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What People Are Asking



We have a residential garage door application for a hydro door with low clearance at 7-2' but 30' wide. Header beam will be about an 18" deep steel beam.


Pricing on a several doors for a concrete nested T-hangar? How much for five 30'x25' hydro door?


Have exisiting 40x60 with 16.5 foot sidewall building. looking to install at 32' x 16 (opening). What would a Schweiss hydro door cost (installed) and what is supplied? Header? Steel Siding? How about hand crank but add power in future? How much for a build your own door? 


Looking for a quote on 2 Schweiss hydro doors. One 30' x 20' framed opening. Second one is a 36' x 25' (this needs to have 25' clearance when the door is lifted up, what height does the opening need to be?). I sell pre-engineered buildings and would like for you to send me some literature on your products.


Please quote 38 x 14 hydro door with installation by Schweiss Doors


Must have 14'-0 clear Schweiss hydro doors and each door must have a walk door please quote with and without installation.


Hi, I sell prefabricated sheds and am looking for a better Hangar door, I would be interested in buying a hydro door without cladding, to reduce shipping costs and avoid colour matching problems. Most of the hangers we sell do not have power available so would need a manual opening system. Do you have such an option? Some hanger owners install 12v solar systems for lights that may have sufficient storage to open a door.


Hi, I'm going to have a hangar built in Nevada for my single engine airplane. The hangar will be 45' wide by 40' deep. The contractor suggested Schweiss hydro doors. But I'd like to talk to someone about headroom clearance for a hydraulic door between the bottom of the door and the hangar floor. I want to keep the hangar as low as possible, for aesthetic reasons, but don't want to end up with an opening too low for larger single engine general aviation airplanes.


I need a 40' Schweiss hydro door width and at least 10 foot heighth clear. what type doors and how much is each cost. also how much weight does the truss have to support. My team is in the preliminary stages of erecting a pre-engineered steel structure. thanks


I have sent mechanical drawings of what I ordered for a Schweiss hydro door. I need to know the sf weight I will be able to put on your door. We will be finishing door out in wood plank. thank you.


Building a 50 x 70 steel and wood hangar, would like a quote on both a 40' and a 50' hydro door. Cost delivered to Arkansas.


Please bid, Two 20ft X 14.5ft and one 22ft X 14.5 ft Schweiss hydro doors need pricing and shipping. How much for walk-through doors and windows?


Building approx. 40 X 40 X 16 eaves We want a 36' X 15' ht. Schweiss hydro door - question is what is the rough opening size. we can make the bldg wider than 40' no problem.


Sir, Interested in your door. Please kindly send us your information with details. Interested in literature on a Schweiss Hydro Door. Thanks and regards


I just sent a request for a quote on hydro doors 8 - 42' x 14' & 2 - 60' x 18'. Doors will be located @ endwalls & not sidewalls. Thanks


I have just purchased a 60x99 steel pole building with several doors. The big door will be a 34 wide by 16 tall.  I currently have prices on overheads but I am very interested in a Schweiss Hydro Door I would rather put one of those Schweiss types of doors in. -What kind of extra structural strength do i need -Price -and time line of when i can get this door


I am very interested in a Schweiss Hydro Door. I currently have prices on overheads but would rather put one of those Schweiss types of doors in. I have just purchased a 60x99 steel pole building with several doors. The big door will be a 34 wide by 16 tall. -What kind of exta stuctural strength do i need -Price -and time line of when i can get this door


Can you also send a quote for a 65' X 21' bifold door. We are pricing out different door sizes and really like a Schweiss Hydro Door. Estimated time of delivery?


Can you also send a quote for a 65 X 21 bifold door. Need to price a Schweiss Hydro Door 70' w x 20' h (both finished clear opening height. Please include taxes and FOB in price. Also, will you include a separate price for installation? 


Looking for a machine shed for a tobacco farming operation. Need a quote on a 40 x 18 on a Schweiss Hydro Door with a red power pump.  


tI would like a quote on a residential 50' x 12' hydro door for an airplane hangar. How much for a 


I'm looking for ballpark figure for 4 - 10'x10' aluminum and glass hydro door. 1/2" tempered frosted glass.