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Hi, I'm from Puerto Rica. Here to look for manufacturer for one piece Hydro-powered Hanger door for my project use, is there any distributor in PR i can contact with? Thanks 


Greetings from DC, we are quoting a 45'x 60' Metallic building. The building is to have a 40'-0" w x 24'-0" h (clear) opening at one endwall. The customer would like a quote for both a bi-fold and Schweiss hydro swing type door. 28'-0" eave building. I am assuming a 3'-0" wedge and 1'-0" to the eave for a Bi-fold door and a 1'-0" wedge and 1'-0" to eave for a hydro swing type door. 26'-0" eave building.


Would like estimate on a Schweiss hydraulic-powered one piece railway door. Rough opening in 44L x 18 ft 4in H. Concrete building door. Needs self supporting style door frame work since the building isn't designed to carry the additional load by itself. I am gathering rough estimates for insulated and non-insulated railway doors.


We have a number of trailers we would like to add cylinders to so we can hydraulically open the rear door. Do you sell cylinders? It appears your Schweiss hydro-power cylinders are the best on the market by far.


Building (finished) 660x148x18' wood post (6x6 treated) with a 40x18 and a 30x18 hydro-powered Schweiss door at each end. Do not want to give up any head room if possible... thanks Lou


I am considering a standard one piece hydro-powered glass overhead door versus a bifold door for a 14 x 18' installation in a residential type application I am interested in knowing rough opening requirements and cost I want an option of insulated and non-insulated


Please provide quotation for 1 ea standard Schweiss Hydro-Powered door. No siding or insulation is required. Please include: Cost, Delivery. Please recommend erector in my area.


please provide a quote and door specifications for a schweiss hydro-powered pivoting door: 12'-0" high clear opening 10.25" wedge (total height = 12'-10.25"), 48'-0" wide. Thanks.


I nee an estimate for a 44 x 12 Schweiss hydro-powered door delivered to West Ossipee, NH with and without installation. Thanks Tim Kimdal


cost to convert to hydro-powered type door on existing door with a schweiss bi-fold door installed. location port orange florida. Could I also get information in the lift straps?


i need a price on a hydro-power door asap as it is part of a bid tomorrow morning  i need a bit more info for some options i.e. insulation, etc.


We have a customer who is interested in a 50'x 16' insulated hydro-power door with windows. How do I get pricing.


I recently up grade my plane. My current hanger has a sliding that will not be tall enought to get my new plane into when I receive it. he header on the door that the door connects to is around 14'8" off the ground and my new planes tail is 14'3". Can one of your hydro-power doors solve my problem?


I have an opening roughly 9' wide X 7' tall on my pool house. I want a price on a hydro-power door/window that we can open on nice days. When closed it needs to be safe and seal good against the outsdie. I need something that won't break the bank also.


We have 15ft 3in by 26ft opening. Cannot afford to lose any height. Will your hydraulic lift door for us?


i am working on a 100 wide x 120 ft hanger for a customer that needs an electric operated hydro-power door for and clear opening of 80 ft wide x 21 ft 6 inches clear


We have been asked to obtain a budget price to replace 3 existing garage doors and replace them with a hydro-powered Thanks please feel free to call with any questions you may have.


Please quote 35x16 Clear hydro-powered door. Need price for install and a price for free standing header and labor for free standing header listed separately. Also need design information to forward to metal building company. Thank you.


Quote please hydro-powered Hydraulic one piece 24x15 They are figuring steel frame jambs and I-Beam header


I need a quote for hydro-powered door measuring 50'X 16' and 50' X 14'. This possibly could be a hydro-power door measuring 60' X 16' and 60' x 14' depending on the quotes I recieve for my airpland hanger. I will be using a polyurethane foam insulation spray on th edoor so the weight of the door might be a little heavier than normal insulation.


Could you give me a price on a hydro-powered door for a 30' x 17' door opening? This will be in a new pole building.


we are in the market for several hydro-powered doors for our farm we like bi fold doors have been using 2 old 50ft doors since the early 90's at our calgary farm operation and have nothing but praise for bi fold design


I am contacting you on behalf of a client of mine. He is interested in ordering two hydro-powered doors, one for either side of a 100x200 building. The hydro-power door would need to be 50 feet long and when open provide at least 16 feet of clearence.


I received your response on a 36ft hydro-powered hydraulic door. I need a price on a 32x15.5 ft hydraulic door and also a Bi-fold door of this size.


I'm looking for a basic quote for a hydro-power swing door with clear windows, possible aluminum finish, and whether or not you can build an energy efficient model (door will face south) thanks!


We are looking to have the hydro-powered swing door listed below quoted for a construction project of ours asap. We would also like options for the same doors only with a 24' width as apposed to the 30' listed below. thanks


need to quote a hydro-power door for a farm shop. opening is 16' wide, by 16' high 15.5' would be better). if we use a normal garage door we are going to loose 2ft of height, thus only getting a 14ft door. looking for a Red Power pump, horizontally. shop is 2x6 walls on the end, large strong laminated header. quote all hardware required, including sealing material. door will rest on concrete. if possible we could clad with tin to match the shop, not sure how your doors work, other wise a galvanized surface or paintable surface and we can match. building is steel clad in galv. with blue trim. please quote an optional remote opener with two remotes. no wire or switches required, we run an electrical business and will install ourselves. quote fob your factory and also shipped to lethbridge alberta, canada. we have a cousin coming home empty and could maybe swing thru and get this for us. thanks,


Pricing for hydraulic one piece doors. 12' wide x 11.2' high price for 1, 2 and 3 each. For existing barn application


I live in Canada. Do you have a supplier close by? I have a shop 40' by 72' that needs 3 hydro-powered doors. Two 16' by 14' and one 12' by 14'. Thanks


we are going to build a new farm shop in the spring of 2011 have seen your hydro-power door at are local airport think its what we need thanks


I am a Star building dealer and I have a customer that is looking to build a hanger in Arizona. I am looking for a 45'x16' or a 50'x16' hydraulic door for a Star building, Star is providing the sheeting and trim for the door. I need to get some pricing to put the proposal together. Thanks,


"Clear Opening Size" below represents wiggle room for hangaring an experimental airplane. The airplane's exact size is 33' wide and 8' 6" tall. What hydro-power door options do I have? I am more interested in price. I assume you build the door, ship to my building site and I hire an installer.


You had quoted me on some bifold and hydraulic hydraulic doors last week. We are interested in five of those quoted doors for new construction this spring/summer. Q'n: Do your doors have an insulation pacakge or is that done by buyer? Q'n: Are your doors prehung? Q'n: do you install doors in Canada. We are located 5 miles north of North Dakota border. Thank you for your time.


thinking to build a new shop. building will be steel. 120x90 with 60x90 of it being an enclosed shop. Trying to get some ideas and prices on the hydro-power doors. which would be 50x16. Maybe placing them in the end wall 60' of the building.




I would like quotes on 2 sizes of hydro-power doors and both styles. (50x14) and (64x16) Steel building, I-beam, and end wall installation.


I am currently in the proccess of designing a shop building. The dementions are 60' X 120' with 18' full sidewall and I need a quote for a 30' wide by 18' high hydraulic door.


I am preparing to construct a shop area in my 54' x 72' building. I want to replace the sliding end door with a hydro-power door. The door is 24' x 14.5'.


I am researching hydro-power hanger doors and possibly specifiing for new construction. Can you send me generic shop drawings including clearance and structural mounting requirements?


Looking for a residential 2 car garage door. Most likely a hydraulic Red Power door. Would like a "wood" exterior or "bare frame" that I could install my own siding/stucco to match the house. I am a general contractor-are your doors installable by me or do I have to have someone from your company do the installation? The dimensions below are approximate. I am pricing for budget at this time, to see if it is doable within my meager means!!! (smile) I saw your company mentioned in Custom Home magazine, Nov/Dec 2010


Looking to build new hangars for a state airport. Looking for (4) 48'x12' hydro-power doors


Existing 24' x 24' stick-built, residential type garage. Can the hydro-power door have windows installed at your factory? Existing door is a standard 16' door.


I am interested in a quote on two 40x14 hydro-power doors for an aircraft hanger of dimensions 50Wx80Lx14H.


Hi looking for a price for a shed that is going to have 16' sidwalls and it will be 48' long I was thinking a hydro-power door width of 42' or 44' if you could let me know what you think and get me a price that would be great thanks


Dear Sirs: saw your ad in Metal Architecture, and we require a quote for a 22.00 meter x 6.00 meter high, hangar hydro-power door for a project we have in our Airport. It should have two metal access doors. Please e-mail me for further details an pictures. Thank you


I have a steel-beam frame hangar. I'm interested in a hydraulic red-power door. I currently have 3 sets of sliders on tracks. My opening is approx. 50 ft wide and 10 ft high. 1. Can the red power door seal reasonably well and does this require an extra kit? 2. Does the door kit include the motor and is it 120 or 240? 3. does the kit include exterior sheeting? 4. How much for the kit? 5. How much for installation? 6. How much to evaluate my header to make sure it's adequate? 7. Does a hydraulic sound right for me? 8. Do you sell insulation kits? Thank You


At this time I am looking for general information on Size weight Hindge locations for a hydro-power door described below. This is not an order. Just require the specs and price. Wind speed is 90 C


I would like quote on a hydro-power door 35W x 17H for the sidewall of a new Post Frame building with 20' ceiling. building is designed for added load


Framed opening size is 50' X 17'set up for a Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power door with 14' clear opening.


60X96 pole building need 40ft hydraulic door apx hight 12ft please send quote thank you


We are looking to replace one door on our pole barn. The opening is 20'6.5" wide and 13'8" high. With the trucks and harvestors we have we need to keep as much headroom as possible. Thinking a Hydraulic Red Power door would work best, how much do they swing out. Our Reefer trailer is 13' 3" high. The semi is 12'11". We have a concrete floor and apron existing. If it would help, we could send pictures of the barn. The barn was built in the early 80s. Posts are treated 6x6s


We have purchased several hydro-power doors this year and I was looking on the internet and found your website. The most common door size that we sell is 30'-0" x 16'-0"...I would like to see how you compare on pricing, because it looks like you doors are very well designed.Drop me an email and a contact. Thank You


Hello, I have an opening of 38'6" X 13'6". I need to fasten on the face of the opening not inside the jamb. I have about 3' above the opening if needed. I am looking at hydro-power door with price being a factor. Thanks


We have used your doors and also have used some other hydrolic doors and have never had a proplem with a hydrolic door in over 10 years! I am interested in putting a Hydraulic Schweiss Red Power door on a bran that I am building at my ranch and would like a quote. I would like a quote on a 15' high and 10' wide and a 15' high and a 20' wide.


i have two jobs pending (1) 9'x13'-6" raw steel with insulated glass going in a sushi bar on the exterior of the restauant # (2) i have an garage door steel that measures 22'-9"x12' in a steel blgd i dont have dwgs i was going put two bifold swing doors but i want my customer happy with end product thanks in advance


I am quoting a project were the customer would like to have a 32 foot wide opening by 16 foot height.The door opening is on the gable end of a 80' x 200' x 20' machine shed. We are putting overhead doors in the other gable end. Let me know if you are interested in quoting me a hydro-power door.


Looking to price out 3- 22'x16' Hydraulic Red Power door units. We build large pole barns for farmers and manufacturers, and are looking for a swing out door option


I build and remodel poultry houses throughout the state of Texas and all poultry houses have one - 12' wide by 10' tall sliding or rollup door on each end. I had a customer request a hydro-power door on his new construction project so I would like more information/pricing on your swing doors.


I was looking to get an price on an new single hydro-power swing door 16 feet tall then eather 28 wide or 30 I was wondering the cost differnce with remotes and two windows in them. It is going to be an heated building.


I have a 80' x 125' x 16' building that my customer is looking for a 30' x 16' hydro-power door in Gable endwall.


I am getting ready to build a shed, and was thinking about different door styles.It may not be till I actually build the shop in one end, but a quote for a hydro-powered door now would be great.


I would like an estimate for a glass (double pane or most energy efficient) panel hydraulic door in the dimensions indicated. We are interested in this door for the commercial part of our project, but if pricing is attractive we may order two similar doors (only 8 ft wide instead of 10) for residential area.


I'm looking for a hydro-power door to improve a hanger I'm trying to purchase. The door opening will be 70'X16'. Thank You


we would like a quote on hangar doors to be located in FL. Design should be for 110 mph 1. 110 x 26'10" 2. 80' x 20' Please provide pricing on hydro-power door style that you manufacture.


I need a quote for a 30' x 16' hydraulic Red Power door. Will go into an existing 60 wide post frame building centered in the endwall.


Shed is 42 feet wide, 60 feet long. Hydraulic door would be in the end, in the middle, no over hang. It could use a 24" door height above opening. Want remotes for the swing door also.


I am needing a qoute on a 12'x 40' hydro-power door and remote entry. Thanks


Please quote the hydro-power door prepped for 8' high interior liner panels and complete installation


i need pricing on job in ga. opening 13'6" x 9' 0" hydraulic door system , raw steel, electric, insulated. please provide as soon as you can thanks


Would like product data information for a 16' high clear x 60'-0" width hydro-power door with  remote assembly. we are going to use this Red Power door in a hanger we are designing. would like all information and design of this door to coordinate with structural engineer and building manufacturer.


Please email design information so I can send to Building Supplier for Quote as well. Thanks. Need 18' Clear on hydro-power Doors


can you attach a hydro-power door to a pole building. I am having Morton Buildings build me a building that will require a 50' X 13'8" door. I would like to get a estimate some something like that.


I would like to get a quote on a hydro-power door for a shop with an opening of 18'High X 40'wide.


Can you please provide a quote for 2 different hydraulic doors? 32'W x 14' H (side wall) and 20' x 14' H (end wall). Both are for a wood building. Price with and without remote and each door should have 2 standard size windows. Does this price include the door frame, all hardware required for installation but does NOT include the door sheeting?


Please send me the time factor and cost of hydro-power doors that have a opening of 24' high and 65' wide, with a personnel door in it.


Hi I need a price on a 16'x 30' Door w/ alum. frame Please qoute hydro-power lift straight door & strap lift bifold door.


Looking for a quote on a hydro-power hanger door. The building is a wood pole building with a 16' height and a 59' opening.


We need a quote on 1 bi-fold door and 1 hydro-power one piece door. when and if we order the doors from y'all, they should have the following: wind rails cold weather package door rubber


have a 46' x 46' aircraft hanger with stackable / accordian doors. when doors are fully open only 41 ft is available on the width. I would need at least a 43-44' opening on a bifold retrofit. It is a R&M steel hanger design


Woulod like to know the price range for two hydro-power doors to be installed in a new garage. We have issues with the building height and acomodating a car lift inside. Solved with a voulted ceiling, we are considering two "Red Power" doors with the following openning dimensions: 9' wide by 8' high.


Please forward pricing for two 45' x 20' hangar doors to the Metallic Builder above. The base price is for two bi-fold doors and the alternate price is for two Schweiss hydraulic doors. Also, please forward loading data for each type of door.


We have a new construction-single family home. For the garage, we are looking at installing a sliding door or a door like your hydro-power. The home is constructed of 8" block at the garage; the wall is flush at the jamb - - no columns or bumpouts. The door opening is approximately 7'-8" high by 16'-4" wide. There is a distance of 9'-9" feet in front of to the rear fence. We are interested in a swing door installation .


I am looking at a project involving a metal building with a hydro-power door in the end wall,the building is 50'wide and the customer wants a 48'x12'door what is the min. height above the door and how much does the manufacturer need to beef up the endwall rafter and columns (lbs psf)


I am doing market research for a couple of hydro-power doors. I would like a walk in door in one of them.


Could you give me a ballpark quote on complete (hardware and electrical components) drive unit for an existing 15' x 17' hydraulic door. The door is constructed of 14 gauge 2" X 3" rectangular and 2"X 2" square tubing.


building a hangar need hydro-power door size is tbd but looking at building 55x60 with door on 55 ft


Please provide a quote for a hydro-power shop door, 12 ft wide by 7 ft tall. Thank you,