about 6 years ago. No problems yet, we're very pleased, but I'd like to talk to a service person about "servicing" the doors and optional equipment for them. I also lost the Maintenance Manual for the doors.


Looking for aircraft hangar bifold door, 110 volt power only ( using a generator ) Size is 40 feet x 12 feet hight. Thanks Also need header and sjhipping costs. You quoted us last year on this but 220 volts.


need a price for the next hangar. Now bifold with auto latching system and long range remote control system. One walk door


We are quoting a job with 2 qty clam (bifold) style 45' w X 16' Please call me ASAP regarding a quote Thanks


I would like to retrofit our 48' Schweiss bi-fold door with straps to replace old cables. What is the cost and what information is needed to determine compatibility?


Hi We are looking to do a 60' wall 7'8" high out of bi-folding doors like the ones shown here and I need to find out more information on how your system works, standard details and cost


I am interested in converting a  40' door to the automatic gust locks, bifold straps, and remote opening. Please give me an estimate on parts cost. Email is the best method to contact me.


Drawings call for a "Schweiss Cable-lift bi-fold w/ 5/8" polygal (titanium) cladding.Dimensions are 23'-3/4"x 8'-0" I would appreciate a delivered quote and any installation company that may be in our area that is familiar with your product


I just bought a condo box hangar with a Schweiss door. This was built in 2001. The door is about 39' wide, bifold, single 220V motor, manual latches, single walk door. Is there any way to get the manuals for this door so that I can maintain, adjust it?