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Do you have a dealer/installer local to Olympia, WA that could help assess my building and provide a quote to include a hydraulic new door? Thanks, J


I'm looking for a price (ballpark) for 4 - 10'x10' aluminum and glass hydro-powered garage doors. 1/2" tempered frosted glass.




Need to price a Schweiss hydropower 800 series door (one-piece)70' w x 20' h (both finished clear opening height. Please include taxes and FOB in price. Also, will you include a separate price for installation? This is for a bid preparation for the hangar project bid in Orange, Virginia. THANK YOU!


I have just purchased a 60x99 steel pole building with several doors. The big door will be a 34 wide by 16 tall. I am very interested in a hydro powered door. I currently have prices on overheads but would rather put one of those Schweiss types of doors in. -What kind of exta stuctural strength do i need -Price -and time line of when i can get this door


We are pricing a job that has the following: Schweiss Hydro Powered swing doors 1 ea. 40' wide x 20' tall 2 ea. 24' wide x 18' tall 1 ea 20' wide x 10' tall I was hoping that you could provide me a furnish and install price.


I just sent a request for a quote on 8 - 42' x 14' & 2 - 60' x 18' hydro power doors. Doors will be located @ endwalls & not sidewalls. Thanks


Sir, Interested in your SCHWEISS HYDRO POWER DOORS. Please kindly send us your brochure with details. Also interested to act as your agents and representative in Pakistan and neighboring regions. Thanks and regards


Building approx. 40X40 X 16 eaves We want a 40' wide Schweiss hydro power door X 15' ht. - question is what is the rough opening size. we can make the bldg wider than 40' no problem.


Building a 50 x 70 steel and wood hangar, would like a quote on both a 40' and a 50' hydro power door, delivered to Arkansas.


I have faxed you rough dimension drawings of what I had ordered with Schweiss hydro door. I need to know the sf weight I will be able to put on your door. We will be finishing door out in wood plank. thank you.


I need a hydro power door with 40 foot width and at least 10 foot heighth clear. what type doors and how much is each cost. also how much weight does the truss have to support. My team is in the preliminary stages of erecting a pre-engineered steel structure. thanks


In need a quote on (3) hanger doors. (1) 40'x12' Hydro lift door (1) 55'x16' Hydro lift door Shipped to Brandon, MS (1) 60' x 18' Bi-fold Liftstrap door Shipped to Meridian, MS I need cut sheets on all (3) doors. Engineering design data.


Hi, I'm going to have a hangar built in Nevada for my single engine airplane. The hangar will be 45' wide by 40' deep. The contractor suggested Schweiss Doors. I've studied the information on your website and I'm leaning towards a hydro power door. But I'd like to talk to someone about headroom clearance between the bottom of the door and the hangar floor. I want to keep the hangar as low as possible, for aesthetic reasons, but don't want to end up with an opening too low for larger single engine general aviation airplanes.


Hi, I sell prefabricated sheds and am looking for a better Hangar door, I would be interested in buying the Schweiss hydro power doors without cladding, to reduce shipping costs and avoid colour matching problems. Most of the hangers we sell do not have power available so would need a manual opening system. Do you have such an option. Some hanger owners install 12v solar systems for lights that may have sufficient storage to open a door.




Please quote HYDRAULIC and bifold door 38 x 14 with lift straps, auto latch and installation by Schweiss Doors


I actually need quotes on 2 Schweiss hydro power doors. The first will be in a 30' x 20' framed opening in a PEMB. The second needs to be 36' x 25' (this needs to have 25' clearance when the door is lifted up, what height does the opening need to be?). I sell pre-engineered buildings and would like for you to send me some literature on your products.


Have exisiting 40x60 with 16.5 foot sidewall building. 2' of block and 14.5' of wood above that. I'm looking to remove the endwall ton install at 32' x 16 (opening). What would a Schweiss hydro power door cost (insulated) and what is supplied? Header? Steel Siding? How about hand crank but add power in future? Self Install? Pick up at Factory?


You recently quoted me a 70'x22' hanger hydro power door. Would you update to 72'x22'


We have a residential garage hydro power door application with low clearance at 7'-2" but 30' wide. Header beam will be about an 18" deep steel beam.


I am looking at you hydro power hydraulic doors. 44'x18' If you have a power failure, do you have a way to hook up to tractor hydraulics to open the door? thank you please e-mail me. we are going to put your door in.


Good afternoon, We would like to have further information regarding the Schweiss hydro power exterior doors for a current project we are working on. More specifically, the dimensions of the opening and the extension of the glass when it is open. Also, we need to make sure if we have a door height of 9'6", we would still have enough clearance to walk underneath. thanks so much and look forward to the response. Many thanks,


I will need NOA from a Fl engineer for hydro power doors. I am biding this job with three other co. Thank You


Hi, Wondering where I might be able to look at an operating Schweiss hydro power hydraulic one piece opening door. Thank you.


Could you please provide me with a quote for a bi-fold door as well as a hydro power door. the dimensions are 35ft wide by 18ft tall.


We are interested in a custom Schweiss hydro power door for a residential application. We need ballpark cost information and construction details to integrate into our wall sections. This will be a hydro power door for a 2 car garage. The rough width is 21'-0" clear. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks.


please provide specifications for a 40' wide x 14' overall high hydro power door. thanks


I am planning T-Hangar buildings and need budget prices and recommended details for both vertical liftstrap bi-fold and traditional hydraulic swing-up doors. Building location is SE US. Clear opening sizes must be 44' by 14' high. Because building is not designed or built yet, I need your recommended mountng details that may affect the building eave height and details around the door. I am looking for the most economical overall building/door design.


For our customer we requiere qty 14 hydro power doors. Structure must be made in painted carbon steel profiles. hydro powered door must come without cover metal sheet. hydro powered doors will be installed outside building. See more details below. Thank's


We are working with a prospective customer to develop a new machine shop on his farm. The customer is located in Minnesota. He would like a 50' x 20' hydro power door. The building will be a Butler steel building.


I am very interested in receiving info about your products, in particular hydro power doors - different designs- suitable for renovating a hotel bistro and bar area. Do you have suppliers in Australia? Looking forward to a reply at your earliest convenience.


Looking for a price on a Schweiss hydro power door to replace sliding doors on side of a building. I'm concerned about how much headroom I'd lose, appears to be about 12 to 16 inches above door to bottom of soffit.


Would like an estimate on a Schweiss hydro power door for residential garage. RO's listed below. side columns are fully grouted reinforced CMU. Header is a W16 steel beam. There is no room to go above the opening height so door would have to completely fit within 10'-6" dimension. interested in frame only as i would like to custom sheath with wood siding to the hydro powered doors exterior.


I am building a hanger at the newly completed  airport. I will be using a local contractor for the metal building but am interested in a Schweiss hydro powered hanger door - Not sure of the width and would like to understand pricing difference between 50' and 60' of width and at 16 to 20 ft of clear span heigth. Door could be set in either end wall or side wall - does that make a cost difference? Interested in the hydro power doors ability to withstand wind loads as we occasionally have windy thunderstorms.


I am looking for pricing on a Schweiss hydro powered door for an upcoming project. The door will be 40' wide with a clear opening ht of 20'. Exterior will be insulated metal sandwich panel. Building will be a steel framed metal building.


in addidion to the 38'w x 13'. we would also like a quote on a 10'w x 10'h. no siding required, however it will be insulated with steel siding added. the large hydro power door will be a ventilation door for a chicken barn. gasketting will be required. Thanks


I have a 60x 200 pole type machinery storage building with a 18x 30 opening in end wall that has a sliding door now. Would like to replace with a one piece Schweiss hydro power door


I'm building a small farm shop and looking for a hydraulic lift door that will not take up ceiling space. I was about to order a roll up door when I came across your Schweiss Door web page I like what I'm reading but all I see is large doors. do you make them for smaller workshops??? My shop is postframesteel truss with perma colum,door openings will be well braced 6x6 and 4 2x10 girders all the way around building


Dear Folks I got A 50 X 100 Building And Would like A Price On A SCHWEISS HYDRO POWER DOOR I Need Everything That Goes With The Door I Have 2 Sliding Doors On The Building At This Time I Wood Like To Replace Them With One Door If Possible My Two DOORS Are 12 Each A Total Of 24 FT


This building has a clearspan open web steel joist header and 6X6 pressure treated wood side posts with a 45 degree angled steel support from the steel joist to the wood side post.It is as yet a dirt floor with concrete or patio stones coming.I am also planing on insulating and heating the hanger eventualy so I would like the price on an insulated door. Hope this gives a better idea of the structure ,just pricing at this time as well as checking to be sure nothing needs to be changed before we do install a Schweiss hydro powered door. Thanks so much for you're time.


Hi. we have a pole building of 60/140 at 18.5 feet tall. we would like hydro power doors one at 48/18.5 and the other at 29feet six inches by18.5 tall. could you please send me a price and the requirements for the structure to hold the hydro powered doors. do you have do it yours self instulation instructions? do you have do it yourself kits? This may be easier to ship. Thank you


We currently would like to see the  current door replaced with a reliable Schweiss one piece hydro power door. Please contact me (via cell phone) with information about a hydro Red Power door. Thank you!


Hi, A gentelman at our airpark is having one of your Red Power hydro power doors installed.. nice. I presently have a homemade bifold in my hanger, works but I would like to get a quote on your hydro power door ..my existing frame is 10 inch x 4 inch channel. flushmount with a full frame to insert into my opening would work.


I would like to have a quote on a Schweiss Red Power hydro power door. I am building a 30 x 40 x 14 foot eves post frame building. I had planned a 16 wide x 12 tall overhead garage door but liked the looks of your product.


I have the 44 foot hydro power door. I am having problems with the bottom seal. Thanks


I would like a quote on a Schweiss hydraulic door 32x15.5 ft and/or a 36x15.5 ft door. How are these doors shipped and cost to ship? Can we get construction plans so to be able to design proper opening and plan whatever proper header and supports are needed. This door is for a new shop building 48x54x16.


I need a quote for 2 hanger hydro power doors both of them will go to Alabama at the same time. They will need to be 34 ft. wide and have a 14 ft. clearance.


Planning to build equipment barn/shop 50x80x16'. Designing building on computer with an overhead crane on rails and plan to install 12' x12' overhead doors on the side and a large Schweiss hydro power hydraulic door on the ends.


I am interested in a 40'x18' hydro power door for a building that is scheduled to be erected in Feb. I live in western Nebraska, and am interested in a quote. thanks


I am interested in getting a preliminary quote on a hydro power door for a garage opening that is 14' wide and 10' tall. Thanks.


Need a quote for a insulated glass paneled hydraulic Red power garage door. The width of the door is set at 16'. The height can be 18' to 24'- whatever the size limit.


I have a Residential project in New York. we looked at your Schweiss designer hydro power doors and really liked them. We would like to use your hydro power frosted glass doors, low E glass insulated and tempered, power openers, opening is 7'0"X16'0". If possible we would like to do the install. We are ready to get the project moving as soon as possible. Could you give me an idea of what our lead times are as well as a quote for these doors? Also- if you could give an add alt. number including the free standing header. Thank you


Hello, I want to screen in a large outdoor room that is attached to a house. The home is still in the design stage. QUESTIONS: Is it possible to have a Schweiss hydro power door that measures approximately: 52' wide x 20' high -- with all screen panels? The main function is to provide protection from insects when closed. A section of the door would swing out over the swimming pool. Can a flap of some sort, run along the bottom of the door and extend slightly into the water? Does a door this size require more than one motor? Where is the motor located? Thanks


Hi I am a overhead door dealer/installer and would like to offer hydro power doors also and I am wondering what it would take to get a dealership. Thanks


Please offer a quotation for an ag application: 40 x 14 hydraulic lift door to install in a pre-engineered steel building (STAR) OPT: 40 x 14 hydraulic door Question: Does your pricing include door covering or do I need to price in covering and trim. If so, is there a requirement as to guage &/or strength of paneling? Please offer sugggested manhours for installation Include freight in your quote to


I am looking to replace my current sliding hangar door with an electric hydro power door. Basic dimensions of the door frame are 40.5' wide x 14' high.


Aircraft Hanger on private grass strip near Lansing MI. 40x40 pole barn, cement floor. Currently uses dual electric garage doors with removable mullion. Would like basic quote on insulated hydro power door that swings open.


I'm purchasing a building. It's 60 X 62 with a 16H X 40 opening! I'm now being asked about hydro power door specs so they can build the frame for the opening! The building is not to be shipped until April.


I need a 14 ft opening so what size hydro power door would I need? And A price on a hydro power that swings out. Thanks


Greetings, I'm in the preliminary phases of building a hangar home in Michigan. I don't have a design in stone yet but I can go up to a 60x60 hangar. Obviously cost is a major consideration. What I'm looking for is options. 60x14, 60X15, 50x15 and 50x14 are all sizes that I'm considering. While I don't, at this point, need a to the dollar cost, I'm looking for roughly what I'm going to have to spend for my door. I'm interested in one piece hydraulic Red Power doors at this point.


I am a farmer buying and erecting a new farm shop. Am interested in a Schweiss hydro power door. I need sixteen and a half foot of height clearance and thirty foot width. Can I buy direct or through a dealer? What size opening do I need? Will the manufacture of the building need to add extra bracing? How far does the door swing out?


Hi, I spoke to someone yesterday regarding a project we are working on. I was hoping you could send a product binder, as well as any typical details in CAD for the Schweiss hydro power doors. The door would be clad with vertical cedar siding, and would be flush with the surrounding wall (also vertical cedar). The opening is approximately 16' wide, and 8' in height. Thank you,


Our customer is looking for a clear door that swings open for this opening in his home. Can you hydro power doors fit this need?


looking for hydro power door spec sheets thank you for your time


Hi, We would like a quote for a 9' wide 7' high hydro power door that is insulated. Also what r value would it be insulated to. Thanks!


We need about your products and the prices for the hydraulic hydro power door facade glass or aluminium system, can you send and the documents. Best Regards


I am working with a customer on an Airplane Hangar in the MN area and would like to get costs and information on your Schweiss Red Power hydro power doors. We are looking at a 44' and/or 48' wide door with a "clear" opening of 13'. The door will be insulated with 1/2" H.D. Thermax Insulation board prior to the steel sheeting being installed. Do you hang the door or do we? What options come with this door? Please let me know. This would be done this coming spring. Thank You!


Good Morning. I just found your web site, very cool products! We are doing a small commercial store front project and are looking for a unique way for the front to open up on nice days, yet giving a modern look when closed. The all glass hydro power door projects that you've done would work perfectly. I am working with two (2) identical rough opening sizes: 175" wide x 140" tall. Do you have any kind of short swing option?


I have a 10' high X 16' wide (clear opening size) garage door area that I need an insulated hydro power door with windows. Can I have approximate total cost and delivery time estimate?


This building has grain walls, so the door frames are very strong. I would like to put a walk-in door and a window in each hydraulic door.


We are looking at enlarging and replacing the door in an airplane hanger with a swing door. The hydro power door will be approximately 60' x 16'.


I am planning to remove an existing overhead garage door and raise the door header such that the bottom of the header is on the same level as the interior ceiling. Hence, I will have zero vertical space for interior apparatus. I am interested in a swing/lift one piece door that lifts with hydraulic pump and cylinders. I am working on a wood structure, and I envision a face mount style. The dimensions I provide below are nominal. For what increments of openings do you typically manufacture doors? What size do the side columns need to be? What choices are avaiable for exterior finish? Is insulation an option? I am interested in pricing for your hydraulic power application.


We are interested in what you have to offer. I have requeted to be sent a catalogue. Like the looks of the hydro power doors. What we will be building is an indoor arena, perhaps to hold events during the winter months but, at least to continue training our own horses. We have at least 2 acres to work with and would be building new. Ground up.


We will be building a hangar in the next few months and wish info and prices on hydraulic doors. 1 door 50 ft x 16 1 door 60 ft X 20 Do they require a 3 ft on each side of building for frame or will the allow for full width of building, Thanks


hello I really like the look and operation of your hydro power doors. i am looking for a garage door 12' wide 7' wide.  Is this something that is available for my application?


I would like a quote on a hydro power door to close a span that is 13'5" wide and 7' 6" high. We want to install this as a method of sealing our patio so we would like it to have solid panels on the lower half and glass panels on the upper half with a dutch door in the middle.


We will also be installing a second door next to the big one. 18 wide by 16 high. Is there any extra requirements from the building for a 36' wide hydraulic door?


Iam putting up a 80. wide steel building,farm shop.20' side wall.I need 2 40' wide hydro power doors, so We can drive equipment trough.I need prices on these swing doors.


i would like to get a price on a hydro power door opening is 23'6 w by 14' H Building side door


I am currently erecting a new hangar building. I would like to get a quote on your Bi-Fold door with the lift straps and the side door latches. I would also like to consider your Schweiss hydro power door as well. Please provide me a quote on both doors. I will then decide between the two. The door opening has been prepared with a steel column at both jambs and we have a tube header with pipe stiffeners going back to the next frame, at three points across the opening. The opening is 60'-0" in width and 18'-3" in height. Please let me know if you are able to provide a quote to install as well.


I am quoting a pre-eng building with a hydraulic door - building size is 60 x 70 x 18 - proposed opening is 55 x 16 - going into an endwall - Please provide specs for a swing door that will fit into that opening


Requesting a quote on 20' & 24' wide hydro power door. Must be at least 16' feet tall. Thank you.


I would like to put a 10' high x 18' wide---ONE PIECE HYDRO POWER DOOR on an otherwise wood structure tool shop-----visualize a stand-alone, double-car garage-type structure detached from my residence. Is it possible to install myself-? Please send "ball-park" estimate.


We need a quote for three new hydro power doors to be installed on a new metal prefabricated garage building.if you contact me I can forward drawings for better understanding. we would like to know if you can include a window slot as well on them.


Looking for a price on a 24' wide X 15' high hydro power door for a farm shop. How much head room is needed for the installation. We have a 16' high ceiling in shop and would like as much clearance as possible.


The Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors are to be used as passive solar sunspace on the rear of a new home. The sunspace is a concept that wil allow for a winter solarium/heat and open in the summer for a covered porch. The interior needs to be finished as it will be seen as part of the interior of the home. The finish should be either aluminum or a color. A color needs to be very durable, such as powdercoat. The total length of the house has not yet been determined so the 16' hieght is not in stone. It can be any length that allows for best price, ease and cost of shipping as well as ease to install.


I am needing a quote please for 2 hydro power doors for an airplane hangar in Texas. The door sizes are as follows 84 x 27 and 71 x 24 I would also like to find out what the electrical requirements are for these doors, as well as any collateral load that should be accounted for in the steel fabrication design?


I work for a metal building company. I'm pricing this hangar and would like to get some preliminary hinge reactions, deflection criteria and wedge depth. 80' x 26' hydro power door Wind speed is 85 MPH, Exposure 'C'


I have client in NE wanting to install one of your hydraulic doors. I would like to know if there are any dealers local to me who could install one for me?


What is the electrical requirement for a 40' hydro power door? We are in a single phase system. If you could send me the complete description I would appreciate it. In o degree weather will these doors operate smoothly or will the cold weather hinder the operation?


We are getting closer to finalising our hydro power door requirements for 3 new hangars here in South Australia. The dimensions have changed a little from the previous quote so i would be grateful for an updated quote. Thank you New build steel buildings with welded up zig zag truss over the opening , engineered to take a one piece hydraulic swing door


I am building a hanger and want to know what kind of price you have on a 45'x14' door, and a 45'x 16' door. I do want to go with the hydro power single piece door


Need two 10' X 10' hydro power doors... maximum glass... used as awning when open... dual sealed thermo-units for northern climate... shipped to  Canada... please price and email a reply


I have 4x6 inch vetical posts on the outside of building, do I need one on the inside of my barn for tracking? Also I need all of about 14ft of hieght. What is the thickness of the hydro power door itself? That will determan my hieght.


Please quote one 50' wide hydro power door to be installed in the endwall of a new metal building. Need 16' clear. Send me a door detail showing frame-work and our needed clearance above the door to determine our building's eave height.


I am interested in getting a price quote on 2 approximately 7X7 hydraulic exterior garage style doors for a shed. color preference white. thanks.


My shop is 28 ft wide. Would like a new end door. The slope is a 4/12 pitch. I'm hoping close to 20 ft wide. About 12.4 ft tall. Would like quote on both hydro power & bi fold.