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Hello, I currently have 14ftx14ft roll-up doors but our winds keep blowing them out of the tracks. Takes a 40 mph wind and it is tearing the edges of the door to tattered pieces. I can build the frames on site but I need help with hinges and specs on the location of hyd cylinders. I will discuss in more detail to whoever calls. Thank you


Building a shop for client- looking at the hydraulic power lifted door. We would like the cladding to match the wood exterior of the shop. Hydraulic power lift door will be on the side wall 20' x 16' Can i get a quote on your doors for this opening?


We have a hanger that we obtained from purchasing a property. There was a hydraulic door quote from you and I would like to update that old quote because we are now ready to order the hydraulic shop door. 


i have a 54 by 56 long shed with the narrow end completely open. i used it as commodity shed. id like to put a big hydraulic one piece shop door in it now. 40 ft by 16 high


we are looking for a 9 ft. clear opening height. Also if the hydraulic door is in the open position we wont have to clip the top corners of the door or modify the soffits on our shop building.


Hi guys, I am interested in putting a hydraulic door on my farm shop that is currently going up. I would like 16' wide door. The ceiling height is 13'. The building is a 36'x48' pole building. Please let me know any other details you need in order to get me a bid. 


I have gotten a bid from you guys on a hydraulic shop door and now I'd like to have you deliver it. What is your lead time?


I am located in Massachusetts and have a few questions regarding your overhead, hydraulic doors. The application I have is roughly 12' wide and 10' tall. This is going into an automotive shop in an MA educational facility, therefor, your straps are not idea for multiple reasons, but your hydraulic door should be ideal. 


I have a hydro swing door from Schweiss. I was wondering if I can retrofit the door to accept the new swivels on the cylinders? I am in great need of this feature.


 I am interested in getting a quote for a hydraulic door. This is for a new shop building currently under construction. The door itself would be approx. 24ft. wide x 14ft. tall. We would like to insulate the door as well to R20-R30 if possible. Also I would like to get info on the structural loads we should expect on the building itself.


I am interested in pricing for a schweiss hydraulic door in Dorr, MI. Rough dimensions would be 14 tall by 40 long. We are converting this from covered storage into shop space.


We are putting up an 80x150 shed/shop early this fall. We are going to have (5) 30' wide x 16' or 18'tall doors. Three will be insulated and two uninsulated. We are planing on going with regular over head doors but would consider going to a Schweiss bi-fold or hydroilc door if the price was reasonable. We are to finish the plans this week and get things ordered, so a fast response would be great. THANKS


I have a 19' homemade bifold door in the endwall of my 40x80 shed and also a smaller bifold door on the other endwall I was thinking about putting in one larger door, either bifold or hydraulic, around 26' to 27' so I can get my equipment into the shed. the sidewalls are 13'. would you be able to take a look at my shed and give me a quote on the doors and what you think will work the best. I put my cell phone number in both phone boxes because that is the best way to get ahold of me. For your information I work in town on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I am not around to show you the shed those days.


Would also like a quote on a 20 ft.wide by 16 ft. high which would be placed in a side wall of a steel truck shop. The opening will be 20X16 and 30x16. What are the requirements for the door opening structures that the schweiss hydro-powered door will be attached.


I would like a price on a 15 high 30 wide door one piece hydraulic also info on door opening requirements constuction will be new 2x6 with steel siding this is for a shop on a farm also how about insulating the door


I am building a small hangar/workshop 36'x40' with 12' high walls. My plans include I need to speak to someone about how to prepare the opening to accommodate a 34'wide by 12' high hydraulic hangar door. I also, to discuss pricing, options, shipping construction/engineering of the door and installation.


We are purchasing a door for our new shop in the next 2 months and would like you to quote for us. Are the lift straps standard or optional? How much for the remote control? What would the rough openings be for a 36' wide by 16" tall? What would the finished openings be for each style of door? What are you lead times right now for bi-fold and hydraulic?


Our new shop building will require a 19' x 12' hydraulic door. We are interested in pricing your hydraulic doors for this application.


We are looking for 2 hydraulic doors for a new shop that we bought but had no door with it.Looking for a 10x16foot doors.


I would like a quote for a hydraulic door to fit on the end of an 80' wide shop. Cieling height of 20'. Clearance to be 18' when open. Can your door be insulated with spray foam to an R 30 value. My choice of building type is not decided upon to date.


building a new shop and need two large hydraulic doors. Would like them insulated. Thanks for your time.


I am in the process of designing my shop. It will be a 40'x40'x15'(need 14' door) stick built building. Please send me budget pricing for both a bifold and one piece door. Please include any special requirements for headers and clearances to get a 14' hydraulic door. Also, could we price up 20'x 14' doors. Maybe I would do two on a side. Thanks


Can you provide a small(10'W x 8"H) insulated d hydraulic door for use inside my shop building to isolate the heated area from the cold storage area? It can be manually operated.


I am getting prices on a heated shop building need a 28ft x16 end hydraulic door and a 20x14 side hydraulic door need windows also what r factor on insulation on door thanks


I've got a shop door that is 19'7" wide and 12' tall. I'm considering to a new hydraulic door in. I have limited head room for my machinery to pass threw. I would like a price for a door system this size. There is no need for a walkin door or any windows.