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We have a Schweiss bifold hangar door installed at our heliport. Do you recommend retrofitting the latch on cable to a strap latch (or lift strap)?


2 Questions. 1. I need some replacement springs (13B- 7") for my Schweiss Bifold door. I dont see a place on your website to place the order. Can you help me? 2. How much would if cost to convert my the autolatch system to the strap autolath system? Thank You


I installed a Schweiss 52' wide by 13' 6" clear opening Bi fold Strap door new in my hangar around 2004 or so. Located in Aguila AZ 85320. I bought and assembled the 60×60' hangar at the same time. I would like to get a price on converting it to a automatic door opening system. I will be installing it myself so only need price on parts and shipping. Thank you CH


We have a manual latch on a hangar bifold door. We would like to replace to auto latches. Do these come in different sizes? The mounting plate on our current manual latch system is about 8" square. Please email me prices, parts numbers, etc. or call if we need to clarify door information.


I have an older Schweiss door and want to know how to lubricate the hinges, and is there a retro kit available to replace the manual door latches with automatic latches? If so, how much does it cost? Thanks


Looking for recommendations for a 70'wide x 28'high bi-fold door. The client currently has a Schweiss bottom drive bifold door with arm latches at another building. Could you explain the benefits of this configuration versus the latch strap method that are shown on your website? Please feel free to contact me at the number listed above. Please leave a message. Thank you, Kim


Hello, I am looking to purchase and RIGHT and LEFT Manual Door Latch assembly for my existing bifold hangar door. Do you have a website "store" I can purchase those items through, or how do I go about ordering/purchasing this (and possibly other in the future) bifold strap door hardware items from you? Thanks


I have a 40' Schweiss door. Is it possible to add an autolatch strap system to the existing door? Can you give an approximate cost? Is it self-installable or would I need to find an authorized installer?


I only want a call if it's necessary to answer my questions, otherwise you don't need to worry about a call. I already have a Bifold door with straps but am looking for a new latching strap system and would like to know if its possible to get quote for adding the Strap latching system?


Wanting to get pricing on a strap system for an 18'x40' bifold. I would also interested in the wind latch strap setup


Please quote a 50'x18' clear bifold door installed. Strap Lift with auto latches and weather seal kit. Also quote option for free standing header and installation for the free standing header. Send design information so I can send to metal building supplier for design. Building will either be a Butler or American building. Thanks


I would like a budgetary quote for two horizontal top strap drive with strap latch shop doors. Please also provide insulation value of these doors that would include the seals and hinge areas, not just the panel.


Looking for a price on a residential automatic latch-strap bi-fold door . Attaching to existing garage. So a face mount free standing. To a wood structure. My opening is 7' high and 8' wide .


Looking to fabricate a 18' wide 10' tall Bifold, latch strap door constructed of IPE wood, approx. 3800 lbs. Is your bifold mechanism cable of carrying this load? 


I am looking to includes your two part Bi-fold Latch Strap Doors as the basis of design on a high end condo project in manhattan. Would like to get some typical details to include in the drawing set and basic spec information. Thank You


I need pricing for a 40x14 bifold door and a price for a 60x14 bifold door. Customer is comparing the two sizes, I need the latch strap in both. Project site is Heber City, Utah. Loading is 2012 IBC with 115 MPH wind. Thanks


Hi, I am  currently working on a project which will involve your Latch Strap Bifold doors. In order to get an accurate depiction of your doors on our master plan for our client, I am wondering if you can send us a simple CAD/DWG/REVIT file of your door. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards & many thanks


Dear Sir, i would like to have a quote for 3 liftstrap bifold doors 48'x15' 1 liftstrap bifold door 60'x20', all with the automatic latch strap system.  FOB Miami, florida to be exported to Haiti. Regards


Hello. I have a customer that would be interested in one of your doors for a residential property. And he want to add facing to it himself to match the house. I have never done these doors before, but would be very interested in starting up doing these kind of doors for residential use. I was wondering about information, lead time, pricing, if you offer any kind of training etc. Wood building steel framing. I'm wondering if you can give more details about the automatic Latch Strap system?


Hello. I have a customer that would be interested in one of your doors for a residential property. And he want to add facing to it himself to match the house. I have never done these doors before, but would be very interested in starting up doing these kind of doors for residential use. I was wondering about information, lead time, pricing, the all-strap/latch-strap door, if you offer any kind of training etc. Wood building steel framing


I'm in and looking for a bifold door, the latch straps got me hooked. Where can I get a quote and how long will it take for an install


Planning new farm barn --multi purpose about 50 x 70 ft 12 or 14 tall have had sliding doors and overhead doors. The all strap door with latch straps, I heard was good, considering your doors with auto openers send any info with catalog please reply email or snail mail


Good afternoon, I have a customer looking for the cost of a 16X7 bifold door. He wants it to be all glass. So do you supply me with the frame and I put the glass in or do you offer a glass bifold door? If you do, quote me a 16x7 door with insulated tempered glass. Also want to make sure I get will be able to get Latch Straps with the glass?  thanks


The straps do all the latching. What can you tell me about the safety of the latch straps?


I am in negotiations with the contractor, on the Univ. project. There are 3 bi-fold hanger doors that needs to support a glass curtainwall veneer system with latch straps. Please call me today.


The latch straps hold the door in all positions, and it's an all strap bifold door. How soon can I get one?


I'm in NY, looking to put in a new door. The latch straps sold me. Where do I get a quote and how long does it take to get it installed?


I need a price for a bi-fold door for a hangar I am quoting. I also wanted to know if you had dealers or installers in the San Fran area. Looking forward to hearing more about the latch straps.


We are quote on a job to you have 100' width doors do you have any literature on this please send thank you. I'm really excited about the latch straps.


Doors are for a timber frame barn. We will need two doors each 11' W x 7' 10"H. I think the bifold door would be the best solution for our project. I especially want the latch straps on these. We would be building a hardwood outer door shell and bead board to match the rest of the barn on the inside. There will also be some windows built into the doors. I like the idea of using your rigid insulation sandwiched between the wooden components. What kind of R value do you think we could expect from the doors. Also, given the very cold winters here in VT, can we expect a very tight seal? The beam directly above the opening is only 10" thick. I am guessing we will have to add an additional beam to get to the minimum 12" heigh for the header. Correct? I like the hydraulic doors as well, but I think the braces at the top of door openings would prevent that from being a solution. The braces cross the upper part of the opening starting 2 1/2' from the top on each edge. Do you have a solution that would work with your hydraulic doors? Please provide feedback, rough pricing and current lead time for delivery via email. Thanks


I need pricing and rough opening information on two straplift bi-fold doors 20' wide and 16' clear open height. delivered to El Paso, TX.... Make sure there is a latch strap included in the doors 


We are bidding a seed storage warehouse and the project calls for Two (2) 30' x 18' Bi-Fold Doors (sidewall mount) and one (1) 24' x 18' Bi-Fold Door (end wall mount) . Customer needs latch straps on all three (3) doors. Can you quote these doors delivered to the site in Sunray, Texas?


I am an Architect specifying your vertical lift bifold garage doors, with lift/latch straps. Would you please be able to provide me with a 3-part specification for your door? thank you sincerely, 


Hi, I have a door that is 178" wide and 8' tall. I was wondering if I can use the bifold door for the same.  I'd like a latch strap mechanism, so the door will hold firm in all positions. Can you help? Thanks 


Interested in hydraulic bifold door for a restaurant in NYC. Approximate size is 11 ft high and 10 ft wide. Glass the full length of the bifold doors. Need to be able to stop the door in any position.


Hello, We're looking to replace our two residential garage doors with bi-fold doors. They are 9'x7' each. What are our options? What can latch straps do for me? I can send a photo of the existing openings. Thanks


Hi, i would like to know if you have reprsentation in Bogota, Colombia, ( soth America)I am looking for a bi fold strap door. I have 6.30 meters wide and 2.30 meters high. Can you please quote the frame and straps? Make sure you include the latch straps in the price. Best regards, Architect


Hi I am very interested to buy a system to raise my bi-fold door I made it in Mexico for my house, and I think your system should work great, I need about 1500 lbs of lifting force, and would like to incorporate the latch straps. I am in Chicago IL please advise


We have a 25'- 6" wide opening. A 13 foot tall ceiling and need a clear height of 11'-10". Do you have a door that will meet our needs? Wind load: V ult = 115mph, V asd = 90mph. Risk Category is IV. Wind exposure is C. Seriously need the Latch Straps. 


Good Afternoon, I'm with a mid-sized architecture firm that does commercial projects (education, hospitality, retail, etc). Does your company do AIA accredited lunch and learn presentation I'm intriqued by the Latch Straps...   Thanks         


I like the look of your products, seems good quality, latch straps sound awesome and notice in your FAQ section, there is somebody else in Australia after your product, yes you say you can help, ..but who is your agent in Australia or do we deal direct with you guys? look forward to hearing from you soonest, email response, probably the best, given time zones! Regards


follow up on previous message- Want a quote on a bifold door and a hydraulic door for the dimensions show. These latch straps are leaning me to bifold.


quote on two sizes: 1. 40 foot wide opening x 12 feet floor to roof rafters. Design door so I have a least 10-1/2 feet open space when door is open. 2. 44 foot wide door with same requirements. 3. strap auto latching system. I assume this is an extra option, please quote as separate item on quote. 4. please include installation and delivery costs. airport, Canton, SD 


interested in replacement of Hangar bifold door 44 x 14 also have new pole barn with 20 x 14 opening need information on that too. Also want to get strap automatic latch system on both.


I need a price for a bi-fold door with latch straps for a hangar I am quoting. I also wanted to know if you had dealers or installers in the Kansas City area.


Doing a renovation. Have a cathedral type ceiling in our great room. Would like to take out old windows and replace with bifold doors to open onto balcony. Need to hold firm in any position... Need the latch straps.  Need to get a ballpark price to know whether we should even consider this. Would like as much glass as possible in the door.


I have been given your company's address by a company in Florida. I am looking to purchase a large glass bifold door to be shipped to the Cayman Islands. I have a picture which I will send one a contact is made. I need to hold door firmly in any position, so I need latch straps.  Please call or email me. Regards, 


Hi, We are looking to have custom Bifold Walls installed in our Venue Space. We are looking for a simple design. The exterior of the wall will have drywall, so we are not looking for that industrial finish. We have 5 walls in total that we need made. 1 Wall that is 16 ft x 10 ft 2 walls that are 13.6 ft x 11 ft 2 walls that are 18.7 ft x 11 ft Please take a look at our website so you can get an idea of how our venue space is. Need the automatic latch strap system.


Building hangar and researching bi-fold doors 40'x12' clearance door that will fit a 40'x14' opening Delivery time? Price? Can I get the latch strap.


Looking to see if you have a Canadian Sale Rep we could contact to get some pricing and info on a new hangar door system. Also, I want to know more about the latch strap setup.  Thanks


We are working with a contractor that is building an outdoor bar on a home and found some doors on Houzz from your company that their client liked-especially the open-in-all-position latch straps. Is it possible to get some pricing for the products. They were an aluminum full view bi-fold


Hi about 15 years ago we got a door from your company, 40 x 40 Order # 9926, Serial Number 9926 It's been working great since then, no problems whatsoever We see age in the 5 steel cables, can you please quote upgrade for all 5 to all strap/latch strap system. Thanks for your help in this matter By the way the door is installed in Baja Mexico City of 


Hi, I would like to get an idea of the price for bi-fold latch strap door for my shop, 12-8 wide by 13-10 tall. I can send pictures if it would help. I would also like an idea of the lead time from ordering to delivery. Thanks, 


looking for bifold to open a north and west side covered grilling area at my home, looking to find out more about the latch strap. wood frame construction with an opening of approx. 6'w X 8'h. clear glass panels would be great. hoping you can make little tiny doors like this. with some luck i'll be adding on a covered outdoor porch and may need some doors more like 16'w x 8-10'h. this style looks perfect for not needing ceiling space and providing an awning type area at the side of the building. it rains sometimes in WA!


Our Civil Air patrol Hanger door was installed approx. 3 yrs ago. Its a bi-fold approx. 42 wide by 18 high. One of the winch drum cables has a broken "strand" on one of the "1/4??" draw cables. I will upgrade to the Latch Straps. Can I get a quote for a new setup with latch straps?


I would like a quote for a latch strap bi-fold door with a clear opening of 40' wide and 12' high and 24" wedge. Please include options for automatic strap latch and remote.


This is a wall cover for an outdoor kitchen. Dark brown metal. We can install. If there are suggestions to save money please let us know.  Would like latch strap to hold open in any position. Thank you.


I am looking to in install a door out side bi fold 25 foot wide by 16 foot tall. It would be used as a gate we would just use a diamond type aluminum mesh on first 8 feet. Can you quote as a bifold with latch strap. Also a 35 ft by 16 foot bi fold. for same as above gate use. Last a hydraulic door for a building rough dimension 16 high 14 wide. a build your own is god we are a construction company and have our own fabrication shop and certified welder. We also have our own cranes and extendable track forklift. Thank you 


please price out the solid panel insulation for a 16X48 foot bifold door. Also would like a price on a remote opener and latch strap system. Thank You, 


To whom it may concern I've just got the shell up of a 50 x 80 shop, roof and wall tin is on.Door opening is 24 wide and 20 feet high and in the gable end so lots of room above opening.Door opening has posts designed for bifold door,columns are 6 ply 2x8 right up to top cord of rafter, glue lam beam installed 3 feet above door opening. Everything in accordance with engineered drawings. What is the cost for a latch strap door with strap automatic latches, ready for metal I supply, also constructed to take insulation? I have a quote for a Canadian built door delivered to my farm for less than 8000$. Maybe not feasible with longer transport and currency exchange being what it is. Please reply ASAP as I need to decide by midweek for sure. Thanks,          


I have two (2) hangar project I will be needing three (3) Bi-Fold doors. One will be 50'-0" x 15'-0" and the others two (2)will be 45'-4" x TBD.Owner is requesting the strap-lift doors with the hold open in any position latch straps.


we are looking for a bifold door to be used on a composting facility project. the door has to be corrosion resistant with stainless steel components preferably, and need to be able to hold door in any position, so I need the latch straps. the door opening is 30'-6" wide x 23'-8" tall.


We have been using your bi-fold doors for a long time(10 years) and are very pleased. The time has finally come where I would like to replace a couple of lift straps. (unless you suggest doing them in groups of 4) I cannot find anything to identify them specifically. They are about 3 inches wide, about 1/4 inch thick, and app. 16 ft long. We have two doors in service, 8 straps. Only one strap looks weathered, what do you suggest? Make sure I can use the automatic strap latching system


Hello, I need a door about 26' w x10' h for a residential garage. Bifold. Latch Straps. I'm trying to get an idea on price. Hydraulic driven. I'm in California. Is this possible?


I am interested in a set of 3 bifold doors. The door opening have an arced top. Can you fabricate bifold doors with an arced top? I also NEED the latch straps.


I have a customer that wants a bifold Electric operating hangar door to replace his 6 panel multi directional door. The new door needs to be insulated as well. My customer would prefer a Latch Strap bifold door.  I also need a price to include the install.


We have a 70x90' aircraft hanger with 21' Schweiss bifold door. We are looking for someone to do some maintenance work, it has been several years. gear oil change, lubrication, inspection cable replacements, etc. We were also thinking about upgrading to the Latch Strap system while we are putting more into the door. Have no idea who can do this in our area.


We are purchasing a lot near san antonio at a small airpark. Can you suggest a manuf. for a smaller hangar that would accomodate your doors with latch strap system?


Hi, I'd like a quote for BOTH bifold vs. hydraulic doors for 2 sizes: (1) 8' wide x 9' high (side wall) (1) 16' wide x 9' high (end wall) New construction (detached garage), wood building, side column wood. Also interested in quote difference for insulated glass vs. solid wood door. Also, any information I can pass on to our structural engineer, meeting with him next Tuesday. Please include info on the automatic latch strap system.  Thank you!


I am planning to build a 40' x 60' pole building in the next 6 months, and want to get info and pricing on a bifold door for the 40' end wall and latch straps. Thanks 


We are looking for pricing information on 2 electric bi-fold doors. Clear width and height as noted below. We would like a price for doors integral with a new structure, and also a price for doors with stand alone frame exterior to existing structure. If you can provide installed price with the automatic latch strap setup, that would be even better. Please e-mail at your earliest convenience.


We are interested in your strap lift, latch strap door for a residential project here in NY (eastern Long Island), but would like more information. We're looking for CAD details and some preliminary pricing info. Thanks


Interested in the Strap-lift/latch strap bifold doors for three pavilions/buildings. Do you have a rep in Ohio that could have come out and give us an quote?


Hi I will be passing this quote on and my customer would purchase direct from you guys. Quote all install, new auto latch strap, and larger bottom seal.


Please include all install, new automatic latching system, and the larger bottom seal. Thanks


I am an architect working on a residential project in Hampton. We are interested in using bifold uplift door for the garage. The clear opening is about 9'x 19'. We have following questions. 1. We will apply exterior wall finish on the door to match and flush will adjacent wall finish. Can bifold door with latch straps work? 2. Can door opening be controlled by remote control that is commonly used in the car? 3. What is the cost? 4. Can we have cad details both in plan and section?


I need a quote for a 60' x 18' bifold door on a 66'x80'x22' building. Very interested in the latch strap system. I also need loading on door for building design. Thanks


I am looking at pricing a new 60' x 20' existing awning door with a new Schweiss latch strap door. I have purchase and installed your doors before. Please send a price quote or request for more info. Email is best. Thank You


Hi, I am interested in a bifold door for our coffee shop. It would need to be about 10 ft wide and around 11-13 ft tall. I would really like to hold open in any position with the latch straps. I would like the material to be glass and black metal. Thanks, 


Good evening, I am interested in your product for insulating my Bi-fold aircraft hanger door in New Hampshire with all strap door and latch strap door. Please contact me with options for performing the work at my location at Concord Airport in Concord, New Hampshire. Thanks! 


We are a metal building sales and erection company have done many doors in the past. Last 2 doors we sold were from another company. This door however is larger than what they can do. Looking for a 95ft wide Bi fold door x 26ft clear. Also need the latch straps. Job in Wickenburg, AZ  Thanks


Dear Sirs, Hello! We would like to become a sole distributor of your items in Korea. So would you please let us know person in charge oversea business. Excited about a door that can be open in any position. We are looking forward to your promptly response . Best Regards


I would like a price for both style doors. I want a flush style mount stick frame building with attic trusses in it. I also need the latch strap.


I am working on a retro project in Fremont, NE and need help on possible 3-30' x 18' high lift doors with latch straps, since I like the fact I can have my door open in any position. Call my cell is the easiest...  Thank you


I've built a free standing garage that a traditional garage door is challenging. I only have a 12 clearance from the door to the loft inside. Your door may be our solution, but I need more info on certain things such as latch strap system.


Quote on 20 ft wide, 14 ft tall strap bi-fold door for container building with arch roof. (Will need stand alone frame and lift straps.) Thanks,      


Hello! Find your product (bifold window for restaurant) very interesting. Really intriqued by the hold firm in any position latch straps. Looking to place an order for 3 pieces. Best regards


We are considering your doors for a multipurpose room in San Francisco. Please call me to discuss. I would like to entertain the thought of what a latch strap partially-open door will provide for this space.


I require a quote for the latch strap door closer mechanism. I presently have a 48x16 bifold with your lift strap system. Thanks Jeff Rieck


I need to know if you have some jobsites we can take an owner to look at in the Seattle Area? They are in town for tomorrow and Wednesday. Inparticular wanting to see the better, stronger hinge design.  


I need to get a quote for a Latch Strap Door - 85' Wide with a 26' high clearance. Needs to have extra or twice the horse power for quick opening. This is for a airplane hangar. Thanks. 


Remodeling a fertilizer building could be 1 52' door or 2 26" doors. Just looking at estimated costs for a hydraulic door strongest hinge you got.


need a price on a 44 foot x 14 foot hydro-swing to be installed in a existing pole building, especially want the hinge to be strong.


Can you convert our 50x15 cable Schweiss bifold door to lift strap or better yet a latch strap, without building a new door?




I work for a grain bin company that is selling some steel buildings also. I would like a Quote on a 36x20 bifold door with Latch Strap System.


We are working with Worldwide Steel Buildings on a group of 50'x50' stand-alone hangars and are in need of bifold doors. What would you recommend? Leaning toward the Latch Straps.  Regards


Hello I have a 45x16 ft hanger bifold door what will it cost to convert to your latch strap system?Thanks 


Email me an estimate please for a 60 wide 28 high hangar door with latch straps instead of cables. I will send specs before requesting a firm quote. Just looking for an estimate, shipping and lead time to order for June delivery to 


I need a quote for 8 48x17 bifold or hi-fold doors. Make sure the quote includes latch strap systems. I need 14' of open height so whichever one will give us that opening. These deliver to Alva, OK.


I would like a quote on the new closure straps assemble. The other thing I would like to do is insulate my door. In that process I would need to move out the upper straps out abut 4". The builder had me buy styrofoam insulation, but did not use it. I put 4 windows in my lower door. My door works great. I have never had a problem with it. Love the Latch Strap system. Thank you


I have a customer than might benefit from your latch strap system. Looking to provide them a budget number to retrofit their existing bi fold from cables to your latch strap system. What information would you need from me to get a number? Do you have a rough estimate on usual install time? Thanks!


I received an email about the new latching system that are available for bi folding doors. We have 2 Schweiss doors that currently use the standard latching system. My question is can my doors be upgraded to the new auto latching system?


Would like to get an estimate for Bifold door with latch straps. Raw opening is 50'x14'. Wood new construction hangar. I want to hang the door on the outside of the opening. Will be covered with metal, or hardy plank. Wind load 100 mph. I am a pilot for FedEx based in Hong Kong so calling not an option. Please email me with estimate. Thanks 


I'm looking for more information on a 20' latch strap  bifold door for a maintenance garage (industrial) setting. Please forward me the information you can, based on the specs I've provided. Thank you.


Gentlemen.... I own a Schweiss strap door and live on an airpark (FA37) and am assisting and encouraging a neighbor to build with a Schweiss door...to help him can you give me a price on a 40' wide and 12' opening strap door to be designed for Florida.. I'll do my best to get it sold...I still believe it is the best door our there.... especially the latch straps...  Thank you 


I have 2 older, circa 1997, Schweiss cable lift doors on my shop, one 32 foot and one 14 foot. After 19 trustworthy years of service today the 14 door barely unlatched clicked but would not open I got it latched but that was it, now it will not unlatch. looked up your website and saw your slick new latch strap system and knew that I need learn more about the process of updating both doors to straps.


The bi-fold door would be for a garage opening 11ft X 11ft. I am interested in your Latch Strap System. Please call me.


We are an import company and construction company. We have ever bought your Bi-fold doors through a broker and built them in our buildings for 2 times, and we spread the name of your "Bi-fold Doors" in Japan. Even now, many Japanese people has been interested in your products, but we could not contact the broker because she has been missing since 2 years ago. So we would like to deal with your company directly and we would like to resume the sales activities in Japan. After all, we would like to ask you the price of a Bi-Fold Door below. We really like Latch Strap Technology. Thank you.


We have two door openings that will be 10' wide X 48" High. The Owner wants a door that swings up and down and out of the way and can hold in any open position. Do you have a bifold door that would do this for the size opening The project is in Waco, Texas. 


Hello I am very interested in getting a quote using the information provided for a winery I am designing in the British Columbia. I really like the Metal Shutter house or Door for Red Bull. Make sure the quote include the latch strap system. Thank you.


I would like to order a latch strap bi-fold door asap. 60' wide and 19' tall opening. I need a clear height of at least 15'. I would like the standard auto-latches, remote control, wrap around bottom foam seal, a 36" walk through door in the bottom right (as viewed from the outside) and 6-8 windows in the upper half similar to this: https://www.bifold.com/assets/photooftheday/burroughs-1.jpg I would just request the number and size of windows be adjusted to be symmetrical in the door. I would like to proceed asap with this order. I need the weight and attachment drawing for my engineer to finish the design on the building.


Hello, I would like to get a quote for a bi-fold door, 14x7 ft for a residential garage. Really looking for an automatic latch strap system!!!!  Thank you 


Looking at two new hangars, one with 5 doors and one with 4 doors. Looking for budgets on 120 wide doors x 28' clear. Very interested in incorporating the Latch Strap system.  Call me to discuss.


We are looking for a door bid on a 40x18 with the higher output motor and pump. Also needing 2 4x3 window frame outs in the door and prepped for interior steel liner. Is there an option for a remote opener and how much for the latch strap system? Please feel free to call with any questions you may have. Door to be delivered to Remington Indiana


Looking for a current quote on two of your doors 46' X 16' with lift straps and auto latch straps. Also, please quote current production lead time. Thanks 


need a price quote on a latch strap system for an existing bifold door. The door is a Wilson 70x20 with 10 cable drums. we have installed your system on a few of our doors we have on our facilities.so just need quote for strap system and no install labor. If I recall correctly we purchased the shaft and couplers locally on previous orders. thank you ALASKA


Hello, I am working on a job for the Hauser & Wirth Gallery and your company was listed as a preferred vendor for a particular bi-fold lift door with latch straps. Please contact me so we can discuss this further. Regards.


Hello, I'm building a residential cabin and I am considering adding a Bifold glass door to expand the living room space out to the deck, and I'm excited about the latch strap system. I would like to get an estimate for 3 sizes (total opening size): 20 feet long by 9 feet 6 inches tall 20 feet long by 8 feet tall 15 feet long, by 8 feet tall Also, when the door is folded up, what is the clearance for an 8 feet tall door? Thanks! 


looking for a quote please. Can provide more project details during phone conversation, Need more info on the Latch Strap system. Thanks, 


I am looking for a bi-fold door for an airplane hangar. 76' clear width 22' clear height Insulated, Latch Strap. Would like options for windows. This will be located at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, MN. Also, is there any resale/salvage value for used bifold doors? We will have three used doors available after our modifications. Please provide an estimate on cost and lead time for delivery.


Doors need to pass through horizontal to stop at about 30 degrees above level to form an awning over a work area, so your latch strap system is the answer!


Please quote a 60 x 14 hi fold, straplift, latch strap, mount to wood, door. Deliver to Hutchinson, MN with option to install. Tag: Plastic Aarow Job. Thanks


I own a window and door company and currently sell lines that include, Jeldwen, PGT and LaCantina folding doors. I have a job that I'm involved in that the designer is looking for vertical Bi-Fold systems claded with store front glass and automatic Latch Straps. I saw one of your doors while visiting NYC at the Eventi Hotel. Questions: Do you offer distributer pricing? Do you have FL impact testing? How custom do you make your doors? color? size? etc...The job requires 6 systems apx. 11' H x 12' W, or 2 doors apx. 11' H x 36' W. Please call me to discuss


Looking for a bi-fold door solution and we think your latch strap door may be the only option that could work for us. We have limited head room and a tight dimension between the building and the property line. I can send a section so you can fully understand the existing condition.


I just built a shed and need a bifold door for a 7 ft. by 7 ft. opening with latch strap system operation. Can I surface the metal frame with wood? What price am I looking at for this system without the wood clad?


To whom it may concern, I'm interested in your Bifold Doors with Lift Straps, in particular with a bigger size for an Airplane Chart. I'm looking for a door size: Door Width:62 FT Door Height:20 FT. I would be very glad if you could send me a catalogue for more datails, especially about the latch strap. In addition to that is there any chance you could send me price list? or could you provide a quote on the above-named doorsize? Many thanks in advance! Best regards, 


Intersted in pricing two glass outward bifold garage doors doors for a winery sunroom. Need the Latch Strap to allow for open air. One 19 wide X 9 height and the other 20 X 9.


I have a Quonset shed 40 by 100 door opening 22 feet by 13 feet 9 inches no door installed yet open for suggestions for a hydraulic I plan to heat 40' by 50' area. Would like a nice Heavy Duty Hinge.


I want (3) 24' X 18' doors but actually (1) of those is 22' X 16' in sidewall. Building is 4:12 so ok on ends but customer wants 18' eave height for building. I need the Latch Straps on the doors. Will 16' high door fit in 18' eave height?? Need Support info required for both conditions along with quotes. I'm here in the TN/KY area. THANKS!


The airport authority board is beginning to research a new block t-hangar and would like to request a quote on pricing of 3 strap bi-fold doors - 50' x 12' clear height with the automatic latch strap system. Thank you 


Looking for 4 doors- glass, either bifold or hydraulic for our brewpub in Santa Rosa, CA. We are interested in potentially 4 doors= the height between 10 and 16 feet (we have 16 feet but could build in a header). Widths: 10', 21'6", 12'1" and 11'3" (the final door would require an emergency exit when closed). We would prefer the automatic Latch Straping System for ventilation.


I am looking at using a vertical bi-fold door as a garage door for a residence in Snowmass Colorado. I would like the entire 3-car garage door wall to open together (we may look at breaking it into 2 doors as well). The door would be clad like the rest of the building so that it completely goes away. I saw some residential photos on your website. Do you have typical details for this installation? Does this type of door require any extra structure or other arrangements that is above and beyond a standard garage door install? Would the cost be competitive? What can the Latch Straps do for me?Thanks for your help!


I am an architect and would like to specify a latch Strap Bi-fold over head garage door/glass/windows for a residential project. Do you serve Houston? And when can I get my quote?


I need an estimate on 4 doors. I believe you have the frame and we add the exterior material? I'm not really sure. But, would like to have more information about it. Also please tell me more about the latch strap setup.


I own a hangar in Show Low, Arizona that has a Schweiss bifold door. It is a cable lift system. It needs service (some of the parts are bent, a latch is broken, etc. I would like to have someone come service the door. Can you suggest any service people who come to Show Low? Or better yet, can we get someone to upgrade us to the automatic latch strap system?


have 2 sliding doors, opening around 30 ft wide and 15 high.need the height for sure. who installs them? will you take old ones down? its a pole building.will somebody look at the prodject? I think a bi fold door with the latch strap system would be the answer. Thanks 


Dear we are specialized company in automatic door, gate, access control. we are interested in your company and products. could you please send us your catalogue and pricelist of the door 4 width x 3 Height with the automatic latch strap system.Best Regards Jennie


I need a quote for a 11h x 35w latch strap Bi fold door, this is the opening. I understand and have measured the opening so that there is the required 2ft above the door. Maybe 2 windows in the door. Thanks 


I am looking for a bi-folding garage door, do you have resellers of your products in the UK? Need more info on the Automatic Latch Strap system. 


I am interested in a small bifold door for a food service window. the opening is 8' wide and 5' in height the latch strap system would definately be a bonus. What options do I have?


Want to discuss and gather more info on latch strap hangar doors. Am working on a residential project in Fort Worth that will need 2 - approx 14'W x 9.5'H - will be curtain-wall front. Please contact at your earliest convenience - think we've spoke and thought we'd exchanged emails but if so I can't find it/them. Thanks, 


Please just email me a price quote on the door. We aren't sure as of yet whether the support beams will be wood or steel, and would be able to support a hydraulic door, even with the heavy duty hinge. Thanks 


We have an application for 7 to 11 of your latch strap doors for different uses on a building we intend to renovate and expand. Whom shall we send the information to?


Hello, I have a small 30x20 machine shed with an 8.5' x 30' open wall that I need a zero-clearance door. My first thought was a triple-rail sliding door but then I saw your article in New Holland Acres for your latch strap bi-fold doors. How can I get options and pricing for this small project? We are local to you in Howard Lake, MN. Thank you, 


We are building a 60x120 machine shed, the plan now has sliders. We have a little time to change to automatic latch strap bifold. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!


Need quote on 54x17 Hangar door. Call Asap. Customer has old Bi-Fold needing replacement. Looking for to upgrade to a Latch Strap Bifold


I am interested in glass folding doors. A client is interested in using them on a project we are assisting with and I need to know what they will cost. Include automatic Latch Straps in the price. Thanks!!


I am doing a project and need a 20 wide by 12 high door on barn front to look like a carriage door. interested in bifold, or hydro swing one piece door. Heard great things about both, but really like the heavy duty wrap around hinge.


Need a 110'x22' bi-fold hangar door. I want to know the advantages of the latch strap system  We will supply exterior panels. Project is located in Lake Arrowhead, CA Please also supply cost to install. Let me know required framed opening height needed for this door. Need 22' clear height on door. Heard excellent things about this door company from good sources. Thanks 


I have a customer with an existing 12'x12' overhead door with low headroom lift. They need to accommodate bringing in a tractor trailer and are looking to open it up for this purpose. Floor top ceiling (bottom of steel rafters) is 151" or 12'7". The customer would prefer the bifold latch strap door. We can open this existing opening to this height however will this be enough to allow the entry and exit of transports with one of your doors. Please contact me asap too discuss. Much appreciated!!! 


Jason Brevik writing you a quick note wondering how much roughly an 18 foot high by 40 foot wide bifold door with the automatic latch straps costs installed?? We are thinking of putting up a pole building and getting ideas of doors we are located by Zahl, ND Thanks again, 


Good afternoon. I'm pricing a project with a couple latch strap bi-fold doors. The customer did not submit door specifications. Would it be possible to get preliminary specs from you? Or some "ballpark" figures?  30' door width 14' door height 24" wedge 16' overall height IBC2009 115 mph wind load Risk Category II Wind Exposure B Enclosed Topographical Factor 1 Building Height 20'-0" Roof Slope 1:12 Thank you so much!


We are looking at pricing for a 50' x 16' (long x clear) strap-lift/latch-strap biflod door. Can you please put me in touch with someone that can get me a quote and the lead time? Thanks, 


Hello, We have a project in Drummondville Quebec where we would like to have a garage door with a cedar wood finish to be flush with the outside wall with the same finish. I have a few questions regarding your bifold doors, in particular your latch strap bifolds. Only heard good things about Schweiss Doors. Will contact you shortly. THX 


Interested in pricing information for a bi-fold door for a residential application (8x8, all glass with cold weather package). A latch strap bifold really gives a story to a building, and that is what I'm looking for, a conversation topic.


We are currently building a hanger and need a quote to supply the latch strap Bi-fold hanger door. I need it quoted to the Seattle dock and will need to know the shipping weight and length of the longest piece. I would also like to see your quote to install the door.


Need some numbers on getting bi-fold, latch strap door 90 wide x 14' clear shipped to I believe it is Rocky Point Airport out side of Sequim Wa. Please send info asap. I am trying to get the price to my customer this week. Thank you 


Hello, I am looking for pricing information on a latch strap bi-fold door for my shed. I don't have exact measurements at the moment but it is roughly 11'8" x 16'. Thanks, Jeremy


We are designing a new hangar in Billings, Montana with a proposed bifold latch strap door of 20' CLEAR HEIGHT x 80' wide. We need to understand the details on head height to obtain the 20' clearance. Our electrical engineer has asked me today to provide power requirements ASAP so he can confirm the panel size for this building. Look forward to hearing from you. 


We're looking for a bi-folding door system for a commercial warehouse application. The opening is 14' wide x 16' tall. This door system will be completely indoors, separating the general warehouse space from a large storage room. The owners would like to have a man door / access door and latch straps in the bi-folding door system if possible. We're looking for solutions that will work for our situation, and pricing as well. Any information would be appreciated.


Hello We have a 5000 sq foot insulated building and we need a bifold door for. There is a car lift in the front part of the building so were not able to go with a typical garage door. The door opening is 12 ft wide and 10 ft tall. We would need the door to be insulated. What kind of door would you recommend? We enjoy the open in any position latch strap system.  Email would be the best way to get in touch with me due to dealing with customers throughout the day. 


Looking for budget pricing for the Renovation like the Kings Stadium in Sacramento, CA. Door opening is 50'x14.75'. A latch strap bi-fold metal clad door has been requested. No additional specifications have been provided to date. Work would be done in late 2016 or in 2017.


I'm looking at building a 10 bay T-Hangar, and would like to install 42'W doors with the automatic latch strap system. The doors, when fully opened, need to have 12 ft clearance. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!


I am Preparing a Grant application for 12 Nested T-Hangars I do not know the Cost or cost difference between the bifold and hyd. doors. I'm interested in the automatic latch strap system. I currently have 2 box hangars on the field with Hyd. Doors. Which would be better, and less expensive, and less maintenance, for the nested hangars?


I'm working with an architect with several jobs where he wants to use either the bifold or hydraulic. Some of the jobs are in the US some are in Tijuana, Mexico (Across the border from San Diego, CA). I would like to have automatic latch straps.  What information do you need so we can get a quote? Thank you 


We are looking for residential applications for beach home. We will prefer the door to have the automatic latch system. We live in Minneapolis, and would like to visit the factory. Thank you and look forward to coming to see you!!!


Recently built 36x56x13 Morton building. Open front on the 36' primarily for RV storage and farm equipment. Would like to entertain possibly putting latch strap bifold door on it. Approx. dimension 13x36. 


Hello, I want to order a latch strap bifold door. I want you to get back to me with the price including taxes and I want to know do you accept Credit cards as your payment. Hope to hear from you soon.


I have a project that specs out a Wilson Industries, Valu-Tec Bi-Fol Vertical Door. I would like to submit a Schweiss alternate for the project. Please have someone contact me so I can email over the specification and drawings to provide a quote on an automatic latch strap bifold door.


Please email me pictures of indoor riding arenas using bifold doors as windows on the side with the latch straps. Thanks


Require price and delivery on the following. 1/ 5- Bifold doors 12 x 40 with man door and latch straps for T hanger. we will install 2/ 1- Bifold door 12' x 42 no man door, with lift straps for 5 aircraft hanger.