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i am looking for a price for a 35' x 17' bifold to go on a building at Cleveland Cliffs steel mill in East chicago, Indiana. 480V with inside and out pushbuttons and remote also. we would install


We are a non profit railroad restoration organization working out of an old missile silo, our steel roll up door is giving up on us and we would love to see a bi fold door on there instead, can u give us information ? Located in WY. Thanks


Hello, I am currently working on a project in Florida, and I would like to specify Schweiss Doors bifold doors to hide a loading dock. The design intent is to incorporate your bifold door into the main façade so it hides the loading dock. Do you have any Revit families, I can use?


We have a project in Miami, FL and are looking at a schweiss bifold door for our loading area. We need 12' W x 13' 6" H clear. We would like to see typical installation details, clearance requirements for the equipment, and how the the head and jambs will integrate with the building facade. The structure is concrete and the door will need a Florida Product Approval or Miami Dade Notice of Acceptance.


Looking for Schweiss's rough order of magnitude pricing for a very large Bay door for a Manufacturing Warehouse in Sparrow's Point, MD. Must have a 55'-0" HT x 24'-0" minimum clearance. Looking for a recommendation based on expertise, but thinking a bifold door would be more appropriate for its intended use.


I am looking for a strap or electric driven horizontal byfold door that will fit a 12' wide by 8' tall opening For my industrial spray booths must withstand heat temperatures up to 180 Fahrenheit With a decently fast open and close time Please let me know if schweiss has a product that would match my description or if you guys may be able to custom manufacture these for us. Please feel free to contact me anytime by email or phone if you need any further information. Thank you BM


Looking for an installed price on 2-16'x16' bi-fold doors. Project site is near Delavan, WI. Please add ingress/egress man door to each 16x16 door if possible. This will be in an industrial fertilizer environment so if any corrosion inhibitor is a possibility please add. Would prefer delivered/installed price if that is an option. Budgetary number at this point is fine. Fabric building


Looking at a 30 x 20 bifold, insulated, for industrial warehouse use - infrequent operation. Pre-engineered metal building.


Butler is quoting a 120 x 80 hangar in Bethany, OK 73008 that requires a Schweiss Bi-Fold hangar door that is 100' wide by 24' clear when open. Butler will size the building and hangar door framed opening from Schweiss guidance. IBC 2015 with 115mph, Exposure C wind, 20psf non-reducible live load and 10psf ground snow load. The building will likely ship in early Q4-2022, so please provide pricing guidance for hangar door shipment in that timeframe. In addition to the quote, if you can provide preliminary loading data for the building, framed opening header and jambs, that would be great. As always, thank you for your help and information...


HI Sales, I have a new job at the new Komatsu plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they are looking for a different option then a sectional door which they have in there right now, I recommended overhead door product and they are very interested, the opening is 36'wide x 24' high. I know the jambs and header would need to be reinforced. Let me know if you can help Thanks


We are building on to our fabrication facility and will have an opening of 22' tall x 80' long that I would like to get a quote on a Bi-Fold industrial door with lift straps, no cables.


Looking for a manual bi-fold glass door for a mill that we are renovating. Rough opening is 72" x 86 1/2". What is your cost for industrial strength bifold mill doors? Thanks!


we have a warehouse in need of a new industrial strength door. this warehouse has vertical 14' x14'' I beam 20' OC currently. A proper header would have to be installed at required height


Hi, We are looking for 3 bi-fold industrial grade Schweiss bifold lift strap doors for our new construction project located at 412 Madison Street in Oakland CA. 2 doors will have an 28'x8' opening and one will be 32'x12'. Please let me know who I can send the drawings to for better pricing. Do you provide installation as well? Thanks, Simon Swenson Builders


I have a GC requesting pricing on a 42' 6" x 9' 0" industrial grade Liftstrap Bi-Fold door. My question is at 9' 0" high, what would the clear door opening height be in the fully open position.


Looking for industrial doors made from stainless steel for a pulp mill in Northern Canada. These would be for a bunker closure that would be opened / closed remotely by a loader to remove product from inside the building. The product is very corrosive therefore all components should be either galvanized or stainless steel. It should be over built to withstand heavy ice buildup due to the humid environment inside the bunker and the -40F temperatures outside in the winter. Let me know if you have such a product - will need one for two locations. A hydraulic door is probably the best option, however will consider a industrial quality bifold if the straps and other components hold up to the above parameters..


Hi, we have a shipyard and we already have one of your doors on our main shop. We would like a quote on putting one of your industrial class bifold strap doors on another building here at the shipyard. The door would need to be 69' wide by 26' high. Thanks


Please quote a 86'x20' clear bifold industrial grade door with lift straps Include weather-seal kit and cable auto latches Include option for liner flashing as well Please also send design information so I can send to Butler for pricing Thank you


Looking for a price for 2 each 20' X 8' clear opening height bifold industrial quality doors with lift straps. These doors will be used in an interior MFG. plant. The project is in Rochester Hills, MI 48309 for freight purposes.


Need a quote on a 60x16 bifold Liftstrap industrial grade door with remote and straps. Also, do you install? Thanks


The Jacksonville, NC office of Environmental Chemical Corporation, ECC is soliciting subcontractor quotations for a large water treatment plant project aboard MCB Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville NC. To be part of this large project please provide the Name, phone number and email address of your Estimator. This project will need three industrial grade bifold liftstrap doors with backup systems and key lock walk doors.


Hello, I am looking for a quote on a bifold industrial strength door with lift straps widt 70' by height 23'. Please include price with your new interlocking insulated panels. This is for a Varco Pruden metal strucuture (100'x99'-6"). We are in compliance with 2018 IBC energy codes.


Looking for qoute on a Schweiss industrial bifold door. Something around 30-40 feet wide, 12 feet tall. Looking to add to an older existing building. I think it would need to be an external free standing header frame/truss to the building rather than attaching to the existing columns/frames.


I’m interested in a 17x 80 industrial grade bifold or one piece hydraulic door delivered and installed in Panama City Fl 32405? Thanks Dean


Hello, I am working with a client where we are remodel an existing office building. This industrial bifold door remodel will include a new gallery space where the owner wants the ability to drive in a large piece of equipment. They have asked me to help with a pricing exercise to include a 14' x 20' all glass bi-fold designer door. This would be an architectural piece so if we can avoid anything that would break-up the glass that would be ideal. We will have the ability to add any structural steel where required. Feel free to ask me any questions needed. I am just looking for a rough order of magnitude at this point if that is possible. Also any sample shop drawing would be very helpful. Thank you!


Saw the FAQ on retrofitting doors. Currently have a 10'2" wide x 14' high sectional door with 7 sections in a newly constructed warehouse. Looking into options for converting to a bifold warehouse liftstrap


I'm interested in your industrial strength strap bifold door applications for one of our warehouse doors. We currently have a Liftmaster Electric Roll up door that is 21 years old and the wind has always been an issue with the door blowing in and knocking it off the tracks. Your bifold should have windpins to alleviate this problem. We need a different option.


I'm interested in a budgetary quote for a bi-fold liftstrap door that is approximately 8 ft tall x 40 ft long. with a band of smoked poly carbonate windows along the length. This is for use inside a factory and to be integrated with a factory =-built free standing enclosure.


Good morning- We are an industrial door dealer in Northern California and I have a customer that would like a price on a bifold strap door of yours. They have a 16x8 opening and they would like a full view glass door. Can you price me both the bi-fold door as well as the single part hydraulic door? Please do not hesitate to call or email me. Kevin Lewis Thanks


WE have a client requesting a 42' x 42' industrial grade bifold strap door for a manufacturing operation. Are your doors suitable for this size opening?


Need a quote for (4) 60' x 18' clear bi-fold industrial strength Schweiss doors. Doors will be installed along a 280' long end wall. Doors will be covered with 26 gauge PBR metal siding and insulated with R-13 Metal Building insulation.


Need a price quote on a bifold industrial door for my new 40x60 steel building. Bifold strap door needs to be 14' tall by 36' wide. How much?


I have an RDO Equipment facility going in Moses Lake, WA that I will need Hydraulic or bifold liftstrap industrial high grade doors for.


Hello - I am building out an indoor enclosure to go around a large 3D print cell that will include machining operations and wanted to talk about what bifold industrial strength doors you offer that span 25' tall and 25' wide as well as 32' tall and 25' wide. We are designing the walls currently, so we can accommodate for what would be needed for these doors. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


We are fixing to build a new facility and are interested in looking at some info on your bi-fold industrial strap doors. Thanks!


I am a general contractor in Lexington, Ky. a customer has asked that I get a budget for using your bifold doors on a large clear span steel industrial building we have scheduled for the summer of 2020. It will be 100' x 200' with 20' eaves and a 6/12 pitch.We are considering using a door 40 or 50 feet wide and 16 or 18 feet tall in the gable end of the building. possible on each end. there is another possibility of a 20' wide and 16 or 18 feet tall door in a couple of locations on the sides of the same building. We are wanting to talk general or rough budgets to not waist your time on absolute specific quotes until we know we are in the ballpark. Thanks, Coleman




Please email a quote for the supply of (3) Bi-fold Industrial Liftstrap Doors 52'-0" wide x 18'-0" high clear height. The doors would have safety devices and remote controls. If the frames could be painted in one of your standard colors close to Nucor Lightstone that would be ideal. If not, please quote your standard gray. Shipping Address: Toronto, OH 43964 Thank you, Keith


I would like a price for a 65' x 18' bifold industrial warehouse strap door. Job is located in Pulaski, VA. Need to design for the door to be insulated with 4" of vinyl faced insulation and sheeted on the outside. Please email any questions. Thanks and have a good day.


I am currently budgeting a project for the Texas Facilities Commission, and the job is calling for some large scale Vertical Bi-Fold Glass doors. Currently the architect has specified Renlita S-3000 Foldaway doors, I prefer the Schweiss bifold due to its better quality and superior liftstrap design. I was hoping I could get some budget pricing on. Please reach out to discuss. 


we have an industrial door project at the Ohio Gratings Facility. They would like a door installed 30' wide x 14' high and would like a bifold door with lift straps, auto latches, and door horn system. The existing wall is a full height masonry wall. The roof system is a metal roof. There is a joist as an eave strut along the wall. Clearance under the joist is 16'-8". Please qoute a price for a bifold door along with suggestions for installation.


I need a quote on a couple of liftstrap bi-fold doors for a fertilizer building project we are working on. Please contact me via phone or email for more information. Thank you, Renee


We have a steel frame 17' X 56' sliding warehouse industrial door which we want to convert to a hydraulic or bifold industrial strength door. Send me a quote please.


I am looking for a quote on a Schweiss industrial lift-strap bifold door for the fertilizer plant in ND. I would like to be contacted by a sales person to go over the quote with me.


Looking for size information on Bifold Hangar door for an industrial application. Concrete frame building Location is on the ocean, and thermal quality and weathertight seal is important. Multiple sizes ranging from 3 metres 10' to 6 metres 20' wide and clear opening height of 5 meters 16'.


Greetings, I am looking for budget pricing for 2 all glass lift-strap bifold doors (similar in style to the Soo Line Building project) to be installed in an existing metal frame industrial building in CA. Please provide budget price via email. Thank you The size of door 1: 30'-10" wide by 15'-0" height Size of door 2:: 16'-9" wide by 11'-4" height


We're interested in using bi-fold doors in our project in the Brooklyn Navy Yards and have a couple of questions. The size of the door that we have in mind is 20'-0" wide by 17'-0" high and would like it to have glass panels. Is it possible to have one of the panels as a door? Could you please send us typical details for the bi-fold door, and especially a kinetic architectural design sill condition?




Looking for an estimate on a 50 foot Schweiss industrial door for a building with 16 foot eves. Price for strap and hydraulic please. The door would have 2 windows 3x3 or 3x4, just enough to get some light in and a man door. I have a question also on the hydraulic. Does cold temperatures affect the operation of the door at all? You would be shipping to Wasilla, Alaska. We purchased a door from you back around 2002 


Please quote 60x18 clear bifold industrial autolatching  door with straps. Please price labor to install and material and labor for a free standing header as well. Please also send design information so I can send to Butler for design/quoting of building. The interior of the bifold door will be lined and should have a locking walk door.


Have a customer that is pricing a new steel industrial building, and I need the design specs for a 44x12 Bi-fold with a 24" max wedge. Liftstraps & Autolatches.


Hello, we have some sand sheds that we will be planning to replace sliding doors with bifold overheads. How do the prices of your strap doors compare with a non insulated overhead door? The sheds  are a quonset style with a 3' high concrete wall. Can walk in doors be installed in your doors? With overheads we will have to cut openings in the concrete walls because these buildings don't have walk through doors now and the openings are 16'wide and 16'high. 


Dear Sir or Madam, I am in the infant stages of pricing a potential all-steel industrial door that I am considering building. 1) Could you provide me with a very basic, ballpark pricing on a approx 45ft door width? 2) What are the price differences on Bifold versus one Piece Hydralic? 3) Do you have a building manufacturer that you recommend? Thanks for any basic information. 


Request for quote: 40'0" wide x 14'0" clear opening height straplift industrial strength bifold door. Optional add for personnel door Optional add for windows Windload 120MPH zone, exposure D Provided estimated weights & cubs 120V power supply Price and availability FOB your factory. Thanks!


New construction multi-purpose industrial site  building at my home. Proposed building size is 50' W x 75' L x 18' H, bi-fold door with liftstraps and autolatch on 50' end wall.


We are looking at buying a hangar door for our new construction oil field equipment storage building project in Midland, TX. Looking at two bifold all-steel strap doors 50 ft. wide x 22 ft. tall with remote openers and insulated to the hilt.


How large of a door can be offered in the hydraulic design and bifold door design? I need an industrial steel door slightly over 100 ft. x 28 ft.


Do you still have my bifold door information on file. I need to convert to straps on my big steel industrial doors.


Need the Schweiss Bi-Fold strap system for a  biomass door to fit an opening 12' x 40'. Price automatic door latching mechanism and remote control with two handheld remote door openers.


We need a Shavings Mill door with a 16' wide X 14' high Schweiss door. Need quote on replacing rollup door with a Bifold Strap Door. I want  someone from Schweiss Doors to measure door opening and give options on mill door upgrades. 


I will be ordering your bifold strap industrial grade steel door, 48x28 ft. within 30 days. Door  installation will be at an industrial park in Virginia. Please send a door cost estimate with door backup systems delivered to the job site.


RFQ: (4) 65' wide x 14' clear doors. (4) 100' wide x 14' clear doors. (4) 75' wide x 14' clear doors. All steel reinforced industrial quality doors, all bifold liftstrap windloaded metal doors.


I am looking for a 60' bifold or solid one piece industrial use chemical plant door! New building will be finished soon. Steel door to have separate access door and windows. Toxic chemical resistant door frame.


What is the maximum width on a Bi-Fold Door with Lift Straps? We will need an industrial factory use door, 60'x24'. This is a concrete building door.


We have an industrial project located near Columbus Ohio that would like to incorporate a 90'w x 26'h Schweiss bi-fold door w/ lift straps. The wind loading at this door opening is 25/-46 psf. Can your door handle this loading? Please provide technical details (REVIT or CAD format) for head and jamb conditions and power requirements. Thanks!


Are you represented in South Africa. We have a requirement for some large industrial doors, approx 9 meters by 6 meters high. We are very interested in both your straplift bifold and one piece hydraulic doors. We have found no one else that matches the quality of your workmanship.


We are the general contractors on the renovation of a client's recently purchased industrial manufacturing facility. We are in the process of putting together a budget for work needed and our client is contemplating replacing the "nesting" sliding doors with bi-fold liftstrap type Schweiss doors.


I've looked at the bi-fold strap door for use as a crane door - very impressive. I have a block building (8" block) with an opening of 22ft. 6" wide and 13 blocks (104") high. I'm going to have to build some type of framing no matter what type of door I decide to use so the width is variable to some extent. Max. height available is 108" to the bottom of the rafter on my truss. Inside clearance is 104" to bottom of trusses. Are your doors in standard widths as in 2 ft. intervals or do you build to fit? What is the max. clearance I would have if I use a bi-fold in this opening? I assume I could get more clearance with a Schweiss hyd. door? As I viewed your videos on the hyd. door, I wondered if the speed of the hyds. can be increased? Have you had any problems with wind on the hyd. doors while open? I'm undecided yet as how I will proceed as I have a local vendor wanting the job also. Please advise what you think would be best and provide prices on both. Please itemize parts as I can provide the skin and insulation from a neighbor roofer.


Need a quote on two each 124' wide X 20' high liftstrap bifold doors for overhead cranes to travel from inside of building to the outside of building. Would you prefer to see the engineer specs and architectural drawings prior to sending a bid?


Hi My Name is Ted I live in New Zealand. Firstly I would like to say I love your industrial strength doors. Would it be possible to purchase a two lift strap SINGLE Schweiss bifold door as a kit just the steel framing all the running gear and auto latch system, I will clad the door in cedar and glaze the upper door. By my rough calculations the door will weight in at 480 Lbs if 2" by 1" steel is used I have some drawings to hand the opening is 4.920mm (16.14 Ft)By 2.510mm (7.053 ft) its a new build. I look forward to your comments Ted


We need a budget price on 2- 65'w x 9'h craneway hydraulic doors, nothing real speacial they are inside no wind load, we will sheet them on site. We will add a 12" rubber flap on the bottom. the doors through the crane way are Bifold Schweiss liftstrap  swing doors. Thanks George


Need a price on horz. by-fold door electric motor operated. Including track material. Door to fit in metal industrial builidng door to be 80'-0" x 24'-0" all required material will deliver to Flint, MI.


Hi there, We manufacture timber dryers and currently our insulated aluminium/steel doors are operated on a lifting and sliding mechanism.These type of door is not very popular for single chamber installation due to space restriction. We are interested to incorporate your Schweiss bifold lift strap doors in our heat treatment chambers. Typical door size: 4m H x 10m L. Kindly give us something to work on. What is the cost for royalty if we were to adopt your design? 


I am looking for some pricing information on a couple of your doors for our small industry. The door would be 20' wide and 16' tall, I would like pricing on a hydraulic as well as a bi-fold style door. Bifold with lift straps. Both insulated, mostly for sound reduction.  Thanks


I am looking to get a quote for a hydraulic one piece insulated door to cover a 50\' w x about 17\' t opening in an industrial shop  building that a forklift has to bring the product into and the product is roughly 10\' high x 45\' long, what can you do?


We currently have an in-house order for the supply of a dedusting system including of two wind protection sheds for two emergency ladle tilting stands at a steelplant here in Brazil and are looking for a potential supplier for two fast-acting hydraulic or bifold door systems. We have found your address on the internet and would be interested in receiving a proposal from your company. Please find below and enclosed all technical data necessary to elaborate your offer including some pictures from a similar shed application. Process Description: Remote Controlled Crane will enter shed (picture 4) with hot-metal ladle (see picture1). Inside the shed will be located a ladle tipping stand (picture 2) and a powerful suction hood (450.000m/h of air) from the dedusting system. Crane will empty ladle (picture 3) within 10min inside the totally enclosed shed (closed doors). Heat inside the shed is expected not to pass beyond 150C at tilting stand. Our main concern is that during entry of movable crane with liquid-hot-metal ladle it might stop for whatever reason and burn/destroy the lift and latch straps of your bi-folding door above the entry of the shed. DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH HEAT RESISTANT (FLAME PROOF) MATERIAL? IF NOT WE MAY SELECT CABLE SYSTEM, Therefore we are taking a little more interest in your Red Power hydraulic doors. If so, Bi-fold Schweiss doors should have the following requirements: - Bi-fold, Bi-parting, Overhead rolling, cable. please select according to best experience - fast acting (closing off/opening area in 2min max.) - cladding must be temperature resistant (sheet metal, aluminum etc. and cannot be textile-type (unless flame proof) since crane will pass with (open) hot metal ladle underneath it) - resistant to strong ocean winds please consider wind speed up to 140km/h - dimensions of opening: 24m in width and 21,5m in height - entry without intermediate obstacles (pole, crossbar..etc) Based on our current time frame we expect to receive your offer by next Tuesday at the latest so we can quickly decide upon the final design of the sheds. If your company should be the successfull bidder we expect to place an order by the end of month already.


I Need A quote on a hydrolic and a bifold door. It will be 50x14, jams will be steel I beam. Installed in concrete building industrial center.


Dear Sirs, Please note that we need quotation for Schweiss bifold doors (4 units) with dimensions of 8 meters by 17 meters of height. If you can give us information about what material can be used for this, i.e. aluminum, steel, glass, etc. Also please inform if you have other system to this open size too. Perhaps your hydraulic one-piece door would be better suited, please inform. For your guidance this doors are not for security reasons. Are only to close warehouses inside one big industry complex. Many thanks for your cooperation and feedback. With Best Regards, from Montevideo, Uruguay


We have an industrial project in Wyoming that will require approximately 20 doors. We are interested in the Bi-Fold Door with lift straps, and will need some windows- but not sure where in the door or how many. Also they need to be as energy efficient as possible, we will want the best insulation option, as well as cold weather kits. We are still very early in the process but need to start looking at approximate costs. If you require any other information from me please feel free to email me with the questions. How long to make these doors?


We're building a 40' wide building in our industrial park and we are interested in the biggest bi-fold door with the strongest motor we can fit. We are located in eastern Philly. We are interested in a price including shipping to a business location. Thanks, Gordon


Pricing a job for a GE Railcar repair facility, they have existing Schweiss BiFolds on one end of the building, and want matching on the unenclosed end. We would need a delivered and installed price for 6 units, openings approx 14'6" w x 20' 2" h. Do you have a Dealer / Installer in the Elmira, NY area? Thanks, Jonathan D. Estimator/Project Manager


Wish to install a steel-clad Schweiss bifold door in a maintenance facility for trains in Melbourne, Austrailia. Door will have to be 26 metres long by four metres high The winds are very strong. Can you provide me with shipping costs and delivery time.


I would like to price a 40' x 20' hydraulic and a bifold door for a project for RDO equipment in Pasco WA. Quote with Red Power pump and bifold with lift straps and remotes for both.


We have an industrial client with two 40x40 doors side by side on each end of a large fab shop. The existing sill/trolley supported doors are in poor condition and must be opened with a forklift. This is due to the support at the head that has rotated and bound up the guides. We will have to design a new subframe for the bi-folds. Can you give me a budget for four 40x40 (approximate) doors glazed with polycarbonate in the upper half, lift straps, remote openers and a man door in each bi-fold.


Looking for 3 bi-fold doors with sound deadening properties for our vehicle conversion manufacturing. Therefore we want lift straps and not cables. Also include auto latch and any safety features you can add.


We need a quote on an 18ft x 5ft Schweiss bifold door with windows for a new restaurant concepts indoor/outdoor bar. This door, with a walk thru door, needs to exude class, something like your designer doors shown on your web site similar to the Santa Clarita Government Center or the Guthrie Theatre doors. I can send you a photo of our building so your design team can come up with ideas for me. I put all my confidence in your quality company. Can't wait to hear from you so we can get this done.


I am building an industrial use building myself. Upright columns will be steel pipe. I plan to weld angle iron to the pipe to make a flat surface for the rollers to ride on. I want one heavy duty Schweiss hydraulic or bifold door on the end wall and one door on the side wall. Overall height of the side wall will be 16'. Do your doors work well against heavy snow? Will I need a custom built steel doors?


Need input on your Schweiss upward rising  bifold doors at our university industrial building. We'll need large doors for the mechanical rooms for AHU maintenance. We heard your doors seal well and also provide thermal and acoustical insulation. We would need 4 doors total: (2) 16'Wx12'H, (1) 16"Wx10'H, (1) 20'Wx12'H. Any other input from your company would be appreciated.


Hi, your crew at Schweiss Doors just finished installation at our site in Texas. Love your hydraulic doors. Workmanship is above repute. Will keep Schweiss Doors on our rolodex for our next job. It's gonna be a big one. Thanks again.


Impressed with the skilled and polite workers which finished installing the Schweiss hydraulic doors for us. Your recommendation to use your new Red Power hydraulic pump fit our needs to a tee.


Dear Schweiss Doors representative.  TOP URGENT REQUEST  I am Sales & Procurement Officer. We are Al-Jazeerah Resources for Oil and Gas services in the Republic of Yemen . We would like to open a new business line directly, without any mediator, with your Esteemed company. We have been requested by the International Oil companies based in Yemen, to become agents in the supply of casing, tubing and piping, Electrical Products and much more. We are especially interested in your Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold doors%u2022 Your offer shall be in US$ and sent by email indicating our Reference and subject. %u2022 Specifications shall be clearly indicated in your quotation. The price includes strong EXPORT PACKING to hold the weight and protect material from Internal and External damages. . Please indicate inco-term and delivery point of material.  


Need price for (2) 60'x16' Schweiss doors installed option 1: bi-fold option 2: hi-fold option 3: hydraulic option 4: interior liner 7 feet tall or to match building design project bids.


Hello, request information from one system to automate an industrial door of two leaves with measures 7.7 meters wide by 4 feet high, we will make the door in mexico so you only need to automate system with Schweiss Doors parts.


I'm building a maintanence shop which has a bridge crane that runs from outside to inside. I'm interested in a mechanical hydraulic door door that will be able to close the lower portion of the building's opening from the elements. Lower opening is 20'x20'. Fred 


I was looking for a budget quote on a 40 ft. wide by 19 ft. tall one piece hydraulic door for our industrial company. Also do you make a 20 ft. wide by 19 ft. tall door in a bi fold door and if so what would the cost be?


I'm working with a large metal industrial building and we need one more bifold door. Can you quote a price for a door with a 24' width and 16' height. The building has a 26' side wall, so the ultimate height of the mechanism is not an issue.


I need a price for 5 Bifold doors openning 42'wide x 14'high Delivery to Canada Quebec. I would also like some references for installers in the area to assist me in the installations. Thank you


Hello, We are looking for 2 bifold doors systems for a malting plant. The doors will be used as a "louver" to allow cold air in to cool down the burner room. We need a total area of 92 sq ft per door and we have a base of 12' wide, so we can move things around with the width and height to match what you can do in your shop the easiest. But, give me a shout on my cell and we can discuss this a little further. Thanks,


Looking for two Schweiss bifold insulated doors for a biomass gasification plant. One is approx 40 ft wide and 20 ft tall, the other is 20 ft wide by 20 ft tall. Will be used to open or close space to protect equipment inside from cold weather. Open in spring summer and fall, closed in winter. No doors or windows. Need to be in place by Fall. 


I am looking for a schweiss 20x40 bifold door with one mandoor in the bottom, controllers would have to be expolsion proof but we could purchase that part of it if you wanted. I will sheet it myself. I will probly need a more powerful motor to run the extra weight that I will put on it.


Interested in a quote for a schweiss bifold door to be installed at the end of a narrow converted industrial building on an urban site. I need the quote to include insulation and seal kit. Thanks! 


Buildings at 6k sf each. Each with 2 doors at 20' high and 24' wide. We are interested in the bifold doors. We are looking for pricing. Please contact me, they are for industrial use. We need to discuss pricing and material selection.


We're working on a project that includes a large vehicle maintenance building near St. Paul, Minnesota, and I'd appreciate getting your comments about vehicle doors for this project, which is required to be LEED silver certified.- Maintenance area footprint: Approximately 70 by 700 feet- Bays: 14 maintenance, 3 wash, 4 warm up.- Bay dimensions: 32 by 70 feet. 17 feet clear vertical height to hook of overhead crane.- Doors: Two per bay. 20 by 14, or 16 by 16.- Construction: Slab on grade; CMU walls with brick veneer, or precast concrete walls.- Windows: As many as possible, transom windows likely.- Inside winter design temperature: 60 degrees F.- Door type: Sectional or coiling overhead, folding, guillotine, ??? What type of door would you recommend? How much insulation makes sense in a loading dock? Remember, we're working with LEED; we need to exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2004 by 30 percent. Still, it seems there is a point beyond which increasing door insulation will be ineffective due to open doors.This was dropped on me just this afternoon and it took to the end of the day to find the information above, but I need something by 10:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. At the moment, I'm looking for first impressions about the best couple of door types to consider, bifold and hydraulic walls and some idea of what you think would make sense for insulation. Sorry for the short notice! thanks


I would like a quote for a 10'-0 wide by 10'-0 high clear opening bifold door. The Bifold door will be installed on the interior of a new warehouse and used to separate a receiving room from the rest of the building. We would most likely sheath the door with translucent paneling. Thanks


Hi, I am interested in a quote for a bifold Schweiss door on our bucket barn rebuild building here at the coal mine in Beulah, N.D. I talked to Gary and he says you are building a door for him up at New Salem. Gary works here at the mine and gave me your name.


I have a project that I'm bidding in a couple of weeks that has a door on it only described as a "45'x14' Hyd door". It is going onto a small rural fire substation here in south Louisiana. It is in an area requiring a 100 mph wind rating.I would like a price from you for this door installed. I'm sorry, this is all the information I have for you but if you have any questions, please e-mail or call and I will try to get an answer for you.thanks


I need to know if you even provide a 120' wide x 22' tall industrial bi-fold door, if not what is your biggest door? If you can provide these i will need a pricing and will send that reuqest in later Please let me know. Thanks!


We are providing design services for a heavy duty manufacturing facility/warehouse in VA, USA.Client is obtaining hydraulic door design from a separate vendor/subcontractor but we do not know vendor name or any product information. For our design purposes please provide general product details (viscosity, specific gravity @ temp, etc) for a typical hydraulic fluid to be used to operate a large hydraulic truck entry door suitable for large truck cabs.Thanks very much.


We need three "motor driven bi-folding doors" to be installed in three hydroelectric power plants. Two gates are to be installed in steel members 8m x 7.5m (26'-3" x 24'-7") (HxW) One gate in 8m x 6.84m (26'-3" x 22'-9") (HxW) I am sending you a file with the gates. Sicerely, Jon C.


Dear Sir: We have a shed that is 40ft.wide x 14ft. high, and would like to close it in with one of your Schweiss doors, both doors sound great,but which would be more economical.Please give prices for both. Thank you for your time, Roger. P.S. The building is a lean-to type. It is closed on both sides & back, front is open.


Thank you for calling me back. I Neeed a bi-fold door for an industrial building 12' wide x 14' high insulated R16 Please give me both prices for assembling inside the building and on the face of the building It is a steel frame buiding with 6" wood stud walls What will be the lead time?


We are in the process of designing an industrial building and have a need for a 80' wide by 40' high hydraulic door. Please contact me with some options and pricing on your new Red Power pumps.


Dear Sirs   We are an architectural firm working on an Airport project. We have noticed that Schweiss makes a wide range of Industrial Doors. Please send us the specifications of your Large size Aircraft Hydraulic Hangar Doors. Please advise what is the Maximum size possible with your doors & approximate cost per Sqm.   Many thanks in anticipation. Sunil


I am in need of Installation and Maintemamce manuel for a Schweiss Bi-fold door installed at West Houston Medevac's hanger. It is a bottom drive, jackshaft-strap model. 


i need a cost for two each, 50 foot wide, x 20 foot hydraulic high doors installed in a presressed concrete wall opening in middle Georgia area. This is an industrial applications. Please call or give me a quote asap.. need today no later than Friday AM


This door is for a building supply fabrication building in Acheson Industrial Park. If you have not already priced it to any other door companies in Edmonton, we would look at pricing it for them. They require a clear opening of 19'-6". Bifold door.


We require doors for one of our industrial buildings with dimensions A=8meters, B=8meters. We are actually interested in your Automatic Bi-Fold Lift Straps for Insulated Door . Please send us your price offer for door manufacture without insulating panels and delivery terms to Riga, Latvia. We are planning to fabricate and mount insulating panels ourselves in accordance with your recommendations.


We are interested in Putting up Bi Fold Doors in our upcoming Factory. The Requirement is around 10 Doors qwith Width Ranging from 3.65 Mtrs to 6.45 Mtrs & Height from 3.65 Mtrs to 5.50 Mtrs. Shall appreciate if you can send us complete details of the Product, to enable us to study the viability of the same into our Building. You can mail us the details & hard copy by Post. Awaiting your response.


Dear representative: I'd like to get a quote on bi-fold door for a waste / recycling building, the door rough opening is about 24'-9" wide x 15'-3" height, building is steel frame structure. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.Isidro


We are one of the general contractors bidding on the Clay County Emergency Services Complex project. Schweiss listed as an approved manufacturer for the Industrial Bi Fold Door. We are taking the subcontractor quotes on Monday, April 6th and would appreciate receiving your quote for this project. Please indicate if your quote is including freight, tax and installation. Thanks, Suzanna


Looking for pricing on smaller scale bifold doors for extended a space on to a balcony. The doors themselves will be about 5'-4"w x 7'-2"h with potential for being fully glazed (anodized alum storefront is the likely aesthetic). These doors are placed within an existing structural brick opening (that will probably be reinforced with steel) We are still very much in the initial design phases of this building (existing industrial building renovation to a multi-use commercial structure) and are just researching ideas and pricing. We would appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you.


I have a customer who wants us to put bifold doors on his implment shed. The dimensions that i need are a 20' high x 30' wide and a 20' high by 24' wide. I would appreciate a call and some information on these doors. I am located in southern IL. Thanks Arvin R.


Sirs, I'm beginning to define progect requirements for an industrial building needing (2) 70'w x 20'h bi-fold doors and (4) 24'w x 20'h overhead doors. My need is twofold. First I need technical information, like a catalog, that provides an understanding of your product. Second is a need to define a budget for these doors installed in a County operated transfer facility. In this regard, it is most helpful if my budget is able to embrace good quality doors with a long life. The need is for approximate costs - not a quote, that I can use to define a budget for the project. An email response works best for me. Thank you, Kevin P., Architect


Our business operates an underground storage business as well as underground mining of limestone, I am looking for some form of an Industrial strength door that is resistant to temperature variations. The entrances into our facility have constant temperature variations from the outside temperature creating a very humid atmosphere that freezes in cold weather. Our present doors are overhead garage doors varying in height from 12 feet to 14feet.


We are the leading industrial door supplier in UAE. Please send me a catalogue of bi folding door.


Ladies, Gentlemen, We are gathering information related to the proposed construction of a new warehouse-type building on our plant site. This building is intended to house two of our precast concrete manufacturing beds and must be accessed by our travel-lift equipment. We are interested in obtaining your quote for a bi-fold door, approximately 50'-0" in width by 36'-0" in height. Any assistance you may provide would be appreciated. Chris K. JW Peters, Inc.




We are in the design process of a new metal fabrication facility. We are looking at Schweiss doors for the building's bay openings. We would need to get a quote on doors that would give a minimum 22' opening and would be 48' wide. We would need five (5 doors. The bi-fold door would be our preference due to the clearance space needed for the one piece door. The doors would be left in the open position during operating hours unless the weather dictates closing.


We are currently designing a manufacturing facility for a client in Coolidge, AZ and he would like to open up as much of the endwall of his building as possible. He is looking at getting a clear opening of 100' wide x 50' high. Can your doors accomplish this? If not, would you have any suggestions as to how this can be accomplished. Please contact me if yoyu have questions. Thank you. Matt W.


I am intersted in 48 units for an industrially designed LiveWork Condominium Project. I will need these units to be fully glazed w/ 5/8" Polygal RFX. Also, we will need good seals and weatherization since they are used conditioned space. Aluminum Frame-Manual Operation-Fully glazed-Weatherproof-Designer Series Richard d.


Our company is looking to immediately purchase 2 INTERIOR (non-insulated) doors to separate manufacturing areas. We are building a new factory-wide demising wall for this purpose. We would like to have both door openings to be 12'0" X 12'0". Our challenge is that we will not be required to open to 12' width on a regular basis, but we need that ability for the occasional custom large product. Would it be possible to have an /- 8' wide door with a companion /- 4' door for daily product and act as a mandoor? The area that we are demising has a slight positive pressure for dust control, so a supersized door creates a significant air balancing challenge. Please visit our website to get an idea of our product. Not much different than a plane! Thanks, Bob S.


robwel is looking at two 30x30footdoors one 20x20foot door, and four 16x16 foot doors, for a new fabrication facility in meadow lake


I am looking for a 60 ft wide by 16 ft clear opening door for an industrial application here in Chattanooga, Tennessee


We'd like a quote to have you folks do a "turn-key" installation on a couple of doors for our facility here in Chicago. We'd like someone to visit with us to see what we have and what we'd like to do so you folks could recommend to us the best doors for our application. Please advise. Regards, Phil J.


The city of Industry has a Museum located in the city Of Industry who has an underground water pump that is in need of doors with Manuel latches.


Please quote two doors as described below. These doors are to be used in a manufacturing facility and will be opened and closed every 20 minutes. They will be clad with very light material such as vinyl fabric. Please quote rush showing price and delivery. Best regards........Brent


We are making plans to build a new mfg facility-possibly interested in your doors 7)24x16 doors 1)26x16 door


New industrial building in Boston. Exploring options: 2 doors at 16' high clear opening, 100' wide each. or 3 doors at 38' high clear opening, 100' wide each Either Bi-fold or One-piece. Can translucent polycarbonate be incorporated in the door?