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We are interested in proposing your product into the An expansion for the PolyPack manufacturing building in Pinellas County, FL. We are currently considering a hydraulic door that is 23%u2019 H x 20%u2019W with either glass storefront or a Polycarbonate panel system. Could you give us an idea of the cost for a hydraulic custom-made door that size so it can be used for estimating purposes and what type of structural requirements will we need to anticipate. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


I would like to inquire about installing a 36' wide Industrial Door (either a bi-fold or a hydraulic) into my existing 48' wide Stick Building. The roof trusses are 54' long with a 6-12 pitch. The inside ceiling height is 13'-10" which is also the bottom of the roof trusses. The roof trusses are 2 x 6 construction. The electrical supply is 240 volt single phase. I have a SeaRey kit plane with a 31' wingspan and would to see what a cost would be for a door system. Please contact me at my e-mail address or my cell phone. 


We are quoting a new mfg building at Seward, NE 532' wide x 1,830 long with 45' tall sidewalls, standard gabled roof 1:12 roof slopes. Need price on bifold liftstrap doors and hydraulic doors  There is one door in the sidewall 50' wide x 40' tall and two doors at one of the end walls that - each of these doors are 75' wide x 40' tall. Each of the doors at the end wall will start next to the building corner columns. The end wall building column spacing from the corner column to the first end wall column is 78'-8" center of column to center of column. Please call to discuss. I need some initial information right away for our Structural design for the building - like rough opening width, rough opening height and door weight. 


I need a budget quote for a 6' wide x 8' high hydraulic powered door to replace a old bi-fold door on a railroad siding door on an industrial building in PA.


We are working on an addition to our existing plant that includes a chemical truck bay door. That bay will have a 18' wide by 16' door in it. We would like a quote on the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with two windows, remote opener and photo eye sensors. Installed by Schweiss Doors in a metal frame building. 


I\'m working on a project that includes three pump house buildings. Each has a bridge crane inside, which can travel to the outside of the building through a horizontally hinged hydraulic \'flap\' door at the top of the building (see attached sketch). The door is opened outward by means of hydraulic cylinders. At this stage of the project the design for building, door, and winch has been completed and in fact some fabrication has started. A late request has come to us asking for some kind of door closing mechanism like you provide with your Red Power pump unit. The concern is that the force of gravity on the door may not be enough to pull the door fully closed to its sealed position and we think your beefed up new cylinders will alleviate this. A couple of options we have also been considering are 1) Electromagnetic latches that could be activated to hold the door closed, and 2) Counterweights inside the building attached with cables and pulleys that could pull the door closed. Can you give us some input on this with a quote. The door in question is  20 ft. wide x 14 ft. tall, and we would like a walk door on it.


Requesting Info for single pivot one piece Hydro door. The door is for a project I am putting together for a warehouse where they need large access to machinery. Project location: Austin Tx.


We are looking to replace two insulated kiln doors in a concrete pipe plant with either hydraulic or bifold doors. The opening for the doors is 15'H X 28'W.


Need pricing this week for 2 Hydro-Powered doors 34 x 16 to go to California. Need all the safety bells and whistles for an Industrial Plant aplication. Wind load is 90 mph exposure C.


We are installing a large door 17w x 11'8" h in a factory setting and they wish to have a 6' wide with two 36" bump open doors with in the larger door, and the larger doors to possibly swing open. does Schweiss Doors do anything like this? or Something that would open to one side but have the bump open door with-in it? Thank you for any help with this. Luann B


We need a bifold door capable of being insulated for a factory. The door will be used often and we want to keep as much heat in as possible. - r 20 min, with HD arctic weatherstripping