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What People Are Asking



I would like a quote on a 44' x 10'6" bi-fold door with an automatic opener and lift straps. No walk door will be needed. It will be shipped to El Dorado Springs, MO.


I would like a price quote on some Bi-Fold Strap-Lift Doors. One that will be 26' x 22' and two that will be 24' x 22',  230 Volts, 3PH Power, delivered to Calgary, AB. Thank You.


This door would be installed in the side wall of the building. The customer would also like a liftstrap door option added to the Bi-Fold door.


I need (4) 92' x 28' and (2) 72' x 28' Bi-fold doors - total quote is (6) doors. These will require your strong liftstraps and autolatches.


Looking for liftstraps for bifold doors to replace my frayed cables. Also, rubber underneath door and top to cover gaps of door. This isn't a Schweiss bifold.  Please call me ASAP


I need a price on a 14' x 7' non-insulated bi-fold straplift door. Options: 1.) add insulation 2.) add motor operator. Please estimate shipping to my location in Mansfield, OH. 


My father was building a door on a barn before he passed. It is hanging and manually can be pulled up and down. I need to have it completed. The barn is located in Burlington Ks. I would like to talk to someone about getting a quote to have your bifold power and liftstrap system installed onsite. 


Hello, We are building a restaurant in Manhattan and are looking to install Schweiss bi-fold system with windows. I would like to initiate the estimate process ASAP.


we are looking for 3 - 80'x 20' bi-fold doors, we could send you plans & specifications.  we would appriciate a price from you.


A client of ours is planning an aircraft hangar having an opening of 38m (125 feet). They would like to have the bifold type doors fitted on this opening. Is it possible to have one single door for the entire opening? (125 feet) The door height is 7.6m (25 feet).


I am inquiring on the bi-fold doors for an airplane hangar. There will be two doors, one is 50'(W)x22'(H) and the other is 80'(W)x22'(H). The doors are side by side, there are two spaces within the same building separated on the interior by a wall. I would like to know some specifics about the door details, etc. I am with the architect designing the hangar and I am trying to figure out exactly how much room the doors need (horizontally and vertically), etc. Please contact me at your earliest convenience


We would like to get a quote for the following: We want the Schweiss doors with the " strap design, we want photo eye sensors, emergency operation ( seperate price),also " free standing headers ( option price out) , internal truss, , remote controls ,


We have a hangar with six Schweiss BiFold doors installed about 6 years ago. No problems yet, we're very pleased, but I'd like to talk to a service person about "servicing" the doors and optional equipment for them. I also lost the Maintenance Manual for the doors.


Looking for aircraft hangar bifold door, 110 volt power only ( using a generator ) Size is 40 feet x 12 feet hight. Thanks Also need header and sjhipping costs. You quoted us last year on this but 220 volts.


need a price for the next hangar. Now bifold with auto latching system and long range remote control system. One walk door


We are quoting a job with 2 qty clam (bifold) style 45' w X 16' Please call me ASAP regarding a quote Thanks


I would like to retrofit our 48' Schweiss bi-fold door with straps to replace old cables. What is the cost and what information is needed to determine compatibility?


Hi We are looking to do a 60' wall 7'8" high out of bi-folding doors like the ones shown here and I need to find out more information on how your system works, standard details and cost


I am interested in converting a  40' door to the automatic gust locks, bifold straps, and remote opening. Please give me an estimate on parts cost. Email is the best method to contact me.


Drawings call for a "Schweiss Cable-lift bi-fold w/ 5/8" polygal (titanium) cladding.Dimensions are 23'-3/4"x 8'-0" I would appreciate a delivered quote and any installation company that may be in our area that is familiar with your product


I just bought a condo box hangar with a Schweiss door. This was built in 2001. The door is about 39' wide, bifold, single 220V motor, manual latches, single walk door. Is there any way to get the manuals for this door so that I can maintain, adjust it?