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Have an older hangar with mechanical cable driven sliding doors and would like to retrofit to a 60'x14ft clear hydro-powered hydraulic door. The hangar is a quonset hut roof and about 60 years old. Please call to discuss any additional info you will need to get this hydraulic door into production.


Do you have a price sheet which may be used for providing ballpark pricing on your hydro-powered one piece doors being incorporated into a metal building. We are Butler Builders and I have been put in charge as the metal building sales person for the company. It would help if we had safe ballpark numbers to compare to those offering slide hanger doors which are a maintenance nightmare. If you have ballpark pricing I would really appreciate you sharing that.


Hello, My Oregon workshop has three small single-car size roll-up doors of fibreglass and aluminium which are very lightweight, impossible to insulate and they leak even in light rains. Their tracks also are in the way inside.  I've been looking to replace them with something else and came across doors like yours, specifically your hydraulic garage/workshop door. One is on the end of the workshop; the other two are at the front and there is no overhang or eaves so whatever is used for the replacements with be weatherproof. The building is a steel Miracle-Truss structure with wood framework. Can you give me a very rough price for hydro-powered shop doors? Something similar in appearance to the current doors. (I have photos), which are white with a quasi-raised-panel look.


Please provide a quote for a one piece, hydraulic shop door sized 30' x 10' 3.5". This is for my  Upper Peninsula, MI location, Thank you. 


Please email quote to me in ME for three 8' one piece hydro-powered garage doors. All preferably 8 ' in height but can accept 7' height.


Need to start the quote process for a glass one piece hydro-powered door. Please also include installation of hydro door in ME in your pricing. We can furnish & install glazing.


I would like a price quote on 18ft high by 40ft wide door installed. I would like price quote on bifold and hydraulic one piece municipal power plant doors going to NH.


Need a price on a 50'x18' Schweiss Hydraulic pump powered hydraulic door with option to have 1" insulation board in door. Delivered to Nebraska.


Dear Sirs, good day we are looking for a new style Schweiss Red Power hydraulic Jack cylinder less than 2 M size and ability to left 250 Kg QTY: 2 pcs FYI: plz see the attached Photo we need it for the same project Feel free to call me or email me directly. We appreciate the opportunity and looking forward for you soonest reply.  Best Regards from Dubai


Have bought several doors from you, and sold a dozen others. P,ease call I need a quote on two 60x16 hydro powered doors with one power unit controllers


To whom It may concern, I would like a quote on 2-36'x16' hydro power doors, and 1-24'x 16' hydro power door. One 36' door will be mounted to Steel, the other to wood . The 24' door will be mounted to wood, What size motor do I need for them? Thank-you Roger Buckhouse


can you let me know what a complete hydralic pak with three remote controls will cost as a replacement? My hydro-powered unit got hit by lightning and I need to replace it. please include shipping and would you estimate it would take two hours to install?


I need to replace a 14ft x 24ft over head bifold door on a wood construction barn. What would a hydro power door cost and how long would it take to receive it what are the installation costs and when could it be installed


looking for a 22x16 single piece door for a machinery building need 2 doors with elec,openings like to know how much they are and if you install them.


Looking for pricing on a 42' x 12' Hydro Door for a steel hangar that we are building.


Hello I would appreciate a quote on a schweiss swing door along with some information on requirements for the building to support the door. Also the estimated weight of the door would be nice. I would like a service door and A window in the door as well. The door will also need to be insulated. Thank you for any information you are able to offer. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Todd Wilson


Please email instead of calling if possible as I am difficult to reach during the day. I can create any size opening to accomodate your standard sized door, but as it stands, the two existing openings are 8'Wx7'H separated by 2 feet. Can you also quote a one-piece door that is 18'Wx7'H. I am also interested in operable windows. Thanks.


We are working on a potential project in Houston, Texas. This is a non-insulated steel building with a 34' eave. We are looking for (2) each door systems consisting of 50' wide swing doors. So for each of the 2 openings we would need (2) each 25' doors for the 50' opening. We think the Schweiss hydro-powered door is the way to go.


I am interested in obtaining a quote on a hydro-powered door. The door would go on an existing wood frame hangar (actually a six-plex) built 32 years ago. The opening is 38' 11 1/2" wide, 10' & 7/8" high. Preferably I would like to mount the door on the outside of the opening so that no headroom is lost. Thus the door would be say 10' 8" tall and 39' 4" wide. There is a large 11"X44"X40' long laminated beam for a door header which is supported by 2 treated 6X6s on each side. I believe there is ample solid wood structure to anchor the hydraulics etc., but I wonder if the swing arm can be attached 3-4" inside of the door to allow the overlap. The opening is reasonably square but not entirely which is another reason I'd like to mount it on the outside of the frame. If you send me your e-mail address I'd be happy to send some pictures of the structure. Thanks for the help. Norm C


I need a quote for a 38' wide by either 14' or 16' high, hydro powered door system. This may go in a Nucor Steel building or a conventionally framed building.


I'm making this inquiry for one of my clients. He will be putting up one of our hangars later this summer. Please e-mail your quote for a schweiss hydro-powered door to my office and I will forward it to my client. Please price the door. The door will be 16' clear when open.


I am looking for a 30' X 15' Schweiss hydro powered swing door for an end wall of a 60' wide X 16' high post frame shed in charleston. I need man door framed on the left hand side also please. Just looking to see what a door would run for a customer. Thanks Manny K


picked up information at the farm show. Looking to put a hydro powered door on my steel pole barn. 30 by 50 pole barn. door opening is 11'3" wide by 14' tall.


Price 40 ft and 45 ft and 50 ft doors in hydraulic and bi-fold, building 60 ft wide and 18 ft wall, stud construction. Also is there any safety for hydraulic door if line fails or cylinder seals let go? Don't want door coming down on aircraft. Thank you for your time.