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Would like a price on a 24 ft wide by 18 ft tall hydraulic door. This is too go in a new constructed pole building.


I am planning to deconstruct, move, and rebuild a 32x80x16 pole building. The structure is missing doors for 2--14(H)x16(W), and 1--10x10, openings. The building will be rebuilt just north of Ann Arbor, MI. Will you please provide me with a quote for your hydraulic pole building doors? Thank you.


This would replace two MS sliding doors on the end of Morton pole machine shed with your much acclaimed hydraulic shed doors. The dimensions of the opening is 20'6" height by 19'5" wide. The pole shed is 40 years old. Is this a practical investment? 


Looking for a price on a bi-fold and a hydrualic door for a pole shed. rough opening is 23'6" wide by 14' tall. looking to see what is needed for reenforcement and what is needed for a header. Feel free to call or e-mail me. thanks


Would like to discuss pricing. We are building onto a pole barn and are in the market for a 40 ft bifold door for a small airplane.


I am looking for a one piece hydraulic door for use on the end wall of an indoor swimming pool. The end wall opening will be 14 ft high by 39 ft wide. This can be trimmed down if it is more economical. However, I would like the largest opening possible. I would like to have the hydraulic door look like a wall when closed. This means a man door, some windows and hari-plank siding to match the house. I am planning a pole building. Since it is new construction, bracing for the door can be built into the building as required. Please provide a price for the door and associated equipment including jam if required.


I am just looking for a quote on both a Bi-Fold Door and a Hydraulic Lift Door that swings on my shed. Also as just an FYI. There is a typo on this page towards the bottom in "Your better off with" list "Their in for the long haul"


I have installed a three of your competitors doors in airplane hangers that we have built. For some reason they are not answering their phone, so I am looking for another door. I have a pole structure that a good customer wants me to build that he would like a quote on a schweiss hydraulic 16'x40' door or a 16'x36' door.


We are interested in the hydraulic door, would like a estimate of the cost. thank you, This is a pole shed wood constrution with metal siding.


Building a new pole structure to house auto collection. One piece hydraulic hanger door sounds like a good idea, but no one seems to know too much about the systems or the cost!


The opening for a door hydraulic door measures 260.75 inches wide and is 135 inches high. This openin is the gable end of a pole building which has truss rafters


Looking to get a quote for a door on a large pole shed type agricultural building with concrete floor. hydraulic door size would be 40x18 and insulated. Is it possible to have double pane windows or such in the top half of the door to allow light to enter?


I have not purchased a building yet but I am leaning to either a pole or steel framed building. Which of your doors, bifold or hydraulic, is best fitted for this type building?