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We have a covered patio 21’-6” X 12’ that is open on the West and North sides. We would like to have operable doors on both sides. The opening height is approximately 93”. There is a column at the northwest corner that reduces the opening widths approximately 7”. It would seem that the only option is the Hydraulic door considering the low clearance. Do you also install? Thanks


Good morning, I had a customer asking about schweiss doors pricing on 2- 20'x20' hydraulic doors. He was pretty vague with me but if you could get me a rough estimate on a door this size I will let him know. Thank you


My aircraft repair and maintenance shed is 18' to eve I want 35' wide and 16' high usable opening Would like a Schweiss one-piece hydro-power door and bifold liftstrap utility door quoted to compare.


I have a 250 lb hydraulic specialty door for my custom trailer that I would like to install a hydraulic system to lift up door, lock it in place while open, then close smoothly without slamming. The door is 8 ft wide X 7 ft tall, made of steel frame and corrugated tin covering. Can you help? Chris Marsh


Looking for some pricing information for a 20' x 210' Bifold door to be used in our latest hangar design project. I have some preliminary information I could get to you for review.


I have an interior opening between two conditioned rooms that I am looking to create a separation when needed. I am looking for a hydraulic window wall  system that allows as much of the opening to be clear when in the open state (it's a pass through from a kitchen.) Can you please quote a hydraulic glass garage door or recommend options for this type of install? 


I have a dry fertilizer shed that is in need of a new hydraulic door. The door opening is 16'x 14'. This is a corrosive(rust) environment and I am concerned about the durability of your doors and how well they would hold up or what extra maintenance we would have to do. Perhaps we should be looking at a galvanized or aluminum frame hydraulic door.




looking for hydraulic 16 x 8 custom-made patio door. we would source and install the glass. looking for ball park pricing still in planning stages..


I am looking for a couple things. I am building a hanger hopefully next summer and working on my size ect. I am wondering what a 42' X 13' clear opening would need to be for a hydraulic door size. I was hoping for a 14' side wall? Also what would a door that size cost shipped? Does that include installation? Could I install the door myself? The frame would be ready for steel? What is typcaly require for power for the motors? Just for curiosity sake, what does the porch option cost? Schweiss makes some pretty awesome hydraulic doors.


I am interested in your hydraulic electric actuator cylinder doors for shipping containers any info you could send me along with prices would be great. 


Looking to discuss pricing and suitability for a number of specialty hydraulic doors for use in a restaurant application. Doors would be approx. 12' X 12' and be used as an exterior window in a Canadian winter environment, therefore, weather resistance for temperature, rain & snow infiltration is critical. Please call me to discuss.


I'm looking for ideas and a quote for a quiet operating hydraulic glass door to be installed on a bar in Philadelphia.  If you google you can see a pic of the building, which was part of an old firehouse. The idea is to have the center of the building, where the old garage door used to be, open completely up in the warm seasons but still allow access via a man door in the colder seasons. Also looking for ideas for both windows on the front, would like them to completely open as well, maybe just have ones that fold out or even open like the center entry. Look forward to hearing from you. Center door dimensions (to outside facade) is 11'6"h x 12'w and both side windows are 95"h x 87"w.


I am ready to build an aircraft hanger on our ranch in Idaho for a Cessna 206. Thinking 40' wide door X 12 clear height weatherproof hyd. door. Power will be solar or propane generator. The project timing is immediate. What can you tell me about your hydraulic one piece door product? Would like to do rusted steel finish. The use will be limited to a 10 times a year during hunting season.


I am interested in a hydraulic garage door look with glazing panels and dark bronze or black aluminum storefront finish. The opening for my indoor/outdoor bar is approximately 20" long by 7' high from bar countertop to the top of window opening.


Looking for a hydraulic specialty door, perhaps bifolding for, for exterior building. I liked the Country House Exterior concept. Been Shopping around NC and Matching prices at the moment. Dimensions are 85" high x 111" wide.


Looking for rough estimate for new construction project (budget numbers only at this point). Hydraulic interior use door to be roughly 25/27 feet by 20 feet tall, translucent plastic/poly type material for door. It is going on a gymnasium to open up full court vs half court inside. I saw your hydraulic specialty door in a similar application in West Des Moines, Iowa, not sure if you are able to pull it up in your system. 


I'd like to get pricing for various lifting assemblies. We customize containers and receive requests for these from time to time. We'd like to try your Schweiss container door out first before we start quoting our customers. I'd like to lift one side of a 8' x 20' container first for our own research. We'd make our door, probably about 7'H x 18'W, so I'd like to get a quote for the hydraulic power package and cylinder set for something like this, shipped to our address in Phx AZ.


On your site you have a hydraulic door that has a porch on it that raises with the door. What would be the cost do put a Schweiss lifting porch door with the porch in place of an actual garage door in CO?


Hello, I am working on a OK (Oklahoma) project where we are looking for some upswing hydraulic one-piece mall  doors. I would like to talk to you about whether your door will work for our applications. Very best regards


We are expanding our office and looking for a door system that would open up our NJ conference room into our break area to create a large open space for meetings with our ever growing team. We are looking for a quote for a 7 or 8 foot one piece hydraulic interior door. Thanks!


I was thinking that I would put your new hydraulic container door on an ocean container I have in NJ. The height is 8.5 feet inside. Please call.


We are looking at using the Hydraulic specialty door system for a 22' x 22' CMU construction, Food Service building in VA that would have counter top areas of 20' and 6' wide. These openings is where we would like to use the door systems. Can I get some more detailed information about depth of the system to know how far to recess the counter tops to allow the clearance for the doors. The image you have a for the TGI Fridays Patio Bar would be something similar to what we are looking for but maybe not glass so when its up can provide shade. 


We are currently exploring options to close in an existing SD structure that covers a basketball court. One alternative we are considering is to install overhead doors on each of the ~80' open ends (~16' high). We want the ability to have an "open-air" court, or close the building in severe weather or to allow for A/C during special events with parents. Your hydraulic and bi-fold specialty doors look attractive and may be a good fit. I would be interested in understanding the range of costs and how this might attach to a current steel structure. 


20' x 9' High hydraulic soundproof glass door for unique interior office door application. Provide  with cost estimate and hydraulic door leadtime.


I am in the market for a hydraulic one piece door to cover an explosion proof room. Steel reinforced door measuring 45' X 12', no windows. Please provide a quote. Thanks, Kevin


Hello I am interested in a glass and dark bronze anodized door for an opening that is 10'x8' wide. I want it to be a one piece door with your hydraulic cylinders for opening. This will be for a commercial store, so I want it to look really special. Can you help me? Martha


Hello My name is Pam and I am interested in your one piece hydraulic Red Power door in a size of 16%u2019 wide and 7 tall%u2019 and isolated. Paint grade metal inside and out. No windows but I want to send you a drawing to see if you can do a simple design of looking like smooth wood planks.


We happen to live next to the new Guthrie and I  have noticed your various doors on several occasions. I got to thinking that bifold might be a good solution for a remodeling project at our lake home in Marcell, MN north of Grand Rapids. I\'m converting a 22x32 wood frame garage into a photography/art studio. When I visited your site I was delighted to find several intriguing installations that might fit the bill, assuming they can fit into our budget: 1. The Stanford Global Ecology Center 2. Santa Clarita Gov Center 3. Rust Mesh Door 4. Wood Building 5. Lake George Home Attached is a jpeg of the garage. I\'m considering two hydraulic aluminum/glass doors on the nearest 22ft facing wall with the picture window and two side windows. We\'d build a 10x22\' deck in front of the bifold wall. (We\'d also need to install some kind of retractable screen system to keep out the bugs). I will only be using the space from May-Oct so insulation isn\'t a critical factor. Obviously, if you have any standard models that might be readily adapted, I\'d likely take that route to save money. I\'d greatly appreciate any thoughts you may have about the feasibility of using your doors.


We have an unusual application where the architect is requesting an above counter canopy which pivots 18\" below the top. (please see attached sketch). We were looking at your site photos where you show similar single piece Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Applications. Specifications of the door in the sketch are 144\" wide by 90\" high and 3\" thick. The estimated weight is 1200 lbs. If you would be able to provide further assistance in applying your product to this design we would be grateful.


We were requested to provide a budget quote for one Red Power pump, motorized (1) hydraulic door opening 17\' wide x 12\' high. Door is motorized, steel tube frame construction, with aluminum piggy back frame at exterior. Do not include glass or glazing. See attached drawings. Elevation 10/A213. See A323 for details. There is no specification. Please provide budget pricing by 10:00 AM Thursday. A few questions: Will your price include the aluminum piggy back frame? Will price include installation?


We are working on a 110,000 sq. ft. indoor baseball training facility on a 74 acre baseball site. The largest portion of the pre-engineered metal building will be 170\' X 36\' X 42\' Tall. On the east and west end we would like to install 2-4 large hydraulic Red Power pump doors\'. Either (2) large 70\' L x 20\' H or (4) smaller 35\' T x 20\' T door. Is there an economy of scale for budget sakes (if we go taller is there a cost difference vs going longer etc.) We are sending this project out to bid in a couple of weeks (Fast paced) and need to specify a door exactly like yours with your more powerful and smooth operating cylinders. Any fast paced assistance in understanding budgets, economy of scale, design criteria would be greatly appreciated. Attached are some quick drawings to assist in understanding.


We are doing a project just outside of Dallas, TX and we are looking at a hydraulic door system or possibly even something similar to what was used on the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Our building is mostly insulated metal panels and curtain wall, and the hydraulic Red Power pump style one piece doors we want  would be clad in metal panel and ideally be frameless from the outside so you wouldn%u2019t hardly be able to tell they were there when in the closed position. The size of the door is about 12%u2019x12%u2019 and I believe we have 2 of them. They are designed for a Car to be driven into the building through these doors. I would like a follow up and some more information on what are options are and possibly some CAD details and specifications that we could use to begin to document the system in our drawings.


Good afternoon, I am currently working a project at the Buffalo Zoo in NY and, we are looking at using your doors for the project. I have attached a pdf with some drawings for the area. Dimensionally the area is tight but, I%u2019m hoping we can figure out a way to make your hydraulic Red Power doors work for the project. Please give me a call at your earliest convience.


We are looking for a glass bi-fold hangar door about 65' wide by 16' tall. The Red Bull Headquarters glass bi-fold door Schweiss Doors installed is similar to what we are looking for. We also might be interested in your hydraulic one-piece door as an alternative option. We would appreciate any information you could provide. It would be helpful if you could provide any digital drawings of these two products in either AutoCAD or Sketchup format.


The door is located at 6th floor. Please price both manufacture and installation. The clearance: 12x14. We are looking for a one piece glass and painted aluminum Schweiss Door. If your standard colors are not match with our requirements, then we will go with custom one. For now, please send a price with your standard color. The doors should open from overhead. Project name: Wythe Hotel, Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you 


I am interested in the Schweiss Hydraulic Doors with the porch front that lifts up. Could you price me an 20 x 40 and a 18 x 30? Thank you 


need to get a price quote on a 36'x18' swing out door with a 12x14 vertical lift door in side the big door.


I have seen your hydraulic doors on the web site and love them. I would like to use a hydraulic door with a size of approx. 6'6" tall and 9'2" wide. I would like use our own custom wood panels. Please let me know if this is possible. We are installers and glazing contractors so I would need to have a good price to resell to an Architectural firm / end user client. Please could you send a price quote and technical details???


Our design team is working on an aquarium project in NY's Coney Island, and we are looking for a glass bifold door closure to an outdoor restaurant by the boardwalk. Please have your rep contact me to discuss further. Thanks


We are working on a conversion of an existing office building to a hotel, the building has a large center atrium we need to equip with a smoke evacuation system and would like to use your Schweiss Designer Bifold Door product to open up the back wall to allow for the required fresh air intake. The openings are approximately 15%u2019-0%u201D x 7%u2019-4%u201D and the second would be approximately 7%u2019-4%u201D x 7%u2019-4%u201D. We would need them to be allowed to be connected to the fire alarm to open automatic during a fire alarm smoke evacuation condition. Can your product be used in this situation? Can it be connected to the fire alarm system for automatic opening? We are looking for your glass designer system, can you please send me some information on the product, some drawings on installation, required clearances, required supports, etc%u2026 I will send a separate email with plans, elevations, and a photo. Thanks,


We are currently working on a custom home where we need to spec a garage door that will be clad in the same wood as the actual garage structure. The biggest challenge comes in that the door needs to fit flush with the finish of the structure itself, creating a completely homogeneous look; no recessed doors. As I'm sure you're aware, the Bifold door will need an N.O.A. (Notice of Acceptance) from Miami Dade to comply with hurricane code. Please help... Thanks you in advance, Henry C.


I'm interested in learning more about the pricing and design/construction process associated with the Target Bifold Gate. I have an opening (roughly 26' wide x 14' high clear) for an open air loading dock area at a theater. Similar to the Target door, I'm interested in a limited amount of visibility through the gate and the ornamental possibilities of that idea.


Hello, our office is currently working on a high-rise project in NYC and we plan to use large automatic doors at the top level for the facade cleaning equipment. We would like to get technical advice on the one piece swinging hydraulic door design. The door will need to be rated for a 100 MPH winds. Please contact me asap so I can email you preliminary drawings showing our intent. Regards, 


I would like to have a budget/proposal for two 13' X 14' glazed hangar Hydraulic doors. I have an architect that has put together preliminary drawings for a renovation at our local university. Not having much experience with such a small hangar door, I thought it best to talk to the experts. The Schweiss Company was recommended to me by Overhead Door Shenandoah Valley. Please have someone contact me as soon as possible. We're still in the design stage so if there is a more economical configuration, by all means, suggest it. We'd like to keep all the owners desired elements intact if at all possible.


I am interested in one of your Schweiss Hydraulic Doors soon and another one in a couple of years. Can the Hydraulic unit be positioned midway of my barn and configured so it would work both doors, with one now and the other one later with outdoor key switches and an inside regular switch.


Dear Sir, We are working with Curtain wall contractor in a UNIVERSITY project of one piece uplift Full glass shutter. Opening 4000Wx 2650H. The door will be open once a day and close at night time. We are interested in your One pc hydraulic drive unit, and hope you can support on this project. There are three sets all together. Regards, Matthew


We are looking for a hydraulic door to finish closing-off our patio. We love the concept of your designer hydraulic doors. The dimensions are 11 foot, 10 inches wall to wall for width. The height is 8 foot ceiling to concrete slab. Is it possible to have a manual or crank lift system for this size of door. Also, would like it to be as lite as possible and does not necessary have to be all windows or glass.


We are looking at your hydraulic doors for an interior application as room divider for a gymnasium. This is new construstion for a local recreation and parks district. What information/suggesstions can you provide? Thank You!


i'm building an outdoor concert venue in ohio. i'll be using an aircraft hanger as the stage housing over a concrete platform and i am interested in your hydraulic doors. particulary interested in comparing the cost versus the ease of your hydraulic doors.


We are working on a restuarant and are considering either hydraulic or sectional over head for two bar counter openings. I saw a picture on your designer door web page for some small glass bi-fold, this is what we are looking for. Please provide information and pricing as soon as possible. We will be making a selection on this by Wednesday of next week. Thnak you.


Have a contractor inquiring about a 4'-6" x 7'-6" hydraulic door for a proposed new bus station.Is this size too small?


I need a garage door, bifold or hydraulic one piece  type with window for a restaurant we may purchase, can you help me. ed


I have a very unique situation. We manuacture asphalt and our plants are 10 feet above ground level and asphalt drops down into a concrete walled pit. presently the entrance to these pits is a canvas that we hang on a wire and slide sideways when we need to get in and out with a loader there is 2 pits and because the way they are layed out i think insulated hydraulic doors would work best. these doors are rather small compared to all the pics you have on web site. the openings are 10 foot 3inches high and 1 door is aprox 13 feet wide and the other one is aprox 16 wide. are you interested in making doors this small?


I am looking for a solution to open a roof section that is now on rollers. I need something that can open and close this roof section. The roof sections can be up to and over 1 ton. Will your Schweiss bifold or hydraulic work better for this? I'm thinking this is a job for your hefty new Red Power pump system. Thanks.


Can the one hydraulic one piece door be glazed in say 6.38mm laminated clear glass.Please Advise


We are an architect team working on an artist studio building in California that needs a commercial/industrial grade hydraulic door. This door would 16'5" Wide X 9'6" Tall (Clear dimensions), and would attach to concrete supports. We are wondering if you have done something of this size, and what available sheathing materials we could work with.


I am interested in a hydraulic door for residential application. Specifically we would like to have the door built so that cedar lap siding can be applied to match the house.


The exterior hydraulic door clading will be approx. 4 lbs. / sq. ft. Interior clading will be approx. 1 lb. / sq. ft. Total load 5 lbs. / sq. ft.


Hello, I am writing in request of some additional information on the Schweiss Hydraulic and BiFold Door systems for a high end market hall project located in NY. We are interested in your product, and would like to understand more about the required door structure for each system. Specifically, our project requires a more finished and less industrial look, so we would like to minimize the use of horizontal trusses and visible lift straps if possible. To that end, can you please take a moment to review the below project information and provide me with a few product recommendations? Project Basics: - 12 interior doors at approximately 24'-6" wide X 10'-0" tall each. - Doors are arranged side by side with an approximately 5'-5" wide X 3'-9" deep "pier" between doors. - Door construction to be either A) Steel frame with decorative steel mesh in-fill panels OR B) Steel frame with glass in-fill panels - We would like to avoid the use of any horizontal truss bracing if possible. - A 1:1 bi-fold is preferred, but a lifting hydraulic might also work. Questions: Given the above, which of your products do you believe is most appropriate? For the width of our door and the likely construction listed, do you believe that we can avoid the horizontal truss for any of your products? Can you provide a few very rough recommended dimensions for the steel frame based on the requirements above? Thank you for your time.


Please call - I need to get pricing for a vertical hydraulic counter door for a job we are bidding.


Existing door is a double door that swings out. It has 3 x 3 window panels on each door in the top half and tongue and groove planking in the lower half. We would like to replicate the look of these doors with your Schweiss hydraulic one piece door. Pictures can be provided.


We are looking for a quote on a one piece hydraulic cellar door sized 66" x 38". Not sure if you work on anything this small, but please let me know how much you think it would be. Thanks so much, Dan


Am putting together my retirement home on 40 acres--located in Utah--going to go abit unusual as am using a Building Block side wall (foam/concrete filled) with an Arch steel roof--House will be in back half of (hanger/house) 18ft at eave 40 feet wide--as I am looking at demsions of aircrafdt it appears I will need a 16'x 40') foot hydraulic door if this is a special size what are your standard sizes--because this structure will be buried in a hillside the door is the best light source so some ideas on ths too--insulation is also necessary as this part of utak gets quite cold


Hello, I am looking to get pricing on a couple of hydraulic doors for a residence. The other door is 10'-3" w x 6'-6" H (it will be an art studio door). Both doors are intended to have 1x6 horizontal cedar siding


I have an interior installation in a lobby of a colleg classroom building with a Cafe type space in the lobby. I would like the hydraulic door to be fully glazed with opaque glass. I have a plan, section and elevation which I can send to help clarify my intent. I am looking for some details as to how the glazing can be attached to the door, jamb details, estimated costs etc... Any information you can provide would be gretaly appreciated


Hhydraulic door for public project - needs to be vandal resistant and securable - what are locking options? Infill panels to be impact resistant polycarbonate (windows). Do you have details and specifications to provide for project construction documents?


We're considering your hydraulic doors for an interior application at Mankato State Ballroom. Please have someone call to discuss your product


would like to get info for pivot placement on header for a lean too. clearnce above header to top of roof is pretty small. 14' hydraulic door opening