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I bought one of your bifold strap doors like 10 years ago and was thinking about adding some options like electric eye or remote. My question now is do you have and option list with prices you can send me for a hydroswing. Also interested in converting the hydro swing to lift straps. That company doesn't have straps.  Thanks


Would like information on converting 2 cable operated Wilson bifold doors to straps because my cables keep fraying and over wrapping.. One door is 60 ft x 16 ft clear and the other is 70 ft x17 ft clear Do you have a dealer in Ontario Canada that could do this conversion ?


Have an existing bi fold door that has a cable top mount lift system that we would like converted to your bottom mount strap system. Cable doors are a pain, your Schweiss liftstrap doors are the bomb!


My husband And I own 2 hangars with your bi-fold door. One is in Port St Lucie, FL and the other is in Aurora, Oregon, just south of Portland. You were kind enough to connect me with Tom Vitale to do some repair work on our Florida door. I wondered if you had anyone in the Aurora-Portland area that could replace the cables and seals on our Oregon door and possibly convert it to lift straps. Thank you very much!


Hi, I am building an aircraft hangar and would like a quote on door options please. I have built about 7 or 8 in years past but always used the cable Hi-Fold doors. I'm intrigued at the the superior design of the Schweiss strap door and one that moves faster. I'm looking at a door about 50' wide that can get me 13' of clearance minimum. Can I get some more info on this please? Thanks,


I am looking to convert our existing wilson bifold cable door to your Schweiss lifting strap lift system.


I was looking at the strap conversion kits. How much would that cost and is that something I could install myself on our existing door? The bifold door by another manufacturer is roughly 16' wide x 16' tall and has 2 cables lifting it. The lifting mechanism is on the bottom of the door. I understand Schweiss can retrofit others doors with lift straps


I just had about a third of my pole shed collapsed from snow load. My Schwiess Bi Fold door survived but the two Manual latches that secures the door when shut did not. Can I get them from you or will I need to have then made for me at a local welder? I could not find any parts list on your website. My door is about 25 years old. Am also somewhat interested in converting this door to a liftstrap system with automatic latch system.  Thanks Glen


Hi Schweiss Door Team We have anHangar with an existing Hifold door from an UK Company with metal cable Opening System. We want to Change to your Lift Strap Opening System The door is 18 Meter wide and 5,4 Meter high Can you Change to a Lift strap opening system? - in Europe Austria Wr.Neustadt south of Vienna - What is the Price and delivery time I can send you some Pictures; I am actually travelling in Knoxville Tennessee during this week ; we can talk on the fone or per email Best regards Walter 


We are looking for a parts list for your doors as we have a couple of clients that would like their doors converted to a bifold liftstrap system to replace nasty cables. Can you provide us with a list? do we need to supply serial number, model number?


I have a question about my bi-fold cable doors from another manufacturer that I bought in October 1999.  The door still works fairly well but I am worried about the unsafe cables and would like to replace them with Schweiss lift straps  Also, the hinges do not have zerk fittings and the crowded installation interferes with applying lubricant anywhere along the length of the hinge pin. I do not like it for the hinges to be working dry. I wonder if you have any recommendations for what I could do to enable lubrication, without having to hire a crew and equipment to dismantle the door? It is likely that I am not your only customer with this problem. Have you already worked out a solution? What do you think of the idea of replacing the existing hinge pins with new ones that have a zerk fitting located on one end? Those pins would be axially-drilled and that central hole would communicate with radial-drilled holes that would carry grease out to each of the three hinge segments. Would it be practical to use the new pins to drive out the old pins without have to dismantle the whole door? Thanks Jerry Jackson


I was interested in a quote for converting our bifold door from cables to straps. It is a (clear open) 70x20, I was surprised how much faster the strap doors open. Thanks


Hey Mike I built an unusual house about 10 years ago and it seems like it might be time for some remodel and update with new bifold garage and patio doors. The construction is metal building framed in with wood and exterior wrapped with Hardy Panel. Might be a real good application for a couple of your Bifold doors. I'm certainly into the use of strap vs cable. I converted some of my vent operators at the nursery to strap last year


I have a 12 year old 42 ft. bifold door. My question is about strap replacement. The cables look to be in tough shape, fraying and over wrapping. Just curious at what time frame should I consider for liftstrap replacement. I have 4 cables on a 14 foot tall door. ALSO, I have the cable system for the auto latch. Is there a conversion to your newer auto latch strap run system? Thanks John.


We still have the strap conversion kit and do not have the time to install it or know of anyone to install it here in Southwest Michigan. Can you help?


I need to find out about switching some bi-fold doors with cables to straps. We have 6 60x60 hangars and a 40x40 that I would like to find out pricing on a conversion with parts and labor. Thanks for your help.


I have a Schweiss cable door, and would love to have it converted to a strap operated door. Who can do this for me?? Price?


Looking to convert 2 bifold cable doors to straps and see if your company does a yearly maintenance plan.


I have a Bi folding door with cables. It is located at Lake Hood and is a 16'x 55' door. I would like to convert it to straps and would like to know the details and cost of a conversion kit. also do you use a local firm here in Anchorage for these types of conversions?


Main lift straps (4 of them) on Bifold Door are good. However, the power Stranded Cable Drive (1 only) is fraying. Confirm the Strap Conversion Kits are designed to replace the Stranded Cable Drive and not the main lift straps. If that is the case, I plan to replace the Stranded Cable Drive with the Strap Conversion. If that is not the case I will probably need to replace the Stranded Cable Drive with a new Stranded Cable. Please send me the information you need and associated prices. Also are there local technicians who can be contracted to replace the Stranded Cable Drive with the Strap Conversion and/or a new Stranded Cable. Hangar is located in Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603


I have a 70 ft bifold door - how much to retro fit to schweiss' lift straps?? Please email


I have a cabled bifold door. Your material says you can convert doors that aren't yours, correct? if so please send me an estimate.


I have a 40' x 15' miracle truss cabled bifold door, looking to see what the cost would be to convert to straps.


How much to convert my 10' by 20' Schweiss cable door with straps?


I purchased a hangar/home that has bi-fold doors (probably vintage 1994?). It doesn't have straps, it's got cables. I'm unsure of the size but the hangar is 60'x50' and the door is probably 50' wide. I am looking for info on maintenance procedures. The door is a bit noisy when it lifts. I wan't to repair it, but I think upgrading it to the lift straps will be a better choice.


Please email quote for changing out cables for straps: 42'X16' clear opening. Four cables and my drums will probably accommodate your straps or I can cut/weld to fit. My electric motor with duel chain drives and limit switches are OK as is. Thanks Jimmy


We have Bifold Cable Doors from another manufacturer. Range from 50 to 110 feet wide and 24 to 35 feet high. We would like to get an estimate for retro fitting from cables to straps.


I have six cable doors purchased from you about ten years ago in Ellenville, NY. Please send me information about converting to lift straps.


What is the cost for the conversion to lift straps from cables? My hangar was built in 2002. Can you recommend a reliable honest contractor to do the work? We're ready to do the conversion. Thank you, Greg


How much to retrofit straps on my Schweiss bifold door?


Hi: I have an overhead door. The kind that use aircraft cables to hoist up the door. I've been having trouble with the door lately. When they start opening up they sometimes stop before the set mark. I have to push the up button again and maybe twice. When closing the door the same thing happens again. I have to push the down button a number of times to fully close the door. I'm afraid to open the door now because, I may not be able to close it all the way. Rather than fix the cables, I would rather convert them to straps. please send me a quote for a conversion.


Hello, I am closing on my hangar in about a week and have already broken a lift cable! I bet you can guess were I'm going please help me with a strap conversation.


We have a large bi-folding door at a private residence in Miami Beach that still uses straps. The door no longer closes all the way, there is about an inch and a half gap still once the motors stop. Please advise, if the cost is in our budget, we may convert to lift straps. Thank you. 


Interested in upgrading the arm latch system on one or more existing bi-fold lift-strap doors at Seaside Oregon Muni. (56S) They currently have the cable style arm latches, and the cables tend to break, with 5 breakages so far in 5 hangars in 8 years. Can you provide a quote and detailed installation drawings for upgrading to the lift strap style 3 arm latch system? Thank you


I am interested in a quotation for a lift strap bifold hangar door with windows to replace the existing cable bifold. I want to admit as much light as possible and still Width and some insulation value for our cold winters. the width and height values given below are not as measured.


Do you have a list of approved repair companies for Washington State..??? I have cables on my old style door that need replaced with straps. Thanks, Earl


Like to replace cables with straps on almost 60' bifold door in chino California


We are purchasing a hangar that currently has about a 50 wide by 16 foot tall Schweiss door. How do I get a quote for a strap retro kit? What information do you need? Thank you.


We are interested in converting our current cable door built by another company to Schweiss door lift straps and putting a remote control on as well. Door is 85'x 24' and has ten cable pulleys and two electric motors. Would probably be interest in putting all new new motors as well. Could you give me ballpark cost and do you guys install or contract that out. 


Looking into the strap conversion kit, have a large bifold four cable door from another manufacturer at a hangar and three cables decided to break. How much is the kit and is it easy to install?


Need information on converting an old cable lift bi-fold T hangar door to a lift strap system.


I have an old bifold door on my hanger now; it has cables. I would also like a quote on converting to lift straps, I will need a price and the time frame when it could be done. I did not measure the door opening or height, I hope you can get that from the information I gave you on the data plate.


I have a Bifold door that I purchased in 1997. Its a cable operated that is 12' tall and 41' wide, I wanted to get a quote on converting it to a lift-strap system. Thanks Jared


We would like to buy a strap conversion kit from you for our door. Could you please email me your list of recommended installers in the southeast Missouri area. Thank you.


We are possibly looking for a new lift-strap system for our old cable bi-fold door at the city airport. Please contact me and we can discuss. Thank you. Cameron


I have a 80's to 90's R & M steel building with non-Schweiss cable bifold doors. I am interested in converting it to a bifold door with straps and sky light panels or hole in the top section. My current door is 60ft wide and about 13ft high. I would like a quote including labor if you offer that or the contact for an Oregon crew to do the install. The bifold doors are serviceable but not sealed enough for the coastal weather. So as not to waste your time how 'bout a ball park quote to start with, so I can decide the feasibility of this project first. Thanks, Patrick, Please call after 8 AM PST since I am on the west coast.


We are needing to replace the lift and tracks and possibly rollers on our bi-fold tool shed door. It is 30'x16' steel frame door with a wood frame, post and beam building. Building was built by another manufacturer  and built in 1977. Would like some information and prices on converting it to your lift strap system. I am available by phone but can't always answer. Email may be the best possible communication. Thanks,  Terry


I have a bi-fold door with cables for lifting, and it uses a cable system for the latching mechanism. It goes out of alignment and causes problems all the time, and the door does not always close correctly or for that matter, at all. I have seen your lift strap system online is there an upgrade path for the cable system?


I have a hangar with one of your doors with cables. The hangar door has access doors on both sides and I guess it is 50' wide. Two questions, A: if I wanted to convert to your strap system, could you give me a ballpark range on that cost? I don't need precision. B: the seal on the bottom of the door is a little rough. What would a cost estimate be for that. Is it an easy job? Hangar is in West Chester, PA. 19380.


Looking for a price quote for a 40' x 12' bi-fold door with straps delivered to Soldotna or Kenai, Alaska. Also, if I decide to use my existing door the price for the straps, etc., to convert mine from cable to your strap system. Thank you.


Hello, I have a cable lift bifold door, it's time to re-cable OR convert to a strap lift door. What information do you need from me about my door to do the conversion? About how much does that cost? Do you have instructions that I could preview? The door was originally purchased by Eustice H. of Centerville, WA in 1993 or so. Thanks, Aaron


Hi, I have a bifold door made by a company that is out of business on my aircraft hangar, which is 50ft across, each section probably about 10ft or so. On the inside, above the door, there is an opening that runs the length of the door. This opening has been covered with some type of 'insulation' that looks like it just hangs above the door from the frame. From the ground, it almost looks like it could've been made from felt. It's mostly disintegrated now, so there is basically this big gap - not good when I'm trying to heat the hangar. Do you know what I'm actually referring to? If so, can you fix this? I have photos and can send. I'm at a loss, so any help is really appreciated! FYI... my hangar door is about 14 years old, using cables. Is it worth while to convert to lift straps? Thanks again, Michael


What items are included in the lift strap conversion kits? Could you please provide a quote for a kit suitable for a 20' x 10'8" door Thank you! Kirsten


Hi, I would like to get a quote for converting a cable lift door to strap lift. That door is 14 x 40. Thanks.


Good afternoon, I am looking for a solution to improve an existing bi-fold hangar door we have on our airfield. The existing system is an old cable design by Schweiss system. We are open to exploring a retrofit and convert the door to a your strap system to the door or even a replacement.


I bought a hangar with a non-Schweiss bi-fold door operated by cables. I'd like to convert it to your strap system-is this possible? Your very own website says that people are "calling all the time asking this question..." but then you never give an answer! Well, can you? I'd like to get a cost estimate for this if you can do it. I don't want to replace the entire door, but just have someone come out and install the strap system. Please call or email with info.


Would like information on converting my 55'X16' bi-fold from cables to straps. Whats involved? Approximate cost and who does it?


Would like to convert my 50x14 cabled bifold hangar door to lift-straps. Can do necessary mods to make door usable. I think your build your own door kit might work for me. I'm in Morgan, UT.


I am interested in a conversion kit from cable to strap on my old bifold door. The cables are starting to fray and I am tired of replacing them, it is a top mounted assembly.


I would like to get a bifold hangar door, I have a top drive cable bifold door from another manufacturer currently installed, I want to convert it to a lift strap system with a bottom drive. Thanks, Randall, Florida


You put a great Schweiss bifold door in a hangar next to mine. Pretty much same size I think. I need to retrofit an existing bifold cable door from a different company with maintenance-free Schweiss lift straps and auto locks. 


I have a 60'x60' hangar with an old bi-fold door I bought a couple of years ago. My cables seem really loose and frayed. Is there a local tech in my area that can give me a liftstrap conversion on a door that is not a Schweiss bifold door. I would like to make sure it is in good operating order.


Request quote to replace insulation on 60 ft. span door in chino California with your new interlocking high R-Value insulated panels. it's a  Schweiss original cable door and installed 17 years ago. Possible upgrade to liftstrap system also.


Looking to upgrade a cable bi-fold door to a lift-strap. Current width 62' height 18'. My cables are starting to fray and I'd rather replace the whole system. I can't always answer my cell phone or the office phone. In either case, leave a message and I'll call someone back.


I am interested in more information about the lift strap conversion kits that you have available. We have a customer with 18 Bi-fold doors from another manufacturer that are a constant maintenance problem. The doors are 40X16 and have 4 lift cables and 2 cables to pull the door closed. Please send information and contact me. Mitch


I just sent a request for a quote on a lift strap conversion on my old cable door. I would like it by email not fax please. 42ft wide x 13ft tall door


We need to update our old cable door that is 56' x 35'. We live in a really windy place, do you have something that can help with that as well? Regards Samuel


I have an old cable bifold door that is in a 40' wide curvet that I would like to convert to lift-straps. I'd say it's a 35'x14' door. Highest point on the roof now is 17-18' on the exterior


I have a 60'x14' bifold door that I would like some info on replacing cables with straps. What is all replaced? I am trying to get a feel for the workload of this project and the cost.


This is a door in Puebla City, Mexico. It would be on an existing bifold door, replacing the cables with your new lift-straps. The cables require constant maintenance and I want them gone.


I am interested in a bid for strap conversion on my existing bifold hangar doors. The cables are starting to fray and I am tired of replacing them, figured I should take this opportunity to upgrade.


I am looking to convert an existing cable door on my hangar at 3D2. I've seen your lift-strap bifold doors on a friends hangar, and he says they work very well. Please have someone contact me regarding my conversion options. Thanks for your time and attention. Later, Guy


Looking to convert my 36' x 12' cable bifold door. Would like pricing for upgrading my door to the lift straps. We're improving our building in March; and looking at options to improve the building as much as we can. Thanks, Carson


I need a quote on converting my cable bifold door to straps. 55'x16'. Installed at the Anoka, MN airport. Jack


Wanting to upgrade my cabled bifold door to a 18'x8' liftstrap door on a residential garage. Top of door is mounted well above the 8' header in order for the door to open to full 8' height. Exterior of door is clad with wood to resemble a traditional residential carriage door.


I have a 48' x 18' bifold hangar door with cables and the motor on top of the door. I am interested in installing the lift straps and having the motor moved to the bottom.


I am needing a quote on converting an airport hangar bifold door in Melbourne, AR. The customer's cables have worn out and have nearly broken and he would rather upgrade the door to lift straps than replace the cables. Please respond ASAP. Thanks!


I am inquiring on the price to convert my 55' x 15' cable bifold door to lift straps, and add a remote control option as well. It is on a airplane hangar 60'x60'x16'. We are planning to upgrade more doors, but at this time we're going to start with the largest one. I am impressed with the strap design on your system and the structure that goes with your door system for strength..feel free to call me..... thanks.  Sincerely, Clarence


Hi, We have 2 Bi-fold doors, EA. 50 FT. Wide, 6 Cables, made by a different manufacturer on our Aircraft Maintenance shop. Are there available conversion kits for straps? and what would be an estimate, per door? Thanks, Sam


I'm interested in upgrading my cable bifold door on my airport hangar steel building. I need pricing for converting my 35' wide x 16' tall door to your lift-strap system. Please send me information and pricing. thanks


We have a set of 4 - 80'x24' bifold cable doors from a different door manufacturer that we would be interested in retrofitting with your lift straps. At this time we are looking for a cost estimate. Please contact me asap. If this is something that is feasible and something the owner wants to proceed with, we can dig up shop drawings for the doors and can get them to you. Thank you, Bart


I have an older all metal bifold door made by an unknown company on my hangar in Florida. The door opening is 40 ft wide and 14 ft high. It has two steel cables to lift it. Motor is mounted on hangar on top of door opening. I am interested in replacing the cables with your straps. How much would that cost? Who could do the installation in the Daytona Beach area?


I would like an estimate on converting an existing cable bifold door from mid 80s to your new lift strap system. The door is pretty old so I am also considering replacing it entirely, please send me a price quote for a new door as well.


Hello, I have an old cable door from a manufacturer that went out of business. The cables are wearing too quickly and I have to replace them several times a year. I came across your lift strap system online and you claim to be able to convert any existing door into a lift strap system. I have a 15ft tall by 18ft wide door, what does the conversion cost.


I have an older Schweiss Door with cables on my hangar door. How much would it cost to upgrade it to your new lift straps?


What is involved in converting a cable type bifold door to straps? Approximate cost?


Good Afternoon, I have a 37'-6" x 11'-6" non-Schweiss cabled bi-fold door. The door has the automatic jamb latches as well. What is the cost to convert it to straps? Can the latches be replaced with the strap style? The present door is opened via remote control.


I am a tenant in a small airplane hangar with a Schweiss (vintage 2003) bifold cable door (Last maintenance was in 2013 with new cables, overhead pulleys and thimbles). I see several frayed cables with 1-3 strands broken and one of the safety cable guide springs seems stretched out. I am hoping to order parts from you (4 x 7/32" cables with stops (40 ft length each), new thimbles x 4 and 2 replacement guide springs. I think the overhead 3" pulleys are likely fine at 3 years unless you think that they are getting along in years. My other maintenance questions are: 1. What is the clear opening height of this unit? (If you can tell me with the model info?) 2. lubricant recommendations for zirk fitting parts and non Zirk hinges etc. 3. Does this unit have a "gear box" which requires 75/w 90 synthetic oil? I also see that you have a new strap system that looks very efficient, please quote me a price on this, if it's within my budget, I may just go ahead and convert the door to straps entirely.  Once you've digested all these questions can you please call me at 970 296-0967 in Grand Junction Colorado. thanks


I have one of your cable bi-fold doors. The three (3) springs that hold up the latching arm broke. I need the procedure to change them. It looks like I need to remove the cable, then remove the bolt that the arm swivels on to get at the springs. I'm sure that I can replace these, with some direction. Also include a price quote on upgrading to lift straps, I would like to do it if the price agrees with me. Most of the doors at our air park are your doors. Those that aren't wish they were. I live at Price Airport in Linden, Michigan. Thank you, Mark


Have an existing building with an old cable bifold door in it now and we want to convert it into a lift-strap door. we would like you to include the two columns and the header, we will provide install the tie backs to the existing frame.


Looking for quote for converting 3 bifold cable doors. The doors are all 16'6" tall x 17' wide. I can email pictures.


Hello, I am working with an aviation school in Three Hills, Alberta Canada. We have one of your doors on our hangar, installed in the early nineties, with the top mounted motor and cable lift system. It shows on our install manual as an S-T-D model. Our door is 60 feet wide and 17 feet high. I would like to know if it is possible to convert this door to your strap lift system and if so what sort of costs we would be looking at. Thank you, Kind Regards, Tony


I am from Owensboro, KY, my father and I were called to our local airport, Owensboro Regional Airport. They have some cables on them that are severally frayed. The sticker on the door is from a company that is apparently no longer around. This is the first time working on hangar doors and even though it's not your door, I was wondering if you could help us out. The airport is interested in upgrading to your lift straps as well, please send a quote.


We have an 80' aluminum hangar door from another dealer and would like to know if it could be converted to your lift straps and how much it would cost.


I am interested in buying a replacement seal for my 43' Schweiss bi-fold door. The original seal is of thin flexible rubber, approx 1/16", and is approx 42', 6" long. 10" wide would appear to be adequate. It looks like a simple project to replace it myself, so I am asking for a quote on that product, sent via least expensive means to Florence, Oregon, 97439. My second request to regarding replacing the existing cables with lift straps. There are 4 cables, and the door is approx 15' tall. Do you have technicians near 97439 that would do the retrofit? If so, I would like to get an estimate on having that task done. Or, is that a project that an average handyman could take on? If so, does Schweiss offer instructions on how to do that retrofit? Lastly, the bottom hollow rubber seal leaves a gap of approx 1" on both sides of the door. It seems to taper uniformly toward the middle, so I suspect it is due to settling of the collums, but I have not verified this with a builders level. How much of a gap should I expect a new bottom rubber seal to fill? Thank you for your consideration of these issues. Bill


I have a used home built counterweighted bifold door that I would convert to your strap lift system. Looking for a qoute. Door is 41'6" wide, 13'7" tall, frame is 1 1/4" 14 gauge square tube. I estimate it weighs around 700 lbs so let's call it 1000 lbs. Jim


We have a schweiss door on our hangar. It has been installed for many years and has worked very well. We have the old steel cables design and I see you are now using straps. Can we modify our door to update it? Being that the door is in a dry climate for the most part and sees temperatures as low as -20 F to highs of 100 F throughout the year. Is there any part of the structure that we should be worried about? The cables have been replaced once.Thanks David


I have an old cable bi-fold door from a different company. The safety cable guides on the old door have been worn through by the cables and getting bound up. I would like to convert the door with one of Schweiss' lift-strap bi-fold doors. Thank you, Kevin


Looking for service/repair on a bifold hangar door at the Crystal Airport. It is not a Schweiss door but would be willing to listen to an upgrade sales pitch on the lift strap system you promote. My motor and gearbox have failed and I think it may be due to the binding of the cable on the spool. Please help, Perry


We have an older Schweiss bi-fold door put in in the 90s. Wondering if you could just update it with the new lift-strap system. The old door has the chain and cable still. Thanks, Stewart


We have cabled bi-fold door from another company, and have found a frayed cable. We would like to upgrade it to one of your lift-straps systems if we can.


Hello, I see on your website that you now use lift straps with your bi-fold doors which look very nice and I am very interested in a quote to convert our steel cable bi-fold hangar door to your new lift strap conversion.


The Schweiss bi-fold door on my hangar is about 20 years old, operates with conventional cables using 120 volts, with hand-operated latches. Can this door be converted to the new 'strap' operation? With 120 volts? What will be the cost for conversion? Clear door opening is 38' by 9'6". And do you provide a kit?


We purchased 7 non-schweiss doors about 12 to 15 years ago and have the old cable automatic door latch system installed. I upgraded the main large hangar door with the newer heavy spring kit, but it is on an air life hanger door that gets very heavy use. the latch arms wear badly and the pins have to be welded up every few years or they wear through. Cable replacement is every year an the chain link in the cable drum has worn almost through the link. I keep cable lube on the drum and cable to help, but nothing prevents the fraying and wear on the cables. I have seen your new cable free latch system and wondered if I can retrofit my door with that easier than the strap cable combination of later design than what I have now. So far I have been able to keep the door working, but the door is out of service and the air life plane can not use the hangar if the cable breaks which it did again this week. I have to be on call 24/7 to fix this problem and if they can not get me they have to go out of service and can not fly. Thank you, Garret


I'm looking to retrofit my existing bifold hangar door (steel cables) with your new nylon lift straps. Please contact me with information.


Good morning! I am looking to upgrade/replace our hangar non-Schweiss bi-fold door that is operated by cables. I want to upgrade to your new lift straps. Looking for pricing at this time.


Can you send me the info on your auto latch system, I have a Brand-X door we installed years ago and the cable broke and I want to upgrade them to your lift strap system.


I was wanting to get a rough estimate on the cost to convert a cable bifold door to your lift strap system. The door sizes are 60'x20' and 40'x18'. If you could email this to me that would be great.


I would like to get an estimate for converting my Schweiss Bi-Fold door from cables to straps.


I have a customer with one of your bi-fold doors. It has the cables and he would like to convert to lift straps. Do you sell a kit to do this conversion? Also, do you have a interlock switch setup for the man door that is in the hangar door? We have had issues with people opening the hangar door with the man door open.


Hello, We have a hangar that has one of your bi-fold installed. The cables are in dire need of replacement and we were considering the new strap conversion. How do we approach this potential upgrade? Thank you,  Johnathan


We are an in eastern NC. Our hangar has a cable bifold door from a different manufacturer. It is 70' x 28'. We would like to convert to the "Lift Strap" system. Interested in cost and the install. Thanks in Advance, Sonny


Do you have conversion system for Cable operated door to the strap system and what info do we need to accomplish. We need to upgrade our cable door as soon as possible.




I have two of your bifold doors installed on my work shop. They were installed when the shop was constructed about 15 years ago. The doors have the cable lift system with manual locks. I am considering converting one of the doors to an automatic , remote operated system with the new strap , latch system. Is it possible to do this and what would be the approximate cost to make this conversion ?? Thanks


Can you supply a Schweiss universal cable auto-latch system to fit or install on a competitors bi-fold door, bottom drive ? This is not a Schweiss door. 2hp motor 115volt, 1 phase 8 cable drums. There is plenty room on drum cables for extra length lift cables 60' wide x 16' clear x 19' hinge door


We have spoken before .You have all my information We are interested in your product as far as the lift strap conversion.Would you please send me that quote again ? the complete converting kit from cable to strap... Thanks so much ...Tyson


Hi, We currently have a bifold door ran on cables and we were wondering if we could convert our door to the straps. It is not a Schweiss bifold, but I heard you will work on any door.


I have a Schweiss bifold door with cables that are wearing down and would like to know if you have a strap conversion kit to the straps type drive. My model of door is S578 #B61 and the serial number is 587419, and is about 37.5 ft by 16 ft. would like to see the manual for the kit and price. Richard


The header in my door is a 24 inch steel I beam. I need to get 11 feet 6 inches height to get a trailer inside. With the strap conversion kit is it possible to get the door flush with the bottom of the header beam?  This door is at the Glencoe, Minnesota Airport. Thanks Tony


We have a old bifold door in TX with a cable system door is in good shape but I am looking to upgrade to straps using your new strap latch system.


I own a hangar at Akron, OH airport with a 42' bifold door, overhead cable style. The cables are starting to get wonky, and I thought I would investigate converting to Schweiss bifold lift strap with your new latch strap design. Not entirely sure who made the original door. Is there anything more to specifying your conversion kit, beyond "42' bifold hangar door?" What do you need to know so I can order the correct kit? How much does the lift strap conversion kit cost? I would probably install it myself. One of your testimonials mentioned that you give an EAA discount. Is that still valid? 


Hi. We have a bifold hangar door in VA from Schweiss. I am interested in hearing what it would cost to change out the cables for the lift straps. I noticed there was a kit for it, any chance I could get a quote on the cost for that? Also, I want two door remotes for my other hydraulic shop door. Thanks, Adam


My 40'x18' Schweiss Bi Fold door has five cables with springs at the top. When closing the door, I noticed it made strange sounds. This door has performed well for me over the years, but now I would like to do a liftstrap conversion. Can you send me out a Schweiss liftstrap conversion kit to OR?


My cable-lift door in WA is now 15 years old. The cable guides on the main shaft are wearing on one side as a natural consequence of running up and down the cable. I'm ready to do a liftstrap conversion and I would like a remote opener for the door.


I purchased a TN hanger with your cable door. (55x16). It is now creaking very loudly. Also my autolatch does not pull in the left hand side of the door tight to the frame (looking from the inside). Could you give me a price on a liftstrap conversion and include a remote opener?


I have a 30 x 14' Idaho bifold door with cables the cables need replacing with your liftstrap system. could you please send me a liftstrap conversion kit with instructions on how to install. Schweiss conversion kit should also include automatic latching feature.


We have one of your 45 ft. x 20 ft. Bi-Fold doors on our hanger at airport in AL that we would like to convert to a liftstrap operation. Please quote with and without installation. 


I have a 27 year old cable lift door made by you. It has been perfect w freq usage. Recently The pulleys on the lift cables have failed and need replacement. To get away from this I want to order a liftstrap conversion kit and have Schweiss do the install. What's the cost, I live in SD where I see a lot of both styles of your doors.


I am purchasing a home with three barns located on the KY property. The large machinery shed has 2 cable bi fold doors, that I am not sure who the manufacture is yet. I am trying to determine the cost to replace these doors in case something would happen (insurance coverage). I want to make sure that my insurance coverage takes into account these doors. The first cable bi-fold door is 30 feet wide and opens up to 14 feet high. The second cable bi-fold door is 40 feet wide and opens up to 16' high. Looking at the Schweiss Door website I see you have a liftstrap conversion kit. If I send you photos, can you tell me if the entire doors will have to be replaced. 


Can you please provide me with a quote to covert four Schweiss bi-fold doors from cables to straps with strap latch design? We have three (W31'x H20') doors in DC with four vertical cables and one (W51'x H20')door with six vertical cables. Thank you.


DSM is running into a few issues with the hangars at one of our FBO's, and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing. Looking at options to see if we cannot retrofit existing cable system on another manufacturers doors with lift and latch straps, or if new bi fold doors are required. Looking at 3 hangars with issues: 1. Building No 8, qty (3) doors a. (2) @ 20' H x 60' W b. (1) @ 25' H x 70' W c. Interior cables 2. Building No 9,  qty (1) door a. 21' H x 80' W b. Both interior & exterior cables 3. Building No 10, qty (2) doors a. 22' H x 79' W b. Both interior & exterior cables All have bi fold doors being raised by cables. Height was estimated by measuring to top of bottom door panel. Doors are starting to bind, snapping cables quite frequently. Would love to determine if you can restore the doors or if the doors are shot and need to be replaced or if bifold door liftstrap conversion kits will solve the problems. Have photos of MO project if you would like to review. 


We have a bi fold door and we would like to replace the cables with straps. Can you give us a estimate on sending out a liftstrap conversion kit. Also are you a approved vendor for the city and county of San Francisco, CA?


I am looking to retrofit all of the Schweiss Bi-fold Cable doors that we currently have on our SD warehouse and shops buildings to the Lift Strap systems. I will get all of the information on what we currently have as far as doors go. Specifically, I would like to know if anything other than the Complete Strap Lift System is needed to retrofit. Also interested in your new automatic strap latch system. You can e-mail and or call. 


I purchased a property in KS that has a bifold door. The cables are fraying and 2 of the 4 cables are not pulling the same weight as the other. I'm tired of messing with cables and want you to work up a price on your cable conversion strap lift and latch strap kit.


I'm considering replacing the four steel lift cables on my 45' High-Fold door and thought to get an estimate for replacing with your Schweiss liftstrap product. I heard you could do this on other manufacturers doors. I've seen your strap system, it's really slick. Can you send a kit?


Customer wants to convert another brand Bifold door to lift strap / autolatching system. Name plate on door lists size as 28' 7" x 15' 8". The door has a "horizontal" locking mechanism on each end of the door. Is this enough information that you can quote the door  conversion kit? 


I need to convert cable door, 60 ft x 14 ft aluminum frame bi-fold to strap with auto latches,  3 phase power! Door pictures to follow. I'm looking for a faster opening door.


Door Serial # 4326 M-13 M261. Price for cable door parts or better yet, cost to change to lift straps on this bifold shop door?


Bifold door model No. S233. No. 9 Serial no. 70256 has cables but I would like a price on converting to liftstraps. Also the cost of adding a latch strap. Hangar door is in Carson City, NV.


Cables are getting old on my bifold shop door. I'm thinking we should upgrade to a strap lift. The folding door is 12'6" tall (to header) by 17'6" wide. Can you send me a door strap kit.


We have several overhead cable furniture factory doors that open hundreds of times per day. We'd like to retrofit these bifold doors to liftstraps because we are opening them so often? Do you have bifold door strap kits you can send us.


We have six of your Schweiss overhead doors on flat storage buildings. We want to retrofit from cables to your liftstrap/autolatch system.  I want to order and replace doors three at a time. Serial number on the door is 16658-1. Please send me three door  kits and instructions to begin with.


I have an old bifold door no m261 model S13 serial # 4753. Want to retrofit to door lift straps. Do you have a bifold door kit for that. Would be nice to have Auto latches & remote door opener with three handheld door remotes. 


I am interested in replacing the bifold door cables with bifold door straps and in the center with a strap for the autolatch. Could you provide me with a estimate of the door parts cost and instructions to retrofit the machine shed door. 


We purchased a 24x96' greenhouse from a property in Indiana. The house has 96' of Schweiss bi-fold wall doors in 12' sections. Wall door hgt. is 12' with your Schwiess bi-fold cable door system sheathed with polycarbonate. We are reconstructing it for retail greenhouse use. We wish to upgrade to autolatch and liftstrap system doors and ask if any design specs. might exist for this particular style our architect can use to develop construction specs. 


Have another manufacturers door on my hanger with cables and I am interested in retrofitting to your Schweiss bifold door strap system to raise the door. Can you please send me information on door kit cost and door installment options.


I recently purchased a hanger. It was built in 2008. I was wondering if I could convert the cable hangar door to a Schweiss liftstrap door. Seems to be a great bifold door, although I wish it had liftstraps. 


Curious about cost to convert my Schweiss 12' by 40' Schweiss byfold vertically lifting door installed about 1990 from cable to liftstrap. Add the strap latching door mechanism as well as an automatic wireless door opener.


I have a 70x18 Schweiss bifold door with cables that are about 18 years old. What would it cost to do a liftstrap conversion and add auto latches? 


I need a 60 X 120 jet hangar door at our airport that has your liftstraps installed on it. Hangar was built 15 years ago. I want new door seals on the bottom and top of the hangar door. Schedule a time when you'll have a door installation ready. 


I am oversea's on duty. I have a 50' x 52' hanger in Western Or. It has Schweiss Bi Fold hangar doors that are cable driven, 1999 era. I would be interested in obtaining a idea of retrofitting to Schweiss door straps. Cost please.   


I have a 46' x 14' bifold commercial door with cable lifts. I want to order a kit of Schweiss "Lift Straps" with instructions on how to replace the cables on the door. There are four (4) 1/4" cables on the steel commercial door. Call me or email me.


Have a 60 foot bifold door with cables and manual locks. I would like to put on auto locks like another pilot did. Also include strap lift conversion kit. Cost and availablity?


I have a 40' X 12' 4 1/8" Bi-Fold Schweiss floatplane hangar door. Everything works well but I would like convert the door to use door straps instead of cables. It has a 1.5HP 220 volt motor. Send me your Schweiss conversion/retrofit kit.


Have a handful of Schweiss doors and older ones I want to use lift strap door conversions on. Can send me five conversion kits. We have 4 that are 2 yrs old, one that's 15 or so. 


I have a door customer with a 60' x 18' Bi-Fold door (from a different company) with bad cables. I'd like a conversion kit to retrofit door over to lift straps. There are 6 cables on the bifold door now. 


I am looking for an alternative door solution to a cable lift bifold RV door. I have seen your liftstrap multi-use doors and that's what I want. 


I have a customer that has your cable lift bifold machine shed door. The model he has is the S12, #9, Serial #10198.  He wants to convert and retrofit door to a a bifold liftstrap and autolatch door. Can you send out a door conversion kit. 


I need pricing to convert to a Schweiss liftstrap ag door. Door model S12L9 Serial #41251 Cables are still working well. Price autolatch door system too. We have a remote door opener.


I have a ranch hangar door in Montana. It has a cable door I'd like to convert to the lift straps. It is a 9' by 30' door. If you send me a conversion kit, can I install it on my hangar door?


My 1998 cable maintenance facility door chatters when going up or down and I'd like to retrofit it with your Schweiss lift straps. This is not a Schweiss door, so will your door liftstrap kit work for me? 


I purchased a 40' Schweiss bifold door from you in 1995. My 4 pulleys have worn substantially and I'd like to retrofit door with your liftstrap door conversion kit. I believe this will also give me a faster opening door. Please send door kit and liftstrap / autolatch installation instructions.       


I purchased one of your bi-fold doors about 9 years ago on my garage. I live on the side of the mountain without a lot of room to turn around so I didn't want traditional garage doors.  How much does the conversion to the new lift strap bifold door run? Mine is the old CABLE lift door, and I'd like a low maintenance liftstrap door. This garage door  gets opened and closed often. Do you sell extra remotes separately for the door? I noticed on your website that the remote is different now -- Will you new remote door opener give me better range and will straps make it a faster opening door?