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Looking for rough estimate to replace my door with new bi-fold at a barn in Lake George, FL. General idea of cost...so I know what I'm looking at.


Hi, I have a client wanting a design for a small lakeside shed structure and I mentioned using one of your hinged bifold doors as it doesn't encroach into the interior space like a typical residential overhead garage door would with tracks and such. The question is can/will you make one that is somewhere in the 8'-12' width by 8'-10' height? Also, what is the cost range for this size door and, how long a lead time from order placement to delivery? The project is close to my mailing address so please use that for shipping estimates. Feel free to call me if that is easier too. Thank you


I'm looking to build a lake shore shed and would like a door like this to open out and provide cover over the opening. The shed is only 5' x 8', so door would be 7' x 7' hi. Is there a lighter model that you would offer?


I'm building a house and would like a folding glass garage door door the gym over looking lake. please call asap.


I have a client interested in schweiss doors for their garage/play house at the lake. It's a 18'wide x 8' tall door. I'm interested in getting assistance on which model to spec and the details needed. I can send along a floor plan if helpful. Thanks!


Looking for a type of door approx 18’w x 6’h. This will be used on a porch that over looks a lake. When it’s windy I would like to close this and block the wind. Needs to open out towards the lake/ away from the deck. What would you suggest, it could be a manual lift and close, 85% of the times it will be open. Thnxs Brian


Hi, could you please send your prices. Would like to add hydraulic door to residential property to overlook lake. Hydraulic patio door access.


I am looking to install an overhead door on my lake home. It will be smaller than most of the doors you make. It will be 7' h and 10' w. I would like for the top half to be windows and the lower half to match the exterior of my house. Is this possible with both the bifold and the hydraulic? or would one door style be better suited for this than the other?


We would like a quote on (3) 9' x 8' Designer Glass Bifold and Hydraulic Tilt Up Doors to be installed at our lake home and lake home boat garage.


Building a Hangar Home on Table Rock Lake and would like to discuss bifold liftstrap Hangar Home door options.


I have a lake home residence I am upgrading in need of a bifold overhead glass decorator liftstrap door. Opening 15' 7" w x 7'10" h. Want a carriage house look (windows, panels) without all the headache and costs for a custom set of outswing doors. Traditional roll-up's interfere with access into the home.


I am interested in installing one of your bi-fold liftstrap doors in a new lake house that we're building in New Hampshire. The door rough opening is 9'-2 1/2" wide by 7'-2 1/2" high. I'd like the door to be fully glazed. I could also be talked into doing your one-piece hydraulic door instead, but my first instinct and preference is to do the bi-fold system. I've read about the benefits of the lift straps, and was concerned about what they'll look like in a residential interior, then I realized they can be purchased in other colors than yellow. Do you have any photos of them used inside a home. I'm no longer open to using the standard cable version instead. Please let me know what other information you need from me in order to get a quote for this system. Also, what is your lead time from the time we place the order. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks. The door will be on the main wall that faces the lake. Thanks again.


Good evening, I have a 3000 sq. ft residential lake home on 6 acres about 100 miles north of NYC that is just about wrapping up the design phase. The open floor plan will basically have an opening of 28 feet wide by 21.5 - 23 feet high. I came across your bi-fold lake home doors and thought it might be an interesting option depending on price and insulation properties. Kindly give me a call when you have a moment to discuss. Thank you, Evan ...


We are looking to do a door on the back of our Lake home and saw the Pennsylvania garage door on your website. If I could get a rough idea on costs for something like that, I would be appreciative. We discussed using a 16' glass roll up door but this option is very appealing. We are not set on exact size but we would go between 7-8' tall by 10' 16' wide. Either a hydraulic or bifold glass door.  Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Jeremy Josephson


I'm wanting a lake home bi fold door that fits tight with a good seal for R insulation value. My Construction is new with 2 X 6 wall construction. I'm hoping you would have something in stock for quick delivery.




Our Client is looking for somethin unique for his restaurant. He has acquired a lake home that is over looking a lake. He would like which ever lake home door style he chooses to be full view insulated glass when closed. Thank you Mike Abbott Project Manager / Estimator 


I have a lake home project with your door specified. Need to get a price ASAP. Would like to send you a link to plans and specifications to bid from. Please have a salesperson contact me.


I need a bifold lake front cabin door. It needs to be a Schweiss glass designer door that is 10 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall. It also needs to be equipped with your Schweiss automatic latching system to insure a. tight locking door when we are away from the lake.


trying to get a quote on residential bifold lake home doors roughly 22' wide by 10' high. thank you


I need a quote on 4 each 39' wide x 12' clear Latch Strap Lake Home Bi-fold doors with a 3'0" x 6'8" man door opening in the center. top of header will be 14' would like hinges bolt centered at 13'-10"


Need a price for a hydraulic one piece door and bifolding door with the measurements 28 x 12 and also need price on a 32 x 14 bifold lake home door  with the same measurements. Thanks!


We are building a house with a pool and outdoor kitchen. We are looking for a quote on a glass hydraulic OR lake home door to enclose our outdoor kitchen area in winter etc. We will be building our home on the water therefore we need protection from the elements at times. We like the type of doors that we have seen on beach houses that we have stayed in. They are open to air when you want and they appear as a a wall of large windows when closed so our view is not obstructed. The opening we will need to fill is 30 ft. long by 9 or 10 ft. tall.. Would this have to be 2 separate doors or could it be made as 1 unit? I would like to get a price quote for this type of door if you could get that for me? I would like to see the price difference in the bifold door vs using your hydraulic door as well.


I'm looking for options and prices for a Kenai River home garage door approximately 23' wide by 14' high. Can you give me an approximate cost for a bi-fold liftstrap door of this size? Can I build the frame and use your lifting gear? If this is an option can you give me costs for drive and lift components? Or buy the plans and hardware and build to your specs? This might be a cheaper option for me with shipping to Alaska? 


I am looking at replacing the roll-up door with a  lake home art studio door using your Schweiss glass bifold liftstrap designer door system. Opening is 14'-0" high x 20'-6" wide. I would like to talk with someone about Schweiss door design and door finish options. Kate


Please send a bifold liftstrap lake home door quote. I've had dialog with building contractor that will install this Schweiss lake home door for me.  


I would love a Schweiss bifold liftstrap lake home  door for my residential garage. I will be using the space as an art studio. The art studio door will need windows or better yet, an all glass wall door.


The below measurements are current rough opening these will be place on a lake house porch, 2 of the windows will be on a front wall the 3rd will be on a side wall the corner is 1 foot by 1 foot to each of the window openings. Quote your one piece Schweiss hydraulic aluminum door.


I have a customer looking for a Schweiss liftstrap and autolatch bi-fold door with glass. 40' wide clear opening, 14' door height, and 12' clear height to use on his lake home property. With the lift strap system. Is this an option. Thanks Curt


Hello, I need a quote for a Schweiss liftstrap/autolatch bi-fold door. Please email me and I can send you drawings. The door is aluminum and has 8 tempered glass panes with the dimensions listed below. It will be used at my lake home. Thanks, Jake


Overall size of bifolding glass door for our home on the water: 8M(w) x 4M(h) weight of the glass per door (frame not included) : 960kg estimated overall loading: 1200kg glass thickness : 12mm frame : aluminium: voltage supply : 240AC colour : specify Quantity : 2-4 sets.  Please provide the period and details of the warranty, lead time for delivery, job reference of your pervious order, safety features, test report and certificate for waterproff, cycling, performance..etc.


Looking for a price for 4.5m wide x 4.5m high. Please provide pricing for both Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors. This will be constructed on our summer lake retreat.


I have a project at my Upper Peninsula Michigan lake home that needs your Schweiss bifold door system. Please advise, how it is possible to send you my inquriy. I have seen your doors on hangars and think they will work equally well for me, but I'd like to add some class with glass and exterior cladding of pine wood. Thank you


I am looking for some pricing quotes on a few doors. 1. Bifold door 30' wide with a 16' head clearance when opened. (What is needed for eave height on door to allow 16' clearance) Sidewall installation 2. Bifold door 35' wide with a framed opening of 35'x 16' Endwall installation 3. Hydraulic door 35' wide with a framed opening of 35'x16'. End wall installation 4. Bifold door 30' wide with 12' head clearance. (What is needed for eave height on door to allow 14' clearance) Endwall installation 5. Hydraulic door 30' wide with 12' head clearance. (What is needed for eave height on door to allow 14' clearance) Endwall installation Price each with all supports and necessary hardware and installation. Straps on the bifolds please.


We would love to meet a sales rep about your doors, if you have one near our location. If not we'd just like some info/catalogue and we'll probably discuss our project over the phone. It's a renovation of an existing lakeside residence on the southern coast of CA, and the clients would like a Schweiss glass bi-fold door as a unique feature of their home. Thanks!


Good day; NCA does not build hangars or garages, but leases lake land to tenants who do. As such, any information on your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door product sthat I would be able to pass along to prospective builders would be beneficial. (Sizing & Pricing). Thank you.


Hi, I am Yoshi from Los Angeles, Design build office. I am now in charge unique lake home project, using 40ftx8fx8.5ft tall shipping container for office/housing. I want to use your bi-fold liftstrap Schweiss model door (very perfect fit my images.) and using side of container. so 20ft width door, 8'-6" height, 2 bifold, if possible ,just one 40ft long door...awesome. Can you please make this quote and email me? Thank you very much and have a nice weekend. Yoshi


I have a lake home where we are looking for glass vertical bifold doors for a house remodel. What is the approx cost of a double garage door size? Also are they energy efficient? Would also be interested in a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door for a boathouse. We'll be wanting cedar siding on that door, can you supply the siding or should I be doing that and putting it on myself?


I would like to price out 2, Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors to be used in a new house build on Lake Lanier. I believe they are your "designer" doors. I want them to clear glass. 10 feet wide. The basement walls are 11 feet high from floor to ceiling. Include remote opener and price any safety backup devices such as photo eyes, etc. separately.


I have an existing pool house that I want to put a Schweiss custom-made door over the opening. I can send pictures of what I have that way you will be able to better inform me on what I need. 


I have a cotractor lokking for a door for a boat house. The opening is 40' x 16', the only product I could think of that might cover that was a schweiss bifold door. Is this a possability for your product? I have not been to the job site yet so I do not have any information other than door size, so the info below is incomplete.


Hi, I'm intrigued by your doors, I just found the website! I would like to know some pricing and information about a single, aluminun, bifold door. My opening is about 9x7ft. Do the doors have double payned, sealed windows? I live in Canada with about 6 months of snow and winter. Would a door this small require hydraulics or would it be on some sort of strap and roller system? I would appreciate pricing for both types. Thank You, Jon