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I am building a small hanger with dimensions; 40'x 50' using 40' sea containers as my side walls. I would like a quotation for self supporting bi-fold hanger door. I believe your new Super Structure door or a door with a free standing header will work for this, but not exactly sure how to mount it.


We are looking for a price for: 16ft x 14ft (x2) Insulated Hydraulic Schweiss door 32ft x 14ft Insulated door They do not have to be the exact side but that is our minimum required inside measurements. 


I would like to get a quote for two hydraulic thermal doors to enclose our rail car unloading bldg. in SC when not in use.


I would like to install two one-piece hydraulic  garage doors in my new UT building. Both doors are 9 ft high and one is 16 ft wide and the other is 10 ft wide. I would like to put custom paneling on the doors and potentially insulate the doors from the inside as well. Your new Schweiss interlocking thermal insulated panels would be best for this. I can send you the current design of the end wall to potentially reinforce the columns. An estimate of the cost would be helpful! Kind regards, Franz


Hi, I am wanting to get an idea of how much a one piece hyd door would run (starting price) for a basic simple door 18' wide by 14' high. It is for a LA metal warehouse we are converting into a man cave / garage and will have a/c so insulating is important and will want your new Schweiss interlocking insulated panels. Currently there is a traditional garage type door with tracks and motor ceiling mounted. 


hello i sent you an email from AR for a qoute on a 12-6 x14-0 hydraulic door. the door need's to be insulated and I think your new insulated interlocking panels would be great because they appear to clean up very easy, it's for a poltry barn


I need pricing for a 50 x 20 Schweiss Hydraulic thermal insulated door and door spec/loading information for a job in TN.


We are looking into building a hangar about 60x80 and would like to get an idea of the cost difference between 45, 50, 55, and 60' hydraulic (Red Power) doors in our planning process. Can you please provide cost quotes? Include installation price and backup systems. Can you insulate against hot Texas heat?  Lucinda


Hello, I'm about to start building an insulated 21' x 41' garage with a 2/12 shed roof in Winnipeg. One half of the garage will be a wood working shop, the other half will be a music rehearsal studio. I'm looking for some type of door system that will allow us to put in a well insulated door, insulated for warmth as well as sound, that does not require a lot of space for its opening hardware. The opening needs to be around 9'x 7' but there is a certain flexibility on size. I would appreciate receiving pricing from you for both of your door systems. I see by your web site that the new Red Power unit can be mounted anywhere. Maybe that's the route I should go, but I do also really like your Schweiss Bi-Fold Door.  Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding design. Thank you, Marty


Insulated doors are for an insulated farm work shop so they must be insulated. I don't see much info about insulated doors on this site.How much R value can you insulate them to and with what product? I would like both the lift straps and latch straps. Are there any videos of these doors in operation? We are still shopping for the building so not sure if it will be wood or steel. Planning to build July 2012. Schweiss Doors website indicates that Schweiss Hydraulic doors make excellent thermal doors because they can be insulated with a wide variety of materials. The Schweiss Hydraulic door is probably the one we would be most interested in.


I would like to get a quote for a insulated Schweiss biflod door. The rough opening is 19'3 1/2"x13'4 1/2" wide. Thank you


in planning stage of a potential indoor tennis facility. Would like to explore possibility of putting insulated Schweiss bifold doors on ends of steel building to provide summer cross-ventilation. Perhaps 4 bi-fold doors, each with an opening of 10' h x 50' wide.


does this Schweiss door come with an insulation option. If so what is the r-value and is there a steel backer on one side. Are both the Schweiss Hydraulic and Schweiss Bi-Fold doors come with thermal packages? thank you!


40x50 cooler to maintain 35-41 degrees. Would like to know cost of 10x10 clear single Schweiss door with insulated panels. I hve erected aprox 25 other brand doors, so I am familiar with them. Got burned with them too, on labor. Had to rework 11 on the last go round. Then they went bankrupt and stuck me with 7700.00 in labor. I have erected your Schweiss bifolds also, are Schweiss Doors good with insulation.