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Hello, Can you give me a rough quote on a bi-folding glass door 12' wide 10' tall. Black anodized frame if available. It will be open most of the summer and closed most of the winter so it won't get much use, so it will need to be weathertight. If there is a manually operated option that would work otherwise let me know what type of operator system options we would have.Just call if you have any questions Thank You Jackson


I would like to request a price for two hydraulic weathertight and highly insulated doors. One will go in an endwall and one in a sidewall.


Considering replacing sliding doors on a hangar with a hydraulic lifting weathertight door. Need to know door price, shipping cost and delivery time. Anything else that must be done to the opening to prepare it for the door installation. Existing door has v-tracks in concrete on bottom and hanging rails on the top. Not sure what is meant by End or Side Wall. Clarify. Who installs the metal siding on the door?


This is a hydraulic door budget quote at this time. NC Doors must be wind rated for 100 MPH and weathertight. Please include a 3070 personnel door in each industrial grade hydaulic door.


I have an existing wood frame/pole building in NE  that we had built 4-5 years ago that we are in the process of concreting and finishing the inside for a shop. It is a 64'x42' building. It has a 16'x11' sliding door and a 12'x11' sliding door. That we would like to remove and install hydraulic doors in. I would like a little more info on bracing or beefing up of the buildings frame that needs to be done and if there is any door opening height or width lost when installed? Doors need to be weathertight and wind rated. Thanks!


I need a quote on: 1 - 20'0x 12'6 1 - 15'6 x 13'6 Both hydraulic powered weathertight doors to MD. Both Doors on side wall of building Thanks