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I need a quote for a 46 x 14 (opening demensions ) hydraulic T-hanger door. You may have an existing quote for my project on file. Would also like the cost of installation. 


Need Hydraulic Schweiss door for T- hangar with a opening 30X18. Please quote with shipping to Washington DC. Thanks


Good morning! Please find attached an Invitation to Bid for a Airport T-Hangar Addition project. Plans and specs are available at our office at the cost of $2 per sheet. Hydraulic Red Power doors.  Please respond with your intent to bid by Friday. Bids are due in our office by Tuesday @ 5pm. If you have any questions regarding this project, please call the office. As always, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


TXDOT plans online under aviation construction is where the plans and specs are located. Project bids by November 2012. It is a 10 bay T-Hangar.


I am looking into putting up T-Hangers at my local airport to use as rentals. I am in the early stages and need to get an idea what a good hydraulic door system will cost. I have not decided on a size so a general idea would be great.


We are bidding the T-Hangar Building.  (10) 48' x 16'9.5" steel bi-folds with translucent panels and steel frames. Complete with motors. Thanks


I previously ordered bifold doors for my hangars in Texas for 24 T-Hangars and 8 Box Hangars.(2002-2004) I am planning on duplicating these buildings in Alabama. Can I get a price and delivery time on these identical doors. We are going to plan to start construction in under 6 Months. I would also like them priced with 12 vs. 24 in case we only do one building of T-Hangars and one building with (4) 60x60 Hangars. I would like the exact same features on the doors. I would also like to duplicate the box hangars with the 60' doors and would like a price on them for 4 total and 8 total doors at the same time you are quoting the T-Hangar doors. I am interested in what the price break there is. You put out a workhorse of a door, no complaints at all.


I am quoting a 8 bay T-Hanger at an Airport in NY, can you help with prices on hydraulic and bifold doors ?


Structure is a 4 year old OSI 8 unit T hangar building. Building designed and delivered in 2006-2007 to Florida. Building has never been erected. The building was designed and shipped with rolling doors, but our application will not allow for the rolling doors. Provide walk door in each bifold door. 4 offset to left and 4 offset to right (unless that changes the price, and if it does they will all have the same placement).


Would like to replace 4 panel stacking doors on existing "T" Hanger with bi=fold or hydraulic one piece. Can Install Myself Could furnish and install steel siding on your frame Opening is 41'-9.5" x 10'-8" has steel column each end, and a 16" steel "I" beam across top we would need a walk door in the Bi-Fold door (w/ window) Like everyone else, trying to keep the price as low as possible, so if you have any suggestions, we are open. Could even consider building our own frame to your specs if possible to install your hardware on.


We are looking into building 6- 50 X 40 x 14 hangers to replace a present t hanger. Also going to rehab some 2- 10 unit old t-hangers that are steel frame with 42 x 12 hydraulic doors. So would like a price on 20 doors for that project also.


I am interested in pricing for T hangar doors and regular hydraulic hangar doors. Thanks


I am in a hangar now on KVGT that I would like to convert to hydraulic. The existing doors are in several sections and roll around to the sides. The tracks are miserably annoying--they stick and bind. It is a T-Hangar and I would guess it's about 42' wide by maybe 14' high. I can get exact dimensions, but I'm looking for ballpark pricing. There are a number of hangars like this one with sticking doors.